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Big Bang Theory/Modern Family: Part 1 - The Big Bang, Theory? (MMFf,oral,anal)
by Michael The Bloody

Claire Dunphy had been working on her youngest daughter, Alex for months, she really wanted her to go to Cal Tech, Alex couldn't make up her mind until she found the resident astronaut there was looking for an intern.

Claire: I am so excited, my daughter interning for an actual astronaut.

Alex: Calm down mom, I haven't gotten the job yet.

Claire: How could they turn you down?

Alex: I won't get my hopes up.

Luke: You are going to meet an astronaut? I want to go.

Alex: NO!

Claire: You can come, Luke.

Luke: I bet Grandpa would want to go.

Claire: You're right, Haley, it will be good for you too.

Luke: Will you get to go to the moon?

Alex: Oh my God. Mom how many times did you drop him on his head?

Claire: Once, Twice, 3 times at the most.

Luke: Maybe you could join her

Alex: HA, HA, HA, HA.

Haley: I'm not going to college.

Claire: I am not trying to get you into college. But I do think you should get a look at the life.

Alex made the call, she was shocked that the famous astronaut Howard Wolowitz answered the phone himself, she made an appointment for the next day.

* * *

The Wolowitz Household

Howard: Amy, what brings you here?

Amy: I came to see Bernadette; I have an experiment I want to run by her.

Howard: She's not here right now, she will be gone for a couple of days how may I be of assistance?

Amy: Not at all. I need a biologist.

Howard: Hurtful.

Amy: Knock it off, I need you to pass something along for me.

Howard: Of course.

Amy: As you may know, Sheldon is a little lacking in the intimacy department.

Howard: A little?

Amy: Knock it off.

Howard: Sorry.

Amy: Anyway, I have been working on a pill that will increase the libido of males and females. It also releases all inhibitions and brings your wildest fantasy's to the fore front of your mind. It also pumps so much blood into the males penis, that it doubles in size

Howard: You don't say. If it works, it will put my service bot to shame.

Amy: I do say. I would like Bernie to look over my work, I tested to pills on monkeys, and they went at it like, well.

Howard: Monkeys?

Amy: Exactly. I need Bernie to look over my research and to make sure there is nothing in it that could cause harm to humans, can you give it to her?

Howard: Of course.

Amy: I mean to study. Don't try them, you may lose brain cells.

Howard: Are you questioning my integrity?

Amy: Yes.

Howard: Okay.

Howard: You can trust me.

Amy handed him a bottle of gummy bears, she reminded him that they were for study only, he assured her he understood.

Amy: Thank you so much, have her call me as soon a she is finished.

Howard: Absolutely.

Amy: As soon, I mean it.

Amy: I read your article in scientific America, you have developed a fully functioning robot?

Howard: Why yes I have.

Amy: I assume you were developing a sexbot.

Howard: You assume correctly.

Amy: What went wrong?

Howard: I couldn't get the right hip thrust.

Amy: So now it's a service bot?

Howard: Sadly, I think it will work as a bartender.

Howard: But, there is good news. Have you seen the movie about Caroline Channing?

Amy: Was she in Star trek or Star Wars?

Howard: Ha, ha, very funny, she is the daughter of billionaire Martin Channing, the man who's Ponzi scheme bilked half of New York.

Amy: Oh yeah.

Howard: She owns a desert bar now, she is interested in my robot, it will be a part of the sequel to her movie.

Amy: Don't try the pills.

Howard: I am hurt that you think I would.

Amy left the house and headed back to her apartment, Howard immediately grabbed his phone and called his best friend.

Howard: Raj, guess what I got.

The next day Raj and Howard met at their Cal tech offices, Howard told him he would be interviewing an intern, then he had something special to give him.

Raj: What is it?

Howard: Something to give you a shot with women.

Raj: I have money.

Howard: It's something to make women horny.

Raj: Really?

Howard: It came from Amy, so it must be good.

Raj: Where is it?

Howard showed him the bottle, Raj just shook his head in disbelief, "A bottle of gummy bears"?

Howard: Special gummy bears.

Raj: Have you tried them out yet?

Howard: Bernie's out of town.

Raj: Have you tried one?

Howard: Ten minutes ago.

Claire and Alex arrived at Howard's office, they were both in business suits, Alex was showing ample cleavage. Haley, Luke and Jay waited in the cafeteria.

Alex: Mom, you didn't have to come with me.

Claire: I am just here for moral support, I won't interfere.

Alex: Promise. This is my chance; I need to do this myself.

