Fictional story about fictional characters.

Big Bang Theory: Bernadette's Bachelorette Party
by shaggy77

Penny was very proud of herself: with all the hasty, hectic preparations surrounding Howard and Bernadette's wedding; she had succeeded in planning a bachelorette party for her best friend. She almost chuckled out loud, thinking about how Bernadette was sincerely her best friend. A couple years ago she never would have imagined herself being "besties" with a woman who possessed a doctorate and worked in a research lab. Everyone just thought of her as the "dumb blond farmgirl" who got by in life solely because of her appearance. They had met when Bernadette had taken a part/time job at the Cheesecake Factory where Penny was employed. Howard Wolowitz, or "nerd #3" as Penny thought of him, had been selected to spend time aboard the orbiting space station because he had designed some of the equipment they were testing. The shuttle launch date had been rescheduled several times, and consequently the wedding date had been juggled. The bachelorette party had been planned in a hurry, but Penny was confident it was going to proceed without a hitch

The timing had actually worked out perfectly. The party coincided with a marathon film festival at one of the local theaters, featuring the showing of all six "Star Wars" movies consecutively. The nerd quartet (consisting of "nerd #1" Sheldon Cooper; "nerd #2" Leonard Hofstadter, who just happened to be Penny's endearing boyfriend; the aforementioned "nerd #3"; and "nerd #4" Raj Koothrappali) would definitely be attending for at least the first twelve hours (and who knows, maybe staying for the second showing of all six classics). The girls would be able to party in Penny's apartment without fear of being interrupted.

When Howard's overbearing mother discovered Penny was throwing Bernadette a party, she had insisted that it be held at her home. Penny had acquiesced to avoid any confrontation, and had invited several of Bernadette's fellow lab colleagues, and of course, their third musketeer, Amy Farrah Fowler (who was Sheldon's girlfriend). Amy was also a nerd; a neurobiologist, who had met Sheldon when the other nerds had submitted his name to an online dating service. Penny had adjusted her plans to accommodate Bernadette's future mother-in-law, and decided that after the party, the trio of friends would continue on to the Cheesecake Factory for a few drinks, and then retire to Penny's apartment for a private party. She wanted a more intimate atmosphere for this part of the celebration; one where they could all relax and completely lose their inhibitions.

While working at the Cheesecake Factory, Penny had made the acquaintance of a guy employed by a company called "Dancing Bear." They were party-planners who specialized in raunchy male-stripper based parties; perfect for bachelorette parties. Penny could not really afford to pay for the service, but had dated Will a couple of times and called to ask him if he would perform as a favor to her and Bernadette. He had always had the "hots" for Penny, and when he heard she would be attending the party, he readily agreed; and offered to bring along one of his fellow performers. Penny could not wait to see the reaction of the incredibly shy and reserved Amy, when one of the strippers thrust his thong in her direction. Penny and Bernadette suspected that Amy was still a virgin; and would probably remain that way if she continued to date Sheldon (who everyone considered virtually asexual). Amy yearned for a more intimate relationship from Sheldon, but he seemed incapable of a traditional sexual association.

Before leaving to pick up Bernadette and Amy, Penny walked across the hall to Sheldon and Leonard's apartment to say "good night" to her boyfriend. She was fairly certain that one day she would agree to marry, "her little nerd," Leonard because she loved him dearly. When she entered the apartment, the quartet of scientists were debating the pros and cons of attending the film festival in full costume. Sheldon, of course, was adamant about wearing his Obi-Wan Kenobi attire. He reminded everyone that he was going as the most intelligent and wise character. Leonard finally convinced the other two nerds that wearing their Storm Trooper costumes for, at least, twelve hours sitting in a movie theater would be worse than uncomfortable; not to mention the bathroom difficulties. When Leonard noticed Penny standing inside the door, his face lit up like a halogen bulb; and Penny was reminded once again why she was in love with this diminutive nerd.

Penny gave Leonard a lingering kiss, and Howard called out, "make sure you take good care of my future bride, tonight."

Even though he had toned down his lecherous demeanor, Howard still made Penny's skin crawl. Every time he looked at her, she just knew he was imagining her naked. "Don't worry," she replied, " I'll be sure to get her home safely." She smiled to herself, thinking of the night she had planned for his fiancee.

The party at the Wolowitz residence proceeded without a hitch and everyone appeared to enjoy themselves. Mrs. Wolowitz even made it downstairs to participate. Bernadette was showered with the usual bachelorette party gifts; most of which were intended to make her blush. Penny gave her a totally sheer, short black negligee; complete with crotchless panties. One of her work friends gave her, what she called, a "Howard substitute," which was a huge purple dildo. It was one of the flexible gel types, and must have been twelve inches long. Everyone had fits of laughter watching Bernadette wave it around. Although Amy seemed embarrassed, Bernadette just laughed along with her friends.

