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Here's the request to the ass man logannagol, Buzz Lightyear Starfleet
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* denotes thought

Buzz Lightyear Star Command: The Power Of Cheese
by Some Random Bastard

"Bring the prisoner now!" Evil Emperor Zurg screamed out at his underling as
he cackled maniacally. Finally victory was his, all thanks to the power of

Behind the villain two of Zurg's minions were pulling the imprisoned Mira
Nova to him.

"What do YOU want?" Mira asked with disgust at him.

"Hmm? Nothing nicer to say to your master?" Zurg said with an evil grin on
his face. "No matter, a slave should know when to keep her mouth shut. All
the time," Zurg said, laughing wickedly, "Just stay there, don't move."

"I imagine you are wondering why your Tangean powers aren't working now. No
more ghosting for you anymore, no I couldn't allow that," Zurg said, turning
around and showing the Tangean Princess a shiny black remote control with
many shiny colorful buttons.

"What did you do with the rest of the Space Rangers?" Mira demanded, her mind
boiling over with anger and hatred for the bastard in front of her.

"Oh, they are temporarily being held. They are alive, I assure you," Zurg
said. "You should see what they have been doing lately in the field of evil
gadgets, really has been a series of breakthroughs lately. Probably the most
important for you to know however is the Mind Control remote in my hand," he
said, stretching the device within inches of her grasp.

"Lucky for you I happen to feel generous today. If you will agree to submit
to my authority, I won't have to use this device. Otherwiseŝthings could be
a bit harder on you," Zurg said, tossing the remote up and down, Mira's eyes
following the up and down motion.

"I'll never agree to join with you!" she screamed at him.

"Too bad," he said, pressing a button on the remote, "But still, it will
prove to be interesting, to say the least."

"Guards, leave her to me," he said with a smile, "She will be most compliant
to my orders."

Letting go of her, Zurg's minions were surprised she didn't lunge at him to
kill their boss. Amazingly enough, she did nothing, she didn't say anything
or move at all. Quickly proceeding out of the room, they did not want to get
on the bad side of Evil Emperor Zurg, especially now that he had his mind
control device.

"Mira, aren't you feeling a bit hot?" Zurg asked, the question seeming almost

Suddenly, Mira couldn't help but feel hot. Too hot. How could it be this hot
in here? *Wait, this is a trick by Zurg!* she thought, using every ounce of
her willpower to fight off his mind control.

She heard another beep on the remote go off as she felt the heat of the room
increase. *It's hot* she thought, *Too hot. Unbearably hot.*

"Mira, wouldn't you feel more comfortable if you took off your clothes? It
would be cooler without that green and grey suit on, wouldn't it?" Mira
nodded, trying to move to remove her spacesuit.

"Oh dear, I forgot, I told you not to move. You can move now, please, take
off your spacesuit," he said, in mock concern as he watched the redheaded
beauty in front of him strip.

As each piece of her armor was removed, she felt her body getting cooler and
cooler, until eventually when she was naked she felt her body back at room

"There now, don't you feel much better?" Zurg asked, pressing another button
on his remote. This one began to change her body. All of the hair below her
neck was suddenly removed. Her breasts began to grow, from their dainty size
they grew to 40 double d size. Her vagina, anus, and mouth were conformed to
appropriately serve her new needs, tightened but given the ability to give
way to any intruders, then to tighten up once again, forever making her tight
as a virgin. And more importantly, her body's organs had their threshold for
pain increased and their sensitivity to pleasure magnified ten times.

Removing his Evil Emperor guy costume Zurg looked at the voluptuous light
blue naked Tangean in front of him, his evil hard on raging forward at twelve

"Mira, do you know why you are here?" Zurg asked her.

"I, I..." Mira tried to think, but it was so hard to make her mind. "I don't

"You are here because you agreed to submit yourself to me, body and mind,"
Zurg said, his hand on the remote.

"I...don't't sound right."

"Why else would you be here naked if not to serve your Evil Emperor Zurg as
a concubine?"

Mira Nova struggled with all her might to think, to reason against him, but
to no avail, Zurg's mind control device was too strong.

"Mira, do you know your duty as a concubine?"

"Yes...master," she said with a half disgusted look on her face, "I am
to...service you...sexually."

