Note: Despite the title there's only a mild amount of foot worship in the
story. Sorry.

Codes: FF, cons, fetish (foot), inter, oral, rom

Bend It Like Beckam: Outakes 3: Your Lesbian Feet
by Tricksterson ([email protected])

Jules and Jess walked towards their plane, headed for America, waiting
impatiently to get out of sight of their families. As soon as they were they
twined their hands together and kissed. Not a big passionate kiss, just an
affectionate peck on the lips. Followed by a couple more. And yet more, all
the way to the plane.

* * *

The real kiss waited until the plane was in the air and their seatbelts were
off. Lip pressed against lip, tongues danced, touched and slid against and
around each other. One of Jules' hands was behind her Sikh lover's head while
the other stroked her knee as Jesminder's hands encircled the other woman's
face, stroking her cheeks, hair and neck.

After the kiss was over the young English woman leaned into her lover and
whispered, "You make me tingle all over."

"Me too," Jess whispered back. "But there's nothing we can do about it until
we get to Santa Clara, is there?"

"Oh, I don't know about that," said Juliette, eyes twinkling mischieviously.

Jesminder gulped. Her girlfriend, much though she loved her, had a wild
streak that had been known to get her, sometimes both of them, into trouble.
She turned straight in her seat and tried to pretend that Jules hadn't said
anything. But after a few minutes curiosity and horniness overcame her
caution and made her look at her lover and say, "All right, what?"

"Just count to fifty then follow me." Then the willowy blond got up and
headed to the bathroom as her lover watched her tight, perfect ass in the
tight black skirt she was wearing.

Jess actually extended the count to a hundred because she had serious doubts
about what her girlfriend intended. Finally she sighed and got up. It looked
like the Mile High Club was in her future.

The bathroom wasn't very big but there was enough room for Jules to slip
behind her as she entered and put her hands over the Indian woman's eyes.

"Guess who?"

"My bloody mental girlfriend?"

"Close enough," the blond said as she slid her hands off her eyes and
downward to grope at the other woman's breasts before moving back up to
slide the straps of her black, sleeveless top and her bra off her shoulders.
She turned Jesminder around, unhooked her bra and slid it and the shirt down
to her waist so she could fondle her fine, dusky tits and suck her even
darker, and fully erect nipples. The Indian girl moaned, throwing her head
back while reciprocating by putting a hand up Juliette's short, black skirt
and rubbing her lover's vulva through her soaking wet panties.

"Ohhh," the pale girl moaned as Jess' head bent to kiss her swanlike neck.

And then came a knock at the door followed by a woman's voice saying, "Miss,
someone needs to use this facility." The matter of fact tone told both young
women that the voice's owner had a pretty good idea of what they had been
doing and would brook no stalling or evasions.

Jules pulled her skirt down as Jess pulled up her top and, as there
didn't seem to be time to put her bra back on, hid it behind her. Which
unfortunately left her and Juliette's nipples, since the other woman didn't
have tits enough to warrant a bra, boldly poking through the fabric of her
top and Jules' t-shirt.

"Oh well, nothing for it," said the white girl, feigning nonchalonce by
putting her arm around Jess'shoulders and giving one of her nipples a tweak.
Her girlfriend glared at her but said nothing.

When they stepped out the flight attendant was waiting next to a short, dried
up looking fifty-something woman in a starched white blouse and calf length
black skirt with a small, plain cross around her neck. She walked past them
stiffly, muttering something of which the only words either of them heard
clearly was "sinful perverts". Jules whirled around angrily but Jess clamped
a hand over her mouth and half dragged her back to their seats.

The attendant watched all this with a mixture of embarassment and amusement
with just a touch of sympathy. She'd been doing this job for six years now
and this wasn't the first, or tenth time passengers of every possible gender
combination and preference had tried to use the loo for recreational
purposes. As long as they weren't too loud about it or none of the other
passengers complained, which unfortunately one of them had this time, the
crew usually let it pass. Some, especially but not exclusively male,
attendants liked to eavesdrop. She was just thankful that pets had to be
stored in cargo.