Even Mrs. Wolowitz joined in the fun, declaring in her irritating voice, "now you'll have something to keep you company when my Howard goes into space."

Since no alcohol was served at the Wolowitz home, Penny had made arrangements with the bartender at the Cheesecake Factory to make sure to add additional spirits to whatever drinks the girls ordered that evening. She wanted to make sure Bernadette and Amy were totally relaxed and receptive to the festivities she had planned back at her apartment. She had never seen Amy lose her inhibitions before and wondered how she would respond. Penny reasoned that some of "sensible Leonard" must be rubbing off on her, because she called a cab for the ride home, instead of driving them herself. Both Amy and Bernadette were more extroverted than usual in the Cheesecake Factory, and ended up being totally raucous in the taxi trip back to Penny's. Bernadette had more of a tolerance for alcohol, but Amy much more than a drink or two, or a couple glasses of wine. She went from being the shy, reserved scientist; to being a randy, chatterbox. She even made several lewd comments about one of the waiters.

The trio was in a totally comradely and blissful mood as they staggered up the stairs and into Penny's apartment, where they plopped down onto the sofa. Penny had suggested that the remainder of the evenings festivities consist of a slumber party sleepover. They had brought all of Bernadette's gifts and spread them out on the coffee table. Penny and Amy insisted that Bernadette wear her new negligee, and she giggled and agreed. Penny, not embarrassed in the least, immediately threw off her clothes and slipped on her favorite transparent, purple babydoll negligee. The matching panties were of the thong variety and her rosy nipples were completely visible through the sheer material. Penny's breasts were absolute perfection: 34 C and totally firm. Her bare legs shapely and endlessly long.

An inebriated Bernadette, also showed no modesty as she stripped completely and put on her new nightie. She was short in stature, but Penny and Amy saw that she was built like the proverbial "brick house," referenced in the Commodores famous song. Her huge 36 D breasts seemed disproportionate to her petite body; making her seem top-heavy; and her ass was larger than they ever expected.

Like Penny, they could see her pubic area was completely shaved. The negligee was so short that when she moved, even slightly, her slit was exposed because of the crotchless panties.

Penny saw something shiny between Bernadette's legs, and exclaimed, "Bernadette, you little slut; is that a piercing I see?"

Proving that alcohol does indeed suppress the inhibitions, Bernadette sat down on the sofa, unhesitatingly spread her legs and replied, "Oh, this old thing? Yes, I've had this since a drunken college escapade."

Although mildly disconcerted, Penny and Amy kneeled in front of her and found themselves inspecting Bernadette's pussy. Their first impression was that her labia were almost unnaturally long; almost like flaps; Penny secretly wondered if she could actually tie them in a knot. Secondly, her left lip had a small gold ring attached to it.

Amy blurted out, "Wow, Penny; and Sheldon thinks you're the slut."

Penny, only slightly annoyed, quipped, "Thanks for that, Amy. Bernadette, how does it feel? Wasn't it incredibly painful?"

"It was uncomfortable for a couple days afterward; but I was drunk for one of those days, so I really didn't notice. Now, I don't even notice it's there," Bernadette explained; and she demonstrated by reaching down and giving the ring a tug, extending her long lip even farther.

"How has Howard not leaked this to the others," Penny wanted to know.

"Oh, I told him that if anyone ever found out about it, I would remove it forever," Bernadette answered, "and it really turns him on."

She closed her legs, and they waited for Amy to change. She had brought her flannel pajamas adorned with pictures of microscopes and beakers.

Penny insisted, "Oh no you don't. If you're going to wear flannel, you can only wear the top. We all have to be sexy at this slumber party."

Since Amy was under the influence, she readily agreed, and removed the pajama bottoms and tossed them behind the sofa. Penny and Bernadette giggled slightly when they saw her plain white "granny panties," and Penny assured her, "I'm going to get you a pair of my sexy panties to wear...and yes, they're clean."

She ran into her bedroom and returned with a pair of red satin bikini panties for Amy. When she was changing, they couldn't help notice the jungle growing between her legs, and Bernadette joked, "What species of bird made that nest between your thighs?"

"OK, that's our first party game for tonight," Penny suggested, "we are going to help Amy do some ladyscaping. Is that your cell phone I see in your breast pocket?"

Amy replied, "Of course. I have to keep it just in case Sheldon needs to reach me."

"You're kidding right," Penny asked, "You know he's wearing his Obi Bobi, or whoever, costume. You know when he's wearing his costume, he's in character; and that character doesn't even know you exist. His underwear is hand stitched from the same material, you know."

"How are you acquainted with my Sheldon's undergarments," Amy wanted to know.

