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Big Bang Theory: The Boy Scout Solution (FFbb, oral, cpie)
by Neenah

Amy Farrah Fowler and her best friend, Penny, were sitting in Penny's apartment. As was often the case they were moaning about their boyfriends. Penny's boyfriend, Leonard, was getting more clingy and demanding, like a puppy. Penny wouldn't have minded if his wiener hadn't been as small as the rest of him; she had been trying to split him for ages, but every time he looked at her with his puppy dog eyes she had felt that dumping him would be like stomping on a puppy. Amy's boyfriend, Sheldon, was the opposite. She had no idea how well-endowed he was (though if prick size was related to height he would be huge) because he wasn't clingy enough, being more interested in his collection of Star Trek figurines that bedding his girlfriend. Even though they had being going out for over a year they had done nothing more intimate than hold hands in public and Sheldon had complained about that. Both young women were as horny as hell and in need of a proper dick.

There was a knock at the door. It couldn't be Sheldon as he always knocked three times and interspersed it with a 'Penny'. It couldn't be Leonard either as he knocked like a wuss, his weak taps almost inaudible.

"I better see who it is," said Penny. She put down her glass of wine and walked over to open the door.

"Hello Miss. Do you want to buy some cookies for our fundraiser?" two eleven year old scouts stood outside, holding up a bland looking box of cookies. They looked pristine in their freshly pressed uniforms, their hats firmly fixed on their heads and their neckerchiefs smartly pressed and toggled round their necks. But what drew Penny's attention was the large bulges in both boys' shorts. Behind her Amy had also seen and was getting up off the couch to join her friend at the door.

The two young women stood there for a moment gazing down at the two young boys and imaging what the feel of their cocks would be like. After a few moments Penny recovered her senses, "Yes. Why don't you come in and I'll find some money."

The two boys entered and Penny gestured to the couch, "Sit down," she said, "What's your names?"

"Pete," said one, a snub nosed redhead with freckles.

"Tommy," said the other, more deeply tanned than his friend with dark black hair.

"I'll just go and get some money from my room," said Penny and nodding to her friend, "Come with me." She closed the door behind her and said, "Did you see the size of them?"

"Yes," said Amy, "Statistically improbable that two boys were be so big-dicked at such an age, but not impossible."

"Obviously not," said Penny as she would have to ignore the evidence of her own eyes. She fished around and found a two twenty dollars on her cabinet before saying, "Are you thinking what I'm thinking?"

"If you're thinking we should get their penises in our vagina and then bang their little brains out of their head," replied Amy.

"That was exactly what I was thinking," her friend smiled back, "Now follow my lead and don't blow it. At least not until I do." She undid a couple of buttons on Amy's done up-blouse, "Show a little more cleavage," she said and rummaged in her drawer to find a more revealing vest for herself that she changed into. Then she touched up her lip gloss and made Amy do the same, ruby red lips like a vagina as Amy pointed out. That done she opened the door and walked back into the main room where the two scouts were sitting on the sofa as good as gold.

Penny sat down next to Pete as Amy sat next to his friend. The beautiful blonde's skirt went up slightly and she slid over so that her thigh was brushing against his. Pete's cock stirred as her naked skin touched his. She smiled and placed her hand on his thigh, motioning her less experienced friend to do the same to Tommy. She rubbed up and down, casually and pretending to ignore the massive rise she was getting, "Have you two sold many boxes of cookies?"

"N...not many," replied Pete, shivering as her hand moved up his thigh. He forced himself to point at the rucksacks they'd lain on the floor as they'd come in. They were almost full, "We just started."

"We'll pay forty dollars for the whole lot. How does that sound?" asked Penny.

"That sounds swell," said Tommy, not looking at Penny but at the Amy as she massaged his thigh with her hand.

"Now as we bought them all you don't need to spend all afternoon knocking at doors; you can stay here with us. Does that sound a good?"

