(a fictional story about fictional characters)

Big Bang Theory: Penny Works Part Time (MF,MMF,dp,dpp,gang,creampie)
by shaggy77

It had been three frustrating long months since her totally thoughtful, wonderful nerd of a fiancee, Dr. Leonard Hofstadter, had bought Penny a used car so that she could drive to her auditions and not have to go back to work at the Cheesecake Factory; thereby keeping her dream of becoming a successful actress alive. But the dream was on life support as the ensuing months had been mostly fruitless. She had done plenty of auditions, along with hundreds of other unemployed hopeful actresses, and had few job offers. One commercial was all that she had brought home a paycheck for, and only her feet had appeared in the "pedicure product" advertisement. She had received several offers for an "extra," which she would have accepted, but they all required nudity and she was giving herself every opportunity to avoid that. If worst came to worst, she may have to surrender, but she didn't want her parents or anyone in her hometown to see that.

Leonard had given her the car with no strings attached, but she had mad a vow to herself that she would pay him back. In addition, she was nearly desperate for some income. They had not set a date for their wedding, she still lived alone and had the normal expenses. She was pretty sure that Leonard would have gladly moved in with her and shared the living costs, but they both wanted to wait until they actually tied the knot. In the back of her mind, she wondered if, even then, Leonard would be able to break away from his manipulative roommate, Dr. Sheldon Cooper. They were both employed by CalTech, Pasadena, just a short drive from their apartment building, and had been roommates for several years. Sheldon had even made Leonard sign their infamous "roommate agreement" which seemingly had a clause governing Leonard's every move. Penny thought there was probably a section stating that the only way to escape the "agreement" was death.

Thinking back, although she would never have guessed it at the time, her renting that particular apartment was the luckiest move of her life. She had met Leonard that very first day and fate had begun to work its magic. Thinking that Leonard was a nice harmless neighbor, she never would have imagined that she would come to think of him as the love of her life. Snapping back to her present dilemma, Penny began once more to scan the audition list and help-wanted ads in the local newspaper (she could just hear Sheldon scolding her, "print is dead"). She circled an audition for a new brand of corn-chip and headed out the door.

There were probably seventy-five young women and men in the large waiting room, some spilling out into the hall when she arrived. She struck up a conversation with a beautiful, long-haired brunette as they waited their turn. Kelly was in incredibly sweet person, and was in almost the same predicament as Penny: in desperate need of money and work. Kelly confided to Penny that she was currently working part-time as a cocktail waitress at a private ranch/club in the poolside bar. Raving about the tips, the exclusivity of the members, and the outdoor atmosphere, she offered to get Penny an interview the very next day because she knew the manager had already scheduled two others. Reluctant to go back to being a waitress, Penny reasoned with herself that at least it wasn't the Cheesecake Factory, and Kelly told her that she could work as many or as few hours as she wanted. Taking the address from Kelly, they walked out of the building together when the assistant director announced that the part had been cast.

At the appointed time the next day, Penny drove to the address Kelly had given her. It was only about twenty minutes from her apartment in a very secluded location totally surrounded by orange groves. Kelly had told her it was an exclusive, private club but Penny was not prepared for the imposing gate and guard shack that confronted her when she drove up. A large ornate sign declared "Freedom Ranch," and smaller signs advising "Private" and "Members Only." She was so intent on reading the large signs that a smaller one escaped her view: "Clothing Optional." A very stern security guard approached her car and asked for some identification and what her business was. Stuttering, she blurted out that she was here for a job interview, and had been referred by Kelly. Not realizing it before, she had not even gotten Kelly's last name.

Luckily Kelly had left her name on the guest list and the guard, much more friendly now, gave her directions to the administration building. There was a fork in the road; left turn for the "Administration Building," and right turn for "Country Club." She turned left and parked her car. There were a few offices and an employees locker room. Finding the manager's office she knocked and was greeted by a middle-aged man who immediately reminded her of the Mr. Roper character from the old sit-com "Three's Company." He was pleasant enough, told her to call him Henry, and they discussed her waitress experience, and seemed excited when she mentioned that the Cheesecake Factory had trained her as a bartender.

Now she knew she was no great shakes as a bartender, but she could follow directions and knew how to read from her tablet. If there was a recipe on the Internet, she could make the drink. He informed her that there was an immediate opening for a bartender at the outdoor pool bar where Kelly worked as a waitress. He told her a little about the history of the Club: the whole property had once been orange groves, but a few years back when the California drought first began, the owner had balked at the high cost of irrigation and decided to clear part of the land and establish a country club. The membership tended to be very rich and many of them were quite famous. He informed her that many retired athletes, business executives and even some famous Hollywood actors were members.

Henry asked her if she was interested in the job, and when she answered in the affirmative he offered to take her on a tour of the Club. Then he asked her a strange question: "did you bring a bikini bottom."

"Umm, pardon me," Penny asked, almost sure she had misunderstood.

"Well, you know the Club is clothing optional...that's another phrase for nudist," he declared, surprised at her reaction.

"I...I didn't know...Kelly never mentioned it," Penny answered, slightly in shock.