"Oh he told everyone all about the authenticity of his costume at the comic book store's Halloween party a couple years ago," Bernadette informed here.

Penny first retrieved a pre-cut bowl of lemon slices from the refrigerator, three shot glasses, and a bottle of tequila from her kitchenette and placed them on the coffee table alongside Bernadette's gifts. Then she collected a couple towels, a dishpan half-full of warm water, a pair of scissors, Leonard's can of shaving cream, and a new disposable razor. After a couple of tequila shots, they slid Amy's new red panties off her surprisingly shapely legs, sat her on the sofa with her legs spread wide, and began to trim her jungle with the scissors. When they had groomed her dark pubic hair close to her skin, they collected the impressive amount of hair in one of the towels, and had her sit on the other one. Bernadette shook the can of cream and sprayed a generous coating all over Amy's crotch.

As Amy downed another shot, she giggled and remarked, "Ooo, that's cold and gives me goose-bumps."

Not wanting to completely depilate her, Penny very carefully began to shave the remaining stubble into a very neat triangle surrounding Amy's slit. When she was finished, Bernadette wet a corner of the towel, and wiped the remnants of cream from Amy's groin. Penny brought a small bottle of baby-oil from the bedroom and smoothed a generous amount around Amy's pubic mound just in case there was any razor burn. Bernadette reached into her purse for her compact, and handed Amy the small mirror so she could inspect her newly shorn pubic area.

A very tipsy Amy held the mirror down between her legs, and a wide grin stretched across her face as she gently fingered her labia and slurred, "Well hello there...I haven't seen you in years." She was so captivated by the results, she didn't even bother putting her panties back on.

As Penny put some music on, the friends started dancing around and poured another round of tequila, when the doorbell rang out. They were all so wasted at this point that all modesty was out the window, and they didn't even bother covering up their skimpy nightclothes as Penny opened the door. Two male police officers stepped into the apartment, and Penny immediately recognized Will in uniform/costume. She smiled slyly as he announced, "We've had some complaints about the noise."

Bernadette and Amy stopped dead in their tracks, suddenly feeling guilty for being so drunk, but never even offering to turn the music volume down. Amy blurted out, "We're very sorry officer, what can we do to atone for our indiscretion."

In one sweeping motion Will tore off his breakaway police costume shirt, and bare chested replied, "Well, you can start by pointing out the soon-to-be bride."

Amy was too startled to verbalize a reply, so as her eyes scanned his torso, she merely pointed toward Bernadette.

Will immediately advanced toward the smiling Bernadette and began to dance and sway his hips as he circled her. His partner, a towering black man, introduced himself to Penny as Javy, and also started to dance around the bride-to-be. He whipped off his shirt revealing a chiseled, shaved chest. Will was about five feet ten inches tall, and Javy made him appear small. He must have been at least six foot six. Both of them dwarfed the petite body of Bernadette.

Bernadette's face had blushed momentarily, but she was now dancing between the two half naked men, and scolded Penny, "You arranged this didn't you...why didn't you tell me." It was a rhetorical question, and she was really getting into the dancing; her huge breasts bouncing uncontrollably inside the skimpy material.

Amy stood to the side, her mouth actually hanging open, observing the two hunks gyrating around Bernadette. Penny put her arm around Amy and inquired, "So, how are those lady parts feeling?"

"My loins are on fire; and I mean in a sensual way, not in a urinary tract infection kind of response," Amy absentmindedly answered.

"OK," was all Penny said as she grabbed Amy's hands and they began to dance together.

Will shouted out, "Penny, we need a chair," as he continued to grind against Bernadette.

Penny grabbed a chair from her kitchen table, moved the coffee table to the side,and placed the chair in front of the sofa. Will and Javy each took one of Bernadette's tiny hands and led her to the chair, where she willingly sat. Penny and Amy took a seat on the sofa and watched as the men began to perform a bump-and-grind strip in front of Bernadette. They kicked off their shoes, and removed their belts; pretending to flog Bernadette with them. They thrust their pelvises in her face and indicated they wanted her to unsnap and unzip their uniform pants. She didn't even blush as her fingers deftly opened their flys. Both men then slowly and tantalizingly lowered their trousers, revealing the tiny thongs they had concealed. As they kicked their pants away, Penny could not help but notice the sizable "packages" their thongs were straining to hide.

It was confirmed that Bernadette was totally inebriated when she reached for Will's thong pouch and shouted, "Take it off, you piece of man meat."

