Fictional story about fictional characters.

Big Bang Theory: Penny Pays The Bills Part 2 (FF,MF,creampie)
by shaggy77

It had been three fruitless months since Penny had "performed" at Andre's bondage party and the huge sum of money she had received had disappeared quickly. She had been behind of almost all of her bills then and by the time next months bill arrived she would be scraping the bottom of her bank account again. Without any acting jobs, her paycheck from the Cheesecake Factory just was not enough. She had been to countless auditions, but had not landed so much as an extra in a commercial. Feeling desperate, she had even called Andre to see if his club was scheduling any parties in the near future; unfortunately, they had just had one the week before and her friend Valerie had been the feature entertainer. Andre had been pleased to hear from Penny and had told her that he would be sure and call her for the next get-together, and they would hire both her and Valerie.

It was Monday and that usually meant Chinese takeout at "Nerd Central," Apt. A, directly across from her apartment, so she decided to pay the boys a visit; maybe they had heard of any jobs available. They were sort-of a help the last time she was desperate. Walking across the hall, Penny knocked and entered, and immediately incurred Sheldon's wrath, "in what universe do you not wait for an invitation to...."

When Leonard interrupted, "stop it Sheldon, I've told you before: Penny had a standing invitation from me. Hi Penny, sorry about that."

Howard interjected, "abandon all hope ye who enter here."

"Don't bother wasting a literary quote on her," Sheldon smirked.

"Yeah that's right," Penny sarcastically answered, "because the dumb blond from Nebraska would never recognize a line from Dante's Inferno." The only reason she had known the quote was because it had hung on a sign in Andre's "dungeon," but Sheldon didn't have to know that.

Sheldon's eyes widened and his lower jaw dropped slightly when Penny recognized the quote and he simply said, "well done," and sat down to eat his cashew chicken from Szechuan Palace.

She couldn't help but notice that Leonard was not surprised at her knowledge when he extended his hand for a congratulatory fist-bump. "I'm really starting to like this guy," she thought as he offered to split his takeout with her.

"Don't mind him," Howard stated, "he's just having another Sheldon."

"Pardon me," she asked.

"Oh that's what we call one of his moods," Leonard explained, "one of the professors at the University retired and Sheldon wanted his desk, but they gave it to someone with more seniority, and now he's acting all pissy."

"Well excuse me, I called dibs," Sheldon mumbled, "seniority is an archaic way to distribute should be done according to IQ, starting at the most intelligent and continuing in descending order."

"OK, well I'm sorry to hear about your dead professor," Penny offered.

"Oh him... yeah, right," Sheldon acknowledged. Basically, Sheldon was the epicenter and all concentric circles of his universe and he didn't concern himself with others.

As Leonard smiled and handed her a bottle of iced tea, Penny started, "hey you guys; you tried to help me before when I was looking for another job to supplement my income so I thought I would ask you again." As Howard opened his mouth to speak, Penny added, "and Howard, you still don't have enough money for your suggestion, so only suggestions that could happen in this lifetime, please."

"Well, I guess we can rule out anything that requires a Masters or a Ph.D.," Sheldon crowed.

"Except maybe something in the English Department," Leonard winked at Penny; and she tilted her blond head and winked back. "Sorry to hear that it is so hard to get a break in the acting business; you definitely have the talent," Leonard sympathized, "let's face it, anyone who can convincingly pretend that they don't want to strangle Sheldon is a great actor."

"Thank you sweetie," Penny beamed at Leonard, thinking, "this nerd may be the sweetest man I have ever known."

"No extra hours at the Cheesecake Factory," Leonard inquired.

"Well they sometimes call you in if someone calls out sick," Penny informed him, "but it isn't anything regular that you can count on."

"Well may I suggest that you consider a position based on your pulchritude rather than your intellect," Sheldon smugly stated as he walked to the refrigerator.

"Why do you always have to act like such an ass," Leonard reprimanded him.

Unfortunately, none of the nerds had any knowledge of any vacancies, so Penny, growing uneasy with the way Howard kept staring down her tank-top, excused herself and went back to her apartment. Feeling desperate again, she phoned Adrian, the photographer she had previously posed for, and asked if he had any work for her. "Penny, so glad you called," he answered, "I was going to call you tomorrow. Would you be interested in doing a little girl-on-girl bondage set with Valerie? I know you don't want to show your face on camera and this would be perfect for you. I've already called Valerie and she said she would love to work with you. What do you say?"

"Well, not to be the materialistic one, but what kind of cash are we talking about," Penny asked.

"Since I have to pay both of you, I'll only be able to pay you about $300 each," Adrian informed her.

After considering the offer for almost an entire uncomfortable minute, Penny finally responded, "well that's $300 more than I have right now...I'm in."

After making an appointment for the following afternoon, Penny retired to her tub and soaked in a nice, steaming hot bath. She added her favorite vanilla/jasmine scented bath oil, folded a towel for a pillow, and just enjoyed the way the soothing warm water enveloped her naked body and relaxed her muscles. Spreading body wash on her hands, she loved the feel of them gliding over her perfectly round 36 C breasts. Her gumdrop sized nipples were fully erect as she tweaked them between her delicate fingers. She had carefully shaved her underarms and pubic area and when she began to gently massage her puffy mound, she moaned, "mmmm," and suddenly wondered, "I wonder if Leonard likes his women shaved...wait...why did I think about him."

Shaking her head as if to clear her thoughts, she resumed rubbing her slippery slit, and parting her fleshy lips with two fingers, she slipped them inside her pussy. The sensation of being surrounded by warm, soothing water and her fingers exploring the folds of her slit combined to quickly arouse Penny to extreme heights. She began to slide her fingers as far into her hole as she could while massaging her exposed clit with her other hand. Faster and faster she finger-fucked her pussy, driving herself to a rousing climax, "oh God...yes Leonard...right there." Her body shivered violently, splashing water on the floor as she moaned, "yes...yes."

Laying back against the towel-pillow, she now felt totally relaxed as she asked herself, "did I just say what I think I said? Was I really thinking about him when I was cumming? What the Hell?" Deciding not to make too much of the situation, she enjoyed her bath for a few minutes more before drying off and going to bed.

Penny dressed for her trip to Adrian's studio with comfort in mind, since she knew she didn't have to try to impress him. She wore her favorite pair of "skinny jeans" over her sexiest black thong, topping them off with a loose-fitting tank top. Being especially proud of her magnificent breasts, she didn't even bother with a bra and decided to wear heels because they made her feel sexy. She arrived at Adrian's just as Valerie was coming in the opposite direction and they hugged like old friends. Penny had only met Valerie a couple times face-to-face, but they seemed to have so much in common that they bonded instantly.

