Big Bang Theory: Penny Pays The Bills Part 7 (MF,F-gang)
by shaggy77

Just before she left her apartment for her afternoon shift at the Cheesecake Factory, three days after Christmas, Penny received a cryptic text message from her boyfriend Leonard: "please take a change of old clothes, and I will pick you up at the restaurant after your shift ; ) ." She had no idea what he had in mind, but knew there was not another person on earth that she would rather spend time with, so she stuffed some clothes in her purse. All through her shift she was anxious with anticipation wondering what her sweet nerd had in store for them.

On her break, she just sat in her car reminiscing about the past few months with Leonard, which had been the happiest of her life. She would never have guessed that a bespeckled, nerdish scientist could have captured her heart as completely as Leonard had. Her friends had on occasion made the comparison of her relationship to Beauty and the Beast...most of those people were now former friends. Aware of the incongruity of their alliance, she shrugged it off and told them, "scientifically speaking...opposites attract."

After changing in the restaurant restroom, Penny found Leonard waiting for her in front. He was standing beside his car and opened the door for her, like he always did. "Who says the age of chivalry is dead," she teased him as he slid into the driver's seat; then leaned over and gave him a kiss on the cheek.

"Thanks m-lady," he nearly blushed, "may I have the honor of your company tonight?"

She saw that he had the cute,mischievous look on his face like a child hiding a cookie under his pillow and asked, "what do you have planned, my little Ewok." Her dates with Leonard had been the best times of her life and she was bubbling over with anticipation. If anyone had heard her pet-name for Leonard, they probably would have wondered why he wasn't upset; figuring it was a reference to his being short, or possibly because he was surprisingly hairy when he took off his shirt...but he knew it was because Penny found the little aliens to be preciously cute and cuddly.

"That's a surprise," he winked at her, and then added, "you're off tomorrow, right?"

"Yessss," she curiously replied, "why do you ask?"

"It's just that you might be tired," he teased her.

"Ooooo, this is intriguing," she continued. She wanted to ask if he was going to ravish her, and wear her out in bed, but she knew that wasn't it because he was still to shy and insecure around her to initiate sex...he always waited for her to hint at the subject.

A short drive later, he pulled the car into a parking lot adjacent to several warehouses and Penny was bursting with wonder. They got out of the car and he led her by the hand, which she totally enjoyed, to one of the huge buildings which was bustling with activity. "Oh my God," Penny squealed when she realized they were standing in front of one of the unfinished floats for the upcoming New Year's Day Rose Parade. "Leonard, what are we doing here," she gushed.

"Well, the University of Cal Poly at San Luis Obispo always builds a float for the parade, and since they are a sister university of Cal Tech, where I work, they contacted our university and asked for volunteers to glue on all the flower petals. It has to be done in three days and they needed assistance. I thought it would be fun for us to help also get a pass to watch the parade from the bleachers. If you don't want to, I understand, I just thought..."

"Oh my God, you dear sweet man," she exploded, throwing her arms around his neck and smothering him with kisses, "of course I want to help. This is incredible. How do you keep thinking of these things...I love you." And then she realized what she had said and tried to quickly move on, "our family always gathered in the living room back in Nebraska on New Year's Day and watched the parade together...of course the last couple years I was there, I kinda had a hangover. Wait until I tell Dad I worked on a float." In the years she had been living in Pasadena, she had never gone to see the parade. She guessed it was like all the people in New York City who had never visited the Empire State Building or the Statue of Liberty. She was so happy at the moment that she thought she would burst.

Leonard just stood there looking at her, his mouth hanging open and finally responded, "do you know what you just said." She had actually screamed it once before, but it was in the throes of an orgasm, so Leonard had assumed it was just an excited exclamation. This time there was only one explanation. Penny smiled and nodded her head in the affirmative, and he asked, "are we going to act like it is no big deal."

"Yes," Penny suggested, "because if we don't I am going to cry and you know if I start're going to start crying."

"You're right," he agreed, and before he could continue they heard someone shout, "hey, come on you slackers...get to's time to get sticky."

Penny turned to see Howard and Raj walking toward them carrying buckets. "Oh yeah," Leonard told her, "Howard and Raj thought it would be a good place to meet girls so they signed up too."

Howard's sleazy personality still made Penny's skin crawl, so she decided to bring him down to earth and asked, "you didn't bring Bernadette?" Bernadette worked part-time at the Cheesecake Factory with Penny and had asked her to introduce her to Howard, against Penny's better judgement.

"No, she had to work on her doctoral thesis and didn't want to be disturbed," Howard slyly answered, "come on you two, let's get you some flower petals." Raj smiled widely and nodded his greeting to Penny. She had a soft spot for the Indian scientist who just could not bring himself to speak to attractive girls (which she took as a compliment), unless he was intoxicated.

"Where's the rest of the Fearsome Foursome," Penny inquired, "where's Sheldon."

"At home, of course," Leonard informed her, "you didn't expect Sheldon to attend a fun gathering of people...and get his hands dirty."

"You're right...what was I thinking," Penny laughed.

The rest of the night, until about 3:00 AM, Leonard spread glue and Penny applied flower petals, or seeds to the progressing float. They met countless other University employees and their friends and everyone seemed to be having the time of their lives. On their break they were able to wander through the adjacent warehouses, hand in hand, and look at the other floats being prepared.

As they climbed the stairs to the fourth floor, nearly too tired to trudge, Penny kissed Leonard on the cheek and said, "thanks for this...the happiest times of my life seem to be when I'm with you."

This time visibly blushing, Leonard replied, "if you're available, they still need us for two more nights."

"Consider it a date," Penny answered as she unlocked 4B.

"I can't tell you how much I like the sound of that," Leonard responded as he turned the key in the lock of 4A.

"By the way," Penny called over her shoulder as she entered her apartment, "I meant what I said," and she softly closed the door.

Shutting his door, Leonard leaned against the back of it, a tear sliding down his cheek, and whispered to himself, "she loves me."

The next night at break time, Leonard's head of Human Resources, Ms. Davis, asked for his help in gathering the names of all the volunteers so they could be published in the university newsletter, so Penny wandered over to the snack table. She saw the gooey Howard headed purposefully her way and dreaded the encounter. "Hey Penny," he began, "getting right to the point, I need to ask you a favor."

"Howard, I can barely stand to talk to you, what makes you think I would do you a favor," she pointedly replied.

"Well, let's see," Howard explained, "you seem to be getting awfully friendly with Leonard and it would be a shame if he somehow found out about your short lived careers as a masseuse, a porno website performer, or a nude model. I know you made some threat about castration with a rusty knife, but let's face would never do something like that."

Penny felt tears well up in her eyes, but wouldn't give the loathsome Howard the satisfaction of seeing her cry. She knew in her heart that Leonard would understand about her past transgressions, things that had happened before they had become lovers; but she also knew that he would be hurt by the revelations...especially since they involved Howard. "What do you want," she demanded, determined not to let Howard know how much he had affected her.

"Well, I'm being considered for a promotion in my department and a new department head is being introduced this week," he began, "and it would mean a huge raise for me if I was selected. As Ma keeps reminding me, "it's never too early to pad those retirement accounts," especially the way I spend money. Anyway, I am thinking about throwing the new guy a welcoming party; and here's the part where you come in; I need a stripper. Now before you go ballistic: you would be well compensated and I promise I would never bring up the past again...promise."

"Do I look like a stripper to you," Penny huffed indignantly.

Howard seemed to be weighing his response very carefully and after several seconds finally responded, "well, you're pretty enough to be a stripper...a very high paid one at that."

Penny knew Howard had her over the proverbial barrel, but tried to think of a way out. "What would Bernadette say if I told her about this blackmail?"

"Let's face it...Bernadette knows I'm sleazy, so she wouldn't be surprised and we really haven't been together that long anyway. Given my track record, it's probably just a matter of time before I screw up the relationship anyway. So what do you say...I was thinking about next week some time...kind of a post-holiday party."

Penny really did love Leonard and couldn't stand the thought of him being hurt by Howard's accusations, so she asked, "and you swear this would be the last of it...our slate will be clean. Sheldon won't be there will he?"

"Sheldon at a party, are you kidding. That would be like Luke Skywalker joining the evil empire. No, this is just for the Engineering Department...and of course Raj. He's my date. No one that works with Leonard will be Kripke or anybody. I was tentatively thinking of next Saturday. Sheldon has already put out an email declaring he and Leonard will be unavailable for Dungeons & Dragons that night because it is restock-the-medicine-cabinet-night. Considering it's the first one of the new year...they'll be at the pharmacy all night."

It wasn't like people hadn't seen her naked before, and she really did want to spare Leonard's feelings, so after sighing deeply, Penny agreed, "alright...but just a strip...nothing else, and no cameras. If Leonard ever finds out...I will get my revenge, and it won't be pleasant for you."

