Author's Note: At the time of this fic Topanga is about 20 and Morgan about

Boy Meets World: Cupid's Valentine's Day Vengeance Part 22 (Ff,spank,voy,mc)
by Hamster

Topanga was watching Morgan as a favor to her husband Cory's parents. The
girl's had been up to watching chick flicks and board games.

Board games! Bob the cupid figured that they were called that because they
bored people. Topanga had great big tits and the 13-year-old as a filthy
pervert in the making, he just knew. Lets get her off to a good start.

"So what do you want to do next?" Topanga asked.

Bob shot them both with arrows before Morgan could respond.

"I want to fuck." She replied casually.

"Ok," Topanga said with a shrug.

Morgan approached her reached for the bottom button of Topanga's blouse
and pulled out the portion tucked into her skirt's waist. Morgan left her
sister-in-law's blouse on her, but let the front hang open exposing her
ample bosom to view. Morgan stood on her toes and planted a kiss on Topanga's
lips. Morgan sat back on the couch. She then lifted her backside off the
couch to hike her skirt up around her waist and then pulled her panties off.
She balled then up and brought them close to her sister-in-law's face.
Topanga was unable to resist the scent under her nose and she inhaled. And,
indeed, Topanga inhaled and inhaled and inhaled, taking deep into her
nostrils the fragrance of young girl cunt.

Morgan stood and removed all her clothes. Once naked, Morgan stretched her
lean, but curvaceous body in front Topanga. Morgan found she was thrilled
with the feeling of nastiness that overcame her as she stood nude in her
room. Topanga could barely contain her excitement at being so close to the
completely naked flesh of her young Sister-in-law Morgan. Morgan down back
on the couch. She spread her legs wide and began to slowly rub her pussy.

"Topanga you have such a beautiful body please, please strip for me." Morgan

Topanga stood and shrugged her open blouse off her shoulders. She started to
unbutton her skirt when Morgan told her to dance while she was stripping.
Topanga was reluctant, but slowly swayed her hips back and forth. Topanga
started swaying her hips back and forth faster to try and please her young
lover. Finally her skirt fell to the floor and Morgan watched her
sister-in-law dance around in her panties and bra. A bra that struggled to
contain her two huge tits. Topanga removed her remaining clothes and
continued to dance in the nude for her 13-year-old sister-in-law.

Morgan never stopped playing with her pussy while Topanga disrobed and danced
for her. In fact she kept spitting into her hand every little while to lube
her pussy. Morgan could see the anticipation building on the older woman's
face. She stopped masturbating, instead indicating with one finger that
Topanga should move closer. As her sister-in-law rolled her chair forward,
Morgan placed a hand on top of her head and guided the older woman's face
between her legs. Topanga at long last was getting the close up view of some
sweet young pussy.

"Please eat my pussy" Morgan said holding her hand on top of Topanga's head
to keep her in place.

Topanga opened her mouth and using her tongue ran in slowly across Morgan's
moist spit covered clit. She heard Morgan moan as her tongue made contact
with the girl's pussy. She couldn't believe she was really doing this.
Morgan threw her head back as ecstasy began to sate her.

She could feel it building up inside her. "Oh, yeah Topanga. YES! YES!"

Morgan came; humping her shapely hips against Topanga's thrashing tongue.
She sat up and looked with satisfaction at the girl-juice coated face of her
brother's wife. Morgan stood up on Topanga's couch and knew that the older
girl's eyes would follow her body and the teenager gracefully pirouetted
until her ass was pointed toward Topanga. Topanga gazed longingly at those
perfect globes, Morgan was the possessor of a pair of cute bubble butts.

Morgan shook her teenage ass for a few minutes for her sister-in-law to
admire. Eventually she grew tired of it and climbed down off the couch to
one side and slinked over to Topanga. Morgan gestured for Topanga to rise
and she followed the teen over to the side of her couch. Morgan said patting
the couch with her hand.

Topanga placed one knee up on the couch while Morgan took the opportunity to
grab and squeeze her sister-in-law's ass cheeks; first the left and then the
right. As she got her other knee up on the couch Morgan told her to stay
where she was; knees on the edge completely exposed. Morgan stepped back to
view her lover as she sat upon the couch. Slowly she started to walk around
the couch. As she reached the opposite side she could still see the 20 year
old's face drenched in her own pussy juice.

As Morgan completed her revolution around the couch she leaned up against
Topanga. Placing her teenage breasts against her sister-in-law's big ass she
leaned forward far enough to fondle Topanga's enormous tits as they hung
down. Morgan squeezed and kneaded then for a bit before pinching her nipples
hard several times. Topanga only whimpered fearing if she cried out Morgan
might stop.

After a bit Morgan leaned back and began to rub her hand across Topanga's
exposed ass; caressing both cheeks. Between switching from one cheek to
the other she quietly drooled some saliva into her hand to coat her
sister-in-law's ass. Once Topanga's ass was good and ready Morgan stepped
back and let fly a hard smack with the palm of her hand. Topanga jerked
forward slightly from the hit, completely startled. Topanga nervously
trying to anticipate the next blow.

-SMACK- Morgan again delivered a hard slap. Then she spat on each of
Topanga's freshly reddened ass and rubbed the spit in.

-SMACK- another hit.

-SMACK- another

-SMACK- another

Topanga cried out as her ass reddened. Morgan repeated this ritual for some
time until Topanga's ass was a glowing crimson apple.

Morgan began to softly massage her sister-in-law's ass. She thought she
heard the older woman choking back tears, but really didn't care. As she was
rubbing her sister-in-law's ass she noticed a glistening between the woman's
thighs. Morgan spat on Topanga's asshole. With her thumb she rubbed her spit
in, but didn't penetrate her. Morgan next reached out to Topanga's cunt with
two fingers and parted her pussy lips. Morgan pushed her fingers deep into
Topanga just once and slowly withdrew them. Her fingers were coated with her
sister-in-law's juice. Morgan moved around the couch to Topanga's face and
made her suck the offered fingers clean. Morgan began to lick Topanga's pussy
thoroughly. Topanga moaned and squeeled with pleasure as Topanga tongue
fucked her.

"YES, YES!!!" Topanga cried out as she came all over the 13 year old girls

Over all Bob was pretty fucking pleased with himself.

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