(fictional story about fictional characters)

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pays The Bills Part 3 (F-solo,F-gang,F-zoo)
by shaggy77

It turned out that Penny did not have to make a decision about quitting her job at RubDown because of Howard. His next two visits, she was able to pawn him off on newer "massage therapists," and then the business was served a subpoena by the IRS and forced to close it's doors because of non-payment of withholding taxes. Now, once again, she was forced to beg for extra shifts at the Cheesecake Factory to make ends meet. There seemed to be two constants in her life: problems with her finances; and the greeting she received whenever she visited her neighbors in 4A.

She knocked on the door, entered and was immediately scolded by the "head nerd," Sheldon Cooper: "it's customary to wait for permission to enter...."

"Just stop," his roommate, Leonard Hofstater chastised him, "we've been through this before...Penny has a standing invitation from me...Hi Penny."

"Hi Leonard," she smiled broadly, always happy to see the sweet neighbor who had become her confidante and ally against his impolite roommate.

"What's up Penny," Leonard inquired as he reached into the cupboard for a plate and scooped some of the chow mien from his Styrofoam container before handing it to his pretty neighbor.

"Thanks sweetie," she grinned, grabbing the accompanying bottle of water and settling into the chair next to his. "Nothing really, just wanted to touch base with my favorite peeps," she informed him.

"What a coincidence that you decided to keep us abreast of your exciting life precisely at dinner time," Sheldon sarcastically remarked.

" of my favorite peeps," she leaned over and whispered to Leonard.

Chewing his cashew chicken, Sheldon interjected, "which one would that be."

"Damn that Vulcan hearing," Leonard chuckled.

"Leonard," Sheldon continued, "this is diced and not shredded."

"Now you know my burden," Leonard bowed his head toward Penny.

"Hellooo pretty lady," Howard Wolowitz purred at Penny from his seat on the sofa.

"Not with a thousand condoms, Howard," Penny acknowledged him, her stomach feeling queasy because she knew he had seen her topless and was now undressing her in his mind.

"Ah, so there is a number," Howard smirked.

The last of the "nerd four," as Penny referred to them, Raj Koothrapali leaned over and whispered into Howard's ear. "Raj says Hi," Howard relayed.

"Hey Raj," Penny smiled, "nice talking to you." It was a strange quirk of the scientist from India that he was so shy around attractive women that he could only talk to them when inebriated. They were an odd bunch of friends, led by the extremely obnoxious and self-absorbed Sheldon; but Penny had come to enjoy their company...even Howard sometimes.

After dinner, the four scientists from CalTech settled in for some video games and as Penny headed for the door, Leonard slipped a scrap of paper into her hand saying, "he changed it again."

Glancing at it, she read, "pennysafreeloader," and knew it was their wi-fi password. Leonard freely let her share it, but Sheldon always resisted; just wanting to make it difficult for her. "You are such a sweetie," she told him as she quickly leaned in and gave him a peck on the cheek. The last thing she saw as she closed the door was Leonard grinning from ear to ear, and she thought to herself that he truly was the sweetest man she had ever met. He always gave her a warm feeling inside, even when her life was not at it's pinnacle.

Returning to her apartment, Penny decided to call her acquaintance Adrian, who had referred her to several jobs in the past (as well as employed her as a nude model on occasion), to see if he knew of any available job opportunities. "Oh Hi Penny," he greeted her when he answered, "I'm really sorry but I don't have any current requests to fill; you know I would call you. Have you given any consideration to the web-camera idea...there really is good money to be made."

"Remember," she replied, "I told you I share wi-fi with a couple of computer nerds, and one of their friends would surely hack my laptop...if he hasn't done so already." She was thinking of Howard, of course, and the thought made her shiver.

"Listen Penny," Adrian assured her, "you are one of my favorite models and I would like to help you. I have all sorts of laptops that I don't use anymore; I always get the newest models; and I would be happy to lend you one and install a firewall that I guarantee he could not hack. I'll help you set up your can be one of the girls on my site, and I'll only charge you a connection can keep all your subscription fees. What do you say?"

The next afternoon Penny drove to Adrian's studio and he set her up to be a web-cam girl. He already had an established site and merely added her to his roster of girls. Adrian gave her a laptop already encrypted with his password so all she had to do was log-on to the internet and she was in business. He assured her that not even a super-nerd could hack his account. Penny spent the rest of the day readying her bedroom for her first web-cast. She hung a pink sheet on the wall behind her bed for a backdrop (and also to block the sight of her personal items, so that no one would get too familiar with her or recognize the setting as her apartment). Penny had made sure her intimate parts were completely bald when she showered that morning and smoothed baby oil into her mound before donning her sexiest purple thong and teddy. To bolster her spirit of exhibitionism, Penny gladly downed three shots of tequila in quick succession.

Adrian had suggested that she just sit naturally on her bed in skimpy attire and chat with the web cam built into his laptop while awaiting for calls. She had expanded on his suggestions by planning to rub baby oil onto her long, shapely legs and maybe her breasts while waiting for customers. The idea was for viewers of her web-cast to subscribe to her personally and then pay for the time, while making suggestions. Private showing were also available for a premium price, and Penny could set her prices for various suggestions. As long as the viewer registered a credit card, she was assured of a nice profit and she could refuse any suggestion if they were not willing to meet her asking price.

Not that she was conceited or narcissistic, but Penny assumed that she wouldn't have to wait long until someone made contact with her, so she placed her laptop on the bottom corner of her bed and made herself comfortable. Stretching her wonderfully long legs in front of her, she began to rub lotion up and down them, from her ankles to her crotch, flashing her transparent purple panties. If someone had been browsing Adrian's web site, it would have been hard to ignore this blonde beauty. Her perfectly round 36 C breasts were plainly visible through the fabric of her teddy, with the shadow of her areola peeking through.

Noticing that the "counter" in the corner of her laptop screen was up to fifteen viewers, she smiled because every viewer meant a payout to her. She typed on her laptop, "any requests," and the response was what she expected were typical: "take off your nightgown," "rub lotion onto your tits," and things like that. After she slowly finished rubbing her legs, Penny lowered the straps of the teddy off her shoulders and let the garment pool at her waist, exposing her incredible breasts. Looking shyly at the camera, she began to fondle her perfect tits, jiggling them and weighing them. The counter kept increasing as she rolled her nipples, which had extended to the size of gumdrops, between her fingers. Squirting lotion in her hands, she massaged it into her tits, becoming more aroused at her exhibitionism.

"Lick your tits," was typed onto the screen and Penny readily complied, cradling her right tit with both hands and bringing it up to her red lips and suckling. She was becoming very turned on and wanted to touch her mound but resisted: if they wanted her to get herself off, they were going to have to request it and pay for it. The idea was to keep them watching for as long as possible. "Get in the doggy position so I can see your ass," flashed on the screen and Penny positioned herself on all-fours so that her magnificent ass was facing the laptop. She had let the teddy fall to her knees and now slowly and deliberately reached back and slid it off first one leg and then the other. Spreading her knees on the bed, she consented to the next request and gently spanked each cheek, causing a slight redness on her pale skin.

"Take off your panties," warren862 requested and Penny reluctantly slid her purple thong down her thighs, off her legs and playfully threw them at the webcam. She realized that with her ass pointed toward the camera, and her knees spread; the viewers were getting a good look at her puffy mound; and the thought aroused her. Suddenly a viewer named ladiesman69 typed, "hello Penny...could I get a private show."

She was so spooked at seeing her real name displayed that it took her a moment to respond, "you must be mistaken. As you can see by my heading, my name is Angelina."

"I stand corrected...can I get a private show," ladiesman69 replied.

"Of course," Penny agreed, "you do understand the pricing, right."

"Fifty dollars for the first ten minutes, and any penetration is an extra hundred dollars. I got it. I have a very high IQ," the viewer replied.

Even though Penny was apprehensive about this viewer; something about him just didn't seem right; she knew she was in it for the money, so she quickly typed a message for the other viewers: "I am giving a private show right now...I will be back Live momentarily."

Then she hit a succession of keys that Adrian showed her would switch her connection to a single IP address...whatever the hell that was.

As she sat on her bed, totally naked in front of her webcam, Penny thought, "it's a good thing I downed that tequila," as she typed, "what would you like me to do."

