Big Bang Theory/Modern Family: Part 2 - A Penny For Your Thought (orgy,FF,oral,anal,dp,F-dom,toys)
by Michael the bloody

Claire fell to the ground after being pulled off of Raj, her cunt was wide open, the men couldn't take their eyes off of it.

Howard: Is that your liver I see?

Haley: Holly shit, who's the elephant boy?

Jay: Claire, you know I never thought Phil was good enough for you, but this?

Claire: I am so sorry, but I couldn't help myself.

Penny: I am sorry Leonard, but I have to have me some of that.

Leonard: What?

Penny ripped off her loose fitting jeans and made a beeline for Raj, but she was too late, Alex had already mounted him.

Penny: Shit.

Alex slowly began to lower herself on Raj's monster, Luke was behind Penny fondling her tits, he reached down between her legs and stuffed 2 fingers inside of her.

Haley dropped to her knees in front of Leonard, she shoved her hands down his pants and whipped out his cock, he grabbed her by the back of the head and shoved his cock deep down her throat.

Alex had impaled herself on Raj's cock, she slowly began to bounce up and down on it, it was splitting her open on each thrust.


Alex leaned over so she could kiss Raj, jamming her tongue down his throat, Raj wrapped his hands around the back of her head.

Howard: Did on Penny.

Luke: Too late.

Luke bent Penny over and slammed his cock into her, Jay shoved his cock down her throat, she swallowed it whole.

Howard looked over at Claire, she was staring at her dad face fucking the blonde girl, as her son fucked her hard. Raj's cum was still dripping out of her pussy.

Howard: Shall we?

Claire crawled over to Howard on all fours, she grabbed him by the ass and took him deep down her throat.

Penny was gaging on Jay's 12-inch cock, she never knew she had a gag reflex, but she had never taken a foot long before.

Claire: Honey, look over here.

Claire swallowed Howard's long thin cock whole as Penny watched, Haley looked over too and took Leonard to the back of her throat, she wouldn't be out done by her mother.

Claire: That's my girl

Alex was stuck balls deep on Raj, she was impaled the same way Claire had been, Haley pushed Leonard onto his back and climbed on top off him, they were placed right next to Raj and Alex.

Howard placed himself on his back right next to the two couples, Claire mounted him, Penny pulled away from Luke and Jay laid on his back between his daughter and granddaughter, Penny mounted him.

Leonard: Shall we?

Leonard took his place on the other side of Raj, Haley jumped on top of him, slammed herself onto his member.

Claire began riding Howard harder and harder, Haley looked over and she wouldn't be embarrassed by her mom, she slammed herself harder onto Leonard.

Penny took Jay harder, she couldn't match the fury of Haley or Claire though, she was already Cumming on Jay's fat cock.

Leonard: Sheldon, come join us.

Sheldon: You're in my spot.

Haley: There's room.

Leonard slowly walked over and began to climb on top of Haley, Luke saw what was going on, he jumped on top Penny. He shoved his cock right into her ass.

Penny: SHIT. That's it. Fuck both my holes. Take it.

Sheldon whipped out a cock that was as large as Jay's he took aim at Haley, and shoved his cock into her already full pussy.

Haley: NO, not there. Not both in my pussy.

It was too late, Leonard and Sheldon had their cocks shoved right inside of Haley's cunt, Sheldon pumped as hard as he could.

Claire: That's my girl. No spank me. Then fuck my ass. Fuck it like you mean it. Make that ass yours.

Howard: As you wish.

Howard slapped Claire on the ass, she let out a yelp, he slapped it again and again, he then pulled his cock out of her pussy and slid it into her ass.

Claire: GOD YES. Phil never takes my ass.

Sheldon and Leonard were splitting Haley's cunt in two, Sheldon pumped as hard as he could as Leonard began to thrust up into her. Alex had gone limp on top of Raj.

Luke was buried balls deep in Penny's ass, as Jay thrusts his large member up into her pussy. Jay thrust so hard he lifted Penny and Luke into the air. Her cum was dripping down his cock.

