(fictional story about fictional characters)

Big Bang Theory: Randall's Birthday (dp,dpp,orgy)
by shaggy77

Leonard Hofstadter knocked on 4B and without waiting for an invitation, opened the door and entered the apartment of his gorgeous girlfriend. Since their relationship had advanced to a more intimate one, they each had taken the liberty of treating each others apartments as their own: as long as the door was unlocked, it was fine to come in. Of course Leonard's roommate Sheldon still admonished Penny for not waiting for an invitation to enter, but they just laughed it off as they did most of his idiosyncrasies. Penny was on the phone and just greeted him with a wide smile as he heard her say, "OK Daddy, I'll FAX it to you...say Hi to Mom...bye."

She was dressed in her loathsome Cheesecake Factory uniform as she dropped her phone on the coffee table. Penny hated the uniform but Leonard found it to be incredibly sexy; although he would never admit that to her. What was not to like: it showed her incredible legs and just a hint of her sexy cleavage. He knew that if she had a customer wearing an expensive suit, or if the reservation said "Dr." she would unbutton her blouse an extra button in an attempt to receive a larger tip...and with her assets this strategy was usually successful.

"Hi Honey," she greeted him and he had to force himself to concentrate on her conversation. Since he had graduated to the nickname "Honey," from her ubiquitous greeting of "sweetie," which she called everyone; Leonard fantasized about their future together every time he heard it. He was head-over-heels in love with his beautiful blonde neighbor and happier than he had ever been. "That was my Dad," she confirmed, "Randall had his trial and the judge put him on probation. If he gets caught cooking crystal meth again, they're sending him to prison...real prison this time, not just the county lockup."

Trying to not fixate on her angelic face, Leonard replied, "wow, that's rough. I'm glad he's out of the county slammer, though. It must have been rough in stir." Randall was her brother who seemed to excel at one thing...making drugs.

Chuckling, Penny answered, "nice prison nerd. Daddy thinks it would be a good idea for him to get away from his degenerate friends for awhile and he convinced the judge to grant him permission to cross state lines as long as he had a job and a place to live."

"Sooo...," Leonard inquired.

"Daddy asked me if Randall could come and live with me until his probation is over. I know Wade will give him a job at the Cheesecake Factory; we're always shorthanded; and I'll be sure to show some cleavage when I ask."

"I heard you mention a FAX," Leonard questioned, trying to ignore the flesh baring comment.

"Oh yeah," she began, pulling him down next to her on the sofa and giving him her most seductive look, "I need to ask you a couple favors."

"You know you don't even have to ask," he assured her, glancing down at her naked thigh as her skirt rode up when she crossed her legs.

"Well I have to FAX a copy of a utility bill to the judge to confirm my residence, and a written job offer as proof of promised employment. Would you mind doing that for me...there must be a FAX machine at the university," she told him.

"Wow a FAX they even use those anymore," Leonard mused, "of course I'll do it for you...H.R. probably has one. So he'll be living here in your apartment?"

"Yep," she confirmed.

Trying not to be selfish and wondering how her brother's presence was going to affect their time together, he asked, "you said you had two favors."

"Well I think I should give Randall a little privacy, so I was wondering if it would be a problem if I spent a lot more nights in your room," she asked, grinning.

Leonard wasn't sure but he thought his heart actually skipped a beat as he inquired, "you mean with me there too...right."

"Oh you poor damaged man," Penny stated as she grasped the sides of his head, planted her lips on his and kissed him passionately, for at least five Mississippi's, slipping her tongue inside his mouth, "does that answer your question."

"I think I can grant both of those favors," Leonard assured her while nibbling on her ear lobe and neck, knowing it drove her crazy.

"Oh my God," she moaned, "I would love to, but as you can see by my attire, I have a shift. I would accept a ride, however."

"It would be my pleasure, m-lady," Leonard told her, knowing he could at least look at her legs in the car.

Three weeks later, Penny and Leonard were in his car driving home from the airport with her brother Randall in the back seat. Leonard liked him: he was pleasant in a goofy sort of way. It turned out he was a sort of drug-making just seemed to come naturally for him. He knew all the nuances and formulas and would probably have made a good chemist. He was quirky though: every time a CHIP motorcycle would go by the car, he would duck down in the seat and yell, "cops."

"Randall, stop it," Penny scolded him, "you haven't done anything here...they don't know you."

"Yet," he whispered.

"No, you will never do anything to attract the attention of the police you understand," she continued, "need I remind you that you are on probation...sort of in my WILL behave or I'll go all Nebraska on you."

Randall knew she could do it too, he had grown up wrestling with her, and always losing. "You know the Nebraska Probation Department handed me off to the California one so they can request that I come to their office at any time for a urine test," he informed them. He began to educate them on urine tests: "alcohol is the drug of choice because it leaves the bloodstream in about 24 hours, whereas marijuana is the worst because traces can remain for three weeks. Cocaine is water based, so about 48 hours is the max; and crystal meth-my specialty-stays in the system for 3 to 5 days."

"So if you have to have something, have a drink," Penny ordered him, "do not get me in trouble with Dad."

"Got ya," Randall agreed, "not to mention they'll revoke my probation and send me to prison."

"The big house...the slammer," Leonard grinned, reaching over and squeezing Penny's knee through her jeans.

"You are such a nerd," she laughed, leaning in and kissing him on the cheek.

Randall settled in to California life quickly and Leonard couldn't have been happier with the living arrangements. Penny slept with him nearly every night, and Sheldon had actually (reluctantly) amended the infamous "roommate agreement" to include Penny. Randall, with his goofball personality, was popular at the Cheesecake Factory with the other employees. Pablo, the dishwasher, and Juan, the other busboy, took him under their wing and he was soon "one of the gang." Wade, the manager, liked him because he worked for the same wages as the undocumented Mexicans, and he knew Randall would be there even after ICE (Immigration & Customs Enforcement) held one of their routine raids. Being only two and a half hours from the border, it was easy to keep hiring new kitchen help about every six weeks.

One evening after take-out dinner from Szechwan Palace, the gang was just sitting around talking (actually listening to Sheldon drone on about something Penny didn't understand) when Randall excused himself and went back to Penny's apartment. Whispering (for some reason, even though Randall wasn't present), Penny informed them that Randall's birthday was later that week and asked if they would mind throwing him a little party...nothing big, just something to let him know they liked him.

"Ooo, we should definitely do that," Bernadette agreed, "he's such a cutie."

"What about me," Howard asked defensively, "am I a cutie."

Hugging his bony arm, Bernadette assured him, "you're my cutie-patootie."

"Right...anyway I'm so proud of Randall for staying clean...and I know he misses everyone back in Nebraska," Penny told them.

"As far as you know," Howard added as Penny stared daggers in his direction.

"That's a great idea, angel," Leonard chimed in, "count me in...anything you need."

