This is a fictional story about fictional characters. Don't read if smut
offends you.

Bring It On: Missy's Initiation
by Big Red Dope

"I knew this was a mistake," Missy grumbled as she watched Torrance the head
cheerleader argue with Whitney and Courtney. "Screw this, I'm outta here."

Torrance looked up in time to see Missy leaving the gym. Exasperated she let
out a sigh.

"Look you two, I'm head cheerleader you two are not. I've got final say and
Missy is in," Torrance said with finality.

"You are making a big mistake by not putting my sister on the squad," Whitney

"Yeah, put Jamie on!" Courtney agreed.

"For the last time no! I want to win not put everyone to sleep with a boring
ass squad. Jamie just isn't cheer material."

"Like Missy is?" Whitney asked incredulously. "Just remember she's got to
pass the initiation."

"Like duh, I know that Whitney and if by chance she doesn't complete the
hazing, then I'll put Jamie on if she passes. We're done here so I have to
go find Missy and give her the good news."

"Oh she won't pass haze week," Courtney said as she and Whitney looked at
each other with evil looks and smiles. "We'll see to that."

* * *

Getting out of her car Torrance walked up to the door of Missy's house and
rang the doorbell. She waited a few minutes and the door started to open.
Instead of seeing Missy on the other side like she expected, she saw Cliff.

"It's you."

"Yeah it is. I live here. What you're doing here?" Cliff asked pleasantly
surprised to see Torrance.

"She's looking for me," Missy answered from behind. "How do you know Cliff?"

"He's in one of my classes."

"Yes, and Torrance is a cheerleader so how do you know her?"

"Missy is now a Toro cheerleader."

"I am?"

"She is?"

"Hey Cliff do you think Missy and I could have a talk for a moment? Girl
stuff you know."

"Right then, I'll be seeing you at school later."

"Cya, Cliff."

Cliff went back into the house leaving Missy and Torrance alone.

"So what's this all about? I thought you all decided Jamie was on the

"No, that was Whitney and Courtney and they're so full of shit. I'm captain
and I make the final decision. You're in."

"I don't think so. I think I've changed my mind about the whole thing."

"Look, we're the shit, the best. We work hard, have fun, and win national
championships. In order to do that we need the best and you are it. I'm
offering you a chance to be a part of this."

Missy thought for a moment and reconsidered.

"Alright Torrance, you've convinced me for now. I'm in."

"Excellent! Now there's just one more thing."

"Let me guess. Hazing?"

"The state really looks down on the term 'haze' ever since the incidents at
the colleges so now we just call it 'initiation'. All new cheerleaders go
through it and it's different for everyone. You're not still a virgin are

"No, why?"

"Good, it'll be much easier for you then. Once a virgin tried out the same
time I did and she freaked and left town with her mother. I don't see any
problems with you passing though I will warn you to watch out for Whitney
and Courtney, they'll be out to make sure you fail."

"You still didn't answer my question. What does being a virgin have to do
with anything?"

"Let's just say reading the Kama Sutra might be helpful for you."

"I should've known. Don't worry, anything you can throw at me I can handle.
There's no way you're hazing can beat my old gymnastics team."

"Good. I'm glad to see you so confident. You'll start tomorrow night at
Darcy's house."

* * *

Instead of finding a regular house at the address she was given Missy found
herself driving into a ritzy neighborhood and found a mansion instead. In
front was a long winding driveway that passed by the front door. There Missy
got out of her car and was greeted by one the house staff as another drove
off in her car to park it elsewhere.

"I'm here to see Darcy," Missy said looking around amazed at the apparent
well-to-doness of Darcy's family.

"Ah yes you must be Ms. Patone. She's been expecting you. Right this way."

Missy was lead inside where she was even more astounded at the elegance and
richness of everything. After several minutes of walking and not even sure
where she was inside the staff member leading Missy opened a set of
double-doors and walked her into what looked to be an entertainment or social

"Take a seat on the couch, Darcy will be with you in a moment."

"Alright. Thanks." Missy sat down on the couch and it wasn't but a few
minutes before she heard the double-doors behind open. She turned and saw
Darcy entering. Missy was a bit surprised to see Darcy dressed only in black
lace bra and matching panties.

"Good, you made it. There was a bet as to whether or not you'd even show up
to start your initiation, but Torrance came through and apparently picked us
a winner."

"Like I told her, give me your best. There isn't anything you can do that's
worse than my old school," Missy replied confidently.

"Oh really? It's good to have a challenge then."

"Let the games began, Darcy."

"Ok, then you can start by stripping down to your bra and panties and then
pissing in your panties."

Expecting her clothes to come off Missy dressed only in shorts and a t-shirt.
With her clothing safely lying on the floor a few feet from her Missy closed
her eyes as she worked her muscles in her lower body and encouraged her
bladder to cooperate.

"Excellent, Missy," Darcy smiled watching Missy's panties start to wet and
urine started to flow down her leg after her panties had soaked up all it
could. "Now it's my turn."

Without even batting an eye Darcy started peeing into her panties and
like Missy piss started to flow down her leg after her panties had become

"Now I want you to lick all the piss off my leg," Darcy demanded.

Missy looked at Darcy for a moment then proceeded to get on her knees in
front of her.

"You can quit now if you want."

"Bite me, Darcy."

"Maybe later."

Darcy looked down and watched as Missy started by licking the urine from her
feet and between her toes. Missy then continued up Darcy's leg sucking up
the yellow liquid. The urine left a nasty taste in her mouth, but Missy
was determined not to give in to her. Not until she could put Whitney and
Courtney in their places, but those two wouldn't come for a bit yet.
Finished with Darcy's legs, Missy pulled down her panties and began to lap
the moistness that surrounded her cunt.

Darcy began to smile and grabbing the back of the girl's head began to push
Missy's face into her crotch as Missy continued to suck on Darcy's cuntal
lips and licking up and down her slit. Darcy began to softly moan as Missy
ate her out and sensing Darcy's excitement Missy stood up and kissed Darcy
on the lips slipping two fingers into her pussy.

"Oh god no. Not yet," Darcy moaned with Missy continuously humping her
fingers inside of her.

"Oh yes now. It's time, Darcy."

Missy planted her lips to Darcy's lips and kissed her deeply for several
minutes. Then with her free hand Missy took hold of Darcy's left breast and
softly began to massage it. Several times she rolled the nipple between her
fingers and several times Darcy squealed in delight. It was only a matter of
time now.

Missy pushed Darcy backwards onto the couch. She squatted between Darcy's
legs spreading them open. Darcy could do nothing but sit back and hold onto
the couch as Missy started fondling Darcy's breasts while probing her pussy
with her tongue.

"Ooooooh, Missy. You're. You're good," moaned Darcy as the stimulus from
her vagina started to reach other parts of her body.

Missy just ignored her and continued to slide her tongue up and down Darcy's
slit. Then pulling her left hand down Missy jammed two fingers back into
Darcy's pussy as her tongue concentrated on Darcy's clit. Having Missy
pleasure her cunt like she did Darcy's body had started to shake badly and
could no longer hold out. A rush of energy and excitement rushed through
Darcy's body as her orgasm erupted. Missy could feel the girl juice cover
her fingers as she continued thrusting them in and the taste of pee in her
mouth quickly faded away as she removed her fingers lapped up all the moist
cum from between Darcy's legs.

Missy stood up when she finished and looked down at Darcy smiling.

"One down three to go," she said.

"Not one down yet," Darcy replied looking up at Missy.

"What're you talking about? I just made you come."

"I wasn't the target though. I was just a bonus."

"What? Who am I supposed to do then?"

"My father."

"Your father? Nobody said anything about screwing parents."

"You can still quit if you want."

