Bring It On: Torrance's Lesson (ff,f-gang,inter,exhib,ncon,nc-cons)
by NuggettDane ([email protected])

As Torrance watched the black girls do their cheerleading routine she became
furious. After the past three years of being on what she thought was best
team in the state and having the most original cheers she knew she had been
lied to. Everything she had learned was stolen from these girls. Suddenly she
turned and stormed out the door, with Missy in hot pursuit.

As they were climbing into Missy's car it happened. Torrance was grabbed by
one of the Clover's cheerleaders and pulled out of her car. She was grabbed
and spun around. Once her feet had planted down she saw she was looking into
the faces of three angry black girls. It didn't take long for her to realize
that she and Missy were in deep trouble.

"So did you two little white bitches like the show?"

"Y-Y-Yes you were all very good."

"So plan on stealing more of our shit, huh?"

"I don't know what you mean, I never stole anything from you, I swear!"

"Whatever, you and your white ass friends have been stealing me and my girls
cheers for years and you fucking know it."

"No no I swear I never knew those cheers were stolen."

"Yea right!" another one of the girls chimed in, "sure you didn't."

"Really I'm not lying!"

"Hey come on, she's telling the truth, so back off and leave us alone!"
shouted Missy.

"White bitch I advice you to be keeping your mouth shut!" hollered one of the
other girls.

Missy made a step towards the gang in an effort to help Torrance, for her
trouble she was quickly meet with a punch to her belly. Although something
of a tough customer, even for a girl, the punch was something she was not
expecting and it doubled her over. In no time she had sunk to the ground.

Soon things went from bad to worse for the hot blond and her friend. Torrance
looked around and saw that several large black guys and made there way over
to the ruckus. She knew that some of them were on the basketball team from
East Compton High. She and Missy were quickly surrounded by several young
black men, guys who looked big enough to rip telephone poles out of the
ground. At that moment she was never more afraid for her life. She had no
idea what would happen next.

"So Isis whats going on?" One of the guys asked.

"We just caught us a couple of bitches stealing our cheers again, same shit
as fucking usual."

"Man that be fucked up." Another one stated.

Then a girl who went by the name of Lava chimed in with a comment that would
turn the night into one that would change Torrance's life forever.

"I thinks we should teach these white sluts a lesson, what you all think?"

Torrance looked up in horror when one of the guys said that sounded like a
real good idea.

A few seconds later she felt a pair of huge hands grab her from behind and
the person held her tight. She knew it was one of the ball players. She
looked over to her right and saw Missy being handled in the same fashion.

"Hey lets get the cunts in your caddy Tyrone, one of the guys said. And
with that she and Missy were pulled over to one of the guys cars and jerked
inside. A handful of seconds later she heard the sound of the engine being
started and they car was on route to wherever they were being taken to.

During the entire car ride they girls were being mauled be the two guys hold
them. Torrance felt every part of her tender body being molested. The guy
who had her was feeling her breasts, running his hand between her legs and
constantly grinding his crotch against her ass. She knew that she was in bad
trouble and knew that the likelihood of being raped was close at hand. She
couldn't help but think how this was Missy's fault since she was the one who
brought then here.

It wasn't long before she felt the car come to a stop and saw the backdoors
being opened. Soon the girls were drug inside an old abandoned warehouse.
Missy and Torrance looked around and saw what they believed were every member
of the East Compton high school basketball team.

The two guys holding them let them go and threw them to the floor. They
looked up and gazed into several angry female faces. Of course the guys were
staring at them to, but there looks were different. The looks on their faces
were nothing but masks of pure lust. Both girls realized this was going to be
a very long night.

They both looked up as one of the guys said, "Hey bring over their bed."

Seconds later they saw as a worn out mattress was hauled over and thrown on
the ground next to them.

Then Isis walked up and stood in front of them and told them "I think you
both deserved to be punished for stealing out routines, but we are going to
cut you a break."

At this both girls let out a sigh of relief. Then Isis dropped the bomb on

"Well actually I'm going to cut one of you thieving white bitches a break."

"What do you mean?" Torrance nervously stammered out.

"It's going to work like this Barbie. You and your friend are going to have
a little contest for me and my homies. The winner is going to be allowed to
have a free pass, but the loser is going to be feeling some major pain."

"Dear god what are you going to do to us?" asked Missy.

