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Summary: Keith comes home after a date that goes wrong and his mother helps him become a man for the first time.

Beauty And The Beast: Beauty On the Beast (MF,F-zoo)
by Phil ([email protected])

Chapter 1

Once upon a time, in a faraway land, a young prince lived in a shining castle. Although he had everything his heart desired, the prince was spoiled, selfish, and unkind. But then, one winter's night, an old beggar woman came to the castle and offered him a single rose in return for shelter from the bitter cold. Repulsed by her haggard appearance, the prince sneered at the gift and turned the old woman away, but she warned him not to be deceived by appearances, for beauty is found within. But the prince was impatient because a young woman was waiting in his chambers and he knew that he was about to be introduced to the sensual pleasures of the flesh for his first time.

And when he dismissed her again, the old woman's ugliness melted away to reveal a beautiful enchantress. The prince tried to apologize, but it was too late, for she had seen that there was no love in his heart, and as punishment, she transformed him into a hideous beast, and placed a powerful spell on the castle, and all who lived there. Thus he was denied not only of the pleasure that night, but any other pleasure from that point on.

Ashamed of his monstrous form, the beast concealed himself inside his castle, with a magic mirror as his only window to the outside world. The rose she had offered was truly an enchanted rose, which would bloom until his twenty-first year. If he could learn to love another, and earn her love in return by the time the last petal fell, then the spell would be broken. If not, he would be doomed to remain a beast for all time. As the years passed, he fell into despair, and lost all hope, for who could ever learn to love a beast?

Belle was a beautiful young lady who lived alone with her eccentric inventor father just outside of a small French village. Her father had given her his love of learning and she spent hours reading all the books she could get her hands on. She yearned to experience the adventures and thrills that she read about, to explore to experience all that the world had to give, to truly feel alive. But she felt trapped, stifled by the traditional old-fashioned customs of her provincial little town where they had recently moved. She tried to talk to her father about it, but he was always so preoccupied with his inventions, he did not notice her needs.

Trapped in this small town, Belle tried to experience as much as she could. Given that there was no far off places to explore, or daring swordfights, magic spells, or princes around like she had read about in her books, Belle tried to experience other themes she had read about, like romance and love. She wanted to be swept off her feet, to feel the ecstasy a woman feels when she is together with a man like she had read in many books. Though she appeared demure and dressed conservatively, Belle was full of boundless sexual energy and desires. She tried to satisfy this hunger but given that her choices in this small quiet village were limited, she improvised as best as she could.

Belle walked out of her house, reminiscing as she crossed over the little bridge into town.

"Little town, it's a quiet village. Every day, like the one before," she murmured to herself. "Little town, full of little people. Waking up to say..."

"Bonjour," a thin redheaded man with a mustache greeted her as he flung open the windows on the second floor of his house.

Belle looked up at the man who so eagerly greeted her. He was the town's carpenter and was the first man from the village she had utilized. Her father needed some wood from the carpenter and had sent Belle to get what he needed. The carpenter had greeted Belle at the door and invited her into his woodshop. While he set about finding all of the things she needed, Belle, always curious, walked around looking at all the intricate woodwork that filled his shop.

In one corner, a piece of canvas partially covered a shelf. She peeked behind it and saw dozens of polished wooden rods of various sizes. Belle picked one up, her hand comfortably reaching around its circumference. The wood felt soft as she lightly ran her hand over it and the blunt end flared out so that there was a thicker knob on the end. Suddenly, she realized that it was exactly the same size and shape as a man's penis. She looked at the carpenter busy with his work in a different light, sizing him up. She wondered if he used his own tool as the model for what she held. Belle brought the tip to her mouth and ran her lips over it as she felt herself become aroused. She would have to get one of these.

But Belle wanted more than a piece of wood. The carpenter was still busy so she pretended to stumble and grabbed the canvas as she fell with a clatter. The carpenter ran over to her where Belle lay sprawled on the ground surrounded by the wooden dildos she had knocked down. Her legs had flopped apart allowing her dress to ride above her knees showing her creamy white thighs to which the carpenter's eyes were glued.

"Are you alright?" he asked.

"I'm so sorry. Sometimes I'm so clumsy. I hope I didn't break anything," Belle answered as she looked around herself.

As she moved about, she allowed her dress to ride even higher. Belle noted by the growing bulge tenting up his trousers that the carpenter had also noticed.

"Let me help you up," he offered as he held out his hand.

Belle grabbed his hand and as he pulled her up, she pretended to slip and fell back, pulling the carpenter on top of her. She could feel his hardness pressing the inside of her thigh as he struggled to push himself up.