"I'll call you with the details," Howard added, "but unless something changes, figure on it being next Saturday."

Leonard brought her a soda and told her, "good news: Ms Davis has been taking pictures of all the volunteers and when the next University of California combined newsletter comes out, alumni all over the world will be looking at your picture. Let's face it, you'll be the prettiest face in there. Who knows, a lot of film majors have graduated from here so it may even lead to an opportunity for my future superstar."

"You are so sweet," she smiled, trying to put her conversation with Howard out of her mind, "but I don't think it works like that."

"Well it's just a matter of time before you'll be practicing your Oscar acceptance speech...hopefully on me," he responded, seemingly somewhat sad.

Grabbing his hand, "of course it will be for you...I'll probably ask you to write it," she laughed, trying not to dwell on his insecurity, "as we lounge in our Cannes villa that we paid for with your Nobel Prize money."

The next day was New Years Eve and Penny was up early to run some errands. When she opened her door she found a beautiful crystal vase filled with red and pink roses sitting on the floor. The card read, "To my beautiful Rose Queen. Thanks for all your hard work. I love you too," and it was signed "Leonard Hofstater," but the Hofstater had been crossed out. Carrying them into her apartment, she had to choke back some tears as she thought of her dear sweet nerd.

She knew he had to go to the University for a few hours that morning and that Sheldon did not so she grinned and knocked on 4A: knock, knock, knock, "Sheldon;" knock, knock, knock, "Sheldon;" knock, knock, knock, "Sheldon."

Immediately the door flew open and an un amused Sheldon stared down at her, "I'll bet that started as a joke, and then you found it surprisingly enjoyable and addictive."

"It was definitely enjoyable," she giggled.

"Leonard's not here," he retorted and began to close the door.

Putting out her hand to stop it, Penny admitted, "hold on there Flash, I wanted to talk to you."

"Alright...but I don't think we have any mutual interests," he stepped aside and allowed her to enter.

"We have one...Leonard," Penny corrected him.

"Not exactly my favorite subject of conversation, but he is my roommate," Sheldon declared, "what about him...and if it's about his sexual history: there basically is none."

"You know Sheldon, there are other things on my mind than sex," she answered somewhat perturbed.

"If you say what do you want," Sheldon annoyingly demanded.

"Well, I really like Leonard, but he seems so insecure...almost damaged. What happened to him? I know his mother wasn't exactly the nurturing type, but was she that bad," Penny asked.

"Well I don't have a doctorate in Psychology, although I am probably more knowledgeable in than field than half of the licensed therapists in California, but I'll attempt to answer your question in terms you can understand. His mother Beverly, a wonderfully brilliant Psychiatrist, did write a book, mostly about Leonard, detailing the various behavioral theories and techniques she employed during his upbringing. It was quite thorough and interesting. Leonard made a perfect experimental subject. Unfortunately in the scientific process; and I'll put this in terms you can comprehend; she broke him. She denied him traditional maternal affection for the sake of science and now Leonard feels undeserving of love."

"Oh to grow up in that wonderful cold, unemotional atmosphere," Sheldon gushed, "if only Beverly had been my mother. But getting to your problem: Leonard has been denied affection for so long that he feels he doesn't deserve any. It will take time to fix him, but I have seen that he does possess great compassion...the poor sap. Now what else can I assist you with...I assume there is something much more important."

"That's so sad," Penny sighed, "but I'm going to make him feel loved if it takes my whole life. No, there's nothing else Sheldon...thanks for your time...Happy New Years Eve."

"Well it isn't eve...oh never mind," Sheldon rambled, "are you sure there wasn't something more important. You have this magnificent intellect at your disposal and something as trivial as Leonard's emotions is the only subject you want explored...that's like asking the Incredible Hulk to open a jar."

"No I think we're good...and I don't consider Leonard's feelings to be trivial. Thank you David Banner...maybe I'll see you later," Penny quickly left the apartment leaving Sheldon impressed that she had known the Hulk's alter identity.

Being in one of the best moods of his life, Leonard decided to have a little fun that evening and when it was time to go to the warehouse he crossed the hall: knock, knock, knock, "Penny; knock, knock, knock, "Penny;" knock, knock, knock, "Penny."

The door flew open, Penny rushed out, threw her arms around him, mashed her soft lips against his and began to probe his mouth with her tongue. After a kiss of at least four "Mississippis," she broke it off and whispered in his ear, "you better come inside, we don't want Leonard finding out."

She yanked him inside and slammed the door. Leonard just stood there, his mouth open and a hurt, puzzled expression on his face. When he saw his beloved standing in front of him grinning from ear to ear, he finally began to breathe again. "Oh my God...holy crap...I really got me...that was about the knock, right...I nearly had a coronary...good, you look great." She was wearing her usual tight jeans, but in honor of the holiday, her blouse was a glittery, silver number, with a scoop neckline; and by the way her breasts wobbled under the material, he could tell she was going "commando."

Grinning broadly, Penny hugged him and declared, "Got you don't think I can tell the difference between my man and your whack-a-doodle roommate Thank you so much for the flowers, baby; I think the last time I got flowers was when my Dad picked a bouquet of daisies after he ran over my pet pig with the tractor.

"You're welcome; I wasn't sure if you would be sick of flower petals by now. I just wanted to thank you for going with mean so much to me and I just wanted you to know it," Leonard admitted. "Ready to go?"

Choking up, Penny hugged him tight and answered, "Let's get this show on the road."

New Year's Eve was spent putting the finishing touches on the floats: replacing seeds or petals that had fallen off or wilted...basic "touch-up." The parade committee had set up a huge buffet for all the volunteers so Raj, Howard, Penny and Leonard all gathered in a corner with their paper plates and cups. Nothing alcoholic was served, of course, but Raj and Howard were sharing a flask of tequila and spiking their cups of punch. "Penny, you look so nice tonight," Raj complimented her while trying not to stare at her chest.

"Thanks Raj," she responded, "it's so nice that you brought the booze so we can talk. Speaking of booze, I can't remember the last New Year's Eve when I wasn't's kinda nice."

"I'm guessing eighth grade," Howard sarcastically remarked and Penny shot him a cold stare as if to say, "keep it up and you'll be stripping at your own party."

"Hey Howard," Leonard stuck up for her, "play nice," and he felt her squeeze his butt to say thank you. "You realize it's already a new year in New York."

"Then you owe me a kiss," Penny stated as she set her plate and cup on the ground, put her arms around his neck and kissed him tenderly.

"Happy New Year to me," Leonard crowed when their lips separated.

"Hey it's New Years for me too," Howard pleaded.

"Get your own girl," Leonard told him, trying to juggle his plate and cup. Penny picked up her cup and stuck her tongue out at Howard. "Where is Bernadette?"

"Oh she had to work tonight so others could be off," Howard spit out his answer, staring at Penny.

"Hey, I didn't make out the schedule," Penny defended herself, "I have to work an extra long shift tomorrow afternoon right after the parade and Bernadette is off. I'll miss all the best Bowl games. I remember back in Omaha we used to gather around the TV and watch the ball drop in Times Square on New Years Eve...of course it was only 11:00 PM in Nebraska. I could never figure that out."

"Would you like me to explain it to you," Howard asked obnoxiously.

"I was six, jackass," Penny snapped.

"Hey it's News Years...let's all play nice," Leonard interjected as he put his arms around Penny and pulled her back into his body.

It was a cool night in Pasadena and his body heat felt nice, and Penny was pretty sure it was no accident when his hands brushed against her nearly-free breasts.

"Some places in India don't celebrate New Years until January the Hindu calendar," Raj added, just to be part of the conversation.

They wandered around marveling at all the floats; many were testing their hydraulics to make sure they were working properly. "This is so totally amazing," Penny declared, and they all agreed..."it's too bad Sheldon is missing it."

"Yeah it would be so much more fun if he were here," Howard mused, and they all laughed out loud.

"I know he's a genius and all," Penny interjected, "and I like him, but that superior attitude can really grate on your nerves."

"Tell me about it," Leonard agreed as they all shook their heads, "when I first moved in he even instructed me on how to wipe my butt properly, so as not to waste toilet paper. Hey let's take a selfie and send it to him." They crowded together in front of a float of a floral space shuttle and Raj used his phone to take a few pictures. "I know it's not even midnight yet, but we have to be near our bleachers by 8:00 tomorrow morning. The parade kicks off at nine."

"Which is noon, New York time," Howard said under his breath; his comment obviously aimed at Penny.

"One more cut like that and you won't live to see the new year," Penny shot back, semi-angrily.

"Where are the bleachers," Raj inquired.

"About a block away on Colorado Boulevard," Leonard answered.

"This is all so magical," Penny sighed, looking around and pushing her ass back into Leonard, "I just don't want to leave."