Will gyrated his hips, teasing Bernadette, and then thrusting his groin at her grinning visage; lowered his thong and draped it over her shoulder. When he removed his underwear, his quite sizable penis flopped out directly in front of Bernadette's face. It must have been a good eight inches in length, still flaccid. He moved aside to let Javy stand in front of her, and she surprised everyone when she reached up to his hips and began to tug his thong down his long legs. All three women audibly gasped when his meat poured out and hung between his legs. It was still soft and yet it was at least a foot long. As they swayed their hips in Bernadette's face, their cocks looked like pendulums swinging between their legs.

Penny heard Amy moan, "Wow," and when she looked beside her; Amy's hand was in her crotch rubbing her oily pussy.

"Yeah, I know what you mean," Penny agreed, "the last time I saw a cock that big was back in Nebraska...on a horse."

Bernadette, drunk and horny, reached up with both hands and wrapped her fingers around both cocks. As she began to stoke them, they seemed to grow like magic. Will's cock grew in her hand to at least ten inches, and his crown resembled a ripe peach. In her other hand, her fingers would not nearly encircle Javy's monster. It was still about a foot long, but was now as big around as her forearm; it was as if a balloon had inflated. She opened her mouth, licked the slit on his head, and then sucked the crown past her lips. The contrast between her pale skin, and blond hair; and his coal black cock was striking. She continued to stroke Will, while sucking Javy's crown and fondling his scrotum.

Penny sat on the sofa and absentmindedly rubbed her jellybean sized nipples through the purple gauze. She leaned over to the preoccupied Amy and whispered, "I know this is none of my business sweetie, but are you still a virgin?"

Amy snapped put of her stupor and responded, "Well, since this is the type of information that I assume friends share: I have never been with a man, if that's what you mean. I'm saving myself for Sheldon; but I am technically not a virgin...a girl has needs, you know. I know how to achieve orgasm."

Penny pursed her lips and answered, "Ok then...good to know. I guess you're not interested in sampling either of these two hunks."

Will and Javy were busy sliding the straps of Bernadette's nightie off her shoulders and exposing her impressive breasts. Her brown areola were the size of silver dollars and her erect nipples were long and hard. They hefted her massive tits like they were weighing them and proceeded to knead them like mounds of bread dough. Penny could hear Bernadette moan around Javy's log as they pinched her nipples. She pulled Javy from her mouth and stood on wobbly legs, never letting go of the two poles.

Penny suggested, "Maybe we should go into the bedroom where we can be more comfortable."

Bernadette, almost breathless, shook her head in the affirmative and asked, "I deserve a last fling...right?"

Penny knew in her heart that neither she or Bernadette would ever cheat on their respective mates again, as she confirmed, "Yes, we both do. What happens in Penny's apartment; stays in Penny's apartment."

Bernadette, knowing that Amy could never keep a secret from Sheldon; looked straight into Amy's eyes and ordered firmly, "This means you, too."

Amy shook her head up and down, grabbed the tequila bottle, and followed everyone into Penny's bedroom. The floor was a mess; clothes and magazines strewn everywhere; but they followed Penny's lead and just shoved everything out of the way with their bare feet as they went straight for the bed. Bernadette was still holding Will and Javy by their penises, her black nightgown bunched around her waist. As she stood by the bed, she released their cocks so Will and Javy could pull her nightie down to the floor along with her sexy, crotchless panties. They gently urged her pale body to sit on the side of the bed and pulled her legs apart. Will sat beside her and fondled her huge jugs, as Javy kneeled between her legs and starting at the knees, kissed his way up her thighs. As he approached her bald mound, she parted her legs even farther to permit access. He slowly took her gold ring in his teeth and tugged; stretching her lip to it's limit. He nudged his nose into her glistening slit, and slid his tongue all the way from her ass hole, up her slit, until he reached where her very prominent clit was protruding from its sheath.

Penny and Amy had sat on the floor, yoga style, and could see Bernadette shudder when Javy gently took her clit between his teeth and nibbled. Suddenly Javy's face was drenched in fluid, as Bernadette literally squirted her orgasm. He stood between her widespread legs and began to slide his monster tool up between her immense tits. She squashed them together with her hands, creating a sweaty channel for him to fuck. The contrast of his black pole sliding between her pale breasts was incredibly erotic. She gasped, "Ok, enough foreplay...I need something hard inside me."

Javy eagerly scrambled onto the bed and lay back; holding his pole so that it pointed straight up at the ceiling. It truly looked abnormal; almost like a third leg growing out of his groin. His body was so massive that Bernadette looked like a dwarf as she crawled up his legs and straddled his waist. Raising completely up on her knees, she reached down between her legs and used both hands to spread her flaps apart. All ten eyes in the room were on her pussy, as Javy wedged his huge head into her slit. Her lips wrapped around his crown as it penetrated her cunt. Bernadette had never had anything nearly that large inside her, and she knew it was going to stretch her to her limit, but she was so horny that she couldn't wait. When his head was firmly wedged inside her, and she was positioned directly above him; she threw her legs out to the side, and in one motion sank down on his monster, completely impaling herself.