She blew him a kiss as Raj joined in, "I love parties...let me organize the whole thing...cake, streamers, balloons."

"Thank you Raj," Penny grinned, "that would be great...just keep it simple."

"Well I see where this is a runaway train," Sheldon commented. "Since I am obviously out-voted, I will attend on several conditions: balloons OK, but only latex; they get all soft and squishy...absorb dust and you never know when they are going to explode. No candles on the cake; we don't need to ingest someone's spittle after blowing them out. Words on the cake must have both upper and lower case letters...all caps make it seem like the cake is shouting. No loud music."

"Wow, you're just a party animal," Leonard joked, "you realize you really don't have much choice since the party will be here."

During her shift at the Cheesecake Factory the next day, Penny was picking up an order in the kitchen and offhandedly mentioned to her brother, "don't make any plans for Saturday...we're all having dinner together at Leonard's." When he left with a tray to pick up dishes, she casually mentioned to Pablo and Juan, "Saturday is Randall's birthday."

After she left the kitchen with her order, Pablo turned to Juan, "you know Randall's a good dude...let's give him a party tonight after closing. Wade leaves early tonight and Penny locks up, so no problem." Juan shook his head and went directly to the refrigerator and shoved one of the special birthday cheesecakes all the way to the back so no one would take it.

The next time Penny came into the kitchen, Pablo told her the plan and she smiled, "oh you guys are so sweet...thank you...that sounds like fun...he'll love it."

It was a slow night and Penny actually locked the front door a few minutes early and after everything was cleaned up, she engaged Randall in small talk while Juan hurriedly stuck a couple candles in the cheesecake and brought it into the dining area. Penny grinned and began to join the two Mexicans in a chorus of Happy Birthday (except theirs was mostly in Spanish). Randall's smile couldn't have been wider as Pablo handed everyone a shot glass from the bar and poured tequila. Penny knew Randall shouldn't be drinking but he was the one that had mentioned alcohol dissipates in the blood stream the quickest of all recreational drugs. "Oh man...thank you guys...this is so great," 'Randall acknowledged, "how did you know."

Pablo responded, "Penny told us...she is a good sister."

"She sure is," Randall agreed and grabbed Penny by the shoulders and kissed her full on the lips. Pablo and Juan looked at each other with wide eyes upon seeing the display of affection between the siblings. Penny took her phone out of her pocket and pulled up some music, encouraging everyone to dance. After a couple dances, they all stopped, Randall blew out the candles and they shared strawberry cheesecake. Everyone seemed to be talking at once, remembering past birthdays or parties, and all the while downing shots of tequila.

Juan pointed out, "this was bottled not far from where we live."

Penny shed her dirty vest and they couldn't help but notice that her white blouse was unbuttoned nearly to her navel. The three men crowded around her and tried to mimic her dance moves, but were no match for an inebriated Penny. They had finished an entire bottle of tequila when Penny dropped to her knees in front of Randall and announced, "I haven't given you a proper birthday gift in years...I bet the last time was your seventeenth birthday, before I moved to California."

"That's right...and I've missed those gifts," Randall told her, his speech slightly slurred.

Without hesitation, Penny reached up, unbuttoned and unzipped his pants and yanked them and his boxers down to his ankles. His erection sprung up and smacked her in the chin as Pablo and Juan looked on in astonishment. She immediately grasped his prick in her hands and began to stroke it to full attention. It wasn't the fattest cock she had ever held; as a matter of fact it resembled a pepperoni stick; but it was a good ten inches in length with a nice bulbous head. Penny was very familiar with Randall's rod, as they were a VERY close family. Staring up at him with her sparkling eyes, she started to lick his pole from the balls to the crown. Reaching the tip and flicking her tongue out to gather his pre-cum, she opened wide and took his length into her mouth.

Closing her ruby lips around his shaft and licking the underside, she let him slide the entire prick down her throat. Juan and Pablo could see her neck muscles ripple as if she were trying to swallow him whole. Randall just leaned his head back, closed his eyes and moaned, "Daddy always says Mom is great, but you are the best...and he's one can suck a cock like you, Sis."

"Mank mu, "Penny mumbled around his shaft as she fondled his balls. The Mexicans could tell she was sucking hard because her cheeks were concave and Randall's scrotum was slapping against her chin.

"You know, Senorita Penny, I think it is my birthday too," Pablo stated hopefully.

"Yes...and mine," Juan added, rubbing his crotch.

They could tell she was smiling by the way the corners of her sexy mouth turned up and she responded by extending her hands, palms up, and wiggling her fingers as if to say, "come here." Faster than they would run from the ICE agents, they shoved their trousers down to their ankles and stepped forward, laying their pricks in her hands. "Mmmm, mice," she mumbled as her farm-girl hands grasped their shafts. Looking up at their faces so she could tell whose cock was in which hand, she found that her hands did not go all the way around either one. Pablo's rod was on the short side, maybe six inches, but thick as a Coke bottle; while Juan was the possessor of a monster. His dick must have been as long as Randall's, but as wide as a soup can with a tennis ball crown. "Moly mit," she exclaimed as she squeezed her treasures. She thought to herself, "before this night is over, I'm going to feel that cock in my pussy."

She really couldn't concentrate on sucking Randall and jerking off the other two pricks at the same time, so she just began to rhythmically clench and unclench her fists, squeezing their rods. Juan leaned down and finished unbuttoning her blouse while Pablo shoved it down and off her shoulders, giving them access to her flimsy white bra. Deftly, Juan reached behind her and unclasped the lacy garment and assisting the straps to fall down her milky shoulders to her elbows, exposing her incredible breasts. They were wonders of nature; a full 36 C with large elliptical pink areola and dark pink gumdrop sized nipples. There was just a hint of sag against her chest as they giggled firmly and proud. "Holy shit, look at those tits," Pablo yelled, nearly jumping up with joy.

Pablo and Juan each quickly corralled one of Penny's magnificent breasts and began to roughly knead them like bread dough, trapping and pinching her nipples between their fingers. "Mmmm," she moaned as she picked up the pace on their pricks. "I need a cock in me," she thought as her throat milked Randall's hard-on.

"I can't hold out any longer, Sis, you're too good," Randall exclaimed as he watched his cock slide through her lips and down her throat. Feeling him tense and then erupt in her mouth, Penny swallowed as fast as she could, sucking his balls dry as he grasped the sides of her angelic face and fucked her mouth. Randall pumped and spurted what seemed like a quart of pent-up cum down her throat and Penny finally pulled back and let him slide put of her mouth as she gasped for air.

Grasping the poles in her hands with more vigor, she concentrated on getting them off, licking first one head and then the other. Watching the gorgeous blonde lick his crown, Pablo yelled, "estupendo," and his cock exploded in her hand. His streams of cum landed on her cheek and in her hair as she kept her mouth wide open trying to capture some of his load. She had better luck as Juan followed with an eruption of his own, spurting most of his seed directly between her ruby lips, and dripping off the tip of her nose.