They walked arm-in-arm past the now familiar sign reading "Albums by Adrian" on the two-car garage, entered by the side door like they owned the place, and mounted the flight of stairs to the second floor studio. Adrian was hunched over his desk fidgeting with one of his cameras when they entered the office and turned to greet them with a big grin on his face, "my two favorite models...and right on time; I like that. I don't want to waste any of your valuable time, so let's get right to work. I have a request for some photos of a blonde and a redhead in some girl-on-girl action, and I thought you two would be naturals. Penny, I'm giving you the same costume you wore last time, and Valerie I thought the "cat suit" would be just right for you."

He continued, "I had an idea to also make a video of your encounter and try to find a market for it. If I do, you will of course be getting a check in the mail; minus my cut. I really don't think I'll have any trouble finding a buyer for a video featuring you two beauties. Anyway, once we get started I won't be giving you many directions: don't want to spoil the video, or the spontaneity, so just kind of do what comes naturally. Valerie, since you're more of a veteran with these videos, just try to work in some back-to-back action at some point. Penny have you given any thought to the web-cam idea I suggested; there really is some good money in it? I would be more than happy to help you with it."

Penny kind of chuckled and shook her head, "I don't think that would work for me. You see I actually share wi-fi with my neighbors and they are real nerd/computer geeks. I'm sure they could hack into my account any time they wanted, if they haven't already." She was pretty sure Sheldon and Leonard would never invade her privacy, but she would be very surprised if Howard had not already hacked her laptop. "Even if I had my own wi-fi, I wouldn't feel secure."

"OK, but let me know if you ever change your mind," Adrian smiled.

"Thanks, I will," Penny responded.

Adrian inquired, "I guess I should have asked, but have you ever done any girl-on-girl sex before, Penny?"

"Actually my first experience was at Andre's party," Penny replied, "and I just followed Valerie's advice about doing what I would like to have done to me; and it seemed to work out just fine."

"Great," Adrian beamed, "now let's get you girls changed," and he led them into the changing area where their costumes were already laid out.

Both girls quickly shed their street clothes with little or no false modesty; both were very proud of their bodies. Penny put on her black leather bustier with the cutouts for her breasts, her black garter belt and her knee-high black leather high heel boots. Valerie was slightly taller than Penny, but very thin; an almost anorexic slimness. The one thing about her naked body that shocked Penny was the size of Valerie's breasts: they were huge, especially for her petite body. Her breasts must have been at least 34 D's, and hung on her chest like water balloons. The clothes she had worn every time Penny had seen her totally camouflaged her chest.

Penny watched as Valerie struggled to stuff herself into the skin tight black leather "cat suit." There was one big difference between this catsuit and the one Batman's nemesis had worn: this one was totally crotch-less. Valerie had trimmed her pubic area so that all that remained was a heart-shaped close-trimmed patch of hair just above her slit. Her labia were incredibly long and hung down between her thighs almost like ear lobes. Penny couldn't help but stare at the small gold ring that was attached to Valerie's left cunt lip. "I'm sorry, I don't mean to stare," Penny embarrassingly confessed, "but that must have hurt like Hell," nodding her head toward Valerie's crotch.

"Well, we numbed it with ice for awhile before the piercing, but, yeah it did hurt," Valerie admitted. "It really stands out in photos though. I've seen girls who actually have their clits pierced; I don't know how they endured that pain...not me."

Valerie's cat suit also included high heel boots and she looked stunning when she had it on. There were zippers across each breast, which she opened so that her huge tits spilled out and hung down invitingly. When she put on the leather cowl, she did indeed look like a cat; with long red hair flowing over her leather covered shoulders. Penny put on what she called her "Zorro mask," and they joined Adrian on the set which had been decorated with his giant brass bed. He had covered the bed with black satin sheets and pillows to accent both red and blonde hair. Penny could not help noticing that certain props had been laid out on the bedside table, including a bottle of lube and a clear, double-headed dildo which must have been eighteen inches long.

"OK, so why don't you climb up on the bed and just start fooling around with each other," Adrian directed, "this really isn't about bondage or S&M, just two beautiful girls having a good time."

Penny and Valerie hopped up on the bed, both kneeling facing each other, and Penny let Valerie take the lead. Valerie put her hands on Penny's shoulders, leaned in and began to French-kiss her blonde partner. It seemed strange kissing Valerie's lips through the opening in the cowl, and very erotic the way her tongue darted out through the cut-out like a snake's tongue. Penny followed her lead and put her arms around Valerie's waist, drawing her so close that their naked breasts began to squash against each other. Valerie wasted no time and slid her right hand down Penny's bustier to her bare crotch, and began to rub her already damp mound. Penny did the same and began to play with Valerie's long pussy lips, pulling them out and letting them snap back. She grasped the labia-ring and tugged it until she was afraid she would hurt her partner.

This seemed to excite Valerie, who forcefully pushed Penny back so hard that she landed on her back with Valerie between her outstretched legs. Valerie attacked Penny's wonderful tits, nibbling first one aroused gumdrop and then the other, while pinning her shoulders to the bed. Valerie bypassed Penny's leather-clad stomach and began to actually bite her way past the garter belt down to her crotch; she didn't bite hard enough to hurt, just enough to stretch Penny's skin and then let it plop back into place. Instead of licking Penny's puffy mound, Valerie chose to munch on it; chewing both sides of Penny's wet slit. Penny's clit was protruding like a rosy pea and Valerie bit down on it and flicked it with her tongue. "Holy shit," squirmed Penny as she grasped Valerie's cowl in both her hands.

Feeling that it was time she reciprocated, Penny pulled on the cowl until Valerie sat back, then put her hands on Valerie's shoulders and pushed her back on the other end of the bed. Penny had no trouble shoving the petite Valerie back onto the black sheets and pouncing on top of her. Penny was so aroused that she began to maul Valerie's huge tits, kneading them and mashing them together. She grasped Valerie's giant tit-bag in both hands and fed it to her mouth, slathering her tongue all around the large areola and licking her jellybean sized nipple. Penny would later wonder if she had actual lesbian tendencies because she was truly enjoying playing with Valerie's tits. When she was through feasting on Valerie's breasts, Penny dropped between her leather covered thighs and began to lick the exposed flesh above her mound. She found the heart shaped red pubic sculpture to be very erotic and wondered if she should trim her pubic hair into a shape instead of shaving it bald.