"I'm so sorry," he apologized as he looked down at Belle.

Before he could go on, Belle took the initiative and leaned up and kissed him. His eyes opened at first in shock, then closed as Belle deepened the kiss. Belle felt him respond as he became more assertive and began exploring her mouth with his tongue. He ran one hand down to her breast and began to squeeze it, sending a chill up and down her spine. He unbuttoned the top of her dress and her shirt and ran his calloused hand underneath her top to caress her bare breast. Belle never wore a bra enjoying too much the feel of her unencumbered breasts. She groaned with pleasure as the carpenter pinched her nipple, making the nub erect. Soon he moved down to her thigh and pulled her dress up further so his rough hand could stroke her soft skin. Belle felt him squeeze her bottom as he pulled her toward his hard member. Belle broke the kiss.

"You've left a piece of wood in you trousers," Belle said as she reached down and squeezed his erection through his pants. She pushed the carpenter onto his back and looked at the large bulge. "Let's see what you've been working on down there."

She pulled his pants and boxers down together letting his erection spring free. She picked up one of the wooden dildos and held it up next to his penis. They were almost identical in size, shape, and in every aspect.

"You have a good eye for detail," she commented as she lowered her mouth over the end of his erection.

Belle sucked on the head, tasting him as she ran her tongue over the sensitive opening, while pumping the shaft with her hand. She took more and more of his hardness into her mouth until she felt him hit the back of her throat. She relaxed and pushed on until she had his whole tool in her mouth and she was nuzzling his pubic hair. He groaned as he grabbed the back of her head and thrust into her mouth. As much as she enjoyed having him in her mouth, Belle thought she would get more pleasure if he were using his energy thrusting somewhere else. So she disengaged her mouth and lay back, her dress bunched up to her hips, and her top open exposing her breasts.

"Let's see how well a carpenter can use his tool," she invited.

The carpenter needed no further encouragement. He pulled her lacy panties off which were already soaked with her juices, exposing her dark curly pubic hair. Belle spread her legs as he kneeled between them and pulled him to her. She felt his erection slide around as he thrust at her, she was so wet, until she guided it toward her opening. He pressed forward and she could feel his hard tool push past her inner lips and enter her most private area.

She savored the feeling of fullness as he thrust and penetrated her to the hilt. She felt him withdraw and plunge forward again and again, setting up a rhythm that caused waves of pleasure to built within her pelvis. She wrapped her legs around him, and pulled him, trying to get him to go as deep as he could. He braced his upper body with one arm and with his free hand, massaged her breast, pinching the nipples as he continued to pump into her. Belle felt the electrical shocks from her nipples enhancing the pleasure in her pelvis and she could feel it building to a crescendo. But too quickly, the carpenter started to moan as his tempo became more urgent and she could feel his wooden shaft pulse as he erupted inside of her.

Belle left the carpenter's woodshop carrying the things her father needed along with a wooden keepsake of the carpenter's tool. As the semen continued to ooze out of her she still felt unsatisfied because even though the experience was pleasurable, she wasn't able to find any release for the tension inside of her. She went back to a secluded open field behind her house with one of her erotic books and discarded her clothes. She lay on the soft fresh green grass as the wind and sun caressed her bare skin reveling in the feeling of being unencumbered and free. As she read, she let her hand wander down, touching herself until she quickly had the orgasm and release that had been denied her.

Belle visited the carpenter daily after that, trying different positions, different tempos, different places to see if she could be satisfied. But as eager as he was, he just couldn't satisfy her. She enjoyed the sex, but something was missing.

"Bonjour," the butcher greeted her from his window, breaking her reverie.

The butcher was a stocky man with a thin black mustache. Belle remembered his mustache tickling her as he pushed his thick sausage into her. He was thicker than the carpenter, and stretched her in a most pleasurable way. But the sensation of his meat plunging in and out of her was still not enough to satisfy her.

"Bonjour," the salesman tipped his hat off his head which was stuck in the stock along with both of his arms. He was being held on public display as part of his prison sentence. Belle remembered the slick talking salesman well. Late one night, her father had sent her out on an errand to get some petroleum jelly he needed to complete an invention. The traveling salesman was the only person she knew who had this and she went to his wagon to get it. The salesman seemed unusually happy to see her and insisted on accompanying her back to her house. As they passed the then empty stock, he managed to talk her into putting her head and arms into the structure to see what it felt like to be a prisoner.

The stock forced Belle to bend over at the waist and made her feel oddly vulnerable.

"This is really an uncomfortable position," she remarked. "I'm glad I can get out now."

"Not so fast," the salesman answered as he moved behind her.

