(a fictional story about fictional characters)

Big Bang Theory: Penny On The Farm (f-zoo,f-solo,horse)
by shaggy77

Penny was having a weekday lunch with a couple of the girls she was friends with from all the auditions she had been to for the last two years. It seemed like the same hopeful people faithfully showed up at the auditions in the hope that someday they would get their big break. It never seemed to happen and occasionally they got together to commiserate and compare stories of jobs that "almost" came to fruition. The subject today was one that Penny was more than familiar with: one of the girls had asked her why she was engaged to a geeky nerd scientist, when she could do so much better. It was a question that she had tirelessly answered so many times before.

She explained,: "I have always been attracted to the big athletic type, I admit, but now I've matured and realize that every other man I have ever dated just took advantage of me...used me for one thing or another. Usually all they were interested in was my body, and then they would move on to someone younger or with bigger boobs. None of them ever truly appreciated me, or respected me. Leonard is the sweetest, most thoughtful man I have ever met; and he has never once taken me for granted. He has never made me feel stupid or unappreciated. He is always doing sweet little things for me, and supports me in anything I do. We love each's as simple as that."

As if to make her point, one of the girls' boyfriends stopped at their table, dropped his tab in front of her and said, "you don't mind picking up the check for me do you babe."

When she got home that afternoon and relaxed on the sofa, Penny thought to herself, "they would never understand unless they had grown up in my shoes." As she reminisced about her childhood, Penny drifted off into a deep sleep, dreaming about her life on the farm in Nebraska.

Growing up on a farm was certainly different from the childhoods of any of her current friends. For one thing it was hard work. Penny's family farm was not one of the huge commercial conglomerates that were the mainstay of the American agricultural landscape now, it was a small family business and they just barely made a profit. Most of the income was from corn and hay which they sold to other farmers to feed their livestock. The family kept a few cows for their personal use (both for milk and meat), a couple pigs for the pork (she actually had a pet pig named Moondance), and a few chickens (for the eggs and chicken dinners).

They also had a huge draft horse named Sam. He was a huge animal, nearly 3/4 of a ton and over fifteen hands high. Sam was a Belgian horse, similar to the more familiar Clydesdale. Penny's father, of course, had a tractor to do the majority of the plowing and such, but Sam was useful for hauling the hay wagon and other chores when the tractor was in use. Sam had belonged to Penny's grandfather and was almost part of the family. In his prime, Sam had won many prizes for his strength in pulling heavy weights and was recognized by horse enthusiasts state wide for his blood line. If you don't grow up in an agricultural area, you are not familiar with how competitive farmers can be when it comes to their animals. Draft horse competitions are major draws at local, county, and even the state fairs.

Much money changes hands in personal betting, and of course prize money. Now that Sam no longer competed in the competitions, he was actually an even better source of income: draft horse owners state-wide would bring their mares to Penny's farm to be bred with Sam. Farm children learn about animal husbandry at an early age, so they are actually much more advanced in understanding sex than urban children. Especially in the Spring, every where you turn on a farm there are animals in "heat." Just like her siblings, Penny learned about the differences between the sexes and the process of "baby-making" from watching the animals on their farm.

She could tell you the gestation period for all the different types of animals on the farm and was familiar with all the different mating rituals. She could have told you that the pig's penis was actually a corkscrew shape. Her exposure to all the various couplings was probably the reason she became so sexually curious and adventurous at such an early age. When she was just beginning to develop what would eventually become marvelous breasts, she began to discover the power and pleasure held by her vagina. Many times, alone in her room at night, she would use a flashlight and mirror to study her plump hairless mound. She would retreat under the bed-covers, prop the flashlight and mirror between her outstretched legs, and then proceed to explore her virgin pussy.

Penny loved to spread her slit wide open with her fingers so that she could see as far up into herself as possible. She marveled at the bright pink tint, and she would forever call that shade "pussy pink" whenever she saw clothing, or anything else, that color. Watching herself get moist and then wet as she fingered and manipulated her lips amazed her. It was a memorable day when she discovered that by rubbing and stimulating herself, she could make her "little pet" peek out of its sheath. The first time she rubbed herself to orgasm, it almost frightened her, the way her body shuddered, and she couldn't imagine a better feeling. After watching two of the barn cats have sex one day, she got the notion that she wanted to know how it felt and discovered the joys of her mother's turkey-baster.

