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Big Bang Theory: Raj's Big Weekend (MF,oral,anal,bond,machine,drugs,ncon)
by Shaggy77 ([email protected])

The four (okay, now five) friends made exceptions for each other; they had to or otherwise none of the original four would have any friends. They all made exceptions for Sheldon (the self-proclaimed, and actual, genius) because he was an egotistical; self-centered drone, who displayed no human emotions whatsoever. His whole world, and he assumed everyone else's, centered around Sheldon. His opinions were the finite word. They made exceptions for Sheldon's best friend, and current roommate, Leonard; due to his introverted personality and shyness. They made exceptions for Howard and his obsession with sex; especially since his experience in that field was almost nonexistent. They made exceptions for Raj, and his crippling shyness around the opposite sex; and his limited communication skills. And finally; they made exceptions for the newest addition to their circle; the new neighbor, Penny, and her limited (at least compared to the original four) intelligence. They were truly an odd bunch of friends, but they made it work. They accepted each other's flaws (of course, Sheldon didn't believe he had any); and they were truly fond of each other. Leonard, Howard and Raj were exceptionally fond of the newest friend; Penny. She was unlike anyone who had ever been a part of their social circle... she was an absolutely gorgeous female.

Raj, of course, could not even utter a word when Penny was in the room... his shyness was that limiting. None of the friends would have ever in a thousand years guessed it, but this was what made Raj truly dangerous. His crippling shyness had made him a psychotic schemer. Ever since the day Penny moved into the apartment across the hall from Sheldon and Leonard, Raj had been planning a way to make her surrender to his whims. He blamed his father for his lack of confidence and introverted personality. His father had always been so out-going and self-assured, and had made Raj feel unimportant and useless. This was why Raj now had an inferiority complex that stretched to New Delhi and back. He resented his parent's attempts to arrange dates for him with girls from his homeland. He wanted no part of these ugly beasts, who invariably had dark, course hair all over their bodies. No, he had eyes for the blonde goddess who was now part of their strange group. None of his friends would ever believe the lengths Raj were willing to go to achieve his goal.

Since the day Penny moved into the building, Rajesh Koothrappali had been formulating a plan to make this beautiful girl his. He knew that Leonard and Howard also were lusting after Penny, but they were only resorting to the traditional methods of attracting her; whereas he would stop at nothing to obtain this prize. She seemed to have a soft spot in her heart for Leonard; but Raj was not really interested in winning her heart...he was more concerned about the outside of her chest. He was a scientist and; despite Sheldon's degrading and belittling; he was a damn good scientist. One of his many cousins was a dentist, and had planted the seed in Raj's head about the use of nitrous oxide. Dentists used it as an anesthesia, and it had many other uses (even as a fuel for drag race cars); so that it was not even a controlled substance. The beauty of this colorless, odorless gas is that, unless substantial overdose was administered; there are virtually no side-effects. The "patient" can be rendered completely unconscious, or semi-conscious; and when they awaken, they have virtually no memory of the time they were under the gas' control. Raj found that it was incredibly simple to estimate the dosage based solely on the subject's weight. He had actually tested the effects on himself; using a stopwatch to record when he passed out and woke up. He had a "staff account" at the university and found that scientists could place Internet orders for virtually anything, and it was never questioned. This harmless, wonder gas was to play a major role in his conquest of the lovely Penny. The second phase of his plan involved a mechanical device he had been perfecting for several months now, just in case an opportunity such as this ever arose.

Circumstances had all come together; and this would be the weekend he executed "Plan P," as he had come to refer to it. Sheldon was being forced to spend the entire weekend in Texas for his mother's fiftieth birthday celebration; Leonard was leaving on Friday for a three-day conference; and Howard and his mother were attending a family reunion for the weekend. Penny had been asked to keep an eye on the apartment; since she lived right across the hall; and it was there that Raj would spring his trap on the unsuspecting blond. He had asked Leonard if he could borrow his car while he was out of town; and now had a way of transporting Penny to his apartment without attracting attention. He knew this was her weekend off, so no one would miss her until Monday; and she would be back to normal by then. Raj had been busy in his apartment all week. He had erected his invention at the foot of his bed; attached Velcro straps at the four corners of his bed frame; and installed several digital video cameras at various locations in his bedroom. The cameras were of the utmost importance: he wanted to be able to re-live this weekend for the rest of his life. He made sure his supply of nitrous oxide was sufficient for the entire weekend. If Penny were to regain full consciousness, he would be spending a considerable share of his remaining years in prison. Everything was ready.