"What are you doing?" Belle asked.

"Just enjoying the view."

Belle squirmed at the thought of the salesman openly admiring her bottom. But a part of her started to become aroused. She was being held captive, yes, but by a man who was interested in her as a sexual object of desire.

"Please don't hurt me."

"Of course I'm not going to hurt you. On the contrary. I think you're going to enjoy this."

She felt him run a hand over her bottom, squeezing first one cheek, than the other. Then he ran one hand up the inside of her leg from her calf up to the softness of her inner thigh. Belle looked around, partly to see if anyone would come to her aid, but also concerned that someone would see them as the salesman lifted her dress and flipped it up over her waist. She felt the cool air hit her bottom as he pulled her panties down to her knees and ran a finger up her slit already wet with her arousal.

"Mon cherie. I see you are already enjoying this. Well let us not make you wait any longer."

Belle heard some rustling and felt him rub the head of his penis up and down her bottom. Then he placed it right at her opening, grabbed her hips, and thrust forward, burying his entire erection inside of her. Belle felt her whole body was electrified, her nerves standing on edge by being in this helpless position out in the open, being used for someone else's pleasure. The salesman pulled open her top so he could take hold of her breasts as they bounced back and forth below her. She was so aroused by her situation that the stimulation from him tweaking her nipples and him pumping in and out of her pushed the waves of pleasure quickly to a peak. She convulsed with pleasure as the first waves of her orgasm hit, making her writhe around the hard flesh that continued to slide in and out, biting her bottom lip to muffle herself. This pushed the salesman over the edge and he shot his seed deep inside of Belle.

That was Belle's best experience to date because it was so novel, but unfortunately the salesman was caught embezzling the town the next day and was sentenced to time in the stocks and the prison. Everytime Belle walked past the salesman in the stock, she remembered that night and felt herself become aroused.

Belle saw the heavy set baker carrying a tray of fresh breads.

"There goes the baker with his tray like always. The same old bread and rolls to sell," she said to herself. "Every morning just the same, since the morning that we came to this poor provincial town..."

A thick baguette caught her eye and she thought back to her last encounter with the baker. Though he was already married, Belle enjoyed the baker putting his stick in her "oven." He wasn't getting much action from Marie, his wife, so Belle decided to help him out. No sense in letting his dough rise without someplace to bake it.

As Belle continued to walk through town, she noticed the people watching her and talking about her behind her back. The women were jealous of her beauty and comforted themselves by pointing out how different she was. The men were mesmerized by her beauty, undressing her with their eyes. In fact, most of them had seen her undressed as Belle had slept with most of the men in the village in her quest to be sexually satisfied. She enjoyed the attention she received knowing that she could have any man she wanted. But even that wasn't enough for her.

Chapter 2

Belle entered the bookshop to return the book she had borrowed.

"Have you got anything new?" she asked.

"Not since yesterday," the bookseller laughed.

Belle got up on a ladder to get to the upper levels of the bookshelf where the adult books were kept. After hunting a bit she spied what she wanted and picked it out.

"That's all right. I'll borrow this one."

"That one? " asked the bookseller. "But you've read it twice!"

"Well it's my favorite," Belle said as she swung off the side of the ladder making it roll down its track. "Far off places, daring swordfights, magic spells, a prince in disguise." Not to mention a well hung prince who used his hidden sword to pleasure many of the damsels in the book she thought to herself.

"Well, if you like it all that much, it's yours," the bookseller insisted as he handed her the book.

Belle was touched at his generosity. Even though the bookseller was older, she had slept with him several times. He was an avid reader and had learned many things from books that he had tried on Belle. She enjoyed the pleasure he was able to give her, but because of his age, he didn't have the stamina to really satisfy her.

Belle left the bookstore and was engrossed by an especially erotic section of the book when she was interrupted.

"Hello, Belle," Gaston said as he grabbed the book from her.

"Gaston, may I have my book, please?"

"How can you read this?" he asked as he held the book upside down. "There's no pictures!"

"Well, some people use their imaginations."

"Belle, it's about time you got your head out of those books and paid attention to more important me! The whole town's talking about it. It's not right for a woman to read--soon she starts getting ideas... and thinking."

"Gaston, you are positively primeval."

"Why thank you, Belle." Gaston put his hand around her shoulders. "Hey, whaddya say you and me take a walk over to the tavern and have a look at my hunting trophies."

Belle knew that was his version of foreplay. She had made the mistake of sleeping with him a number of times and now he felt that he owned her. He was handsome and truly well built with muscles galore. Initially, Belle did find him attractive at a primal level and the first time he showed her his hunting trophies she went along hoping she would get to see more. She wondered if every part of his body was as large. He boasted about the size of everything mounted on the walls then pulled her close.