"First you and blondie here are going to have a pie eating contest, and as I
done said whoever wins they get a free pass from any pain, the loser on the
other hand is in some deep shit."

"What do you mean a pie eating contest." Missy said.

"In other words bitch you and the Barbie doll are going to take turns eating
each other's pussies, whoever makes the other cum first wins, the loser gets
the punishment."

"Hey Isis tell these two dolls what the punishment is." said one of the ball

"Oh I almost forgot, well ladies the punishment is, that the loser of the
contest is going to have to service every guy here."

Missy knew what she meant the moment she said service, for unlike Torrance,
she was no longer a virgin. Torrance on the other hand still had yet to have
a sexual experience, so she wasn't fully aware what that statement brought
with it.

"What do you mean service?" Torrance naively asked.

Isis rolled her eyes and then said "Well what service means is the loser is
going to have to fuck every guy in this room."

For a second Torrance looked on the verge of fainting. Then she started
crying harder then she ever had in her life and begging to be let go.

"Sorry bitch, you and your thieving friends are going to have learn a
lesson." Then Iris turned to the group and said, "Who should go first?"

Almost in unison the guys all said the same thing. "Have blondie get the
first licking!"

"Well you bitches heard them! Blondie your pussy is gonna be sucked on by
your friend. See let me explain to you little white thieves how this be
working. First Barbie doll your going to have your friend eat you cunt and
then your gonna do her pussy. The girl who makes the other cum first wins,
and she gets a free pass, in other words nothing else happens to her. But
the other one gets the privilege of getting a whole lot of soul brother

By now Torrance was crying hard fully aware of the nasty things that were
going to possibly going to have happen to her.

"On your feet whores!" Isis screamed.

Slowly the two dragged themselves up to an erect position. They stood next
to each other wondering what was going to be done to them next. Missy was
frightened but Torrance was terrified.

"Ok bitches you too need to get out of them clothes, but hum whats the best
way? Hey guys how do you want these girls to get naked?"

One of the black guys hollered, "Hey make do a striptease!"

Another screamed for them to do some cheers as they strip. Suggestions came
from all the guys. But soon Isis figured out the best way to get them naked.
Plus it would humiliate the hell out of them too, an extra bonus.

Holding up her hand the guys got quiet and then she said "Here's how these
two cunts are gonna show their stuff for you guys. They are going to strip
each other down."

With that the two girls were shoved together and in to the center of the
room. Trembling each girl knew they were going to have to go through hell in
order to get out of this night.

Once again Isis spoke up and she asked "So which of these sluts you boys want
naked first?"

"The blonde!"

"No the brunette!"

Soon the guys were hollering about each girl getting naked first so Isis said
"Here is how we'll choose. Those of you who want the blonde showing it first
raise your alls hands."

Quickly several hands shot up. When they did Isis counted the ones in the
air. When she was done she counted seven hands among the ten guys that were
there. Then she said "Well I guess that means more of you want to see blondie
showing her stuff first."

Now Torrance was crying hard, the images running through her head about what
was going to happen to her.

"Ok you cracker bitches get in the center of the room."

The two girls were shoved by several pairs of hands into the center of the
room. They looked at each other, both very scared.

"Ok the boys all decided they want to see blondie naked first so you strip
her down and I mean now!"

Knowing Torrance couldn't talk Missy spoke up and said "Please let us go,
we didn't do anything to you, we didn't steal any of your cheers, that was
someone else so please just let us go."

"Yea right whitie that's a good excuse, but it ain't going to work here. You
two are going to have to pay. Now to get to stripping blondie! Now!"

Missy turned and looked at her friend but couldn't bring herself to do
anything. Suddenly Isis told her "Here's the deal, either you strip her down
or else I'm gonna let my boys here do it. And something tells me they wont be
none to gentle about it."

Missy glanced over at the group of black guys who were eyeballing them and
she knew they would love nothing better then to tear there cloths off them,
at least she would go easier on her friend if she undressing her. She looked
into her friends eyes and told her "Its ok, we'll get through this" but even
as she said that she wasn't sure.

She placed her hands on the bottom of Torrance's shirt and began to lift it
up. Torrance quickly pushed her shirt back down and shook her head saying
"No please!" but Missy knew it was her taking her friends cloths off or the
guys and she had to explain this to her.

