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Big Bang Theory: The Mother Mind-Control Experiment Part 2 (MF,MF-solo,inc,oral,anal,toys,mc)
by Neenah

Leonard woke with a smile on his lips and the taste of victory. Beside him lay his Mother, still asleep in her skimpy and sexy nightwear he had bought her for Christmas. With his mind control device he had bent her to his will, her dominating personality no match for physics. With her under his command, even if she didn't know it, he had made sure he'd had the best Christmas he'd ever had, making her praise and show an interest in his work, before he'd fucked her in multiple holes.

Looking at his Mother his schlong stirred again, becoming hard and straight. He smiled wider, there was no reason why the experiment had to end when it was going so well.

He pulled back the covers so he could look at her properly. Beverly wiggled and moaned something in her sleep as the warm quilt was removed. Leonard look down at her ass, skinny and firm with hardly a trace of cellulite. He licked his lips and pushed the nightwear further up her body so he could fully admire the butt without any material getting in the way. His Mother remained asleep. Leonard pushed her over onto her front. She murmured again, but didn't wake. Leonard smiled as he reached for her buttocks, taking them gently and pulling them apart. Her rosebud looked up at him, it looked like it had tightened since last night.

He knew the perfect way to wake her up.

Keeping hold off the ass cheek he pulled them further apart gently, careful not to wake his sleeping mother. The sphincter pulled apart slightly, a small hole forming in the middle of the rosebud. Leonard leant over it and spat down, the saliva sliding into the crater and trickling down deeper. He spat on his hands again and this time rubbed the saliva into his dong. It wasn't much, but he knew his Mother wouldn't mind - not if he told her not to.

He moved to penetrate, his thick dong pushing at her anal entrance and forcing its way in.

"Oww," his Mother gasped waking up and automatically trying to rise.

"Good morning," Leonard pressed down, pushing his way into her back funhole. "I'm waking you up with anal."

"You go ahead Leonard," his Mother grunted allowing herself to be pushed back into the bed. She grimaced as he pushed deeper "It's a little tight, that's all."

"It's because my dong is so big and your butt is so small, it's stretching your shit-tube. But you don't mind it being sore as long as I stick it all the way in," he said.

"Ooww. Of course not Leonard, if you want to fuck my ass I want you to fuck it, even if it is a little painful.

"That's right Mother, this asshole is mine to fuck," Leonard beamed. He carried on banging away, his large dick going deeper and deeper into his Mother's tight pooper. She gave little gasps and cries of pain as her hole was stretched by his thick manhood, but she didn't complain. Soon he was in her all the way, her asshole wrapped round his cock tightly. He pounded in, grunting happily as he fucked Beverly's most taboo hole. For the hundredth time he thanked the mind-control machine for making his domineering Mother his and allowing him to use her as he wanted.

Her asshole was loosening slightly as he banged, but remained tight enough to be enjoyable. His Mother was quietening as she got used to the big schlong and her hole became more comfortable as it stretched. He said, "Tell me how much you love it. I want to know how much you enjoy having my huge cock in your asshole."

"Oh Leonard, I love it. Your dick is so big and fits my butthole so snugly. Ooohh, Leonard it's the best feeling ever having you pound my poophole. It so good. Your cock was just made for my asshole. Ohhh yes Leonard, baby, I need that big dick pounding me. Oh come on big boy, stretch my pooper wide," she called out, her body shaking under his.

Leonard shoved in, his balls bouncing at her butt. The cock hurtled into her and Beverly squealed out, telling him how much she was enjoying being butt-banged by his huge dong. Leonard smiled, he knew this what he'd told her to say and she had no choice but to do what he said, but it sounded so good to be told he was super by his Mother and there seemed to be some real feeling to it, she wasn't just purely repeating what he was saying, but interpreting it and using her remaining free will to do what he wanted.

"I'm going to cum soon, in your ass," he grunted.

"Oh oh, do Leonard, fill my hole with your cum," his Mother cried out.

The orgasm was powerful and he grunted as he released. The cum gushed out and filled his mother's asshole, the gooey liquid bubbling out of her wide opened butt as he withdrew. He groaned and collapsed back on the bed. "That was good."

"You're so big," his Mother simpered.

"I am, aren't I," he beamed happily. He placed his hands behind his heads and lay back relaxedly, "You've made my cock all dirty with your ass. It's covered in cum and your ass juices. I want you to clean it. Use your tongue at first to lick it shiny."

"Right away," his Mother nodded dutifully and got onto her hands and knees between his legs, her bosoms swinging against her thin nightdress. Her head went down and her tongue went out and she began to lick him clean. She was eager and quick, her tongue swiping over his python. Up and down, she went, around and around, licking eagerly at the trunk and cleaning it. Soon he was getting hard again.

Leonard said "You're doing well. That's it, lick it nice and clean. Lap away those cummy juices. Can you taste your own ass on my prick?" She nodded as she licked and he beamed, "You're cleaning the cock that's just being up your butthole. You know why?"

She shook her head and slid her tongue round his schlong. He beamed, "It's because you are a slut. Only a slut would lick her own ass juices of her son's dong."

She nodded and licked some more. His cock was nice and shiny and wet with her saliva. "Suck it now, give me the perfect morning blow job."