"Then you had best get to work, shouldn't you?" Zurg asked, a maniacal smile
covering his face. He watched as the Princess crawled over to him, her now
massive mammaries swaying across the floor, her sensitive nipples becoming
fully erect as the glided across the cool texture.

He watched with incredible amusement as Mira Nova of Starfleet Command
wrapped her hands around his cock, taking his engorged head into her hot
little mouth. He was surprised as he watched, the Tangean Princess was
masterfully sucking on his cock, using her tongue to massage under his
prick while she took it deeper into her tight mouth, his prick eventually
pushing it's way into her newly reformed oral orifice.

Zurg let out a moan as she pressed her mouth further down, deep throating
his cock of evil. Mira, feeling an enormous sense of satisfaction at
pleasing her master, began to massage his balls as she continued to take
more and more of her master's prick into her willing mouth.

"Bwahahahahahahahahaha!" came out Zurg's mouth as he pulled his cock out,
shooting a massive load of hot, white, gooey cum all over Mira Nova's face,
covering her face and massive new tits with blast after blast of jizz. Mira
cried out in pleasure as she felt each squirt of white protein fall on her,
trying to capture every drop she could in her mouth.

"Now my...concubine," Zurg said, smiling at the idea, "I have other uses for
you" he said, walking to behind her. Taking his still hard cock, he aimed it
at the opening to her now virgin tight pussy.

Mira had only a moment to look back, full of wonder, before she felt him
rudely thrust forward, pushing half of his cock in one thrust up her virgin
tight body, a move that would undoubtedly cause horrible amounts of pain in
anyone else. To Mira Nova however she found her body overcome with lust as
her tight womanhood was being fucked so hard, so unlubricated, and so rough.

As her body began to give way to his member she felt her body instinctively
contract down on his cock, trying to milk all of the pleasures she could. She
moaned as she felt her first orgasm, mind shattering to her as her entire
body was imbibed in pleasure.

Zurg however, didn't stop for a minute, continuing to fuck her harder and
faster, her wetness from or orgasm helping to lubricate him. Mira moaned with
each thrust, pushing her body back as she tried to get as much of him with
each thrust in her.

Mira cried out as Zurg suddenly pulled his cock out of her pussy. Gathering
some of her juices on his head, he brought his member to her puckered pink
ass opening. Watching in almost slow motion, Mira saw as her former sworn
enemy was now ripping apart her ass cherry, and she found herself begging
for it.

Zurg continued his long, hard, forceful thrusts inward, much to the delight
of the Tangean Princess. She felt her tight ass begin to loosen ever so
slightly, allowing his cock to force more and more of itself into her. She
began to grunt with each thrust, feeling beads of sweat falling down her
face, gliding across the dried cum from her facial earlier.

"Fuck my ass!" she cried out as another orgasm took control of her body, now
her anal muscles clamping on his prick, making the sensations so much harder
as he didn't let it slow him down. He rather sped up, pushing his cock deeper
and deeper into her tight colon.

Zurg let out a grunt as he went off like a volcano, white washing her ass
with jet after jet of streaming cum. Mira moaned as another orgasm was forced
upon her, each jet of hot semen seemed to fill her up.

Pulling his cock out of her formerly tight bunghole with a loud pop. He
watched as his former rival's mouth quickly found it's way back to his prick,
sucking down the rest of his load, tasting her own ass as she cleaned off his

"You have proven yourself worthy to be my concubine," Zurg said with a
chuckle. "I invited a few mutual friends, I thought you might want to...greet
them as well," he said, pushing a shiny red button on the wall, as Buzz
Lightyear, champion of space command and XR, the expendable robot both came
through the door. They weren't, however, there to save her.

"I checked with XR, he needed a bit of modification, but you should be able
to serve him," Zurg said with a chuckle, looking up at the camera above him.
If the device didn't work, he could make a fortune selling these on the black
market. Or the internet. Probably the internet, it's always shadier than the
black market.

"Yes master," Mira said, watching hungrily as her friend and boss Buzz
Lightyear was heading her way, the only thought in her mind was how big he
was gonna be and how long until it was in her.

"Buzz, of course you remember your comrade in arms, Mira Nova, right?"