"Well I guess it's understandable," Henry explained, "once you've been around here for very long, it just seems so natural that you forget it is generally considered unusual. If you want to change your mind, I'll certainly understand. As a bartender you would be considered, by law, to be a food-preparation employee, even though the only "food preparation" you will be doing is pouring nuts into a bowl, which means you are required to wear clothing. It's an Orange County law, and a bikini bottom is considered clothing. That is all the Club rules will allow you to wear; they want you to blend in with the nudists as much as possible. A small apron is also have to have a place to keep your pad and pen." He laughed at that statement and so did Penny.

Penny thought hard for several minutes, trying to weigh the pros and cons. She really needed the money and Kelly had bragged about the tips. When she went to the beach, her bikini was so tiny that she was almost nude anyway; she would only be showing her breasts, and she was really proud of them anyway. But what about Leonard...she would have to tell him; wouldn't she? Maybe she could just tell him she wore a bikini at the poolside bar...he would understand. He loved to show her off to acquaintances and strangers. Penny found herself blurting out, "I am definitely interested...let's take that tour."

"OK then," Henry sounded pleased, "there is a selection of clean bottoms in the changing room...employees are always forgetting theirs. We'll both get changed and meet back here. Employees get from here to the Club using electric golf carts." Retracing her steps to the locker room she had passed before, Penny found a whole rack of bikini bottoms hanging on tiny hangers. It seemed strange to see just the bottoms, no tops, hanging there. She noticed that there was also a large supply of bottles of sun screen. She selected a rather modest pink one and ducked into a booth to change. There were lockers, the kind where the key was attached to a wrist band and you took it with you. She was glad she had worn flats, because she would have felt conspicuous wearing high heels with just a bikini bottom.

Surprisingly she did not feel the least bit self-conscious as she left the locker room to find Henry. She enjoyed the reaction from Henry when he first saw her naked was a reaction she was used to. Her breasts were a perfect 36 C, perfectly round and gloriously firm. Her large areola were capped with jellybean sized pink nipples which pointed slightly upward. To her surprise, the only clothing Henry was wearing was a lanyard around his neck containing several keys. He must have noticed her surprise because he merely commented, "I'm not a food-preparation employee." Trying not to stare, but unable to ignore it completely, she noticed that his penis was average in size and that he seemed to have an "all over" tan. He mentioned her shoes, "good choice; you are allowed to wear something on your feet because the sun gets hot, but remember you'll be walking on sand so high heels really don't cut it."

On the ride to the Club, Penny thought she noticed Henry glancing sideways several times, watching her tits jiggle every time the golf cart hit a bump. Once they made the turn to the Country Club, it was as if they had entered a tropical paradise. There were numerous bungalows along the way, many with golf carts parked outside and Henry explained that sometimes members stayed there for several days and that they were all luxuriously furnished. They passed tennis and basketball courts and a sign pointing to a "Golf Course." The tropical foliage parted and the pool area was visible. The pool itself was the size of a small lake and white sand had obviously been trucked in to make a wide beach area all the way around it. Lounge chairs, umbrellas, and small cabanas were scattered around the perimeter. The poolside bar was like a grass hut, open on all sides with a polished wooden bar counter running all the way around it. The area behind the counter was covered with every liquor bottle known to man and the colors were dazzling.

Just then Penny spied Kelly carrying an empty tray back to the bar. She had not noticed the previous day but it was obvious now that Kelly was probably a very popular waitress: her breasts were enormous. Penny guessed them to be at least 38 D's and they bounced and swayed when she walked. Her nipples were huge, like gumdrops and seemed to be permanently erect. She reminded Penny of the old Commodores song, "Brick House," because of her stocky build. Her red bikini bottom was so tiny that it disappeared into the crack of her ass was completely invisible. When she saw Penny in the golf cart, she waved and smiled like she was welcoming an old friend. When Penny got out of the cart, Kelly threw her arms around her and hugged her tight, exclaiming, "I was hoping you would come."

Penny had never hugged another naked girl before and found the experience of rubbing their nipples together to be strangely arousing, and she blushed when Kelly pulled away. Kelly must have seen the red in her face because she immediately apologized, "geez Penny, I'm sorry...I am so used to it by now, sometimes I completely forget I'm topless. Hope I didn't offend you."

Penny feeling almost ashamed for her hang-ups, dismissed the situation, "no, it's perfectly OK, I guess it just takes some getting used to. Glad to see you too."

Kelly had made her feel so welcome and the Ranch was so plush and inviting, that after the tour Penny accepted the bartenders position, signed all the necessary tax forms and a form stating that she would not discuss anything that happened at the Club with non-members, or staff. The affluent members valued nothing more than their privacy and confidentiality. She made it clear to Henry that she only wanted something part-time, maybe a couple days a week; and he readily agreed. He had been short-staffed and was desperate for another bartender.

When she told Leonard about her new employment he claimed to be totally happy and supportive of her, but she sensed a reluctance when she mentioned that she would be clad in only a bikini (no, she didn't mention it was really only the bottom). He knew Penny loved him, but sometimes he reverted to an insecure, jealous lifetime nerd. Sheldon, of course, could not keep it a secret and with the speed of light told the other members of the "nerd four," as Penny referred to them: Howard Wolowitz and Raj Koothrappali. They were also physicists at CalTech and the four of them were nearly inseparable until Penny and Howard's wife Bernadette came into their world. When Howard found out about the work attire, he immediately wanted to come visit Penny, but she assured him that it was "members only."

