(fictional story about fictional characters)
(A stand-alone story)

Big Bang Theory: Penny In Jamaica (dp,dpp,oral,F-gang,inter,creampie)
by shaggy77

Penny had lucked out...big time. Today the pharmaceutical company that Bernadette had helped her get a job with had announced that because they had such a banner fiscal year, they were going to hold their yearly convention at an all-inclusive resort on the island of Jamaica. Any executives, researchers, or sales staff who had been with the company for a full calendar year would be eligible to attend for free (air fare included). Penny had been employed there for one year and thirteen days. She actually jumped in the air for joy when she read the memo. The first thing she did was call her husband, and Leonard had been overjoyed and agreed that they could definitely afford his plane ticket to join her in paradise. He even suggested, "we could pretend it was the honeymoon we never had." The second thing she did was to call Bernadette and thank her again for helping her land the position of sales-representative.

Arriving home that afternoon she hugged Leonard tightly and asked, "do you think we should ask Sheldon to go." Even though Sheldon was living with his girlfriend Amy now, in what used to be Penny's apartment, she still worried about leaving him alone.

"Well, you can ask...but this is Sheldon we're talking about," Leonard reminded her while squeezing the most perfect ass he had ever felt.

They crossed the hall to 4B and Penny turned the tables on the fastidious genius by knocking: knock, knock, knock, "Sheldon,"...knock, knock, knock, "Sheldon,"...knock, knock, knock, "Sheldon."

The door flew open and a smug Sheldon drolly stated, "very funny...but I bet by the time you got to the third knock, you found it very satisfying."

"You're not wrong," she replied, "anyway we have something to ask you. They entered her former apartment and explained the good news before asking him if he and Amy could come with them.

"Are you delirious," he exclaimed, "to a foreign island, at that. Oh, sure and while I'm at it why don't I just brush my teeth with the toilet brush. Those Caribbean islands are rampant with crime and disease. I don't think so...and I'm sure I speak for Amy as well."

"Are you sure, because the company has booked the entire resort and you would have to bunk with me and's a suite with two queen beds...very posh," Penny told him.

"Hey, you didn't tell me about having to share a room with Ichabod," Leonard objected and was met with a cold stare from his wife.

"Oh...sharing a room...this offer just keeps getting more attractive," Sheldon sarcastically replied, " thank you."

"Told ya," Leonard commented.

"OK then...just thought I'd ask," Penny responded, "it's going to be fun."

"Yes, if you consider dysentery and malaria amusing," he mumbled as the Hofstadters left the apartment.

"This isn't 1900," Leonard yelled over his shoulder, "wow, we dodged the proverbial bullet there."

"You don't worry about him," Penny asked.

"He's with Amy," Leonard answered, "if ever two people were meant for each other...."

When Amy got home that day she met Penny on the stairs with a laundry basket in her hands and Penny commented, "sorry you're not going to Jamaica with would have been fun." Amy's eyes grew so large they looked like they would explode, but she didn't let on that Sheldon had not mentioned the trip to her; she liked everyone to think they had the perfect relationship.

When she entered the apartment, she immediately went up to Sheldon and shouted, "why didn't you tell me that my "bestie" invited us to go to Jamaica with them," and she actually slapped his arm. He recoiled as if he had been shot with a gun, his muscle tone resembling that of veal. "You should have asked me."

"Ouch," he complained, "I was afraid you would say yes. We would have been sharing a room with them. Leonard's lactose intolerance and being in a foreign country with who-knows-what on the menu is not a desirable combination."

"But they invited us," Amy pleaded, "it was an opportunity to bond with my "bestie," and we never get invited anyplace."

"I know," Sheldon agreed with a smirk on his face, "let's hope our luck holds out."

The next day at the university, Sheldon asked Raj, "you'll never guess what Leonard and Penny had the nerve to ask me yesterday."

"If it's about Jamaica," Raj replied, "Howard asked me the same thing. I was going to go but I could hear Bernadette screaming at him in the background about not wanting to share a room, so I declined. It's just as well because I finally had booked time on the new telescope and there's no telling when I could have rescheduled."

"Women," Sheldon scoffed, "Amy had a very unpredictable reaction also. Who can figure...she isn't speaking to me."

For the next week, all Penny could think about was the trip. When Leonard was on his laptop, she came wandering out of the bedroom wearing the skimpiest orange string bikini he had ever seen. It was the kind where you could pull the material to make it smaller and her areola and mound were barely covered. "What do you think about this for the beach," she asked in a pouty, sexy manner.

Leonard nearly choked when he saw it and answered, "well I hope your company will be providing free heart medication samples. Oh my God, you look amazing. What is this convention all about anyway."

"You old sweet talker...I just may let you take this off me. Well as far as I can tell, the company invites all these large hospital administrators, influential doctors, insurance providers, and pharmacy from CVS and Walgreens; and they ply them with free accommodations, sun, sand and free booze and try to convince them to buy their drugs."

"So are you required to do anything," he asked.

"Well I guess we're supposed to attend the seminars where they explain new drugs, but Bernadette says she never goes. She tries to get someone to just sign her name. I might have to go to a couple, since I'm new; but basically it's going to be a paid vacation for me and my man." She danced around the room in her bikini, her absolutely perfect breasts bouncing and jiggling, threatening to escape the skimpy material; the thong bottom disappearing up between her round cheeks.

Trying his best to concentrate on the logistics of the trip, Leonard asked, "you have a passport, right?"

"You know I do sweetie," she assured him, "remember a couple years ago you were going to take me to Switzerland to see that halo thingy on Valentine's Day."

"Oh yeah, you mean the Hadron Collider. Then you and Sheldon came down with the flu and I had to take there's a Valentine's Day I'd like to forget."

"Yeah, me too," Penny answered, "stuck here sick, with huge-pain-in-the-ass sick Sheldon. You know I have never used that passport."