"Yes, dear," she smiled. Her head bobbed up and then bobbed down, her lips round his massive member.

He grunted in pleasure as his Mother's head went up and down. She sucked loudly, slurping at the huge dick and taking it deep within her mouth so that only the balls were visible. Leonard beamed with joy, "Make me cum, Mother, I want to fill your mouth with my spunk."

Beverly slurped noisily, going up and down his schlong as fast as possible. He groaned and grunted, trying to hold off the inevitable explosion. It came too quickly, the cum blasting out and into her mouth. She swallowed what she could, choking down the salty semen, but there was too much and some spurted out through her lips. She looked ashamed, more at the fact she hadn't given him the perfect blow job than that she had been deep-throating her son's cock after it had been up her asshole. With the mind-control machine she knew no shame. Leonard was in a forgiving mood, so didn't mention that the blow job had only been 90% perfection. "Go make breakfast and then you can ask me some more questions about my research."

* * *

Later that afternoon Leonard dropped his Mother at the airport. He had thought about having her stay a few days longer, but he was also due to pick up Sheldon and even his notoriously unaware apartment share would notice if Beverly was continually slipping into Leonard's room for a quickie. But also, after the amount of times that he had fucked her over the short Christmas break Leonard's cock needed to recharge.

However, he had no intention of stopping the experiment. He pulled her close, his hand reaching down to her ass so that anyone who passed thought she was an older woman with her toy-boy lover not a Mother with her son. "I've put a machine in your bag, you don't need to know what it is or what it does. Just keep it turned on all the time."

"I will do, Leonard," his Mother looked at him, yearning, "I'll miss you."

Leonard smirked, "You will. I want you to finger fuck yourself every night and think of my cock as you do it."

"It won't be enough," she panted. "My fingers are a fraction of the size of your massive dong."

"I'll be e-mailing you some things to do and buy, make sure you do," Leonard said. "That sounds like your plane announcement. You better go."

* * *

Almost exactly a week later Leonard's laptop buzzed. He glanced at it and saw the stern face of his Mother on the screen. "I'm going to take this in my bedroom," he said to an uninterested Sheldon, before he picked it up and retreated into the privacy of his room. The mind control machine had worked when he'd been around, but now he needed to see whether it was still working and whether his Mother without him constantly ordering her to do things had followed his instructions and kept it on.

He placed the laptop on the desk and answered the call. "Mother," he said in greeting.

"Leonard," she replied as stern as she ever was. It was hard to tell with her lack of emotion whether she was just concealing her disgust at what had happened or hiding her overwhelming lust and need to obey. He would soon find out...

"Remove your jacket," he said.

She stood up and took it off. "Your brother..." she started to say.

"I don't want to hear about my brother or my sister," he interrupted. She nodded in agreement and sat down."Now take off your top."

Instantly she obeyed, removing the sweater so that she was sitting in her bra. That was next to go, as obedient to his next instructions she removed it so that she was sitting in front of the machine topless. Leonard salivated with lust. He reached down and undid his pants, pulling out his schlong to stroke. "Remove your skirt," he ordered and he wasn't surprised as she stood and did so.

It fell to the floor and she stood in front of the laptop screen, just wearing her panties and them not for long as he said, "Pull down your underwear."

She did and stood there exposed. He beamed "You kept yourself shaved."

"You asked me to Leonard," she said in the tone which suggested he was a half-wit. He let it pass as he was so happy to see how well the experiment was going he wasn't worried about a few snide comments, they were to be expected at times and later on he could always boost his ego but telling her to admire his work.

"Spread your pussy, show me your hole," he ordered.

His mother did exactly as she was told, her fingers pulling apart her hole so he could salivate over the cunt and remember who now owned it. He stroked his dick harder. "Did you get what I told you?"

"Yes," she sounded affronted he had to ask.

"Get the butt-plug and insert it into your ass. Turn round as you do it so I can see."

She vanished for a few seconds, returning into shot with a shocking pink butt-toy. She turned her back to him and bent over, one hand pulling back a cheek as the second one probed with the toy until she got the hole and pushed it in. The sphincter expanded to take it and Leonard watched as it greedily sucked it in until only the rim was visible. His Mother straightened, the toy firmly embedded in her pooper. "Now get the dildo," he instructed, "Sit on the bed so I can see you and spread your legs apart, then use it."

He watched as she did as he said, licking the toy, before slipping it into her snatch. She began to masturbate as he watched. Leonard worked his own dick quicker, angling the camera so that his Mother could see him jacking off to her masturbation. It turned her on as much as it did him and she plunged the dildo deeper and quicker into her pussy, drilling deep. She quivered as both her holes were filled with toy, not as good as his schlong, but enough to make her shudder and blush with excitement.

The two of them masturbated furiously together until Leonard let go, his cum shooting all over the screen. He leant forward and peered through the blurred screen at his Mother, still toying herself and moaning softly. She would probably continue all night if he didn't tell her to stop and he was part tempted to do so, to see how long she would carry on. He watched for a short while and then said, "You can stop now, though remember to masturbate tonight before you sleep and think of my cock in your holes."

"I do every night," she said.


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