Boy Meets World: Topanga's Fun On The Couch Part 1 (MF,F-mast,oral)
by J Porter

Topanga opens the door to her apartment that she shares with her husband
Cory, walks quickly over to the couch in the middle of the room, and lays
down. Being so thrilled that she just finished her last exam, Topanga does
not even contemplate where Cory is.

Topanga (saying to herself): Probably ditching me to hang out with Shawn

As Topanga rests her head on the armrest of the sofa, she starts to think
long and hard to why she ever married Cory.

Topanga (thinking): I have a killer body, great tits, a nice round ass, and
I end up settling for that small dicked Cory.

As she's thinking this, Topanga's hands slowly started moving up her jean
covered hips, up onto her small white tank top. Before she knew it, her
hands were grasping her large firm tits. She started to slightly pinch her
nipples, making them harder and harder, while letting out a very soft moan.
She slowly reaches down with her left hand, and unzips her jeans, allowing
her pink panties to show through the opening.

Topanga (thinking): All Cory ever wants to do is shove his small cock in my
shaved pussy, cum on my tits, then walk away. UGHH. It wouldn't be so bad if
he actually knew what he was doing. The longest he can go is like 40 seconds.
UGHH. The only time I can have an orgasm is when I do it myself.

Topanga started to move her hips side to side, so that she could push her
jeans further off. Her right hand slowly went up the front of her tank top,
pushing her pink bra up, and playing with both tits. Her fingers now moving
underneath her panties. Before she knew it, her middle finger was rubbing
her pussy very softly.

Topanga (whisper): Oh my gosh!

It's been roughly a month since Topanga has been able to get herself off,
even though Cory has been fucking her almost every chance he gets. She
slowly pulled her finger away from her pussy and out of her panties. While
pinching her hard nipples, she brings her middle finger up to mouth and
slowly begins to lick it and make it wetter. While sucking on it, Topanga
starts to kick off her jeans off and pushed her panties down at the same
time, leaving just her tank top and bra on. Once they're off, Topanga
spreads her legs very wide, pushing one leg onto the back of the couch,
and the other one dangling off the side. With this in perspective, Topanga
quickly shoved her wet finger down between her legs, and right into her
smooth pussy.

Topanga: Ohhhhh...Ohhhhh yes!

Gradually starting to move her finger in faster, her panting began to get
louder and louder. Topanga took her right hand away from her tits, and moved
it right to her clit. While her middle finger on one hand was deep in her
cunt, she was using three fingers on the hand to rub her clit really hard.
Her hands were getting so wet, and her moans were turning into screams.

Topanga: Oh Fuck yes!!!! Oh my god, Oh my god!!!

At this point, Topanga heard a quiet knock at the door. Caught up in this
mind blowing orgasm about to happen, Topanga kept working her pussy harder
and faster, but keeping the noise down now. Biting her lip so that she won't
make any loud noises while still fingering herself, so many thoughts began
to enter her head.

Topanga (thinking): Did the person who knocked at the door hear me screaming?
Are they here because they want me to be quiet? Did I lock the door? Would
they just walk in and get a clear view of me fingering myself? OMG what do I

As all these thoughts entered her mind, she heard the knocking again. Still
moving her fingers in and out of her tight little pussy, her pace began to
decelerate. Her spirit began to drop, and she managed to find the will power
to take her hands off her stunning body.

Topanga (in a perky tone): Just a sec!

Quickly grabbing her jeans and pulling them on, and zipping them up really
quick, Topanga then took a quick glance in the mirror to fix her shirt and
make sure that she was presentable. Despite the fact that her nipples were
still very hard and poking through her bra and shirt, she fixed herself up
nicely within the 10-second period she had. Topanga walked to the door
quickly, being very curious to who her visitor might be.

As she grabbed the handle and opened the door, Cory's brother Eric was
standing in the entrance. One thing that Topanga could never admit to Cory
was that she had always found Eric to be totally hot. Even while she was
fingering herself, Topanga at times would quickly imagine that it was Eric's
fingers against her hot pussy.

Topanga (cheerfully): Oh hey Eric!