"Just think...almost a whole week without, now there's a dream come true," Leonard commented. Seeing the annoyed look on Penny's face he added, "and, of course, spending it with my true love...that's what I meant by a dream come true."

"Nice save, you nerd," she scolded as she plopped into his lap, "real smooth."

"You know what I meant," he kissed her neck, and was instantly forgiven.

A week later and they were checking into the resort and marveling at the tropical atmosphere. Living in California, they were used to palm trees, but everywhere they looked, they were surrounded by lush jungle foliage. "Wow, this is what I have always imagined paradise to be," Penny remarked.

Leonard hugged her waist, drawing her close and answered, "it IS paradise as far as I'm concerned." She leaned over and kissed his waiting lips, and they both moaned, "mmmm."

"Geez, get a room," they heard Howard joke as he was registering at the Reception Desk.

"Great idea," Penny answered as they stepped up beside Bernadette. They were all tired from the trip: there had been a layover in Atlanta, and it seemed much later than it was. They had planned to have dinner together, but decided that a late lunch was a better idea. Bernadette and Penny wandered off into the convention center to check on the next day's schedule and Howard and Leonard took their stuff up to their respective rooms. About an hour later, they met in the hotel restaurant for a relaxing lunch. After the meal and more than a couple margaritas, Penny suggested, "I don't know about you guys, but I can't wait to explore the beach...just look at it." You could see the beach from the restaurant and with the waves gently lapping at the shore, it was indeed inviting.

"I'm pretty tired," Bernadette admitted, "I think I'll go up and take a nap...we've got a long day least that's what the schedule says," and she giggled and winked at Penny.

"Yeah, we really don't have to go to all those seminars, do we," she asked Bernadette.

"Naw, just wear a short dress, and walk around the room a couple times so that everyone remembers you being there, and then excuse yourself to go to the restroom...and don't go back...they'll never know," Bernadette told her. "They get so plastered on the free booze, they don't remember anything."

By the time Leonard and Penny had changed into their swim suits and walked out to the beach, it was late afternoon and the temperature had become quite comfortable. They stopped by the beach-side bar and had a couple more drinks while scouting out the nearly pristine beach. Spying an empty cabana, they shuffled through the hot sand and settled into the low beach chairs. Leonard had very fair skin that was hardly ever exposed to the sun, so they thought the cabana was a wise choice. The towels provided by the hotel were very plush and when spread on the chairs, they were quite comfortable. Penny, an absolutely gorgeous blonde in a tiny orange bikini, had of course attracted a lot of attention; especially after she had shed the sarong she had tied around her waist; and the beach waiters were all anxious to bring them drinks.

The off-shore breeze mixed with the sound of the waves breaking on shore were so relaxing that Leonard almost immediately fell asleep. Penny kissed his forehead and decided to explore the tropical paradise. It was approaching dinner time and the beach was nearly deserted as she strolled at the water's edge, kicking the waves as they lapped at her feet. She didn't realize how far she had gone until turning and seeing that she had rounded a curve in the shoreline, and could no longer see the hotel beach bar. Just ahead, she could see another beach shack that advertised Red Stripe beer and suddenly felt very parched. She had tucked a few dollars into her bikini top and sidled up to a stool at the ramshackle hut. The bartender was a huge man whose skin was the blackest Penny had ever seen, but he had the most welcome, wide smile and she felt instantly at ease.

There were three other black men at the bar and each seemed larger than the other; they reminded Penny of football players. Placing her order and un-tucking her cash, one of the customers spoke up, "we will not hear of this lovely lady paying for a drink. Welcome to our island pretty lady." He extended his hand and Penny was actually afraid to refuse, so they shook hands. Her hand was dwarfed by his huge mitt and Penny thought the handshake was just a bit too long. She knew she was alone and didn't want to offend anyone, so she just smiled and excepted the bottle. He introduced himself: "my name is Marley, and these are my friends Joseph and Luke. The man behind the bar is my cousin, Ziggy. Are you staying at the hotel up the beach?"

Downing her beer in one swallow, Penny replied, "yes, I'm with the pharmaceutical convention." Another beer had already been placed in front of her and she didn't want to be rude, so she drank that one also. Already feeling a little tipsy from the drinks at the hotel, she now felt light-headed as they continued to converse.

"Ahh, yes...pharmaceuticals," Marley spoke as he slowly lit up a fat marijuana joint. He took a long hit and passed it around to his friends before offering it to Penny.

"Is that legal here," she inquired before accepting it.

"It is if you're a Rastafarian," Joseph laughed. "Ganga is legal for medicinal and religious purposes," he explained, "and you look like a loyal Rastafarian to me."

Again not wanting to offend her new friends, Penny accepted the joint and drew a long toke, holding it in her lungs. She immediately began to feel incredibly relaxed; the joint seeming much stronger than anything she had used before. "You may want to go slowly little lady," Marley cautioned her while staring at her incredible cleavage, "that is homegrown, island weed...very powerful." The men made small talk, putting Penny at ease, asking about her job...what she liked in men. They finished the first joint and were passing another around when Penny glanced down and saw that the tip of Marley's cock was peeking out the bottom of his shorts.

"Oh my God, is that for real," she exclaimed, all her inhibitions now gone.

Smiling, Marley asked, "indeed it is little lady...would you like to see it?"

"Hell, yes," she declared without hesitation, her nipples now poking through her bikini top.

Marley stood and, with some difficulty, shoved his shorts down his muscular legs releasing the largest cock Penny had ever seen. It was at least a foot long, still flaccid, but the most amazing thing was that it was as thick as a kielbasa. Penny could feel her crotch becoming moist as she instinctively reached out and grasped the appendage with both hands. Running her soft hands up and down it's length, it began to grow both longer and fatter. Her mouth just hung open as she felt it harden. It stuck out from his body like a tiny third leg and Marley noticed that the late afternoon sunlight reflecting off the liquor bottles acted like a spotlight on the wedding ring on her finger.