"Dios mio," (oh my God) Juan gasped as he pumped his hips at her face, "she has the face of an angel."

Releasing her grip on their pricks, Penny rubbed her knees as she stood and remarked, "there's nothing angelic about what we're going to do here." Using her fingers, she wiped the sperm off her cheeks and then sucked her digits into her mouth, thoroughly cleaning them. Grabbing a ubiquitous bar rag off a nearby table, she wiped her face and hair, and then shrugged the blouse and bra off her arms and threw them onto a chair. Dancing to the music still playing in the background, she sexily shoved the horrible blue skirt down her legs, and followed that by pirouetting and leaning back against the edge of a table. Hooking her thumbs into the waistband of her skimpy white thong, she slowly peeled it down her endlessly long legs and flicked it aside with her foot.

"Pelado," Pablo exclaimed, meaning bare; as Penny revealed her completely bald mound. She was totally nude and she was exquisite...the most beautiful creature any of them had ever seen. Her slit glistened with her arousal as she leaned back against the table and fondled her wonderful tits, bouncing and squeezing them.

Sliding her hands down her body, she spread her legs obscenely wide, hooked her fingers into the sides of her labia and spread her puffy lips wide. The inside of her pussy was vivid pink and wet as she inquired, "could I interest anyone in dessert?"

"Dios mio," exclaimed Pablo, "she is the most beautiful woman in America." All three men dove between her legs, but Juan got there first and shoved the others aside as he kneeled before the blond goddess. Actually trembling, he ran his rough hands up her silky legs and thighs until he replaced her fingers with his thumbs and spread her juicy lips wider. Too turned on for finesse, Juan shoved his face into Penny's crotch and began to chew on her plump lips.

"Oh shit," she groaned and ground her pelvis against his face. Juan responded by stabbing his forefinger up into her pussy, while lapping at her slit. He added another finger and started to slide them in and out of her dripping hole. Pablo and Randall attached their lips to her gumdrops and began to suckle, as they roughly kneaded her mounds of flesh. Penny's body was quivering as they stimulated her and she demanded Juan, "get up here...I need to feel that monster inside me...I need to be"

Juan stood between her incredible legs, as she leaned back onto the table, and taking his prick into his hand, nudged it against her moist slit. She spread her legs even farther, trying to lower her body onto his pole, her pelvis gyrating in anticipation. Juan simply stood up straighter, allowing his bulbous crown to penetrate her tight slit. "Ohhhh," Penny moaned as he gained entry, "shove that huge fucking cock into me...don't tease me...I need that fucking monster inside my cunt." Juan smiled like a kid on Christmas morning and shoved upward, burying his massive pole up into Penny's pussy, stretching every inch of her slippery hole. "Yessss...yesss...fuck me...fuck me...stretch my fucking cunt," she squealed as her body trembled.

She grasped the edge of the table with both hands as Juan began to slam his horse-cock violently in and out of her hole. He had never been happier: he was fucking the most beautiful woman he had ever seen and her pussy was as tight as a too-small condom. Her cunt was stretched so tightly that he was nudging her swollen clit with each stroke, causing her to climax numerous times. "Oh my God...that feels so fucking good...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me harder," she begged. Juan watched her magnificent tits bounce against her creamy white chest and knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. "Fuck me you Mexican devil...jam that fucking cock into me."

Juan leaned forward, bending her lithe body back against the table, braced his hands on the table and rammed his meat up into her belly as far as it would go. Penny felt his body tense and then tremendous pressure inside her pussy as he erupted. "Fill my fucking cunt," she ordered, "fuck me...fuck me." Juan pumped into her until he was satiated and then just stood his ground and watched his shriveling snake slide out of her tunnel. Penny was far from satisfied as she leaned against the table, their combined juices streaming down her inner thighs. She looked at Randall, standing aside with his prick in his hand, and motioned for him to join her. Penny turned around and bent over the table, inviting Randall, "I know what you want."

Bending over the table until her upper body was laying on it, she spread her incredible legs, reached behind her with both hands and pulled her perfectly round cheeks wide apart. Randall grinned and admitted, "you can read me like a book, Sis. Every time someone took me in jail, I thought of your unbelievable ass." Stepping up behind her, Randall used his hands to gather the moisture drooling down her thighs and slather it on the length of his pole. Gently, he nudged his crown against her sphincter ring and pushed forward as he held her waist. Feeling him break through her opening, Penny pushed back against him, helping him to penetrate her ass. "Oh that's nice," he assured her, "I forgot how tight your ass was."

"Yeah, I'm pretty selective about who gets to sample it," she admitted. Actually only family and Leonard were allowed in her rear tunnel, and Leonard would much rather fuck her pussy. "Leonard doesn't use it much...he says he wants to see my beautiful face when we're having sex. He's a real's one of the things I love about him." Randall kept steadily pushing into her ass until his balls slapped against her cheeks. "Oooo, that actually feels pretty nice," Penny told him, "you know I've never been a big fan."

"Yeah, I remember," Randall answered, "what a shame too because you have an absolutely perfect ass. Your ass feels like home."

"You can stop with the sweet're already in," she laughed, "now shut up and fuck my ass." Randall slowly began to slide his pole in and out of her tight brown hole as Penny pushed her hips back against him. They looked up at the same time, saw Pablo standing beside them, and had the same idea. Randall wrapped his arms around Penny's waist, stood her up and turned them around so that he was leaning back against the table with his sister in front of him. Penny reached down with both hands and once again spread her fleshy lips wide, inviting Pablo to join them. Not believing his luck, Pablo just stood there jerking his rod and Penny admonished him, "well big boy...are you just going to stand there or are you going to fuck me."

Stumbling forward, Pablo wedged his fat crown between her slit and shoved upward. With Randall firmly embedded in her ass, Penny felt like she was being split apart when Pablo stuffed his wide cock up into her slick pussy. "Oh my God," she screamed, "jam those fucking cocks into me...fuck me boys...fuck me hard." They began to fuck her holes in tandem, stretching them wide as they thrust up into her. With each aggressive push, they were lifting her exquisite nude body completely off the floor, suspending it between them. Penny's wonderful tits were flopping in circles and Pablo reached up and started to vigorously maul the soft mounds. "Oh God, I love your fucking cocks," Penny wailed as her glistening body convulsed in yet another orgasm.

Jumping up and wrapping her legs around Pablo's pudgy body, she demanded, "fuck me...fuck me." The sensation of both holes being penetrated at once was driving her wild. Using her toned legs to draw Pablo deeper inside her, she shrieked, "holy fucking shit," as the muscles in her tunnels went into a spasm. Feeling her gripping their cocks like a vise, Randall and Pablo responded by beginning to pump their seed deep inside her. "Fill my fucking holes...cum in me...cum in me," she gasped as they spurted hot fluid up into her..."I love fucking cock." Jamming their cocks up into her holes as far as possible, Pablo and Randall did their best to fill her; continuing to pump semen into her ass and pussy until they were drained.