"Torrance listen to me, if I don't they will." It didn't take much to
convince Torrance of that. With tears flowing down her face she slowly nodded
her head and raised her arms a little and Missy pulled the shirt up again and
soon had removed it from her body. Once they article was no longer on her
body she dropped it beside them. Then she walked behind Torrance and unhooked
her bra. She slid the straps over her shoulders and down her arms. Torrance
was mortified to be standing in front of complete strangers showing her bare
breasts to them. But she knew she had no choice.

Missy made her way back around to the front of Torrance. Kneeling down she
slowly untied her tennis shoes and slid one of them off her feet and then did
the same to the other foot. Then she slid her hands up one of her pants leg
and slid down a sock and then repeated the move on the other foot. She looked
up at her friend and felt sorry for her that she was doing this to her, but
she also knew it was better then the alternative.

From there she reached up and unsnapped the front of her pants and took down
her zipper. Then she slid the materiel down her legs exposing to beautiful
white thighs to the group of horney young men, men who all wanted to spread
those legs good and wide. Once her pants had been taken off she placed her
hands into the waistband of Torrance's frilly panties and pulled them down
her legs. Now in addition to her hot legs being on display for the guys her
shaved snatch was there for them all to see. Nothing could stop the tears
from flowing now as they came down even harder.

"Ok Barbie your turn to strip your girlfriend."

This was going to be extremely hard on Torrance and Missy knew she was going
to have to help her through it. She told her to just relax and everything
would be all right, but deep down she didn't know how to get them out of

Torrance's hands were trembling so bad she couldn't manage to get them up
Missy's shirt to remove it. So Missy reached down herself and pulled it up
and off. No sooner had her top been off when Isis let her know that getting
undressed herself was a no-no.

"Hey none of that, I said you strip each other and that is the way its gonna

"Please you can tell she's not comfortable with this, said Missy, why don't
you just let me take my cloths off myself?"

"Ok that will work for me white girl, proclaimed Isis, but if you strips
yourself then that means yous also volunteers to take care of all the guys
in this here room, got it?"

Quickly Missy scanned the room full of the huge black men and changed her
mind just as quick.

Looking into Torrance's face she told her "I'll tell you how to do this and
that will help."

Torrance shook her head yes and Missy guided her around behind her and told
her to unsnap her bra. She did and when the back was open she instructed her
to push the straps over her shoulders and to remove it from her body. A few
seconds later the bra laid at the feet of the two girls. Then Missy turned
and looked her friend in the face and gently placed her hands on the girls
shoulders and pushed her to her knees.

Once she was in front of her Missy told her to unsnap her jeans. With the
tears coming down harder then ever Torrance was barely able to accomplish the
task. Then came the time for the zipper. She knew it was the next step so she
took hold of the top of the pants and pulled them down.

Missy then told her to she would have to get her shoes off first or the pants
wouldn't come off. Shaking her head as to say yes Torrance slid off Missy's
right shoe and then her left one. Then she hooked her finger into one of
Missy's socks and pulled if and then did the same with the other sock. All of
the guys in the room was looking at the hot ass girl in the open jeans and
they were all lost on the thought of seeing her naked. Torrance placed her
hands in Missy's jeans and pulled them down her legs in order to remove them
the rest of the way. Soon they were gone from her body as well. Now the sexy
brunette was down to only her panties. And the blonde in front of her was
really not wanting to go any farther. But she knew she had no say so in the

So she placed a finger in either side of her panties and every guy in the
room watched in anticipation as the girl was stripped of her last reaming
article of clothing and presented to them in her birthday suit.

Once both girls were naked Isis stepped forward. "Ok now its time for you
white bitches to eat some pussy. Do you boys still want to see do the Blondie
give the first licking?"

The word yes was screamed by every guy in the room.

"Ok Blondie the jury has spoke, you get to eat first. Now remembers hows this
works, you are going to eat your friends cunt and you gonna do it till she
cums. Then she is going to do you. The girl who makes the other one cum in
the shortest time wins. Got it?"

Sniffling back the tears Torrance quietly said yes. Missy just shook her head
yes. However for a few seconds the two just stood looking at each other, to
frozen to do anything.

"Well whats you bitches waiting for, get to it!"