Bernadette threw her head back, her blond hair reaching far down her bare back and everyone could hear her high pitched voice squeal, "Ahhhhhhhhhh," as his enormous cock disappeared inside her. It was an incredible sight: his pole was so long, and she was so petite that it seemed like his cock should be poking its way out her open mouth. "Oh, that's good," she moaned, as she ground her pubic bone down into his.

She was so tiny that she resembled a doll sitting on Javy's lap, as he grasped her small waist in his huge hands and began to lift her up and nearly off his black log. When they were almost uncoupled, he jammed her body down hard onto his groin, impaling her completely again. Bernadette's eyes rolled back into their sockets, and she continued moaning as he began to thrust forcefully up into her tiny hole. Her cunt was being stretched farther than it ever had, and every nerve inside her was responding. Javy's lap was completely soaked by her copious juices as she had multiple orgasms. They both stared between her legs and watched her elongated lips grip his cock on the withdrawal, and then were amazed by the sight of her labia ring being forced up inside her when he jammed his massive tool up into her pussy. He increased the pace and intensity of his thrusts, and her enormous breasts flopped in circles against her chest, making slapping sounds against her skin.

Will had remembered seeing the bottle of baby oil on the coffee table and quickly retrieved it before climbing back onto the bed behind Bernadette. He squirted some in his hand and then rubbed it onto the length of his sausage. He urged Bernadette's body forward so that she was laying on top of Javy's chest, and used his oil-covered hands to spread her generous ass cheeks apart.

As he nudged his huge head against her exposed ass hole, Penny began to object, "Geez Will, I'm not so sure...."

Bernadette, her eyes glazing over, looked over her shoulder at Will and responded, "No, that's OK Penny. I love it up my ass, but I would never dare tell my Howie...he would think I'm some kind of perv."

Penny thought to herself, "Yeah're the perv in that relationship."

The crown of Will's cock was about twice the size of Bernadette's petite ass hole, and Penny would have taken bets that it would never fit inside; but Bernadette seemed to have no such worries. She pressed her little body into Javy and presented her ample booty as a target. Will twisted and cork-screwed his peach-sized crown against her rear hole, and strained to force it past her sphincter. As his thumbs spread her cheeks as far as he could, his tip finally popped through her opening and into her ass hole. He didn't even hesitate, but kept the momentum of his forward pressure; and inch by agonizing inch, his impressive cock vanished inside her. Penny was totally impressed with the ease in which Bernadette accepted both monster cocks inside her tiny body.

"How in the world did they both fit inside her; and where did they go," Penny asked herself.

Bernadette was skewered in both holes by absolutely giant cocks, and she loved every minute of it. The excess alcohol she had consumed turned out to be beneficial; because it allowed her to be totally relaxed as her holes were violated. Will and Javy began to slowly withdraw their cocks and then simultaneously slide them back inside her. She sounded hoarse as she groaned, "Oh that's wonderful...fuck me you sexy studs." They gradually increased their pace, sandwiching her between them. As Javy thrust his pole up into her cunt; Will's balls slapped against her generous cheeks as he drilled her ass hole. Every few strokes, Javy would pause and just grind his pubic bone up against hers, his cock fully imbedded in her. Penny and Amy gave up trying to count the number of times Bernadette shivered and whispered, "Don't stop...I'm cumming."

Penny had discarded her babydoll nightgown and was now clad only in the matching bikini panties. She rolled her jellybean nipples between her fingers as she watched her best friend being violently double-penetrated. She heard Amy moan and looked beside her just in time to see her place the tequila bottle on the floor between her legs, and then squat down so that the neck of the bottle penetrated her newly trimmed pussy. Amy's eyes were closed as she sat back on her rump and started to jam the bottle in and out of her slit.

If you had asked Bernadette what her name was at that point, she probably wouldn't have been able to tell you. Her eyelids fluttered as the two giant poles hammered her holes, stretching them out farther than they had ever been. She could feel the cocks inside her bumping against each other, separated by a thin membrane. "Oh geez...cum inside me...cum in my asshole...I need to feel it," she begged.

The two men started to jam their logs into her battered holes with all their force. They jack-hammered their cocks into her with blazing speed, her tits jiggling as they were forced out to the side as she lay trapped against Javy. Will was the first to fill one of her holes, as he began to spurt deep inside her ass. Feeling Will twitch, spurred Javy to follow suit, and he flooded Bernadette's pussy with his hot seed. She opened her mouth to scream, but no sound came out, as her petite body was racked by convulsions. Her arms and legs flailed as she came. The three lovers then lay there spent; the three bodies seeming to merge into one. Bernadette could feel the cum leaking out of her pussy and ass, as their cocks began to shrivel inside her.