"I don't think so. Let's get this done with."

Putting her panties back on Darcy lead Missy from the room and up to the
second floor. It was another set of double-doors at the far end of the hall
that they went to. Inside was the master bedroom where Darcy's father sat
naked on the side of the bed waiting.

"What took so long, Darcy?" he asked.

"Well, I was talking to Missy when we both kind of had accidents and needed
to clean up. We took too long cleaning me up that Missy didn't have time."

"That's not fair!" Missy started in protest.

"Now now, calm down, Missy. You both made messes and you both will be

"Yes, father," Darcy said looking at the floor. Missy looked at her starting
to get a bit creeped out by the situation.

"You first, Darcy."

As if she had been in this situation before Darcy automatically removed her
bra and panties in silence before bending over her father's knees. The man
reached back and with a swift slap brought his hand down hard against his
daughter's bare butt. Again he reached back and again he spanked her. The
man continued to spank Darcy and with each time he spanked harder the sound
of flesh against flesh getting increasingly louder.

After several minutes Darcy's punishment was done and handprints could be
seen on each buttcheek. Quietly she got up and walked back over to Missy.
It was then that Missy was beckoned for her spanking. Following Darcy's
lead Missy removed her bra and panties as well and bent over the man's
knees. It had been years since Missy had been spanked by her parents and
all that she remembered is that it hurt and she tried not to upset her
parents again. This time though something about it excited her. Every
time Darcy's dad spanked Missy on the ass she became a little more turned

Missy was a little disappointed then when the spanking stopped. Her
disappointed was short lived though as Darcy's dad started something new.
He made Missy and Darcy get into a 69 position on the bed and make out with
each other.

The girls then started to lick and slurp each others slit. Then dad started
to stroke himself as Darcy and Missy slipped two fingers into each other
licking each other's clit. With her head closest to the side of the bed,
Darcy's dad walked over to her pulling her head up by the hair and waved his
dick around in front of her.

Just like with her spanking Darcy's automatic response set in and she took
her father's cock into her mouth. Missy noticed Darcy's tongue was now
missing but paid it no heed as the fingers were still thrusting into her
pussy. Missy continued to finger and lick Darcy's slit, but now decided to
slip a third finger in. The fit was a little tight, but Darcy's moistening
box was quickly able to accommodate all three fingers. It was soon after
that Missy stretched Darcy's cunt and was pumping her entire hand inside.

Darcy quickly took notice and was turned on by Missy's fisting. Her father
reaped the rewards as he was dipping his entire prick into her mouth and
bottoming out. The pounding her pussy was taking was too much for Darcy to
handle and she let out a muffled groan as she came for the second time of
the night.

Missy pulled her fist out of Darcy and licked it clean as she waited for the
girl and her father to finish. With her dad's hands on the back of her head
and her hands grabbing her dad's ass for momentum, Darcy's eyes began to
water and she began to gag as he delved deeper and deeper into her mouth.
With one last thrust Darcy's father slammed his dick deep down her throat
and held her in place as she started to shoot his creamy white seed down her
throat. Then pulling out as he was still coming he pushed Darcy off the bed
and onto the floor as she gagged and heaved before throwing up.

"Eeew..." Missy muttered as she started to get off the bed.

"Not yet," the man growled as he grabbed her and flipped her onto her

Missy felt him grab her hips and she let out painful scream as he jammed his
cock deep into her unlubricated ass. Her eyes teared up and she clinched the
bedsheets as he continued to ravage her ass. Wiping her mouth clean with
her left hand Darcy sat up on the floor and watched excitedly as her dad
fucked Missy in the ass. Still watching her dad and Missy go at it Darcy
lied on the floor on her side and reached back with her right hand slowly
sliding a finger into her anus.

Missy wanted to become a Toro cheerleader, but at this point she wasn't
sure how much more pounding her sphincter could take before she passed out.
Biting down on her lip she ignored the pain as best she could for the next
fifteen minutes until she could hear Darcy's dad really start to grunt and
groan. Missy might have been relieved to feel the man coming in her ass if
it hadn't been for the fact that she looked up at Darcy. Darcy was now
squatting above a small trashcan fingering her asshole. It was when she
pulled her finger out and started to shit into the trashcan that really
grossed Missy out.

When Darcy's dad finished and left the room Darcy led Missy to a bathroom to
shower and clean up. When Missy stepped out of the shower she given a pair
of Darcy's panties to wear home. After dressing they waited outside the
mansion for Missy's car they spoke.

"You can have your bra back, but your panties are in the wash right now.
Kasey will give them back to you Saturday night. Congratulations, you've
passed you're first test."

"Yeah thanks. Tonight was a little odd, but I've seen and done worse."

"That's good to hear. You're chances for surviving seem to be getting
better. You've got Kasey's address right?"

"Yeah I do."

Missy's car was driven to a stop in front of the girls and put in park. Once
the staff member got out Missy got in and drove away. Darcy removed her
cell phone from her pocket and called Torrance.

"Hey Tor, Missy passed. She'll be at Kasey's on Saturday."

"Excellent. She didn't freak even after you started shitting in the trash

"Nope, said the night was a little odd but that was it."

"Very cool. Wish I could see the looks on Whitney and Courtney's faces when
Missy shows up."

"That's assuming she passes Kasey's test."

"She will. From what I hear she had to do something similar at her old
school. Wish I could talk, but I've got to go now. Personal business you

"Uh huh, I see. Hey Tor does Missy know you're fucking Cliff?"


* * *

Two days would pass between the test at Darcy's house and the test at Kasey's
house and Missy wondered about the delay. Missy was quite surprised at what
she saw when she turned onto Kasey's street. There were cars lined up and
down the street and almost nowhere to park. Luckily there was an empty space
in Kasey's driveway which was odd since most of the cars in the street were
concentrated in front of her house. Missy put her car in park and got out
where she was meet by Kasey standing at the back door.

"Right on time, Missy. Darcy said you passed with flying colors."

"I don't know about that."

"Well, you passed and that's all that's important. I should let you know
that Whitney called me a few minutes ago asking me to go easy on you so she
could have a crack at you, but I think you're a big girl who can handle
herself. If Darcy doesn't freak you out, I don't see why anything should
stop you now."

"Thanks for the pep talk. What's my "test" tonight?"

"Let's go inside and see."

Walking into Kasey's house and into the living room Missy saw that it was
filled with many of the students from school; and that they were all guys.

"Who and how many?" Missy asked knowing what the test was.

"The football team and twenty-two. The starting eleven on offense and

"And where do you fit into this?"

"We're going to have a little contest to see who can get the most guys to
come. You win you pass the test and move on. You lose you're off the

"Easy enough, but what about your parents?"

"They're out of town."

"Good then. So where are going to hold this contest?"

"In my parents' bedroom. They've got a big enough bed for us both."

Walking to the parent's bedroom Missy and Kasey stripped of their clothing
and stood at the foot of the bed. The football team lined up at the bedroom
door and waited for the girls' signal.

"You ready?" Kasey asked.

"I'm ready, are you?" Missy replied.

"Without a doubt."

"May the best cheerleader win."

"Well, since you're not on the squad officially that kind of rules you out
doesn't?" Kasey asked smugly.

"Shut up Kasey. Let's just get this party started."

"We began on three. One, two, three!"

Missy ordered the first three guys into the room. The first one laid on his
back and Missy straddled his crotch leading his dick into her pussy with her
hand. The second guy climbed onto the bed in front of Missy and she bent
over taking his cock into her mouth. The third guy came up from behind and
inched his prick into Missy's ass. With a furious passion Missy began
sucking and fucking the three guys as they started to pump their fleshy wands
into her body.

