Buzz Lightyear Of Star Command: Has Anyone Seen Mira? (MF,M-best,exhib)
by Shadow Walker ([email protected])

"Booster! How do you read; ..." Silence and static fills Mira's headset.
"... Booster!" Mira turns to Buzz who is (as usual) seated in the command
seat. "Can't read them Buzz."

"That's okay Mira, Booster and XR went down to visit Booster's parents."

"Why didn't we go Buzz?" asked Mira as she settles into her star chair.

"Because the last time I went down to his parents farm, I got a corn comb
shoved up my ass by that Zee'boid."

"He didn't mean it Buzz, you were bent over and he thought you, ... ah, I
mean you ... ah ..." Mira stumbles in comparing Buzz's butt to the corn

"Yes, Mira, you were comparing my butt to." asked Buzz as he looked at the
diminutive Tangean Princess.

"Well, ah, I mean that the, ah, he couldn't see clearly Buzz, his vision
was blurred." Stammered Mira as she looked at her hero she held in worship,
and at the moment maybe a little higher up the pole of worship as her eyes
glided down to Buzz's pants, and there it was, a large bulge between his
legs and a short snake like shape running down his leg, and it appeared to
be lengthening, and she could definitely smell male hormone.

Buzz is studying his report before he transmits the progress of their
mission; but his eyes kept wondering over to Mira, she shapely female form,
her blue eyes, that cute grin, and those perky small firm breast that lay
beneath the space suit shell. Unknown to Mira, just the other evening
during her shift break, Buzz was doing an internal security camera check
when the internal camera flickered on inside the crews shower room; and
behold, there was Mira, all naked Tangean, inside the shower, her perky
butt so solid as she would raise up on her tiptoes as she washed herself,
then she turned and he got to see her small but solid breasts; her blue
skin was beautiful, and her red pubic hair matched her head nicely. Buzz
cut the camera surveillance off when he felt his missile getting ready to

Buzz turned his attention back to his papers, and he had wished he had
sooner as he felt his penis start to expand hard inside his pants and creep
down his suit leg, and he was hoping that Mira hadn't noticed.

Mira on the other hand is busy watching Buzz's bulge grow and expand, growing
like a snake in his pants. Mira felt uncomfortable between her legs, she was
getting hot, her juices were flowing and she needed to relieve herself badly.
"Buzz, can I take five, I have to make a run to the little girls room."

"We don't have a little girl's room Mira, but you can use the head."
Suggested Buzz as he thought he was funny, but to his surprise, Mira was
down on his lap, his pants pulled apart as she grabs his penis and starts

As Mira strokes his growing ever large cock, pre-cum already dripping from
his penis head, Mira blurts out happily, "Oh Buzz, I'm so happy you want me
to have head, I love you earth people and the slang you have for blow jobs,
Oh God, I can't tell you how much I idolize you, I love you Buzz Lightyear,
I love you so much, I have wanted you to take me down and fuck me blind; I
can't tell you how much pressure this releases inside me; did you know that
Tangean females don't have periods like human females, but once a month we
do get so horny, and I have been getting so horny lately; I have prayed for
you to come into my sleeping quarters and fuck me, ... Oh God Buzz, take
me, please, take me ... mmm mmm, slurp, hmmm." Mira became too busy to finish
her sentence as she was sucking on Buzz's joystick.

Buzz could only listen with glazed eyes, then he played with Mira's red head
as her head was busy bobbing up and down on his cock, he felt her moist 'HOT'
Tangean lips and then her `HOT' Tangean throat as she took his cock all the
way down; her throat tighten as she stroked his Galactic Alliance Missile.
Buzz looked down to enjoy Mira's head as she worked his cock, then to his
surprise she went ghost and her suit and undergarments fell off her body;
Mira Nova, Tangean Princess was naked on the Main deck, on her knees, bobbing
up and down on the commanders cock; the Universe is good.

"Well, as commander of this crew, cadet Mira!" Said Buzz aloud as he grabs
head and shoves her head down as he thrusts his hips up, driving his cock all
the way down her throat, Buzz feels the comment as his cock head stretches to
its limit inside the `HOTTER' Tangean throat of Mira and then as he feels his
balls tingle he feels his body lurch as his cock sprays a large load of sperm
down the choking Mira.

"Buz-abbuble- gulp, pith, bag!" Splatters Mira as she pulls back off of
Buzz's meaty shaft.