Missy walked to the center of the mattress and Torrance was standing in front
of her. Then Isis told Missy to lay down on her back and for Torrance to lay
down between her friends legs. Soon they were in the position that they were
told to get in. Then Isis told Torrance to get to licking. Crying a river of
tears she lowered her head and soon found her face in Missy's pussy. She
slowly ran her tongue up and down between the girl's pink lips. Since she had
no idea what she was doing she had no idea how to do it right. Soon however
she began to hear instructions from all the voices around her.

"Lick her pussy faster girl!"

"Bury that tongue in there bitch!"

"Come on girl get to work, you want to win don't you!"

Then she heard the voice of Isis as she said maybe deep down she doesn't want
to win cause she wants some soul brother cock."

Realizing what was at stake Torrance began to lick much quicker. It was
bad enough that she was being forced to eat another girl's snatch but she
couldn't ever imagine the idea of a roomful of black guys tearing up her
tender virgin pussy. Plus she had always heard about black guys having
extra large "things" and she didn't want to find out if that was true,
especially not finding out with one in her.

She was going to town on the cunt in her mouth, faster and faster she licked
trying to get Missy to cum. But something Torrance didn't know was that this
wasn't Missy's first time to the dance. No she had some lesbian experience
on her side. No she wasn't gay but she had a few girlfriends in her past and
having her pussy eaten was something she had performed on her by both girls
and guys, thus she knew how to hold out and to keep from cuming.

Even though Torrance wasn't very experienced at what she was doing Missy had
to admit to herself she wasn't half bad. It was too bad this had to happen
like this because Missy was fairly certain she could have seduced Torrance
and turned her into one damn fine pussy eater on her own.

Over and over Torrance's tongue went into Missy's hot box trying to get her
to cum. On any other occasion Missy very well may have let herself go and cum
all over the pretty blonde girls face, but she had no interest in having a
room of well hung black guys fucking the daylights out of her. Plus the way
she had it figured why should she have to pay the price for what these snotty
rich pom-pom girls had done. No sir and no way Torrance was on her own here.
After eating Missy for close to 15 minutes Torrance's jaws began to hurt. She
couldn't for the life of her figure out how to get Missy off. But she kept
going and finally she felt Missy arch her back and start moaning loud. A few
seconds later she felt a wetness all over her face. She had done it, she had
made Missy cum.

Then she heard Isis's voice behind her. "Very good Blondie 16:45, not bad.
Now it's your girlfriend's turn to munch some carpet. Get to it and make it

Torrance pulled herself up and the two switched places. At first Torrance was
confident that she would be able to outlast Missy but she would soon realize
just how wrong she was. Missy got between the her legs and in no time her
tongue was going to town on Torrance's fun box. She was sucking on her lips
while playing with her clit. It didn't take long before she had the blonde
moaning and panting like a dog in heat. Then she tried a new technique that
she knew would drive the girl wild. She began sticking a finger in her ass.
Between that, the cunt licking and what Missy was doing to her clit it wasn't
long before she was letting loose with a primal scream and pussy juices were
flowing hard from her cunt. Then to her horror and surprise she realized that
even though she was cuming Missy was still licking. My god she thought was
she enjoying this?

Then Torrance heard something that would change this whole night.

"6:23, we have a winner!"

Suddenly it hit Torrance she had lost, now she was going to be sacrificed to
the guys on the basketball team. She was going to be gang banged by a roomful
of huge black guys! No way she could she take all those huge "things" in her.

"Ok girl you can stop now." Isis told Missy.

But Missy got in a few more quick licks before she pulled her mouth away. She
was silently thinking that Torrance tasted pretty good and she rather enjoyed
eating her pussy.

"Damn baby girl you got into that big time," said one of the other Clover

Missy could only smile because besides the facts that was true she had also
won the "contest" and was free of any retribution.

Behind her she heard Isis say, "Ok girlfriend off the bed."

Missy vigorously jumped up and backed away from Torrance. Even though she
felt sorry for the girl and what was fixing to happen to her she was glad she
was not going have to feel the heat of a gangbang.

"Allright girlfriend," said Isis, "move over here."

Quickly Missy walked over and stood next to the Clover cheerleaders. Just as
quickly Torrance saw she was surrounded by ten of the biggest black guys she
had ever seen in her life. She didn't need to be told that her night was
going to get worse.

"Ok boys, baby cakes is all yours." stated Isis.

Without warning Torrance felt hands grabbing her and picking her up in the
air. She was laid, less then gently, down on the mattress.


Torrance soon found her naked body spread out for the lust driven young black
men, who were obviously intent on fucking the shit out of her.