Over the course of the next couple weeks, Kelly took Penny under her wing
and taught her the idiosyncrasies of employment at the Club. Unlike the Cheesecake Factory where all tips were put in a jar and then divided equally; all tips at the Club were credited to the individual. Since there was no place to keep tips in a bikini bottom, everything was done on paper. When a slip was written for an order, the person taking the order initialed the order and the customer/member signed the slip and indicated a tip amount or percentage. At the end of every day,the tips were totaled, charged against the member's account and then credited to the employee. The tips were part of their weekly paycheck and were included as "taxable income."

Kelly told Penny that sometimes members would throw after-hours parties and would hire staff members to work. The Club condoned the practice because it kept the members happy and because it did not cost them a cent. Any money that changed hands was completely off the books, and the Club management was free of all responsibility. According to Kelly, this was where the "big money" was made. The rich clientele would throw money around like it was water, especially when they were drunk (or high) according to Kelly, and she always volunteered to work. Penny had by now become completely comfortable with being topless; it was like her co-workers had said, it just seemed natural after awhile. She was only working a couple days a week and still had plenty of time for her auditions...fruitless though they seemed to be.

She became a favorite with many of the Club's members, especially the male members. The fact that she was totally gorgeous with the most perfect set of breasts they had ever seen was a considerable factor in her popularity. She and Kelly developed fun nicknames, that they kept confidential between them, for some of the Club's members based usually on their appearance naked.

There was a middle-aged woman named Wanda, who they dubbed "Wanda the Bag Lady" because her breasts resembled deflated balloons and just hung like bags of skin on her chest. Then there was the absolute freaks of nature, Jake "The Elephant Man," a huge black former professional football player with a penis so large it looked like an elephant's trunk swinging between his legs; and Sully "The Snake," who Kelly said was a former mob enforcer, a man just as large as Jake with a penis maybe even larger, and a giant crown. When Sully sat in one of the lounge chairs, it looked like an anaconda was crawling between his legs.

Several times in her first week Penny had to be reminded by Kelly not to stare when Sully or Jake were in the pool area. Penny was completely in love with her wonderful nerd Leonard, but actually felt a stirring between her legs when looking at their huge cocks. Despite all her former boyfriends, she had never had sex with a really huge dick. She remarked to Kelly that they had horses on her parents farm in Nebraska that would have been envious of those pricks. Kelly just laughed and returned to her work, ignoring the prodigious penises.

On one of her "off" days, Penny had just gotten out of a nice hot bubble bath and was lounging on the sofa in her bathrobe, drinking wine and watching the "soaps." Leonard and the other members of the "nerd four" were attending a twenty-four hour marathon of "Star Trek" movies at a theater on the other side of town so she didn't even blink twice when she realized she was almost finished with her second bottle. Reaching for her ringing phone on the coffee table Penny's head began to spin and if she had been standing, she probably would have fallen.

Kelly was calling to ask Penny a favor. Her mother had been in a car accident and although it wasn't life threatening, Kelly was going to the hospital to stay with her. The problem was she had agreed to serve drinks at a private party at the Club and she practically begged Penny to take her place. Telling Penny that if you canceled on one of these parties, they never asked you again, and she needed the extra money desperately. Penny felt indebted to Kelly for all her help but what finally persuaded Penny was when Kelly told her that the last such party had earned her over a thousand the books. She said it was a poker party being given by Jake, so some of his former teammates and probably Sully would be there.

"All you have to do is serve drinks," Kelly cajoled her, "they may offer you more money to dance or whatever, but that's up to you." Her head spinning, Penny did not even hear the last part and agreed to replace Kelly at the party.

Penny laughed to herself that at least she didn't have to worry about what to wear as she slipped on a tiny thong bikini and her most comfortable jeans. Not even bothering with a bra, "what's the point," she threw on a loose fitting blouse and some sandals. Knowing she was in no condition to drive, Penny responsibly called a taxi to take her to the Ranch. Hey maybe Jake would reimburse her cab fare. She rationalized that she would have at least some time to sober up a bit on the ride there and drank a bottle of water to dilute the contents of her stomach. Lastly, she left a text message for her beloved explaining where she was; although she would almost certainly be back before him. She thought that the great thing about texts was that spelling was thrown out the window; and in her condition, that was essential.

As they drove, Penny was amazed at how beautiful the sunset was that evening. Arriving at the Ranch, the taxi dropped her off at the gate and the guard let her in with a smile after she explained she was working for Kelly. The smile was no doubt the reaction to watching her breasts jiggle under her blouse, her nipples poking against the thin material. After stowing her clothes in a locker, Penny decided against attempting to drive a golf cart and walked down to the pool area. Someone had brought a "boombox" and dance music was playing at a low volume as she approached. She could see Jake, Sully and three other large naked men gathered around a table obviously playing cards. When Jake saw her walking toward them he stood up and greeted her warmly, "hi Penny, I wasn't expecting you."

