This chapter rated NC-17 for extreme F/F sex, whipping, kink, ws, and sex
with young teen girls.

Warning: I am going nastier and kinkier than I have ever gone before. Anyone
who is offended by whipping, watersports, and young teen lesbians, don't read
this story and don't come bitching to me.

Bring It On/Buffy The Vampire Slayer: Buffy Brings It On! Part 4
by Tyval ([email protected])

Buffy's sleep was restless. Dreams came to her as she tossed and turned.
Dreams of being chained and whipped by Courtney and Whiney, dreams of wild
lesbian sex with Willow, dreams of frenzied lesbian whip orgy, and even more
disturnig, but even more erotic, dreams of having kinky lesbian whip sex with
Jamie and her own sister Dawn!

"No, no, she's my sister," Buffy moaned in her sleep.

But the images contiued to get hotter and more erotic. With a sudden start
Buffy woke up! Buffy was covered in sweat, her nipples rock hard and aching
with a desire for pain, her shaved hairless pussy was dripping with girl
juice. Buffy reached for the clothespins again putting them on her nipples,
reaching for the leather belt she again tried to spank her own pussy.

It was no good. In only inflamed her to want more and more. Almost sobbing
in frustration she called Whitney. After 5 rings the sleepy oriental girl

"Whitney, please, you and Courtney have to come over," Buffy franticlly said.

"Hmmmmm, Buffy, is that you?," Whitney sleepily moaned, "It's 2 in the

"Please Whitney, I have to see you now," Buffy said, "Is Cort with you?"

"Yes," Whitney yawned.

"I need both of you over here now," Buffy said, "I need you naked, and bring
your whips!"

"What? Are you serious?" Whitney asked amazed, waking up, "Are you sure?"

"Yes, I saw your sister and my sister having whip sex, and I can't get it out
of my mind," Buffy desperately said, "Please, I need to be whipped! I need to
cum! Please!"

"What? Jamie and Dawn?" Whitney was fully awake now, she had no idea Jamie
knew anything about sex.

"Yes, they were having sex, and then Dawn used a whip on Jamie and Jamie
loved it," Buffy said.

"You realize that they need to be punished?" Whitney smiled as she was
becoming aroused at the forbidden thoughts of being with her own little

Somewhere in the back of Buffy's head, a voice shouted NO! But Buffy was too
far gone in lust and ignored it. BDSM, lesbian sex, even incest, nothing was

"I have an idea," Buffy said, "Let's make them our slaves after we party

"No holds barred, Buffy?" Whitney asked.

"Anything goes," Buffy said, "Whpping, pissing, anal, anything else we think

"Mmmmmmm, sounds yummy," Whitney purred, "Oh, we just got some electric
prods. They're not as powerful as cattle prods, they're safe to use on
people. We were going to try them this weekend."

"Oh yesssss," Buffy moaned, fingering her wet slit, "Please hurry!"

It took 15 minutes for Courtney and Whitey to arrive. An eternity to Buffy.
Buffy kissed each of them deeply as they stepped in the door. Both girls were
wearing long coats with nothing underneath them and carrying large bags.

Rushing to Buffy's room and locking the door, Whitney and Courtney dropped
their coats and opened their bags. Inside were numerous whips of various
shapes and sizes as well as several pairs of cuffs, nipple clamps, and the
new electric prods.

Buffy and Cort kissed deeply, their tits pressed together as Whitney moved
behind Buffy and cuffed her hands behind her back. Whitney reached around and
roughly kneaded Buffy's tits while Courtney put nipple clamps on Buffy's hard

"Oooooooo," Buffy moaned in pleasure, the clamps were much stronger than the
clothespins she had tried earlier.

Courtney kissed her as Whitney continued to roughly maul her tits. Courtney
teased Buffy's slit, running a finger up and down. Buffy's moan's grew louder
as Whitney now kissed her deeply. Whitney then slapped Buffy's ass, then
again, and again. Buffy was consumed with her desire for pain.

"Oh please, I need to be whipped," Buffy moaned.

"Not yet you greedy bitch," Whitney smiled, "Not until you eat some pussy."

"Oh yes, yes," Buffy moaned as they forced her to her knees.

Most of the cheerleaders shaved themselves bare, Whitney and Courtney
included. Buffy had never eaten pussy before, but when she saw Cort's pretty
pussy in her face she attacked it with her lips and tongue. 'I never knew
pussy tasted this good,' Buffy thought, 'No wonder Whitney and Courtney are

Buffy ran her tongue up and down Courtney's slit, then sucked her friends
juices. Buffy was becomming addicted to the taste of pussy as Whitney now
straddled her face. Courtney moved behind Buffy, reaching arouund she cupped
Buffy's mound, inserting a finger into Buffy's hot pussy. Courtney pulled on
the nipple clamps as she inserted a second finger into Buffy's cunt. Buffy
moaned in pleasure/pain still licking Whitney's pussy.

"Oh yeaaaa," Whitney moaned, "Eat my pussy you whore."

Cort dug her fingernails into Buffy's tits, twisting and pulling them.
Whitney leaned down and tongue kissed Courtney. The pain excited Buffy, but
she needed more. As before, the more pain she took, the more pain she wanted.

"Please, please," Buffy begged, "I want to be whipped! I need it!"

"Okay bitch, we'll whip you, but you're going to be our toilet slave
afterwards," Cort said pulling Buffy's hair.