"There's one trophy I'm especially proud of," he said as he lowered his voice "but it's kind of a secret. Come in here."

He led her to a side room lit by a single candle and had her close her eyes. She heard some rustling.

"Open your eyes," he instructed.

Belle saw that Gaston had completely stripped and was standing sideways in front of the candle so that she could see his body silhouetted in profile. He was flexing his muscles, arms at his sides, legs slightly bent in a classic bodybuilder pose. But what really got her attention was the nine inch club-like protrusion that jutted out between his legs. Her mouth became dry as her heart pounded with excitement. This might be just what she was looking for, a real man to finally really satisfy her.

"What do you think? It's a real beauty isn't it?" Gaston asked as he approached her. Belle couldn't tear her eyes off his manhood which swung in front of him in like a battering ram.

He put his hands on her shoulders and Belle closed her eyes, waiting for a kiss. Instead, she was surprised when he pushed her down on her knees.

"I'm sure you can't wait to taste it," he said as he pushed his throbbing shaft in her face.

Belle had no choice but to open her mouth as Gaston pushed his erection deep into her mouth. He grabbed her head and she barely had time to relax her throat when he shoved himself deep into her mouth. He pumped in and out of her mouth with no regard for her, using Belle only for his own pleasure. He pulled out and pulled Belle to her feet.

"Enough of that. You shouldn't be too greedy," he stated as he reached up to the front of her shirt and dress and tore them open, exposing her breasts. "This is your lucky day."

He put one arm behind her back to support her while he used the other hand to roughly grab and pinch her breast. He leaned over and feasted on her nipple, sucking and biting it until it felt raw. Gaston easily lifted her and dropped her on the bed. He pushed up her dress and ripped her panties off, flexing his muscles as he did so.

Belle watched as he positioned himself between her legs and felt the head of his penis nestle against her opening. Without warning, he lunged forward and drove his massive log deep into Belle causing her to cry out in pain and in pleasure. Gaston didn't relent, pulling back slightly only to push forward again and again until he was completely buried inside the petite brunette. Belle barely had time to savor the feeling of being so filled before Gaston began to pound into her with his hardened flesh. He put his hands on her chest, one on each breast and kneaded her them roughly as he pistoned in and out of her.

Belle actually found herself enjoying the feeling of being manhandled, of having such a large mass of throbbing flesh inside of her. But when she looked up at Gaston, she saw that he was watching himself in a mirror at the head of the bed flexing his muscles as he continued to thrust his hips. She realized that he was in love with himself and he would never care about anyone else. Though she had a definite physical attraction, and enjoyed the feeling of him inside of her, she knew that this wasn't really what she wanted either.

Gaston's pace increased and soon he bellowed as buried himself deep inside of Belle. She felt his erection pulse as his seed shot out filling her more than any other man. He collapsed on top of her and immediately fell asleep as his shrinking erection slid out of her. Belle managed to slide out from under his sleeping form. She gathered her torn clothes around her and wrapped a blanket over herself. As she left, even though she felt a wonderful soreness from being filled like she had never been filled in her life, she felt an emptiness even as his semen leaked down her thigh. Even as large as he was, still she was not satisfied. Belle feared that she would never find someone who could really satisfy her.

Gaston however did indeed enjoy his encounter with Belle and every chance he got, he would corner her and ravish her body. He became as skilled at hunting Belle as he was at hunting his other prey. Once when Belle had gone into the woods looking for berries, he jumped out of a tree and landed in front of her, posing with his erect penis jutting out of an opening in his pants. That was his idea of foreplay. Show women his manly tool and that should be enough to get them aroused. He pulled open her dress exposing her breasts and attacked them with gusto with his hands and mouth. Once he had his fill, he pulled her dress off and pushed Belle over a large boulder. The cold rock dug painfully into her soft breasts and stomach as Gaston thrust in and out of her until he erupted inside of her, filling her with his hot seed.

Another time, when she was walking through the village at dusk, he pulled her into an alley and pushed her against a wall. Gaston pulled up her dress, ripped off her panties, and shoved his erection into her even though she was dry. He pumped in and out until he quickly came and strolled off, leaving her leaning against the stone wall, gasping for air.

She began to avoid him as much as possible, but sometimes, like today in town it was inevitable. At least there were a lot of people around so that she could escape.

"I have to get home and help my father," she stated.

An explosion rocked her house and smoke came out of the chimney and window. Belle ran to the house and into the smoky basement.

"Are you all right, Papa?" she asked.