Claire: Of course, I am so proud of you, no matter what happens.

They knocked on the door, Alex and Claire Dunphy were invited in, Raj's eyes grew wide as he gazed upon the two, he didn't know who he was more attracted too.

Howard: Sisters?

Alex: NOOO, this is my mom.

Howard: Welcome my ladies.

Howard: This is my friend Raj, I work closely with him, as will my intern, I find chemistry very important.

Alex: It is wonderful to meet you; I am a huge fan.

Claire: She is a hard worker and has always been the smartest person in every situation she has ever found herself in.

Alex: MOM. You promised.

Claire: Sorry, but it's true.

Howard: I am so sure.

Howard began to feel urges deep within, the pill was beginning to take effect, he was already losing control.

Howard: Gummy bear?

Claire: Thank you.

Alex: None for me, thank you.

Claire: Don't be rude have one.

Claire took 2 then handed the bottle to Alex, she took 2 also, Claire handed the bottle to Raj, he took one without thinking about it.

Claire: These are good.

Howard: It's hot in here, is anyone else hot?

Alex: It's a little warm, but it's fine.

Howard: It's burning up in her.

Howard pulled his sweater off over his head, Raj was getting warmer too, Claire noticed the bulge that was growing in Raj's pants.

Alex noticed the growing bulge also, she couldn't help it, it kept growing and growing, as it formed a third leg.

Claire: Wow.

Howard: Excuse me?

Claire: Nothing, it is getting warm in here.

Claire and Alex removed their coats, Claire's nipples were almost poking through her silk blouse, Alex was breathing heavily. Howard was now shirtless.

Howard: FUCK IT.

Howard moved behind Alex and had his hands down her shirt, he reached over and copped a feel of Claire's ass.

Alex: Does this mean I got the job?

Howard: Of course.

Claire shoved her hand down Raj's pants, she grabbed his cock, she couldn't get her hand around it. She pulled it out, it sprang to life. She had never seen anything like it.

Claire: OH MY FUCKING GOD. It's a third leg, can it do tricks?

Raj twirled his cock around in a circle, the wind it made blew the papers off the desk.

Raj's cock hung down to his knees, the tip was as wide as a silver dollar, but it widened until the base it looked like an elephant's trunk. Claire was drooling.

Claire: Alex, look at this.

Howard: Is that why they called you elephant boy?

She grabbed his cock with both hands, it was heavy and rock hard, she pointed it at her daughter, Alex's eyes widened. Claire's fingers weren't even close to touching, it had to weigh 10 pounds and be at least 16 inches long.

Claire: I haven't ever seen anything like this, not even when I did the basketball team in college.

Alex: What?

Claire: It was college.

* * *

In the lunch room, Sheldon and Leonard were waiting for their friends, Sheldon was getting antsy, he was 3 minutes late for his lunch. Penny walked in to surprise Leonard.

Leonard: Honey, so glad to see you.

Penny: I just wanted to see you, I got a promotion, and I wanted to share the news with you.

Sheldon: That's all the time I'm giving them.

Leonard: Give then a couple more, maybe we should call them.
Sheldon: Why?

Leonard: Because they're your friends.

Sheldon: Why?

Leonard: That's a good question.

Penny: Be nice.

Leonard called Howard's cell phone, Howard was out of breath, more so than usual, Leonard wasn't shocked at all.

Howard: Leonard, I was just thinking about you.

Leonard: What's up, your late for lunch, Penny's here, and Sheldon's being Sheldon.

Howard: Penny's there?

Leonard: Yes.

Howard: I'll be right there. Give me a couple minutes, 3 I think.

Claire was stroking Raj's cock with both hands, stroking the entire length of his cock, he had released Alex's double d tits, Howard hung up the phone and was lifting her skirt.

Claire began licking up and down the shaft of Raj's monster, it was way to thick to fit in her mouth, he had unbuttoned her blouse and was squeezing her nipples.

Claire: I have got to feel this inside of me.

Alex: Go for it mom.

Claire began to rub her clit, she jammed two fingers into her hole, and pumped them in and out, hard and knuckle deep.

Claire: I need to be ready for this.

She stuffed two more fingers into her cunt, stretching it wide, she worked her thumb inside also. It was seconds before she was wrist deep in her pussy.

Claire: That's it.

Howard had his pants down around his ankles, he began taking Alex from behind.

Alex: Fuck me, HARD.

Howard yanked Alex's head back by the hair as he slammed his cock into her, Alex slammed back onto his 8 inches.

Alex: YES.