With no intention of actually competing Kasey ordered only two guys into the
room. She got on all fours like Missy did and had the first guy tongue her
anus while fingering her pussy. The second guy she stroked his cock up and
down the shaft as she flicked her tongue along his testicles occasionally
taking one into her mouth and sucking on it.

With cum dripping from her belly and covering her back Missy was quickly up
two guys to none. Still with the original cock in her mouth Missy decided to
reach up and tickle the football players scrotum. That was all he could take
and quickly pulled out of Missy's mouth as his dick shot his cum out like a
cannon. Missy was temporarily blinded in her left eye when it was pelted
with the gooey white substance.

Kasey meanwhile was taking her time with her first two guys, though now one
was thrusting his prick into her ass as she gave the other a blowjob. A
third guy walked over with his dick hanging out and stopped in front of
Kasey's face stroking himself. Kasey reached out with her hand and started
stroking the prick for him. From time to time she would switch between
cocks, sucking one while jacking the other off then switch. Infatuated with
the two guys in front of her Kasey nearly forgot about the one jamming his
dick down her ass until he pulled out and shot his cum all over her back.

Missy meanwhile was having no problems making her guys come having made six
come already while Kasey had only made one come. Fairly sexually active,
Missy was use to having her men let out large loads, but she was somewhat
surprise that first six shot out large loads of cum. Her face was almost
completely covered in cum, as was her hair. Missy's chest and stomach were
covered and sticky as well dripping the white cream onto the bed when guys
switched out and her back was cum-soaked too though on a good note some of
it managed to drip down into her anus easily allowing each new dick to
penetrate inside.

Although she was letting Missy win on purpose Kasey refused to get
embarrassed in her own contest. She worked overtime to catch up and almost
even the score. With two dicks stretching her pussy she took one in her
mouth and one in each hand, stroking and sucking and fucking each dick like
it was the end of the world. Then as she orgasmed and her juices sipped out
and onto the pricks in her pussy Kasey felt each of the five cocks tremble
and shake. Suddenly and almost simultaneously she felt the three flesh
sticks exit her holes and start to squirt their cum. Kasey closed her eyes
in anticipation as the two she was jerking off began to orgasm.

After nearly half an hour of feverish action Kasey and Missy sat down on the
bed momentarily taking a break. Both were covered in cum from head to toe.
Their hair had become stiff and crusty as the cum dried and their bodies had
become sticky and smelly as well.

"Well? What's the score?" Missy asked.

"As best as I can tell eleven to eleven."

"Shouldn't you have brought 23 players so there wouldn't be a tie?"

"Probably. Hold on let me find out something."

Kasey got up from the bed and walked to the door with Missy right behind her.
All twenty-two players were hanging out in the hall.

"Well, guys we seemed to have a bit of a problem. The contest ended in a tie
so there's no winner. What should we do?" Kasey asked.

"BUKKAKE!" Someone shouted.

"Well, Missy what do you think?"

"How's that going to pick a winner?"

"Because you're the one who's going to get bukkaked."

"That's not a word."

"It is now."

"BUKKAKE! BUKKAKE! BUKKAKE!" The players started to chant.

"Let's give them what they want then."

Missy and Kasey walked back into the bedroom. Missy sat back down the bed
while Kasey walked into her parent's closet and returned with a video camera.

"ACTION!" Kasey shouted as she started recording.

The first player walked in stroking himself. With her mouth open Missy took
over stroking duties as she circled her tongue around the head of the cock.
It didn't take but a few minutes of light licking and teasing with Missy's
tongue before the first guy was coming all over Missy's face. As the second
guy came in Kasey walked into the hall with the camera recording and watching
as most of the players were masturbating to some degree. She returned to the
room just in time to see the second guy get off and shoot his load all over
Missy's face as well.

Kasey watched with utter fascination as player after player walked in and
Missy didn't miss a beat getting each other to come. Twelve, thirteen,
fourteen. As the number got higher Missy's face became more and more caked
in cum and harder to see. Fifteen, sixteen, seventeen. Kasey was starting
to get turned on by Missy's persistency and began to finger herself.
Eighteen, nineteen, twenty. By now Missy could barely open her eyes due to
the masking of her face by all the cream the first twenty guys covered her
face with. If she opened them the white fluid would trickle down into her

At this point Kasey was furiously finger fucking herself and having a hard
time keeping the camera focused on Missy. She could take no more as Missy
sucked intently on number 21 before he pulled out and came on Missy as well.
Kasey moaned in delight as her body shook with pleasure and stained the chair
with her girl juices. Licking her fingers clean Kasey returned her attention
to Missy.

"Hold on you two."

"What?" Missy asked turning her head toward Kasey's voice.

Kasey walked over to the bed and using her fingers cleaned the areas around
Missy's eyes so she could open them.

"There you go I just wanted you to be able to see," Kasey smiled returning to
her seat.

Missy turned her head back around to face player twenty-two when she was
suddenly struck in the eye by a shot of his cum.

"You bitch!" Missy yelled at Kasey as she felt her face get pelted by the
rest of the guy's load.

"What? I didn't mean for that to happen." Kasey replied laughing.

"Yeah right," Missy said smiling as she stood up. "Can I go shower now?"

"Yeah, use the one in here, I'll get the guys out of here."

In the shower Missy thoroughly cleaned herself washing her hair four times
with shampoo and soaping herself up as many times as well, though when she
finished she thought she still smelled a bit. Wrapping a towel around her
she went looking for Kasey.

"You mind if I borrow something tonight so I can drive home? My clothes got
a bit messy."

"No problem and in fact here are your panties from Darcy's."

Kasey handed Missy the panties and grabbing a plastic bag from the kitchen
put Missy's soiled clothes inside it. In her room Kasey lent Missy some
clothes to wear on her drive home and walked Missy to the back door.

"You've managed to pass mine and Darcy's tests. Up next are Whitney and
Courtney. They'll be looking to fail you so they can put Whitney's sister
on the squad."

"I'm not too worried about them, I've dealt with worse though what's their
story? Why are they working together while everyone else is solo?"

"You didn't hear this from me and nobody outside the squad knows, but they're
about the biggest pair of dykes you'll ever meet and they insisted on testing
new cheerleaders together. Just be sure to show up at Whitney's house on
time next Saturday so as not to give them any more reason to be hard on you."

"Yeah, well, we'll see who's scared of who. Cya at school on Monday."

Walking back inside her house Kasey watched through a window as Missy drove
off before picking up her phone.

"She pass?"

"With flying colors. Whitney and Courtney will be in for a nice treat next

"That's good to hear. There isn't anyway in hell we'll win Nationals with
Jamie on our team. I'll see you at school on Monday."

"Hold on Torrance, before you hang up."


"Does she know you're fucking Cliff yet?"


* * *

Getting ready for her next class Torrance put some textbooks in her locker
and took some out. She slammed her locker shut and was momentarily startled
to see Whitney leaning against the lockers with an irritated look on her

"Hey Whitney where's Courtney?"

"Courtney's at home sick. She had a little too much to drink over the
weekend. Anyways, so I hear Missy passed Kasey's test?"

"Yeah, she did, so she'll be seeing you two on Saturday. Face it, Whitney,
there's no stopping her."

"We'll see!" Whitney snarled walking off.

Still severely hungover from her weekend partying, Courtney barely woke to
the incessant ringing of her phone. She rolled to her right in bed and
picked up the cordless phone on her nightstand.


"It's me."

"Hey Whitney, what's up?"

"Missy that's what's up! I just found out the little bitch passed Kasey's
test and Torrance seems pretty smug and sure that she'll pass ours, too!"

"Wow, there must have some wild orgies at her old school if she could survive

"Courtney! Stay with me! How're we going to get Jamie on the squad if Missy
is there? You going to be sober enough to get out of bed tomorrow?"