"Tyrone, Jerome, grab her arms!" she heard one of them yell.

Seconds later she felt her arms getting slammed down on the mat and get held
down hard.

She looked up to see one of the guys ripping his sweat suit in an effort to
get inside the crying blonde as quick as possible. He was no sooner naked
when she felt her legs being jerked open and held down by large hands. She
saw the guy who had undressed lower him self between her legs and she could
feel his cock begin to nudge between her pink fuck lips. She had an idea
that it would hurt, but a few seconds later she felt a pain unlike she had
ever felt in her young life.

"OH GOD!!!!! MAKE IT STOP!!!!!"

The teen on top of her had driven his rock hard meat viciously into her. At
first he would just pump it in a little at a time. But the more he did the
more she began to loosen up giving him the room to push it in father and
deeper. The pain was eructing. She always had wondered what sex would be
like but never had she imagined it would be this painful. In and out the
guy's penis would piston into her tight pussy. And she never stopped
screaming the entire time.

For what seemed like an eternity he jack hammered his rod in her again and
again. Soon she would find herself with something even worse to think about
then getting raped. She heard the guy fucking her start yelling in her ear
"I'm gonna cum!" Suddenly the thought of getting pregnant went racing through
her mind.


She no sooner got the words out when she felt something wet filling her
cunt. She knew he was blowing his wad in her deep. Over and over he continued
pumping in her to try and spill every drop in her box. Eventually he came to
a stop and for a few seconds just laid there on top of her. Then they both
heard "Come on mother fucker get up we wants some pussy to." A handful of
seconds later she felt his weight coming off her. Even though he was done she
knew the ordeal was far from over. No she knew every guy here was going to
fuck her and there was nothing she could do to stop it. She prayed Missy
would help her. But as far as Missy was concerned this was her problem. She
had gotten her ass shaking cheerleading butt into this mess and she could get
herself out. Besides, Missy reasoned to herself, she didn't do anything to
bring this on so why should she help Torrance.

Torrance barely got her breath before another ball player was jamming his
cock in her. Once again a huge piece of meat was ripping her apart. The new
guy pumping in her was clearly trying to rip her snatch to pieces. He drove
his member into her repeatedly trying to make her suffer, her screams told
him he was succeeding. Time and time again his cock tore through her vagina
till it felt like a drill was in there raping her. "My God!" she thought to
herself was this nightmare ever going to end.

Soon the guy violating her suddenly tensed up and shortly there after began
filling her cunt with shooting cum. All Torrance could do was lay there and

After the latest was done he pulled out and stepped aside. Then she caught a
view of the next guy intending on fucking her. He was even bigger then the
previous two. His cock in fact was at least a foot long. The only thoughts
racing through her mind at that minutes was how it would never fit inside of
her and in fact if he ever got it in her it would kill her for sure. She just
knew it would rip her till she bled to death. But she also knew there was no
way she could stop him.

Soon he had descended onto her and began the task of trying to get his
monster inside of her. He drove again and again in her till at least half of
the humongous penis was buried in her cunt. He was determined that he would
have the whole thing in her before he was done. He kept up the assault on her
pussy till only a small amount of his rod was not in her. The whole time this
was happening to her the screams emanating from her lungs seemed to change.
No longer were the screams one of horror but instead they were turning to
ones of ecstasy.

All the guys knew that the fucking was slowly turning Torrance on. Soon that
became apparent to every one in the room when she hollered out a new phrase.
Instead of the repeated screams for the sexual acts to stop what came from
her voice was "PLEASE OH PLEASE, FUCK ME!!!!!"

With that the Torrance's current lover drove his hips forward and plowed the
remaining few inches of cock not in her all the way through her. By now she
was bucking her hips upwards in an effort to meet the thumping drill pounding
through her. All the guys holding her down knew there was no point to keep
doing so. They let her go because they knew she belonged to them.

As soon as the other guys had let go of her legs she quickly snaked them
around his waist. She pulled him down on her with her arms moaning the whole

This guy had turned something on in Torrance and had changed her from a
scared pristine baby doll into a raging fuck whore! Over and over again he
drove his hips forward into her velvety cunt. Every time he did she would
scream and beg for more. She felt more alive now then at any time in her
life. She was now nothing more then this guy's fuck toy and they both knew
it. He hammered his meat in her as long as he could before she felt him
blowing his cream inside her rampant snatch. As he did this she yelped in
his ear and pushed her hips upward to meet his cock.