"Yeah, it is magical," Leonard agreed, kissing the back of Penny's regal neck, "I'm afraid I'm going to wake up and find this has all been a dream...a fantastic dream but a dream nonetheless."

She turned in his arms to face him and kissed him passionately before assuring him, "it's not a dream, my little Ewok. Now take me home and let's kick off the new year in style."

"Let's go check out the other volunteers, Raj," Howard urged, "any single women who are still here are probably getting desperate for someone to kiss at midnight; this is our shot."

"Yeah, or they are kissing each other," Raj suggested as they wandered off..."see you guys tomorrow."

As they strolled leisurely to the parking area, Penny pressed against his side and lay her head on Leonard's shoulder as they walked, making him feel like the most important person on earth.

Back at their apartment building, Leonard said he was going to make a quick stop at his apartment and wish Sheldon a Happy New Year. Penny squeezed his hand and instructed him, "please don't be long...I'll be waiting for you with your welcome to the new year surprise."

Within ten minutes she heard Leonard close her front door and call out to her. She was in the bedroom changing and inquired, "that was fast...was he sleeping."

"I'm not sure organisms on his planet sleep...I think they just enter into a relaxed state," Leonard joked. "No, he spent the night installing updates to every app on his phone and laptop. When I wished him a Happy New Year, he went into some rant about it being no different than the last, and something about the Gregorian I left to spend the night with more pleasant company."

"I hope you brought your inhaler," Penny called out.

"Why would I..." Leonard began and then just stood in Penny's living room speechless as she emerged from the bedroom. She was wearing a completely transparent purple lace teddy, with spaghetti straps and obviously no panties underneath. He watched her magnificent pink-tipped breasts wobble under the diaphanous material as she approached him; her incredible legs seemed endlessly long. He wanted very much to reach for his inhaler, but was taking no chance on ruining the atmosphere as she strutted toward him. "Holy crap," was the only thing his advanced brain could think of to say.

"You took care of me when I was bruised and battered...this is my way of saying thank you," she softly offered, taking him by the hand and leading him into her bedroom. "Thank you again for the flowers, and in reference to your card: no girl ever gets sick of flower petals." Standing in front of him, his back to the side of her bed, Penny grasped the hem of his t-shirt and pulled it off over his head as he lifted his arms to assist her. Dropping to her knees, Penny unzipped, unbuckled and un snapped his pants before yanking them down along with his boxers. "Are you excited," she laughed, as his rigid, thick eight inches slapped against her chin.
"Way past excited," he admitted, "you are the most gorgeous creature on earth and I can't believe I'm here with you."

As he lifted his feet to remove his pants, Penny began to run her tongue along the underside of his penis, using no hands, just letting it sway. His purple crown seemed larger than she remembered and she opened her luscious lips wide to accommodate his girth as she engulfed his cock in her warm mouth. "Oh my God," Leonard gasped as she sucked him back into her throat. Looking down all he could see was her luxuriant blond tresses cascading over her shoulders and the top of her head bobbing back and forth. He didn't really believe, but he couldn't resist thinking, "thank you God for sending me one of your angels," and then had to chuckle to himself at the un-angel like act she was performing.

She sat back on her haunches, his prick slipping out of her mouth, and truly looking like an angel, stated, "I think I had better stop...I have other uses in mind for Little Leonard."

Trying to look stern, Leonard objected, "what do you mean Little'll hurt his feelings."

Faking a pout, Penny replied, "I'm sorry, but I have to call him know I think he is the perfect size for me...the best."

"How about Thor," Leonard suggested another nickname.

Getting to her feet and shoving him back on her bed, Penny declined, "I think we'll stick to Little Leonard."

He scooted up on the bed as she stood beside it and hooked her fingers under the thin straps of her nightgown, and slid them off her pale shoulders. The material got snagged on her erect gumdrop sized nipples and she wiggled her body to let the teddy float to the floor, revealing the most magnificent naked body Leonard had ever imagined. She had the classic thigh gap and her completely bald mound looked like two halves of a peach between her silky thighs. He noticed it was already glistening with her excitement. She clambered onto the bed, straddling his prone figure and crawled slowly on her knees until she was sitting on his chest. Leaning back slightly, presenting her crotch to his face, Penny admitted, "I know this was supposed to be about you, but you give the most incredible oral sex I've ever had...would you mind licking my pussy."

"It's one of my favorite things," Leonard agreed as she spread her knees on either side of his head. He slowly inserted both thumbs into her slit and gently spread her prominent lips to the sides revealing her opening. The scent of her arousal was pleasantly overpowering and Leonard could feel his erection twitch involuntarily. Penny leaned back farther, planting her palms on the bed beside his legs and thrust her groin at his face. The flesh of her pussy was the most vivid shade of pink and Leonard was once again amazed at the incredibly fleshy lips that were hidden inside her. Spreading them apart like a pink butterfly, he began to lick the sides of her pussy, first one side then the opposite. He used his tongue like a scoop and lapped up the droplets of her excitement as they drooled out of the bottom of her hole. Slowly he inserted his tongue inside her tunnel as far as it would reach, and flicked the end all around in a circle inside her.

"Holy shit Leonard," she gasped, her hips beginning to buck, "how did you get so good at that."

"Mee mintermet," he mumbled into her pussy and began to lap at her hole, running his tongue deliberately from the bottom of her slit to the top. "The internet," he repeated. Licking her opening like a melting ice cream cone on a scorching day, he slowly inserted two fingers of his left hand while still holding her open with the thumb and forefinger of his right.

"Oh my God, sweetie," she groaned as his tongue traveled up to her swollen clit, tickling it and sucking it into his mouth. Without warning, he gently bit down on her engorged bud, causing her body to convulse on top of him. "Oh my fucking God," she screamed, flooding his face with her squirting orgasm as the walls of her cunt clamped down on his fingers. Leonard moved his hands up to her magnificent 35 C breasts and massaged them as she lay back on his body. "Baby, you are the only one who has even done that to me," she confessed after her breathing returned to normal, "sorry you're all wet."

"You taste like honey to me," Leonard assured her as she sat back up on his chest and leaned over to kiss him passionately.

"Hey I don't taste half bad," she laughed as she slid back on his body until she was sitting on his thighs. Grasping his thick meat in her hand she grinned, "I think it's time Little Leonard found his home."

"I still like Thor," Leonard quipped, enjoying the feel of her fingers around his hard shaft.

"I don't think we have to worry about lubrication," Penny chuckled as she raised up on her knees and rubbed his crown back and forth over her dripping slit. She parted her fleshy lips with her fingers, nudging his bulbous head between them and for some reason glanced at the clock on her bedstand, "hey, look at the clock." As they watched, the digital numbers changed from 11:59 to 12:00. "Happy New Year lover," Penny yelled as she sat down on his lap, completely impaling her pussy on his fat eight inches. Groaning, Penny confessed, "oh my God your cock feels so good inside me." His prick was just fat enough that it stretched the length of her cunt: in Penny's mind it was the absolute perfect size.

"Happy New Year my goddess," Leonard agreed, "holy shit your pussy feels nice...thank you."

Beginning to ride his cock up and down, Penny ordered him, "stop thanking me baby...I want you as much as you want fuck me. Fuck your Penny...jam that big beautiful cock up my pussy." She could feel his bulbous crown sliding up and down inside her wet tunnel, expanding her walls as it slid up and down. Being fucked had never felt so good and Penny knew it was because Leonard was special: he was her man and it was the first time that making love was more than just a physical was an emotional one also. As she bounced up and down on his lap, she nearly laughed at the huge grin on his face.

Leonard had never felt anything so wonderful as Penny's magnificent nude body slid up and down on his cock. Her perfect tits were jiggling up, down and around in circles as she rode him harder. He reached up and began to forcefully knead her soft flesh, trapping her pink gumdrop nipples between his fingers and, not so gently, pinching them. Looking down between them he loved the sight of her fleshy pussy lips gripping his prick as she fucked him. When she raised up, her lips dragged out along the length of his tool spreading a white froth along his shaft. She had closed her eyes and he nearly let himself believe that she was enjoying it as much as he was. But that was impossible because for him this was a dream come true: he was making love to the woman he loved; the woman of his dreams and, as far as he was concerned, the most beautiful woman on earth.

Penny opened her eyes when Leonard began to thrust his pelvis up to meet her downward movement, almost violently jamming his hard cock up into her hole. "Oh yessss, shove that big fucking cock into my pussy...fuck me baby...fuck me...fuck your Penny." He slid his hands down her silky skin, grabbed her perfectly round ass cheeks and squeezed as he jammed his hard-on up into her cunt. He was amazed at how hot and tight her pussy felt, her muscles gripping his shaft like a clenched fist. Leonard wanted to pause and just gaze at her incredible nude body, just in case he never again had the privilege, but his first priority was to please her.