Telling herself, "don't stare," she explained about Kelly and he expressed his concern for Kelly's mother.

"Hey guys," he shouted, "remind me to send some flowers to Kelly's mom." "Actually we're really glad you're here Penny because the bartender was a no-show, so if you don't mind doing double-duty we will definitely compensate you."

"That would be great, actually I like making drinks," Penny answered.

"Just one more thing Penny," Jake explained chuckling, "I guess Kelly didn't tell you, but these private parties are not clothing-optional...they are clothing'll have to lose the bottom."

One and a half bottles of wine earlier Penny might have objected, but without even thinking she untied the strings on the sides of her bikini bottom and whisked it off, balling it in her hand to stow behind the bar. There were a couple of whistles and catcalls as her pubic area was bared. Penny was blessed with the perfect thigh gap and her very prominent puffy mound was totally visible in the light of the numerous tiki-torches. She kept her crotch shaved bare because it seemed to turn Leonard on, and he was quite skilled orally. It glistened in the moonlight because she had rubbed baby oil into her folds after her bath.

Her legs were long and shapely and she actually threw her shoulders back and walked a bit taller when she turned to go to the bar and heard comments like, "wow, look at that ass," and "she's a real looker." Given her condition, she did the best she could at mixing drinks, and did not receive one complaint. When she was not busy fixing drinks or clearing away dirty glasses, Penny hung near the table and watched the men play poker. They were playing with real money, not Monopoly paper, and the pots were totaling over a thousand dollars each. She could not help checking out each of the players' "package" as she watched. The other three were all large black men like Jake and had been former teammates. Mike had let retirement be an excuse to get a little flabby, and his penis was of average length, but as fat as a soup can. Larry was tall and lanky with a tool to match: long and slender. Darrell was nearly as large as Jake, and his penis was probably ten inches long but with a crown the size of an was incredibly bulbous.

After playing several hands, the players took a break and just lay back on their lounge chairs, sipping their drinks. Jake approached Penny and suggested, "this is when Kelly usually provides some entertainment for us." Just as he spoke, Mike turned the volume on the "boombox" up and the beat throbbed in the air. Penny just looked at Jake questioningly and he continued, "Kelly usually dances for a strip, but since you're already naked, just sexy. We compensate her very well."

Wondering if there was anything else Kelly forgot to tell her, Penny said, "well I see no harm in a little dance...and I love to dance." Jake and Sully cleared some chairs and tables away to make room and Penny began to dance. She had been to enough strip clubs with some of her former boyfriends to know the type of dance Jake expected so she began to bump, grind, sway and shimmy to the beat of the music. Probably owing to the wine, Penny was not the least self-conscious about her nudity as she twirled and shook her fantastic nude body, her feet gliding through the sand. Penny closed her eyes as she swayed, throwing her hips to each side and feeling her firm tits jiggle. She never even thought twice that she was dancing totally nude in front of five naked virtual strangers.

"Man she's sexy,' she heard Darrell in his unmistakable "Barry White" voice.

When she finally did look out at her audience, Penny gasped: all five men were laying on their lounge chairs and were sporting erections. Instead of being alarmed, Penny found herself laughing inside because it looked like a forest of penises. Every one of the erections was enormous. Jake's cock looked like a pole extending upward between his legs, it was almost a foot long and as thick as a Coke bottle. Sully had an even longer cock and the crown was the size of a tennis ball. She had thought they were freaks of nature the first time she saw them, and she was right. Penny did not want to admit it but she felt weak in the knees from looking at all that hard meat. She actually felt powerful that she had caused their arousal.

When the current song ended, Jake once again approached Penny and this time she did not even pretend not to stare as his erection swung in front of him like someone using one of those metal detectors in the sand. "Did Kelly by any chance tell you how she made what she nicknamed her "big money,'" he asked chuckling.

Penny's head was reeling as she stood completely nude in front of this huge naked black man, "well she said these private parties were where she made her big money."

Jake laughed out loud, "the term 'big money' was her joke about the size of our pricks. You see Kelly was always more than willing to provide us with, shall we say, special service; if you know what I mean."

Penny, her mind fuzzy, took a moment for the insinuation to set in and then just looked around the pool area where all five men had their cocks in their hands. She could feel her crotch progressing from mere moistness, to completely wet.

"Of course you are under no obligation Penny," Jake assured her, "if you want to stop with just the dancing, that's fine, but I should tell you that at the last party, Kelly must have walked away with at least $ 3,000.

"I could pay Leonard back every penny and still have rent money," she thought, and then quickly decided, "I love you Leonard, but sometimes I just have to be practical...he is a scientist, he should appreciate a totally logical approach." She smiled her sexiest smile at Jake, without even trying, and asked, "where do we start?"

When they heard that, the other four men rose from their lounge chairs and formed a loose circle around Penny. She was one of the most beautiful young women they had ever seen, her entire body completely firm and smooth. Her body glistened with a fine sheen that she had worked up while dancing and it just added to her sex appeal. Suddenly there were ten huge hands caressing every erogenous zone of her body. Larry was fondling her perfectly round ass cheeks; Jake and Sully were busy fondling her marvelous tits; and Mike and Darrell were running their hands up and down the insides of her creamy white thighs. Penny could not help moaning when Sully and Jake began to roll her pink jellybeans between their teeth and nibble gently.