Raj had cum inside of Alex 3 times already, now he just wanted to get her off of him, he needed help, but everyone was busy.


Howard yanked her head back as he slammed her in the ass, the cum squirted out of Claire's cunt, she had never cum so hard.

Claire: GOD YES.

Penny: GOD I am so full, it feels so good.

Luke and Jay shot their loads inside of Penny, just as Sheldon and Leonard emptied their loads into Haley's cunt.

Claire: Cum in my mouth. I want to taste it. Take that cock out of my ass and shove it down my throat

Howard did as he was told, and shoved his cock balls deep down Claire's throat, he began pumping a massive load directly into her stomach. She swallowed it all with spilling a drop.

Claire: So good.

Howard: It has been a wonderful day, Alex, I hope to see you in 2 days. Alex?

Alex was still unconscious on top of Raj, Leonard and Jay managed to pull her off, Claire got her daughters dressed and the Dunphy's and Jay headed home.

* * *

The next day Howard went to Amy, he told her he dropped the bottle of gummi bears she had given him, so he couldn't give them to Bernadette. Amy gave him 3 more bottles and told him he needed to be careful.

Alex started her first day working for Howard, he had her doing his laundry, and ordering his lunch. The worst part of her day was having to drive Sheldon around. She did get to do some actual work though, Caroline Channing was coming to meet with Howard about one of his projects, something about a robot, she invited Luke and Phil to come to Cal tech to see it. She saw a bottle of those delicious gummi bears in Howards Desk, she figured she deserved it.

That night Penny came over looking for Raj, the gummi's hadn't completely worn out yet, Howard had been waiting to give one to Bernie, when Penny showed up he knew it was the perfect opportunity.

Penny: Where's Raj?

Howard: Not my night to watch him.

Howard handed a gummi bear to Penny, she swallowed it whole, he tossed one in the air to Bernie, without thinking she caught it in her mouth.

Penny stared at Bernie, she hadn't realized what a smoking body she had before, her double D breast were straining against her sweater.

Bernie: Is is getting hot in here or is it just me.

Penny: It's not just you, it is scorching hot in here.

Howard: Maybe you should take off your sweater.

Bernie was really hot now, she took off her sweater, Howard got behind her and ran his hands down her shirt, the way he did every night.

Bernie: Howie, we have company.

Penny: I don't mind.

Penny pulled her shirt over her head, exposing her perfectly shaped breast, Howard pulled Bernie's shirt off, the two blondes stared at each other.

Bernie: WOW, look at those.

Penny: wow yourself.

Howard: Today, I am the luckiest man on the face of the earth.

Penny: Yes you are.

Bernie: Howard: I told you if we had a three-way it was going to be boy, boy, girl.

Howard: I know, but just this once baby.

Bernie: Okay, but if we're going to do this, we are going to do it my way.

Howard: Yes, Ma'am.

Bernadette went into the bedroom, when she came out she was dressed in leather pants and a leather string bikini top and six inch spiked heeled boots She was carry a whip.

Penny: I would have never guessed.


Bernie cracked her whip, Penny jumped to attention, Howard rubbed his hands together, he had started drooling.

Bernie: Get those pants off.

Penny jumped out of her jeans, Bernie cracked the whip again, Penny stepped right out of her thong and stood naked in front of her.


Penny quickly did as she was instructed Howard dropped his pants and stood in front of her, he had been waiting for this for 8 years.

Bernie: STEP OFF!

She cracked her whip and Howard jumped back, Bernie stood in front of Penny and shoved her down to her hand and knees.


Penny: What?


Penny leaned over she started at Bernie's toes, and licked her way up her foot and ankle, Howard was completely naked and rock hard.

Bernie grabbed Penny by the hair, she rubbed Penny's face up and down her boots, she begins to slap Penny's perfectly shaped ass.

Penny: YES.

Bernie: Now suck my heel.