This seemed like the perfect tool for simulated sex because she could fill the baster with warm water and simulate a boy's ejaculation by squeezing the bulb...this was how Penny lost her virginity. She was about thirteen and had not so much as kissed a boy; her father would have locked her in her room if she had so much as held a boy's hand. She had watched all the farm animals have sex except for Sam; for some reason her parents would never let her be present in the barn when Sam was inseminating a mare. The fact that it was forbidden only made her want to view it all the more, and she vowed that she would see Sam's mating ritual at all costs.

On a day when she had heard her father mention that a customer was bringing a mate that day for Sam, while Penny was feeding the chickens she arranged some of the hay bales so that she could hide amongst them and view through the cracks the large stall where the ritual would take place. Her father tied the mare in the stall and immediately Sam began to whinny and paw at the cement floor. She remembered hearing her father say that Sam could smell the scent of a mare in heat from a mile away. As Sam sniffed the hindquarters of the mare, Penny watched in amazement as he reacted.

The large furry pouch between his hind legs began to transform. His penis began to emerge and to grow and grow until it reached unbelievable proportions. It consisted of two distinct portions: the section nearest his body was jet black and about eight inches long, probably thicker than a Coke bottle; and the extension was probably another ten inches in length, white in color and just slightly thinner. This section was topped with a large mushroom shaped crown, with a piss-hole so large it looked like a black eye socket. Between the sections was a raised ridge encircling the rod like a ring.

Penny's eyes bulged at she stared at the monstrous penis hanging underneath Sam; she had never dreamed a cock, even an animal's, could be so huge. It made her wonder how large a human penis could be. She began to rub her crotch through her shorts, feeling her panties becoming damp as she watched in fascination as the mares tail raised as if inviting Sam to fuck her. Her father, the horse's owner and her brothers stood around the stall watching as Sam actually raised up, put his front hooves on the mare's back and began to stab at her backside, attempting to spear her vagina. Finally he hit the hole and immediately began to furiously pump his penis into his mate, sliding farther into her with each thrust. It didn't take long before Sam dropped back to the floor, long white strings of semen hanging from his rapidly shrinking crown. Only seconds later, his penis has fully retreated into his pouch.

By now Penny had reached down inside her panties and was sliding a finger in and out of her drenched pussy, consciously muffling her sounds of enjoyment. With all the commotion surrounding the successful coupling, Penny easily sneaked back to the farmhouse and that night, alone in her bed, she was obsessed with what she had witnessed. Every night now she found herself rubbing her crotch and thinking about the enormous cock on their draft horse. She wondered if it was smooth or rough; if it was completely hard or more rubbery; if it was normal body temperature or if it was hot to the touch. Penny became determined to find out the answer to her touch Sam's penis, hold it in her hands.

Things on a farm tend to be done on a set schedule, every chore done at nearly the exact time every single day of the year. Milking at the same time every morning and afternoon; feeding at the same times every day; basically a monotonous schedule 365 days a year. Saturday was the day every week that the family went to town to do the grocery shopping. All the children looked forward to it: any break from the routine chores was welcome and they usually saw there friends while in town. Of course someone always had to stay home in case of emergency: a fire or sick animal for instance. Penny decided that this was the perfect opportunity to get closer to Sam, so she began to volunteer to stay home and keep vigil every week. Even though she was the youngest member of the family, her sister and brothers were overjoyed that they were free to go, and her parents trusted her completely.

As soon as the truck was out of sight Penny ran to the barn and made a beeline to Sam's stall. Grabbing a brush, she began to curry the huge horse, talking softly and reassuringly to him as she worked towards his hindquarters. The closer she got to his furry sack, the more excited Penny became and she could feel her crotch becoming moist. Her father was right about Sam's olfactory abilities, as he turned his head and began to sniff and snuff at Penny's crotch. He was so strong and powerful that his large nose nearly pushed her to the ground as he sniffed at her from behind. Brushing between his solid hind legs, Penny saw that the combination of her brushing and the scent of her arousal was causing Sam's penis to emerge from hiding.