Friday evening, after driving Sheldon to the airport in Leonard's car, Raj let himself into the roommate's apartment to wait for his prey. He knew what time Penny usually arrived home, opened the valve on the portable canister of nitrous oxide he had concealed in their living room, donned his gas-mask, and left a light on so that Penny would see it under the door and immediately investigate.

Within ten minutes he heard a key in the door, glanced at his watch, and muttered to himself, "I love a punctual girl."

Penny eased open the door, spotted the kitchen light on, and crossed the living room to turn it off. The last thing to go through her mind before she collapsed to the floor was thinking that she bet Sheldon was still afraid of the dark.

Raj emerged from the bathroom when he heard Penny stumble and found her in a heap on the living room floor. Her ugly waitress' dress had bunched up high on her thighs, and Raj smiled inside his mask as he stared at her shapely, bare legs. He wanted to run his hands up her wonderful legs right then, but told himself to wait until they were safely at his apartment...he would not take any chances of someone coming home unexpectedly.

He retrieved the cloth bag containing the gas container, wrapped a blanket around Penny (that way if he met anyone while leaving this apartment, or entering his, he could tell them Penny was sick, and he was just helping her), removed his mask, threw her over his shoulder, exited the apartment and the building. He had to stop a couple times on the stairs, as she was heavier than expected, but he had encountered no one. The same was true at his building, and Raj was out of breath when he finally managed to drop her body on his sofa.

He placed the mask at the end of the canister's hose on her face for a few seconds to make sure she didn't recover; and then proceeded to carry her into his bedroom. His research had proved invaluable because he now knew exactly how much gas to administer, and when, to keep her totally unconscious or semi-conscious. The beauty of her being semi-conscious was that she would be totally receptive, and compliant to any suggestion, and she would remember nothing. She would actually feel, and respond, but have no memory of their encounter.

Raj lay Penny on her back in the middle of his queen size bed, which he had already stripped except for a black silk bottom sheet and a couple black silk covered oversize pillows. She looked so peaceful and angelic as she lay there sleeping (he preferred to think of her as sleeping, rather that unconscious). A sliver of guilt crossed his mind, but he quickly dismissed it by telling himself that she would come to no harm... merely pleasure (probably a typical weekend for her).

Raj wasted no time stripping off his clothes, and began to do the same to his victim. He rolled Penny sideways so he could get to the zipper on her dress, which he tugged all the way down to her waist, gently pulled her arms through the sleeves, before also unclasping her white lacy bra. After rolling her back to the center of the bed, Raj scooted down to the foot of the bed, removed her shoes, grasped the bottom of Penny's dress and pulled it down and off her creamy white body. Her bra had pulled off her left arm exposing the most perfect breast Raj had ever seen, even in magazines. He quickly started his video cameras, which he had connected to the memory of his desktop computer, and also took time to snap photos with a digital camera. He was not going to trust the memory of this encounter to his brain alone.

Raj quickly returned to the bed and finished removing Penny's bra. Her tits were perfect, even better than in his fantasies. As they lay on her chest, Raj estimated they were about 36 C, with bright pink, half-dollar sized areola and nipples the size of jellybeans. When he moved her body they jiggled like the jello in the cafeteria. Raj leaned over his prize and slowly trailed his tongue in circles all around her left breast, before taking her large nipple into his mouth and suckling it like a baby. While nibbling on her left nipple, he was kneading her right breast and pinching its nipple between his fingers. As Raj sucked on Penny's wonderful tits, he was struck by the fact that she even smelled good...some kind of scented body-wash he guessed.

He straddled Penny's body and lay his rock-hard cock between her breasts. He squeezed her soft mounds together around his cock and began sawing between her tits. He was tempted to ejaculate and watch it shoot all over her beautiful face, but he didn't want to "waste" his first load...he wanted his first, and largest, load to be in her pussy.