Joseph had come up behind her, untied her top and was slipping the straps down her shoulders revealing her marvelous breasts. They were truly a work of art: a full 36 C with large elliptical areola and dark pink gumdrop nipples. They hung slightly on her chest, but were totally firm. His huge hands encircled the twin globes and he kneaded them like rising bread dough. Stimulated by his coarse skin, her nipples engorged and were hard as pebbles. Joseph commented, "your skin is like silk."

"Thank you," she responded, "you can thank my husband...he loves to help me moisturize...and he's very thorough."

"He is a lucky man," Joseph added as he trapped her gumdrops between his fingers and squeezed.

Penny's wonderful ass undulated on her bar stool and she knew there was a growing wet patch on her thong. She bent Marley's pole upward, leaned over and with the very tip of her tongue, flicked the droplet of pre-cum from his slit. There was no way she could fit her lips around the bulbous crown so she settled for swirling her tongue all around it while continuing to stroke him. He stood in front of her, forcing her to release him and then dropped to his knees. He urged her to the edge of her stool and, with her assistance, pulled her thong off her ass and down her long shapely legs. Using his large hands, he pushed her milky thighs apart and just sat there marveling at her glistening bald mound. Leaning in he separated her fleshy lips with his thumbs and blew hot air up inside her.

"Mmmm," she moaned while Joseph continued to maul her incredibly soft tits. Marley began to lap at her slit, cleaning her from the bottom to the top; watching her growing clit begin to peek out from it's hood. "I need to feel that big fucking cock inside me," she admitted as Marley nibbled on her labia.

Marley grinned confidently and nodded to Ziggy, who threw a blanket from behind the counter to Luke, who spread it on the sand in front of the bar. Joseph slipped his arms under her armpits, picking her up like a rag doll and lay her on her back atop the blanket. She looked like a blonde goddess laying nude on the beach, her skin glistening with a fine sheen of perspiration. Without any encouragement, she spread her legs wide and simply stated, "fuck me." Marley kneeled between her thighs, laying his monstrous cock on her creamy white stomach, his black pole contrasting starkly. Her breasts spread out on her chest and Luke kneeled beside her, attaching his thick lips to her left nipple.

Looking down between her tits, Marley's prick looked like a fence post resting on her taut tummy, his crown a dark, almost threatening, purple. Holding it in his hands, he rubbed the head up and down her slit, coating it with her arousal. Pressing it between her swollen lips, Marley began to push forward. Penny could feel the pressure against her opening as he tried to gain penetration, and pushed her body forward trying to assist him. She had never been fucked by a cock that big before and couldn't wait to feel it inside her. Marley grasped her tiny waist, his huge hands nearly encircling it, and shoved forward until his crown slipped inside her pussy. "Oh shit," she exclaimed, feeling her lips stretching around his girth.

Still holding her tightly, Marley began to push steadily forward, his massive cock stretching her tunnel as it progressed. "Oh my fucking God," she gasped, feeling every inch of her cunt stretching as he slid slowly into her. It felt like someone was sliding their arm up into her pussy as Marley buried his horse-cock into her belly. His balls nudged against her ass cheeks as his crown did the same against her cervix and Penny's eyes rolled back in her head, her wonderful nude body quivering. Every inch of her cunt was stuffed with cock and it felt wonderful, as she screamed, "oh my God, oh my God...fuck me...fuck me."

Grinning from ear to ear, Marley began to slowly withdraw his giant pole, scraping against every nerve in her tunnel as he did. The feeling of her pussy contracting as he withdrew was incredible, matched only by the endless orgasm she experienced when he penetrated her again. Marley began to fuck her harder, alternating his speed with every stroke. Every thrust stretched her cunt farther and Penny began to thrash beneath him. "Oh my God...fuck me...fuck me...shove that big fucking cock up my hole...stretch my fucking cunt."

"Hey Luke," Marley told his friend, "wait 'till you feel this...her cunt may be the tightest I've ever fucked."

"Can't wait to get some of that blonde pussy," Luke answered as he stood and shoved his shorts down his long chunky legs. Penny glanced over and saw that his pole was just as long as Marley's, but not nearly as thick...kind of like a pepperoni stick...but black as coal, just like Marley's.

Marley began to fuck her harder, her fleshy lips making fluttering sounds as a result of the air-tight seal around his giant prick. "Holy shit...fuck me...fuck my fucking cunt," Penny squealed, and then her exclamations were cut short because Luke had kneeled, straddling her head and was presenting his crown to her face. Opening her mouth like a baby bird accepting a worm, Luke slid his cock past her lips until it bumped the back of her throat. With her tongue circling his rod, the muscles in her throat began to suck him deeper down her esophagus until nearly the entire foot of cock had disappeared.

"Holy shit...this bitch is a pro," Luke yelled, "no bitch has ever swallowed my whole dick before." After a few seconds, Penny began to shake her head and Luke realized she was having trouble breathing, so he withdrew until he was once again hitting the back of her throat, allowing room for her to take a deep breath. Smiling, Penny sucked his prick like a vacuum, tickling his head with her talented tongue. "Wow, she is one helluva cock-sucker," Luke exclaimed as he started to pump her mouth full of his seed. Swallowing hard, Penny could not keep up with his stream and his cum dribbled down the sides of her face.

Watching his friend cum in her mouth, Marley started to slam his monstrous cock in and out of Penny's stretched out hole, her legs spread so wide she could have done a split. Her perfectly round tits were flopping against her chest as he rammed his pole faster and deeper into her cunt. "Oh my God...fuck me...cum in me...fill my fucking pussy." His massive cock sliding in and out of the most beautiful girl he had ever fucked, Marley ground his pelvis against hers and began to pump his load against her womb. Her tunnel totally stuffed, his cum began to squirt out around her slit, spraying his balls with his own jism. "Cum in me...cum in me," she pleaded, "don't stop...I love fucking cock."

