Babylon 5: Morality War Part 7 (FF)
by PJ ([email protected])

warning. adult content.

Chapter 7

Lt. Cmdr. Ivanova entered C & C with a wide, warm smile for
everyone. She wished Ensign Corwin a cheerful good morning, then punched
Captain Sinclair playfully on the arm as she took her place before the
Observation window.

"You're looking happy today," smiled Sinclair in amusement.
"Something happen last night?"

"Just making a new friend, Captain," grinned Susan evilly.

"Ah," replied Sinclair as he glanced warily at his
second-in-command. "Some reports are coming in of raiders attacking
transport ships near this sector. I want you to take Alpha Squadron and
check it out."

"Yes, sir," saluted Ivanova cheerfully before she marched from the

Ivanova was making her way towards the Starfury bays when she
spotted Talia Winters coming towards her. The two young women smiled at
each other, then Talia extended a mental probe that gently caressed
Susan's mind affectionately. Susan managed not to flinch at the
telepathic contact, it didn't seem so bad when Talia was the one joining
with her.

"Are you free tonight?" asked Talia shyly as the two women stood
near the wall of the passageway.

"I think so. Sinclair ordered me to take a flight of Starfuries
to the edge of the sector in order to check out some reports of raider
activity. I should be back by evening,"
replied Ivanova while she clasped Talia's left hand tightly. Making sure
no Earthforce personnel were in the passage, Susan leaned forward quickly,
kissing Talia passionately on the lips.

"You're such a tease," whispered Talia huskily as she ran her
gloved finger across her moist lips.

"I'll take my time with you tonight, wench," grinned Susan before
she resumed her journey, squeezing Talia's firm ass briefly as she walked

Lindra Mollari stood before her full length mirror, adjusting some
of the ornaments on her long-tailed, navy blue jacket.

"Lord Kiro and Lady Ladira should be disembarking by now," warned
Adira as she walked up behind her mistress, lightly dusting the back of
the Centauri woman's coat.

"I have to look good for our guests," replied Lindra while she
primped her rich, black hair, then licked her lips and turned to face her
aide. "Have the wine and food ready when I bring them back here."

"Yes, mistress," nodded Adira respectfully.

Lindra patted Adira's hand, then resolutely left her quarters to
meet the Centauri nobles.

Ivanova's Starfury shot out of the glowing Jumpgate, propelled by
the force of her emergence as she set course for the coordinates of the
last raider attack. Six other Starfuries followed Susan, spread out in a
loose line formation.

"Keep your eyes on your long-range scanners. Let me know if you
see anything unusual," ordered Susan crisply. "Furies Five and Six, stay
here to guard our rear."

Two Starfuries slowed their flight, remaining near the Jumpgate
while their companions traveled deeper into the system.

"Lord Kiro, Lady Ladira," bowed Lindra before the two richly
garbed Centauri nobles.

"Ambassador Mollari," nodded Kiro in acknowledgment. "Shall we
leave this place for somewhere more private?"

"Certainly, my lord," agreed Lindra as she led the way out of
Customs towards a nearby lift.

"The Eye is safe?" inquired Kiro as he walked close to Lindra.

"Yes, it's ready for you to take back home at any time," replied

"I should like to see it before we return to Prime," murmured

"It's rather unusual, but I don't see any harm," said Lindra
tentatively as she glanced at the tall lord.

"Good," smiled Kiro smugly.

Adira quietly served Kiro and Ladira drinks in tall, crystal
glasses, then offered trays of Centauri delicacies before retiring to the
kitchen to await her masters' wishes. Kiro sat impatiently on a cushioned
chair while Lindra retrieved the Eye and placed the box containing it upon
a nearby table. Kiro reached hesitantly forward, sliding open the box,
then reaching within to withdraw the revered Eye.

"It's beautiful," whispered Kiro as he held the Eye in one hand, a
delicate web of silver and gold encrusted with precious gems. At the
heart of the Eye was a single, perfect ruby that glowed with a warm, inner
light, a fiery sun surrounded by gleaming moons of wealth.

"Truly, it is a symbol of Emperors," murmured Lord Kiro as he
turned the Eye with his hands, his gaze mesmerized by the burning stone

"I believe your ship departs tomorrow," reminded Lindra with a
polite cough. "The
government wants me to hold the Eye until your departure."