Feeling them shrinking inside her, Penny released Pablo and stood on the floor as they slithered out of her stretched out tunnels. Randall and Pablo were sweating profusely and just stood back admiring Penny's naked body. Cum began to drip out of her holes and onto the floor as she brushed her blond mane away from her face. Juan grabbed a bar rag and wiped the floor, "Wade would bitch at us if there was a puddle on the floor in the morning."

"Yeah, imagine if he knew what it was," Penny chuckled. She retrieved another rag and wiped her crotch and ass, before gathering up her clothes. "Hey, where's my panties," she inquired and Juan sheepishly reached into his pants pocket to produce them. "Oh what the Hell...keep 'em," she smiled. "Happy Birthday, Randall."

Penny downed a couple cups of coffee and waited a while before driving home. She worried about how the impromptu "party" would affect her working relationship with Pablo and Juan, but it turned out her concerns were unfounded because about a week later ICE swept through the area and the Mexicans were gone.

Little did she know that on nights when Randall worked alone with Pablo and Juan, they would end the night smoking peyote that they had brought from the Mexican desert. They had grown up in the Huichal region of northern Mexico which was a thriving area for both the Peyote cacti and the blue agave cacti from which tequila was made. Randall spent much of his free time studying and peyote and experimenting with it. The drug mescaline was a derivative of Peyote cacti and was a powerful hallucinogen (with properties similar to LSD). The problem with mescaline was that it was such a powerful stimulant that it sometime produced dangerously high heart rates. With his uncanny ability to mix chemicals and substances, Randall reasoned that if mescaline was mixed with an equally strong depressant, such as tequila (or any high-proof alcoholic beverage), the heart risks would be nullified.

And he was correct: by mixing the peyote powder (mescaline) with the right ratio of alcohol, not only did it lose most of its hallucinogenic properties, but it seemed to act as a stimulant to the aphrodisiac. He couldn't wait until the right opportunity to try it out.

That Saturday Penny and Randall both worked an early shift and she reminded Randall that they were all having dinner together. She suggested that they stop at her (their) apartment first to change clothes. While in the bathroom, she phoned Leonard to make sure everything was ready for the surprise party. She tugged on a pair of "skinny" jeans and a Wonder Woman t-shirt that Leonard had given her and they crossed the hall to 4A. She let Randall go in first and everyone yelled "Happy Birthday" when he opened the door.

There were streamers and Birthday balloons everywhere, and the cake was amazing. Leonard had spared no expense and had gone to Wonderland Custom Cakes. He had downloaded a picture of their family farm from Penny's phone and the bakery had re-created a barn and farmhouse cakes. There were even farm animals and a tractor sculpted of modeling chocolate and fondant. "If only there were snow on the ground, it would look just like home," Randall remarked, clearly impressed.

Leonard raced to the refrigerator, returned with a can of Redi-Whip and sprayed whipped creme all around the bases of the buildings and several piles in the yard. "There," he triumphantly exclaimed, "instant snow."

It truly did look amazing and Penny was so touched by the effort he had put in to make her and Randall happy that she kissed his cheek, squeezed his butt and whispered in his ear, "thank you for this." She knew that he would do anything for her and she was pretty sure she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her "little Ewok." "Hey, what about know...the decorations," Raj asked.

"Thank you sweetie," she responded and kissed his cheek also.

Next to the cake on the kitchen counter was a huge bowl of red punch surrounded by glasses that resembled small Mason jars, like the ones her mother used to can pickles and jam in. She looked at Leonard with adoration and he remarked, "made with real Hawaiian Punch...I know it was Randall's favorite." Glancing around the room, Penny saw that all the regulars in their group were there (including Stuart), except Amy.

"Will Amy be here," she addressed Sheldon.

"Alas, as luck would have it, Amy will be attending her aunt's birthday party instead...and thank you for providing me with a suitable excuse for not accompanying her," Sheldon answered. Penny was actually relieved that Amy wasn't going to be there...sometimes she could be such a pretentious snob. She had made several comments about Randall's lack of education...stopping just short of calling him stupid.

Randall saw Howard sneak over to the punch bowl and pour a flask of some liquid into it and knew immediately that this was his opportunity to experiment with his peyote/mescaline concoction, so he excused himself by saying, "I have to go back to the apartment for a sec; I forgot to turn off some lights and I don't want Penny's electric bill to be any higher." Back in 4B, he grabbed a small plastic envelope from his dufflebag and returned to Leonard's apartment. While everyone was filling their plates with salad and pizza from Randall's favorite place, he surreptitiously dumped the contents of the envelope into the bowl and stirred it briskly. He had developed a fondness for California Pizza Kitchen; so no Giacomo's, no matter how much Sheldon had complained. Penny knew Leonard had taken the brunt of Sheldon's wrath, and loved him for it.

About half way through the meal, Penny noticed that Sheldon was becoming louder and more verbal than usual; even using some salty phrases, and exclaimed, "OK, who spiked the punch." Everyone in the room except Sheldon and Stuart raised their hands. "Tequila," she and Leonard admitted simultaneously.

"Vodka," Howard and Bernadette confessed, while Raj nodded his head. Surprisingly, Sheldon did not even comment...maybe a first for him on any subject.

As Randall cut the cakes, Sheldon objected, "no barn cake for me...give me some house."

"It's cake's all the same," Penny told him.

"No...I know what farm animals do in the barn," he commented, his words slightly slurred; "and I want some more punch...just use a clean ladle."

"'s animals, you wackadoodle."

After cutting the cake for everyone, Randall saw Leonard present him with a giant cupcake, covered with sprinkles and a big lit candle. "I thought you should get to blow out a candle on your birthday," Leonard told him. Penny nearly burst into tears at the thoughtfulness of her boyfriend in circumventing Sheldon's party rules. Everyone joined in for a chorus of "Happy Birthday."

After the food portion of the party, Raj suggested, "we should play a game."

"Noooo," everyone objected at once, "not one of your games." Raj was infamous for the games he invented, that were usually universally despised.

"I've got a surprise," Leonard proclaimed, and he brought out a box containing old fashioned Bingo cards and a wire basket filled with the Bingo balls. "I remember Penny saying you used to play Bingo back in Nebraska."

"Wow...Bingo," Randall shouted, "Mom used to take us to the Grange Hall every Wednesday to play Bingo...this is great."

This time Penny actually did well-up with tears and she hugged Leonard, "thank you honey...I can't believe you actually listened to me...and remembered. No boyfriend has ever listened to me before. I'm afraid you're going to have a tough time with Sheldon though...I mean, a game without computers...I don't think so."

"You may be surprised," Leonard grinned, "remember I know him better than anyone."

As if on cue, Sheldon blurted out, "oooo Memaw used to take us to the church to play...goody, goody."