When Marley had finished emptying his balls, he sat back and watched his pole shrivel as it slipped out of her hole. It felt to Penny like a balloon had deflated inside her and she felt empty, as Marley's cum drooled out of her pussy and down her ass crack. Not letting her relax, Joseph put his thick arms around her and pulled her up until she was kneeling on her hands and knees. "I need some of that gorgeous ass," he declared his intentions while lowering his shorts.

Back at the hotel, Howard and Bernadette had unpacked and were deciding what to do first. They were both too wound up from the trip, and full from lunch, for a nap. Bernadette had gathered several brochures from the hotel lobby advertising what was available and the one that caught her eye was the deep-tissue massage. She was very tense from the trip and knowing she had to deliver a short speech about the Irritable Bowel Syndrome drug she had been working on, the next day. The drug showed much promise with the only side effect being excess gas; but the company had developed another drug to counteract that. The masseur on the cover of the brochure was a large black man who looked more like a football player and when she asked Howard if he would like to join her he replied, "if I wanted to be manhandled, I could always go back to my high school and let the football jocks stuff me in my old thanks. I saw where a magician was performing in the know where to find me."

"OK, suit yourself," she replied, "but I hear these massages are very relaxing." She called the desk to see if there was an opening for a massage and was informed that Leon had just had a cancellation and that if she could get to the massage room in a half hour, he would be available. While Howard went down to the lounge, Bernadette changed into her bathing suit. she had never had a massage before and had no idea what to wear. Her black one-piece was cut high on her hips and without even trying, showed plenty of her ample cleavage. Throwing on the plush white terrycloth robe provided by the hotel, Bernadette made her was down to the spa and the receptionist showed her to the beach-side massage cabana.

"I apologize if you had wanted an indoor room, but this was the cancellation," she told Bernadette.

"Oh no, this is fine," Bernadette assured her, "it's amazing how private it is even though it's right off the beach."

"Great," the receptionist responded, "most of our guests prefer this. Leon will be right with you."

No sooner than the girl had left the room, than the masseur on the cover of the brochure pushed thru the flaps of the cabana. He was even bigger than his picture had indicated...the size of an offensive lineman with skin the color of raw coal. He was wearing shorts and a belt containing a bottle of oil. Reading off his tablet, he greeted her, "good afternoon Dr., that's a mouthful. So you're a doctor...are you here with the convention?"

Her head coming up to his chest, Bernadette giggled and answered, "yeah, I have a doctorate in microbiology...I'm not a medical doctor. I am here with the convention...and you can call me Bernadette." She felt intimidated by his presence; standing next to him she seemed like a dwarf.

"Thank you, that will make it so much easier," he replied. He spoke with an island accent and Bernadette could just hear Howard imitate it, "Jamaica mon."

"I've never had a professional massage, so I didn't know how to dress" she told him, indicating her bathing suit as she opened her robe.

She noticed his eyes traveling from her feet to her head as he answered, "well, it all depends on the nature of the massage. I can do it with the suit on, but if you want the complete massage, I'll need you to disrobe. I will place a towel over your most private parts at all times...I am a professional."

"I guess I'm really nervous," she confessed, "I have a speech to give tomorrow and really need to relax."

Grinning, he reached into an old cigar box and produced a long, fat joint that she was sure was marijuana. Lighting it, he told her, "I find that a little ganga is quite relaxing." He took a couple of long tokes, letting Bernadette inhale the smoke and then extended it to her.

"Is that legal here," she asked, "I'm not familiar with Jamaican law."

"It is for religious or medicinal purposes," he answered, winking at her, "and you're a doctor...also, I have a feeling you're a Rastafarian."

Winking back, Bernadette accepted the joint and said, "yes...yes I am. My whole family are Rastafarian." Following his lead, she inhaled deeply before letting the residual smoke escape her mouth. After passing the joint back and forth several times, she told him, "I would definitely like the full massage" and she shrugged the robe off her shoulders and handed it to him.

Hanging it on a coat rack, Leon instructed her, "I'll leave for a couple minutes while you get undressed. When you're ready, just lay face down on the table and cover yourself with the towel.

As he was leaving, Bernadette asked, "could you leave the joint...I think I need more relaxing."

"You're the doctor," he joked as he handed it to her and left the cabana.

Finishing the cigarette, Bernadette squirmed out of her bathing suit and lay naked on the table, pulling the towel up over herself. She felt naughty and horny being naked in the same room with someone not her husband, and anxious to feel his huge hands on her skin. Coming back in Leon folded the towel until it was only covering her ample ass cheeks, squirted what smelled like coconut oil on his hands and began to massage Bernadette's arms. They made small talk, with Leon asking about her work and family, and she began to feel completely at ease. He informed her that he was a native Jamaican and that his cousin Ziggy owned a bar located just down the beach. His brother worked in a bauxite mine on the island and his family had grown up on a banana plantation.

His voice made Bernadette think of James Earl Jones and was almost hypnotic (combined with the ganga) as he told stories of his childhood. She felt so relaxed with the sound of the surf lapping at the shore in the distance. His huge hands almost completely covered her back as he rubbed the sweet smelling oil into her skin. "You don't get out in the sun much," he stated, "you have the palest skin I have ever seen...and in this country, I mean that as a compliment."

"It's very sensitive to the sun...if I just walk down the street, I burn," she informed him. "If you think mine is pale, you should see my husband's...he looks like a blanched chicken," and giggled almost uncontrollably. Laying on her stomach, Bernadette's massive breasts flattened out beneath her like dual air-bags and Leon carefully massaged oil into their sides. He could tell she was horny by the way her body writhed under his touch. Working his way down to her petite waist, he bypassed the towel and began again with each tiny foot. He worked his way up her legs one by one until reaching her silky thighs. As he worked the oil into the insides of her thighs, Bernadette spread her legs wider giving him access to her crotch. Carefully brushing the towel further up her ass, Leon could clearly see her moist slit surrounded by the longest labia he had ever seen...and the left one was adorned with a tiny gold ring.