As she read, "hello pretty lady," Penny froze. It was as if she could hear the typist's voice inside her head.

"Oh my God," she screamed as she grabbed one of her pillows and hugged it to her chest, "Howard is that you."

"In the flesh, so to speak," he typed.

Penny could just picture his sly, perverted grin and suddenly she was furious, "Howard, you bastard did you hack my computer?"

", I am a member of this site. I have been for months. I just got lucky finding you here," he answered.

"Son of a bitch," she thought, "of all the hundreds of porno sites on the internet...Howard had to be a member of this one." Then she actually chuckled to herself, "hell, he's probably a member of all of them."

She thought about just closing the page and leaving him hanging, but it was as if he was psychic because he typed, "listen Penny, the money had already been subtracted from my account, so you actually owe me a show...besides you wouldn't want Sheldon find out about this...would you."

It was the massage parlor all over again: she had convinced him that Sheldon was the one she didn't want to know about her activities because of the endless teasing, but for some reason it was actually Leonard that she didn't want to find out. For some inexplicable reason, it has Leonard she didn't want to disappoint. He had her in his web and she knew it, "all right, we will just proceed as if we were strangers. What is your request?"

"Well for starters...lose the pillow. I'm paying for flesh," Howard typed. "You know I have a webcam too, so if you want we can talk to each other face to face instead of me having to type. That would free up both of my hands for other tasks...if you know what I mean."

"Ewwww," Penny exhaled, "no, I don't think I could go through with this if I had to look at you.

"OK," Howard replied, "I want you to sit on the bed with your legs spread in front of you and play with your vagina."

"You promise no one else will ever find out about this," Penny asked, "and if they do, I'll castrate you like a pig back on the farm in Nebraska."

"I promise," she read, "now let me see the inside of that pussy...time is literally money."

Trying to convince herself to focus on the income rather than the viewer, Penny spread her legs out in front of her and began to rub her oily mound with the palm of her hand. She had been so aroused by the thought of so many strangers watching her that it didn't take long for her juices to begin flowing again. Blocking Howard from her mind, Penny slipped her middle finger between her puffy lips and slid it from the bottom of her slit to the top, just barely grazing her nub which was already protruding from it's hood. Her screen "beeped' and she glanced up to read, "that is so spread it open."

She knew it was her responsibility to honor his requests, so she used the index and middle fingers of both hands to hook her fleshy labia and spread them apart, exposing the inside of her cunt. "Move the camera closer," he typed and Penny freed up one hand to slide the laptop closer between her outstretched legs. She used the fingers of her free hand to scoop up some of her lubrication, that had leaked out and was dribbling down between her ass cheeks. and rub it all around her mound so that it glistened. Another message on the screen, "if you want that extra hundred dollars, this is what I want you to do."

"I'm listening...or at least reading," she spoke into the computer.

"You know that wine bottle in your kitchen, the one in the wicker basket," he wrote.

"Yeah," she responded, " do you know what's in my kitchen," and she released her lips and pulled her knees up to her chest.

He typed, "have you forgotten Teddy."

"Oh shit, that's right," she shouted, "I've tried to forget, you pervert."

"Oh right, I'm the pervert but you're the one showing me your pussy," she read.

When she had first moved across from Sheldon and Leonard, Howard had given her a plush teddy bear as a "welcome" gift. She found out later that it contained a "nanny cam."

Luckily she had sized up Howard immediately and just tossed the stuffed bear in a corner of her living room; so the most he had ever seen was her walking past in her underwear. A few days later after Howard couldn't resist bragging to the other nerds about what he had done, that sweetie Leonard had immediately come across the hall and informed her.

Down on the second floor of their building, a morbidly obese man who resembled Sasquatch (covered in dark hair) lived and they passed sometimes in the foyer. That afternoon he had found a stuffed bear in front of his door with a note attached: "from your secret admirer." Penny could only imagine the sights on Howard's laptop that night.

"Well, for the additional hundred dollars, I want you to pleasure yourself with that bottle...this means penetration," he wrote in large font.

"Just remember your promise," she stated, looking sternly into the camera lens, "or else."
Penny got up from the bed and went to the kitchen to retrieve the bottle; Howard watching her beautiful ass move as she walked. Returning, she repositioned herself on the bed, snatched a condom from her nightstand drawer and smoothed it down over the bottle-neck.

She ignored his message of, "if only that bottle were me," and squirted some lotion in her hand before rubbing it all over the top of the blue condom. Making sure the webcam was pointed between her legs, she spread them farther and grasped the bottom of the bottle in both hands. Slowly she eased the tip of the bottle between her prominent lips, sliding it up and down to make sure it was lubricated, and then began to slip it up inside her cunt. Carefully and slowly Penny slid the covered neck of the wine bottle further into her wet tunnel until about five inches were inside her. Since it was Howard watching, she did not want to let on how wonderful it felt. It had been a while since she had sex: despite Sheldon constantly calling her morals into question, Penny was actually quite selective of her sex partners.

The bottle had begun to taper and was now stretching her lips wider as she slipped more of the glass dildo up her pussy. In truth she wanted to see how much of the bottle her pussy could take, but she wasn't willing to give Howard the added satisfaction. She began to slide it in and out of her cunt, fucking herself with the object that until a few moments ago had been a decoration in her kitchen. "Holy shit that feels good," she told herself as she leaned back against her pile of pillows and her eyes rolled back in their sockets.

Fucking herself faster, Penny's body trembled and she inexplicably thought about Leonard in her moment of orgasm. As if he were psychic, Howard typed, "if Leonard were here he would be reaching for his inhaler, but that's not what I'm reaching for...if you know what I mean."

When the screen "beeped," it brought Penny back to reality and when she read his message it was a combination of anger and fear (of his potential psychic abilities) that convinced her to end their session. Withdrawing the slick bottle from her hole she decided to tease Howard one last time, and stuck the tip of the bottle in her mouth, deliberately licking its neck and tasting herself. Telling Howard, "that's it Howard, your time is up," she reached for the laptop to cut the connection.

His last message was, "no...wait...I'll pay for more time. Oh, OK, see you next time."

Clicking the "delete" key, Penny thought to herself, "yeah...there won't be a next time." And thus ended her career as a webcam girl.

Penny had made the equivalent of a couple weeks of her Cheesecake Factory wages for her short time as a webcam girl, but the thought of another online encounter with Howard had convinced her to move on. Her encounters with him at Leonard and Sheldon's apartment had been awkward, but she was getting pretty good at ignoring him. About a week after her web experience, she had attended an open audition for a TV movie and that evening was shocked by a phone call from the casting director for a re-read appointment. Since she really didn't have any other friends, she rushed next door and burst in without even knocking. Sheldon and Leonard looked up surprised from their desks where they were hovered over their laptops. It occurred to her that Sheldon resembled a praying mantis illuminated by the light of his screen.

Their reactions to her intrusion could not have been more diverse: Leonard's face lit up like an LED light bulb and Sheldon began, "in this universe, knocking before entering is considered polite."

"Just stop," Leonard scolded him, "we've been all through this before. Hi Penny...what can we do for you; or precisely, what can I do for you."

"Hi guys," she chirped, "oh I don't need anything, I just wanted to share some good news with you. I have a recall audition tomorrow, and I'm feeling pretty good about my chances."

"That's so great," Leonard exclaimed, obviously happy for her, "tell us about it."

"Yes, who is the director...Spielberg," Sheldon inquired,..."bazinga."

"Don't be such as ass," Leonard objected.

"Oh that's OK, he's not going to spoil my mood," Penny assured Leonard, "it's for a TV movie." After excitedly talking for a few minutes, Penny excused herself to return to her apartment for a good night's sleep so she would be fresh for the audition.

"Best of luck tomorrow," Leonard wished her, "not that you need luck. You have my cell number; you can call me tomorrow if you get the know, if you want to. Maybe we could celebrate." His face got extremely red and he continued, "you know...all of us. I...I didn't mean just you and me," he stammered.

"I know what you meant," she chuckled as she left his apartment, and thought to herself, "he is such a sweetie."