Leonard just smiled at Penny, who squeezed his butt again, and Leonard asked, "who wants to call the numbers."

"Ooo, I do," Howard shouted, his hand extending in the air.

Everyone picked cards and markers and Howard began to spin the wire cage and call the numbers. He tried to make a reference to every call, like "B. for Bernadette, five...silly little references." Laughter was becoming more frequent and louder as more punch was consumed. Leonard had purchased small gifts for the winners from Stuart's comic book store...things like Batman figurines, and comic books; and everyone seemed happy.

When the prizes had run out, the game halted for another round of cake and punch. By now they were all feeling the effects of the combination of alcohol and mescaline, and the effects predicted by Randall were accurate: everyone in the room was becoming increasingly aroused. "More Bingo," Sheldon yelled, obviously inebriated, and Randall agreed.

"Since there are no more prizes," Howard suggested, "let's play strip-Bingo. Everyone but the winner has to lose an article of clothing."

"Yeah...let's do it," Bernadette agreed, "shoes and socks don't count."

"OK...then neither do pantyhose," Raj interjected, nodding toward Bernadette's legs.

"Yes they do smartypants...when you're not wearing panties," she mocked him with a sly grin.

"Yes let's play...I'm getting hot," Sheldon encouraged them. "Did you touch the thermostat, know the roommate agreement...."

Leonard cut him off, "no, I didn't, you crazy man."

"Not crazy, my Mother had me tested," Sheldon responded.

Howard continued to call the numbers and Stuart won the first game, with everyone else losing an article of clothing. Raj, Howard, Leonard, Randall and Sheldon all discarded their shirts, while Penny chose her tight jeans and Bernadette pulled her dress off over her head. Penny's Wonder Woman t-shirt was so long it acted like a short dress, but Leonard was becoming extremely aroused because he loved her wonderful long legs. Bernadette's sexy white lace bra barely contained her mammoth breasts, and when she sat cross-legged on the floor everyone could make out her mound through her pantyhose.

Bernadette won the second round with all the men (except Stuart) losing their trousers, and Penny tossing her t-shirt in the pile. Her skimpy light blue bra pushed her breasts together, making then seem even larger and her matching thong disappeared between her incredible ass cheeks. You could actually smell the arousal in the room; even Sheldon seemed to have a tent in his "tighty-whities."

When Raj won the next game, things suddenly became very interesting as Howard, Leonard, Sheldon and Randall all shed their underwear. Penny was, of course, familiar with Leonard and Randall, but watched closely as Howard and Sheldon revealed their pricks. Howard was as expected: slender like a hot dog and about the same length; and Sheldon possessed a nice seven-incher, about the girth of a pepperoni stick. Leonard's was her favorite: it was exactly 8 3/4 inches long...she had measured it, and very fat. All were fully erect when Penny unclasped her tiny bra and shrugged it off her shoulders. Her tits were incredible as they sagged just slightly on her milky white chest; her gumdrop nipples completely aroused.

Bernadette threw them a curve as she sat on the floor and instead of her bra, she began to peel her black pantyhose down her stumpy legs. True to her confession, she was not wearing panties and everyone had a close-up view of her slit as she contorted herself, pulling the hosiery off her feet. Her labia were incredibly long and on her left lip there was a tiny gold ring. "You slut," Penny shouted as she shoved her head between Bernadette's legs to get a better view.

"Yeah, a souvenir of a drunken Spring Break sorority party," Bernadette confessed. "Do you like it...Howie loves it, don't you Howie."

"I sure do," he thrust out his nonexistent chest with pride, "sometimes I attach a chain to it and lead her around like my dog...before doing it doggy-style."

"Howie," Bernadette scolded him, "that's our secret."

Sheepishly, he said, "sorry," and began to call the next game.

Leonard won the game and now everyone was going to be naked. Raj quickly shoved his boxers down his brown legs and Bernadette and Penny gasped as his penis sprang into was massive. Raj's prick, hard of course, was at least a foot long and as thick as a coke bottle with an angry looking purple crown. All inhibitions were now gone and Penny exclaimed, "holy crap on a cracker Raj, where have you been hiding that thing?"

"I know where I'd like to hide it," he mumbled as he watched Penny slide her tiny thong down her extremely long legs. Her mound was completely bald and her slit glistened with excitement as every male in the room stared...even Sheldon. Bernadette unhooked her lacy bra and tugged it off her shoulders, freeing her 38 D breasts as they flopped down against her chest and suddenly she was the center of attention. They seemed enormous, especially compared to her petite body, with large brown areola and jellybean nipples. The spiked and drugged punch had taken full effect and the only thing on everyone's minds was sex.

Penny felt warm all over when she noticed that every male in the room was gawking at Bernadette's impressive chest...except Leonard, who was staring lovingly at her nude body with a huge grin on his face. She wanted him right then and probably would have pounced on him if Raj hadn't interrupted with the query, "well, the clothes are all what...what does the winner get now."

"Ooo ooo, I know," Howard fidgeted nervously, "the winner gets to make a request to any, or all, of the losers...and they can't refuse."

"Agreed," Bernadette seemed to speak for everyone who was overcome with lust and Howard read the numbers.

No male in the apartment could concentrate on Bingo with two beautiful naked women in the room, and it seemed to take forever until Stuart yelled, "bingo."

"You lucky dog," Howard encouraged him, "what is your command."

Stuart blurted out, "I'd like the girls to dance for us."

"Are you crazy," Howard demanded, "you could have told them to do anything...and you want them to dance."

"Leave him alone Howie," Bernadette scolded her boyfriend, "we'll make it a special dance...just for Stuart."

"Yeah, we'll make it worth a wish, sweetie," Penny assured Stuart as she stood in front of him and began to throw her hips from side to side.

"Holy shit she's some kind of super-woman," thought Stuart as he watched her nude body gyrate in front of him, "that Leonard is one lucky bastard." Penny knew exactly what effect she was having on him as his six-inch penis pointed to the ceiling. It was on the slender side, but had a plum sized crown that was already drooling from the slit. Bernadette joined her and immediately Stuart's attention was drawn to her enormous breasts as she shook them from side to side and up and down. They flopped on her bare chest like huge water-balloons, making slapping sounds as she awkwardly danced. Every man in the room was stroking their pricks as the blond beauties did their bump and grind in front of Stuart.

"I wish I had made that wish," Raj mumbled, his giant pole waving in front of him.

Wanting to regain Stuart's main focus, Penny grabbed the can of Redi-whip and squirted mounds of creme on her nipples and crotch. She had seen it in a movie, she couldn't remember the name (Varsity Blues) but it had involved football players and cheerleaders. Swaying for Stuart, she asked, "would you like to lick it off?" He nearly fell off the chair when he stood and, grinning from ear to ear, leaned forward and began to lick Penny's wonderfully firm left breast. Stuart literally sucked the whipped creme into his mouth and began to nibble on Penny's gumdrop. Switching to the right mound, he repeated his technique and then sank to his knees. Staring up at her incredible body, he leaned in and tentatively licked at the surface of the dollop covering her mound.