"Should I continue the full massage," he inquired.

"Mmmm, definitely," Bernadette moaned, and felt him remove the towel and drizzle oil onto her large cheeks. She could feel the warm oil drool down her crack and onto her slit and then Leon's hands were caressing her ass. She knew the oil was not the only thing soaking into the towel covered table as his hands delved between her thighs and gently brushed against her mound.

"Well, we're finished with the back...should I get the towel," Leon asked while squirting more oil on his hands.

"I don't think that will be necessary," Bernadette offered as she slowly rolled over on her back exposing her naked body.

Again, Leon began with her arms and worked his way down to her chest. "You have amazing breasts Bernadette," he complimented her as he began to knead the huge globes. When he touched them, they rippled like giant water balloons as they spread out on her sides. His huge hands actually nearly covered them as he caressed and kneaded them, rubbing oil onto their surface. He tried to pinch her hardened nipples, but his fingers slipped off. He gathered the oil that had pooled in her belly button and massaged her quivering tummy. "That feels soooo good," Bernadette encouraged him as she looked down between her mounds of flesh. The contrast of his coal-black hands against her alabaster flesh was arousing her even more.

Switching to her tiny feet, he pressed his thumbs into her soles and loosened her muscles, stimulating her all the way to her temples. Slowly working his way up her short legs, he smiled as she spread them wide, inviting him to go higher. She was tiny next to him, it was like massaging a doll. Her entire naked body glistened with coconut oil as his hands slid up her inner thighs, brushing against her long lips. When she spread her legs even wider, Leon took it as his cue to run his slick fingers all along the length of her slit. He grasped the tiny gold ring in her left labia, tugging it and stretching her flap. Letting it go he watched it snap back like a rubber band, tiny droplets of oil flying into the air. Her ass was twitching against the table, her eyes closed, when Leon began to push his index finger between her lips and penetrate her slit.

His finger was nearly as big as Howard's prick and it felt amazing as it slid further up her pussy. His other slippery hand had returned to her enormous tits, fondling and caressing the fleshy mounds. Moaning, "mmmmm," Bernadette opened her eyes and saw what looked like the outline of an anaconda running down the leg of Leon's shorts as he concentrated on her body.

"If you're sure you want the full treatment, there is just one more procedure," he informed her, his voice like melting butter.

"Oh I definitely want the full treatment," Bernadette whispered, her naked body undulating under his hands.His hands left her body and he unbuttoned his shorts. They were loose-fitting and as soon as they were unzipped, they fell to the sand. "Oh my God," she gasped, her breath coming in short gulps. Leon's coal black cock hung between his legs like a weapon. It was nearly a foot long and she knew it was as thick as her forearm. She was used to Howard's five inch hot-dog and she actually began to drool at the sight of Leon's monster.

"Would you do the honors," he asked, handing her the bottle of oil as he lay his growing snake on the table beside her. Quickly she squirted oil all along his length and began to spread it with her hands. Her tiny hands together, barely encircled his rigid log which ended in a crown the size of a tennis ball. Leon walked to the end of the table, grasped Bernadette's legs, just above the knees and pulled her slippery body down to the edge of the table, letting her legs dangle. The massage table was at the perfect height where his groin was even with hers and his shaft pointed directly at her slit. Again, the contrast of his midnight black skin next to her pale white flesh, further aroused Bernadette. It occurred to her that his meat was nearly as thick as her legs, and she could actually see the thick veins pulsating along its length.

Oil dripped off his crown as he wedged it between her long lips, putting pressure against her slit. Bernadette didn't think she had ever been more turned on...she craved to have his cock inside her. It looked like a big black log poised against her tiny opening as he pushed forward, attempting to penetrate her. Wrapping his huge hands under her ass, Leon shoved forward and with an audible "plop," his giant crown slid past her opening and into her pussy. "Holy crap," she screeched, wondering if her tiny slit had torn. Leon just stood at the foot of the table, his head inside her, and let her get used to the abrupt invasion. His cue was when she began to wiggle her little body toward him, attempting to impale herself farther. Grasping her fleshy cheeks firmly, Leon pushed forward, his massive pole sliding into her inch by inch.

She was so tight that if his cock had not been hard as stone, it probably would have been painful for him. He squirted more oil on his exposed rod and tried to slowly push forward. It was like trying to put a quarter into a nickel slot and Leon reasoned that the best way to fully penetrate her was to use force. Moving his hands to her waist, Leon braced himself and shoved forward as hard as he could, while pulling her petite body onto him. His monstrous cock slammed all the way to her cervix, stretching every inch of her cunt farther than it had ever been. "Oh shit...oh shit...oh shit," she squealed, feeling her pussy being completely stuffed with cock. The muscles in her tunnel convulsed, gripping him even tighter as she thrashed beneath him. It felt like her orgasm would never end and her legs churned in the air like she was running.

Bernadette tried to scream but no words came out, only a strangled, "ahhhhh." It felt like she was being split open, as Leon held her against his groin, not moving and not letting her move. It took her a couple minutes to decide whether the sensation was pain or pleasure, and then Leon began to slowly withdraw his monstrous cock. "Holy shit, that feels so fucking good," she gasped, "your cock is so fucking big." Looking down she watched as his log emerged from her tunnel, her fleshy lips gripping its dark surface. It didn't seem possible that something that size had been inside her, and would soon be inside her again. Bernadette had never been so turned on...she looked Leon in the eyes and demanded, "fuck me."

Leon squirted more oil the length of his pole and swiftly thrust all the way back into her hot pussy, stretching it once again. She could see how far inside her he was by the way her stomach was distended; the outline of his meat clearly visible. He began to slide his massive cock in and out of her hole, savoring how tight she was "Your cock feels so fucking good," Bernadette groaned as he fucked her tiny body.