"Yes, that would probably be best," said Kiro before he
reluctantly replaced the Eye in its box and sealed it shut. He quickly
drained his glass of wine, then stood up, motioning Ladira to proceed
before him. As the two nobles left, Kiro turned slightly, watching Lindra
from his peripheral vision.

"Where did it all go wrong, Ambassador? When did we lose it all?"
asked Kiro darkly.

"I don't know," replied Lindra as she daydreamed of lost glory.
"I don't know."

"Sinclair to Ivanova. Have you found anything?" asked the

"Debris from a freighter. Long-range scan detects four raiders
leaving the system at maximum burn. Plotting a pursuit course," replied

"Raiders burning out-system away from the Jumpgate?" whispered
Sinclair. "Commander! Turn about and return to the station!"

"But sir, the raiders," protested Ivanova.

"Return to base now!" ordered Sinclair. "They're trying to draw
you off."

"Coming home," acknowledged Ivanova.

"You summoned me, mistress?" asked Adira as she entered Lady
Ladira's quarters.

"Yes, child. You belong to Ambassador Mollari?" inquired the

"Yes, mistress," replied the girl as she lowered her face.

"You must be careful," said Ladira as she reached out to take
Adira's hands. "Dark times are coming. Death surrounds Lindra, and you
may fall victim to it."

"Will Lindra be safe?" asked Adira fearfully.

"I don't know, her path is obscured by fire and the screams of her
victims," replied Ladira. "You must guide Mollari, keep her from falling
too far into Shadow."

"I'll do whatever I can to protect my mistress," promised Adira

"Good. You must go now, child," replied Ladira as she released
the Centauri girl's hands.

Morning arrived on Babylon 5, and Ambassador Mollari quickly left
her quarters bearing the Eye for her farewell to Kiro. As Lindra entered
a waiting lift, Morgana stepped agilely inside, watching as Mollari
punched in a level number and waited for the lift to descend.

"Hello, Ambassador. I've been wanting to see you for some time,"
said Morgana with a polite smile.

"And who are you?" asked Lindra distractedly.

"Morgana. I need to ask you a question, it won't take long,"
replied the lovely woman.

"I'm rather busy right now, make an appointment," said Lindra just
before the lift doors cycled open. Lindra shot out of the lift, while
Morgana followed from a distance.

"What do you want, Lindra?" asked Morgana intently.

"I want you to leave me alone," retorted Mollari as she almost
disappeared around a corner.

"Is that really all?" insisted Morgana.

Lindra stopped in her tracks, then turned to face Morgana with a

"You really want to know what I want? You want to know the truth?
I want my people to reclaim their rightful place in the galaxy. I want
to see the Centauri stretch forth their hand again and command the stars!
I want a rebirth of glory - a renaissance of power! I want us to be what
we used to be! I want..I want it all back the way that it was! Does that
answer your question?" spat Lindra before she disappeared down the

"Yes, it does," smiled Morgana cruelly.

Mollari entered the Customs area where Lord Kiro and Ladira
waited. As Lindra handed the box with the Eye to Kiro, a human pushed out
of the crowd and grabbed Kiro, thrusting a PPG pistol against the lord's

"Everybody! Back!" shouted the human male while he dragged Kiro
towards the landing bay.

"Kiro!" shouted Ladira as she began to follow before Lindra
grabbed her thin arms and restrained her.

Alarms began to blare as a security guard tried to get a bead on
the thief. The human swiftly fired his gun, exploding the guard's head
like a fruit as the plasma burst boiled his escaping brains. Human
passengers and aliens screamed as they fled the Customs room. Ladira grew
limp in Mollari's grasp, her eyes glazed as the walls began to shake from
exterior explosions.

"They've come! They've come for Lord Kiro!" moaned Ladira.

C & C was bathed in red emergency light as PPG bolts flew across
the star scape.