She squatted down to get a better look as she continued to brush in circles around his furry sack. Sam's feet pawed at the floor as his entire length extended in front of Penny's face. Smelling his strong musky scent, she could not resist the urge to touch the huge pole hanging from his belly. Reaching her hand tentatively, she touched Sam's hard penis and almost jerked her hand away when she found it to be almost hot to the touch. It made her all the more curious as she encircled the horse-cock with her tiny hand. Adding her other hand, it was all she could do to encompass its girth with her fingers. One of her questions was answered as she discovered that besides being incredibly warm, the pole was extremely hard.

White fluid appeared in the slit on his crown and she wiped it away with her fingers, using it to slather all along his length. She was surprised to find that the mushroom shaped crown was relatively soft, flexible and spongy. Never having any contact with a penis before, it seemed to be instinct when she began to slide her soft hands up and down Sam's rod, jerking him off. His cock became even more rigid and he seemed to be more agitated as she crouched beneath him. Penny was absolutely mesmerized at the gigantic cock in her hands and once again instinct took over as she leaned forward and gently flicked her tongue over the spongy head. She couldn't think of anything to compare the taste to, but it was somewhat salty and not unpleasant.

Sliding her mouth over Sam's pliant crown, Penny began to suck on his cock-head, performing her very first blow-job. Only able to get three or four inches into her tiny mouth, she sucked greedily, continuing to jerk her hands up and down his shaft. Sam was raising first one then the other hind leg off the floor as she stimulated him. As she kneeled under the huge horse, Penny felt the pole in her hands grow thicker and then her mouth was being filled with his hot spunk. It caught her completely by surprise, not being at all familiar with how the male organ functioned, and she began to choke as she pulled her mouth off his crown. Sam whinnied as he squirted long stringy streams of semen on Penny's face and hair.

She tried to redirect the hose in her hands but was too late as long spaghetti-like strings hung down in her face. Penny was totally in awe at what had happened and watched intently as Sam's cock almost immediately softened and grew limp in her hands. It drooped and quickly retreated back into its furry home. Standing, Penny stroked Sam's massive neck and head, speaking to him soothingly before heading to the house to clean up. As she showered, Penny stroked and rubbed her soapy crotch, slipping her finger deep into her damp pussy. For the next two weeks, she volunteered to stay home on Saturdays and cheerfully repeated her encounter with the giant draft horse. Not wanting to draw any attention to herself, she skipped the third Saturday and accompanied the family to town.

Even at thirteen, she listened to her friends talking and gossiping about sex and was becoming nearly desperate to know what real intercourse felt like. Penny began to plot and plan to have sex with her intimate friend: Sam. Determined to lose her intercourse virginity with her equine friend, Penny plotted and planned on the logistics of how to accomplish the feat. She knew that staying home another Saturday would be no problem because her brothers and sister cherished their trips to town, but just the actual performance of the deed posed some problems.

While she was performing her chores in the barn, she would experiment with piling heavy hay bales, trying to find just the right height to make her body accessible to Sam. She didn't think it would take much encouragement for Sam to desire her, judging by his attraction to her scent when she was aroused. There were several blankets in the barn for use on the animals in the cold Nebraska winters, that she could use for her comfort. Penny figured that she could use her position on the hay to somewhat control his penetration: the closer she was to the edge of the bale-bed, the more penetration possible. When she was finally satisfied that her preparations were sufficient, Penny became even more excited about her imminent encounter.

On Friday night, she was the last to use the shower so she could take her time. As odd as it seemed, she wanted to be fresh and clean for her "first time." Inspecting herself in the full-length mirror on the back of the bathroom door Penny, even at her young age, was pleased at what she saw. Her budding breasts at thirteen were already nice handfuls, probably a B cup, with large rosy pink areola capped by jelly bean nipples. Her silky smooth naked body beginning to show classic female form, with a slim waist and flaring hips. Ass cheeks that were just starting to fill out from her flat adolescent form, above legs that were already shapely. Her puffy labia surrounded by a few fine blonde hairs that were so light as to be invisible. She could hardly sleep that night, so excited with anticipation.