Penny surprised herself by energetically licking the sides of Valerie's slit while grasping her long lips between her fingers and stretching them. Seeing the labia-ring up close fascinated her and she almost wished she had the courage to try something that wild. She hadn't noticed, but Valerie had grabbed the oversized gel-like dildo and squirted lube along its entire length. She tapped Penny's shoulder, handed her the fake penis and demanded, "fuck me, bitch." Penny was taken aback by the term, and then realized it was all part of the act. She grasped the clear plastic phallus, twisted it between Valerie's pussy flaps and shoved it deep into her cunt. "Oh fuck," Valerie shouted as her body trembled, "yeah...fuck me." Valerie's orgasm excited Penny and she started to jam at least half of the eighteen inches in and out of her pussy as Valerie undulated in front of her.

Penny really couldn't tell if Valerie was truly enjoying being fucked by the toy or if it was all part of the act; but if she wasn't enjoying it, then she was a hell of an actress. "All right bitch," Valerie ordered, "let's share this cock." She rolled over on the bed, the dildo still sticking out of her pussy, and got on all fours, urging Penny to do the same.

"Ah, so this is what Adrian meant by back-to-back action," Penny thought as the two girls backed up to each other. Penny reached down between her legs, grasped her end of the dildo and guided it to her dripping slit. As soon as the head was nudged against her opening, Valerie shoved her ass back and the phoney cock slid up into Penny's cunt. "Ohhhh, that's nice," Penny moaned as the dildo became embedded in her hole. Valerie's tiny ass was now wedged against Penny's more rounded one, with the plastic penis inserted in both their cunts.

It didn't take Penny long to get the hang of the back-to-back action, as both girls moved forward at the same time; careful not to rock so far forward that the dildo would pull out; and then jammed their lovely asses back together, achieving maximum penetration. In this manner they succeeded in fucking each others holes with the clear plastic. Sometimes more of the fake cock was in Valerie, and sometimes Penny had more than half; but it was always enjoyable. They began to work in a steady rhythm, their asses slapping against each other as the cock filled their cunts. The entire eighteen inches was being buried in their pussies, and the clear gel was now covered in a white froth when they leaned forward.

"Holy shit that feels good," Penny groaned, her marvelous ass cheeks colliding with Valerie's. Her tits swung beneath her as she swayed back and forth on her hands and knees. Penny could feel her own juices dripping down her inner thighs as the dildo pounded into her pussy. She heard Valerie scream and turned to watch her collapse onto the satin sheets, leaving the giant dildo sticking out of Penny's cunt. Valerie quickly recovered, turned around and began to shove the plastic prick as far up Penny's hole as she could. "Oh God, oh God," Penny screeched as Valerie crammed fourteen inches of the slippery stick deep up her cunt. Her whole body twitched as she fell forward onto the pillows, the dong still buried in her pussy.

While Penny recovered, Valerie reached over, slowly slid the long dildo out of Penny's pussy and began to lick it like a Christmas candy cane. The sight of her pink tongue flicking out of her cowl was very erotic and Adrian made sure to get a nice close-up of the scene.

When he shut off all of the cameras, he thanked them for a great job, "you two are naturals together; I hope you can work together again sometime."

While they were dressing, Valerie asked Penny how her employment situation was going and she responded, "well, I'm here today, that pretty much tells you that I'm getting to the desperate offense, it was great working with you."

"Oh, none taken Penny," I only do this because it's easy money; although I have grown to love the parties at Andre's. It doesn't even seem like work anymore...I just enjoy the sex. If you are ever interested in a more steady form of employment, you can always try your hand; pun intended; at the place where I used to work: Rub Down, in Glendale. It's a massage parlor, but a pretty nice one; not sleazy or a hole in the wall. I can give you the number of the manager if you want; I left there on good terms. Mona is a really nice person and easy to work for. It really isn't bad and the tips are all yours to keep."

"Thanks Valerie," Penny acknowledged, "I'll take the number, but I don't know...putting my hands all over strange people...."

"Look at it this way," Valerie reasoned, "I bet you've put your hands all over guys that you barely knew...for free. At least this way you get paid for it." They both laughed at this analogy and Penny wrote down Mona's number.

A couple days later Penny nonchalantly knocked on 4A and automatically entered, her laptop in her hands. Immediately Sheldon started to protest, "in what galaxy....:"

But Leonard quickly cut him off, "don't even bother; we've been through this before Sheldon. Hi Penny, what can we do for you."

"Can one of you help me, my laptop stopped working," Penny inquired.

Leonard leapt to his feet to take the computer from her, "OK what did you spill on the keyboard?"

Penny looked at him inquisitively, "what makes you think...oh OK...yogurt."

"What else," Leonard prodded.

"Diet Coke," she confessed.

"Here let me have a look at it," he smiled and took the laptop to his desk, "why don't you sit down and have a slice of pizza...there are plates on the coffee table. It's Giacomo's night. Pick anything off you don't like. We, of course, order it the way Sheldon likes: sausage, mushrooms, and light olives. Help yourself."

"Thanks," Penny responded and sat in the chair Leonard had vacated. "Hey Raj, talk to me."Raj immediately recoiled and his mouth hung open; he looked like he was about to cry, so Penny added, "hey Raj, just messin' with you." She grabbed a plate and a slice of pizza and asked no one in particular, "is it just me, or is it all females he can't talk to unless he's been drinking?"

Howard, trying his best to peek down her tank-top, told her, "no it's all attractive women. He can speak just fine to the lady in the cafeteria line and my mother."

"Oh, well then I'm flattered," Penny admitted, "thank you Raj for the implied compliment."

Some kind of sci-fi special effects show was on TV and in a couple minutes Leonard handed her the laptop, declaring, "good as new." When she arose to go, he whispered and handed her a piece of paper, "I've written the new wi-fi password down for you...Sheldon changed it again."

She glanced at the paper, reading: nowififorpenny, and expressed her gratitude, "thank you so much for everything sweetie, how can I ever repay you," and could not resist the overwhelming urge to kiss him on the cheek.

Visibly blushing but grinning from ear to ear, Leonard responded, "you just did."

Returning to 4B with a smile on her face, Penny thought, "he is so sweet...maybe I've been dating the wrong kind of guys all these years." Her mind quickly changing focus, she decided to call Mona and ask her some questions about the massage parlor job.

Although initially reluctant to talk, Mona loosened up considerably when Penny mentioned Valerie, "oh yes Valerie, she was a sweetheart, I was sorry to see her move on." Penny learned that all masseuses, or CMPs (Certified Massage Practitioners) in California must be licensed and have 250 hours of training in a certified massage school. Mona advised her that the way she circumvents "the letter of the law" is that she is a CMT (Certified Massage Therapist) who qualifies as an instructor, and her studio is registered as a training facility. That way all her beginning employees are considered students who are learning in the classroom.