After a very short recovery period, Bernadette became her usual, effervescent self; and wanted to know, "Ok, who's next." She squirmed to work her way out of the sandwich, and felt their snakes slip out of her holes. As she stood, their creamy fluid streamed down her thighs, and she grabbed some discarded article of clothing from Penny's floor and wiped her crotch. "I know Amy is saving herself for Sheldon; so let's go us how it's done," she chirped. Noticing Amy still sitting on the floor with the tequila bottle between her legs, she hugged Penny, saying, "Thank you for this."

Penny, strangely aroused by the feel of their naked tits caressing together, eagerly slid her panties down her long, smooth legs, and jumped onto the bed. She sat between the two men, who were now sitting on the side of the bed, their cocks dangling down between their legs like snakes. She reached to her sides and grasped a flaccid penis in each hand, asking, "Would anyone like to fuck me?"

Will immediately volunteered, "I've wanted to stick my cock in you since the first time I met you."

"Why thank you sweetie," Penny blushed, "What a nice thing to say. Today is your lucky day...and mine too."

Bernadette, swiftly retrieved her new dildo from the coffee table and offered it to Amy, instead of the bottle, "Here try this, it will give you a better idea what the real thing will feel like." She grabbed the bottle of baby oil from the floor where it had fallen, and squirted some of the slick fluid onto "Big Howie," as she now referred to the huge gel cock. She kneeled between Amy's legs, removed the tequila bottle, and slowly and gently replaced it inside Amy with the long dildo. "You really have a nice pussy, Amy," remarked Bernadette as she began fucking her with the fake cock, "Sheldon doesn't know what he's missing."

"Thank you, Bernadette," gasped Amy, "Oh good Lord that feels good. I'm going to close my eyes and imagine that's Sheldon inside me."

As Penny swiftly brought their poles back to attention, Will and Javy each took one of her rosy nipples in their months and gently nibbled her totally erect jellybeans. She was mesmerized by the size of the tools in her hands. Her fingers did not even come close to completely encircling them. She loved Leonard with all her heart, and even though he was no slouch in the size department; every now and then a girl needs to feel a giant cock inside her. She was certainly no virgin, and had seen (and felt) her share of cocks; but these two were possibly the finest specimens she had ever seen. Penny inquired, "If you guys are up for it, excuse the pun, would you like to fulfill a fantasy of mine? I have always wondered what it would feel like to have two cocks in my pussy at the same time."

The two men nearly fell off the side of the bed, as they scrambled to be first to lay down. Will won the race, and lay flat on his back; his ten inches laying on his stomach, waiting for the girl he had often fantasized about. God she was beautiful: her perfectly round breasts were firm with just the right amount of jiggle; her legs long and taut; her bald mound and puffy lips glistened between her legs with anticipation. Her light blond hair cascading around her pale naked shoulders made her look like an angel who was about to receive the fucking of her life.

Penny stood on the bed, walked up and put one foot on each side of Wills prone body; her back facing him. Will thought to himself that she had the most perfect ass he had ever seen, as he grasped his tool and pointed it straight up toward the ceiling. As Penny began to squat toward his lap, she reached down with both hands and spread her wet lips apart to make a nice, slippery target. When she felt his large crown firmly nestled into her slit, she just threw her legs out to the side and sat down...totally impaling herself in one swift motion. Her eyes grew wide as she felt his entire cock deep inside her pussy. She ground her wonderful cheeks into his lap and moaned, "Oh Will, your cock feels so good inside me."

He had his cock buried inside the most beautiful girl he had ever seen, and this was all it took to spur him on. He grasped her tiny waist in his hands, and began to ram his cock upward into her pussy. He could hear their naked bodies slap together as he thrust up into her. Her tits bounced randomly on her chest, and she pinched both nipples between her thumbs and middle fingers. As Javy crawled up the bed towards them, his mammoth cock dragging between his legs; Penny remembered her fantasy, and stopped bouncing her body on Will's lap. Will, wondering why she had stopped, emerged from his self-induced daze, and saw Javy advancing between their outstretched thighs. He put his hands around Penny's perfect tits and pulled her body back down onto his, until she was laying on top of him. He inhaled the scent of her shampoo, as her blond manes surrounded his face.

Penny was incredibly excited and her heart raced as she bent her head down and watched Javy approach them with his incredible log in his hands. Bernadette raced over to the bedside with the baby oil and squirted it all over Javy's monster; thoroughly enjoying spreading it around with her tiny hands. She watched, hypnotized, as Penny reached down with both hands and pulled her cunt lips as far apart as possible, to allow Javy entrance. Javy tried to wedge his crown into Penny's already full slit; the bottom of his cock against the bottom of Will's. Bernadette assisted by using her fingers to help spread Penny's lips, and Javy violently, forced his crown to penetrate Penny's slippery cunt.