Raj was like a kid in a candy store, trying to decide which sweet he wanted to sample first. He got off the bed and went down to the foot, gently grasped the sides of her flower-print bikini panties, and slowly pulled them down her magnificent legs. As her pussy was revealed to him, Raj almost shot his load into the air. Penny's pussy was totally shaved, with very prominent, puffy labia on either side of her slit. Raj gently took her ankles in his hands and spread her legs so wide apart that her cunt lips actually opened slightly, revealing her bright pink cunt. Raj scooted up on the bed between her legs and ran his hands up and down her silky thighs, marveling at their softness and warmth. He couldn't take his eyes off her opening, which seemed to already glisten with moisture. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen (and he was willing to bet, ever would see).

He stroked her thighs and moved his hands to her crotch, where he used his thumbs to very gently separate her cunt lips. He paused to breathe in her musky scent, and then plunged his tongue deep inside her. He couldn't resist trying to suck as much of her juices into his mouth as possible. He probed her pussy with his forefingers, trying to open it as far as was almost like he was trying to stick his whole head inside her. Raj nibbled on her lips as he slid three fingers deep into her pussy. Her juices were drooling down between her wondrous ass cheeks, and Raj tried to lick up every drop. He couldn't wait any longer: he had to sink his cock into this beauty.

Raj was not exactly a porn star; but he was nicely endowed. His prick was a respectable 8 3/8 inches long (yes, he had measured it on many occasions) and as thick as a beer bottle. He moved up between Penny's endlessly long legs; slid one of the pillows under her amazingly firm ass, used his fingers to open her pussy wide, and nudged his cock between her puffy lips. He paused briefly to snap some photos, and then slowly thrust forward into Penny's juicy cunt. He kept steadily pushing forward until their bodies were snug against each other, and he was completely inside her. Raj lay on top of Penny; reached his arms around her in a big bear hug, and proceeded to have the largest, most wonderful orgasm of his life. The heavenly feeling of her warm, tight cunt completely enveloping and squeezing his cock was too much for him to control. His cock jerked and twitched inside Penny's pussy, filling her with his seed until his balls were empty. He continued pumping into her long after he stopped actually squirting.

Raj lay on top of his goddess feeling his cock shrivel inside her. He began kissing her angelic face and neck; feeling his cock again grow inside her tunnel. As soon as he had reached full attention, Raj began slowly withdrawing and then thrusting into Penny's love hole. She was beginning to regain some consciousness, a state Raj had anticipated; and he told, a completely susceptible, Penny to wrap her legs around his waist and to thrust up when he thrust down. He was in heaven: he was fucking Penny as hard as he could, and she was fucking him back.

Raj was now pounding his cock into Penny's pussy and she was raising her hips to meet every stroke. This was what fucking was supposed to be like. Penny's pussy was so hot, wet and tight, that it wasn't long before Raj was again filling her with every drop of his cum. He thrust deep inside her pussy, grabbed her perfect ass cheeks in his hands and held her tight against him as he pumped into her. She must be waking up quickly, Raj thought, because he could feel her cunt muscles clench and un-clench, actually milking his cock of every last drop. When he was through, and his shriveled cock slipped out of her slick hole, Raj retrieved the gas canister and made sure Penny breathed deep a few times.

He wasn't anywhere near done with her, but he needed a break, so he attached the Velcro straps to her wrists and ankles, restraining her spread eagle, just in case she woke up. He also didn't want to take a chance on her "sleep-walking" under the influence of the gas. As he stared at her nude, helpless perfect body, her beautiful creamy white skin and blond hair contrasted against the black silk, he again felt a touch of guilt, but again reminded himself that he was not harming this angel...merely giving her pleasure. He was fascinated by the sight of her hole closing, once again, into a slit with his spent seed still seeping out and running down between her ass cheeks.

Raj took a short nap on the sofa to refresh himself, drank a complete bottle of water to replenish his fluids, and returned to the bedroom to check on his captive princess. She was showing signs of regaining consciousness so Raj quickly held a water bottle to her lips, let her drink, and then administered a small amount of gas...just enough to keep her semi-conscious and receptive to suggestions. He released her restraints because he did not want them to leave any visible bruises or marks. It was now time to try out his "fucking machine."