The best news she gave Penny was that there was a large turnover in her business and there were always openings for new employees. She told Penny that she could basically make her own hours because people come in for massages at all hours of the day. They made an appointment for the following day, and Mona told Penny to bring a pair of shorts, some "shower shoes" and a couple t-shirts that she didn't mind getting oily.

Maybe the best thing about Rub Down was that it was only about a twenty minute drive from her apartment. Mona had told Penny there was ample employee parking behind the two-story building. Rub Down was on the first floor below Fantasies, a tattoo and piercing parlor. Penny immediately liked Mona who reminded her of Reba (McEntire); she didn't speak with the southern drawl, but she had the red-coiffed hair and was as perky as a Miss America contestant. Penny had worn a cute yellow sun-dress with four-inch heels that emphasized her long shapely legs, and Mona looked her up and down approvingly. Penny held up a brown paper bag, "I brought the clothes you requested."

"Welcome Penny," Mona greeted her with a handshake, "I assume you are interested in our employment opportunity, or you wouldn't be here. You certainly seem to have the type of body that could generate large tips, and you are gorgeous to boot. As I mentioned on the phone, you would technically be taking classes from me; but in reality after today you would be on your own. Here's the way it works: the client pays us a set fee for your massage services, they pay us a booking fee and pay by the hour. When you walk into the massage room, they are already unclothed and laying on the table covered with a towel...or several towels; we have a few rather hefty clients. We have employees who just do the "prep" work without being masseuses."

"We pay you minimum wage," she continued, "and anything you make as tips, is yours to keep; except for ten per-cent to cover expenses; you know such as laundry, towels, oils and to help pay the "prep" employees. We do expect you to be honest. Some of the girls make an extraordinary amount in tips. What you are willing to do for your tips is your business and your business alone; I don't want to know about it. The official policy of Rub Down is that we offer a relaxing massage...period. If you offer any other services, you alone are responsible for the consequences. One thing to remember is that if a client asks you anything in addition to a massage, always ask if they are law enforcement personnel. If they lie to you then you can not be prosecuted because it would be entrapment. We have several "regulars" who are cops and merely want to relax. Of course you may never offer anything but a massage, that is up to you."

After a quick tour of the facilities, Mona ushered Penny into her office so they could complete the necessary paperwork: W-4 forms, confidentiality agreements, acknowledgement of the regulations and laws, etc. Penny was impressed with the facilities: there were six massage rooms and each one had a small bathroom that the client first used to change, and the masseuse could use if they wanted to change into "special" attire. Mona had admitted that some of the "regulars" always requested their favorite masseuse and sometimes even suggested how they would like them to dress. There was a "costume room" containing many wardrobe articles and accessories; things like the traditional Catholic Schoolgirl outfit, various articles of lingerie, even some faux-leather shorts and tops, and of course several bikinis. Mona suggested that Penny try to accommodate her clients if they requested a certain attire because it would definitely increase her tips.

"Many of our girls use a pseudonym here so that the clients won't know their real name," Mona suggested, "have you ever used another name?"

"Well, you know how you sit around with your girlfriends, having a few drinks, and sometimes you try to think up a porn-star name for yourself," Penny admitted, "I always thought my porn name would be Angelina Lincoln, so just call me Angelina," and she laughed.

"So be it," Mona declared, "so Angelina if you want to change into your shorts, I will have you accompany one of the girls on her next appointment." The main Employee changing area was equipped with lockers and even had a couple showers, which Penny bet was welcome after being covered in oil all day. When she emerged wearing a very brief pair of pink shorts and a plain white t-shirt there was a different girl waiting for her.

She whistled and commented, "you're going to be very popular around here...Angelina... right." Penny had intentionally neglected to wear a bra and her gumdrop nipples protruded prominently through her t-shirt, and her breasts jiggled as she moved.

"Yes," Penny laughed, "my real name is Penny; so nice to meet you...."

"Jade," the girl answered, chuckling, "it's really Lucy, but Jade sounds more exotic, don't you think."

"Oh definitely," Penny agreed and the name seemed to fit her because she was obviously of Asian descent and had long luxurious black hair, and jade-green eyes. She was wearing shorts that could only be called "hot pants" and a tiny crop top that actually revealed some "under boobage."

"I'll introduce you to everyone that is here today later," Jade offered, "but right now I have a regular client waiting, so let's get started. He's a businessman who just wants a straight, relaxing massage, so this will be a good starting point for you."

They entered one of the massage rooms where a middle-aged, slightly overweight man was laying on his stomach, a white towel covering his buttocks. "Hi Frank," Jade greeted him, "this is Angelina. Mona said you wouldn't mind having two pretty girls work on you today."

Smiling as he looked back over his shoulder, Frank replied, "wow, I really hit the jackpot today. I'm pretty tense today so work your magic."

Speaking to Penny, Jade advised her, "as you can see we have a pretty good selection of scented oils. I happen to know Frank likes the vanilla-scented, but you may want to ask your clients if they have a preference. Never skimp on the oil; I always say that if the client is slick enough to go shooting off the table, then it's just the right amount." Penny laughed as they pumped the vanilla-scented lubricant onto their palms, and Jade started to rub it into Frank's left foot. She urged Penny to follow her lead on his right foot and Penny did her best to mirror Jade's technique.

When they finished with Frank and Jade had collected her tips, she assured Penny, "you did good for your first time. Just relax and go with the flow. If the client wants extra attention to a specific area, they will let you know. Many of the male clients just want the back massage, and never even turn over...sometimes they even doze off. That's when you know you did your job of relaxing them. When they turn over and there is a "towel tent" then you know they would like more than a regular massage. I guess Mona told you that how far you're willing to go for a tip, is totally up to you. One piece of advice, always negotiate the tip before you perform the work. If anyone ever stiffs you on the tip...pun intended...just tell Mona and they'll be banned."

Jade introduced Penny to the two other masseuses on duty and the "prep" worker that was there that day and then they double-teamed another man only this one was totally obese, and a housewife who was "stressed out." Jade then went to service another of her regular clients, but required privacy for this one. Penny just let her imagination take over when guessing what was going on behind the closed door. She went to the changing room to clean up and get ready for her other job. She had forgotten her Cheesecake Factory uniform, so she had to stop by her apartment on the way. Her shorts and two t-shirts were thoroughly oil soaked and Mona suggested she just throw them in the complimentary laundry basket, "don't worry Penny, our staff is completely trained when it comes to oil stains and shrinkage. We do laundry every night and will have them ready for you tomorrow. Do you think you're ready to solo?"