"I'm ready to give up on this hunk of junk," her Papa complained as he kicked his invention.

But once Belle soothed his nerves, he got to work on his wood chopping machine and soon it was working, much to his surprise. He hitched his wagon loaded with his new invention to Phillipe their horse and left for the fair.

Meanwhile, Gaston was ready to make Belle his wife so that he could have her whenever and wherever he wanted. Those times he managed to bang her only made him want her even more. He led a wedding party to her house and went in to ask her to marry him, never thinking that she might refuse. He thought he had her trapped when she opened the door and he tumbled out into the mud.

Belle was so indignant that she found herself talking to the chickens as she fed them.

"Can you imagine, he asked me to marry him. Me, the wife of that boorish, brainless... Madame Gaston, his little wife. Not me, no sir, I want more than this provincial life."

She ran into an open field overlooking a beautiful river valley, the hills colored with the reds and golds of autumn.

"I want so much more than they've got planned," Belle yelled out into the distance.

Phillipe, her horse came galloping into the field, pulling the wagon, but her father was nowhere in sight. Belle unhitched the wagon and had Phillipe take her to her father. They rode through the darkening woods as gray clouds glowered overhead until they reached a dark foreboding castle surrounded by a high stone wall. Phillipe snorted and began to buck with fear. Belle dismounted and soothed him. She turned and saw her father's hat on the ground just inside the gate. Belle picked up his hat and made her way to the front door. The place seemed deserted and rather spooky. She summoned her courage, pushed open the main door with a creak and entered the castle. Her steps and voice echoed as she called out, looking for her father.

Belle searched through many dark and empty halls of the castle. She thought she heard someone and followed the sounds up a winding staircase up the tower where she found her father. As they talked, her father tried to warn her to leave, but it was too late. Belle felt someone grab her shoulder and whip her around, making her drop her torch into a puddle, extinguishing it. The room was dark except for a dim beam of light from a high window.

"What are you doing here?" a deep voice growled.

"Who's there? Who are you?" a frightened Belle asked trying to see who was there.

"The master of this castle," came the gruff reply.

"I've come for my father. Please let him out," she pleaded. "Can't you see he's sick?"

"Then he shouldn't have trespassed here."

"But he could die. Please, I'll do anything!" she begged.

"There's nothing you can do. He's my prisoner."

"Oh, there must be some way I can...," Belle suddenly had an idea. "Wait! Take me, instead!"

"You! You would take his place?"

"Belle!" her father cried out. "No! You don't know what you're doing!"

"If I did, would you let him go?" continued Belle.

"Yes, but you must promise to stay here forever."

Belle thought about it, then realized she had not seen her captor.

"Come into the light," she said.

First she saw his legs, bent with huge hairy feet. Then she gasped as she saw the Beast for the first time, towering over her. He had a huge furry head with horns on top and fangs jutted from his bottom jaw.

"No, Belle," her father cried. "I won't let you do this!"

But Belle stepped forward, head bowed in defeat.

"You have my word," she stated.

"Done!" the Beast exclaimed as he unlocked the cell door and dragged her father away.

Belle watched from the window as the Beast threw her father into the palanquin which came to life and took her father over the bridge of the moat and back to the village. The Beast returned to the tower to find Belle sitting on the stone floor of the cell where she was still crying.

As the Beast looked down at his new prisoner, he suddenly saw how beautiful she was. Her cloak and dress could not hide her curves and the Beast began to feel a stirring in his loins awakening parts of his body that had been dormant for so long. He remembered how soft her arm felt when he first grabbed her, how her fresh scent had filled his nostrils as she spun around.

The Beast took Belle to her room and gave her permission to go to any part of the castle except the West Wing. He tried to make her feel welcome, but it had been so long since he had interacted with anyone, that his social skills lacked polish and his actions did more to upset her than soothe her raw nerves. He invited her to dinner, but when she refused, he ended up yelling at her. He bounded to the West Wing and picked up the magic mirror to see what Belle was doing. The magic mirror glowed green, then revealed Belle in her bedroom talking to the Wardrobe.

"I don't want to get to know him. I don't want to have anything to do with him!" the lovely young lady stated.

The Beast put down the mirror gently and muttered, "I'm just fooling myself. She'll never see me as anything...but a monster. It's hopeless."

Chapter 3

Belle later snuck out to the kitchen where she was wined and dined by Lumiere, the candelabra, and Cogsworth, the butler clock. After she ate, Belle ended up in the West Wing, drawn there by her curiosity. She found a room that looked like it had been struck by a tornado with things torn and thrown about. At the end of the room, she saw the magical rose under the bell jar and was drawn to its beauty. She lifted the glass bell and was about to touch it when the Beast surprised her. The Beast was furious that she had invaded his lair and flung furniture to the side, smashing them as he yelled at her. Belle cowered against a wall as he railed at her, then ran out of the room in fear.