The next morning Penny dressed in her sexiest and skimpiest purple bra and thong because they always made her feel sexy and confident. Topping them with a flirty yellow sundress and five inch yellow heels, she was a vision of loveliness. There was a folded piece of paper under her windshield wiper with a heading, "from the desk of Dr. Leonard Hofstater" and reading "...and the Emmy goes to: Penny." As she slid behind the wheel, Penny just grinned and tucked the note into her purse.

Arriving at the audition call-back, she was immediately shown into the director's office and was greeted by a middle-aged man who she thought resembled Jon Lovitz. "Hello Penny," he greeted her with his hand extended, "I'm Glenn relation...and I'm so pleased to meet you. I apologize for missing your audition yesterday, but my casting director has shown me the recording and that's why you're here today." He gestured for her to sit in a plush leather chair and he took his seat behind a huge mahogany desk. "I have seen your hemorrhoid commercial and I like what I see," he informed her, "now let me explain about our project."

"We have a development contract with Lifetime and Freeform networks," Glenn began, "to deliver several films per year. Most of the actors we use are unknowns or actors just starting out; such as yourself; that way we can keep our budgets low and our profits high. We also increase our profits by shooting different versions of the same film simultaneously. As as actress, you must be aware that this is common practice. At the same time we shoot the film for Lifetime, we also shoot another version Showtime Nighttime, or some other premium channel. Of course the second version is more liberating with less censorship."

Glenn explained, "the story line is that you are a high school senior who moves to another town because of your mother's employment, and it follows you as you try to fit into a new school; making new friends. To summarize: you become a cheerleader and the head-cheerleader becomes jealous of your popularity and schemes to destroy your reputation. She pretends to befriend you and arranges for her boyfriend, the quarterback, to seduce you and film your encounter. When she posts the video and labels you a slut, you become so depressed that you commit suicide. The rest of the film traces the police detective who eventually exposed the cheerleader and brings her to justice."

"Although you don't actually make it to the end of the film, you will be shown in flashbacks throughout and, in my opinion, you are the star of the film. Most of the leads have already been cast using actors I have worked with before, but I wanted a fresh face for the role of Jennifer," he volunteered. "We have already built a set with a classroom and your bedroom, and we really lucked out when my cousin Vinnie's construction company was awarded a contract for asbestos abatement in a nearby high school. In exchange for a small part he is giving us access to the grounds on weekends when there is no work going on so we can use the gym and football field. It is saving us a ton of money."

"So Penny, I'm offering you the role of Jennifer. You can take your time to consider it and here is a script if that will help you make up your mind," Glenn told her, handing her a thick script. On top of the script was a copy of her contract to peruse. "Do you have any questions? Don't worry about the age, you can definitely pass for a high school senior. Most of my actors are in their twenties, but no one will question them being high school kids. Did you know that Henry Winkler was actually twenty-nine on the first year of Happy Days."

Penny felt overwhelmed by the bombardment of so much information and did think to ask, "you mentioned less censorship on one of the versions...what exactly did you mean."

"Well, with each succeeding version there are less restrictions on things like language and nudity. For instance, the Showtime version would require you to show your breasts and buttocks...after all, as you know: sex sells. I'm sorry, but if that is a problem, it is nonnegotiable."

Penny did not answer immediately, but began to glance at the script while trying to catch her breath. Her contract was quite extensive and contained a plethora of small-print which she actually had no intention of reading once she saw the salary figure. It was more than twice as much as she would make in two years at the Cheesecake Factory. She would gladly flash her tits that she was so proud of for that much money, and she would have a serious acting resume after this. "Mr. Spelling I would love to be in your film," she announced, reaching across his desk for a pen.

When Penny got back to her car she exhaled for what seemed like the first time in a week as she texted Leonard simply, "I got it !" Leaving the parking lot, she decided to treat herself to a pedicure and manicure for the first time since she arrived in California. While her feet were soaking she realized that the first person she thought about when she got the good news was Leonard, the sweet little nerd who was her neighbor.

Waiting in front of her door was a Styrofoam cooler containing a bottle of champagne smothered in ice with a note "from the desk of Dr. Leonard Hofstater,"...congratulations, I never doubted you for a moment. Sorry I couldn't be there, there was a fire in one of the labs and we all had to clean up the water damage from the sprinkler system. Sheldon burned popcorn in the microwave and set off the one hurt."

"He is so sweet," Penny thought as she settled back on her sofa and reminisced about her great day.

Two days later Penny reported for her first day of rehearsal/filming on the TV movie tentatively titled "Tragedy at Northfield High." Luckily for her the two sets had been erected in a warehouse right in Pasadena, so that even if her temperamental car balked at the trip, she could just catch a bus. The other actors had worked together before and were all friendly, accepting her immediately into their group. the two actors she would have the most lines with were Lola, a gorgeous brunette who would be playing the head-cheerleader; and Jake, a very tall, handsome athletic type who was cast as the quarterback. Within a couple days, Penny had figured out that they were a "couple" in real life as well as in the film.

Due to the beauty of digital cameras, filming of the movie was proceeding rapidly. With digital equipment there was a minimum of rehearsal time; the director filmed everything and kept what was good, and re-shot what was not. The first two weeks Penny spent a lot of time in a cheerleader outfit; primarily white with red trim and the name "Mustangs" lettered across her ample chest. The cheerleaders always wore their uniforms to school on game-day, so her classroom scenes often focused on her incredibly long, shapely legs. Many of the scenes were in her bedroom set where she and Lola, pretending to be her best friend, shared secrets. She hosted a slumber party for all the cheerleaders and they all were attired in skimpy nightgowns or just long t-shirt and sells as Glenn would say.

She had received a "signing bonus" as a new actress for Spelling's production company, the first week of filming, and a second check at the conclusion of the second week. It was more money than Penny had ever had in her possession and she kind of pampered herself, along with paying off her credit cards. She even bought Chinese food for the entire nerd-quartet one night and Sheldon had asked if the world was indeed coming to an end..."bazinga."

In the middle of the third week of filming there was finally going to be a scene where Jake seduces Jennifer (Penny) in her bedroom. Glenn explained the scene: "in this scene, Jake and Jennifer are studying and Jake produces a surprise gift out of his gym bag for Jenn. It is a stuffed teddy bear, only the secret is that it contains a nanny-cam; you're familiar with those aren't you Penny."

"Ohhhh yeah," she chuckled.

"Well," Glenn continued, "Jake gives it to Jennifer and then props it up in her chair so it's pointed toward the bed. Then, of course, he seduces Jennifer so that he and Lola can capture it on video and humiliate her. Any questions Penny? Oh and right after we film the Lifetime version, we'll go right into the other versions."

Penny had missed the ending "s" on versions, making it a plural; and said there were no questions. It was clear in the Showtime script that she would be showing her breasts and butt, and with the money she was making, she had no objections. As the scene progressed Penny became more comfortable; she had memorized her lines perfectly and it really wasn't a chore making-out with the handsome Jake. After giving her the gift, Jake guided her back to the bed and began to nibble on her neck while sliding his hand up under her white cheerleader sweater and fondling her bra-covered breasts. She knew it was just acting, but couldn't help becoming aroused. It had been a long time since she had a steady boyfriend and this seemed so real.

Putting up the token resistance, she raised her arms and let Jake pull her sweater up and off her arms, leaving just her skimpy lace bra covering her magnificent tits. Leaning back on the bed, she assisted him in pulling off her sneakers and sliding her short cheerleaders skirt down her long slender legs. Her panties were as skimpy as her bra; matching white lace and just barely a thong. When Jake stood at the foot of the bed and dropped his sweat pants, Penny could see that she wasn't the only one becoming aroused. The cameras were behind him so the Lifetime viewers would be spared the "tent" in his boxers as he slid onto the bed beside her. Following the script the let their hands caress each others arms and shoulders while kissing and then the camera faded out.

"OK that was great," shouted Glenn, "now let's go directly into the Showtime version.

They quickly sat back up and resumed making-out, but this time Penny allowed Jake to unhook her bra and slide the straps down her creamy shoulders and toss it aside. He began to lick her wonderful breasts, and suck her gumdrop sized nipples, which had become involuntarily erect. He pulled her skimpy thong down her legs, sniffed them and threw them aside while she helped him off with his boxers. They couldn't show his hard-on on Showtime, but if they had the viewers would have seen a fairly average sized prick, maybe six or seven inches with a large flared crown.