"Yeah, I'll be fine then. What's so bad about Missy though? Torrance
doesn't really want us on the squad, but we keep winning so she doesn't say
anything. Missy was pretty good at tryouts."

"Shut up, Courtney! You're supposed to be backing me here!"

"I know, I know. You're right. I had way too much to drink last night.
What did you have in mind for tomorrow?"

"Can you be at school at seven tomorrow?"

"That's getting up a little early, but yeah I think so. Why?"

"I'll fill you in tomorrow."

* * *

Missy pulled into the school parking lot and found her spot parking in it.
With books in hand she started her trek across the parking lot. As she
was walking Missy took notice of an approaching black van, but paid it no
attention until it screeched to a halt in front of her. It's sliding side
door swung open and someone dressed in black wearing a mask reached out and
pulled her inside covering her mouth until a piece of duct tape could be
torn from it's roll and used to gag her.

The van lurched into drive while Missy hand her arms bound behind her and
her eyes were blindfolded by a sleeping mask before she could get a look of
the driver. Neither of the driver nor the kidnapper spoke during the drive
and after what Missy guessed to be twenty or thirty minutes the van came to
stop. There she heard the van door slide open and was pushed out onto her
feet. Missy felt a hand grab hold of her arms and walk her somewhere.

She guessed she was entering a house when she stepped up from concrete to
linoleum. Missy was walked around some more before descending a staircase.
At the bottom the tape was cut from her wrists and yanked from her mouth.
As Missy reached up to remove the mask she was pushed backward and fell onto
a bed. Composing herself she turned and faced her kidnappers. Both just
stood there staring down Missy from behind their masks. Slowly one captor
removed their pants revealing their black panties and female sex. Then she
brought her sweatshirt up and over her head removing the mask in the process
as well. Now standing in her black bra and panties Missy recognized the
first kidnapper with shock.


Missy's surprise would be two fold as the second captor followed the lead of
the first except that she was wearing a white bra and panties.

"Courtney! What the fuck is this about?!?!"

"You're halfway there. Today is your third test." Whitney replied smiling.

"Bullshit! It's not until Saturday, and nobody said anything about

"Things change Missy and your test got moved up. If you don't take your test
today you fail. Now remove your clothing," Courtney said.

Missy slowly and begrudginly stripped down of all her clothes and left them
in a pile on the floor.

"Hmm... what do you think Whitney?" Courtney asked as she circled Missy
looking her up and down.

"She's got an ok ass, and a so-so rack, but nothing good. And as you know
Courtney, when something's not good it's..."

"It's BAD!"

"That's right Courtney, and what do we do to the bad?"

"We paddle them!"

"Right again. Now bring me the paddle."

From within the room's closet Courtney withdrew an eighteen-inch long leather
paddle that had the word `SKANK' spelled out in metal studs. She handed it
to Whitney and both girls glared at Missy for a moment. Knowing what they
wanted Missy turned around and bent over the side of the bed.


Missy let out a little groan of pain as Whitney spanked her on the ass with
the studded paddle.


Whitney spanked her again and again Missy groaned as the studs dug into her

"I know this may be a bit premature, but are you ready to give up yet Missy?"
Whitney asked grinning as the paddle slammed into Missy's ass again.

"Go to hell! Is this the best you've got?" Missy snarled.

"We got a feisty one, Whitney. What do you think we should do with her?"

"I really don't want to hear her talk right now, so let's keep her mouth
full. Let her eat your pussy."

"What a yummy idea! I wonder if she likes munching carpet like we do?"
Courtney thought out loud giggling. "Let's see."

Dropping her panties to the floor Courtney climbed on the bed and shoved her
thick unshaven bush into Missy's face. She grabbed the back of Missy's head
and pushed her face into her crotch. Missy nearly started to gag as she
searched for Courtney's slit in the midst of all the hair. There was little
time for Missy to make note of how her nose was buried in Courtney's pubes or
how they got into her mouth as she slid her tongue up and down the pussy lips
sporadically dipping her tongue inside.

What little pleasure Missy could get from orally pleasuring Courtney was lost
as Whitney continued to pound and spank Missy hard with the paddle. With
each strike against Missy's bottom the studs dug deeper and harder into the
flesh and soon Whitney was able to read out "SKANK" from the indentations on
Missy's ass.

"Excellent! I like that and I think I'll take a picture of it," Whitney
crowed of her handy work. She left the room for a moment and returned with
a digital camera.

"I'd say `Say cheese' but you're a bit busy at the moment," Whitney said
taking several pictures of Missy's idented butt and her face between
Courtney's legs. "How's she doing Courtney?"

"Aaaaah... Oh god... She's good Whitney. Might... Might even make her into
one of us if she isn't already," Courtney cried sliding a finger down to
tickle her clit.

"God Courtney, you are so easy to excite."

"Maybe that's because she likes it better being with a real girl who knows
what she is doing."

"Who the hell told you to speak Missy??? You want to talk shit, then so be
it! Courtney turn over now!"

"Sorry hon, you ran your mouth and upset Whitney," Courtney mock apologized
as she turned over on all fours.

Courtney waited patiently as Missy took her time first just looking at
Courtney's ass then grabbing a cheek with each hand and pulling them apart.
Remembering the night at Darcy's Missy slid her tongue up and down Courtney's
anus with some hesitancy.

Whitney meanwhile had returned to the closet where she removed two large
eight-inch long dildos. The first one Missy felt slide into her pussy and
had no problem adjusting to it. It was the second large stick of silicone
that ripped and tore it's way into her ass that bothered Missy. Courtney
cried out momentarily as Missy dug her fingers into Courtney's butt as her
own was being invaded by the large objects.

When it finally did bottom out in Missy's rear end Whitney pulled both dildos
out at the same time and pushed them right back in. It would take several
tries before Missy's sphincter was stretched and relaxed enough to take in
the object. Whitney didn't take kindly to the fact that Missy was slowly
starting to enjoy the double penetration nor did she like the fact that
Courtney was now reaching between her legs fingering her wet cunt as Missy
continued to tongue her rectum.

Jealous, Whitney thrust the dildos deep into Missy's lower orifices and left
them in there barely sticking out. She picked the paddle back up and without
warning slammed it into Missy's bottom. Missy squealed initially as the
toys were driven deeper into her, but she was going to refuse to be beat by

All hot and bothered Courtney had really taken to fingering herself and
pressuring her clit. Missy could sense this and slightly moving her tongue
to the side pushed her index finger into Courtney's asshole. Courtney's body
started to tingle and burn and she wanted badly to orgasm. With stifled
groans of pleasure leaping from Courtney's mouth, Missy ignored the pounding
her ass was taking and slid her middle finger into Courtney's ass as well.


Her body was giving out and she could no longer fight it. Courtney gave in
to temptation and let loose as orgasm swept through her body causing the
young girl to scream. Sweaty and breathing heavily Courtney closed her eyes
and smiled, as her body felt great for the first time in a long time.

"GOD DAMN IT COURTNEY!" Whitney screamed absolutely pissed off throwing the
paddle on the ground. "How the hell are you going to allow her to make you

"Get off your high horse and stop being a bitch!" Missy shouted back pulling
out the silicone cocks.

"You will not make this squad! I won't let you!"

"Hey Whitney calm down!" Courtney urged her quickly jumping off the bed and
getting between the two girls before anything started.

"Get away from me Courtney! I don't want Missy on the squad! I don't care
if she passes her initiation!"

Missy just stood there shaking her head as Whitney stomped on the steps on
her way back up.

