Boy Meets World: Media Zapper Part 1 - Intro & Topanga (Mf,mc,drugs)
by Wetsprocket

I had worked years to perfect the product and now was the final test. I
had developed what I named the "Media Zapper" which would allow me to
de-crystalize and enter into visual media such as movies and television
environments. It was an enhanced palm top with obvious improvements and
entertainment titles had been uploaded to its database for selections. All
I had to do was type in the media title, the time counter within it during
that media, enter it and the palm top would scan the database. Within a
minute or so, I would, through time and space, be transported to that media
environment at the requested time and moment. For example, if I wanted to
be there when Rhett Butler tells off Scarlett in "Gone with the Wind", I
would put in "Gone with the Wind", judge the time from the movie length and
presto! I'd arrive around that time in seconds. This gave me ample
opportunity to enjoy my entertainment to it's fullest.

I had weapon I would take on my journey. I looked harmless as it was a
plastic toy gun that shot out the plastic suction cup darts. These darts were
laced with a special liquid drug that was acidic enough to eat through cloth
material, but gentle enough to the human skin as it penetrated to the blood
stream. This drug had the effects of a small tranquilizer mixed with an
hypnotic agent. It's strength depended on how much had been placed on the cup
end. It would get it's use.

It was a Friday and I couldn't think of where to go first. I turned on the
TV and "Boy Meets World" had started. No time like the present I thought,
entering in the sitcom into the palm top. I left the time counter blank to
see what would happen and zap!

I found myself in a school hallway, kids bustling between classes. I had
transported into the episode on TV that night for Boy Meets World. I didn't
see Topanga anywhere. I saw Mr. Finney and ducked since I would be about age,
thus causing problems. Unfortunately, he saw me and wandered over. I stood up
straight where I was and he confronted me. "May I help you, sir?" He asked.

"I'm looking for Topanga and Cory.." I started. "I'm a friend."

"Well, sir. I do think they will be exiting at the end of the hallway since
school just dismissed," he informed me. "If you hurry, you maybe able to
catch up." I thanked him and dashed toward the end of the hall, Mr. Finney
scolding me to slow down.

Once outside, I saw Cory and Topanga walking along the sidewalk to the
street. They split apart with "Goodbye" and Topanga started up the street,
alone. As I followed behind her, I couldn't help but note how fine she was.
She was dressed in a loose, summer mini-skirt and a short sleeved cotton
form-fitting blouse. I watched her ass as she walked, her skirt shuffling
around it. Her legs looked fit and well-toned. I got a woody just following
her. She turned onto an adjoining sidewalk, and skipped up the walk,
disappearing inside the house. I waited outside.

I waited a short time and when Topanga exited the house, dusk had fallen
some. In the greying light, I noticed she had changed. She wore a red shirt,
tied up at her belly, showing her midriff. She wore grey sweat shorts that
form fitted to her ass. Her brown hair was in a pony tail which swayed in a
horsetail as she jogged up the street.

I followed her as she jogged back up to the school and behind it to the
football field. It had a running track around it, which was why she was
there. She paused at the bleachers to stretch. I was close enough to view her
ass from behind as she bent down, touching her calfs. I pulled out my pistol
and loaded a small dosed dart into it. With careful aim, I locked in on
Topanga's ripe and open bottom. I fired.

The dart tagged Topanga in the right cheek, which startled her. She uprighted
quickly to investigate what had hit her. As she did, the blood rushed the
drug through her body. In the street lamp lights from the field, I watched as
she sat on the bleachers, feeling faint. I approached her.

"Hi, Topanga." I said, moving in front of her. She looked up at me, sitting
perfectly at my waist level.

"Hi. Who are you?" she asked, totally feeling the drugs effects. "I'm your
cherry buster." I told her. "I want you to open my pants, take out my penis
and suck it."

"I've never done that before." She responded, reaching to open my pants.

"Just take it into your mouth and treat it like a straw without using your
teeth." I instructed.

Topanga had my pants open and took a hold of my hardening pecker. I watched
as the beautiful young actress place her mouth over my cock. Her mouth was
warm and wet as she moved across my shaft. I held the back of her head and
helped her blow me, pushing my cock into her throat. She gagged twice, but
kept sucking my organ. My penis grew harder and thicker to her attention.
Soon, I felt the cum flow and kept me cock to the back of her throat. She

I withdrew my pecker from her mouth and turned toward enjoying her nice body.
I told her to lay back and enjoy it all. She laid back, giving me her body. I
pushed the red shirt and sports bra up over her tits and squeezed each. I
took turns with each, until I moved my left hand down between her legs.
Through her shorts, I rubbed her crotch.

"Oh, that feels nice." She said. "No one's ever touched me there."

I moved my hand under the elastic waist of her shorts and felt down under her
panties. I felt her small clit, lips pursing open in arousal. I fingered her
and she gasped. Soon, I had her shorts off and was between her legs. I rubbed
her pubic patch and placed my cock on her threshold. I slowly pierced her
cunt with my shaft. She had to ultimate tightness of a fresh virgin. She
squealed and cried out as I drove into her vagina. I hastened my pace,
thrusting casually until I fed her as much of my length as she would take.
Soon, I was pounding into her pussy, busting her cherry. Her hands clawed my
hips and legs as I penetrated her. I massaged her breasts and held them
tightly as I fucked her well. She began to squirm more and I knew she was
nearing her first orgasm. When she reach her climax, she bolted up and
grabbed onto me.

"Oh, my gawd!" She shouted out. "Don't move!" Her tight body flexed on my
hardness as she came. I held her, but as she settled, I began to buck into
her more until I came inside her.

As we dressed, I planted the special code word into her mind, in case I had
the needed to return and do her again without wasting my shots. She returned
home before the drug wore off.

to be contined...

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