Soon she felt him filling her snatch with his boiling cum. The only
difference between now and the rapes from a little earlier in the evening
was that she was no longer concerned about getting pregnant, now the only
thing on her mind was the cock raging in her pussy. Time and again her
jammed his hips forward pumping his meat into her pink cunt. He kept
driving into her until he had shot every drop of his juice in her. After
he was done he pulled out so the next guy could have his turn.

He was standing up to make room, but for Torrance she needed a piece of meat
in her now. So she quickly made her way up to her knees and grabbed another
basketball player by the hand and pulled him down on top of her. In no time
his cock had made its way into her and was fucking away.

"FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME!!!!!!! She screamed into his ear. Really wanting
to give her the humping of a lifetime he slid his arms under her thighs and
pushed her legs down onto her chest and started piledriving his cock
downward into her writhing fuck hole. The whole time he was fucking her she
was screaming at the top of her lungs in total ecstasy.

Less then ten feet away from where the orgy was happening Missy and the
Clover cheerleaders were talking about what a fuckfest this had turned into.
"Damn girl your homey is getting into this."

"Yep that she is." replied Missy. In her mind all she could thinks was what
a slut Torrance had turned out to be.

"Well we needs to be going," said Isis "Want a ride?"

Missy just shook her head yes and she and the black girls headed out the
door. Funny thing was neither the ball players or Torrance ever seemed to
notice them leaving.

For the next several hours the fucking continued. Every guy was being
serviced by the babydoll blonde. At one point she had pushed a guy down and
preceded to straddle his cock with her cunt, riding it for all it was worth,
as this was happening another guy had walked up to her and placed his penis
near her lips, she knew immediately what he wanted and opened her mouth to
suck him off. Her head bobbed up and down over his huge hunt of meat. She
really got off hearing him moan and groin in her mouth. She knew that even
though she had never gave a head job before that she was doing it right.
Before long she felt his cock twitch and before long her jaws were filled
with his spunk. Since she had never sucked a guy before she at first wasn't
sure what to do. Then she heard him say swallow it and in no time the sticky
juice was sliding down her throat. She found that she didn't mind the taste
at all.

After some more cocks being hammered into her cunt and mouth the guys knew
it was time to introduce Torrance to another style of fucking. The team
captain walked up behind her and gently told her to stay on her knees and
to lean her face down on the mattress. She did as he asked and then she
felt her ass cheeks being pulled open and a finger being slid into her most
private of holes. For a second she started to jump up but quickly realized
if she did they would just hold her down and take what they wanted. Besides
she thought to herself if it felt half as good as what she had experienced
in her pussy then it to would fell incredible.

After a few minutes of working her over with his finger the guy took hold of
his massive meat and began to insert it in her tight little ass. At first the
feeling was very painful and she began to cry out. She soon heard someone
telling her to just lay still that it would feel great. She did her best, but
soon she had more of his huge cock in her behind and once he had most of it
in there he started driving back and forth in an effort to loosen her up.

Repeatedly the penis in her rear pumped in and out forcing her asshole to
widen and accept the invasion. All the guys knew that in a matter of time
they would have her where they wanted her when it came to anal sex.

Sure enough after no more then three solid butt fucks they had gotten her
rear hole to the point where having penis in there no longer hurt. By the
time the fifth guy had deposited his load in her hinny she was bucking her
hips and screaming for cock.

Several hours had passed by the time each guy had fucked her. Every one of
them had cum on her in every orifice on her body. She was thoroughly worn
out. They helped Torrance to her feet and even helped get her dressed. One
of them offered to give her a ride home which she graciously accepted. But
before they left the warehouse she wanted to give them a little something
as a way of saying thank you for waking her up to the enjoyment of sex. So
she told them to line up. Once they had done as she had asked she walked
up to each of them and one by one gave them a long sloppy wet kiss. Once
she had lip locked them all she walked to the door for the ride home. Much
to her surprise the sun was coming up. "My God she thought to herself I got
fucked to whole night, not bad for my first time out."

She got into the car that had brought her and Missy here and soon the driver
was pulling away and returning her to her home. Even though she going home
she knew her life would never be the same. She had been awaken to a new life
and the wonderful world of fucking. And she knew she had to have more. A lot


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