"Penny," Sully complimented her, "you body is exquisite. How do you keep your skin so smooth and's like silk."

Trying to focus on his question, she responded, "I have a boyfriend, I mean fiancee, who is very thorough and meticulous about helping me apply lotion."

"Well kudos to him," Sully answered.

Larry separated her wonderful ass cheeks and was actually licking the length of her ass crack; something new for Penny. She felt her knees threaten to give out as Darrell and Mike used their thumbs to spread her puffy mound and blow hot air up into her slit. Unconsciously she moved her feet farther apart in the sand to give them easier access to her crotch. The feeling of being felt up by ten hands was incredible and Penny was close to a climax when Jake spoke, "well Penny the only one here who is small enough to fit in your mouth is Larry...are you up to a blow job?"

They released their hold on her and she immediately dropped to her knees without a reply, feeling the still sun-warmed sand surround her legs. Larry presented his long slim cock to her face and Penny ran her tongue around the head before licking the entire underside length. His scrotum hung down like a bag of marbles and she fondled them, weighed them. Opening her mouth as he slid his rod inside, she then closed her lips tight around his prick and began to move forward, accepting more and more until his crown was bumping the back of her throat. Her throat began to suck and milk his cock while her tongue played with its length. Larry responded, "wow, you guys don't know what you're missing...she's a fantastic cock-sucker."

Sully and Jake kneeled on each side of her and resumed their assault on her erect nipples while Mike and Darrell stood on her sides, lifted her hands and placed them on their hard-ons. She continued to suck Larry's cock down her throat while closing her fingers around their pricks and began to jerk. It was incredibly difficult to concentrate on sucking and jerking at the same time and something Sheldon had once said (who knew she actually listened and retained his blather) popped into her mind, "it is impossible for a human to perform two tasks at once. All these people who claim to be multi-tasking are merely doing one task at a time." The girth of Mike's penis was incredible as her slender fingers did not come close to encompassing it. She thought that it would be impossible for her fingers to slip off the end of Darrell's cock because the crown was so the knob on a baseball bat.

Larry was now fucking her face, thrusting his cock in and out of her delicious mouth and gripping the back of her head. He began to spew his juice down the back of her throat, his cock twitching against her lips. Penny was determined to swallow every drop and even licked his length clean as he slid out of her mouth. Watching her lick her lips, everyone backed away and helped Penny to her feet. She didn't think she had ever been more aroused, surrounded by giant cocks as she inquired, "well, what's next?"

"Well," Jake began, "since Sully is the only white boy here, we wouldn't want to discriminate, so if you have no objections we're going to let him fuck you first."

She thought to herself, "I hope I'm ready for this." Fully erect now, Sully's cock was over a foot long and thicker than a Coke bottle; but the real obstacle was his crown which was the size of a tennis ball. Sully put the back down on a lounge chair and lay flat on his back, his monstrous cock sticking straight up like a flagpole. Penny was apprehensive about his size but she could feel moisture oozing out of her slit and dribbling down her thighs. The men had a plan in mind and Jake and Darrell put Penny's arms around their shoulders, while Mike and Larry wrapped a hand around each of her thighs. Picking her up so that she was in a sitting position, Larry and Mike spread her legs wide apart and they held her above the prone Sully, facing him. Her legs were splayed so wide that she knew her slit had parted, and she could feel the cool night air making contact with the inside of her pussy.

They began to lower her toward Sully's body as he held his cock pointing toward the sky. Penny felt the very tip of his crown nudging between her puffy lips, forcing them to open wider. These men were former professional athletes and her body weight barely registered to them as they held her in place, increasing her anticipation. Nothing was forced, they just let gravity work its magic as they slowly lowered her incredible naked body. She could feel pressure against her slit as Sully's giant crown pressed against her opening trying to gain admittance. Wider and wider her plump lips stretched to accommodate the enormous cock-head until his crown finally popped into her hole.

"Holy shit," she groaned as they continued to lower her tiny body onto Sully's giant cock. She thought to herself, "he truly is The Snake," as she felt every inch of her cunt being stretched to its limit. The men paused and she thought that she finally had the entire length inside her, but when she looked down between her legs, she saw that it was only in about half-way. Looking at each other smiling, the men suddenly released their grip on Penny and in one instant her body dropped onto Sully's lap, impaling her on the entire length of his gigantic cock. "Oh my fucking God," shrieked Penny as it felt like her cunt was splitting apart. His monster cock was so far up inside her that she would have sworn she could feel him in her throat.

Her orgasm was so strong that her body thrashed around on top of Sully like a fish on a hook. "Your fucking cock is so big," she screamed as Sully reached up with his huge hands and began to squeeze her perfect tits. At first she had thought it was pain, but now she was certain it was the ultimate pleasure as she squirmed on top of him, actually wanting more. "Fuck me...for God's sake fuck me," Penny begged as she braced her hands on his chest. Sully slowly drew down his hips, letting some of his pole be drawn out of her, then thrust up inside her cunt feeling it grip his cock like a rubber glove.