She lay back on the table as he stood between her legs, slamming his giant pole into her pussy. Her huge tits flattened out on the sides of her chest, flopping and rippling like large water balloons. Leon thought to himself, "how can she even stand up straight with those big fucking tits on that tiny little body." He stood back, the only part of his body touching hers was his horse-sized penis. She was so petite that he wondered if he could walk around the room with her impaled on his enormous cock. Her tits needed his attention and he stepped back against her thighs and surrounded them with his huge hands, kneading and mauling her fleshy bags. His hips moving swiftly as his cock churned in and out of her pussy, Leon leaned forward and captured her right nipple between his teeth.

"Ohhhh shhhhitttt," Bernadette screeched as his giant snake stretched her cunt. Her entire body shuddered with a massive orgasm as Leon's pole scraped her clit. Leon wasn't done...he again grasped her tiny waist and slammed his gigantic prick into her belly. "Fuck me...fuck me," she pleaded as he pounded into her pussy, grinding against her mound. She attacked her own tits, violently squeezing and pinching her nipples as Leon continued to stretch her cunt. He slammed into her, his balls slapping against her ass and Bernadette felt her tunnel being flooded with hot fluid. She gripped the sides of the table, her knuckles turning white as she met his climax. As he pumped his load deep in her belly, her vaginal muscles milked every drop from his balls. "Oh shit...oh shit...oh shit," she breathlessly gasped as Leon leaned into her thighs, pinning her to the table.

Spent, Bernadette lay back on the massage table, her legs still dangling off the end, feeling Leon's snake shrinking inside her. As her pussy contracted, Leon just stood back and let his shriveling snake just naturally slide out of her hole. "Well, I hope you are more relaxed now," he joked, reaching for his shorts.

Sitting up, Leon's cum drooling out of her hole and down her legs, Bernadette answered, "I think I'm ready for a nap...could I borrow a towel." Leon graciously wiped her legs and crotch, still amazed at how such a tiny woman could take that much cock. The massage had been included in the "all inclusive" package provided by her company, but she opened her clutch and gratefully gave Leon a $100 tip. "Thank you so much...I'll never forget my first professional massage."

"Thank you Doctor Bernadette," Leon smiled, "if you are ever feeling tense, please come see me...we can talk about our mutual religion;" and he winked.

Looking back over her shoulder, Penny saw that Joseph's prick was probably ten inches long, but quite slender, like a foot-long hot dog, with a plum sized head. He yelled, "hey Ziggy...toss me that bottle of olive oil...extra virgin," and they all laughed. Reaching under the bar, Ziggy threw him the bottle and Joseph dripped the slippery fluid directly onto the valley between Penny's cheeks as well as on his hard-on. Never a fan of anal sex, even with her clouded mind, Penny was thankful for his lack of girth as he spread her delectable cheeks with his hands, exposing her brown hole. Spreading her knees farther apart on the blanket, she grit her teeth as she felt him push against her anus. Slowly, Joseph pushed forward, slipping through her sphincter ring and into her ass hole.

"Whoa," she gasped as he just kept pushing, sliding all the way into her ass until his scrotum bumped against her cheeks. Thankful for the oil, she thought that having him in her ass was not as unpleasant as she actually felt quite good.

"That's a beautiful ass you have, Penny," Joseph complimented her, "and tight too." He slapped her cheeks playfully and started to slide his rod in and out, the oil dripping down her crotch and onto the blanket. Her tits were swaying as he fucked her ass and Joseph reached under her and squeezed them in his coarse hands, trapping her gumdrop nipples between his fingers. He surprised her by wrapping his arms around her taut waist and easily flipping them over so that he was now laying on his back with Penny's incredible naked body on top of him. Sliding his hands back up to her breasts, he continued his assault, pinching her nubs. "Hey Ziggy," he called out, "you have to get some of this."

Grinning from ear to ear, his teeth seemed to be glowing against his black complexion, he emerged from behind the bar and Penny saw that he had already lost his shorts. Her eyes widened when she saw that his penis was actually larger than Marley's. It had to be fourteen inches long and she knew it was as thick as her "farm-girl forearms." He was stroking it as he approached the blanket and she instinctively splayed her marvelous legs as wide as she could, her slit already opening for him. Kneeling between her thighs he, thankfully, grabbed the olive oil bottle and dribbled oil onto his crown. Spreading her puffy mound even farther with his fingers, Ziggy told them in his thick accent, "I have to admit...I can't wait to fuck this beautiful woman."

Balancing her on his stomach, Joseph encircled her waist with his arms and held her up, almost like an offering. Ziggy grasped her knees and hoisted her long legs up onto his shoulders, her legs dangling down his back. This position made Joseph's prick in her ass seem even larger and Penny was actually feeling apprehensive about being penetrated by Ziggy's extraordinary was just inhumanly large. Ziggy stared down at her incredible naked body and his rod just became more rigid with anticipation. She could feel the pressure against her slit as he pushed downward, his giant crown flattening out without gaining entrance. It was like trying to insert a quarter in a nickel slot, even though Marley had already stretched her.

He tried drooling more olive oil down his shaft, but it wasn't the answer. Ziggy realized the secret for splitting her slit was in the angle, so he slid her legs off his shoulders, gripped her knees and spread her legs as wide as he could. Her legs were in an almost complete split as he again pushed his crown between her fleshy lips. Penny was nearly feverish now, she knew there was no way his abnormally huge dick should fit inside her, but that made her want it all the more. "Hurry up...fuck me," she urged, feeling Joseph twitch in her ass. Ziggy gripped her waist, just below Joseph's arms and shoved forward. When his massive crown pushed through her slit and into her pussy, Penny thought she would lose consciousness, "oh my fucking God." Ziggy knew that if his crown had fit, the rest would too and began to push his monster cock up into her sopping wet cunt.