Saturday morning as soon as the family departed, Penny rushed to the barn and began to arrange the bales of hay, covered them with a heavy horse blanket and shed her clothes like they were on fire. She hadn't even bothered to wear one of her "little girl bras" and enjoyed the feel of her petite tits jiggling as she worked. After leading Sam over to her "bed" of hay, she tied him securely so that he wouldn't run off and then began her routine of stroking his sheath. Recognizing her routine, Sam almost immediately became hard and Penny began to smear his incredible pole with the Vaseline she had brought. There was a lubricant that was used in the breeding procedure, but Penny wanted something a little more "human friendly."

She could feel herself becoming moist when she smeared her pubic area with the artificial lubricant and she quickly scooted up onto the coarse blanket. It felt scratchy against her sensitive backside as she spread her legs as wide as she could. Sam had a puzzled look on his face as if wondering why she had stopped her attention to his penis. She tugged on his bridle urging his forward until his huge head was directly between her splayed legs. His reaction was exactly as she had hoped: he smelled a female in heat and his giant slab of a tongue began to lap at her crotch. It was wet and rough like sandpaper as it scraped against her plump labia, licking the Vaseline off. She hadn't thought of that, but was convinced that she would now have enough natural lubricant, combined with the jelly on his penis.

Sam licked so forcefully that her slit parted and his abrasive tongue began to lick the inside of her pussy. Penny's body shivered as he lapped at her clit and she groaned, "holy shit Sam...right there boy...lick me." After a few minutes, Penny was afraid he may lose his erection so she pulled him forward until his hanging pole was directly in front of her mound. Reaching down she fondled the sensitive spongy head of his horse-cock, hoping he would get the message of what she wanted him to do. Easing her lithe naked body forward, she began to wedge the pliant crown into her slit. When it was just inside her opening, Penny used her fingers to spread her lips as far apart as possible, attempting to make penetration easier. Looking down between her legs, Penny almost had second thoughts as she saw the gigantic cock poised at her opening. It looked like a fence post hanging down from Sam's belly; and yet the longer she looked, the more she craved to know what it would feel like inside her.

"OK boy," she urged in a soothing voice, "let's do this...let's get Penny fucked." Holding her lips wide apart, Penny began to inch forward, Sam's horse-cock forcing its way inside her cunt. Slowly she inched forward, feeling the inside of her pussy being stretched to new limits as more of Sam's giant cock entered her. "Oh my God that feels good," she moaned as the incredible heat of his penis slid farther inside her. Sam whinnied and pawed at the floor as he felt his cock being surrounded by this females sex. Penny released her pouty lips and grasped Sam's rod, her hands near the raised ring separating the two sections. There was only about five inches of his cock inside her, but it felt like much more. She stared at the sight of her body being impaled on his monstrous meat and could not believe it actually fit inside her.

Sam was getting restless; he knew what was expected of him when he coupled with a female and he was ready to respond. Without any warning Sam moved forward and thrust his gigantic cock as far up into Penny's cunt as he could. "Oh my...," was all that Penny could scream before she lost consciousness.

When she came to, Sam was fucking her...and fucking her hard, as if he was trying to inseminate a mare. It felt like someone had rammed their entire arm up into her cunt as he jammed his huge cock in and out of her. His whole length wasn't penetrating her, but she definitely had at least a foot of horse cock inside her. Every inch of her pussy had been stretched as he thrust up into her tunnel. At first Penny thought she was in pain, but it slowly progressed into the most wonderful sensation she had ever known. The feeling of her lips being stimulated by his ridge with every thrust while she could still feel him deep inside her belly was incredible. He was so strong and she was so tiny that he actually lifted her up off the hay, impaled on his enormous cock.