"You've never been fucked by a really large cock before have you Penny," Sully inquired.

"Not one this; how can you tell," she asked.

"Well for one thing, your reaction," he answered, "and another, your pussy is so incredibly tight."

"All I know is that it feels heaven on earth. It actually feels like my pussy is going to explode from the pressure...and it's wonderful," Penny told him.

"Well then little lady...let's get you fucked," Sully proclaimed as he started to drive his monstrous cock up into her stretching hole.

"Ohhh yes...yes...fuck my little pussy," Penny shouted as she bounced up and down on his giant prick. Sully grasped her slim waist in his big hands and began to actually lift her up and then jam her down as he thrust upward, battering her bald mound. In and out of her pliable hole he drove his enormous cock, faster and faster. The harder and faster he fucked her, the more her magnificent tits bounced and jiggled. Penny was in such a state of arousal that she literally could not get enough cock and she implored him, "fuck me...fuck me."

To her surprise and disappointment, Sully stopped thrusting and pulled her down onto his chest. "What the..." she was about to complain when she felt a warm body up against her ass. Turning she saw Darrell, his prick in his hand straddling the lounge chair behind her. He lay his ten inches of hard meat on her back, and it was surprisingly heavy, reached his hand under her and captured some of the juices leaking out of her hole and proceeded to slather it on the length of his horse-cock. Penny found the contrast of his dark black cock laying against her pure white ass to be unbelievably erotic.

As aroused as she was she began to protest, "I've only done that a couple of times...and I've never been with two guys at the same time." The truth was a couple of her ex-boyfriends had fucked her ass, but she had never really enjoyed it. She and Leonard had experimented a couple of times, but again she wasn't overly fond of anal sex, and thankfully neither was Leonard. More than a little apprehensive because of the size of Darrell's crown and the fact that she was already stuffed full of cock, she would have refused if not for the wine and being more horny than she had ever been.

As she lay on Sully's barrel of a chest, she felt fat because of the huge cock filling her stomach and braced herself for the anal penetration. Sully sensed her tension and rubbed her silky smooth back trying to calm her, "don't worry Penny, we wouldn't hurt you. Just try to relax and you'll be surprised at how good it feels...or so I'm told," he chuckled, "no first hand experience, mind you."

He had succeeded in relaxing her as she felt Darrell's big warm hands spreading her perfect cheeks apart to expose her ass-hole. He began to press his orange-sized crown against her sphincter muscle and she could feel the pressure as he pushed forward. "Here, try this," she heard Jake as he tossed one of the ever-present bottles of sun screen oil to Darrell. Feeling the warm liquid dripping all around her brown hole, Penny relaxed as she smelled the coconut scent and reached back to help him spread her cheeks. Pushing forward with all his strength, his incredibly large crown finally split Penny's sphincter and lodged itself inside her ass.

"Holy shit," she shrieked at the abrupt invasion and released her cheeks to brace herself against the chair arms. All three just paused to let Penny's body adjust to the extreme penetration, and then Darrell began to slide his huge cock straight into Penny's rear tunnel. Penny grit her teeth as she felt every inch of her holes being stretched to their limit. When Darrell finally hit home and his balls slapped against Penny's ass, she realized that there was two feet of cock inside her, separated by a thin layer of skin. Sully and Darrell began to withdraw their monstrous cocks ever so slowly, and then slide them back into her just as slowly. Their hot meat scraped against every nerve ending inside her and she could feel the walls of her tunnels expand and contract as they slid in and out.

The feeling was so intensely arousing that it was excruciating. Penny's body trembled with orgasms as they filled her holes. Then they simultaneously shoved their cocks up into her as hard and fast as they could. "Oh my fucking God," Penny squealed as they stuffed their snakes into her, battering her holes and thrusting violently into her cunt and ass. "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," was all she could say as they slammed into body.

She heard someone, she thought it was Mike, loudly proclaim, "man, now that's fucking."

Their monstrous cocks slid in and out of her stretched out holes as Penny found herself gasping for breath. Her insides were so full that there didn't seem to be any room for air as they hammered her tunnels. "You about ready Darrell," Sully asked over Penny's shoulder.

"Whenever you are big man," Darrell answered as he shoved his ten inches of hard meat deep into Penny's cute ass. She could feel his gigantic crown stretching her as it went in deeper. It began to twitch in her ass and she could feel heat radiating deep inside her as he shot his load in her rectum. At the same time, Sully rammed his snake up into her cunt and began to flood it with his seed.

Her belly felt like it was on fire as they filled her with their steaming cum, "holy fucking shit...fuck me...fuck me," she moaned as her holes milked their juices. She could feel her tunnels expanding even more to accommodate their fluids and the sensation was incredible. She shuddered as more orgasms wracked her naked body and collapsed on Sully's broad chest. When they were done, Darrell's shriveling penis slid out of her ass as he climbed off the chair, but Sully's cock was so large, even flaccid, that it remained inside her until he lifted her off him as easily as a rag doll and sat her on the lounge chair. Her head reeling from the exertion and the wine, Penny glanced down between her legs and saw a stream of cum dribbling out onto the chair.