"Look Missy, I don't know why she hates you so much. She's never been this
adamant about someone being on the squad, but I'll talk to Torrance later and
tell her to give you the final test."

"Yeah thanks Courtney," Missy began as she picked up her clothes. "Hmm..."


"Whose house is this?"

"Mine, why?"

"You have candles right?"

"Yeah, again I ask why?"

"Go get me one and bring me the duct tape," Missy said picking up the paddle
and looking it over.

"Are you thinking what I think you are?"


"If this doesn't get Whitney off she's going to hate you even more."

"Let me worry about that, just go get the tape and the candles and bring
Whitney down. Tell her that I don't want to deal with the aggravation and
quit the team. Tell her whatever just get her down here."

With a smile Courtney ran upstairs and gathered the tape and candles. From
downstairs Missy could hear as Courtney and Whitney talked and Whitney was
definitely still angry. Missy waited until the two girls started walking
down the steps and she quickly removed her clothing and began to slowly put
them back on. Only in her panties Missy was interrupted as Courtney and
Whitney entered the room.

"So Courtney tells me you're quitting the squad?"

"Damn straight. I don't care if you win Nationals or not, it's not worth
this aggravation. I don't want to have to be looking over my shoulder
wondering if you're going to drop me or purposely crash a pyramid to get me
off the squad. So you win Whitney. Congratulations."

"Hmph! That's what I thought. You're just a big dykey loser. I'll call and
tell Torrance now."

"Uh... She's in class right now."

"It's called voicemail. I'll mark it as urgent and she'll call me right

"Good luck though. There's no way in hell you're going to win anything with
Jamie on the squad though."

"We'll see," Whitney said smugly turning her back on Missy and walking away.

Missy nodded her head and Courtney nodded hers.

"Hey Whitney, just one thing though."

"What is it?" Whitney snapped turning back facing Missy.

"We're doing this for your own good."

"Doing what?"

With a quick hard shove Courtney pushed Whitney back into the room towards
Missy. Missy grabbed Whitney's arms and pulled them behind her back.
Courtney then tore a large strip of duct tape and walked towards Whitney.

"What the hell is going on?!? Courtney! What're you doing?!?"

"Like Missy said 'We're doing this for your own good'."

Courtney covered Whitney's mouth with the tape. Missy then forced Whitney
over the side of the bed and moved her arms above her head. She held them
in place until Courtney could bind them together with tape. Lastly just so
Whitney wouldn't try to kick or escape Missy yanked Whitney's panties off
then had Courtney tape Whitney's ankles together. Completely incapacitated
Whitney lay over the edge of the bed with her bare bottom exposed.

"Courtney light me one of those candles if you would and if you have one get
a camcorder so we can record this."

Courtney lit a candle and set it on a nightstand. Paddle in hand Missy
looked at the studs as she rubbed her hand up and down them.

"You know Whitney while I'm not really into this type of stuff I can see how
someone might be able to get off on it."

Thwack! Missy struck Whitney's bare ass with the studded paddle.

"Now while I do think you don't like me to some degree for whatever reason,
I know you don't hate me as much as you pretend. Part of your problem you've
always been the loud domineering one in your relationship with Courtney when
really you sometimes want to be the small insignificant follower. A slave

Thwack! Missy struck Whitney again. This time Missy could hear Whitney let
out a muffled cry.

At about the same time Courtney returned with a video camera. Missy took it
from Courtney and handed her the paddle.

"You know Courtney, Whitney and I were talking while you were gone and we've
came to a few conclusions."

"Oh really Missy, and what would those be?"

"Well, for starters, Whitney doesn't really hate me like she pretends to and
second sometimes she wants you to be the domineering one in the relationship.
She really does like to receive as much as she gives."

"Really? This is certainly news for me. If she wants it I'd most love to
give her a good--"

Thwack! Whitney's ass was struck a third time by the paddle, but this time
by Courtney. Whitney's pitiful whine was even louder.

"Spanking. Oh so what Missy says is true, then I could learn to love this
like I do that sweet body of yours."

Smiling, Missy was loving every moment of the punishment Whitney was
receiving and happily getting it all on tape. Courtney handed Missy the
paddle and took the burning candle off the nightstand. Holding it above
Whitney's reddening ass, Courtney tipped the candle over letting the hot
melted wax splash on Whitney's bottom below. Whitney let out a deep
throaty scream albeit muffle by the tape. Again Courtney tipped the
candle over and again Whitney moaned as the hot wax touched her body.

"See? I told you," Missy called from behind the camera. "Now turn her
over and see what happens."

Courtney turned Whitney over onto her backside. Despite what one might
normally consider pain, Whitney was breathing heavy and had a wanton look
in her eye. Courtney looked at Whitney in her captive stay then noticed
something in her crotch. Setting the candle back down on the nightstand
and getting on her knees to get a closer look Courtney saw that Whitney
was starting to get wet.

"My my, aren't we getting excited here," Courtney whispered tracing her
finger up and down Whitney's slit. "I'll be right back."

Walking towards the closet Courtney licked her finger clean. She was only
in the closet momentarily before returning with two clothespins. Whitney's
eyes nearly doubled in size when she saw them.

"What's the matter Whitney? I thought you liked these."

Whitney grunted and let out moans as she scrunched her eyes shut anticipating
what was coming next. Courtney teased Whitney for a moment running her hands
up and down Whitney's stomach and over her bra before pulling it down.
Courtney grabbed one of Whitney's breasts in each hand roughly squeezing them
and biting her nipples causing Whitney to really whimper. Courtney looked up
and saw the painful excitement in Whitney's eyes and without saying a word
clamped a clothespin to each nipple. Whitney squirmed quite a bit for a few
minutes while trying to weather the pain.

"Excellent," Courtney gleed watching Whitney squirm around. She then got up
and whispered something into Missy's ear to which she just nodded her head
and grinned widely.

Pushing Whitney's legs up for better access Courtney had to work her way
through Whitney's unkempt bush like Missy had done with her. Courtney's
thumb pressed down hard on Whitney's clit and slowly slid it's way up and
down. Then finding Whitney's cuntal lips Courtney spread them apart with
her index and middle finger on her free hand. Every time Courtney dipped
her tongue into the honey pot that was Whitney she was in heaven. The
smell, the taste, she loved everything about making love to Whitney even
if she was currently gagged and bound.

Licking at Whitney's slit with the fervor of a virgin Courtney could taste
Whitney's precum trickling out. Slowly and methodically she inserted her
finger into Whitney's delicate box and began to push it in and out. Whitney
whinnied a little as she desperately wanted to pleasure herself but couldn't.
As Courtney went to slide in a second finger Missy picked up the candle from
the nightstand while still recording and leaned over Whitney.

Whitney was back to being wide-eyed when she spotted the candle dangling
above her stomach. With the pins on her nipples, Courtney inserting another
finger with each pass, Whitney wasn't sure how long she would be able to hold
out. Her body bucked up and she got her first test when Missy let the first
bit of hot wax drop from the candle onto her body. Stretching Whitney's
folds and barely fitting her hand inside Courtney balled her hand up in a
fist and just rammed it hard into Whitney's cunt. Whitney trashed and her
body burned as the large round object continued to jam it's way inside her,
the clothes pins shot pain into her nipples, and Missy continued to pour hot
wax onto her abdomen.

Bound and able of very little movement the intensity of orgasm raced through
Whitney's body looking of a release. Missy helped release it as she pushed
one of the clothes pin to the side while it was still attached and she
dribble just a tiny amount of wax onto the exposed tip of Whitney's nipple.