* * *

"Here's your room," said the floor warden, or whatever they called them this
side of the pond, "and here are the dorm regs," she added, handing them a
sheet. "Basically, no alchohol, no drugs and no guys after eleven."

"Oh, I don't think you'll have to worry about any of that," said Jesminder.

"Especially the part about guys," said Jules before Jess could once more
clamp a hand over her mouth.

"Don't mind her," said the Indian girl, struggling not to giggle because her
girlfriend was tickling the palm of her hand with her tongue. The dorm mother
raised an eyebrow, said "Just try not to be too noisy all right?" and left,
shaking her head and muttering something about "Jocks".

As soon as the door was closed, the two lovers smiled and fell into each
others arms.

"Alone," said Jules

"Finally," replied her girlfriend. They leaned towards each other and kissed,
tongues tangling, fingers knotted in each others hair, moving in circles
around each other until they tumbled laughing onto one of the beds, the tall
white girl on top of the shorter, darkskinned one. Jules slowly moved her
body down that of her lady love, pulling her grey sweat pants down with her
until she was squatting at the foot of the bed and paused to take off
Jesminder's trainers making her laugh.


"'Get your lesbian feet out of my shoes,'" the other girl said, mimicing
Jules mother.

"I love your lesbian feet," her partner replied softly as she pulled off
Jess' socks and kissed the arch first of her left foot and then her right
then pulled the sweat pants, which had been pooled at Jesminder's ankles,
off. She took her girlfriend's right foot in both hands and began massaging

"Mmmm. that's almost as good as sex. Almost," the Sikh woman said. But her
sighs and moans quickly turned into hysterical giggling when Juliette's
tongue began licking across the sole of her foot then back to contented sighs
as her lover abandoned the sole to suck her toes one by one, from biggest to
smallest. Sighs once again deepened to moans as the precious, tormenting
tongue licked it's way back up the arch and then continued up her ankle and
shin. During all this the lanky English girl's hands continued working the
muscles and sinews of first one foot and then the other.

By the time Jules had licked her way up the smooth brown skin of her lover's
thighs she could see the dark thatch of Jesminder's bush through her soaked
white panties. Her hands finally abandoned the other woman's feet and came up
to peel the the panties off after which she pulled off her t-shirt and dove
down face first towards her lover's pussy.

"Please, Juliette, do me with your tongue, pleeeease!," Jess begged her. She
was happy to oblige, tongue licking and thrusting into her girlfriend's labia
for all it was worth. She felt the other woman's back arch and slipped her
hands underneath to support it even as Jesminder's legs wrapped around her
shoulders and head and the Indian girl gave a long, ecstatic shriek as she

Jules raised her head and wiped her mouth slowly on her lover's belly then
crawled up Jess' body, first to fuse their mouths together in a passionate
kiss then to remove Jess' top and bra so she could suckle lovingly at her

Meanwhile Jesminder's hand was pushing her lover's thong down and pulling
her skirt up to push two fingers into her hot, eager cunt. She rolled her
girlfriend onto her back and sucked on her light brown nipples while the
English woman's hands played with her far darker ones.

Jules gasped and closed her eyes as her clit popped it's hood and Jesminder's
long, strong fingers pinched and rubbed it.

"Ohmigodddd!," Jules shouted before the orgasm overwhelmed her ability to
talk, eyes rolling up in her head, tongue hanging out of her mouth, a string
of drool descending to the pillow. Her orgasms were never pretty but
Jesminder always considered them the most beautiful things in the world just
because they were a product of her love for the other girl.

"Unh...*ungh* UNNNGGHH!" she groaned as she came.

* * *

Afterward they held each other close.

"My Juliet," whispered Juliette, kissing her lover gently on each eyelid.

"My Romeo," Jess replied as she sank down into slumber, arms around the most
important person in her world.


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