Buzz grabs the diminutive waif around her narrow waist as and lifts her whole
body up and over his, then he lowers her body facing him down towards his
still erect penis.

Mira sees the shaft rising to meet her cunt, then she looks at Buzz,
commenting, "Buzz, a lap dance, I love lap dancing." With that, Mira felt
Buzz's strong arms slam her down onto his hard meat, it's larger meaty head
stops momentarily before it popped past her cunt lips as Mira gasped in
surprise to the quickness of penetration, his shaft so much larger than the
Tangean Goo Plat Snake. Mira felt his much larger girth push along her
Tangean love canal that is as pink as any human female, only tighter and
ever growing tighter and hotter as Buzz shoved it ever deep in a non-stop
thrust. Mira began kicking her legs in the fashion of a Russian Dancer,
waving her arms about as she gyrated her body, twisting her waist and hip
on Buzz's lap and balls, with his cock impaled inside the smaller female.

"What are you doing Mira, I love it, your tickling my balls." Grins Buzz as
he uses his hands gripping Mira's waist and pops her up and down on his cock.

"I'm lap dancing Buzz, this is fun; Oh I wish we could have been doing this
from the first day I meet you, I love your maleness."

Buzz looks up at the stars to see his and Mira's reflection in the canopy
of 42, Mira was gyrating on his cock and Buzz was thinking, "Maleness? Am I
going bald?"

Mira leans her naked blue body into Buzz's massive chest, yet covered in his
suit, she pulls at the zipper, "Buzz, duff the stuff, get naked and do more
of the dirty; bite my tities, squeeze them, fondle me, play with me, ...
Pleeasseeey, Tangean Please, I'll ghost into your suit and rub my tits on
your body if you don't get naked."

Mira's hair if flying about like an orange sun, a blazing orange sun about
ready to burst as she begins grinding and bouncing faster on Buzz's thrust

Buzz stands up in the much lower gravity of 42 (about half g) and with one
move, unzips his top and removes it to reveal his hairy chest and nipples
as Mira, who is impaled on his cock like a prop on the motor shaft of an old
airplane. She reaches out to play with Buzz's hairy chest when he grabs her
legs, holds her close as he jumps up, leaving his pants and boots on the
deck of 42 as he and Mira lift up, and then he tells Mira, "I want to try
something Mira, hold your legs and arms out straight from your body.

Mira holds her legs and arms out to her sides as Buzz spins her, she rotates
on his cock shaft like a propeller as Buzz imitates an airplane motor, he
puts his arms out like they are wings. "Hrrrrrrrrrrrrr, ... flying above the
pacific the fighter pilot ace of world war two looks for his enemy."

"Buzzzz ... burrrrr ... is this a sex game?" Asks Mira from her blurred
spinning position.

"Oh yes Mira, fell the burn."

Mira begins to get dizzy from the blurred motion, but she also felt Buzz's
cock shaft fitting so tightly inside her pussy that she is heating up faster
and faster, she felt his whole cock deep inside and spinning, slapping one
side then the other, then she felt her self cum just as she felt Buzz unload
yet another blast. Mira took off like a water rocket, sperm and juices
spewing out her cunt as she flew across the flight deck. Mira landed face
down onto the control panel, her right tit launched a star flare, and as she
looked up she commented, "Wow, I had an orgasm with a star burst." Just then
she felt Buzz's hard cock (Yes, still hard) as he shoved it into her ass,
she yelled, "Oh God!" As Buzz clamped his arms onto her his as his hips slam
against her butt and he begins slamming with deep thrust into her butt.

Planet Side

"Booster! Let go of that chicken, what's the matter with you?" Screams XR
as he sees the big dinosaur like alien; child like in many ways, Booster was
sincere in becoming the best Space Ranger like his idol Buzz Lightyear, he
had only one problem, his hormones were changing and he had a dinosaur sized
hardon and was fucking a chicken to relieve himself since he had no girl
friends of his own. "Stop that Booster, that's our dinner; well, not mine,
after-all I am a robot, but I do have smell sensors, and how I would like to
turn off my visuals right now, Oh my that poor chick.

On Board The 42

Mira, running naked and screaming, laughing and completely hysterical, is
being chased by an equally naked Buzz. "You can't catch me Buzz, and your
not sticking that in my ear."

"Stop 'Ghosting' Cadet that's not fair!"