Claire worked her arm into her cunt even further, it was covered in her juices, she was ready to take on the monster in Raj's pants.

Claire began to lower herself onto Raj, it was a tight squeeze, the tip slowly pierced her cunt, as she squealed.

Claire: OH YEAH.

Claire began bouncing up and down on Raj, he laid flat on his back with his hands behind his head, with a smile on his face that went from ear to ear.

Raj: Oh my God, thank you Amy.

Claire: Who's Amy?

Howard pulled his cock out of Alex's pussy, he slipped it into her perfectly shaped ass, it was smooth, she rocked back onto him hard.

Alex: That's it, fuck that ass, you know you love it.

Howard: As do you.

Claire: Oh my God, my little girl is such a slut.

Leonard called Howard again, it went straight to voicemail, he was confused, and a little worried, Sheldon was counting the minutes that he was late for lunch.

Alex slammed back so hard onto the diminutive Howard, she knocked him backwards, she was now riding him right next to her mother riding Raj. Alex noticed Claire only had a third of Raj's cock inside of her.

Alex: Come on mom, take it. Take it like a slut.

Claire strained and managed to bury almost half of the giant cock inside of her. Howard pumped away at Alex until he shot his load deep inside of her ass. He pulled his cock out, his smile was as wide as Raj's.

Claire, began rubbing her clit as she bounced up and down, she needed to be impaled, Howard stood up and placed himself behind her, he began to force her down on Raj's cock. Alex jumped up to help her.


Alex and Howard slammed Claire balls deep onto Raj's 16-inch monster, she was impaled, and completely stuck, they try to pull her off, but it was no use, and she was cumming all over him.

Howard: We might need help. I should go get Leonard and Sheldon.

Howard headed to the cafeteria, to find his friends, as soon as he entered the room he was spotted by Jay.

Howard went over to his usual table to see his friends, he had forgotten Penny was there in all the excitement.

Sheldon: It's about time. You know we start lunch at noon, it's 12:20.

Howard: Sorry, your highness, but I have an emergency. But first, have a gummy bear.

He tossed a gummy bear in the air, Penny caught it in her mouth, he handed her another one, he tossed one to Leonard, it bounced off his forehead, Howard handed him one, he handed one to Sheldon.

Sheldon: I don't want a gummy bear; you know what Neema said about candy.

Leonard: Try one, they are amazing.

Penny: Yes, you won't be disappointed.

Jay came over to the table and introduced himself.

Jay: Hi, I'm Jay Pritchard, you are interviewing my granddaughter for an internship, this is my grandson Luke, and my granddaughter Haley. You know, back in 69, I could have met Allen Sheppard, I was in a golf club and

Howard: Pleased to meet you, but I am having an emergency right now.

Jay: Is my daughter alright, take me to her.

Howard: Okay, but have a couple of gummy bears first.

Jay: I don't want a gummy bear; I need to know my daughter is alright.

Luke: Is mom all right, am I going to be an orphan?

Haley: You can't be an orphan if dad's all right

Luke: I don't want to be an orphan.

Jay: No one's an orphan.

Leonard: Did someone turn up the heat, it has gotten hot in here.

Penny: Definitely.

Jay took a gummy bear, then another, Howard gave 2 to Haley and Luke, he told them to sit down and he would tell them what was happening.

Howard: Look, there has been an incident with your daughter and granddaughter.

Jay: Let's go.

Penny: Man, it is really getting hot in here.

Leonard: Man, I'm burning up

Howard had his hands down his pants, Luke was already out of his pants, no one noticed as they headed to Howards office.

Luke: MOM.


Haley: I knew it. SLUT

Alex: It's not what it looks like.

Claire was sitting on top of Raj, Alex was trying to pull her off, the family knew exactly what was going on there.

Jay: I'm going to put a stop to this. It is really hot in here.

Leonard: ORGY.

Jay: Are you stuck?

Claire: A little. A little impaled.

Leonard: How big are you?

Howard: Maybe if you finished Raj, you would shrink and she could climb off.

Raj: I did. 3 times.

Jay and Luke ran over to help pull Claire off of Raj's monster, Howard and Penny where already completely naked.

Penny: Holly crap on a cracker. What is that?

Jay: Jesus.

Haley: That can't be real.

Sheldon: Orgy huh, okay, I must let you know I am known for my rather large penis.

Luke and Jay managed to yank Claire off of Raj, he was still fully erect and raring to go. Penny and Haley couldn't take their eyes off of it

Sheldon: Never mind.


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