Jake crawled up between Penny's legs, lowered his head to her groin and began to simulate cunnilingus. They weren't allowed to show actual contact, or their genitals so this was actually a good way to block the view. After a couple of minutes, Jake inched his way up Penny's incredible nude body and started to simulate intercourse, winking at the stuffed bear several times. Penny found it more difficult to fake an orgasm than she had anticipated, especially since she was actually aroused and craved legitimate release. After they had both simulated orgasm and rolled apart on the bed (another opportunity to get a good shot of Penny's breasts), Glenn called "cut" and suggested a short break before filming version number three.

As Jake rolled off the bed, Penny perked up, "version number three...what are you talking about."

Glenn seemed surprised and answered, "yeah, the video one. Didn't you read your contract? This version goes straight to video, you know, like X-rated. In this version you guys really have sex."

"What," Penny shouted.

"Again," Glenn stated, "it's in your contact...the one you signed. In this version you will perform fellatio on Jake and then have intercourse. It was all there in black and white. If you want to void your contract, you have to pay back all the advance money within twenty-four hours or you will be in breach. Trust me Penny, you don't want to do that...the corporate attorneys will sue you for everything including the shirt off your back. If you breach your contract it costs us a ton of money to recast and re-shoot all the previous scenes. So, are you ready to continue or do you have the money to pay us back?"

Penny sat on the end of the bed, completely naked and feeling vulnerable, her head spinning. "Why didn't I read that contract," she scolded herself, "I've spent all the money and I really have no choice but to go through with this. Then again, I am incredibly horny and Jake is not unpleasant to look at." "All right, let's get this over with," she told Glenn.
Jake had wandered back from break, not even bothering to put on a robe.

"All right Penny why don't you give Jake a blow-job while he stands at the foot of the bed, and then just transition right into the intercourse...I think with you on top, that way we get a good view of your great breasts," Glenn directed, "you're on the pill I hope because we don't have any condoms."

She just shook her head in the affirmative and sat on the end of the bed as Jake approached her. "Were there this many camera operators here before," she thought as it seemed like there was a camera zooming in on her from every direction as she grasped Jake's rod in her hand. Leaning over, Penny extended her tongue and gently licked Jake's crown, a long string of pre-cum attaching to her and linking them together. Slowly she took his length into her mouth, closing her luscious red lips around his shaft and sucking him into her throat. She had never been a big fan of oral sex and this was especially true when she had no choice in the matter.

Jake grasped the sides of her head, holding her there while be began to fuck her mouth. "Oh yeah Jennifer," he ad-libbed, "that's great...suck that cock." Glenn was pleased with his latest actress: what could be better than a gorgeous blonde with a cock in her mouth. Jake tipped his head back and moaned, "oh yeah baby...suck it." Doing her best to please the director, Penny deep-throated Jake's prick and fondled his scrotum as he thrust into her mouth. Fearing he would pop off in her mouth, Jake withdrew and pushed Penny back onto the bed. He climbed onto the bed, crawled up to the head and then lay sprawled out on his back, his erection resting on his stomach.

Knowing what was expected of her, Penny straddled his groin and grasped his cock in her hand. One of the cameramen had focused directly on her crotch as she rubbed Jake's crown up and down between her slit, making sure it was good and slick. Raising up on her knees, she inserted the tip of his cock between her puffy lips and began to sit down on his thighs, slowly impaling herself on his meat. She knew she shouldn't feel that way, but she couldn't help herself...his cock felt great inside had been a long time. "Mmmmmm," escaped her lips as she took his length into her pussy and sat on his lap. Jake put his hands on her waist and urged her to lift up, which she did, and began to bounce up and down on his cock, fucking herself.

She closed her eyes and tried to imagine being fucked by someone she cared about and the only person that came to mind was her sweet nerdish neighbor, Leonard. It didn't surprise her as much as she would have expected and she began to fuck Jake's cock in earnest. Her magnificent tits flopped against her chest, making "slapping" sounds as they bounced against her bare skin. Jake reached up , grasped her tits in his hands and began to knead them like bread dough, "you have great tits Jennifer." As she bounced harder on his groin, Jake thrust upward, jamming his cock as deep into her cunt as he could.

Penny ground her pelvis against his, trying to crush her clit with his pubic bone. She was ready to explode when he suddenly pushed her off him and back onto the bed. Kneeling between her outstretched legs, he started to jerk his prick, aiming his spurts of cum at her tits. Glenn later told her this was the "money shot" and they couldn't waste it inside her pussy. Coming back to reality and realizing this was all for the good of the film, Penny instinctively began to rub Jake's semen around her glorious tits, stopping occasionally to pinch her rosy nipples.

Members of the crew handed then towels and Glenn made a point to tell Penny, "You were amazing today. Sorry if there was a misunderstanding about the different version of the film, but you handled it like a trooper. OK everyone: remember tomorrow and Sunday we will be shooting on location at the high school...make sure you have directions and are there bright and early."

"Misunderstanding my ass," Penny mumbled to herself, "I wonder what surprises they have in store for me tomorrow."

She asked Lola about the upcoming shoot since there seemed to be no script and she replied, "oh yeah, for the X-rated version Glenn just likes to play it by ear...whatever strikes his fancy on that day. He likes to let us ad-lib lines, kind of go with the flow of the big deal. See you tomorrow."

"Yeah no big deal for you," Penny thought. Right now she couldn't wait to get home and take a long hot shower...try to feel clean again.

After her cleansing shower, Penny threw on a pair of shorts and a tank top and strolled over to 4A, "nerd central." She knocked deliberately and announced herself before entering and was immediately greeted by Sheldon, "well, how nice...I guess you can teach an old dog new tricks."

"Hi Penny," Leonard exclaimed with a grin from ear to ear. When she saw his reaction, Penny suddenly felt a warmth spread over her entire was so nice to have someone truly happy to see you. "How is the big movie star today," he continued, "we haven't seen much of you lately. How is the filming going?"

As soon as the words were out of his mouth, Penny felt as if she were going to burst into tears, but she quickly recovered and replied simply, "it's coming right along; which brings me to the reason for my visit. I need to ask you a favor."

"What a shock," Sheldon drolly remarked.

"Shut up," Leonard snapped, "what can we do for you Penny...just name it."

"Well remember I told you that we would be shooting some of the scenes on location at a high school, well I have to be there early tomorrow morning. I've been taking the bus to the studio here in Pasadena, but there is no direct bus service to the school. I was wondering if someone could do me a huge favor and drive's only about twelve miles and I would pay for gas."

"Why can't you just drive your own car," Sheldon demanded.

"It's been in the shop. They promised they would have it ready by today but they just called and said the parts haven't come in yet," she informed him.

"A ha," shouted Sheldon, "I told you several times not to ignore that "check engine" light that kept blinking, and now it's time to pay the piper."

"It just so happens smarty-pants that's the reason it's in the shop," Penny told him, sticking out her tongue, "I decided to use some of my acting money to get it fixed before it broke down."

Leonard walked over to the bowl by their front door, retrieved his car keys and offered them to Penny, "here take my car. Tomorrow is Saturday, so we don't have to go to work and this way you'll have a ride home too."

"Oh my God, are you are so sweet," she nearly cried at his thoughtfulness and leaned over to kiss his cheek.

Leonard beamed and added, "it's no big deal. Why don't you keep it and use it Sunday too...we have no plans."

"Now wait just a minute," Sheldon began to protest, "suppose I need to go someplace tomorrow or Sunday."

"The bus stop is just down the street," Leonard responded, "it will take us anywhere we want to go."

"But we have to wait for the bus," Sheldon answered, "suppose I have an emergency."

"What kind of emergency," asked Leonard.

"Like a trip to the comic book store," Sheldon stammered.

"An emergency trip to the comic book're just being ridiculous," Leonard told him, "besides, Raj and Howard will probably be here and Raj has a car."

"Holy crap on a cracker, what a whack-a-doodle," Penny sighed as her eyes met Leonard's.

He dropped the car keys in her hand and closed her fingers around them, enjoying the physical contact with his dream-girl. "Good luck on your shoot," he wished her as she turned to go. She stopped, turned, and swiftly kissed his cheek again before returning to her apartment.