Whitney screamed loudly into the tape as she convulsed in orgasm. Seeing
the girls excited state Courtney continued pumping her first in and out of
Whitney's vagina even as she gushed her love juices everywhere. When Whitney
finally did calm down Courtney removed her hand and she and Missy removed the
tape from Whitney's body. Whitney slowly sat up in bed looking back and
forth at the two girls. Her gaze came to a stop on Missy and the two stared
at each other for a few minutes.

"You're not so bad," Whitney said calmly before adjusting her bra, picking up
her panties, and walking back upstairs.

Missy turned off the camera and turned to Courtney.

"You mind if I keep this tape?"

"As long as you make us a copy."

"Sure no problem."

"Good then. I'll call Torrance in a bit and give her the news. You do
realize though that that's as much of an apology or anything you'll get out
of her?"

"I know. I'd be surprised otherwise."

"Thank you though for what you just did. She really needed that and in a day
or so she'll realize that. Her number one stuck up attitude will remain and
I'll still be at her side, but you at least will know better."

"Don't worry about it," Missy replied dressing. "We'll make like nothing
happened like everyone else does."

"Let me get dressed and I can either drive you home or to school if you

"I've got to get my car so take me to school if you don't mind."

When Courtney returned home from dropping off Missy she found Whitney sitting
on the couch in the living room watching tv. Sitting down on the couch she
started to reach around and caress Whitney.

"Hey Whitney, you ok?"

"Yeah, I'm fine."

"You sure? You don't seem fine."

"No, really I am. I was just thinking about what you and Missy did."

"Oh... And?"

"Nothing really, just thanks I guess. It was something I needed done to me.
I don't know, I'm just rambling now."

"That's quite all right, I don't want you saying much else," Courtney smiled
as she started to lean over on Whitney fondling and kissing her.

"Hey, hold on baby, I need to call Torrance."

"Well, hurry up then."

* * *

"Hey Cliff," Torrance greeted meeting him at his locker.

"Hey Tor, what's up?"

"You seen Missy today?"

"No. She left the house before I did, and her car is still in the parking

"Not anymore. I was just out there, though I wouldn't worried too much."

"She's a big girl, and I'm not worried, but do you know what she's up to?"

"My guess is she's with Whitney and Courtney."

"Whitney and Courtney? I thought they hated her."

"They do. I'm talking about her initiation into the squad. She's not
officially a Toro cheerleader until she passes."

"You mean hazing?"

"That's one way of putting it."

"So what kind of stuff does she have to do?"

"It's different for everyone. Each current member has their own test the new
person has to pass."

"Anything goes?"

"Anything goes, as long as you don't get caught."

"What some H-L-A?"

"Hot lesbian action? Sometimes, why are you wanting to watch Missy get it on
with another girl?"

"Oh god no, that's obscene! Though I wouldn't mind watching you."

"I'm sure you wouldn't," Torrance smiled kissing Cliff. "Though you might
get lucky today."

"Oh really? How is that?"

"I'm going over to Carver's today at lunch. She's bed stuck in bed with that
cast on her leg and I told her I'd visit. You can come if you want."

"Sounds interesting, but how do you two end up making out?"

"The last couple of times I've visited her, I didn't say anything, but her
panties were wet. She gets lonely sometimes and nobody's around. So do you
want to come with me?"

"Can we go back to your place and skip the rest of the day if nothing

"Sure, but what would we do at my house?"

"I could think of a few things."

Torrance parked her car in the street in front of Carver's house and she and
Cliff got out and walked up the walkway towards the door. Torrance reached
into her pocket and removed her keys. Finding the one she was looking for
she inserted it into the door and unlocked it.

"You have keys to Carver's house?"

"Of course, if I had to wait for her to get out of bed and crutch herself to
the door I'd be waiting forever out here."

"Well, then are you sure she'd mind if I came along?"

"Don't worry about it, you're with me. Besides she's a people person. Now
shut up, I want to scare her."

Quietly Torrance and Cliff walked through Carver's house to the guestroom
Carver was staying in since her room was upstairs. As they got closer to the
door they could definitely hear noises and it wasn't the tv. Peaking through
an already open door Torrance's face lit up with a smile as did Cliff's and
something else lit up for him as well.

Laying in a bed that had it's back to the door Carver was wearing a shirt
which was hiked up exposing her breasts which heaved with every breath she
took and her legs were slightly spread with her panties hanging down around
her knees. One hand was gingerly massaging her puss and it's lips as its
fingers slid in and out. Her other hand was running up and down her stomach
and chest occasionally stopping to excite her clit.

Torrance turned and looked at Cliff in time to see his dick hanging out of
his pants with him stroking it.

"Hey not now!" Torrance tried to whisper. "Put that thing away!"

Despite Torrance's efforts to keep quiet Carver heard what she thought was a
voice and quickly pulled her panties up and lowered her shirt.

"Hey, who's there?" Carver called out. Just then Torrance's cell phone

"It's just me and Cliff, we just got here!" Torrance shouted. "My phone
just rang, I'll be in there in a second."

"Oh... Whew! Don't scare me like that Torrance. I was just sleeping."

"Liar," Cliff smiled.

"Hey, keep her company and stop smiling! She'll know you saw!"

"I thought that was the plan, to see some lesbo action?"

"It won't be if you can't straighten out."

"Alright alright I'm going, but remember I'm getting some no matter what
happens here."

Cliff winked at Torrance and entered the room.

"So you're Cliff?" Carver asked looking him up and down.

"And you're the girl whose leg Torrance broke that got Missy on the squad?"

"She was being a bit ambitious, but I won't hold it against her."

"Good, because I like her so much better when she's in a good mood. I must
say though that even for a chick with a broken leg you're hot."

"Yeah, thanks," Carver laughed. "You're one lucky guy though, getting
Torrance in the sack like you do. You've only known her for what? A week,
week and a half? She's all over you at school from what I hear and when we
talk she carries on about you."

"Let me ask you something. You think Torrance is bi?"

"No, I've never seen her hit on another girl."

"Do you think she's hot?"

"Well, she does have a body I'd kill for. Why?"

"You can have her body if you want to. I really shouldn't be saying this
but on the way over she was talking about your wetspots she saw the last few
times she visited and she was even getting naughty and talking about making
out with you and letting me watch."

"She what?"

"Shh!!!! Here she comes," Cliff whispered as he looked into the living room
and saw Torrance hang up her cell and walk towards the bedroom.

"Hey Tor, who was that?"

"It was Missy. She said she decided to go home and wanted me to find out her
homework assignments. Anyways sorry it took us a bit longer than usual to
get here, so what's up? How have you been?"

"I've been alright, though I've been stuck in this bed by myself. You
could've told me about the wetspots you know."

"Cliff what did you tell her that for?!?!?"

"Was I not supposed to mention that?"

"Of course, not! Eer... At least not yet anyways."

"What're you two arguing about?"

"Nothing Carver. Now Cliff leave the room for about thirty minutes. I'll
keep this short and then we'll go."

"But you said I could watch."

"Watch what?" Carver asked.

"Nothing," Torrance replied before turning her head to Cliff. "If you stay
you have to sit in the chair by the desk and don't do anything."

"Ok, ok fine."

"Torrance, what's going on?"

"Carver, raise your arms."


"Look Carver," Torrance began as she pulled her shirt off. Carver quickly
covered her jiggling tits with her hands. "You've been home by yourself and
this constant masturbating you do is not good for you."

"But he's in here."

"Cliff's with me. He's a good guy, don't worry about him. I know I've only
been with him what a week and a half two weeks, but he's a great guy. I
don't just sleep with anyone you know."

Carver calmed a bit lowering her hands releasing her breasts to the world.
As they came back into view Cliff smiled. Carver saw this and shot him a
glance. She wouldn't be distracted with him for too much longer as Torrance
pulled her panties down. Watching out for Carver's leg Torrance carefully
crawled over her until their heads met.