Hesitatingly, Penny answered, "I'm still a little nervous, but I'm ready to give it a try. I just don't want to rub anyone the wrong way," and she chuckled.

Mona laughed, "yeah I've never heard that one before. Don't worry, you'll be fine. Just try to treat your customers with respect; even if they really don't earn it. Remember, tips and repeat clients are your priority."

When Penny did finally collapse onto her bed that night, she didn't even have time to dissect her busy day...she drifted off to sleep almost immediately. Sometime during the night she suddenly awoke from a dream where she was giving a massage to her neighbor Leonard, and the setting wasn't the Rub Down, but rather her own bedroom. "Whoa,' she murmured before falling asleep once again.

She was in good spirits when she wakened the next day, partly because she was not scheduled to work anywhere for a full forty hours after her shift at Rub Down was over. Although apprehensive about her day ahead, she hoped she would make some decent tips on her first solo day. Penny had been so impressed at the attire Jade had worn, that she scoured her apartment for similar clothes. Finding some very skimpy shorts that she had not worn in a long time because they had shrunk, Penny tried them on and whistled at her own reflection in the bathroom mirror. Putting them on hurriedly, without panties underneath, Penny's "camel toe" was clearly outlined, and completely sexy.

After ransacking her drawers, she finally found a couple short "crop tops" that barely covered her magnificent breasts. "The twins have always gotten me plenty of free drinks," she thought, "I hope they can entice some big tips."

Mona greeted her at Rub Down and informed her that she had a new client waiting if she felt ready. His name was John, Mona winked, and he was a local businessman who simply felt stressed and wanted to relax. Penny smiled and felt energized at the thought of her first solo effort. She quickly changed into her pink "hooker shorts" and crop top, and then greeted John who was already "prepped" and laying on the table. He seemed pleasant enough when she asked him if he had a preference of scented oil, and he indicated that she should choose. Selecting a vanilla scent, Penny squirted her hands and began the massage with the fingers of John's right hand.

They engaged in small-talk and John volunteered that he was an administrator at Cal Tech where, coincidently, the Four Nerds worked. Penny, of course, did not let on that she was familiar with anyone else associated with the university because the last thing she wanted was for her neighbors to find out where she was working. John made her silently chuckle when he mentioned that sometimes the staff could produce just as many headaches as the students, and she merely replied, "I can imagine." He was in reasonably good shape and Penny had to admit that coming in such close and intimate contact with an attractive man's body was actually quite arousing. It probably would be more so if the actual massage was not such hard work. She was surprised at what a heavy sweat she had worked up, and was grateful when he assured her he didn't want the front of his body massaged. He thanked her with a generous tip and Penny left the room to clean up.

As she was changing her crop-top, Mona approached her with a semi-serious look on her face, "Angelina; I'll try to remember to call you that here in the shop; sometimes there is a disadvantage to being the new girl." Penny scowled as Mona continued, "that disadvantage is that you tend to get a lot of the new clients, and the clients that no one else wants to handle, for one reason or another. Your next client is one of those. He has been here a few times and none of the other girls feels comfortable with him...he's just kind of a perv. As far as we can tell, totally harmless, just kind of creepy. If he does give you any trouble, just walk out and we'll ask him to leave. The good news is that there is such a high employee turnover rate, you won't be the new girl for long."

"OK," Penny replied hesitantly, "I've always been a pretty good people-person, so I'll give it my best.

When she entered the massage room the first thing she saw was the skinniest pair of legs she had ever seen sticking out from under the towel, and when she introduced herself as Angelina, a familiar voice responded, "well Hello Penny...I mean Angelina."

The voice made her shiver, and when she looked up she saw Howard's head turning and looking at her over his shoulder. "Holy crap, what the Hell are you doing here," she demanded. Are you following me?" "How the Hell is it that wherever I go to work, he seems to be there," she thought.

"Relax," Howard tried to calm her, "this is the closest massage parlor to the university and sometimes we sneak away to relax. I didn't know you worked here until I saw you going from room to room when I was in the waiting room. Just a happy coincidence. We come here about once a month. Hey this is the most inexpensive place I can go to get a pretty girl to put her hands on my naked body," he admitted grinning from ear to ear.

"Happy my ass," she thought and then she froze with fear; he had said "we." "You said we," she asked, "does that mean all four of you are here." She really didn't want to hear Sheldon's ridicule, but for some reason she was irrationally panicking about Leonard finding out where she worked. Her concern was inexplicable.

"Raj will be your next customer," Howard laughed, "good luck getting him to converse."

"Are Sheldon and Leonard here," she had to know.

"You've known Sheldon long enough to know that he would never take his clothes off in front of another person, let alone let them touch him," Howard stated.

And then the question she dreaded the answer to, "and how about Leonard," she inquired.

Howard snorted, "ah poor delusional Leonard. We asked him to come but he is under the fantasy that you are destined to be his girlfriend at some point in the future, and that getting a massage from another girl would be somehow cheating on you. What a sap. Is that the most laughable thing you've ever heard or what?"

"OMG, totally ridiculous," Penny forced herself to agree with Howard, but she was secretly thinking, "that is the sweetest and most romantic thing I have ever heard." She breathed a figurative sigh of relief, knowing that Leonard wouldn't find out about her new employment; and she still wasn't quite sure why. Despite the fact that this was "icky" Howard, Penny was determined to treat him like she imagined she should any pervert and asked if he had a preference of oil fragrance.

He replied smoothly, "let's try the vanilla scent, I understand it is an aphrodisiac."

"Leave it to Howard to make even the oil choice seem sleazy," Penny thought, and responded, "OK then."

"By the way Penny," Howard suggested, "the last time I was here, my masseuse offered the topless-massage for an extra $100 and I was wondering if that offer was still on the table."

"Oh crap," Penny thought, "leave it to Howard to recognize my weakness. I guess it's no secret that I wouldn't be here if I didn't need the money. What the Hell, by the time I'm through my top is so soaked that it's completely see-through anyway."

"OK Howard, but if you try to cheat me on the tip, there are people here who will break your arm," she lied, and quickly drew the tiny crop-top off over her head and threw it onto the counter.

Penny's magnificent breasts flopped down when they cleared the shirt and Howard's mouth hung open like a panting dog as he stared over his shoulder, "holy shit Penny; your breasts are perfect. It's a good thing Leonard isn't here or he would have an asthma attack."

"Alright Howard, let's begin; I started the clock when I came in the room," she told him.

