Boy Meets World: Part 2 - Girl's Playtime (FF,oral,hand,exhib,voy)
by J Porter

After sitting around the apartment for close to two hours thinking about ways
of getting into Eric's pants, Topanga finally realized that her options were
limited. She couldn't think of any possible way of fucking Eric without Cory
eventually finding out. With this conclusion, Topanga decided to go for a
walk so that she could clear her head of all these dirty thoughts that she
began to have. Seeing as it was getting hotter outside, she decided to switch
from her jeans to her shorts. As she took off her jeans and replaced them
with her very short jean shorts, Topanga couldn't help but admire her nice
round ass in the mirror. She slowly rubbed her hands down her ass, then onto
her hips. Then facing forward into the mirror, Topanga cupped her large
breasts, eventually making her nipples really hard. She then put her hands
on her sides, realizing that she was ready to finally go outside. Just as
Topanga opened the door, her friend Rachel was standing in the doorway with
her hand raised ready to knock. Rachel stood probably 6 inches taller then
Topanga, with a really tight frame. Topanga always told her that she should
definitely try out to be a model.

Topanga: Oh, hey hun!

Rachel: Hey!! You gotta do me a favor sweety.

Topanga: Sure hun, what is it?

Rachel: Please, Please, Pleaseeee come to my Calculus class today. The prof
is soooooo boring, and if I don't have someone to talk to every now and
again, I'm gonna go crazy!

Topanga: I don't think so Rach. I mean I just finished my last midterm and
don't really feel like spending more time in the class room...Especially
listening to your Calc Prof.

Rachel (almost begging now): Pleaseeeeeeee Topanga, I promise I'll owe you
something big.

Topanga (fed up tone): Ugh...fine, but if I get bored I'm gonna leave right
away though!

Rachel (happy): Ohhh Thank you Thank you Thank you!!!

Rachel started pulling on Topanga's arm so that they could leave quickly.
They only had five minutes to get to Rachel's class, plus, it was almost
half way across campus. As they both ran down the main street of the college
in a rush, both girls couldn't help but notice many of the boys staring at
them run past, as their tits were bouncing up and down. This left many of
the guys in a wide-eyed stare. Rachel was too worried about being late, but
Topanga's pussy was getting a little bit wet at thought of all those guys
getting super hard while watching them run.

Finally they arrived at Markison Hall, where Rachel's Calc Class was. They
walked in just as the Prof was beginning to start the lecture. They both
walked very quickly to the back of the class while hopefully not disturbing
anyone. They both sat down, Rachel quickly opening her book to take notes,
while Topanga glanced around the room to see if she recognized anyone; but
she didn't.

Topanga (thinking to herself): Oh my God, this is the most boring class in
the whole school. Why did I ever agree to this?

As Topanga peeked over at Rachel, she looked up and down, admiring her cute
body. Topanga was not a lesbian by any means, but she gets the feeling that
perhaps Rachel is. She had no way of knowing for sure, but it was just a
hunch she had. She first got the notion that Rachel may have liked girls one
time after they both finished swimming at the indoor College pool. After
they both finished their swim, they went to the change room to shower and
change. Topanga remembered that when she pulled her one-piece swimsuit off,
Rachel's eyes were fixated on her body the whole time. Topanga was too
embarrassed to say anything, so she just continued to wash herself while
showering. At one point, Topanga turned around, and saw in the reflection of
the mirror that Rachel was now obviously staring at her round ass. They both
quickly finished up, and got dressed, but after that Topanga always thought
that it was a possibility that Rachel was either a lesbian or bisexual. None
of this obviously bothered Topanga, but she was the type of girl that only
preferred men.

Rachel (thinking to herself): Damn it! Why did she have to wear those short
shorts. (her eyes moving down in between Topanga's legs) Oh I wish I could
just slide my hand up her leg and do what I want with this cute lil hottie.

As Rachel was trying to peek between Topanga's legs, while pretending to be
copying notes into her book, her pen slipped out of her hand, and down into
Topanga's lap. Rachel's hand quickly went after the pen, but by the time her
hand landed on Topanga's upper thigh, the pen already hit the ground.
Rachel's hand remained firm on Topanga's thigh, as she was unable to move
it. Topanga really didn't think anything of it, but was just curious as to
why she didn't take her hand off yet. Topanga put her hand down on Rachel's.