She leaned forward, giving him a better angle to drive his spike into her hot hole and her amazingly soft tresses cascaded down over her shoulders and tickled his face. Leaning up, he closed his lips around her left gumdrop and suckled. She moaned, "oh shit," and Leonard tenderly ground his teeth into her nipple and bit down. Suddenly her body convulsed and he could feel his groin becoming wet as her cunt muscles squeezed his cock and her juices leaked out. "Oh my fucking God," she squealed, "fuck me baby...fuck me...I love your fucking cock. Cum in me baby...fill me up."

Wrapping his arms around her slender waist, Leonard surprised her by flipping them over so that he was on top. He started to slam the length of his prick into her hole as hard as he could, pressing her sweaty body deep into the mattress. "Oh yes baby, yessss," she screamed as she wrapped her long, shapely legs around his waist and locked her ankles drawing him into her, "fuck me baby...fuck me hard." Leonard thrust into her cunt as hard as he could, grinding his groin against hers, and erupted deep inside her belly. It felt like a hot water faucet had been turned on in her hole, and Penny screeched, "yesssss baby...fill my fucking cunt.

Leonard pumped her full of his seed for what seemed like minutes, emptying every last drop of semen from his balls. He couldn't resist telling her: "your pussy feels so good."

Collapsing into the mattress, Penny chuckled and responded, "Thank you too. I think we make a good team. What do you say we do this for the rest of our lives," and she leaned up and pressed her lips against his. The kiss wasn't as long as they would have liked, but they were both nearly gasping for breath. Hearing that, Leonard wasn't sure which he was going to do: well up with tears, or reach for his inhaler; but actually did neither.

He cautiously responded, "I know this probably isn't the proper time, but I love you."

"I think it's the perfect time my little Ewok," Penny agreed, "I love you too." Leonard sat back between her outstretched legs and they both watched as his slick, shrinking cock slowly slipped from her hole. "I feel so empty," Penny laughed.

"I would say just give me five minutes, but I know you have to work tomorrow," he sadly replied. "Would it be OK if I stayed the night and slept with you...I really like waking up next to you," Leonard asked.

"Just try and leave...that's one of my favorite things too," Penny cheerfully warned, "but would you help me change the sheets, there seems to be a big wet spot."

"Yeah, I wonder whose fault that is," Leonard pointed at her, smiling from ear to ear, "by the way...jeez you're beautiful."

"It's YOURS," she laughed loudly, "no one else has ever done that to me...and thank you kind sir," and she ran her hands up and down her glistening naked body.

New Years Day Penny dragged herself up the three flights of stairs to her apartment, shucked off her stupid Cheesecake Factory uniform, put on a tank top and her favorite Hello Kitty pink shorts and collapsed on the sofa with a bottle of iced tea. She was exhausted and just wanted to relax and watch the second half of the last bowl game of the day. Sipping the cold iced tea, she realized she wasn't drinking her usual beer and chuckled, "must be that nerd sweet little Ewok." Almost asleep, the phone rang. She debated just letting the machine pick up, but reached for the receiver and was greeted by a familiar voice, "Happy New Year Slugger."

"Daddy...Happy New Year to you too. What's up," she chirped.

"Just wanted to say Hi and ask if you caught the Sugar Bowl was a doozy," he asked.

"Jeez no, I just got home from working a long shift...I'm exhausted. How's Mom?"

"She's great. She's down visiting your brother...took him some of her snickerdoodles."

"How come you didn't go," she inquired.

"Well the last time I went down, there was kind of an incident with one of the guards. He wanted to pat parts of my body that only your mother gets to pat... if you know what I mean. Now I'm not allowed back for ninety days."

"I know what you mean Daddy," she grinned from ear to ear. "Took him some snickerdoodles, huh. Can I be honest with you Daddy...I never really cared for her snickerdoodles. She sent me some for Christmas and I gave them to other people as gifts."

"You too," he raised his voice, "I've been known to fold them up in a napkin and then feed the pigs. She's so proud of them though...I would never say anything to hurt her feelings...been sneaking them out for thirty years. You know it's like that: sometimes you tell the one you love little lies to spare their truth isn't always the best policy. Hey maybe he can pass them around...and keep him from being passed around."

"Hmmm, I guess you're right," Penny thought. "Hey Daddy, did you see the float with the huge green dragon..I know you and Mom watched the parade?"

"The one that spit fire...that one was crackerjack," he sounded excited.

"I worked on that float," she gushed proudly.

"No was great... your Mom taped it," he assured her, "so how is everything else."

"Well, that's another thing," she began, "I think I've found the one. His name is Leonard."

"That's great Slugger," Wyatt answered, "does he treat you right?"

"He treats me like a princess Daddy. He got us the job on the float. Get this: he's a scientist with a full time job at CalTech. He's never been in jail and no tattoos."

"He sounds like a keeper Slugger," he responded, "as long as he makes you happy."

"Totally know you're the third person that's said that," she remembered, "I think you're right."

"Well you said you were tired so I'll let you go. Halftimes almost over anyway. Happy New Year," he wished her and quickly hung up.

Her phone so sooner hit the cradle than there was a knock at her door and Leonard's voice inquiring, "Penny."

She was going to ignore it, but was afraid he had heard her talking on the phone and the last thing she wanted to do was to hurt his feelings so she responded, "it's open." Once she saw his smiling face enter her apartment, she knew she had made the right decision. He was carrying a box of powdered mini-doughnuts (her absolute favorites) and another bottle of iced tea.

"I knew you would be exhausted so I figured what better way to recharge than a sugar rush," he laughed.

He bent over the end of the sofa to kiss her on the forehead but she swiftly reached up with both arms and pulled him down to mash their lips together in a sensuous embrace. She really loved his company, but craved sleep so she had mixed feelings when he sat on the end of the sofa and pulled her legs into his lap.

"I know you're exhausted," he stated, "so I thought I would give you a nice, relaxing foot massage, as he pulled off her socklets and began to press his thumbs into the soles of her feet.

She actually groaned at the sensation, it felt so good, but reluctantly stated, "OK sweetie, but just the feet tonight."

Looking surprised Leonard answered, "that's all I had planned...I know you're tired and were on your feet all day," and he leaned down and kissed her big toe.

And the wonderful thing about it was: Penny knew he was telling the truth. The foot massage was not his bid at foreplay: it was simply a totally unselfish gesture to make her feel better. No other boyfriend she had ever had would have rubbed her sweaty, smelly feet without expecting something in return...either sex or to borrow money. She felt her eyes becoming moist as she watched her nerd concentrate on massaging her tired feet. Within minutes he had her so relaxed that she dozed off into a deep slumber. Leonard gazed at his blond goddess, stood up and gently laid her legs back on the couch. He carefully covered her with the afghan on the back of the sofa, leaned down to kiss her forehead, and quietly left the apartment.

* * *

A couple days later Penny was sitting in a crowded room with about three dozen other beautiful wannabe actresses waiting to audition for a small part in an CBS comedy, when another girl sat beside her in the only vacant chair. Looking up she blurted out, "oh Hi...Tyra, right."

"Penny," the girl responded, "so nice to see a familiar and friendly face. Most of these girls are like pitbulls going for the meat that is a open-part." They had met several times at previous "cattle calls," and had always hit it off.

Penny was suddenly feeling starved after already waiting for an hour and she rummaged through her purse looking for gum or mints. Feeling a Ziploc bag, she withdrew a bag of Bing cherries. She remembered shopping at Costco with Leonard and they had bought cherries. "That sweet little nerd," she thought as she offered the open bag to Jill.

"Oh thanks," Tyra said as she selected some fruit.

"My boyfriend must have put them in there," Penny offered.

"How thoughtful," Tyra responded, and noting tiny droplets of water on the cherries, "and all washed and de-stemmed. He must really like you. Most of my boyfriends would never think to do that. Heck they would call me and ask me to bring them a snack. Is he a fitness instructor or a bouncer," Tyra asked, reflecting on Penny's usual taste in men.

Smiling, Penny corrected her, "actually he's a scientist...a real nerd, and the most thoughtful man I've ever met."

"Well, he sounds like a keeper," Tyra offered, as she chewed on a cherry, "especially judging by the smile on your face when you talk about him."

"Oh...he is," Penny sat there reflecting on what was such a simple thoughtful gesture, that she had not even noticed. He had gone to the trouble of washing and de-stemming the cherries for her and she would have just taken it for granted if her friend had not pointed it out. "My sweet little Ewok," she mumbled to herself, right before her name was called.