It didn't take long to coat him in oil, and Penny just tried to pretend he was a stranger. She even asked him, "Howard I've seen how you eat, how do you stay so skinny? If I even look at a Twinkie display next to a cash register, I have to do yoga for an extra hour."

"Oh it's just my metabolism," he informed her proudly, "I think I could eat all day and not gain a gram."

She was about to ask him if he wanted his front massaged, when he reflexively turned over, revealing the dreaded "towel-tent." Trying to ignore the obvious and to keep the towel in place, Penny proceeded to administer a nice, relaxing massage; thoroughly covering Howard's arms, shoulders, chest and legs. Just as she thought she was going to avoid the awkward questions, Howard slyly asked, "I understand there is a more advanced massage: something called a manual-release available."

"Yes, I guess that's true," Penny admitted, and thinking fast, "do you have an additional $300."

She could actually see Howard's, already nearly concave, chest deflate and he answered, "no I don't have that much, but it will be worth almost as much to see Leonard's face when I tell him who rubbed oil all over my naked body."

Suddenly Penny felt panicky, like she was going to faint. For some obscure reason, she absolutely could not let Leonard find out about this; she had find some way to convince Howard not to tell. " You know I would appreciate it if you kept this confidential," she began, "I'm not exactly proud that I had to resort to this to make ends meet, and I really couldn't stand to hear Sheldon's constant derogatory and condescending comments if he found out. Maybe we could just keep this between us." She tried to give him the "puppy dog" eyes, pleading look in hopes of reaching his tender side, but she should have known that Howard didn't have a tender side.

"Well," he bartered, "if you don't want Sheldon and Leonard to find out, maybe you could make it worth my while; if you know what I mean." His eyes widened as he suggested, "you know that service we discussed earlier...the manual release," and he began to pull the towel off his groin area revealing his penis. It was about what Penny would have expected, given his body type; about six inches and not much thicker than a hot dog.

Knowing she was in a jam, Penny nodded her head in the affirmative and reached for the oil bottle, "this is all completely confidential or I'll castrate you with a knife like we did with the barn cats back on the farm in Nebraska, only I'll use a dull, rusty one."
Nodding like a bobble-head, Howard got that familiar perverse grin on his face and answered, "agreed." He rolled up the towel to use for a pillow and lay back to watch the blond goddess play with his cock. Howard couldn't get over how sexy Penny really was: her absolutely perfect tits jiggled with each motion, beads of perspiration forming in the cleavage between them. He could clearly make out her "camel-toe" through her oil soaked shorts, the right labia seemingly more plump than the left. He nearly blew his load when she first wrapped her oily fingers around his erection. She began to stoke his rod up and down, her tits bobbing in rhythm and Howard knew this may be the quickest hand-job in history.

Penny looked away as she jerked his erection, focusing on a spot on the wall as he moaned and sighed. She was fairly certain that he wasn't going to last long and on about the fifth stroke, she was proven right. "Ohhh shit," Howard groaned as his whole gangly body twitched on the table, and he shot a stream of semen straight in the air. Penny kept sliding her slick fingers up and down his prick, allowing him to completely empty his balls, before quickly grabbing a towel and wiping her hands as if they were contaminated by some strain of virus.

She tossed him a clean towel, reminding him "remember, we have a deal," and then put her top back on and left the room to change for her upcoming encounter with Raj.

Raj had already been prepped and was waiting in another room as Penny put on a clean crop-top and tried her hardest to forget her humiliating encounter with the perv Howard. She wished she could pawn Raj off on someone else because here was another person who could reveal her secret to Leonard, but she was the new girl and had to take all clients assigned to her. When she walked into the room and saw Raj's "cow-eyes" widen, she suddenly remembered that he could not seem to talk to attractive girls unless he had been drinking. "Hi Raj, I know you can't talk to me, but I'll do my best to make this a pleasant experience for you. I'm going to select the coconut scented oil for our session, and I hope you like it.

Raj was watching Penny's wonderful tits wobble beneath her tiny crop-top and was overwhelmed by how beautiful she was. Her long smooth legs seemed to be endless as she walked around the table and began the massage with his feet. He was even turned on by her toe nails which were painted bright red that day. Never had the scent of coconuts been such an aphrodisiac, and Raj had encountered it almost daily back in India, where the sun was relentless and the aroma of sun-block was also employed to mask the odor of sweat. Penny noticed that Raj was constantly twitching and adjusting his position on the table and asked several times if he was comfortable, because he didn't seem to be relaxing, "just relax Raj, it's me Penny, and I'm not going to hurt you. Just concentrate on the feel of my hands gliding over your tense muscles." She wished he could talk to her.

"Yeah, I'd like to feel your soft, slippery hands gliding over my muscle," Raj thought, and chuckled to himself. He did begin to relax, wondering what Leonard would think if he knew his crush was running her hands all over Raj's body. As she slowly advanced up his body to his shoulders, Raj stared at her shapely legs through the hole in the table where he placed his head and his mind raced: "holy shit, is that her labia outlined through her oily shorts. Oh my, the bottom of her wonderful ass cheeks are peeking out of the bottom of her shorts!"

He almost didn't hear her when she asked, "would you like the front massaged, sweetie?" Almost automatically he turned over on his back and when he did the entire towel raised up off his body as if he were concealing a basketball between his legs. "Whoa," Penny exclaimed unconsciously when she saw the impressive "towel-tent" rise up. Not only was it impossible to ignore, but it seemed to be growing taller as the towel covering his body seemed to shrink. She could tell that Raj was incredibly embarrassed by the way he kept fidgeting and trying to stretch the towel to his sides. Penny could feel her crotch growing damp and it wasn't from the oil soaking her shorts. It had been quite a while since she had been with a man. Despite Sheldon always referring to her as a tramp, she was actually quite selective of her sex partners.

There was one indisputable fact at the moment: there was no way Raj was leaving that room without her at least seeing his penis. She had to try to get him to relax and just then she was convinced that nature would take it's course. "Raj, you are my friend, despite the fact that you can't talk to me, and there is nothing to be embarrassed about. Massages are arousing to everyone, as well as relaxing. To show you that our bodies are nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about, I'm going to finish the massage while topless. Would that be OK with you...just nod." Raj nodded so vigorously that Penny thought his head was going to pop off and she ceremoniously pulled her top off over her head. Throwing it aside, she shook her luxurious blond hair for effect and then ran her oily hands in a circular motion all around her glorious tits until they glistened.