Mira disappears through the bulkhead as Buzz leaps at the small princess; his
body slams against the steel wall just behind his erect penis striking head
on into the solid wall, "Ouch!"

Mira peeks out, sees Buzz on his back, holding his might rocket in his hand,
"Now that's better." She says as she ghosts the rest of the way and lands
atop his wounded weapon, her hot snatch engulfs his spear and slides down,
pushing his hands out of the way until she rests on his balls.

Buzz was hurting bad until he felt the hot Tangean snatch slide over his
swollen member, her internal heat soothing as Mira's cunt grips his cock and
then as she gently begins to rise then slide down, her pussy hot and moist
and gripping him like a steel Star Ranger boarding clamp. Buzz grins an ever
grateful gin as he grips Mira's hips, telling her, "I wasn't going to shove
it in your ear, I said rear."

"Oh, sorry Buzz, I didn't understand; I didn't understand Booster either,
but then I realized he was a Ranger; and Booster, he has the most wonderful
attachments, ..."

"Attachments?" Said Buzz as he is puzzled, once again, by Mira's rambling.

Mira, not wanting to explain, kicked against the floor as they both begin to
lift up and drift back onto the command bridge, slowly landing back onto the
floor as Mira pumped Buzz's cock, her little butt raised and fell like a
pumping station as she licked and kissed Buzz's chest, once in a while she
would spit a chest hair from her lips, growl, then lurch back down onto his

Buzz is laying flat of the command bridge deck with Mira straddling his lap,
her butt bouncing rapidly, then wriggling and twisting as she work his
massive cock inside her tight Tangean snatch, as she begins to moan and hum,
grinding and twisting faster and faster, screaming "Ahhh, Eeee, Ohhhh by
the, ... Eeee eeeI'm cuming."

Buzz felt Mira's body twist and jerk as she strained backwards as her cunt
gripped him even tighter, he had a sensation to thrust his dick all the way
into her that he could push, then he felt his ball tightened and then his
cock lengthened as he felt a large amount of sperm shoot through his balls
and dick into the young Tangean.

24's Airlock

"I don't understand why you screwed up dinner Booster?" Complained XR as he
carries is suitcase (toolbox) inside the decontamination section of the

Booster carries his own suitcase, a strange aura about his spotted skin as
he follows XR to the decontamination shower, his eyes are blood shot and he
sees things in a pink tint. "Honest XR, it's not my fault, my species gets
these urges, just like the Vulcan's in Star Trek."

"Oh great, now you're comparing yourself to a fiction character; that's not
real life big boy." XR activates the shower and they're drenched in an
anti-bacterial, anti-viral, anti-bad thing spray. "You don't drink this spray
do ya Booster, that might be your problem."

"Gargle, gargle, ummm, what? Oh, no, never; it does taste like Vanilla."
replies Booster as he dries his suit and his face off after the shower ends.

Exiting the airlock area of 24, XR and Booster head for the Command Bridge,
"After Buzz hears about the problems that Agent Z has been causing them,
stealing Primary seeds that your planet's farmers use to clone their next
years seeds for their crops; He'll go right after them to get their seed

"I'd like to deposit my seed right now!" Boasted Booster.

"Oh yeah, now you're stealing seeds from your planet, well listen mister, you
better send that seed right back down there right now."

"But XR, I meant ..."

FARMERS MISTER!" ordered XR, who was starting to show steam rising from his

"Well, I, okay XR, I don't know if I'm in the mood ..." Booster stops in
mid-sentence as he sees Mira walking towards them as she head towards her
quarters, she's completely nude and Booster notices her red pubic hair and
firm little breasts as they jiggle slightly with their red nipples in passing
the two, she waives and grins a sheepish grin.

"Hi Mira," acknowledges XR, who continued to explain to Booster, "Now why
can't you be like Mira, she is always staying in shape, always in control;
she really fills out a Star Ranger's uniform, did you notice her new blue
uniform; must be her new dress blues, now that is a nice uniform, Red braid,
must have slipped though, I'd take it back and have them put it back up on
the shoulders, it must be troublesome that low."

"XR!" says Booster with a strange sense of urgency in his voice, and the
memory of a naked Mira, then he looks back to see Mira from the rear, her
perky cute ass twisting, then she stops, looks over her shoulder, then
twists enough so that her tits can be seen and waives again at Booster,
then she Ghosts into her quarters. "XR, I think I can shoot that seed down
to the farmers now.



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