"So I thought Whitney and Courtney were the only lesbians on the squad,"
Carver smiled sheepishly.

"They are, I'm more bi-curious if anything. I guess it depends on you."

"Call me curious too then. Does Cliff really need to stay? He's sporting a
woody right now."

"Come on Carver, you've done this before in front of other people. Let's
make him feel at home at his new school."

"His school? He's been at for two weeks."

"Oh, shut up."

Torrance and Carver embraced and exchanged kisses. It was Carver's first
non-solo sexual activity in quite awhile and Torrance could sense it. She
caressed Carver's lips with her tongue before sliding it into her mouth.

The act of simple making out between his girlfriend and another hot
cheerleader was enough to get Cliff aroused. He could feel his cock growing
and pulsing trying to push through his pants. In an effort to relieve the
tension Cliff unbuttoned and unzipped his pants so his dick could hang out
even if still tented under his underwear.

He watched Torrance lick her tongue up Carver's cleavage and pull up on her
light brown nipples until Carver let out a little yelp. After that Torrance
was quick to head straight to Carver's pussy. It was still very wet and
sticky from Carver's masturbation minutes ago. The nectar of the injured
girl tasted sweet and the hot breath from Torrance's mouth turned Carver on.

Carver was always in great shape and the few times Torrance was able to get a
glimpse of her in the shower after practice she sometimes wished she was the
soap being used to lather up her body. Carver looked over at Cliff and his
prick was now hanging free in the wind while it was stroked. She turned her
attention back to Torrance as her tongue continued to tickle and torment

"Turnover Torrance. I want some of you as well."

Torrance got up only long enough to drop her panties then climbed back on bed
engaging Carver in a sixty-nine. Carver started to squeeze and massage the
ass above her as her tongue penetrated the walls of Torrance's body exploring
the wet folds between the girl's legs. Unable to easily fondle Carver's butt
Torrance slipped one finger followed by a second into Carver's pussy lips.

With his pants on the floor and his underwear barely covering his ass Cliff
was too busy in the chair pleasuring himself to watch the girls. Since there
were no Kleenex in the room Cliff merely removed his shirt as not to leave
room to soil it. Torrance and Carver continued to suck and slurp on each
other noises of pleasure and noises of sucking filling the room. Torrance
was excitedly lurching her two fingers in and out of Carver's wet box as
Carver squeezed and pinched her ass.

The feeling of having someone other than herself inside of her became too
much for Carver. Her pussy convulsed and latched onto Torrance's fingers.
Carver's body squirmed and she burned with lust as her body started to pump
out her cum. Carver cried in pleasure as her body orgasmed and she trembled
all over.

It was soon a race between Cliff and Torrance's bodies of who would climax
first. Torrance licked the juice from her fingers and started licking the
juice from around Carver's puss as well. The tongue-lashing she took from
Carver rivaled that of Cliff and his hand. Leaning far back in the chair
and watching Torrance engage in lesbian acts was a dream for Cliff. In the
excitement of the moment his hand furiously gripped and jacked his cock off.
He let out quick loud grunts as the bulbous head of his prick opened up and
shot hot white cum into the air. Cliff continued to jerk off even as some
of the white ooze started to trickle back down his shaft.

With Carver's privates and her fingers clean, Torrance looked up to watch
Cliff masturbate. She barely looked up in time as his cock exploded shooting
the white stuff up into the air. That image trickled through Torrance's head
dispersing feelings of horniness through her body. It wasn't until some of
Cliff's cum splattered onto his chest and he started to smear it around that
Torrance lost herself. Her body tingled and her pussy was on fire as she
squirted all over Carver's tongue and her face.

All three teens were tired and breathing heavy and each lay where they were
for several minutes as they composed themselves. Torrance was the first to
get up and walked toward Cliff. She straddled his lap and leaned forward
using her tongue to clean his messy white chest. The two lovebirds started
to kiss and make out again when Torrance's cell phone rang again.

"Ah damn it!" Torrance sighed loudly as she went to pick it up.


"Hey Torrance, it's Whitney. You heard from Missy yet?"

"Yeah, she called awhile ago asking me to get her homework for her. Why,
what's up?"

"Just calling to say that Courtney and I moved the test up a few days and as
much as I hate to say this, Missy's good. She passed our test and is waiting
for the final one. Courtney's bugging me right now so I'll talk to you

Torrance flipped shut her phone when Whitney's side went dead.

"That was Whitney. Missy's ready for the final test, so it looks like you
and I won't be spending this afternoon together after all Cliff. I have some
things to do before hand."

"Ah well, it's no problem. I'll just call this little get together as even."

"I'm happy for the both of you, but right now I'm sticky," Carver butted in.
"I'm going to need someone's help to the bathroom."

* * *

Missy was sitting on the couch in the living room when Cliff walked in
through front door. On his way past her to the kitchen he tossed Missy a
plain blue folder filled with assorted papers.

"Here, Torrance told me to give this to you."

"Hey thanks. How did you're visit with Carver go?"

"How'd you know I was over there?" Cliff asked taking the milk from the
fridge and drinking directly from the carton.

"I talked to Torrance earlier today about getting my homework and she
mentioned you were with her visiting Carver."

"It went ok I guess. I said hi and all, but mostly I stayed in the living
room watching tv while Torrance and her talked and did their girl stuff."

"What did you do afterwards?"

"Well, Whitney called right before we left and said you passed your test or
whatever and then Torrance said she had some things to do before then, so she
dropped me off at school to get my car and I went to the movies. Why, what's
with all the questions?"

"Nothing, just curious really. Though why does everyone want to make it a
big secret that you and Torrance are fucking? It's not like I'm going to
care, unless you get her pregnant."

"Torrance and I? We're just semi-dating. We're not like doing anything."

"Well, unless you were taking care of business at the movies, then I'd say
you did a little more than watch tv at Carver's. I can smell it on you.
Like I said, it's not like I care if you're fucking Torrance or not."

"God! Hearing you use that term in regards to me is just plain creepy!"

"Ok then, how about screwing?"

"How about we just don't talk about my sex life at all?"

Just then the cordless phone in the kitchen rang and Cliff went to pick it

"The phone's ringing. Can you not talk about this right now?"

"I'm done talking about it."

"Thank you."

"No problem."

"Hello?" Cliff spoke into the phone.

"Hey Cliff, it's me. Is Missy home?"

"Yeah, she's right here. Hold on a second, Tor."

Cliff started to hand Missy the phone, but then spoke into it.

"Oh, you'll be glad to know that she doesn't care that we're fucking, so
everyone doesn't have to try and keep whatever secret there was."

"Uh... Thanks I think."

"Here you go," Cliff said tossing the phone to Missy.

"Hey, what's up?"

"I heard from Whitney today and she said you passed, so all you've got is
one more test. You mind skipping your classes again tomorrow?"

"Uh... sure why not. What's up?"

"Meet me at my house at 7 tomorrow morning and we'll get you finished up."

"Cool, I'll see you then."

"Cya tomorrow morning, oh and before I forget bring an extra change of
clothes just in case."

* * *

The sun was barely up and the sky was pretty dark as Missy turned onto the
road Torrance lived on. Torrance sat in her car parked in the street and
from inside she used a garage door opener to open her garage. She beckoned
for Missy to park her car inside. Missy did and as she got into Torrance's
car the garage door shut.

"So where are we off to? What do I have to do?"

"You'll see when we get there."

The two cheerleaders sped off in the car and they soon found themselves
leaving San Diego city limits. The drove through a lot of nothingness for
two hours before Torrance turned onto a dirt road that led into a small

"Jeez. What are we doing way out here?"

"My uncle owns a small farm among other things out here. How much do you
want to become a Toro cheerleader?"