"He truly is the sweetest man I have ever met," Penny thought as she settled onto her sofa. "When this job is over I'm going to ask him on a date because I don't think he will ever get up the nerve to ask me. I think I'm ready to break my pattern of only dating handsome jocks who use me and then throw me aside for someone younger or with bigger boobs. It will be a huge change to date someone shorter and less athletic than me," she chuckled to herself, trying not to think of the possible surprises that Glenn may have in store for her the next day.

She used Leonard's GPS and arrived at the high school bright and early the next morning, thinking to herself that it might be the only time in her life that she had been early for school. Glenn was walking around the front of the main building when she pulled into the parking lot and greeted her smiling with, "hey Penny; well are you ready, this is the day we kill you...or rather Jennifer." She was speechless momentarily; knowing what he meant, but still it was an unsettling thing to hear. He saw that she was carrying her cheerleader wardrobe and suggested, "just pick any room inside and change into your outfit. When you're ready, Alice will touch up your make-up and you can meet me around back by the path football field."

After changing into her "Mustangs" uniform, Penny strolled to the rear and found the camera crew setting up next to the building. Glenn instructed her, "as you know most films and TV shows are filmed out of sequence, so this is what we're doing. First we will film you lying here on the pavement and then we'll go up to the roof and get a shot of you standing on the edge of the roof contemplating jumping. The prop man put down a pool of blood consisting of a sheet of red gel, like the ones you put on your windows at Christmas in shapes of trees or wreaths. It looked exactly like blood but was a solid instead of a liquid and completely easy to move; creating no mess. Penny was directed to lay down with her head on the gel and her arms and legs askew, in unnatural positions, simulating a corpse.

Glenn made sure her cheerleader skirt was up to expose her red cheerleader panties and the shape of her wonderful ass cheeks. Even "dead" she looked great. They filmed her from all angles and from the roof, before the whole crew trooped up to the roof for that scene. Playing it absolutely safe, they secured Penny in a harness when she stood on the edge of the roof; Glenn confirming that they could edit the harness out with computer programs. It was a beautiful clear day and Penny could see for miles from the roof, calming her nerves about what the rest of the day held.

They filmed several scenes of her and Lola walking outside and sitting in the bleachers, all featuring close-ups of their long legs on display in the cheerleader uniforms. Every time they did one of the "cheesecake" shots, Penny could hear Glenn's voice, "sex sells." She and Jake made-out under the bleachers and then they shot several scenes of her and Lola practicing their cheer routines. Most scenes were shot with a huge green backdrop so that crowd scenes or whatever could be digitally added during editing. They shot scenes at the "jock table" in the cafeteria, but only Penny, Lola, Jake and several other "members" of the football team were actually present...another green screen opportunity. "File scenes" were shot in the hallways and in the outdoor "commons" area so that they could be added if needed.

Then Glenn said it was time for the sex scene in the locker room. The script called for Jake to be the last player to dress after the game, with Penny (Jennifer) waiting for him outside. He teases her and convinces her to come inside the empty locker room and make out with him, which of course leads to adventurous and thrilling sex, with the added stimulus of possibly being caught. As before, they would film the Lifetime version first and then the Showtime version, including nudity. Penny assumed that there would also be a third X-rated version and tried to convince herself to make the most of it. It was getting late and the crew had done a lot of lifting and relocating equipment, so Glenn decided to call it a day and resume shooting on Sunday. "Remember everyone...bright and early: we only have the school for one more day so all location scenes have to be wrapped up tomorrow. Penny, get a good nights sleep."

Driving home Penny realized she was really tired and as much as she wanted to stop in and thank Leonard again for the use of the car, she was ashamed to admit that she planned to grab some kind of take-out and sneak into her apartment without disturbing the nerds. After parking the car, she was relieved to discover that she didn't have to skulk into the building: Leonard had left her a text stating that he was sorry he missed her but the nerds were attending an all-night Star Trek movie marathon. He wrote, "I wanted to hear all about your day on must have been so exciting. I just know you were the best one. Keep me in mind for Emmy tickets; or if you need a date to the ceremonies ( the date I mean, not the Emmys). Raj drove and Sheldon complained the whole trip, so nothing new with me. Best of luck tomorrow. See ya."

"God he truly is the sweetest man alive," she thought, smiling..."I am definitely going to ask him out when this job is over. I can't wait to see the look on his face."

By the time Penny arrived at the school on Sunday morning, the equipment was already set up, so she quickly changed into her "Mustangs" uniform and walked briskly to the gym. The scene began with Penny sitting on a bench next to the outer door of the locker room; the one leading to the football field. She watches several of the team members filing out after having showered and changed into street clothes. They naturally ogle her as she sits wearing her cheerleader uniform, with her legs crossed showing every inch of her incredible legs and outer thigh. Finally Jake comes out dressed only in a pair of gym-shorts and dares her to come into the Men's locker room with him. Eventually she concedes, takes his hand and follows him inside. What she doesn't know is that he has concealed spy-cams at various locations in the locker room. He immediately embraces her, cradling her head in his hands and kissing her deeply. She melts in his hands and, after being assured that everyone else is gone and they won't be interrupted, agrees to join him in the whirlpool.

He shucks his shorts, jumps in the whirlpool and watches Penny undress. She thinks the tub is just like the one they used back on the farm in Nebraska to water the cows (except with no submersed jets). Slowly she takes her sweater off revealing that she has chosen to spur the team to victory by forgoing a bra and allowing them to watch her magnificent breasts wobble and jiggle as she performed her cheers. Jake is nearly panting as she lowers her red uniform panties and white skirt. Kicking off her sneakers and socks, Penny joins him in the tub. Of course for the Lifetime version, she is only filmed from the waist up and from the back.

Other cameras are running simultaneously and capturing her naked from the waist up and flashes of her incredible ass for the Showtime version. They embrace standing up and then sit on the bench in the tub, the effervescence of the whirlpool strategically concealing their genitals for the censored versions. Glenn tells them to continue with the sex and the films can be digitally edited for each version. While sitting, Jake gently fondles Penny's wonderful tits, caressing them and weighing them in his hands. He attaches his lips to one of her gumdrop nipples and suckles while she runs her hands along his muscular back. She knows this is a job, but is becoming aroused from all the stimulation and decides to just let herself go and try to enjoy it.

Jake urges her to stand so that her crotch is above the water line, and she leans against the side of the tub as he kneels in front of her. She instinctively spreads her legs wide as Jake runs his hands up their length until he reaches her mound. Her prominent lips glisten from the tub's water and from her own natural lubrication seeping from her slit. He uses his thumbs to separate her puffy labia, allowing his tongue to trace her slit from the bottom all the way to her pearl sized clit. He teases it with his tongue and then sucks it into his mouth, causing Penny's legs to quiver. His head still between her legs, Jake cups her perfect ass cheeks in his hands and lifts her up to sit on the edge of the tub; afraid her legs might give out. Before she realizes it, his tongue is delving deep into her pussy, scooping her juices and spreading them around her mound.

He stood between her thighs and rubbed his crown up and down her opening while Penny put her hands on his shoulders. Without any warning Jake abruptly shoved forward, burying his seven inch prick in Penny's juicy cunt. Without thinking, or caring, about any script, Penny exclaimed ,"oh shit," as he penetrated her. Jake again grasped her round ass and began to fuck her: hard and fast; slamming his cock in and out of her cunt, causing her tits to bounce on her chest. He wasn't her choice of partners, but Penny had to admit that she loved the feel of a cock inside her as she threw her blond head back and just reveled in the pleasure.

Faster and faster he pounded her pussy. She threw her long legs around his waist and locked her ankles, drawing him into her. She couldn't help herself as she moaned, "oh yeah...fuck me." Leaning back, Penny allowed Jake access to her amazing tits and he responded by sucking on first one nipple and then the other. They were as hard as iron and as he bit down on her left gumdrop, Penny felt her body convulse. Her cunt muscles were squeezing Jake's cock and he exploded deep inside her belly, spurting his load up into her hole. He stood in front of her until his shriveling hard-on naturally slipped out of her pussy. With a mischievous look on his face, Jake climbed out of the whirlpool and lifted Penny out, carrying her over to the trainers table. It was covered with towels and actually quite comfortable as he sat her down and declared, "now close your eyes and don't move...I have a big surprise for you. Promise you won't open your eyes until I tell you."