Belle grabbed her cloak and ran out of the castle into the snowy night. She jumped onto Phillipe and rode him through the snow covered woods trying to escape the beast. But as soon as she thought she had made it, she ran into wolves that were feasting on a large carcass. They saw her and immediately gave chase. Phillipe ran as fast as he could, but soon the pack of wolves surrounded Belle and Phillipe. Phillipe bucked, throwing Belle off, the reins wrapping around a tree branch. The wolves attacked Phillipe, but Belle came to his rescue, beating them away with a stick.

The wolves circled both Belle and Phillipe, slowly moving in. Belle couldn't understand why the wolves were attacking them. They had just gorged themselves so they couldn't be hungry. And wolves weren't likely to leave the rest of the carcass until they had picked it clean. Then she noticed something protruding from under the lead wolf. As she looked closer, she realized that the wolf had an erection. As she looked around, she saw that all the wolves were sprouting huge erections as they looked at her. Belle didn't know what to think. She had never thought that an animal would be sexually interested in a woman. In the back of her mind, a part of her wondered what it would be like, but then again, she wasn't sure what a pack of wolves would do with her.

The wolves moved in. Belle desperately swung her stick at the wolves, but one grabbed the other end and broke it in half. Another wolf leapt as Belle tried to escape, grabbed her cloak and dragged her to the ground, trying to rip her cloak off. The other wolves moved in. She looked up and saw the largest wolf ready to jump on her, his throbbing lupine erection pointed straight at her. He leapt, but was caught in mid-air by the Beast.

The Beast fought off the wolves, bellowing as he flung them to the side. He was much bigger than the wolves, but there were many of them and they were determined not to give up on their prey. The wolves bit at his arms and attacked the Beast, but after the Beast threw the leader against a tree, they had had enough and ran off, defeated. The Beast looked at Belle, then collapsed to the ground. Belle was about to leave, but hesitated. After all, the Beast had just saved her life. She couldn't leave him injured in the snow. She put the Beast on Phillipe and led them back to the castle.

The Beast sat in a chair next to a fire as Belle knelt next to him, soaking a cloth in some hot water. She put the cloth on some cuts on his arm.

"That hurts!" the Beast roared, making the servants draw back in fear.

"If you'd hold still, it wouldn't hurt as much," she countered.

"Well if you hadn't run away, this wouldn't have happened!"

"Well if you hadn't frightened me, I wouldn't have run away!"

The Beast opened his mouth to respond, but had to stop to think of a good line.

"Well you shouldn't have been in the West Wing!"

"Well you should learn to control your temper!"

Belle moved the cloth closer to the wound.

"Now, hold still," she warned. "This may sting a little."

The Beast turned his head as he gritted his teeth in pain.

"By the way," Belle said softly "thank you, for saving my life."

The Beast opened his eyes in surprise and turned to her. Lumiere, Cogworth, Mrs. Potts, and the rest of the servants attended to them, then left to tend to other tasks and soon the Beast and Belle were alone with each other. Belle continued to tend to his wounds, cleaning and dressing them. He was surprised at how gentle she was. He enjoyed the soft touch of her hands, the fragrance of her hair. Again he felt a stirring in his loins as he looked down at the gorgeous figure kneeling next to him.

They chatted and Belle was surprised at how intelligent the Beast was. She had assumed from his appearance that he wasn't very bright, but they talked on and on about politics, philosophy, science, the arts. He seemed to know a lot about many different subjects. For the first time since she had moved to the village, she was enjoying an intelligent conversation with a ... beast? Though not really a beast she thought to herself. Not a person either. She didn't really know how to categorize him, but she found herself surprisingly at ease with him.

As she cleansed his wounds, Belle was impressed by the strength and power she felt in the muscles in his huge arms. He was even larger than Gaston. The presence of his powerful body so close began to have an effect on Belle as she began to feel an animalistic attraction to him. She idly wondered if he was larger than Gaston in every way. The smell and feel of his fur triggered the memory of the wolves in the forest with their erections. She was surprised that she found herself getting aroused suddenly wondering what kind of pleasure an animal or, she looked up, a beast could give her. She decided to use her womanly skills to see if the Beast would respond to her.