* * *

On Saturday, Penny worked an early shift at the restaurant and hurried home to prepare for her appearance at Howard's "Welcome" party. She decided that she would dress as one of every man's favorite fantasy: a cheerleader. Trying on her old high school cheerleader's uniform, she found it to be a little more snug than she remembered. "I guess I've filled out a little since high school," she mused, "oh well, I've not had any complaints." Since the sweater was already a little snug, she decided to go bra-less, "I'll just let the twins breathe...guys always to see them bounce anyway." Instead of the ultraconservative panties that accompanied the uniform, she selected one of her skimpiest thongs; a pale blue to match the skirt. "And what cheerleader would be caught without her five inch matching heels," she laughed, selecting her shoes. Admiring herself in the full length mirror on the back of her bedroom door, she slapped herself on the ass and quipped, "you've still got it girl." She decided to take a change of clothes to leave in Howard's car for after the party just in case Leonard or Sheldon should see her coming home.

Deciding to fortify her courage with a little liquid refreshment, she retrieved a bottle of tequila from the kitchen and poured herself three shots. Leonard had already sent her a text from the drugstore asking if she would have dinner with him Sunday night, so she felt comfortable that she wouldn't have to explain how she had spent her Saturday night. Just as she was downing her third shot, she received a text from Howard that they were waiting in front of her building.

Climbing into the back seat she coldly greeted Howard as he whistled, "ooo cheerleader...good choice. Every man's fantasy...especially nerds. Have you ever dressed up for Leonard?"

"Wouldn't you like to know," she curtly replied, "hi Raj. Now what do you know about this new head of the Engineering Department."

"Well, I've only met him briefly, but I can tell you he's not what you expect a Doctor of Engineering to be," Howard began. He came here from LSU...that's Louisiana State University...."

"I know what it's the abbreviation for," Penny hissed.

"Apparently his home has been flooded out by hurricanes twice, so he decided to try California earthquakes instead. His name is Willian O'Neal and he is the uncle of some really famous basketball player, who attended LSU just because his uncle was there. I guess William wanted to be a basketball player, but was born with weak knees."

"Wait...his name is O'Neal ! You don't mean Shaquille O"Neal...he's Shaq's uncle," Penny nearly shouted, the tequila kicking in. "Holy mean you've never heard of Shaq. He played for the know...Los Angeles. Is he anything like Shaq...oh that's right you don't know. Is he quite large?"

"He's like a giant," Howard offered, "I told you he's not what you expect an engineering nerd to be."

"So how many more sycophants will be there...that's right I said sycophants," Penny reiterated.

"Wow, Sheldon would be proud of you," Howard assured her, "I guess that word-a-day calendar he gave you for Christmas must already be paying off. I think there will be about a dozen other members of the department there to kiss his butt. But you should cement my place in the pecking order."

The welcoming party was being held in the apartment of another engineering professor and it looked like he had rented some extra furniture for the event: a couple extra sofas and a portable bar which had been added to the spacious living room. Penny, Howard and Raj were greeted warmly as all the nerds gathered around Penny like vultures to fresh roadkill. She thought to herself that a pocket-protector salesman could make a small fortune there. She noticed a pile of cell phones on a table near the door, so it looked like Howard was keeping his word about no cameras. From behind her she felt a large presence and turned to see an immense black man standing a few feet away. He had to be nearly seven feet tall, just like his famous nephew, with salt and pepper short cropped hair and beard...he reminded Penny of a giant Morgan Freeman. "Doctor O'Neal," Howard introduced them, "this is Penny. She will be performing for us tonight...and is a personal friend of mine."

"Please, call me Bill," he offered, extending his hand to Penny, "absolutely delighted to meet you Penny. You are lovely."

Penny's hand was enveloped in his huge mitt, her's seeming like an infants compared to his; and she returned, "thank you...nice to meet you too." Her head was at his chest level and it was almost awkward to converse with her neck craning to look up. "Love the outfit," he remarked, "I would wager that you actually were a cheerleader."

Blushing, Penny admitted, "yeah, but that was years ago back in Nebraska."

"Ah, a Cornhusker," Bill added, trying to impress with his knowledge of nicknames, "it couldn't have been that long ago, you still have the figure." Penny realized he was still holding her hand and unobtrusively withdrew it as Bill loudly said, "let's kick this party up a notch."

Almost like moths to a flame everyone gathered around the bar and began to gulp down the obviously spiked punch. Howard had made the punch ahead of time, figuring that if everyone drank their fill of punch, they wouldn't be swilling a lot of beer, and he could save some money. One of Howard's colleagues, Duane, sidled up to him and informed him, "my brother works in the chemistry department and he gave me a concoction that should send this party to the next level...I already poured it in the bowl."

The ever eager and deviant Howard begged for details and Duane provided them: "well it's a special mixture of rohypnol, you've heard of "roofies;" ketamine, which relaxes the inhibitions further; and a plant found in India called Fenugreek which increases female sex know a natural aphrodisiac. My brother has experimented with it several times and it will definitely liven up the party. Mixed with the vodka Howard dumped in, things should soon be pretty wild." Duane neglected to mention that a side effect of rohypnol is memory loss.

Standing beside Howard, Raj agreed, "oh yes, Fenugreek has been used in my country for is like the Indian viagra for women. You probably should not drink too much though, it is thought to increase breast size."

Having already sampled the punch, everyone in the room began to loosen up and were crowding around Penny, the only female there, trying to dance with her. Unfortunately for them, Bill was dominating her attention and it was pretty hard to just nudge him aside. He loomed above the crowd like a mighty oak, trying to match Penny's dance moves. After the current song was over, Howard announced, "it's time for my friend Penny to perform for you...could everyone just back up a little and give her some room." Everyone backed away from the bar, many taking seats on the sofas or sitting lotus-style on the deep carpeting as Howard placed his phone in the stereos cradle and cranked up the excellent stereo system with some club-style dance music.

Catcalls and whistles abounded as Penny took "center stage" in front of the bar. Having downed tequila and helped herself to the punch, she was feeling slightly light-headed and surprisingly warm as she stood in front of the crowd and bowed before beginning her dance. She closed her eyes momentarily and began to sway with the musics, throwing her wide hips to the sides and then in a circular motion. The carpeting was actually making it difficult to dance because her heels kept getting snagged, but she didn't want to take them off yet because of the way they accentuated her shapely legs. Whipping her head back and forth to make her blonde mane toss she smoothed her hands down the sides of her body, shadowing her shape. She turned her back to the audience and bent down until her hands touched the floor, giving them a full view of her incredibly round ass. Her legs seemed endlessly long as she bent over, her tiny thong disappearing up between her cheeks, just a thin blue string visible.

It was like there was a fire inside her, and feeling incredibly warm, Penny couldn't wait to shed her cheerleader sweater. Standing and facing the crowd of nerds, she grasped the bottom hem of her sweater and slowly pulled it upward until it cleared her head and hair. Claps and shouts filled the room as Penny's marvelous pink-tipped breasts jiggled against her chest...they were absolutely perfect. She reveled in the applause as she twirled the sweater over her head several times before letting it fly into the audience where the scientists scrambled to retrieve it. Everyone in the room was now feeling the effects of the punch and several were rubbing their crotches through their trousers. Penny cupped her incredible tits in both hands, leaned down, and began to lick her own gumdrop sized nipples.

Releasing them to jiggle on their own, Penny reached behind her and slowly unzipped the skimpy blue skirt of her uniform and then just let it fall to the floor; which seemed like an endless journey as it floated down her legs. More and louder catcalls and whistles as she deftly kicked the skirt into the crowd and began to strut back and forth, her heels making her seem Amazonian tall. Now clad only in the tiniest of thongs and her heels, Penny again turned her back to the room, hooked her thumbs under the sides of her panties and slowly lowered them until they were around her ankles. Stepping out of the pale blue thong, she immediately bent over again, this time spreading her legs wide and giving everyone in the room a glimpse of her puffy, completely smooth mound. The applause was deafening and wanting to please her audience, she reached back with both hands and spread her cheeks wide to give them a peak at her ass hole.

Standing and facing her appreciative audience, Penny's hips swayed as she spread her legs and began to knead her own magnificent tits. Pinching her pink gumdrops until they turned blue, she could feel the moisture increasing between her legs. The bass of the music was pounding so loud that she could feel it vibrate her skin as she whipped her hair back and forth. Running her hands up and down her hips and waist, Penny watched her own tits jiggle and bounce to the beat. She spread her legs as far as she could and cupped her prominent mound with her right palm, her hips still swaying.

Hearing the whistles get louder, Penny reached between her thighs, hooked her fingers inside her fleshy lips and spread them wide enough so that everyone present could see the pink inside her pussy. She ran the middle finger of her right hand up and down her slit, gathering moisture and then spread it all around her mound making it glisten. All thoughts of Leonard and basically all rational thoughts had been driven from her mind by the cocktail of drugs in the punch. All Penny could concentrate on was that she had an itch; an itch so deep and intense that it could only be scratched by having a long hard cock shoved up her pussy.