"I promise," Penny assured him, leery of what the surprise was going to be since there was no script for the X-rated version; at least no script that she had seen.

Sitting completely nude on the trainers table she thought she heard the outside door open (it had one of those "Emergency Exit" push-bars on it) and was pretty sure she heard whispering and some commotion before she heard Jake shout, " can open your eyes now." Opening her eyes she was most certainly surprised: she was surrounded by five of the members of the fictional football team, but the biggest surprise was that they were all naked, displaying cocks of various sizes and shapes.

The player called Jason exclaimed, "some of us wanted to thank you for cheering so hard for us and we thought what better way...."

"Yeah, Jenn," the center, a short wide player named Dak added, "we played a lot harder after watching your tits bouncing around."

Penny reacted instinctively and immediately crossed her luscious legs and crossed her arms over her chest, trying to maintain some modesty in front of the strangers. Jake approached her and began to rub her back to soothe her, "it's OK babe, the guys just want to thank you by making you feel good. Heck with you cheering us on we might win every game; so be a good sport and show the guys a good time." Since she hadn't seen a script, Penny wasn't sure how to play the scene but she decided to feign shock, and resist.

"Jake get these guys away from me," she yelled, "I thought we had something special going," Penny ad-libed her lines.

"Oh we do Jenny," Jake told her, "that's why I'm willing to share it with my just relax and enjoy yourself." While he had been talking, the football players had surrounded the table and when she tried to get up, they grabbed her. One of the players each grasped one of her limbs and pushed her down on her back on the trainers table. She kept struggling until Jake raised his hand, as if to strike her, and then she just lay back on the soft towels. Dak and Jason pulled her legs until her ass cheeks were at the edge of the table and than they spread them wide apart until she felt like the Thanksgiving turkey wishbone. Two other players, Jose and Dan held her arms against her sides with one hand and pressed her shoulders down with the other.

Jake introduced the fifth player, "this is Shamel, our Defensive End, or as we all call him: Meat...I'm sure you can see why." Penny could indeed: Meat possessed the largest cock she had seen since leaving the farm. He was a giant of a man, at least six feet five and his shaved black scalp glistened in the harsh fluorescent lighting of the locker room. He was stroking his prick and even his huge hand did not fully encompass it. His pole was at least twelve inches long, and Penny was sure it was even longer; and was definitely thicker than a Coke can. The large crown was dark purple and looked angry as she stared at it. "He drew the short straw, so he gets to pleasure you lucky girl," Jake declared, "it's a good thing you're already juiced-up."

She knew she had to react as Jennifer, but Penny's head was spinning after seeing Shamel's rod. She had certainly never had anything that large inside her before and was torn between fear and desire. Faking a struggle, she screamed, "no...please don't do this," as Shamel stepped up to the table between her wide-spread legs. The contrast between his jet-black skin and Penny's pale white flesh was remarkable as he laid his meat on her flat stomach. Looking down between her incredible tits, Penny could see that it stretched well past her belly-button. He leaned forward and caressed her perfect tits, his huge hands completely covering them as he squeezed and kneaded her flesh. Running his hands down to her crotch, making Penny shiver, Shamel used his large thumbs to spread her puffy cunt lips. Using his giant crown like a spear, he wedged it between her slit and began to push forward.

Penny could feel the pressure at her opening as his giant cock attempted to penetrate her. She could feel her juices (mixed with Jake's) dripping down between her cheeks as Shamel pushed harder. Feeling her lips spreading farther than they had ever been before, Penny grunted as his crown plowed through her opening and into her cunt. Shamel smiled at his triumph, grabbed her wide hips with his giant hands and began to shove forward. "Oh my God," Penny screeched as she felt every inch of her cunt being stretched as he went deeper inside her. "This must be what it's like to give birth," she thought as he continued to push his mammoth cock up into her belly. Looking down between her legs, Penny saw that he was only about half-way inside her as she watched his black pole disappearing into her pussy.

It felt like someone was shoving their arm up inside her as Penny lay back and tried to enjoy the sensation of having her cunt utterly and totally stuffed with cock. Jose and Dan had leaned forward and were sucking on her gumdrop nipples when Shamel finally had buried his entire cock into her tunnel. Her cunt stretched to unimaginable extremes, Penny was nearly breathless when Shamel began to withdraw. "Oh my fucking God," she screamed as he scraped every nerve ending in her pussy. Slowly pulling out, Penny could feel her cunt shrinking as he backed up, his pole sliding against both her G-spot and her clit simultaneously and she begged, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me." She had forgotten all about acting now: she just wanted to be fucked.

When he had withdrawn all but his huge crown, Shamel hesitated for a few seconds...and then jammed the entire length of his massive cock all the way up Penny's stretched out pussy. "Jam that big beautiful black cock up my pussy," she demanded, "stretch my fucking cunt. Fuck me...fuck me hard."

Jake nodded at the other players and they released her limbs as he commented at the camera, "I think Jennifer is now showing her true colors; she's done resisting." Dan and Jose continued to attack her engorged nipples, sucking and chewing them. Penny feeling her legs freed, wrapped them around Shamel's huge body, drawing him into her. He began to hammer her pussy; thrusting his massive cock in and out of her widening cunt. His extra-large scrotum swung and slapped against her wonderful ass cheeks as he buried his pole up into her belly. Dan and Jose bit down hard on her gumdrops and Penny's body twitched and quivered underneath Shamel as he ground his pelvis against hers. His crown was jamming against her womb as he pounded her cunt.

With her arms now free, Dak placed his cock in her right hand and Jason followed suit with her left. Instinctively Penny's fingers closed around them, but she didn't really stroke them; rather just squeezed. She was much too busy concentrating on being fucked, by the largest cock she had ever seen on a man, to devote her attention to jerking them off. It did register in her mind that Dak's penis was just what she had suspected: unbelievably thick, like a soup can, and Jason's was more average, but with a distinctive upward curve.

Shamel was slamming his horse-cock in and out of Penny's stretched out pussy so hard that a white froth coated her puffy mound. It felt to her like someone was shoving a fence post up her cunt...and it felt exquisite. He was fucking her so violently that she tried to turn away when Jose grabbed the sides of her blond head, turned it to the side and attempted to feed his long, slim prick into her mouth. She was finding it difficult to catch her breath, and did not want her airways obstructed, but somewhere deep in her consciousness she reminded herself that she had an obligation to the film, so she opened her lips and accepted the intruder. With so many people using her body, there was no way she could concentrate on sucking Jose's cock, so she just let him fuck her mouth; letting him slide his tool down her throat.

His hands gripping her tiny waist, Shamel shoved forward into her cunt, while pulling her back toward him, allowing him to penetrate her with an extra inch of meat. He slammed his cock into her with all his weight, her incredible tits jiggling like Jello and Penny felt the entire length of her tunnel twitch as he began to flood her pussy with his jism. The nerves in her cunt reacted by convulsing, and Penny drew her head off Jose's prick so she could scream, "ahhhhhhh." It was like a fire-hose had been turned on deep in her belly as he pumped her pussy full of his hot cum.

Her ankles were locked behind Shamel in a death-grip and he had to reach behind him to force her to release him as his monster cock shriveled and he tried to back away. When he did withdraw it looked like a big black anaconda slithering out of a round pink cave. "OK take a five minute hydration break," Glenn announced, "Penny, don't wipe anything off, and put a towel between your legs...we don't want anything leaking out. That's called a creampie shot and it's very valuable. Everyone remember where you were."

She just lay there in a daze for half of the break while Lola actually stuffed a towel into her crotch. One of the crew approached and when she finally acknowledged his presence, he offered her a bottle of water. Thanking him, she ravenously drained the bottle and attempted to get her bearings back. Glenn was huddling with the "football players," telling them what he expected when they resumed shooting. He assumed that there was so since telling Penny because she could just follow their lead. In what seemed like the blink of an eye, she heard Glenn yell, "OK everyone, take your places." Then when she was once again surrounded by men, "action."