The Beast was also surprised at how bright Belle was. She was the first woman with whom he could have a stimulating conversation. And as she worked on his wounds and they chatted, he would occasionally get a view down her top as she leaned over. At times, she would hold his arm against her chest while placing a dressing and he would feel her soft breast under his arm. The view of her cleavage along with those tantalizing contacts aroused him even further and soon he had a painful throbbing erection.

Belle continued to tend to his injuries, working very slowly so that she had plenty of time to work on him. She maneuvered herself so that when she held his arms, they pressed against her breasts. And when she leaned over, letting her top hang open, she knew she had the Beast's attention. By the bulge in his trousers, she knew that the Beast liked what he saw. But it was getting late, and though she was reluctant to end their conversation and her teasing, thought the Beast should get some rest.

"Let me help you up," she offered as she stood up and pulled on the Beast's hands.

The Beast stood up and grimaced in pain.

"What's wrong?" Belle asked, her brow furrowed with concern.

"I was hurting in so many places I didn't realize my leg was injured," he groaned as he looked down at his thigh where his pants were ripped.

"Let me see," Belle said as she knelt in front of the Beast.

She pulled open the gash in his pants and held a cloth against the claw marks on his thigh. She also became acutely aware that her hand was only inches from the bulge in his pants. Belle felt irresistibly drawn to it, like a moth to flame. Part of her still felt uneasy about the Beast, but another part of her felt exhilarated at the thought of expanding her sexual horizons. The excitement won over her trepidation.

"This one doesn't look too bad, but I think you have another large problem," she said as she grabbed his erection through his pants.

The Beast stiffened in surprise.

"What are you doing?" he asked.

"Trying to make you feel better," Belle replied as she ran her hand up and down his hardness. "It's the least I can do after you saved me."

Belle pulled down his trousers, freeing his enormous penis which jutted from his fur covered body. She was surprised that his foot long erection and the huge sac underneath were hairless given that the rest of him was entirely covered with fur. She grabbed the thick shaft with both hands and rubbed the smooth head against her face and lips. He had a powerful masculine musky scent. She looked up at the Beast and lowered her mouth over the mushroom shaped tip.

The Beast could not believe his eyes as Belle took him into her mouth. Never would he have dreamed that she would be remotely interested in him. And yet here this beautiful young woman was sucking on his hardened member. The Beast groaned with pleasure at the sensations of her warm mouth on him. He was afraid to move, to do anything that would break the spell that made her act this way, so he stood still, giving her free reign.

Belle continued to suck and was amazed to see his erection become even thicker and harder under her ministrations. She had never seen anyone so well endowed, putting even Gaston to shame. Fully erect, he was too big for Belle to take completely in her mouth but she slowly took more and more until he was half way in. Her hands pumped the bottom of his shaft up and down as she continued to suck. She inhaled his musky animal scent.

The Beast was still standing, not even touching her. She stopped and looked up at the Beast.

"Are you just going to stand there? Don't you want to touch me?"

"Of course I do. I just don't..."

Suddenly Belle understood.

"You don't know what to do, do you? Is this your first time?"

The Beast just hung his head in silence.

"It's okay," she said as she stood in front of the Beast. "It's also my first time... in an enchanted castle."

She slowly unbuttoned the top of her dress and shirt and let them hang open exposing the inner parts of both breasts. The Beast tentatively reached forward and ran one thick furry finger over the swell of her breast. The skin was so soft. He pushed aside the material exposing her pink nipple, erect with anticipation. Gently, he pinched the nub of flesh between his thumb and forefinger eliciting a gasp from Belle.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to hurt you," he apologized as he pulled his hand away.

"No, don't stop," Belle replied as she grabbed his huge paw and placed it back on her breast.

Encouraged, the Beast rubbed his paw over her breast, feeling its smooth contour topped by her nipple against his calloused palm. He cupped her breast and gently squeezed, reveling in the soft mound of flesh while he slid his other paw to her other breast. He caressed her breasts, playing with her nipples, enjoying the softness in his paws.

The Beast pulled her top down to her waist and lowered her onto the rug. The warmth and light from the fireplace played across her body as Belle lay on her back, her arms above her head. The Beast could not believe that she wanted him. He let his cloak drop to the ground and lay next to her on his side. He lightly stroked her from her lip, down the graceful curve of her neck, over the swelling of her breasts, tweaking her nipple then continuing down her flat stomach and back up again. He marveled at her beauty. Leaning over, he took one nipple in his mouth and suckled at her breast as Belle held his head to her.