Eric (in a lightening quick tone): Topanga ya gotta tell me where Cory is
because we gotta get some water balloons and go spray down the McGravery

Topanga (letting out a quirky laugh): Ummm, I'm not too sure where he is
Eric, I assumed he was either with you or Shawn.
_ _ _

At this point, Topanga noticed that Eric's eyes were no longer meeting hers,
but her hard nipples now. At the thought of Cory's older brother lusting
over her big tits, Topanga's pussy just got extremely wetter. As she noticed
that Eric's eyes were not changing their direction any time soon, Topanga
decided to take a glance in the direction of north as well. As her eyes
moved down his chest, then down his stomach, and right to the front of his
khaki's, she was given a nice image. Her eyes were now really wide open,
while staring at the large bulge in Eric's pants.

Topanga (thinking): Oh my goodness it looks huge!

As Topanga used all of her will power again, she forced herself to take her
eyes off of his large package. When she finally made eye contact again, she
noticed that Eric was still fixated on her chest. Normally she would get
really mad if a guy stared at her cleavage this long, but definitely not
this time. Again, Topanga was faced with many questions.

Topanga (thinking): Should I tell him to stop staring? Should I go back to
staring at his package? Even worse...should I make an even bolder move???

With all of these thoughts dancing back and fourth in her head, Topanga made
a quick and abrupt decision. Almost instantly, she dropped to her knees right
in front of Eric, and began fumbling with his belt, button, and zipper. Eric
was very taken back by these actions, but was frozen in shock. Seeing as how
Topanga didn't hear any objections, she picked up her pace. Eric very well
knew that he should be stopping this, but the thought of Topanga's full
beautiful lips sucking on his cock were too much for him to make any attempts
at stopping her now. Before he could catch his breath one more time, Topanga
had his large dick pulled through his boxers, and his pants around his
ankles. Eric could not believe that he was getting blown by his sister-in-law
right in the doorway where anybody could see.

Topanga reached up and grabbed his thick cock tightly with her small hand,
and began to slowly lick the tip of his cock. As she began to pump her hand
up and down faster, her other hand was squeezing his balls really tight. This
was in fact making Eric's legs begin to buckle a little bit. As her pace
began to increase, Topanga's full lips were now wrapped around the head of
his cock. Eric could not believe this was happening. The sucking sounds of
Topanga were getting to be too much for him. As she started to slide his dick
down her throat even deeper, Eric began to go crazy

Eric (moaning): Holy shit, oh God, please don't stop!

As Topanga heard this, she stopped sucking, and pulled her lips away. Still
jerking him off, she looked up at him...

Topanga (with a naughty smile on her face): Mmm you like that big boy? Do
ya like when I stroke your nice hard dick like this? (never breaking eye
contact with him)

She quickly threw her lips back around his cock and began to suck even more
eagerly now. Eric's moaning was getting louder, and Topanga knew that he was
going to explode soon. Topanga again stopped sucking, and looked up into his
eyes while still jerking him off...

Topanga (with a smile): Do ya wanna shoot your load all over my face? Mmmm
give it to me you stud. Come on Baby, Spray your hot cum all over me!

This was too much for Eric. As he heard her talking like that, he began to
unload instantly. Long jets of hot cum were being sprayed across Topanga's
face. She kept her mouth opened wide and her tongue straight out to catch as
much as she could. She couldn't believe how much he was cumming. This was
like three times as much as Cory could ever do, and she was loving it so
much. As Topanga was still trying to catch his cum in her mouth, she kept
hearing Eric call her name...

- - -

Eric (worriedly): Topanga?? Topanga??

Topanga (in a daze...and very quickly): Huh?

Eric: Ya kinda zoned out there for a minute, you ok?

Topanga: Oh...umm...yea. I was just ugh, thinking about the exam I wrote

Eric (very quickly): Ummm Ok. Well if you see Cory let him know about the
water ballooning and everything I gotta go before it's too late I'll talk to
ya later. (running out of the entrance of the door)

Topanga slowly shut the door, and began to walk back to the couch. Thoughts
of her fantasy still going through her mind, and her pussy wetter then ever

Topanga (thinking): I'm gonna have to find away to get my hands on that Eric
for real.

To be continued...

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