Topanga (whispering): Are you ok sweety? What's wrong (while reaching down
with her other hand to grab the pen for her)

Rachel remained silent, and just continued to stare into Topanga's big
beautiful green eyes. As Topanga reached her other hand out to give her the
pen, Rachel still just sat there and stared at Topanga in a lustful manor.

Topanaga (whispering/worriedly): Hun??

Just as Topanga finished speaking, she suddenly felt Rachel's hand begin to
slide higher up her inner thigh. Topanga let out a very low gasp. Rachel's
fingers continued to move higher and higher, till they were underneath the
bottoms of Topanga's shorts, just barely inches away from her hot pussy that
she craved. Topanga kept her hand on top of Rachel's.

Topanga (whispering): Sweety we can't! Please stop, you gotta stop right

Rachel heard Topanga's pleas but continued to rub her sexy thighs more
passionately. Topanga sat back in her chair, trying to control her breaths.
Topanga couldn't believe it, she was getting so hot from this. She never
thought that she could get wet from another girl, but here she was. Topanga
looked around the classroom, and luckily noticed that nobody was watching
them. By the time she looked back down, she realized that Rachel was
unzipping her shorts.

Topanga (thinking to herself): Oh my god how could this be happening!

When her shorts were finally unzipped, she felt Rachel's hand slide down the
front of them, right on top of her silk pink panties. Rachel slowly moved
her fingers on top of Topanga's panties, just barely teasing her pussy, which
was now extremely wet. As Rachel worked her pussy, Topanga took one more
glance around the classroom, making sure that nobody was watching, then she
reached up and grabbed her own tits and squeezed them. Softly pinching her
own nipples while Rachel rubbed her fingers up and down her pussy which was
driving her crazy now. Rachel leaned closer to Topanga.

Rachel (seductively): Mmmm you like that Topanga.

Topanga (whispering): Oh God please finger my pussy Rach. Just slide your
hand down my panties right now! I gotta have your finger in me now.

With her approval, Rachel quickly moved her fingers insider Topanga's
panties, and slowly moved her middle finger inside her tight lil cunt.

Topanga (whispering louder): Ohhh fuck.

Sadly for the two girls, Topanga's moan was a little louder then they had
probably wanted. Topanga looked up, and saw the guy sitting in front of them
now staring straight in their direction. Rachel didn't see him looking, so
she continued to finger Topanga even faster now. Topanga, unable to stop
Rachel now, started to involuntarily hump her fingers while still squeezing
her own tits so hard. At this point, Rachel finally noticed that the
good-looking athletic guy who always sat in front of her was catching the
show. Rachel moved closer to Topanga again.

Rachel (with a quirky smile): I bet his cock is so huge and hard right now.

Topanga smiled back at her while she continued to move her hips harder
against Rachel's fingers. Her breathing was getting faster and faster. Rachel
just loved fingering this little hottie's shaved pussy. All of a sudden,
Rachel felt Topanga's pussy clamp down on her two fingers, as she heard her
begin to moan louder.

Topanga (louder): Oh my God, Oh my God, Rach I'm so fucking close.

With this, Rachel moved even closer to Topanga, and pushed her lips up to
hers. Topanga went along with it, letting her tongue slide into Rachel's
mouth. Her pussy was getting ready to explode as she felt Rachel's thumb
start to rub her clit at the same time. Topanga let out another small moan
as they kissed, and then she erupted. She started to cum all around Rachel's
fingers, just dripping out. Rachel kept moving her fingers in and out while
Topanga was cumming. Their lips still together, while their tongues pushed
against one another. Topanga felt her own cum dripping down her inner thighs
down to her ass as Rachel slowed down her pace. As they finished their kiss
with a few playful flicks of their tongues, they kept making eye contact and
smiling to the guy in front of them. With their heads together, staring and
smiling at the guy, Rachel brought her hand up to Topanga's lips. Topanga
greedily took Rachel's two fingers in her mouth, and began to eagerly suck
her own juices off them. Rachel's other hand was up Topanga's shirt now
playing with both of her big tits. The guy had a huge smile on his face as
he slowly turned around to face the prof again. Just as Topanga finished
sucking on Rachel's fingers, they heard the prof say out loud that class was
now over. As people began to get up and walk out, Topanga quickly did up her
jeans, as they both got up out of their chairs and began to walk out of the

Topanga (leaning up to Rachel/giddy): Holy goodness I can't believe we just
did that!