She had never given much thought to how long fourteen inches was, but now it seemed endless as it felt like Ziggy was shoving his arm up her pussy. Penny didn't think it was possible to be stretched farther than Marley had done, but Ziggy was expanding her tunnel to new extremes. He gyrated and swiveled his hips until the entire log was stuffed up Penny's cunt. Her body began to thrash between them as her holes reached their splitting point. "Wow, that is one tight pussy," Ziggy remarked when his balls finally lay against Joseph's. Penny was now crammed with hard cock, her holes gripping them tightly as her muscles began to spasm. She had never been so full of hard meat and was having trouble concentrating on anything.

Ziggy knew she was on the edge, and began to slowly withdraw his massive pole, watching her lips grip the shaft as it slid out. As soon as he was nearly out, he swiftly jammed back in, stretching her cunt as far as it would go. "Oh my fucking God," she shrieked, "fuck my fucking holes...stretch my pussy...I love your fucking cocks." Feeling their pricks sliding in and out of her holes in unison was like nothing she had ever felt before. "Holy shit I love being fucked," she thought to herself as they rammed into her. Penny was in heaven as she felt them slipping in and out of her body, trapping her between them. Ziggy put his giant hands on her incredible tits, surrounding them and squeezing her fleshy mounds. She had never been so completely stimulated as they violently fucked her, abusing her holes. "Fuck me...fuck me...fuck me harder," she encouraged them, sweat drooling between her breasts.

He couldn't believe this beautiful blonde had taken his whole over-sized cock and was begging for more, but Ziggy was determined to give her the fucking of her life and began to thrust up into her cunt as hard as he could, her body jiggling as he slammed into her. "Fuck me...fuck me...I need more cock," she screamed as she shoved her hips upward to meet Ziggy's thrusts.

"Hey, you heard the bitch," Luke commented as he kneeled down beside Ziggy, dripping olive oil on his prick, "she wants more cock." It was almost like they had done it before as Joseph grasped Penny's legs under her knees and lifted her legs out of their way. Ziggy inched sideways as Luke crawled in beside him, holding his rod in his hand. Ziggy withdrew about half way and Luke started to press his crown against her spread out slit. Penny raised her head and looked down between her legs, realizing what they were attempting and just bit her lower lip. She never even thought about protesting...all she wanted was to be fucked...the more cock inside her, the better.

Pushing forward as hard as he could, Luke's crown finally slid through her slit and he and Ziggy shoved forward together. Miraculously, Penny's slit stretched far enough to allow both cocks to slide into her. "Holy fucking shit," she breathlessly moaned as her head lay back on Joseph. She now had nearly two feet of cock in her pussy and another in her ass and all three men began to fuck her simultaneously. Penny saw bright lights twinkling in front of her and actually lost consciousness momentarily with the thought in her head, "oh my God I love cock."

When she awoke, she was looking up at Marley,who was standing beside them and stroking his giant meat. "Man, that's what I call fucking," he exclaimed, "that bitch really loves cock." Joseph was content with just laying beneath her with his prick up her ass as the other two slid in and out of her cunt. They had stretched her pussy beyond belief as they continued to ram into her battered hole. They weren't able to fully penetrate her, because with both of them between her legs, they couldn't get close enough; but Penny definitely had more cock inside her than ever before. With every stroke they stretched her farther, inching closer together, stuffing her cunt with their cocks.

The feeling in her cunt was indescribable and Penny had long ago lost track of how many times she had cum, she just knew she loved being stuffed with cock. "Fuck me...fuck me...stretch my fucking pussy," she screeched; and when Joseph shoved farther into her ass, just so he wasn't forgotten, she yelled, "ohhhh yessss." The muscles in her pussy were tiring and began to spasm, gripping Luke and Ziggy even tighter. They winked at each other and shoved forcefully up into her hole, grinding their bodies against her mound. It felt like a hot water pipe had burst inside her belly as they pumped their seed against her womb. She could actually feel the force of their spurts as they sprayed her tunnel with cum. "Cum in me...cum in me...fill my fucking cunt," she groaned as her naked body twisted and turned, impaled on three giant cocks.

Their climax seemed to go on forever as they held her against them, draining their balls inside her pussy, shoving their monstrous cocks as deep as they could. When they were through with her, Ziggy and Luke withdrew their shrinking snakes and stood up, still admiring the nude blond beauty they had just fucked. Joseph now was center stage and he began to violently thrust up into her delectable ass, her cheeks jiggling with every stroke. Sliding his huge hands up her silky skin from her hips to her marvelous tits, Joseph massaged them and pinched her gumdrop nipples so hard they turned blue.

"Oh shit," she moaned, "fuck my fucking ass...give it to me." He slid his right hand down to her mound and trapped her swollen clit between his thumb and forefinger, rolling it and then pinching. Shoving up into her rear tunnel, Joseph started to pump his load deep inside her ass. "Yessss," she screamed, her legs extended out to the sides, her toes reaching for the sky.

Penny could feel Joseph's hard-on shriveling inside her ass, slowly crawling out of her tunnel. He let her relax and lay on top of him for a few minutes, all the while sliding his rough hands up and down her silky skin. Eventually he raised her limp body and set her down beside him on the blanket. Ziggy brought them all back to reality by saying, "well, I guess we should be wrapping this up...I see some tourists walking this way." Still dazed from the fucking she had taken, the words barely registered with Penny, but Joseph took her hand and pulled her to her feet. When she stood, cum literally gushed from her still wide open holes, drooling down her milky thighs and soaking the blanket. This seemed to startle her back to reality as Ziggy wrapped the blanket around her luscious body and helped her to walk gingerly back to the bar shack.

He took her behind the bar and handed her a clean bar rag, and her orange bikini. She quickly dropped the blanket, oblivious to her nudity, wiped down her groin and the insides of her legs, and put her skimpy bathing suit on. "It should be a crime to cover that body," Ziggy grinned as he offered her a Red Stripe.

Rinsing out her mouth with the first swig, Penny drank the remainder in one gulp. "Thanks for the hospitality boys," she told them, "this is one friendly island."