Jake suggested, "let's take this party into the gym," and all the "players" followed him out the locker room door. Shamel picked her up in his arms as if she were a rag-doll and carried her into the gym, where several padded mats had been laid out on the gym floor. Jake was tugging on a rope and Penny soon saw that he was lowering the gymnastic "rings" from the ceiling. When they had nearly reached the floor, Shamel took her over to them and Jose helped him to put Penny's glorious legs through the rings so that she was in a sitting position when she grasped the ropes above the rings. If she rocked her legs, she could use the rings as a swing, but that wasn't what Jake had in mind. One of the camera men kneeled on the floor and focused on her crotch as the rings spread her apart. She wondered why, then looked down and could see Jake and Shamel's cum drooling out of her still wide open hole.

"Oh yeah...creampie shot," she thought as she swung gently. Dak stood in front of her, his "soup can" prick pointed at the ceiling and Dan walked up behind her, his long slim "pepperoni stick" waving in front of him. When Jake had lowered her to the perfect height, Dak stepped forward and began to stuff his think meat into her waiting hole. If Shamel hadn't already stretched her pussy to new extremes, she would have had a difficult time accepting Dak's incredibly thick cock; but it easily slid up her cunt, filling her hole.

Jake threw the bottle of rub-down oil from the locker room to Dan, who proceeded to squirt it along the length of his rod before stepping up behind Penny. He used his hands to spread her beautiful ass cheeks, exposing her brown hole. She had never cared for anal sex, and had certainly never been double-penetrated as she grit her teeth in anticipation. Dan squirted oil onto the small of her back so that it ran down into her ass crack, then nudged his slippery crown against her ass-hole. She was hanging freely and had no control over her body as Dak shoved against her, forcing her back onto Dan's cock. His head plowed through her sphincter ring and entered her ass as they trapped her naked body between them.

Dan shoved steadily upward, burying his prick in her tight ass; made even tighter by Dak's presence in her pussy. Penny gripped the ropes tightly as they began to thrust their cocks up into her holes, fucking her simultaneously; filling her holes with hard cock. She could feel their poles rubbing together separated by only a thin membrane and the experience was better than she would have dreamed. Dan was so well lubricated that she didn't even mind having a cock in her ass. Closing her eyes, Penny felt completely satisfied as they slid their cocks in and out of her ass and pussy. "Holy shit yes," she moaned, "fuck me with your fucking cocks."

Dak jammed his fat rod in and out of her dripping pussy as Dan matched his strokes fucking her delectable ass, as it was finally loosening up. Thrusting up into her holes, they were lifting her in the rings as she swung freely from the ceiling. Dak reached out to grasp her slender waist and held her in place so they could get more leverage as they pounded her holes. Dan put his arms around her and roughly mashed her magnificent tits, violently pinching her rosy nipples. Penny felt her body quiver in climax, "oh my fucking God...fuck me...I love your fucking cocks." Feeling her tunnels spasm around their pricks, Dak and Dan jammed up into her and began to spew their cum into her holes. Penny just threw her head back and squealed, "yesssss."

Allowing their shrinking penises to slide out of her, Dan and Dak backed away from her swinging naked body and let the cameraman capture closeups of their cum drooling out of her sopping wet holes. Jose and Jason helped her out of the rings and over to the mats, where Jose lay down on his back. Jason assisted Penny to kneel straddling Jose's groin with her back to him, while Jose held his average sized prick so that it pointed at the ceiling. Penny didn't need to be a physicist to know that they wanted her to lower her incredible nude body and impale herself on the hard meat. She didn't even bother to spread her labia because she knew her slit was already wide open; she could feel the cool air-conditioned air rushing up her hole.

While Jose held his prick, Penny slowly bent her knees, allowing his cock to disappear into her pussy. Even though she was completely stretched, it still felt wonderful to have another cock inside her as she groaned, "mmmmmm." Jose encircled her waist with his arms, pulling her back against his chest; her legs stretching straight out in front of her. Not even questioning his intentions, she just watched as Jason kneeled between their legs, his curved pole in his hand. She thought it looked like a flesh colored banana as he presented it to her already occupied pussy. Beyond protest, Penny watched curiously as he used his fingers to spread her lips farther apart, and then began to push his crown into her slit.

Looking down between her legs, Penny was not particularly shocked as she watched a second cock being shoved into her juicy cunt. His curved hunk of meat naturally made contact with her G-spot as he thrust into her until his balls slapped against Jose's. Relaxing back against Jose, she shivered as they began to simultaneously fuck her. It was like having one gigantic cock inside her as they slid in and out, fucking her pussy together. "Holy fucking shit," she encouraged them, "fuck my fucking cunt." It was like having one continuous orgasm as they fucked her; first together and then alternating their thrusts and withdrawals. Jose reached around and squashed her tits in his hands, rolling her gumdrops between his fingers.

He thrust upward as Jason shoved his cock forward, trapping her marvelous body between them, violently fucking her cunt. "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me," she screeched as her body thrashed and she coated their cocks with her cum. Her cunt muscles went into a spasm, gripping their poles as they slammed into her. She felt both cocks begin to twitch and the inside of her pussy felt like it was on fire as they emptied their balls into her. As they continued to pump their loads of cum into her pussy, Penny wanted to react, but was just too exhausted. She just lay back against Jose as Jason allowed his "banana" to shrivel and slip out of her pussy. Jose put his arms around her waist and easily lifted her silky body and set her down beside him on the mats.

Too tired to be modest, Penny just lay there, her sexy legs splayed far apart, cum dribbling down between her perfect ass cheeks. Jake ordered Dak and Dan, "go back to the locker room and bring the trainers table in here; it will be perfect for Ed."

Even though she was totally spent, Penny's ears perked up and she asked Glenn, "who is Ed?"

"His real name is Pegasus, but we all call him Mister Ed. He, and of course you, are the stars of the fourth version of this film," Glenn informed her.

Her mind swimming, Penny inquired, "fourth version?"

"Don't tell me you still didn't read your's all there in black and white. The good part for you is that as soon as this next scene is filmed, you get a very large bonus," he smiled. "Just remember, you are bound by the contract."

Dan and Dak carried in the trainers table and Glenn adjusted the height by lowering the legs to a spot already marked on each one. "OK bring in Ed," and Jake went to the double doors of the gym leading to the outside. The cameras followed him as he opened the doors, disappeared for a moment and then reappeared leading a beautiful white horse with a red sash reading "Mustangs," that Penny recognized as the fictional football team's mascot.

Her mind reeling, Penny suddenly realized what was in store for her and just lay there on the mat trying to regain her composure. "You're not serious," she screamed.

Jake, staying cool and in character, responded, "relax Jenn, he's not much bigger than'll love it."

Penny knew she couldn't run, they would catch her and besides, it wasn't that simple. She had signed a contract and knew she wouldn't win a legal fight. She had already done everything else they bad could it be. No one she knew would ever be watching this type of film...if she could just get through this day....

Having been raised on a farm, Penny was used to being around horses and she stood as Jake led Ed over to the trainers table. He was a magnificent beast and Penny began to stroke and pet his pure white neck. Ed nuzzled against her and dipped his head to her crotch, smelling her aroused scent. The cameras were capturing everything as he actually extended his long rough tongue and licked her puffy mound. His tongue was so long and powerful that it actually delved between her slit and made contact with her aroused clit. Penny's knees felt weak and she held onto Ed's neck for support. Glancing down under his sturdy body, she could see that his penis was beginning to protrude from it's furry sheath.

Everyone else in the gym was watching the same thing, and Jake yelled, "look boys, ole Ed smells the female in heat." Everyone laughed and gathered around as Penny was drawn to the growing rod like a moth to a flame. She had, of course, seen horse's cocks before, but never this close. Mesmerized by the expanding pole, Penny kneeled beneath Ed's belly and reached out to grasp it with both hands. Jake took the opportunity to squirt rub-down oil all over Penny's hands and she started to run her hands up and down the lengthening shaft. It had grown to gigantic proportions. The first ten inches, near the furry sack was jet black and as big around as her forearm; then there was a raised ridge that encircled the whole shaft, sort of like someone had slid a thick rubber-band down his shaft.The final eight inches were white, very smooth and had the girth of her wrist. His crown was bulbous, but nearly flat at the tip and when she touched it, she found it to be not hard, but very spongy.