Raj had seen examples of these contraptions on the Internet and had used his intellect to refine them. Using spare parts from some ordinary kitchen appliances, computer parts, radio controlled car parts, and even parts from a discarded sewing machine; he had built a nearly silent, but totally effective machine that was capable of fucking a human. The drawback of the machines he had seen employed on the Internet was that they all had a stroke of only a couple of inches; and this was not lifelike. His masterpiece had a thrust of nearly twelve inches; and he had constructed it so that the attachments were easily exchanged. He had selected a huge vibrating dildo attachment for Penny. It had been the largest vibrator he could find; almost 14 inches in length, and over four inches in diameter. Not only would she be getting the sensation of a vibrator; but the thrusting motion of an actual penis. He had built in an oscillator; so that he could control the depth and speed of the thrusts by remote control.

Raj kissed Penny and gently pulled her magnificent naked body to the foot of the bed so that her knees were at the edge, and her feet actually on the floor. He very carefully positioned a pillow under her, raising her to the proper height for penetration by the machine. He wanted her to be in perfect position so that there was no chance for injury.

After thoroughly coating the vibrator and Penny's pubic area with lube, Raj moved the machine forward until the tip of the artificial penis was nudged against her slit. Raj kissed Penny's pussy and very gently spread her cunt lips apart until they were surrounding the tip of the vibrator. He then flicked on the machine, turned on the vibrator, and very slightly turned the remote control knob to "slow/full thrust." Very slowly the huge vibrator disappeared into Penny's pussy, spreading her cunt lips wide apart. When it had completely penetrated her now dripping cunt, the vibrator reversed itself and just as slowly backed out of her hole while her cunt lips were drawn outside, still gripping the fake cock.

Raj turned the vibrating action to "full" and let the machine continue on "slow" while he checked the various cameras to make sure they were recording. He slowly increased the speed of the thrusts until the vibrator was pounding deep into Penny's belly and stretching her cunt, probably, further than it had ever been stretched before. He knew she was semi-conscious because several times her body convulsed in orgasm and fluid was drooling out of her pussy. She was receiving the fucking of her life, and she was not even totally aware of it. Raj was unbelievably aroused as he watched his dream girl being fucked by his machine. It was quite a sight to behold: an absolutely breathtakingly beautiful blond girl being relentlessly fucked by a giant dildo.

As he toyed with the speed of the machine, alternating between slow and fast, Raj stroked his cock and straddled Penny's chest. Her fantastic tits were bouncing on her chest as he gave her the suggestion to take his cock into her mouth and suck it. She immediately complied by virtually swallowing his entire cock at once. Penny sucked his hardness as far back into her throat as it would extend, and tickled the underside with her tongue. Raj didn't know if the semi-conscious state induced by the gas was affecting her oral abilities, or if she was just a natural expert cock-sucker, and he didn't care...he just knew he was in heaven.

As the machine powered monster dildo plowed her cunt, Penny sucked Raj's cock like she was worshipping it. Raj knew he was about to blow, turned the speed of the machine up to "full", and concentrated on the angelic face he was fucking. Just as Raj blasted his seed down Penny's throat, he felt her twitch and convulse as she orgasmed simultaneously. He pulled out and watched his cum spray her beautiful face. He slowed the machine, got off the bed, and just stared at her magnificent body still jerking in ecstasy. He loved the sight of the huge fake cock thrusting in and out of her stretched out pussy. He turned the machine off, moved it out of the way, retrieved a damp washcloth from the bathroom, and proceeded to clean up her marvelous body. Even this turned Raj on.

Over the next several hours, Raj would savor Penny's body many times. He even attempted a double penetration with the dildo in her ass, and his real cock in her cunt. He decided to return her to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment in the early hours of Sunday morning so that she would awaken and have a full day to recover, and wonder what had happened. He assumed she would think she had gotten drunk (not an uncommon occurrence for her), had sex with some attractive man, and simply not remembered who or where. He assumed this would not be the first time that had happened. The whole weekend had gone off without a hitch, and Raj was extremely proud of himself.

On Monday evening, as the five friends were sitting in the apartment eating take-out Chinese food, Raj had a difficult time looking Penny in the eyes. He didn't think she noticed because he always had a difficult time communicating with her. When they were all giving the details of their respective weekends; Penny merely said she "Just laid around all weekend," and that satisfied everyone.

As she got up to return to her apartment, she whispered in Raj's ear, "Thanks for a great weekend. You may want to check the gauge on your tank because I was awake since we arrived at your apartment Friday night. I would love to see the video some time." Then she winked, turned her back to him, and walked out the door.

Raj just stood there, mouth agape, as he watched her fantastic ass disappear across the hall.


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