"Don't mention it," Marley smiled, "if you ever get thirsty," he winked, "you know where to come." They watched her magnificent ass as she walked down the beach, rubbing their cocks through their shorts.

About half way back to the cabana Penny began to have coherent thoughts; the extreme workout had caused her to sweat out nearly all the alcohol, and the effects of the ganga were wearing off. She realized that she probably smelled of other men, and there was definitely a large wet patch on her thong; so she decided to take a dip in the ocean to rinse off. Once she was up to her chest in the warm Caribbean water, she slipped off her bottom and did her best to scrub it between her hands before slipping it back on. Back on shore, she shook like a wet dog, wringing out her long blond tresses. Feeling refreshed, Penny realized that the lack of chemical stimulants had done nothing to lessen her sex drive...she was still incredibly horny and craved to feel a hard cock inside her.

She found Leonard pacing around the cabana with a worried look on his face. When he saw her walking toward him, he raced up to her and wrapped his arms around her, mashing his lips against hers and kissing passionately. "I was so worried about left your phone in the beach bag, and I didn't know which direction to start looking." Penny, already horny, was overcome with his concern and took his hand, leading him back to the cabana. Without speaking a word, she pushed him back into the beach chair, stood in front of him and threw off her skimpy bikini. Standing there totally nude, she knew it would have the effect on him that it did: a tent immediately grew in his bathing suit.

Dropping to her knees in the sand, Penny tugged his trunks off and watched his 8 3/4 inch erection (yes, she had measured it) spring upward. She admitted that she loved a giant prick once in a while, but Leonard's was her absolute was just the perfect size for her, especially with his tangerine sized crown, and his large girth. It stretched her just enough to be completely comfortable. Luckily, the salt water and time had allowed her pussy to shrink back to a slit as she stood and straddled his legs.

Leonard was well aware that the cabana was only closed on three sides, so if anyone walked past between them and the water, they could see right in...and he couldn't have cared less, as he gazed on the most perfect naked body he had ever seen. He stared at her bare mound, still dripping with sea water as she lowered her body toward his groin. Her fleshy lips spread out around his bulbous crown before swallowing it completely, his cock disappearing in her slit. As she sat on his lap, it felt like her pussy was on fire. He loved the way her lips gripped his shaft and pushed up into her along with it. "You feel so good," he admitted as her wonderful ass settled on his lap, his pole completely inside her. He was so aroused that he never even noticed how loose her tunnel was as he ground his pelvis upward into hers.

"I love you baby," she moaned as he thrust up into her cunt, flexing his cock inside her. Leonard began to shove upward, lifting her whole body as he jammed his hard-on up her pussy. Penny bounced up and down on his lap, meeting every thrust as they fucked each other. Her marvelous tits were jiggling up and down, keeping rhythm with their thrusts. Leonard captured her fleshy mounds in his hands, twirling and tweaking her gumdrop nipples. As he did this, he leaned forward and licked and nibbled on her ear and neck; knowing how it drove her wild. "Oh my God...I love being fucked by you," she gasped.

He knew she meant it by the way her vaginal muscles contracted around his pole, squeezing it tightly as her body shuddered on top of him. She raised up slightly giving him more room to slam up into her, loving the sensation of his cock sliding in and out of her. "Fuck me baby...fuck your little Penny," she begged as she rode his pole, "I love your cock."

Leonard knew he was the luckiest man alive and began to lick her perfect breasts, first one and then the other. Nibbling on her engorged nipple, he bit down just as he jammed his cock up into her pussy and his cum shot into her tunnel. Feeling him pump her full of his load, Penny groaned, "oh my God baby...cum in me...cum in me...fill my fucking cunt."

Reaching down between them. Leonard trapped her clit between his fingers and forcefully pinched. Her body quivered as their orgasms peaked together, their fluids leaking out of her pussy and flooding Leonard's lap. "Keep fucking me baby...don't stop," she pleaded...and he did, never losing his erection as he stared at the most perfect naked body he would ever see. Her pussy gripped him tightly as Leonard slid in and out of her slippery hole. The adrenaline in his system took over, and he surprised himself, wrapping his arms around his blonde beauty and standing with her in his arms...still inside her. Squatting and laying her on her back in the warm sand, he began to slam his pole in and out of her cunt as hard as he could. "Oh yesss...fuck me baby...fuck me."

Rarely did she see the physical side of Leonard, and it turned her on even more as he pounded into her cunt. She wrapped her silky legs around him, trying to draw even more of his hard shaft into her. "Oh my God...fuck me baby...fuck me...I love your fucking cock."

Hearing her raw language turned Leonard on even more and her jammed up into her pussy so hard that they slid through the sand, now half in the cabana and half out. They probably would have never noticed if the sun hadn't been at just the right angle and was now blinding them. Knowing that they were now in public view, Leonard began to feverishly fuck his gorgeous wife, pounding her hole with his cock. "Cum in me baby...cum in me," she urged, trying not to shout.

Quickly glancing around and seeing no one, Leonard grabbed her firm cheeks in his hands and shoved up into her, spraying her tunnel lining with his warm load. "Yesss baby...fill my pussy," Penny moaned, muffling her exclamation by burying her face in his neck. Quivering, she ground her mound against his pelvis, "I love fucking you baby."

Still pumping her full of his seed, Leonard grinned and answered, "I'm pretty fond of it too, my sexy wife. I just will never get enough of that word...wife. I am so lucky."

She truly did love him and would never break his heart by letting him find out about her transgressions...everybody has urges now and then. A tear trickled down her cheek as she hugged the love of her life, feeling him spasm inside her. She was never going to let him go.

The rest of the week was fairly uneventful. Bernadette's speech was well received and Penny actually attended a couple of the seminars, intent on becoming a better salesperson. Most of the week they just hung out as friends; they even coaxed Bernadette out into the sun, and they rode one of those giant banana floats pulled by a jet ski. Penny and Bernadette called Amy and they vowed to have a "girls night out" when they got back.

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