"What?" Buffy asked, forgetting that the girls had mentioned that on the

"We're dirty lesbians," Whitney said, "We both love getting whipped, but we
also like pee and scat games. You did say 'no holds barred'."

"Anything, I'll do anything you want," Buffy said submissively, the thought
of being that nasty was making her even hornier.

Whitney and Courtney smiled at each other. Most girls were scared off by
toilet games. Buffy was lost in a world of perversion just like they were.
Buffy's hands were free as Whitney and Courtney led her to her bed. Buffy
was re-cuffed face down and spread eagled to her bed's corners. Whitney and
Cort pulled out multi-tailed floggers. Whitney dangled hers in front of
Buffy's face.

"Would you like a gag?" Whitney asked, "I don't like them myself. I love to
hear girls scream in pleasure, including myself."

"No gag, I want to scream," Buffy whispered, her excitement growing.

"What about Dawn and Jamie?" Courtney asked, "They might hear."

"If they do we just tie them up too," Buffy said.

"We agreed on the phone," Whitney said, "Dawn and Jamie are going to be
punished too."

"Sounds yummy," Cort smiled, as she rubbed Buffy's ass.

"Are you ready Buffy," Whitney whispered as she leaned close to her and
kissed her ear.

"Oh yes, yes, please," Buffy moaned as Courtney kissed her ass cheeks.

The whips landed on Buffy's tight ass. Buffy was in heaven! Getting whipped
was even better than she had imigined. The lashes sent pure pleasure
throughout her body as the girls whipped her faster and harder. Whitney and
Courtney were just as flushed with sexual heat as they both hoped that they
would get whipped later too.

Buffy bit her pillow trying to suppress her cries, but it was no use. Buffy
wanted more and more as her friends lashed her.

"I think she likes it," Courtey grinned as Buffy moaned in pleasure.

"She needs more," Whitney licked her lips smiling.

"C'mon slut, tell us you want more," Courtney ordered as she continued to
whip Buffy.

"Yes, tell us what a little whip bitch you are," Whitney also ordered as she
lashed her friend.

"Oooooo!" Buffy cried out as she surrendered fully to the whip, "I'm a whip
whore! Aaaaaaa! I deserve to be whipped! Ooohhhhh, more, please!"

Buffy could feel her orgasm building. The whipping was driving her insane
with a lust for pain. The girls whipped her harder and Buffy could tell she
was close. Only a little more and she could cum. But Whitney and Courtney

"Noooooo! Please! I'm so close," Buffy sobbed in frustration, "Please! I need

"Buffy didn't resist as Whitney and Cort uncuffed her and turned her limp
body over. Buffy was still wearing the nipple clamps. Whitney yanked them

"Aaaiiiiiiiieeeeeee!" Buffy screamed as she came.

Whitney and Courtney re-cuffed Buffy face up and spread. Once helpless again
they each took a tit and licked the sore nipples.

"Ooooooooo," Buffy moaned.

"I think she's ready for some more," Whitney said kissing Courtney.

"Please whip me," Buffy pleaded, looking at her lovers with puppy dog eyes.

Whitney started whipping Buffy's tits while Courtney whipped Buffy's pussy.
The whips sent waves of mingled pleasure/pain into every fiber of Buffy's
body. Buffy was now a true whip lover.

"Whip me!" Buffy screamed, "Aaaaahhh! Whip me! I love the whip! Whip me! Ohh!
Iiiiieeeee! Whip me, whip me, whip me! Aaaaaahhhhh! I'm cumming!"

Buffy's whole body shuddered in the most intense orgasm she had ever known.
This was her first true 'whip cum' and she wanted more and more of them.

"Mmmmmmmmmmm, how'd you like it?," Cort asked.

"Ohhhhh, I loved it!," Buffy moaned, "I want more!"

"Now you know why we love lesbian whipping," Whitney said kissing Buffy.

"I can't believe I ever liked men," Buffy said shaking her head, "Women are
so beautiful. I want to lick tits, pussy, and ass all the time."

"Mmmmmm, yummy, would you like to be whipped some more?" Courtney purred, as
she licked Buffy's nipples.

"Oh yessss," Buffy moaned, "Please, please whip me more. Make me your slave!"

"I think we should whip you, then make you our toilet slave," Whitney smiled,
"And then you can whip us."

"I want you to break down all of my taboos," Buffy said, "I want to be
whipped raw. I want to drink piss and eat shit. I want to be a dirty
whiploving lesbian slut."

"You know that Willow is in love with you Buff," Cort said, "Do you think she
would like to join us later too?"

"It would be really great if the whole gang became dirty lesbians," Buffy
said, "We should become a lesbian sex and pain club. Why don't we rape Willow

"That sounds like a good plan," Whitney said, getting wet at the thought of
raping Willow, "What whip would you like to try?"

"I want the cruelist whip," Buffy said, "I want the bullwhip!"

"God! What a painslut!" Whitney grinned, "Courtney and I have whipping each
other since we were 8, and we've only started loving the bullwhip this year.
For you to want it the first day, wow!"

Buffy was released from the bed, her wrists were now secured to a steel ring
that 2 year ago had held a heavy plant. Buffy was stretched to her tiptoes,
totally vulnerable. Whitney and Courtney kissed her. Buffy's pussy was
practiclly dripping. Courtney pulled out 2 short bullwhips.

End of Chapter 4

This story is now exclusive to TSSA and LGWPG. They are the only ones who
have liked me going this far.


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