The guest of honor approached her applauding heartily, and Penny dropped to her knees and crooked her finger, inviting him closer. Standing before her, looking like an absolute giant he grinned from ear to ear as she reached up and, without hesitation, began to unbuckle and unzip his pants. As if she were in a race, she yanked his trousers and boxers down to his knees and then just sat back on her heels and stared. His cock was in proportion to his body and was, of course, gigantic. Just beginning to harden, it hung to his knees with a huge purple head. Penny reached tentatively with both hands, like she was afraid it would be red hot, and grasped it firmly, bringing the crown up to her lips. What surprised her the most was the heft, the weight of his prodigious pole.

Extending her tongue, she licked his slit, leaving a thin string of pre-cum connecting her mouth to his prick. His pole was now fully erect and it was more than impressive: at least thirteen inches long and as thick as a soup can. Penny could not open her luscious lips far enough to accommodate his baseball sized head, but had to settle on suckling on the very tip. She kept a hold with her left hand while kneading his scrotum with her right, weighing his egg-sized balls. Bill looked down and watched the beautiful blond licking his pole, and then gestured for the entire crowd to join him. Never have a group of nerds shed their shoes, pants and underwear so quickly as they formed a circle around the kneeling beauty.

Penny looked around her and was surrounded by stiff penises of all lengths and thicknesses; some hairy and some nearly slick, but they all had one thing in common: they were fully erect, and she took a sense of pride in being the reason. Twisting to her right she wasn't surprised to see that Howard had crowded next to Bill and his slender hot dog stared her in the face. The affects of the punch had left her indifferent to Howard...he was just another hard prick to her as she let it slide between her bright red lips and into her warm mouth. Howard, also affected by the party drugs only knew that he was being sucked off by the gorgeous blonde girlfriend of his friend and he began to fuck her mouth. He didn't last long as he erupted down her throat and she swallowed every drop.

Continuing around the room with the smorgasbord of meat sticks, some shooting their load down her throat and some pulling out and coating her beautiful face, Penny finally stared at another foot long treasure and stared up into Raj's innocent face. "Hi Penny," he greeted the girl of his dreams, able to talk because of the punch.

"Hey sweetie," she smiled as she licked the underside of his huge cock, "I'd forgotten how big you were." Closing her soft lips over his bulbous crown she reflected on how every man's semen seemed to have a different scent and taste, even if only slightly. Wondering if it had something to do with diet, she chuckled to herself that she should ask a scientist. Raj's foot-long salami was huge as she sucked it into her throat with great difficulty, but even his was dwarfed by the guest of honor standing next to him. Working his swollen log with her lips and tongue, Penny fondled his sac and balls, trying to focus on sweet Raj, but distracted by the anaconda swinging between Bill's tree trunk legs.

She was actually grateful when Raj grasped the sides of her head, weaving his fingers through her soft blond tresses and began to fuck her mouth because she knew he was nearly through. "Oh Penny, you are so beautiful," Raj groaned as he started to pump his load into her moist receptacle. She sucked and milked his prick until it began to shrivel in her mouth, and then she backed away and sat back on her heels. Glenn, the renter of the apartment, handed her a damp towel and she gratefully wiped her face and hair, cleaning any cum splatters.

Deciding it was time to scratch her itch, Penny lay back on the plush carpet, splayed her incredible legs, reached down with both hands and pulled her pussy lips apart, showing her pink flesh. Looking Bill right in the eyes, she asked, "well Mr. Guest of Honor, see anything you like." She was absolutely a dream come true: an absolutely gorgeous blond, completely nude (except for the heels which she had managed to keep) with her endlessly long legs spread wide, holding her bald pussy wide open and begging to get fucked.

"Oh absolutely," Bill eagerly responded, dropping his huge body to his knees between her outstretched legs and holding his gigantic meat in his hand, "are you ready to be fucked little lady." One of the engineers retrieved a throw pillow from a couch and shoved it under her perfect ass, elevating her pelvis. Four others, including Howard, grasped her four limbs and stretched her spread eagle as if she was some king of sacrifice. The restraint wasn't necessary, but Penny guessed it added to their fantasy aspect, and didn't object. Bill's pole had come alive and he laid it on Penny's stomach where it stretched nearly to her incredible breasts. Surprised at it's weight Penny looked down between her tits which had spread out on her chest and stared right into his pee slit. She thought it looked like the mouth of a giant snake.

She confirmed her estimate at probably fourteen inches when Bill scooted back and poised the baseball crown at her entrance. Feeling drops of her arousal slide down her ass cheeks, she watched as Bill slid the head up and down her slit, coating it with her natural lubrication. Nudging the oversize crown between her slit he began to push forward, her fleshy lips spreading wide and gripping his shaft. His huge crown was spreading her opening wider than it was meant to go, and he forcefully shoved forward trying to gain entrance. With an audible "plop," his angry purple baseball slipped through her slit and was now inside her. "Holy fucking shit," Penny groaned as her lips stretched to their limit. Staring down between her legs, it looked like a veiny dark fence post was sticking out of her pussy.

Bill paused, not out of compassion for Penny, but just because it had been such a struggle to gain entrance. He grasped her tiny waist to gain leverage, and didn't even have to bend over because his arms were so long, and started to slowly push his monstrous cock into her soaking cunt. Penny's naked body squirmed as she felt every inch of her tight tunnel being stretched as he advanced inside her. Deeper and deeper up into her belly his giant pole expanded her pussy walls. She thought he must be ready to hit bottom but realized his log was only half way in. "Your pussy is so fucking tight," Bill complimented her, and he suddenly gritted his teeth and shoved forward as he pulled her body onto him; "but not any more," he cruelly grinned as his over-sized sac slapped against her ass cheeks.

Penny's incredible body began to thrash in front of him and she shrieked, "oh my fucking God," as it felt like someone had shoved their arm up her cunt. White dots flashed in front of her eyes and it felt like her pussy was going to explode. The nerds released her limbs, and she clawed at her own tits, having trouble focusing on anything except the gigantic cock inside her. Bill loved the effect he had on women and, still gripping her flared hips, he very slowly withdrew allowing his slick pole to slide nearly all the way out of her stretched out hole. Feeling her tunnel contract inch by inch, Penny breathed a sigh of relief as it seemed like she could breathe easier without her insides being stretched. Her relief was short lived as Bill held her steady and rammed his dark anaconda all the way up her cunt.

Penny's mouth opened, but the only sound that came out was a long, loud, "ahhhhhhhhhhhh." Having her pussy stretched so wide was at once painful, but at the same time, exquisite. Bill began to fuck her; not slow and tenderly; but fast and violent...slamming his horse cock in and out of her cunt. Her incredible tits jiggled and sloshed against her chest as he forcefully fucked her hole. He loved how her fleshy pussy lips gripped his cock when he withdrew and then disappeared up into her hole when he shoved forward. Penny's head was rolling from side to side and she screamed, "fuck me you bastard...fuck me...fuck me. Jam that big fucking cock up my pussy." Howard and Duane, who had been holding her arms, crawled forward and each took a gumdrop nipple in his mouth and began to nibble. Flailing her arms and legs, Penny challenged Bill, "fuck me...fuck me...more cock...I need more cock."

Her pussy was so full of cock, that you could see it's progress by watching her distended stomach. Bill waved the nerds off, slid his huge hands under her delectable ass and simply and easily stood up with her completely impaled on his pole. "Come on Howard," he invited, "she was your contribution to this party...get in on this." Penny tried to put her arms around his neck, but he was too tall so she just grabbed his shoulders. She encircled him with her marvelous legs, but his body was so huge that she couldn't lock her ankles. Bill spread her perfect cheeks exposing her brown hole and Howard shrugged his bony shoulders and eagerly advanced, his erection in his hand. Bill bent his knees to lower her to Howard's height, and Howard pressed his slender hot dog of a cock against her sphincter. Since she had been laying down, her ass crack was slick with the natural juices leaking out of her pussy and quickly coated his crown. Shoving upward, Howard buried his skinny prick past her muscle ring and into her ass.

There really was no room in her body for Howard's penis and Penny cried out, "no fucking way...oh my fucking God."

Having no mercy, Bill began to bounce her up and down on their cocks; stuffing her holes with meat, "be careful what you wish wanted more you've got it." Howard was in his glory: he had always been an "ass man" and he was now fucking the most beautiful ass he had ever seen...and he had seen plenty of asses on the internet. He was so aroused that he knew he wouldn't be lasting that long and immediately began to thrust harder. Howard reached around her perfect body and kneaded her soft, but firm tits. Capturing her gumdrops between his fingers, he squeezed them as hard as he could.

Bill released her cheeks and grasped her svelte waist in his huge hands, allowing her ass to drop lower and let Howard slam into her more easily, without having to stretch up on his tiptoes. They began to jam their hard cocks into her holes with more intensity; both wanting to shoot their cum into the blonde beauty. "Holy shitttt," Penny moaned, nearly breathless from their pounding, "fuck me...fuck me...stuff my fucking holes."