Her body shivering at his light touch, Penny encouraged the shy store keeper, "it's OK Stuart...lick it all off...clean me up." She grasped the sides of his head and held him in place as he lapped at her slit, licking up every trace of the whipped creme.

"Are you still hungry, Stuart," they heard Bernadette ask and watched as she inserted the Redi-whip nozzle between her fleshy lips and they could hear the can squirting creme up into her pussy. Stuart crawled on his knees to Bernadette, as the creme began to drip out of her slit. She spread her legs wide and Stuart attached his lips to hers and started to suck the creme out of her hole. Bernadette reached up and mashed her huge tits together, pinching her own nipples until they were red. It seemed like a competition between the blondes. When Stuart had sucked and licked all the whipped creme out of Bernadette's pussy, Penny pushed him back in his chair and squirted whipped creme along the length of his hard-on. Swiftly she dropped to her knees between his legs and in one motion, engulfed his entire rod in her mouth.

"Best dance ever," Stuart gasped as Penny began to suck on his penis, her cheeks indenting with her ferocity. He couldn't believe his luck: the most beautiful girl he had ever known was sucking his cock...all the way down her throat. The lust in the room had reached to point of no return. As Penny kneeled on all fours in front of Stuart, Raj dropped to his knees behind her and began to knead her perfectly round ass cheeks. Instinctively, she spread her knees wider and Raj leaned down and lapped at her slit. She was literally dripping on the floor when he used his thumbs to spread her fleshy mound and just sat back to enjoy the sight of her bright pink inner flesh.

He rubbed his giant crown up and down her wet slit before pressing it between her puffy lips. Slowly he leaned forward, attempting to gain entrance to the "holy ground" he had worshiped for years. Feeling the pressure against her slit, Penny spread her knees even farther and suddenly Raj's head plowed through her opening and into her pussy. "Moly mit," she mumbled around Stuart's prick as she felt her slit spread as wide as it had ever been. Raj grasped her tiny waist and began to push forward, his giant cock sliding into her cunt. Slowly he penetrated her, and Penny could feel her cunt being stretched inch by agonizing inch. Raising her head, she gasped, "oh my fucking God," as Raj buried his huge pole up into her belly. The pliable walls of her pussy stretched to permit Raj's gigantic cock, and gripped it's length like a condom.

He shoved forward until his balls slapped against her mound and exclaimed, "oh my Penny, your pussy is so tight." Buried inside her juicy hole, it felt better than Raj had ever imagined (and he had imagined it plenty). He didn't dare move for what seemed like minutes for fear that he would lose his load on the first stroke. Slowly he backed up, withdrawing his pole, watching her wet lips grip his shaft. His first few strokes were agonizingly slow, and Penny could feel every inch of her pussy shrink and stretch. Remembering that Stuart was waiting, she dove into his lap again and devoured his hard-on, sucking it deep down her throat. Stuart reached forward and cupped her marvelous tits as the muscles in her throat gripped his prick.

It was too much for him, watching her head bob up and down in his lap, her lips acting like a vacuum around his hard-on. Stuart released her breasts and grasped the sides of her head, his fingers entwined with her blond mane as he shoved his hips upward and began to spurt his load into her mouth. Penny gulped, fighting gravity as her lips formed a seal around Stuart's cock, not letting a single drop escape. Her tongue lapped at the sides of his rod and she swallowed the entire contents of his balls. She looked up at him and smiled; proud of the job she had done and Stuart fell in love with her angelic face. He decided he wanted to watch her pussy being penetrated and squirmed out of the chair.

Penny brought her arms up onto the seat of the chair and lay her head on the cushion as Raj began to increase his pace. The sensation of his monstrous cock stretching her cunt with every stroke caused her eyes to roll back into her head. Raj started to plow into her dripping hole, her head bumping against the back of the chair and she shrieked, "oh my fucking God...your cock is so fucking big." Everyone in the room was standing behind Raj watching his gigantic cock splitting her fleshy mound as he rammed forward into her cunt. Her wonderful tits flopped beneath her and Leonard crawled underneath her naked body and attached his lips to her left gumdrop; sucking and nibbling the swollen bud. "Oh my God...oh my God...fuck me...fuck me...shove that fucking monster up my cunt...oh my God I love being fucked."

Everyone in the apartment was overcome with desire and Bernadette grabbed the can of Redi-whip and squirted it into her pussy again. Sitting on the sofa, she ordered, "hey Birthday boy...get over here and suck my pussy." Randall just grinned as he crawled over to the big-titted blond and spread her thighs with his hands. He grasped her elongated labia between his thumbs and forefingers and stretched them apart. Holding her left lip by the tiny gold ring, he stretched it out and then let it go, giggling as it spanned back to her mound like a rubber-band.

Randall dove his face into her crotch and began to use his tongue like a scoop, slurping up the rapidly dissolving creme, "mmmm, sweet," he mumbled. Even after every drop of the sweet substance was gone, he continued to lap at her slit like a kitten with a bowl of milk.

Sliding her ass forward until it was as the front edge of the sofa cushion, Bernadette grabbed the Redi-whip and squirted creme all along the vast valley between her mammoth breasts and commanded, "get up here and fuck my tits." Randall needed no further encouragement as he stood and slid his hard-on between her mounds. He mashed them together with his hands creating a slick channel and began to slide his pole up and down between her warm, soft flesh. With every up-stroke, Bernadette would dart out her tongue and lick the pre-cum from his pee-slit. Randall leaned over and licked the creme off her ample mounds as he continued to slither between them.

He tweaked her jellybean nipples between his fingers, making her writhe on the couch and Bernadette finally demanded, "enough foreplay birthday-boy...I need that cock inside" He swiftly dropped to his knees between her legs, plucked her long lips in his fingers, pulled her flaps of flesh wide apart and in one motion buried his ten inch pepperoni stick into her cunt. "Holy crap," she screamed as he split her slit, "now that's a cock. Fuck me Randy...fuck me hard...stretch my little fucking cunt."

"Oh man, your cunt is on fire," Randall exclaimed as he started to slam his big prick in and out of her juicy hole. He bent her back onto the sofa so he could pile-drive his pole into her stretched out pussy. Her huge tits flattened out onto the sides of her chest like bags filled with milk and they rippled when he drove into her. She spread her legs into a nearly complete split as he slammed down into her cunt, faster and faster, his scrotum slapping against her big ass. Randall began to maul her fleshy tits, unable to contain them in his hands. "Oh shit that's good," she gasped as her juices drooled down and covered her ass, "fuck my little pussy."