The towel on his groin raised even higher as she began to massage his feet and legs. Raj could not believe his luck, nor could he take his eyes off Penny's jiggling breasts...they were absolute perfection, her nipples like big pink gumdrops. He wasn't sure if he was any more relaxed, but he sure was enjoying himself. His cock felt like it was going to explode and it took every once of willpower not to touch it, as he craved release. After giving his shoulders a thorough rub down, Penny paused to squirt oil directly onto her magnificent tits and purposefully spread it out over every firm inch. Then she looked Raj in the eyes and told him, "this is a special treatment that only a few select customers can ever hope to receive: the breast massage."

Raj's large brown eyes widened as she bent over his hairy chest, pressed her ample slippery orbs against him and began to rub her chest in a circular motion against his. As she shared the oil with him, Raj could feel her erect nipples tracing circles into his skin and he bit his lower lip. As the circles increased their circumference, Penny "accidentally" brushed against his towel, knocking it to the floor. Her face was only inches away from his gigantic cock and she couldn't help her reaction when she saw it for the first time, "oh my
God, Raj." She was so close that it seemed even larger, but it must have been a full twelve inches long. It was absolutely massive because it was al least eight inches around, like a soda can. The huge dark purple crown flared to the size of an orange and actually looked menacing as it waved between his legs.

His cock beckoned to Penny like a magnet and she couldn't have resisted if she tried, as she reached out both of her hands and grasped it. Spreading generous amounts of oil all along the shaft, Penny began to slide her hands up and down the incredible pole, marveling at this freak of nature. They had a stud horse on the farm when she was growing up, and his cock had not been much bigger than Raj's caramel colored meat stick. She rubbed oil all over his mushroom head as if this were part of the massage, then leaned forward and blew hot air into his piss-hole. Slowly her pink tongue emerged and she licked his magenta knob, then fastened her lips around it. Not able to fit it's incredible girth into her mouth, Penny settled for sucking on just the head. She fondled his sack and found his balls to be the size of ripe plums.

Backing away from the table slightly, Penny's bright green eyes met Raj's coffee tinted ones and she excruciatingly slowly hooked her thumbs under her waistband and lowered her soaking shorts down over her luscious thighs and let them drop to the floor. She was now completely naked in all her glory and Raj's eyes expanded so wide that he looked like one of those "big eyed waifs" from a Margaret Keane painting. Penny could not believe she had remembered that from her senior year art class. He couldn't take his eyes off Penny's totally bald and oily pussy. She possessed the classic thigh-gap and he could clearly see her labia outlined against the wall behind her. He assessed that her right pussy lip was actually more plump than her left. She was the most beautiful creature he had ever seen as she stood nude before him covered with oil, her entire body glistening.

"OK," she was talking to him and he jerked his head to focus, "here's the deal Raj; and you just nod if you accept the terms. I am going to climb up there on that table and give you the ride of your life, and in exchange you will never tell another soul what took place here today. Is it a deal...would you like to fuck me." Penny had never seen such an incredible cock on another man and she just had to know what it felt like inside her, and she was pretty sure Raj would be putty in her hands. Still staring, unblinking at her crotch, Raj began to grin like a child on Christmas morning and slowly nodded. He felt like he had died and gone to Swarga. The most beautiful female he had ever known was offering to have sex with him, and he wanted to scream.

Before climbing on the table, Penny once again squirted a copious amount of oil on her hands and proceeded to slather it all along the incredible length of Raj's pole. Although she was definitely naturally lubricated, she knew that nothing close to that size had ever been inside her before, and wanted to make sure that penetration was no problem. Hoisting herself as gracefully as possible up onto the table, Penny threw her left leg over Raj's prone figure and straddled his thighs, his unbelievable cock in front of her like the pole of a carousel horse. She had not realized how tenuous her position would be since they were both completely covered in oil.

As Raj looked down at her, Penny slid forward until his penis was between her wonderful tits and then squeezed them together around his rod. Moving her torso up and down, she let his log slide up and down her cleavage valley, allowing him to fuck her breasts. Raj's body squirmed beneath her and Penny became increasingly anxious to feel his erection inside her. She could feel her own moisture seeping out of her pussy, and she released her breasts, scooped oil off Raj's belly and smeared it on his penis-head and raised up on her knees all the way until his huge crown was nudging against her slit. "Are you ready to fuck me, Raj," Penny asked as she used her fingers to spread her puffy lips wide apart.

Staring between her legs, Raj could see the vivid pink of her pussy against his angry purple head and just nodded as if in a dream. Penny was so anxious to feel him inside her that her legs were trembling as she began to very slowly sit. Looking down between her legs, it seemed impossible that his orange-sized crown could ever fit into her opening, and that made her want it even more. As her body lowered, she could feel the pressure against her slit increasing and could see her fleshy mound spreading out around his purple invader. The resistance increased as she bent her knees, and it truly didn't seem possible for his huge piece of meat to penetrate her relatively tiny hole. Sweat was beading on Penny's forehead as she attempted to stretch her cunt lips over his crown. Throwing caution to the wind, she let her body drop a couple inches and groaned as she felt his knob finally pop through her slit and wedge itself inside her tunnel, "oh shit."

Shivering with an immediate orgasm, Penny tried to steady herself atop his pole as she adjusted to being stretched to the ripping point. Secretly Raj was glad she was going so slowly because he was ready at any moment to blow his load, and her pauses helped him regain control. Looking down again, Penny thought it looked like she was perched atop a fence post; a slippery brown fence post. Now that he had penetrated her opening, Penny released her labia and braced her hands against Raj's chest as she began to lower herself with an excruciating slowness. Raj looked down between them and it seemed like magic watching his enormous cock disappear up into this blonde goddess. This was a sight he wanted to capture in his memory and never forget..."he was fucking Penny."

Inch by incredible inch Penny impaled herself on his gigantic cock, feeling it stretch her pussy as it progressed. It was indescribable as her cunt stretched to widths that it would probably never stretch again. When she was about half way down his pole, Raj decided to surprise her and suddenly thrust his hips upward, jamming his entire elephant cock up into her slippery cunt. "Oh my fucking God," Penny screeched as she felt a foot of thick, hard cock stretching the entire length of her pussy. She collapsed onto Raj's chest, her magnificent tits pressed between them as she tried to get her breath back to normal.

Raj was in nirvana: his cock was buried to the hilt in the pussy of his fantasy girl. The inside of her cunt was so hot that it felt like it was on fire. Raj reached down and grasped one of her perfect ass cheeks in each hand and squeezed as she lay on top of him. He thought that it would be OK with him if he died at this moment, because his wildest dream had come true. Her tight cunt muscles squeezing his rod was the most exquisite and pleasurable feeling imaginable. They lay motionless for nearly a minute until Penny pushed herself back up to a sitting position, her slick oily nakedness a statement in perfection.