The two boys looked at each other and then the two young women, cleavage showing and slow smiles crossed their faces as they thought about it and what the women were wanting. "That sounds swell as well," said Pete.

"Good," Penny said, "Now let's get you comfortable and get this tie off you."

She pulled down the toggle and tossed the piece of coloured material on the floor. Amy followed her lead, snuggling close to her boy scout as she did. Penny moved her head close to Pete and slid a hand under his shirt. His chest was smooth and straight, with neither pecs nor hair - a bit like Leonard's. But the cock straining beneath Pete's shorts was nothing like her boyfriend's tiny member. Penny rubbed the boy's chest a bit more and saw him squirm with excitement.

She smiled, "I am going to kiss. Do you think you'd like that?" Pete nodded, so Penny continued, "I am going to open my mouth to kiss you, when I do I want you to put your tongue in my mouth and move it around."

"I'm going to do the same," instructed Amy to Tommy, who also nodded.

Penny moved her face closer and opened her mouth, planting it over Pete's. The boy opened his lips and pushed his tongue into her, pushing it around like he was born to it. Penny felt her toes curl as Pete's tongue slid round and round. He was natural kisser, thought Penny, as she allowed him to press against her. She rubbed his chest, running her hand over his boy nipples. She could see Amy and Tommy were slurping passionately and from the look in her friend's eyes Amy was having a good make-out as well, probably the best she'd ever had.

Penny's hand went out of Pete's shirt and moved down unbuttoning it as she went and then pulling it out of his shorts. She moved her hand over her skinny frame and kissed him harder. His tongue moved over hers and made her feel hornier than ever. "Let's see what we have here," she giggled and shifted her hand lower.

She unbuttoned the top button of his shorts and pulled down the zip. She could feel his large cock stir as she did. She took her face away from his and put her hands on the top of the shorts and pulled down, bringing down both the shorts and the Y-fronts. Penny gasped in shock, her eyes wide. She had known that Pete would have a massive member, but even so she hadn't been expecting it to be twelve inches of pulsating rod. She was still staring in surprise when she heard Amy gasp as well, "That's a big one." Penny looked over and saw that Amy had followed her example in stripping Tommy, but her gasp of surprise wasn't just in imitation of Penny but because Tommy's schlong was as whopping as his friend's.

Penny felt her excitement grow and she slipped off the couch and onto her knees, "Let me get these shoes off," she said and undid Pete's laces as beside her Amy did the same. The women put the boys' socks in their shoes and dropped the shoes next to the neckerchief. Penny looked up, the erect prick was in her eye line and she stared lustfully at it for a moment before reaching up to his shorts and underwear, half-way down his thighs, "I'll take these off now." She pulled them down and dropped them daintily to the floor. Tommy's were removed by Amy and dropped down on his friend's pair.

Penny stood up, motioning for Amy to do the same. Her friend did so, gazing lustfully at the boys as she stood. Penny said, "Can you get your shirts off on your own if me and Amy get ourselves naked."

The boys nodded and Amy said, "Have you ever seen a naked woman?"

Pete shook his and Tommy said, "Just my Mom."

"Oh sweetie," smiled Penny, "We're not your Mommy's, we're going to take you place's no Mom would."

She quickly pulled off her vest. The boy's schlongs seemed to shoot upright as they admired her boobs. She quickly slipped out of her mini-skirt and pulled down her panties, showing her cunt, almost smooth apart from a small tuft of hair. Last off were her slip-ons and socks. She stood naked as Amy finished undressing, folding her clothes neatly as she removed them off until she too was naked, apart from her glasses. Penny twirled round, showing Pete and Tommy her naked body, Amy followed her in the twist, almost falling over but keeping her feet at the last moment. Penny stood with her hands on her hips, "What do you think boys? Do you think that we're sexy?"