When she wrapped her short legs around Randall's waist, he surrounded her mid-section with his arms and stood up, picking her tiny body up in the process. He turned and sat on the couch, Bernadette now riding him as she sat in his lap. She was like a sex-demon possessed as she jammed her body down onto his pole. Leaning forward onto his chest, she yelled, "get over here know what I want." Without saying a word, Howard ran over to stand behind her. Straddling Randall's body, Bernadette's generous ass cheeks were spread wide, her brown hole glistening with her own fluid and Howard quickly nudged his crown against her sphincter ring and shoved forward. "Ohhh yesss," Bernadette squealed in a pitch high enough to shatter glass, "fuck my ass Howie."

As if there were no resistance at all, Howard buried his hot-dog up her ass, joining Randall inside her petite body. It was obvious that Bernadette loved having a cock in her ass as her body began to quiver in orgasm. It was like a signal to Randall and Howard, who began to slam their cocks into her holes simultaneously, fucking her tiny body as hard as they could. "Oh yesssss," Bernadette screamed as she sat up on Randall's lap. Her fleshy tit-bags flopped up and down on her chest and Randall finally managed to capture a nipple between his teeth and bite down. "Oh shit...slam those fucking cocks into me." Randall's pole began to twitch inside her pussy and warmth spread the length of her tunnel. This triggered Howard to squirt his seed deep up her asshole.

Leonard was chewing on his beautiful girlfriend's nipple when her naked body shuddered with arousal. He crawled out from under her and just sat beside her watching Raj's giant cock split her opening as it slid in and out of her totally stretched out cunt. He could never rationally explain it, but he was totally turned on watching Raj's caramel colored pole slamming in and out of Penny's juicy hole, her lips gripping his cock as he violently fucked her. Raj reached under Penny's perfect body and squeezed her marvelous tits, trapping her nipples between his fingers and pinching them. "Fuck me, fuck me....oh my God, yesss...slam that fucking cock into me," she yelled.

Raj thrust forward with all his strength, driving Penny's head against the back of the chair, his bulbous crown slamming against her cervix and began emptying his balls deep up into her belly. Feeling his heat inside her, Penny convulsed and screamed, "yessss...fuck me...fill my fucking cunt...cum in me." Raj pumped into her for what seemed to him like an eternity...he was fucking Penny and cumming inside her pussy...a dream come true.

When his prick finally began to shrink inside her, they just let it naturally slither out of her hole like a snake. Raj had stretched Penny's cunt so that it was no longer a slit, but a wide open hole as she sunk to the floor, cum drooling out onto the carpet. Her flesh glistened with a fine sheen of perspiration as she glanced around the room and saw Sheldon standing off to the side stroking himself. "Oh sweetie, have we been ignoring you," she regarded him, "come over here and let Penny fix that." Sheldon obediently shuffled over to where she was sitting, as she got up and sat on the chair. Reaching out, she wrapped her fingers around his seven inch penis and began to stroke it, as he had been doing.

Leaning over and opening her mouth, she stopped when Sheldon objected, "what are you doing."

"I'm going to give you a blow job, sweetie," she calmly explained, "you know most guys would give anything to have my lips wrapped around their cock."

"True," Leonard nodded, as he watched her expertly handle Sheldon's prick.

"Blow job seems to be a misnomer," Sheldon remarked, "seems more like a suck-job...and are you aware how much bacteria is in the human mouth."

Totally inebriated by alcohol and drugs, Penny tried to focus her brain and reason with the tall praying-mantis: "well, alcohol kills germs, Leonard please give me a cup of that spiked punch so I can rinse my mouth out for Sheldon." Leonard did as she requested and she gargled with the punch before again leaning forward and wrapping her lips around Sheldon's shaft. As she sucked him farther into her mouth, she let her tongue work it's magic on the underside of Sheldon's rod.

"Oh my...that does feel good," he admitted as his hips began to thrust towards her face, basically fucking her mouth. This was the first blow-job of his life and Sheldon didn't last long. "Oh my word...what's going on" he yelled as his body naturally responded to Penny's expert stimulation and his his hips started to pump his load into her mouth. "Oh my...oh my," he moaned as she grasped his ass cheeks and held him against her, sucking every drop he had to offer. When he had finished, his body seemed to go as limp as his shriveled prick and he acted like he had run a marathon. "Oh my, Penny...that was thoroughly enjoyable. I now see why Leonard has such a voracious carnal appetite."

"Thank you Sheldon...I think...He is my horny little Ewok. Speaking of which, there is someone else I have been ignoring. Leonard, the love of my life, would you do me the honor of fucking me," she asked casually.

"Wait, what about me," she heard Randall plead as he let his prick slide out of Bernadette's pussy, "it's my Birthday."

Grinning sexily from ear to ear, Penny crooked her fingers at them and stated, "I want to be fucked by my two favorite men, bring those beautiful cocks over here." By the time Randall reached his sister's chair, his erection had returned and he met Leonard, their large pricks throbbing with excitement. Grasping one in each hand, Penny leaned forward and alternated licking their crowns. She could actually see their veins pulsating with desire as she stood up and gestured for her brother to sit down. As he settled back into the chair, his pepperoni stick pointed at the ceiling, Penny backed up and straddled his legs. Beginning to lower her exquisite nude body, she reached down and used her fingers to spread her fleshy lips.

When they were spread wide; Leonard always thought they looked like a beautiful pink butterfly; she lowered herself farther until Randall's head was pushing against her slit. Looking over her shoulder, she smiled as she let her body slide down, enveloping Randall's cock inside her hot tunnel. "Ohhh, your pussy is the best, Sis," Randall groaned as he felt his hard-on slide deeper into her cunt. If he had been sober, Leonard would have been shocked at the sight of Penny sitting on her brother's prick, but as it was, he was just anxious for his turn.

Leonard began to sit on the floor when Penny stopped him, "what are you doing my little Ewok...I want you both in my pussy...I want you both to fuck me." Leonard looked at her in astonishment; he knew she had been stretched by Raj, but the combination of his and Randall's poles would be much thicker than Raj's. Her fingers still pulling her wet lips to the sides, Penny leaned back against Randall's chest, inviting Leonard to penetrate her. He knew by the fluids drooling down onto Randall's scrotum that lubrication would be no problem, but even in his condition Leonard was worried about harming his true love.

Seeing the concerned look on his face, Penny assured him, "it's OK honey...if it's too much I'll stop you, but I want to feel you inside me...fuck me, baby." Leonard bent his knees and rubbed his bulbous crown against her slit, making sure it was completely slick. The underside of his prick against Randall's, Leonard began to push forward against her opening, watching her fleshy labia stretch even farther to accommodate him. Penny released her lips and he watched them close around his cock, gripping him tightly as he steadily pushed forward. Penny spread her marvelous legs as far as possible and urged him, "go ahead baby...jam it in...fuck me." Leonard grasped her svelte waist and shoved forward, the entire length of his cock disappearing up inside her cunt alongside Randall's.