She was surprised that something that long, without bones, could be as firm and hard as it was. Penny thought that if she wanted, she could probaly do a pull-up on Ed's shaft. Feeling the powerful stalk in her hands, Penny knew her pussy was becoming moist again and when she saw a large drop of pre-cum on it's tip, it was a reflex to extend her tongue and lick it off. "Salty," she thought, tasting the sticky white droplet, and noticed a long string of fluid between her lips and Ed's crown, like a strand of spaghetti. Glenn had a big grin on his face as the cameramen scrambled to get close-ups of Penny's angelic face as she started to lick the spongy head of the horse's cock. She tried to feed it into her mouth, but the girth, no matter how pliable, was too great, so she settled for licking the shaft as she slid her hands up and down.

Jake slipped his hands under Penny's armpits, urging her to stand, and then led her over to the trainers table which was now quite low to the ground. she knew where this was going and had resigned herself to the fact that she had no alternative but to comply.Laying on her back , she let her knees hang over the edge of the table and spread her shapely legs as wide as possible. Dak led the massive beast over to the table, his prodigious cock hanging so far down that it nearly scraped the gym floor. Jake squirted the rub-down oil all along Ed's incredible length , then urged the beast forward, straddling the table. Penny looked down between her flattened out breasts, saw the glistening shaft dangling between her legs and her body began to unconsciously writhe in anticipation.

Her slit had still not fully closed from her previous assaults and Jake guided Ed's soft crown between her puffy lips. Penny was surprised that she was not afraid, but rather anxious to feel the monstrous cock inside her. Ed's hooves were pawing at the gym floor as he inhaled her arousal. Jake slowly pulled Ed's mane, urging him forward and his pliable head slipped through Penny's slit and into her pussy. Slowly, Jake guided Ed forward, his thick pole penetrating Penny's cunt until the first eight inches were buried inside her. "Mmmmmm, that's nice," she moaned in pleasure, feeling Ed's penis twitch.

Ed was becoming agitated: he wanted to fuck the female, and they were making him wait. Penny could feel the raised ridge pressing against her mound and she slid her naked body forward trying to impale herself farther. Suddenly Ed had decided he had been denied long enough and he lunged forward, shoving his entire gigantic cock all the way up Penny's cunt. "Oh my fucking God," she howled, feeling Ed's monstrous cock slam against her cervix. She had been stretched before, but never had anything been that far up inside her belly, and would probably never again. The sensation was transcendent, like nothing Penny had ever experienced before. She thought she was going to pass out when Ed swiftly withdrew all eighteen inches and then thrust forward burying the entire massive shaft into her pussy.

It felt like he was splitting her apart as he rammed his gigantic pole in and out of her hole. He was a horse, a dumb animal, and there was no technique, no finesse, just pure animal lust as Ed fucked her with his mammoth cock. He rammed his pole in and out of her pussy with increasing force, causing her wonderful tits to bounce uncontrollably against her chest. Penny was in a constant state of orgasm as his enormous erection stretched her tunnel with each thrust, her body quivering and thrashing beneath him. Her legs flew out to the sides, flailing randomly as he scraped her clit, "holy fucking shit...fuck me...fuck me...fuck my fucking cunt."

Cameras were focusing on every angle as the powerful equine fucked the beautiful blonde, his giant cock splitting her dripping pussy. Penny closed her eyes and tried to forget that it was an animal fucking her, and concentrated on the fact that it was the biggest, most wonderful cock that had ever been inside her cunt. She didn't care what it belonged to, being fucked by Ed's cock was the most wonderful feeling she had ever experienced. Knowing he couldn't understand her, she still screamed, "jam that fucking cock into me...fuck me...fuck me...stuff my fucking pussy." Ed was fucking her so hard and she was impaled so deeply that he actually lifted her body off the table with his hard pole.

It should have come as no surprise to Penny that what horses have in size, they lose in stamina. They fuck to inseminate their mates, not to give pleasure and suddenly Ed's monster cock expanded inside her. It felt like a hot water faucet had been turned on in her pussy as Ed sprayed copious amounts of cum against her womb. "," she gasped, feeling his giant shaft spasm inside her stretched out tunnel. She had climaxed so many times that her body just twitched, but had no more fluid to release. Penny lay back totally spent as Ed continued to empty his balls into her pussy. When he was through, his horse cock immediately shrank and slid out of her hole, spraying long strings of white fluid all over her belly and thighs. It was amazing how quickly his shaft shriveled and retreated into it's sheath.

As Penny lay on the table, her legs spread obscenely wide, Ed stepped forward and began to lick her crotch, cleaning his cum off her magnificent naked body. Too tired to be modest, Penny just lay there, her sexy legs splayed far apart, cum dribbling down between her perfect ass cheeks. "Cut...that's a wrap," she heard Glenn proclaim, "it's getting late and we're losing the light through the skylights anyway. OK everyone...great job today. Back to the studio first thing tomorrow IS Monday you know."

"Oh shit, that's right," thought Penny, "we totally missed the weekend because we were here." Glenn allowed her the use of the Women's locker room shower to get cleaned up and then she gingerly slid into Leonard's car and drove home, not really as sore as she thought she would be.

Sitting in the car in front of her building, she read a text from Leonard, "keep the car if you need it, we can always take the bus tomorrow. It will be fun to hear Sheldon whine. Hope you had a great day. Leonard."

"That clinches it," she thought, "I am definitely going to ask that sweetie on a date." Walking slowly up the stairs, she wondered for the hundredth time what had happened to the elevator and decided to ask Leonard sometime. Reaching the forth floor, she knocked deliberately on 4A, stuck her head in and made sure Sheldon saw her drop Leonard's car keys in the bowl. Crooking her finger at Leonard, she softly said, "could I talk to you alone."

Of course Howard and Raj behaved like school children and teased him, "oooooooo," as he nearly ran to the door.

"Hey Penny, what's up," he asked when they were in the hall, "oh wow, did you have a rough look know... still great, I didn't mean that; just tired."

She couldn't help but smile; he was totally sweet. "It was a long day, but more about that later; I wanted to ask if you would be free to take me to dinner next Saturday."He just stood there in the hall, completely still, his eyes seemed to glaze over and Penny finally put her hand on his shoulder and asked, "Leonard...are you OK...would another night be better for you."

Finally he shook his head as if shaking water off after a swim and replied, "you mean like just you and a date?"

"Exactly," she confirmed."

"Hell yes," he nearly shouted, then recovered, "sorry, I mean, of course.

"Great, then its a date,' Penny stated, leaned forward and kissed him on the cheek and walked to her door. "Thanks so much for letting me use the car," she told him while unlocking her door, "you're a real lifesaver."

On Saturday night at the restaurant they made small talk and Leonard was probably the happiest man on the planet as everyone watched him walk in with the prettiest girl in Pasadena. Penny inquired, "I know you are a physicist, but what is it exactly that you do."

"Well most of my research right now involves high powered lasers. I just got a big government grant to research whether they can be used to shoot down incoming missiles."

"Can they," she asked, suddenly interested in science.

"Oh God no," Leonard scoffed, and added proudly, "but I did use them to develop my own Bat-signal."

She decided to tease him and responded, "Bat-signal...what are you some kind of nerd?"

"Not just some kind of nerd," he teased right back, "I'm king of the nerds."

Chuckling, Penny questioned him, "what exactly does that mean?"

"It means that if someone crosses me, I refuse to help them set up their printer," he grinned.

She reached across the table and took his hand in hers, saying softly, "you are so funny Leonard...I wish we had done this sooner."

He gazed into her deep emerald eyes, hoping she didn't notice that he was on the verge of tears and answered simply, "me too."

When they had climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, Penny stood in front of him and assured Leonard, "I really had a great time tonight." Then she put her arms around him and kissed him tenderly on the lips. The kiss seemed to last a lifetime and when she felt him begin to pull away, as if he wasn't sure what she wanted him to do, she actually slipped her tongue into his mouth and prolonged the kiss. She laughed to herself because she could almost hear him counting, "seven-Mississippi," as she stood back and turned to go to her apartment. Reaching her door, Penny looked over her shoulder and said, "you can breathe now...and by the way, next time YOU have to ask ME out. Good night Leonard."

He managed to say, "night Penny," and when she closed her door he leapt in the air, pumped both fists and whispered to himself, "yes...there's going to be a next-time."

What he didn't know was that Penny had turned and was now watching him thru her peep-hole, a huge grim on her face as she thought, "sweetest man on earth...and he's all mine."

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