His chronically weak knees threatening to buckle, Bill rammed his gigantic cock up Penny's tight pussy and started to pump his seed against her cervix. Feeling the intense heat in her womb, Penny's walls went into a spasm, gripping his pole even tighter. "Oh my fucking God," she squealed, "fill my fucking cunt...fuck me...fuck me." Howard, feeling every muscle in Penny's abdomen convulsing, erupted in her asshole, shooting his semen up her tight brown tunnel. He actually moaned like a little girl as he emptied his balls into her ass. Bill's load seemed to be endless as he continued to pump her pussy full of cum. The pressure inside her airtight hole was so intense that white liquid began to squirt forcefully out of her pussy around his shaft. "Holy fucking shit," she whimpered as his monster scraped against her swollen clit, "that feels so fucking good."

Howard, almost immediately withdrew his shrinking hot dog and backed away, satisfied with his violation of his friend's girlfriend. "Hey Duane...that's your name, right," Bill gestured, "lay down on the floor." Apprehensive about refusing his new boss, the engineering nerd lay on his back; his six inch erection laying against his stomach. "Point that thing up toward the ceiling," Bill instructed, as his shriveling anaconda slipped out of Penny's pussy. Holding her naked body (she unbelievably still had one blue heel hanging from her left foot) like it was a doll, he faced her away from Duane and began to lower her onto his stiff prick. It was a simple procedure because Penny's hole was still open and you could have shoved a Coke can in her without touching the sides of her tunnel. Duane's erection was only the width of a pepperoni stick and she barely felt it as Bill sat her down on his lap.

Duane had never even been close to a blond goddess like Penny, let alone had his cock inside one and he began to shove up into her like a rabbit. "Slow down there Secretariat," Bill ordered, "hey Apu, why don't you have a shot at her too." His demeaning comment was aimed at Raj, who was too turned on by Penny's naked body to be offended. He looked questioningly at Bill, who clarified, "you both fuck her pussy at the same time. If she can take me, she can take you two."

Raj wanted nothing more than to stick his cock into Penny's juicy hole, so he straddled Duane's prone figure and sand to his knees in front of her incredible body. Duane reached around, smothered her magnificent tits with his hands and pulled her back, giving Raj easier access to her crotch. "You are so beautiful Penny," he assured her, "it will be an honor to have intercourse you."

In any other room, Raj would have had the monster cock: his coffee brown erection was a full twelve inches and fat as a Coke bottle with a head the size of a tennis ball. "Enough talk," Penny suggested, "stick that big brown cock up my pussy and fuck me." Raj, smiling, inched forward on his knees, lined his bulbous head up with her stretched out hole and shoved forward. "Oh yessss," Penny moaned as both cocks filled her pussy..."that is so fucking great. Now fuck me boys...fuck my cunt." Laying against Duane's nearly concave and hairless chest, Penny's unparalleled tits shifted up and down as the two cocks thrust up into her cunt. The sensation was exquisite as their combined girth scraped against her walls. "Fuck me Raj...fuck know you want it," she groaned as the two nerds increased their pace.

Another engineer straddled Duane's head, bent his knees and offered his five inch prick to Penny's inviting mouth. Opening her lips and sticking her tongue out she resembled a baby bird reaching for the worm provided by it's mother. Not wanting to be left out, two others lay their average sized penises in her outstretched hands. Her strong Nebraska farm fingers closed down on the shafts, gripping them tightly. With two cocks in her pussy and one in her mouth, there was just too much going on for her to concentrate on jerking them off, so she just robotically opened and closed her fists. She tried to suck on the prick in her mouth between strokes in her pussy, but eventually just let the nerd fuck her face. Bill, watching intently like everyone else in the room, commented, "man that chick loves cock."

Raj didn't care that he wasn't alone in Penny's cunt, he just knew he was fucking his fantasy girl and he was in nirvana. He braced his feet against the carpet and shoved up into her pussy as hard as he could, filling her hole with cock. As he looked down on her incredible nude body, he wanted nothing more than to fill her pussy with his seed. Without warning, the nerd in her mouth began to fill her throat with his jism, choking her momentarily. Quickly recovering, she swallowed his load like a pro and when he withdrew, urged Raj and Duane to finish: "fuck me harder...cum in me...fill my pussy."

Raj was only too happy to fulfill her request, and he reached forward, squeezed her twin mounds and thrust up into her as hard as he could. "Oh fucking yesss," she squealed as both cocks shot their streams deep inside her, flooding her tunnel. Releasing the pricks in her hands, she twisted her own nipples, turning them bright red; her glistening body squirming between the two nerds. "Fuck me Raj...fuck me hard," she begged as he ground his groin against hers, filling her with his seed.

"Ohhh, thank you Penny...your pussy feels so good," Raj exclaimed as he pumped the last of his jism into her. She looked down and watched his shriveling cock slip out of her like a mighty brown snake.

"You're welcome sweetie," she replied as she scooted off Duane's body and sat on the carpet, "you really have to learn to talk to girls when you're sober because you have a lot to offer...literally and figuratively, and I'm pretty sure I used that correctly."

One of the nerds who had been in her hand sat back on one of the sofas, his six inch shaft sticking straight up and politely requested, "would you do me next, please...back door ?"

Bill handed her a bottle of water to keep her hydrated and when she shakily stood, she felt a warm stream of cum running down her inner thighs. Glenn, once again, handed her a towel and she dutifully wiped her legs and crotch. She backed up to the unnamed nerd on the couch, straddled his legs and slowly lowered her magnificent nude body until she felt his crown starting to wedge between her round cheeks. He assisted her by grasping and spreading her perfect mounds until his head was nudged against her sphincter. Howard's cum was still drooling out of her hole, providing plenty of lubrication and she sat on her anonymous lovers lap, impaling herself on his hard-on. She had never been a fan of anal sex, but the punch had relaxed her muscles enough that she actually almost enjoyed having a cock in her ass.

His hands went for her incredible breasts like magnets and he pulled her back into his chest while he aggressively squeezed her soft mounds of flesh. They weren't alone for long as Glenn and another engineer named Harvey crowded up to her, one on each side. Her legs were splayed wide as she straddled the nerd in her ass and they spread them even wider as they both vied for her pussy. Her hole was still wide open from the pounding she had taken, and from her position, as Glenn shoved his six inch pepperoni stick into her from her left side. Crowding closer on her right side, Harvey leaned forward and stuffed his nearly identical prick into her hole from his side. She now had two cocks in her pussy and one in her ass, and they began to slide in and out of her.

The sensation was incredible as the three cocks slid in and out of her slippery holes. The position was awkward for Glenn and Harvey but they thrust up into her cunt as hard as they could. The nerd invading her ass, slipped forward until his butt was off the edge of the sofa where he could get better leverage to fuck her rear hole. "Holy shit...fuck me...jam those fucking cocks into me," Penny yelled as she assisted them by bouncing up and down. All the other nerds in the room were watching intently and stroking their hard-ons as she rode the three cocks. A fourth scientist, Jerry, jumped up in the sofa, stood straddling her and offered his short, fat cock to her face. Penny licked the crown of the stubby penis, her body shaking from the pounding it was taking, and attempted to close her lips around the large head. She settled for sucking on just the tip, tickling it with her talented tongue while reaching up with her right hand and fondling his sac.

Others in the room were tempted to get hand jobs, and let her handle six cocks at once, but they had seen it was impossible for her to concentrate while being fucked in every hole. It might have been the first time receiving head for Jerry, because within two minutes his body was jerking as he shot his load onto Penny's beautiful face. The nerd impaling her asshole was also reaching his climax, filling her brown tunnel with his jism, and nearly crying as he did so. He wasn't going anywhere though until Glenn and Harvey had finished fucking her cunt. They were trying to get maximum penetration, but their own bodies were blocking each other from bottoming out in her stretched out hole. Penny was just enjoying herself, and encouraged them: "come on guys...fuck me...fuck me...shove those fucking cocks into my pussy."

She tried to spread her wonderful legs even farther to accommodate their pricks, but they both had reached the breaking point and began to unload the pent up fluid in their balls inside her cunt. Feeling the warm juice inside her, she begged, "fuck me...fuck me...fill me up." Harvey and Glenn were perspiring profusely (maybe for the first time in their lives) as they jammed their rods into the blond beauty and pumped her full. They both collapsed onto the floor as Penny slid off the other engineer and sat exhausted on the sofa, her legs spread obscenely wide.

Another scientist in Howard's department named Amed, who she learned was Glenn's roommate, approached the couch carrying a green wine bottle and sat down beside her. Several other party-goers gathered around and sat on the carpet at her feet as Amed explained: "this is a Mosel bottle, characterized by the long slender neck and green glass. It contained wine from Germany's mosel region, hence the name."