"Oh my fucking God," Penny screeched as her body convulsed, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...holy shit I love cock." Leonard and Randall just paused, realizing how incredibly tight her cunt was surrounding them. Slowly they began to withdraw in tandem, scraping every nerve lining her tunnel, and when they slowly pushed back into her, they stimulated both her G-spot and her clit. Their rods together acted like one gigantic horse cock as they began to fuck her faster and harder, stretching her cunt to new limits. "Fuck me...fuck me...Oh my God I love being fucked," she moaned, "stretch my fucking cunt...fuck me."

Leonard leaned forward and nibbled on her left gumdrop, sometimes biting down hard and making her shiver with excitement. He and Randall were in perfect synchronization as they slid their poles deep up into her belly, fucking her as hard as they could. Gripping their cocks like a blood-pressure sleeve, her tunnel expanded and contracted with each thrust and the sensation was indescribable for Penny. "Oh my fucking God...that feels so fucking good," she groaned as they split her, "I love your fucking cocks." As Leonard bit down on her nipple, the muscles lining her pussy convulsed and her marvelous naked body began to thrash between them, overcome and out of control with ecstasy.

Feeling her grip tighten on their cocks, Leonard and Randall shoved up into her and began to pump her belly full of their hot seed. "Ahhhhhhh," she groaned as she felt her pussy filling with their loads, "oh my God...oh my God...fill my fucking pussy...cum in me...cum in me." Her cunt was so full of cock that it was nearly airtight and their combined fluids literally squirted back around the sides of their poles. Leonard looked down to watch the stream squirting out of her hole and marveled at the sight of her lips gripping his cock. Ignoring the fact that he was sharing her (with her brother, no less), he told himself that he was the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

When he was finished filling her hole, he just sat back and stared at her incredible body as she lay back against Randall, her tits flattened out on her chest glistening with sweat. "God she's beautiful," he reminded himself, "and my cock is in her pussy."

As she squirmed to get off her brother, Leonard's shriveling prick slipped out of her tunnel at the same time as Randall's, leaving Penny's slit wide open with cum drooling down her creamy thighs. She retrieved someone's shirt off the floor and wiped her crotch as she heard Bernadette bark another command, "Raj get that big, beautiful caramel stick over here this minute...I've never had anything that size in my ass. Stuart...this is your lucky get to fuck my little pussy." Penny, Leonard and Randall were spent and were content to be spectators as Raj shuffled over to the sofa where Bernadette waited, his prodigious prick waving in front of him like a senior-citizens metal detector at the beach. Leonard sat back in the chair while Penny curled up in his lap, her arms wrapped around his waist. Randall leaned back in one of the kitchen stools as he sipped some punch and cut himself a slice of barn-cake. Sheldon had been satisfied with viewing the rest of the party from the comfort of a chair, absentmindedly fondling his penis.

Howard, like the obedient boyfriend he was, rushed to assist his dominatrix in impaling herself on Raj's lance. Bernadette pushed Raj down onto the couch and then kneeled between his legs, grasping his mammoth pole in both hands. She ran her tongue up the entire length like she was lapping at a melting ice cream cone on a hot summer day, ending up at his crown where she surrounded it with her ruby-painted lips. Taking just the head into her mouth, she tickled the tip with her tongue while stroking his shaft. Pulling her head back, she informed him, "just wanted to make sure it was good and hard." Grinning, Raj nodded as Bernadette stood and turned to face away from him, robbing him of the sight of her gigantic tits hanging down on her chest.

He lay back, holding his prick straight up as Bernadette backed up to the sofa and let him nudge his crown between her cheeks. She reached back and spread her ample cheeks wide, exposing her brown hole as a target. Raj's cock was so long that she had to raise up on her tiptoes to line her asshole up with his hard-on. Howard steadied her as she began to lower her petite little body onto Raj's enormous shaft. There was an audible "plop" as his large crown penetrated her sphincter ring, and Bernadette paused to savor the sensation. "Oooo," she exclaimed as she gradually bent her knees, forcing more and more of the huge pole inside her ass; what was left of Howard's cum acting to lubricate it. It looked like she was impaling herself on a fence post as she gradually sat on Raj's lap. "Holy shit my ass is full," she squealed as she lifted her feet and slid down the last inches of Raj's cock.

It was as if Howard had performed one on his magic tricks, as the entire enormous pole had disappeared up Bernadette's ass. Penny and Leonard actually applauded when Bernadette was finally sitting on Raj's lap. Howard took their cue and announced with a flourish, "and for her next trick, Bernie will make Stuart's hard-on disappear up her pussy." Leaning back against Raj's hairy chest, Bernadette spread her legs wide giving Stuart an inviting target. Drops of Randall's residual cum drooled out of her pussy as Stuart carefully lined up his head with her hole. Pushing forward, he watched intently as her elongated fleshy lips gripped his prick and then slipped inside her along with his cock.

Suddenly acting like a porn star, Stuart grasped Bernadette's ankles and pushed her legs apart like a Thanksgiving wishbone. Thrusting all the way into her soggy cunt, Stuart began to ram his prick in and out of her almost violently, both her holes being stretched at the same time. Raj matched Stuart's pace, finding it relatively easy to bounce Bernadette's tiny body on his lap. "Yesss...yesss...stretch my little holes," Bernadette moaned, "don't stop...fuck my holes...fuck me that all you got." Stuart and Raj responded to the challenge and began to simultaneously ram their poles into her little body, causing her enormous tit-bags to flop against the sides of her chest making "slapping" sounds. "Holy shit...yesss," she squealed as they fucked her, stuffing her petite body with their cocks.

"Howie, you and Sheldon get over here and suck my nipples," she ordered and Howard immediately plopped down beside her on the sofa and attached his lips to her left nipple. Sheldon, looking lost and not daring to refuse, obediently walked over and did the same with her right jellybean. "Now that's what I'm talking about," she exclaimed as they stimulated her beyond all expectations. Her trim little body trembled and shook as Raj and Stuart slammed into her and Bernadette opened her mouth to scream, but only a gurgling sound came out. Howard and Sheldon bit down on her nipples as Raj and Stuart responded to her orgasm by beginning to pump her holes full of their seed. "Ahhhhhhh," she gasped, feeling her ass and pussy filling with their hot fluids.

Stuart's prick shrank faster than a popped balloon when her was done and Bernadette squirmed off of Raj and collapsed beside him on the couch. Everyone in the room just sat in stunned silence, too exhausted to move, until the mixture of chemicals began to wear off. With no real sense of urgency, they hunted for their respective clothes and took turns in the bathroom cleaning up. Each had their own degree of memory loss that evening, but knew something extreme had happened, and were embarrassed enough to never ask or mention it again. Even Randall, whose calculations were mostly correct, did not fully recollect the occurrences at his Birthday party. Knowing the punch had been spiked, Leonard suggested that everyone stay the night...between the two apartments, there were plenty of areas to sleep. Despite not fully remembering; everyone fell asleep that night with a smile on their face.

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