"Yes sir!" Buzz said, completely under the mind control device.

"You see Mira, Buzz was no harder than you. XR was different," Zurg said,
pausing dramatically for effect before saying "He required a complete
operating system rewrite. More complicated, but the effect is permanent,
unlike you two the effects don't last quite as long."

Before Zurg had a chance to rant evilly any further Buzz Lightyear was
already deeply engaged in action. Buzz removed his armor and clothing,
whipping out his fourteen inch cock. Bringing it right to the entrance of
her mouth, Buzz pushed his raging hard on, already dripping with precum
deep down her throat. She greedily sucked on his tool, watching the hero
of Starfleet try to keep his face straight as she sucked on his cock,
massaging his balls with each movement of her head.

"MMMPH!" Mira cried out into Buzz's cock as XR's robocock entered her pussy
without warning. Mira looked out of the corner of her eye to see his cock,
a foot long and almost as thick as her arm. She didn't stop sucking on little
Buzz as she felt XR's pushing deeper, his cock acting like a jackhammer,
pushing about an inch in and out as it pressed forward.

Mira continued to suck, her hot little mouth milking Buzz as his cock was
entirely swallowed by her. She watched with amazement as XR buried more and
more of his cock in her, her body taking it in easily.

Suddenly Buzz broke away, his cock covered with her warm wet saliva. As she
watched Buzz walk behind her, she felt XR's body slide under her.

Biting her lips and grinning in anticipation, Mira waited for Buzz to fuck
her ass. Buzz waited a moment, lingering while he watched her quiver in

"Fuck me!" Mira said, staring back at Buzz.

"What was that?"

"Fuck me! Fuck my ass now!" Mira said, she felt her body was not complete
without another cock deep inside her.

"Yes Ma'am," Buzz said as he sent his fourteen inch cock right into her
little bunghole, hearing the moan of animal lust from her as he lovely
shoved six inches in.

Mira continued to cry out in pleasure as Buzz drove his long cock deep into
her bowels while XR continued to shove his fat cock deep in her tight pussy,
suddenly beginning to vibrate as it jack hammered. The feeling of both of
the cocks rubbing up against her in her tight body was so arousing, the
thought about it brought about another orgasm for the blue skinned woman.
She felt like every inch of her pussy and ass were being filled.

Zurg laughed manically as he watched, the once proud troupe were busy
ravaging one another. Mira was busy trying to force more of their cocks as
each one was trying to complete their objectives, to blast their loads right
in her face, just as he had ordered them to.

Mira was letting out a moan a minute as the two continued their assault on
her body, fucking her raw as she lay there begging for more. She felt XR
start to slow down, slowly his pace began to slow to a crawl as he began to
remove it.

"XR?!? What the FAAAAA-," Mira said suddenly feeling the robot force his cock
under Buzz as the two of them began to fuck her ass. Mira cried out in pain
and pleasure as she felt the two inhuman cocks up her formerly tight asshole.

She was screaming bloody murder as the two cocks were roughly bumping
against each other, pushing against the very limits of the walls against her
ass. Mira couldn't control herself anymore as she felt another orgasm take
her body by force. Suddenly the two beings inside her, acting almost
instinctively stopped completely, pulling themselves out of her, leaving her
with a gaping asshole that, unknown to the three, would be tight as a
virgin's by the next day.

She watched as the two whipped their cocks right in front of her face,
beating them off furiously. Suddenly Buzz let out a groan as the first of
many jets of cum flew out from his cock, hitting her in the eyebrow with
white protein. Another and another stream flew out his cock as he gave her
her second facial for the day.

Suddenly XR's head began to spin, fast! After a few seconds of that he
exploded as he climaxed. Except, instead of climaxing like a human, his
member shot off cum like a showerhead, covering all of Mira's body in his
sticky white human-like cum. Mira opened her mouth and only a second later
her mouth was full of cum, she tried to gulp down as much as she could but
much of it dribbled out her lips.

* * *

"Evil Emperor Zurg!" suddenly came from the door as it opened.

"AHH!" Zurg said, trying to cover himself as the Grub barged in. "What did
I tell you about coming in when I was playing my games?!?"

And that ends that. Lots of fun, right kiddos? No? Then fuck off.

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