Rachel (leaning down/giddy): I know! That was so crazy girl!

As they walked out of the room and down the hall, they ran into the guy that
was sitting in front of them. He stood a little bit taller then Rachel and
appeared to be in really good shape. He stepped in front of them blocking
their path.

Topanga (surprised): Oh, there he is, so big boy did you enjoy the little
show we gave? (laughing)

Guy (flirting): Actually I enjoyed it plenty. (laughing/reaching out his
hand) Hi, my name's Jacob by the way. (shaking both their hands)

Topanga: Hi I'm Topanga.

Rachel: And I'm Rachel.

Jacob: Cool, well look, I'm kinda in a hurry, but I thought that maybe I
had a chance at getting your phone numbers.

Rachel (stepping in front of Topanga/smiling): Well, Topanga here is actually
married, but I'd be up for something!

Topanga was a little bit taken back by this. Even though she was married,
she would still have loved to get piece of this hunk. AND, Rachel apparently
wasn't a lesbian. Obviously if she was flirting like this with Jacob.

Jacob: Sweet, tell ya what. I'll put your number in my cell. (pulling out a
really expensive looking cell phone)

Both girls began to admire the fact that perhaps this hot stud has a ton of
cash as well.

Rachel (smiling more): Alright, its 555-3452. And my email is
[email protected]

Jacob (relieved): Ok, great. You'll be hearing from me soon.

Rachel (happy) Hope so! Cya.

As the girls began to walk down the hallway, they both kept talking about
how hot Jacob was. By the time they got outside, Rachel gave Topanga a kiss
on the cheek and a wink.

Rachel (sincere): Thank you so much for coming with me baby.

Topanga (smirking): I'm glad I came to. (both girls giggling)

With that, both girls parted ways, because Rachel had another class to get
to before the evening was over. Topanga slowly walked home, replaying the
events with Rachel in her head. Never before fantasizing about another girl,
Topanga thought to herself that she would absolutely love to try it again.
Rachel's fingers just felt so amazing on her tight pussy. Better then Cory's
ever felt. Even better then his dick would ever feel. As Topanga walked in
her apartment, she saw Cory sleeping on the couch.

Topanga (thinking to herself): Figures...never awake to even try to please

Topanga sat on the couch beside him and turned on the television. After
watching a stupid made-for-tv movie, Topanga decided to go check her email.
She went to the bedroom where the computer was, and turned it on. She noticed
that there was an e-mail from Rachel with the subject line 'YOU WONT BELIEVE
THIS!!!'. All of a sudden, Topanga got a little bit worried. She clicked on
the e-mail. The page took two minutes to load up. When it opened. Topanga's
mouth opened wide in shock. There were at least 50 pictures of Rachel
fingering her in the classroom.

Topanga (worried): Holy fuck!

As she scrolled down the page, the pictures were so graphic and displayed
both girls so perfectly. The last picture was a clear shot of them making
out while she was cumming on Rachel's hand. All of a sudden it clicked.
Jacob must have been using his cell phone to take the pictures.

Topanga (mad/shocked): That son of a bitch!!!

At the bottom of the e-mail, Rachel wrote Topanga a message,

Rachel (email message) __ OMG can you believe what that motherfucker did!!!
He sent me these fucking pictures like 10 minutes after class!!! He said he
wants us to meet him at the football players' lounge tomorrow at 10pm. He
said if we don't, that he'll put these pictures up all over school, and
he'll put them on the internet!!! What the fuck are we gonna do?!?!?! Call
me right away!!!. __

Topanga was so shocked and curious to what Jacob's intentions might be. To
think that three hours ago she was so worried about what she would do with
her obsession with Cory's brother, Eric.

Topanga (thinking to herself): What the fuck are we gonna do?

To be continued...

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