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Beauty And The Beast/Tangled: First Kiss (FF,no sex,lemon)
by Soysaucewarrior

"I don't know..." Belle murmured, biting her lip as she looked up at Rapunzel. "That's not really something two girls should be doing together..."

"Come on!" Rapunzel urged. "Who else are you going to practice with? A mirror? That talking candelabra? I don't have anyone!"

After discovering each other in the library, the two young women had found that they had more in common than merely being trapped in enchanted castles that apparently shared an adjoining library. They were both young, beautiful, about the same age, and-most importantly to them-they both loved reading. However, years of being trapped, having no companionship except for her mother, and reading nothing but romance novels and fairy tales had left Rapunzel with a certain longing. Explaining this longing to her newfound companion had been a relatively easy matter-Belle was nothing, if not intelligent and understanding-but trying to get the brunette to comply was a whole different matter.

"That's true," Belle sighed, trying to put herself in her friend's shoes. Rapunzel had never known life outside of her tower-while Belle had never been enamored with village life, she had at least been able to see and interact with other people. "But still, a kiss?"

"Yes!" Rapunzel answered. "In the books, the prince always greets the princess with a kiss! Don't you at least want to be able to kiss him back?"

"Well..." in truth, no. It was an antiquated, if romantic, notion, but the expression on the blonde's face kept Belle from saying it out loud. "First of all, I'm not a princess," she began. "And, secondly, I'm not a prince."

"But we can still practice !" Rapunzel replied. "Besides, you'll always be a princess to me," she pouted.

It was a ploy, plain and simple. Belle could clearly see it for what it was. However, there was a kernel of truth in it that Belle found touching. Belle was also running out of excuses and she also didn't want to leave Rapunzel disappointed.

"Fine," she sighed. "One kiss, okay?"

"Okay!" Rapunzel cheered, moving next to belle.

"Only one!" Belle said again, raising a finger for emphasis. Rapunzel smiled, wrapping her hands around Belle's finger and slowly moving it to the side. She leaned in close and paused. She just stayed close to her friend, suddenly aware of the reality of the situation-Belle's natural scent and the smell of her breath. Likewise, Belle could smell Rapunzel's faint perfume and feel the ethereal warmth from her golden hair.

Then their lips touched.

Belle had expected the whole thing to be awkward. It was the way that experiments naturally went, requiring several tries before attaining a favorable result. But the sensations that fluttered inside of Belle's belly were pleasant, at worst.

Rapunzel pressed in close to Belle as she kissed her friend, wanting nothing more than to melt into the other girl. She had never been this close to another person before, and she found the sudden intimacy intoxicating. She found Belle intoxicating. As Rapunzel's hands slowly wrapped around Belle, her heart beat faster and faster. Her golden hair began to glow as it pooled around both women.

The fluttering inside Belle's stomach grew into a fire. As Rapunzel's tongue pushed into her mouth, tasting her, Belle realized that she had given more than the allotted single kiss. She also realized that she didn't care. Her own tongue pushed against Rapunzel's, touching it, caressing it. Her own hands found themselves traveling over Rapunzel's body.

They both found themselves moaning softly, their inexperienced bodies reacting to these new sensations. They rubbed against each other, feeling their breasts throb and the heat between their legs increase. Both of them pressed closer and closer together, mashing their bodies together as if they were trying to become one. They brushed their breasts together, even though it only made the throbbing in their nipples worse-they ground against each other's thighs even, sending tremors of pleasure through their young bodies.

Belle found her hands drifting down Rapunzel's body, grabbing her soft bottom through her shorts so that she could direct their grinding. Rapunzel's hands traveled to Belle's chest, squeezing and running over her soft orbs through her modest dress.

Belle and Rapunzel were both gasping for breath as their 'first kiss' came to an end. Rapunzel found herself clinging to Belle like the brunette was a life raft, trying to sort through the emotions running through her body. She tried to make a snarky comment, tried to get her friend to laugh, despite her body feeling like she was about to explode.


Belle couldn't look at Rapunzel as she spoke. The unspoken question made Rapunzel's heart sink. She couldn't help but finish the question herself-How could she do this? How could she abuse her friend like this? Instead, a blush burned across Belle's cheeks as her eyes darted towards the 'adult' section of the library. When she could finally meet Rapunzel's gaze, her eyes held a mischievous twinkle.

"How about we practice something else?"


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