"Well, I've already come this far so why stop now?"

Torrance pulled her car to a stop outside a gated farm.

"You see that bull over there?"


"That's Willie, the friendliest, nicest, most calm bull you'll ever meet.
We'll take him into the barn and you've got to bang him."


"I figured you'd react as much. You have one other option. Whenever a new
cheerleader is initiated they're given an alternate test option they can
choose. In your case Whitney got to pick and she decided on you giving Cliff
a rimjob then taking it in the ass."

"God this is sick you know??? Most people would've quit by now."

"Look Missy, you're not most people. You're right, most have quit and we
don't want quitters on our squad. That's why the Toros do what they do in
picking a new cheerleader whenever the need rises. You're not a quitter
and we want you, but first you have to do this."

"Ok fine. But where's your uncle and all the farm hands at?"

"I talked to him yesterday and set it all up so nobody would be until three
p.m. which gives us a little over five hours. So what do you want to do?
Test one, test two, or quit?"

"Go get Willie. Let's get this over with."

The girls drove into the farm and shut the gate behind them. While Torrance
was off getting Willie, Missy walked into the barn. It was large and faintly
lit. Missy was a bit relieved to find that even the horse stalls were empty.
Missy removed her clothing and hung them on some hooks on the wall so they
wouldn't get dirty. Waiting for Torrance Missy walked around a bit and
waited until the barn door swung open. Torrance led the docile creature
inside and shut the door behind her. She brought the bull into the middle of
the barn tying him to a post. Missy started to get on the ground below the
bull when Torrance stopped her with a warning.

"Be careful Missy, bulls can get up three feet long when erect so you won't
get it all in. Besides I don't think either of us really want to try and
explain to some doctors at a hospital what happened."

Even when it was flaccid the bull was eight inches long. Sitting on the
ground underneath the animal Missy carefully took the appendage in her hand
and softly kissed the eight inches up and down as she started to rub the
cock. The bull nostril's flared and he snorted as the young girl continued
to mouth the cock. Slowly but surely the animal's prick got bigger; first
to fifteen inches then to twenty.

Missy took the head of the bull's dick and wrapped her lips around it dipping
it in and out of her mouth. Torrance then stripped of her clothes and joined
Missy on the ground. She took position underneath the base of the bull's
appendage and started to tongue it's testicles. The bull snorted again and
his prick continued to grow. It extended to twenty-five inches, then to
thirty, before stopping at thirty-three inches.

Willie started to snort and whinny loudly as Missy and Torrance continued
to orally pleasure him. Missy was caught by surprise when he started to
slightly thrust himself forward. She quickly removed Willie from her mouth
and rolled out from underneath him.

"You ok, Missy?"

"Yeah, I'm fine. He kind of took me by surprise."

"Oh, there's nothing to worry about with him. He's just ready to mount is

Torrance crawled on the ground towards the front of Willie and propped
herself up with her hands and feet.

"Help me get him inside," Torrance asked sticking her ass into the air.

Missy walked back over to Willie and took hold of his penis near it's head.
Willie was getting anxious and Missy was having some difficulty directing

"Just be firm with him and poke his head into my pussy."

Missy got assertive and in few minutes was successfully able to guide the
bull's dick to Torrance's cunt. Her box was much smaller and tighter than
any of the cows Willie had ever mounted so it was slow going and he was
getting impatient as he inched his way into Torrance. Torrance had done
this before with Willie and knew the pain that was coming, but still she
closed her eyes tight and gritted her teeth as her lower body was stretched
and invaded by the massive cock. Even though this was nothing new Willie
was none too happy when only twelve of his thirty-three inches found their
way inside Torrance.

"Missy get back under him and start licking and rubbing the rest of his cock
or he's going to try and keep pushing," Torrance grimaced as Willie started
to try and push further in.

Missy quickly did as she was asked and after getting up to fifteen inches
into Torrance Willie started pulling back out. Torrance was relieved at
getting past the initial push and readied herself for the bull's re-entry.
When only three inches of his prick were left inside the girl's cunt Willie
started to push back in. As this was nothing new for Torrance, she knew
and she embraced the pleasure of each of the bull's thrusts.

With a smile across Torrance's face and moans of her ecstasy filling the barn
Missy stopped what she was doing and sat back watching the bull and the girl
in action. Despite it's obvious grotesqueness the scene turned Missy on and
she soon found her hand between her legs. Missy's soft cries of passion
filled the barn air as well and Torrance took a glimpse over at her. Missy
was leaning against the barn wall furiously fingering her slit.

Torrance was quickly brought back to her situation as her body was shot with
pain. Willie managed to drive sixteen of his inches deep into Torrance's
body as her insides were hit with a white smattering of his cum. She could
feel as each load exploded from the bull's prick and blasted her inner walls.
Eight loads in all were shot into Torrance's body. Despite the pain of
having more of Willie inside of her than she would have liked Torrance pulled
her body off of his cock with a smile on her face. She got up and slowly
walked over to where Missy was masturbating still unaware of her

"Hey, it's your turn," Torrance said slapping one of Missy's knees.

Missy quickly opened her eyes and looked around.

"Sorry, I must have zoned out there or something. What happened to you?"
Missy asked seeing the bull sperm dripping from Torrance's cunt and trickling
down her leg.

"I took in more than I can handle. It happens sometimes, especially with
farm animals. He's waiting for you now."

Missy looked past Torrance and saw Willie still standing there complacent
with his thirty-three inches dangling and waiting for more. Following
Torrance's lead Missy got under the bull on her hands and feet and propped
her ass into the air. Acting like he needed no guidance Willie quickly
shot his prick into Missy's pussy and pushed inward. Missy gasped at the
sudden intrusion and fear started to cross her face.

"Oh god! Oh god! Get him off! He's too big!"

"Calm down Missy. It's always awkward the first time."

Torrance came to Missy's rescue and stopped the bull from pushing too far
into her, by stimulating the exposed part of Willie's cock like Missy had
done minutes ago. Missy was soon able to calm down when the pushing stopped.

"You ok down there?"

"I'm fine... I guess..." Missy panted as Willie began thrusting into her
under Torrance's control. "I've never had a cock this big before. Let alone
fucked a bull."

"You'll get used to it after awhile and nobody will ever know about this
except you and I. Like I said each test is different for everybody."

"Oh god! It's so big!"

Missy had her eyes closed shut and was breathing hard as the bull cock
rapidly thrusted in and out of her. With each thrust Willie's actions became
more excited and frantic. By the feel and swelling of his member, Torrance
could tell Willie was on the verge of a second coming.

Missy's eyes shot open and she screamed when her pussy was split wide open by
the same sixteen inches that tore into Torrance. Missy too could feel shower
of bull sperm as it shot out and blasted her insides. Unlike with Torrance,
after Willie was done creaming inside Missy his prick withered back down to
it's flaccid state and Missy fell to barn floor. Exhausted and leaking like
Torrance, Missy crawled from underneath Willie and leaned against the barn

"Congratulations Missy, you're now officially a Toro cheerleader," Torrance
congratulated her as she helped Missy up.

"Thanks, I think."

"Just think about it this way, it could have been worse."

"Oh really? And how is that?"

"You didn't hear this from me, but for her final test you're favorite squad
member had to eat shit. Literally."

"Who? Whitney?"

"I'm not saying anything, because I'm not supposed to know. Nobody is
supposed to know about the final test except for the person giving it and the
person taking it."

"Huh... Well, I can't say yet which is worse."

"Trust me Whitney's I mean the shit-eater's test was worse. Now let's go to
the house and get cleaned up. My leg is started to feel real nasty and I
don't want to drive back to San Diego like this."


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