Belle groaned with pleasure at the sensations from her breasts. The Beast was so big and powerful and yet surprisingly, so gentle. His furry body stimulated her skin heightening her pleasure. She pulled the Beast up and kissed him. She probed his mouth with her tongue, running it over his sharp teeth and fangs. Her delicate tongue met his large one and soon they were exploring and probing each other's mouths. Belle was so aroused at this point and felt an aching in her groin that needed to be filled. She pushed the Beast onto his back and stood, pushing her dress and rest of her clothes off. She stepped out of them and straddled the Beast and slowly lowered herself onto his erect pole. His thick head slid into her, stretching her to the limit. She paused to get adjusted to the mass of flesh inside of her, then continued to push down, filling herself.

The Beast groaned with pleasure as he felt himself enter Belle's tight opening. She kept moving up and down his shaft, each time lowering herself further and further until he was completely buried inside of her. The feeling of his erection deep inside her tight wet opening was incredible. He looked down and could not believe that his entire stiff member was inside of such a petite lady. He reached up with his paws and played with her breasts as Belle rode up and down his throbbing rod.

Belle could not believe the sensation of the Beast's hard flesh as its girth stretched her completely filling her passage to her womb. And that was contrasted by the feeling of his fur tickling her inner thighs and bottom as she sat astride him. It felt like she was riding bareback on a horse while impaled on its penis. Thinking back, she recalled being stimulated at the sight of Phillipe's huge organ as he was aroused in the presence of a mare in heat. She had wondered what it would feel like to have something so large inside and now with the Beast she knew. The stimulation of his rigid organ inside of her caused waves of pleasure to build in her loins as she continued to ride him.

Pressure began to build in his groin as Belle continued to slide up and down his erection slick with her juices. Her hot tunnel gripped him like a vise and seeing this beautiful pixie riding him, eyes closed, mouth open gasping with pleasure as he kneaded her breasts was too much for him. He felt the pressure continue to build, then a tightening at the base of his testicles as the pressure built until he felt like he was about to explode. He began to thrust up into Belle, trying to force himself deep inside of her.

Belle looked down feeling the quickened tempo and urgency of the Beast's thrusting. The whole situation felt unreal, like a fantasy, with a forbidden pleasure. Here she was, in an enchanted castle with a Beast thrusting his huge member inside of her as he rubbed her breasts with his large furry paws sending electric shocks of pleasure shooting into her groin. This was truly an adventure. The waves of pleasure built to a peak until the continuous pummeling pushed her over the edge and her body convulsed as she had an orgasm.

As Belle writhed in pleasure above him, the Beast felt himself explode as he released his burning seed deep into her womb. His penis seemed to spasm forever as he shot wave after wave of sperm, filling her until he was completely drained. Belle collapsed on top of him, also completely spent.

Their relationship was different from that night on. During the day, they were still somewhat awkward around each other. But at night after everyone else had retired, Belle would sneak into the Beast's room and they would devour each other, pleasuring each other in every imaginable way. Belle especially enjoyed feeling his huge furry head between her legs as he licked her with his large tongue, almost like a dog. The sensation was incredible and was guaranteed to bring her quickly to an orgasm.

The rest of the servants began to notice a change between them, noting that there was something there that wasn't there before. None of them knew the real reason behind the change except for Lumiere. The Beast confided in Lumiere, wondering why the spell hadn't been broken yet. Lumiere explained to the Beast that Belle had to love him to break the spell, not just have sex with him.

In the end, after Gaston led the siege on the castle and had mortally wounded the Beast, did Belle realize that she indeed did love the Beast. Beams of light shot down around the Beast and his body rose into the air, enveloped in a cloud of light. His body was transformed into that of a handsome prince and he stood, healed and alive. He looked at Belle.

"Belle, it's me," he said as he grabbed her hands.

She looked uncertainly at the transformed prince, then reached out to touch his hair. As she looked into his eyes, she reached forward with her other hand until she felt the huge bulge in his trousers.

"It is you," she cried.

They kissed and the spell was broken and everything and everyone became normal again. There was a huge ball to celebrate and Belle and the Prince took the first dance. As they danced in the ballroom, even though she was in the arms of a handsome prince, Belle couldn't help but be a little disappointed. She had enjoyed forbidden pleasures with the Beast and though the handsome prince she was now dancing with still had the same equipment, it was still not the same. In the weeks since his transformation, she had explored his new human body and derived much pleasure from it, but she still found herself craving something different.

As she continued to dance, she realized that she would be a princess soon. And as a princess, she would be able to visit other lands and surely she would find ways of expanding her horizons even further. And now that she had found sex so enjoyable with a Beast, she found herself thinking about the woods and the wolves who had chased her. What would have happened if the Beast hadn't saved her? Perhaps she would take a ride through the woods later. She shivered with anticipation as they danced around the ballroom. It looked like her adventures were just beginning.

The end?


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