Sensing it might make the initial double-penetration easier; Will partially withdrew his cock; and then they simultaneously slid them into Penny's stretched out hole. They continued with their pressure until both enormous cocks had disappeared into Penny's cunt. Bernadette was fascinated by the sight. Penny's cunt lips were stretched beyond belief as they encircled their two massive cocks. Her stomach was actually distended by the pressure inside her pussy. Bernadette gently caressed Penny's tummy, and could clearly feel the outline of Javy's log beneath her skin. Penny just lay back against Will's chest; her mouth open, but not making a sound. Her hands were out to the side and her fists clutched the comforter, as she grit her teeth. Her cunt was completely and utterly stuffed with hard cock, and the feeling was unbelievable. When Will and Javy began to withdraw their poles at the same time; and slowly and deliberately slide them back inside her juicy hole; Penny shrieked, "Oh my fucking God...that feels so fucking good."

They very slowly fucked her wonderful cunt until they thought she might be used to their girth, and then they began to increase their pace. Little by little they increased their speed, until they were thrusting into her belly with all their might. Feeling out of control with lust, Penny screamed, "Oh my fucking God...fuck me you bastards...fuck the shit out of me...jam those fucking cocks up my cunt." She was having one orgasm after another as they rammed her cunt full of their cocks. Her body was twitching and jerking as they forcefully penetrated her stretched out hole. In and out of her cunt they thrust their monster cocks.

Even Amy, looking spent and disheveled, had gathered around the bed to watch the spectacle, still clutching "Big Howie" in her hand. Bernadette saw her, and her eyes twinkled. Even though Amy had no idea what she was referencing, Bernadette giggled, "Oh what a wicked idea Amy; I never would have thought of it."

Bernadette took her "Big Howie" from Amy and squirted baby oil along the entire twelve inches. She leaned over the bed, tapped Javy on the back, and announced, "If you guys can stop for just a minute; let's try an experiment here." They both looked at her holding the purple plastic cock, and ceased their thrusts.

Penny immediately pleaded, "No, don't stop," and then looking at a grinning Bernadette, shouted, "Oh wouldn' bitch."

But Bernadette would. She reached over and nudged the head of the flexible dildo against Penny's wide spread slit, to the side of Javy and Will's hard cocks. She twisted the dildo like a drill, pushing it forward with all her strength, attempting to force it into Penny's cunt. Penny had been holding her breath, and when she finally exhaled, it relaxed her muscles just enough that the gel-cock penetrated her hole. Penny wasn't sure, but if you had asked her later, she would have said she probably lost consciousness momentarily. Bernadette continued to twist the purple plastic rod until it was almost completely inside Penny's pussy.

She knew her slit was probably at the point where the flesh was ready to tear; but for some reason that made the situation all the more erotic. Her cunt was stretched wider than it had been designed to stretch, and the pleasure she felt was mixed with pain. She remembered someone once saying that there was a fine line between pain and pleasure; and now she knew what they meant. Her body was getting used to the pain, and it was becoming all ecstasy. It was an incredible sight to behold: an absolutely stunning blonde with nearly three feet of hard cock jammed inside her cunt. Amy and Bernadette attempted to help by each grasping one of Penny's amazing legs, and spreading them apart like a Thanksgiving turkey's wishbone. To Penny, it felt like someone had shoved a two-liter bottle of soda up her pussy.

The upside, was that every single nerve ending in her vagina was being stimulated; and when they simultaneously began to slowly withdraw all three cocks, the sensation was absolute heaven. Her cunt was so stretched out that Javy's monster cock was sliding against her engorged clit with every movement. While Javy and Will withdrew their giant poles agonizingly slow, Bernadette matched their motions with the purple dong. Lubrication was certainly no problem because Penny had cum so many times that their invading cocks were drenched. Penny tried to see the invasion, but of course could not see beyond Javy's large body. She actually wanted to ask someone to take a picture, but somehow coherent words were not coming to mind. Amy was way ahead of her though; she had Penny's leg in one hand and in the other she was clicking pictures of the epic penetration using her cell phone.

When they had withdrawn all three cocks almost completely; they immediately began to slowly slide them back up inside Penny's belly. They repeated this teasing rhythm several times, each time going balls-deep inside her. The next time they had reached maximum withdrawal; they changed tactics and without warning violently rammed their immense logs up inside Penny's cunt with all their strength. Her eyes rolled back in their sockets, her mouth opened, and she howled at the top of her lungs, "Ahhhhhhhhhhh...oh my fucking God." It felt like a football had been shoved up her pussy; and she loved it. At that moment she was convinced that there was no better feeling in the world than having her cunt stretched by big, hard cocks. As they proceeded to fuck her as hard and fast as they could, she begged, "Fuck me...oh my fucking God...fuck me...fuck me...fuck me!" Her wonderful body jerked, shook and shivered as she had more orgasms than she could ever count.