Penny took the hell of Bernie's shoe and slid it down her throat like the slut she was, Bernie made Penny look into her eyes as she did it.

Bernie: Now show Howard what you can do.

Bernie yanked Penny up to her knees, she signed for Howard to come over, Howard moved faster than he ever had done before and shoved his cock deep down her throat.


Bernie held Penny by the back of her head bouncing it up and down, Howard fucked her face hard and deep. Penny had no gag reflex. It only took a couple of strokes for Howard to shoot his load down her throat.

Bernie: You didn't spill a drop. Good girl. I have a present for your servitude.

Bernie bent over wiggling her ass at Penny and Howard, she reached under the couch and pulled out her dildo.


Bernie: It is my starter dildo, Mandingo. Howard made it for me for his birthday.

The dildo was an exact replica of a pony cock, 14 inches long and as thick as her arm, it was brown with white spots, Penny couldn't believe what she was seeing

Penny: Starter dildo.

Bernie: BEND OVER.

She cracked the whip and Penny dropped to all fours, Bernie took her place behind her, and stuck the tip of Mandingo into Penny's cunt.

Penny: Fuck, that's nice.

Bernie took both hands and shoved all 14 inches of Mandingo into Penny. Penny almost hit the floor face first, but she managed to hold steady.

Bernie shoved the dildo all the way in and all the way out with each stroke, Penny was cumming all over it.

Penny: Yes, fuck me.


Penny began rocking back onto Mandingo, Bernie fucked her harder and harder until the cum was running down her legs.

Penny: God yes, CUMMING.


Penny: No one mistress.

Bernie: You swallowed all of Howard's precious load, no one told you to, so I have something else for you, crawl over to the couch and get it.

Penny crawled on all fours over to the couch, Bernie cracked the whip on her ass, Mandingo was still hanging out of her cunt.

Penny reached under the couch, what she found went almost the length of it, she was scared to pull it out. Her eyes bugged out when she saw it.

Bernie: It's Black Beauty, the exact replica of a Shire horse.

It jet black, hard as steel almost 2 feet long, the diameter was 8 inches around at the base. It weighted about 10 pounds. Ever since her days on her Nebraska farm, Penny had wanted to be slammed by a horse.

Penny: OH MY FUCKING GOD. It's bigger than Rog.

Bernie: WHAT? When did you see Raj's junk? Never mind whore, I don't care. I want to see you ride Black Beauty.

Penny stood black beauty on its base, it almost reached her waist, she climbed on top of it, the tip was the size of a grapefruit, she slowly worked it in.


Penny began to slowly slide down the cock, she took half of it, her cunt was being wreck as it got thicker and thicker the further she slid down.

Bernie: That's a good little whore.

Penny worked a foot and a half of monster dildo down her snatch, she was cumming all over it, she slowly bounced up and down.


Bernie: That's a good little whore, cum all over that horse cock. Now bend over.

Penny bent over with black beauty hanging out of her cunt, Bernie shoved as hard as she could, but Penny had bottomed out at a foot and a half.

Bernie: WHORE. I take the whole thing.

Penny fell face first onto the floor as Bernie and Howard shoved black beauty hard and deep into her, the continued until Penny passed out.

Bernie: What a good little whore.

Howard: Yes she is.

* * *

At the Dunphy house Alex was already fed up with working with Howard, he couldn't keep his eyes off her tits, she usually didn't mind, but Howard was extra creepy, she had decided she was going to fuck Raj in front of him the next day.

Alex had set the bottle of gummy bears on the kitchen counter, the bottle was full when she sat it there, now there were a bunch missing.

Alex: Who has been eating my gummy bears.

Claire: I had one.

Haley: Okay, I had one.

Phil: Gummi bears? Can I have one?

Claire: I don't know about you, but I need a couple big black cocks right now.

Phil: Okay honey.

Haley: The Clippers are in town.

Alex: Wow, you guys, this is a little embarrassing. Anyone else take any?

Lily: Luke said I could have two.


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