Jake brought her one of the ubiquitous white beach towels provided by the Club, and she almost unconsciously wiped her crotch and lay back in the chair. Seeing that she was sweating profusely, Jake brought her another towel and wiped her forehead. She thanked him dreamily as she accepted a cold bottle of beer from Larry. "I have a feeling you might be a bit dehydrated," he offered, smiling down at her, admiring her glistening nude body. Cold beer had never tasted so good as Penny swigged it down in one gulp.

Jake lay back in an adjacent beach chair and laughed as he asked, "well Penny, are you ready for "The Elephant Man;" yes I've heard of the nickname." In his hand he held a foot of hard black cock, sticking straight in the air and ready for action. It looked like one of the old-fashioned Coke bottles...only larger.

Suddenly Penny forgot how tired she was and she now wanted nothing more than to have a huge cock inside her. Getting to her feet, she gestured to Sully, Mike, Darrell and Larry, "well boys, are you going to assist me?"

As before, they picked her up and carried her in a sitting position over to a waiting Jake. This time they pointed her back toward Jake and began to lower her wonderful naked body down onto his immense pole. Semen was still dripping from her pussy as they watched Jake's crown separate her puffy lips, wedging itself between her slit. It looked like she was poised atop a fence post. Penny thought they were going to slowly lower her onto the "elephant" cock, but knowing she had already been stretched by Sully, they crossed her up and just let go of her body. In one split second she was completely impaled on a foot of hard black cock. It had only been a few minutes, but Penny was now reminded of how wonderful it felt to be completely stuffed with a giant cock.

"Fuck me Jake...fuck me hard," she demanded, squirming on top of him like a piece of skewered barbeque meat.

"I will sweetie, but we have a surprise for you," Jake assured her as he put his thick arms around her stomach and pulled her back onto his chest. He slid his huge hands up to her marvelous tits and kneaded them as Larry straddled the lounge chair in front of her. She was more than willing to give him another blow-job, but Jake was holding her back , preventing her from sitting up. Looking down her body between her breasts, she saw Larry grasp his long, slender meat in his hand and nudge it up against her bald mound above Jake's pole.

Penny suddenly grasped the situation and gasped, "no...wait...are you kidding me."

"Trust me Penny," Jake soothed her, "you're more flexible than you think. Kelly says there is no better feeling than having two cocks in her pussy at the same time."

Her pussy was already dripping as she reached down with both hands, slipped her index and middle fingers into her opening beside Jake's log and pulled her plump lips apart trying to help Larry gain entrance. She watched him squeeze a bottle of sunscreen oil, coating his log with the slippery fluid and then inch his body forward. Luckily for her, Larry's crown was not much bigger than his shaft. Pushing forward with steady pressure, he watched as Penny's lips stretched around his penis as it began to disappear inside her. He grasped Penny's slender waist as he continued to slowly push into her; inch by inch gaining entrance into her already stuffed pussy.

With great difficulty because her cunt was so incredibly tight, Larry finally shoved the final two inches into her and his balls wedged against her mound. Looking down, it seemed to Penny like two big black tree limbs were wedged up inside her cunt. She lay back against Jake and began to rub her own tits. Her nipples were so hard that they hurt, as she fondled and squeezed them. Just laying there motionless, her opening was stretched so far that her clit was making contact with Larry's hard-on. Penny was so aroused that she felt light-headed, like she might faint. Her normally flat stomach was now distended and she realized she now had almost two feet of big black cock inside her pussy. Just the thought of it caused her vaginal muscles to twitch.

Jake held her glistening body against his and they began to fuck her...slow at first and then with increasing intensity. Every nerve in her cunt was being stimulated as they simultaneously thrust in and out of her, their enormous cocks acting as one giant piece of meat. Penny began to thrash around in Jake's arms as her body went into sensory overload, seemingly in a constant state of orgasm. She saw bright spots of light in front of her as they thrust up into her belly. "Holy shit," she groaned as they fucked her, "oh my God that's great...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me." Every time they thrust into her, she could feel her pussy stretch once again. Nothing mattered to Penny except the cocks slamming into her pussy; nothing else existed except having her cunt stretched beyond belief. "Oh my God, fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," she pleaded and begged, "stretch my fucking cunt."

Sully, Mike and Darrell just stood back and watched their gorgeous blonde waitress taking two cocks in her pussy. Mike was recording the whole thing on his cell phone so he could enjoy it again later. "She's a real trooper, isn't she," asked Sully rhetorically.

"The Elephant Man's trunk is about to explode Penny, Jake warned her as he pounded her cunt.

"Oh God...fuck me...fill my cunt with your fucking sperm," squealed Penny as she jammed her body down against Jake's groin. Jake began to erupt deep in Penny's belly, his cock feeling like a fire-hose had been turned on inside her. Larry felt Jake twitching against him and he joined his friend in spraying Penny's vagina with his cum. Penny's cunt felt like it was on fire as their hot jism squirted up into her womb. Her whole body shook as they all climaxed together, her cunt acting as a receptacle for their cum.