Will and Javy had already cum inside Bernadette, so they were able to last much longer with Penny. They fucked her pussy at a dizzying pace, all three bodies drenched in sweat.

Penny, in the throes of ultimate ecstacy pleaded with them, "Don't ever stop fucking me. Jam your fucking cocks into me."

But as Javy stared at the face of the angel beneath him, he knew he wouldn't be able to hold out much longer. She truly was breathtaking, and he suddenly wanted nothing more than to fill her belly with his seed. He calmly asked Will, "Are you ready, man?"

Will grunted in reply, "Oh yeah...let's do it."

Together, they crammed their giant cocks up inside Penny's cunt as far as they would go, and ground their pelvises against her ass cheeks and pubic bone. Bernadette, reading their intention, shoved the huge dildo so far inside Penny that there was just enough sticking out that she could grasp it with her fingertips. Penny could feel their poles twitch inside her and suddenly her cunt felt white hot, as they spewed their cum against her cervix. Her eyes rolled and her whole body went into a spasm as she joined them in orgasm. Their cocks continued to jerk as they pumped every drop of their seed into her.

Bernadette slowly withdrew the fake cock, held it in front of her face ,and then licked its length like a lollipop. Amy came around to her side of the bed, and joined her in cleaning the sex toy with their tongues. Penny lay trapped between Will and Javy as they lay in a pile, recovering from their marathon fuck. As their cocks slowly shriveled inside her, it felt like a balloon deflating in her pussy. Finally, Javy's now flaccid prick slipped out of her pussy, and he crawled down to sit on the side of the bed. A totally spent Penny rolled off Will and sat beside her ebony lover. Will joined them as he leaned over, retrieved a towel from Penny's cluttered floor, and began to wipe the sweat off himself. The two studs kissed the side of Penny's forehead, and lumbered off into the living room to get their clothes so they could leave to go to a "paying" engagement.

Amy and Bernadette looked at Penny and their gaze was drawn to her crotch, where her cunt was no longer a slit; but resembled a pink cavern. They crawled over to the bed and sat on the floor, one on each side of Penny's wide-spread legs. All three watched mesmerized as large gobs of cum continued to drool out of her hole. A mischievous grin crossed Bernadette's face. As she asked Penny, "Since you're living out your fantasies tonight; have you ever wondered what this would feel like," and she suddenly reached up with her right hand and swiftly stuffed her entire fist up Penny's well-worn cunt.

Penny's eyes bulged as she realized what Bernadette had done; but strangely, there was no discomfort in her crotch. Her pussy had already been stretched so far, that Bernadette's hand easily slipped inside her. As Penny looked down between her legs, Bernadette's hand had disappeared above her wrist inside her juicy hole with apparently no resistance. The ample lubrication provided by Will and Javy's cum was allowing Bernadette to slide her fist in and out of Penny's pink pussy like a giant cock.

Bernadette shoved her arm up inside Penny until her entire forearm, up to her elbow, was deep inside her belly. Then inspiration struck, and she began to extend and wriggle her fingers inside Penny's tunnel. This was a completely new sensation to Penny and she flopped back on the bed, writhing in pleasure. "Oh my God Bernadette. You wicked bitch. Fuck me honey...fuck me."

Bernadette felt Penny's cunt muscles convulse around her hand, as she vigorously fist fucked her. Amy, fascinated by this display, climbed on the bed and began to pinch Penny's rosy nipples between her fingers. Her head was nearly touching Penny's crotch as she inspected her hole being penetrated by Bernadette's arm. As Bernadette flexed her fingers and scratched the inside of Penny's pussy; Penny groaned, "Oh fuuuuucccck that feels good." Her entire body thrashed around on the bed as she came around the arm thrust up inside her cunt.

Penny just lay there, too exhausted to move, her legs hanging off the side of the bed; cum dribbling out of her wide open hole and soaking the comforter. Amy and Bernadette lay down on each side of her; all three just staring at the ceiling. Penny was the first to break the silence, "Hope you had a good time tonight Bernadette."

"It was wonderful," she answered gratefully, "you are the best friends a girl could have. Amy, I want you to have "Big Howie," but you can name it anything you want. Remember, what happens in Penny's apartment, stays in Penny's apartment."

"That is most generous of you, Bernadette; thank you. I wonder how the guys are doing," Amy replied.

"Oh you know them," Penny giggled, "they're in a world far, far away."

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