She still could not comprehend how much cock was inside her pussy, it did not seem possible that he was completely inside her; even her stomach felt full. Penny felt like a skewered pig at a barbeque as she sat atop Raj's giant pole. Her breathing was ragged and shallow as she found it difficult to inhale a full breath. Gradually regaining her composure, Penny began to smile at Raj and reached up with both hands to caress and massage her perfect tits. Raj smiled back but did not speak as he watched her squeeze her tits and then pinch both her gumdrop nipples.

Penny abandoned her breasts, leaned forward slightly and braced her hands against Raj's abdomen. Then she started to raise up on her knees. The sensation of Raj's monstrous cock sliding out of her pussy was one she would never forget: she could feel her pussy walls shrinking as his log slipped further out of her. There was a distinct sucking and slurping sound as his pole had actually formed a vacuum in her pussy. It seemed to take forever for the entire length to slide put of her hole, and she was careful not to let his huge crown slip out. Sitting atop his manhood, Penny thought is really was easier to breathe, but she would gladly trade some shallow breaths for the feeling of being completely stuffed with hard cock, so she began to sit down once again, only this time a little faster. She didn't think she could ever get used to the sensation of her cunt being stretched inch by inch.

She repeated this slow rhythm several times and then gradually began to increase the pace until she was literally bouncing on Raj's lap, jamming her naked body down on his gigantic cock. Raj could not have been more ecstatic as Penny fucked him; watching her glorious tits bouncing up and down, slapping against her slick chest. The feeling was absolutely wonderful as her tight pussy gripped his meat and he began to thrust up into her, meeting her down strokes, fucking her as she fucked him. Their groins slapped loudly together and oil sprayed in every direction. "Oh my fucking God," Penny screamed as she felt his horse cock stretching her with every thrust, "fuck me...fuck me...fuck me...jam that fucking cock in me."

Raj reached his hands out toward her amazing chest but did not seem to dare touch it until Penny encouraged him, "go ahead and touch 'em...squeeze my fucking tits." He wasted no time in grabbing the most perfect tits he had ever seen and kneading them like rising bread dough. "Oh my God, your cock feels so fucking good," Penny gasped as she rode him like a crazed cowgirl.

Her legs beginning to cramp, Penny leaned forward, put her arms around Raj and deftly flipped them over so that he was on top, his prick still embedded in her. Of course the maneuver was aided by the lubrication provided by the massage oil, and Penny actually thought that it was lucky they didn't go sliding off onto the floor. "Now...jam that fucking cock into me," she ordered, "fuck me Raj...fuck me...fuck me." Raj, although slightly taken by surprise, wanted nothing more than to please his beautiful partner and he started to thrust forward with all his might, ramming his immense weapon in and out of her stretched out cunt. "Oh my God, Raj," Penny wailed in the throes of yet another orgasm, "stuff that giant cock into me...stretch my fucking cunt."

He encircled her tiny waist with his hands to hold her in place because she kept sliding upward, and slammed his mammoth cock deep up into her belly, their groins smashing together. Penny threw her blond head back against the table, enjoying the sensation of having her pussy stretched every time Raj thrust forward. He ground his pelvis against hers, trapping her engorged clit while her entire body convulsed beneath him. "Ahhhhh, oh my fucking God," Penny squealed out of control, her legs flailing aimlessly as Raj continued to fuck her.

Raj loved the way her breasts had spread out on the sides of her chest and were jiggling like bags of Jello. He felt her cunt muscles going into a spasm around his cock, squeezing it even tighter and knew he couldn't hold out much longer; he longed to fill her pussy with his seed. Grabbing her wonderful ass cheeks in his hands and pulling her into him, Raj gave one last shove forward and his massive cock seemed to explode into Penny's belly.

Feeling his monstrous cock twitch and expand inside her, Penny threw her legs around Raj's waist and locked her ankles against his ass to trap him against her; she wanted to feel every drop of his cum shooting up inside her pussy. Judging by the size of his balls, she was certain he would fill her completely. Raj pumped stream after stream of his hot cum deep inside Penny's cunt, and with her tunnel already full of cock, it began to squirt out around her opening, drooling down between her ass cheeks. She thrashed under Raj as the pressure of his cum expanded her already stretched cunt even more. "Holy fucking shit...fuck my pussy...fuck me...fuck me Raj," she begged as he pumped her full.

He pushed himself up with his hands braced on the table so that he could look down at the incredible naked body beneath him as he thrust and pumped his giant cock into her. Every time he slammed forward, her magnificent oily tits jiggled and he swore his cock became even harder. He filled her cunt with his sperm and leaned down to bite on her huge nipples; first one, then the other. "Oh God, fuck me with that big fucking cock," Penny pleaded as it felt like her pussy was on fire. His jism seemed to be boiling inside her and he continued to slide in and out of her cunt, fucking her as hard as he could. She had guessed right about the size of his balls, and it seemed like he had been saving his ejaculation for months.

Finally Raj was spent although he continued to fuck his beauty even while his rod was shrinking. He lay on top of his slippery partner and she hugged him tight as they lay exhausted in the afterglow. Penny stated, "I can't believe you don't have a girlfriend Raj." She looked in the eyes of the silent nerd and simply said, " still can't talk to me...even after that?" He nodded, and she added, "remember our deal...not a word. Who knows, maybe we can do this again sometime."

Raj reluctantly climbed off the naked goddess, his shriveling pole sliding out of her hole, wiped himself with a clean towel and proceeded to get dressed. Penny, talking to herself, "now someone's got to clean up this mess...I guess I know who that is." When she swung her long legs over the side of the table and stood, fluids literally ran in a stream down her creamy inner thighs. Grabbing a towel and glancing between her legs, she saw that her slit was still a wide open hole where Raj had stretched her.

As she was cleaning up herself and the room, Penny thought about how to handle the situation: she would hope that by the nerds next visit there was a "new girl" in the shop so she could pawn off Howard on her. If that wasn't the case she would just have to refuse to deal with him again, and if that meant quitting the job; then so be it. There was no guarantee she would still be employed there by the next time they visited anyway. At least she sighed relief in being fairly certain they would not divulge her secret to Leonard...or Sheldon.

When Raj met Howard in the waiting room, he had a huge grin on his face and Howard asked, "well, how did it go?"

Although he wanted to brag and boast, Raj honored his promise and simply answered, "OK, just a know."

"Yeah, me too," muttered Howard, visions of a dull, rusty knife circulating in his brain, "but boy was Penny sexy or what."

(Thank you for reading my story. I know it's not perfect but remember, it's just for fun. Comments and suggestion are always welcome and appreciated. [email protected])


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