Penny wanted to say, "thanks for the history lesson," but didn't want to offend him so she just looked at him questioningly.

He stared down between her legs and continued, "well...we were wondering if...."

She saw where he was staring and when she looked down and saw her gaping hole, she immediately knew what they had in mind. Still under the influence of the punch and since she had already been stretched wider than the circumference of the bottle, there seemed to be no reason to object, so she replied, "OK, but just be a little gentle...bottles aren't flexible." A steady stream of semen was seeping out of her hole, providing ample lubrication as Amed carefully leaned forward and began to ease the neck of the bottle up Penny's cunt. The crowd of nerds leaned so far forward that their faces were only inches from her crotch as Amed slowly twisted the green glass as he inserted it gently inside her pussy.

The bottle was approximately twelve inches long and Amed kept sliding it up inside her until just enough to hold onto was left protruding from her hole. A cheer went up from the engineers as they witnessed the bottom of the bottle surrounded by Penny's fleshy lips. The base of the bottle was nearly as wide as Bill's monstrous cock and Penny's body shivered as she felt her pussy being stretched again. Throwing her gorgeous blond head back against the sofa, she simple demanded, "fuck me." Knowing she could accommodate the entire bottle, Amed began to shove the green glass in and out of her sopping cunt, mesmerized by the way her fleshy lips gripped the green glass when he drew it out. Duane began to fondle and flick her engorged clit, while Raj and Howard sucked and nibbled on her wonderful pink nipples. "Oh my God fuck me," Penny screeched as her naked body twitched and squirmed, her cunt muscles griping the slippery glass.

For the next couple of hours, every nerd in attendance used every hole of her body as she was constantly fucked. She wouldn't remember, but even with the added stimulation of the drugged punch, she would have countless orgasms, but not one squirting orgasm all night. Only one person seemed capable of inducing those. Glenn graciously offered her the use of his bathroom to shower and get cleaned up, while Howard retrieved her change of clothes from his car. The punch had worn off enough so that Howard felt comfortable driving home and he dropped Penny off around the block from her apartment building just in case Leonard or Sheldon were glancing out the window. Duane had informed everyone that memory loss after sleeping was one of the effects of the chemical concoction, and all the men were greatly disappointed; whereas Penny was grateful: she really didn't want any recollection of the party.

Her groin and, of course, her holes were already incredibly sore as she trudged up the three flights of stairs to her apartment. Quietly she unlocked her door and let herself in, not wanting to attract any attention. She needn't have worried, as her neighbors had long since gone to bed. Checking her phone, she saw a text message from Leonard saying how sorry he was he had missed her; lamenting how Sheldon had purchased three bags of assorted pharmaceuticals that evening...enough for the next apocalypse; and how much he was looking forward to their date. Closing the door behind her, she literally collapsed onto the sofa and within minutes was fast asleep.

It was afternoon when Penny finally regained consciousness and when she attempted to get up, she groaned aloud as her body objected to the movement. She knew there was no way she could go on a date with Leonard, no matter how much she wanted to; so she left him a message that she was having severe cramps and just wasn't up for going out. Knowing she would be sore for a few days, she knew her mention of cramps would infer that they were menstrual in nature and would immediately eliminate sex for the next several days. It wasn't that she didn't want to make love with him; she knew it would be too painful for awhile. She gingerly shed her clothes and went in for a lengthy soak in a hot tub. She wasn't sure exactly what had happened at Howard's party, but from the condition of her body, she knew she had been used...repeatedly.

Pouring a generous portion of vanilla scented bath oil in the steaming water, Penny gently lowered herself into the tub and spent nearly a whole hour soaking her tired body. Feeling much better, until she moved, Penny patted herself dry and dressed in her favorite pink Hello Kitty shorts and a matching pink tank top. Settling down on the couch to watch reruns of "Friends," she had just gotten comfy when there was a knock on her door, and a familiar voice asking, "Penny, it's Leonard...may I come in."

She was certain he had gotten her message to reluctantly cancel their date, but desperately wanting to have his companionship, she called out, "it's open, sweetie."

He entered grinning, holding up a pizza box in one hand, and a six-pack of Corona in the other. She could tell it was ice cold by the condensation visible on the bottles. "I'm sorry to bother you, but I figured you would be hungry and if there is one thing I've learned from you is that the ultimate comfort food is cold beer and pizza."

She was so happy to see him that she teased, "Is that the only thing you've learned from me," getting a pouty look on her angelic face.

He actually blushed as he replied, "well, given your condition...that's the only lesson that will come into play tonight. Listen, I don't have to stay if you're not feeling well...I just wanted to make sure you had something to eat."

"Are you implying I can drink the whole six-pack myself," she continued to tease.

"Oh my God," he looked so apologetic, "no...honest...that wasn't my intention...," and then he saw she was smiling broadly. "You got me...but seriously, I can leave if you want to be alone to relax."

"I thought you were lactose intolerant," she asked, indicating the pizza box.

"Oh it's OK if I take a lactase enhancer before hand...which I have already done," he assured her. "Actually cheese is not that high in lactose concentration."

"Good to know," Penny nodded, "and no more talk about you not try to leave and I'll go all Nebraska on you." And then sticking her lower lip out in a classic pout, "and besides, you wouldn't want to disappoint me would you ?"

He had brought paper plates from Giacomos, spread them on her coffee table and they dug into the pizza. Leonard invited her, "hey, watch this feat of strength," as he proceeded to twist the caps off two Coronas and then proudly proclaimed in jest, "not bad for a nerd...huh...huh," and bent his arm to make a muscle.

Laughing, Penny snorted, "Just like the Incredible Hulk. You are so funny...I swear you always make me feel better. Don't you ever go away."

"I tried to call last night, just to check in. Did you have a good night," he asked casually.

"Yeah, just a night out with the girls," she lied. She felt guilty for lying to the one person she truly cared about but remembered something her father had said, "sometimes you tell the ones you love little lies to spare their feelings," and felt better. Leonard was "the one" for her and she would make it up to him. "You know," she looked pleadingly at him, "what I could really use is a good massage from someone with magic-hands. Could you recommend anyone ?"

Grinning widely, Leonard rubbed his hands together and boasted, "I think I may know someone...I've heard the Hulk is a very good masseuse."

"Let's get to it then," Penny urged as she gingerly got up from the sofa and shuffled into her bedroom with Leonard following like an obedient, eager puppy.

"I don't think we'll need the towels this time," Leonard suggested as he folded down her comforter and top sheet, "I'll go easy on the oil." Penny shrugged her tank top off over her head revealing her unparalleled breasts and he sucked in his breath and remarked, "God you're beautiful."

Feeling flush, Penny answered, "I think you're just prejudiced because you've seen me naked."

"'d be beautiful if you were dressed like an Eskimo," Leonard assured her, and she knew he was sincere. To emphasize that this was to be just a massage, with no sex...unlike the last time, Penny left her Hello Kitty shorts on as she lay face down on her bed. She wanted desperately to feel him make love to her, but was just too incredibly sore, and it would be difficult to explain the bruising on her inner thighs. As if to assure her that he understood sex was off the table, Leonard kicked off his shoes, but left the rest of his clothes on while sitting on the side of the bed.

As soon as his hands made contact with her bare skin, Penny felt a calm wash over her body. He really was a talented masseuse and soon it was as if all her bones had disintegrated. Her body felt totally limp and she forgot all about her soreness and discomfort. Leonard smiled as his hands rubbed and kneaded her wonderful body, and grinned at her little grunts and satisfied groans. "God she's beautiful," he thought, "and her skin is like silk." Within twenty minutes, Penny was fast asleep and actually snored lightly as her beautiful face nuzzled into her pillow. Despite being totally aroused by her presence, he thought she looked like an angel with her golden hair spread out against the pillowcase.

He wanted to lay down beside her so that he'd be there when she woke up, but knew that he hadn't actually been invited to sleep with her. Not wanting to overstep, Leonard carefully inched off the bed, gently placed her feet under the covers and covered her body with the sheet. Leaning down he kissed the back of her graceful neck, breathed in and whispered, "mmm...vanilla. I love you my sweet angel. She has the body of a goddess." He retrieved a bottle of water from the fridge and left it on her nightstand. Since she was feeling discomfort, and wanting to be near in case she needed anything; Leonard curled up on her sofa, reminded himself that he was the luckiest man alive, and soon drifted off, dreaming he was Luke Skywalker and Penny was Leia.

Sometime during the night Penny awoke, and realizing Leonard was not beside her, wandered out to the living room; her perfect tits jiggling as she moved. Finding him in a ball on her couch, she leaned over, kissed him on the forehead, gently covered him with the ever-present afghan and whispered," I love you my little Ewok...I am the luckiest girl on Earth and I'm never letting you go."

(Thanks for reading my story. It's not perfect, but remember it's just for fun. All comments and suggestions are welcome. [email protected])


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