Both boys nodded enthusiastically and Penny got to her knees again, Amy following. The blonde shuffled forward to between Pete's legs, "Have you ever had a woman lick your cock? No... well you're going to have one do it now." She moved her head forward and began to suck the magnificent meat. Pete's eyes nearly popped out of his head as the naked blonde's tongue moved from his smooth ballsack all the way up his huge shaft and then licked at the bulbous head. Tommy was also gripping the sofa, tense with excitement as Amy followed her friend's lead and licked round the schlong, leaving it nice and wet. Together the two women's tongues moved around and round the meaty pricks, licking them and soaking them in saliva. Then Penny looked up and said, "Do you want me to put it in my mouth?"

"Yes please," said the young scout. He let out a small moan as Penny opened her mouth and slid it down. His dick was so big she couldn't take it far and her jaw ached as her lips stretched over the humongous dong. Amy also looked like she was struggling to fit Tommy in her mouth, though she was giving it a good try. However Penny wasn't trying to get it all in, but just to soak it enough to help it get up her wet cunt and as she pushed herself down far enough to choke out the saliva dribbled down the erect prong. She carried on until the cock was shining with her spit. Then, satisfied the schlong was soaked and ready, the blonde lifted her head.

"Do you know what sex is?" she giggled.

The boys looked at each other and nodded shyly, before Tommy said, "It's when the boy sticks his thing in a girl and makes a baby."

"Almost sweetie. If the woman's on a pill, like we are, there won't be a baby. They just do it for fun. Do you and Pete want to have a go?" Penny replied.

"What's it like?" asked Pete, "As nice as what you've just done?"

"Why don't you see?" Penny laughed and stood up. Taking the boy's hand she helped him to his feet and then lay him on the floor in front of the couch. Amy did the same with Tommy and the two eleven year old scouts lay naked on the floor, with their huge members sticking into the air. Penny crouched over Pete, as Amy took the same position over Tommy. The blonde moved her fingers to her pussy - it was wet - and pried it apart. She began to lower herself down on the meaty stick, "This will be fun," she said smiling.

The cock stretched at her pussy as she went down and she thanked God that she'd sucked it enough to lubricate it and that she was so horny that she was soaking. Even lubed, the prick filled her pussy, stretching the walls. Slowly she worked herself up and down, seeing that Amy was doing the same, a look of concentration on her friend's face. As she moved she became more used to it and began to move faster, bouncing up and down on the large dick, her boobies bouncing and her hair flying. "Oh yes, Pete, fuck my pussy, fuck my wet pussy," she called out, "I want you to fuck my wet pussy with your massive schlong."

Amy was bouncing as well, her long hair flapping round her and her glasses steaming up. She was crying in excitement as her sexual frustration was released. "Oh, oh, oh, I'm reaching a stimulating level of orgasmic rapture."

"I'm cumming," shrieked Penny.

The two women moved up and down, their jugs jiggling and bouncing. The schlongs went deep into their holes, filling them with pleasure and excitement. The two boys lay back and their eyes feasting in the women's naked bouncing boobies and enjoying the warm, tight grip of cunt on their manhoods. Penny and Amy jacked up and down on their haunches, thrusting themselves onto the schlongs and sexually satisfying themselves for the first time in months.

Tommy came first, shooting his seed deep into Amy. The bespectacled woman gave a last moan of pleasure and rolled off him, letting the cum trickle out of her pussy and coat her lips and the flesh around them. The sight of the spunk dribbling from her friend's pussy made Penny redouble her own efforts and she rode Pete's massive member even more energetically, moaning as the supersized schlong slapped at her spot. She could feel sweat on her skin as she bounced. Below her Pete's thin frame shook like he was a trampoline. His eyes widened and Penny felt the warm wetness of his spunk shoot up her twat, blast after blast filling her with his sperm as she twisted and let it fill her. Penny slid off his prick and onto her back, letting the cum sink slowly down her. She smiled, "That was fun."

Amy and the boys all nodded in agreement.


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