When they were finished pumping into her, she withered back against Jake's chest and he whispered in her ear, "you are one great fuck Penny." Larry backed off, his prick slipping out of Penny's hole and he reached for the cold beer that Mike offered him. Jake stood up, Penny still impaled on his cock with his arms around her. He bent his knees allowing his pole to slip out of her pussy and then set her back down on the lounge chair like a doll.

In a daze, but still aware of her responsibilities, Penny lay back against the chair, splayed her legs so far apart that her feet were planted in the sand on either side of the lounger and nonchalantly asked, "Mike would you like to fuck me?" A smile from ear to ear, Mike kneeled on the chair between her marvelous legs and with no pretense of seduction, aimed his "soup can" at her wide open hole. He marveled at how pink the inside of her pussy was, probably due to all the recent friction. He shoved his hips forward, and in one swift motion buried his seven inch cock inside her cunt. Even though his cock was the thickest she had ever seen, Penny had no problem accommodating his girth: she had just been double-fucked.

Mike had been waiting all night to fuck this beautiful blonde pixie, and he began to violently assault her cunt; slamming his cock into her as hard as he could. He grasped her petite ass cheeks in his huge hands and held her in place as he pounded her pussy, punishing her already battered cunt. He leaned down and bit down hard on her right nipple, rolling the jellybean between his teeth. Penny surprise him by encircling his waist with her long legs and locking her ankles, pulling him into her. He raised up on his knees, her body hanging under him as he plowed into her. "Fuck me baby...fuck me," Penny encouraged him as he lowered her back down onto the lounge chair and began to fuck her violently, his cock slamming against her crotch. It was as if he was trying to punish her as he thrust his fat cock into her pussy. "Cum in me, fill my pussy," she demanded, as she thrust her hips upward to meet his strokes.

They fucked each other as hard and fast as they could, Penny finding a reserve of energy as her pussy gripped his fat meat. Turned on by this horny wench, Mike jammed his cock against her mound and began to pump his seed as far inside her as he could. "Oh... yes...cum in me...fuck me...fuck me hard," she continued, feeling him spurt inside her. He seemed to squirt inside her for minutes, making sure his balls were empty before raising up on his knees and letting his cock slip out of her hole.

"Thanks Penny...that was are you," Mike congratulated her.

Sully agreed, "maybe next time both you and Kelly can join us."

Laying back against the lounge chair, Penny was not willing to commit to anything just yet. As much as she had enjoyed being fucked, she was aware that she had lost control and she wasn't sure how she felt about that. Jake returned from behind the bar with three bottles of champagne in his hands, proclaiming, "this night calls for a celebration. I have a special surprise for you Penny."

She lay on the chair, her legs spread wide and her knees bent upward; her pussy now a wide-open hole totally on display for all to see. There was no point in her feigning modesty now and the cooler night air felt good on her battered mound. Jake sat beside her, popped the cork on the champagne, put his large thumb over the opening and shook the bottle. Then before Penny even realized what he was doing, he reached between her delicious thighs, pulled his thumb away, and slid the champagne bottle up into her cunt. Her completely stretched out pussy offered no resistance and with almost the entire bottle inside her, Penny felt the cold, effervescent liquid forcefully gushing up into her, tickling her vagina. "Oh my God, that feels amazing," Penny squealed, grabbed the bottle from Jake's hand and began to fuck herself with it.

The bubbles were an incredible stimulant and Penny almost instantly had an orgasm as she shoved the cold glass up into her cunt with both hands. When she had stopped shivering from her climax, Penny slid the bottle out of her pussy and instantly wrapped her lips around the rim, drinking whatever remained. The champagne had acted like a douche, and when she sat up, a river of flat champagne and strings of cum washed out of her open hole. Jake crawled up between her amazing legs and began to lap up the last drops of champagne as it dribbled out of her bald pussy.

As Penny searched for her long forgotten bikini bottom, Jake gave her one of the incredibly plush white terrycloth robes provided to guests by the Ranch. The five poker players had huddled and then Sully handed Penny an envelope, saying, "we all agreed that all of the winnings should go to you. This was a night we will never forget. You are truly amazing Penny...thank you."

They gave her one of their golf carts to go back to the Administration Building, where she took a nice long, hot shower in the employees locker room, before getting dressed and calling a cab. While waiting for her taxi, she opened the envelope and discovered they had tipped her almost $6000! "," she exclaimed out loud.

When she got home, she just collapsed on the sofa and didn't move until the sun shining in the window woke her up. Immediately she thought, "what am I going to tell Leonard," assuming he had come over last night only to find her still missing. Checking her phone Penny was relieved to see a text from Leonard, already at work, stating that he had been so tired after the marathon that he had decided not to wake her and had spent the night in his apartment. He woke up late and didn't have time to stop in and say Good Morning.

Relaxing on the sofa, counting her tips again, Penny smiled and thought, "I never did find that bikini bottom."

(Thank you for reading my story. It's not perfect, but remember it's just for fun. Hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to make comments or suggestions; I value every one. [email protected] )

Thanks to lamo469 for suggesting the setting.


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