Penny felt like a rag doll as he fucked her, his cock slamming in and out of her battered cunt like a piston. She clawed at her own tits, pinching her nipples so hard they turned blue. "Oh my fucking God," Penny shrieked, "fuck me Sam...fuck me...fuck me." With every thrust she could feel the entire length of her pussy expanding and then contracting as he withdrew. Penny could not imagine anything feeling more wonderful that having her pussy stretched by Sam's monstrous cock. "Fuck me boy...fuck me," she begged as his giant prick scraped the inside of her tunnel. His ridge rubbed against her clit with each stroke and Penny seemed to have an endless succession of orgasms.

Getting used to his girth, Penny began to slide farther down the bales, urging more and more of Sam's horse-cock inside her until nearly the whole length was buried in her pussy.

"Holy fuck," she groaned as Sam picked up his pace and slammed his enormous piece of meat into her hole. She could actually see the outline of his cock sliding up into her belly when she looked down at her stomach and it excited her even more. "Why did I wait so long boy," she began talking to her lover, "do you like my pussy...I love your huge cock. Ohhh, fuck me Sam." He was fucking her so hard that she was sliding all over the harsh blanket, and she wondered if she would have a rash on her ass.

Penny could tell by the speed of his thrusts that Sam was nearing his climax; she recognized this rhythm from watching his mating session. She had already had countless orgasms, but eagerly awaited the feeling of having Sam cum inside her. He was pounding her cunt like a jackhammer, and Penny knew she would be sore for a long time, but didn't care. The feeling of having Sam's gigantic cock stretching her young pussy beyond all imagination was worth any future discomfort. Sam began to paw at the floor and suddenly his cock grew even larger and harder inside her. Once again his monstrous cock lifted her petite little body straight up off the hay and it seemed like her cunt was on fire as he began to shoot his seed deep up into her belly.

It was like having a fire-hose turned on in her pussy as his scalding cum exploded against her womb. "Fuck me boy...cum in me Sam...fill my fucking pussy," Penny squealed at the sensation of having her cunt flooded with his semen. Sam pumped and thrust as hard and deep as he could, trying to inseminate his female partner. "Oh my god Sam," Penny groaned, "I love your fucking cock."

And then suddenly it was all over, just like when she had watched him with a mare. As soon as he had deposited his load inside her, his huge cock immediately went soft and began to slide out of her. It hung limp under his belly and then began to retreat into its sheath. Penny paused to get her breath and then looked down between her wide-spread legs. Her little slit was now a big gaping wide open hole and when she stood, long white strings of Sam's cum began to dribble out onto the barn floor. She wrapped one of the strings around her fingers like spaghetti on a fork, and then slurped it into her mouth.

Quickly cleaning up and moving Sam back to his stall, Penny went back into the house to recover. The first thing she did was check to make sure there was no blood coming from her pussy. It was indeed sore, but apparently there was no permanent damage. She lay on her bed reflecting on the most wonderful day of her young life. There was one inescapable conclusion of her experience: she absolutely loved the feel of a huge cock inside her...she loved being fucked.

Penny knew she would need some time to recover, but was already planning on another encounter with Sam. Fate seemed to work against her as the next week her mother stayed home with a cold, then the illness made its way through her family and it was a month before she thought she would be home alone again. Unfortunately, her father had scheduled a breeding session for that Saturday, and then tragedy struck. The day after his last stud job, Sam collapsed in his stall and died from what the vet called a massive heart attack. Doc Madison said that Sam was just old, and it was his time. Penny cried, and her father soothed her by saying everybody loved Sam but he was just a horse. "Not to me," she thought.

Her father told her the next day that the real shame was that all of Sam's stud fees had gone into a college fund for her and her siblings. He said that unless her brothers got some kind of athletic scholarship, it didn't look like anyone was going to college, since none of them seemed likely to get an academic one.

If Penny had ever confided to a psychologist about her relationship with Sam, he probably would have arrived at the conclusion that her subsequent promiscuity was a result of her searching for the sexual satisfaction that Sam gave her. Finally when she met Leonard, she realized that true love can indeed be a substitute for extreme sex.

(Thanks for reading my story. It's not perfect, but remember it's just for fun. Hope you enjoyed it. All comments and suggestions are [email protected])


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