"Activate defense grid! Launch all fighters!" ordered Sinclair as
a huge, wheel- shaped command ship disgorged waves of raider vessels. PPG
blasts slammed into B5's hull as the raiders danced gracefully along its
hull, destroying comm antennas and power vanes. Squadrons of Starfuries
launched from their bays, pursuing the wing- shaped raider ships, driving
them away from the station. A lone shuttle bearing Lord Kiro and the
human emerged from B5's docking bay, flying directly towards the waiting
command ship. Fighters dodged and chased in the fire-cluttered space
around the station. Garibaldi led the Starfury contingent, focusing his
pilots' fire on the vulnerable wing assemblies of the swift raider craft.
Fighters exploded like bright, ruby balloons around Babylon 5, their
deaths illuminating the blue-tinged hull as defensive turrets added more
fire into the lethal dogfight.

"Ivanova, now!" ordered Sinclair before C & C shook from another
near hit.

The Jumpgate near Babylon 5 swirled open, releasing Alpha Squadron
into the chaotic mass of combat.

"Take'm out!" ordered Ivanova as she swung behind a raider and
tore it apart with a precise PPG burst.

The raider command ship slowly turned to starboard, abandoning its
fighters as it opened a spinning whirlpool of golden light in space.

"Command ship is opening a Jumppoint! Changing course to pursue!"
declared Ivanova as she turned her fighter hard to port.

"Negative! Let it go!" ordered Sinclair wearily.

"But sir!" argued Susan.

"I said let it go! It's too dangerous," replied Sinclair. "Help
Garibaldi take out the other raider fighters."

"Yes, sir," grumbled Ivanova as she shot up into a wide turn that
led back to the station.

The raider command ship left Hyperspace, entering an empty system
that no one could find easily. Lord Kiro walked down a dim passageway,
clutching the Eye close to his chest as he met the captain of the raider

"Excellent work, Captain!" praised Kiro. "Now just set course for
the rendevous and I'll be able to take the Eye back to Centauri Prime for
my declaration of the throne."

"Sorry, change in plans," smiled the captain as he seized the Eye
from Kiro's grip.

"What the hell?" snarled Kiro with rage.

"I'm going to ransom this little trinket, and you, Kiro," replied
the raider. "If you're lucky, the Centauri government will pay your
ransom and you'll get to go home. You may not become Emperor, but you'll
still be alive.. to continue paying me unless you want your people to know
that you plotted to steal the Eye in the first place."

"Damn you.." began Kiro before the ship's alarm claxon began to

"What the..?" stammered the raider as he looked up at the ceiling.

Outside the raider ship, a huge, oily-black shape emerged from
Hyperspace, screaming shrilly as it fired a violet plasma beam at the
raider. The first beam tore the dorsal section from the hull, then a
second shot sliced the vessel in half while secondary explosions consumed
the defenseless interior.

Lindra Mollari sat limply in a chair, loosely holding a goblet of
wine in her right hand. Adira knelt on the floor near Lindra's seat,
mending one of Lindra's pair of hose. The door chime sounded, generating
no reaction from the depressed ambassador. Adira rose to her feet with a
sigh, then went to open the door. Morgana smiled as the hatch slid
upwards, holding a blackened box in her hands.

"Mistress, it's Ms. Morgana," informed Adira softly.

"Eh? What does she want?" mumbled Lindra before she took another
gulp from her goblet.

"I come bearing a gift, from friends you don't know you have,"
said Morgana as she slipped into the room and set the charred box on a

Lindra staggered to her feet, then approached the table, picking
up the box and sliding it open. The light of the Eye bathed her
astonished face, giving her features a hellish cast.

"The Eye! How?!" gasped Lindra.

"I'm glad that you like my gift," smiled Morgana as she backed
towards the open door. "We'll speak again later."

"How can I repay you? How will I find you?" exclaimed Mollari
happily as she followed Morgana towards the doorway.

"We will find you, ambassador. We will find you," whispered
Morgana with fire- tinged eyes.

Talia sat reading a book when her door bleeped at her. Answering
the summons, Talia's eyes widened in surprise when Ivanova burst in and
kissed her hard on the mouth. Susan was still garbed in her sweaty flight
suit, a bottle of liquor in her left hand as she pressed her body against
Talia's and sucked hungrily on the girl's lips.

"Uh, hi," said Talia when she finally broke away from Ivanova's

"Shit, I'm so damn horny," whispered Susan huskily as she unzipped
her flight suit and slid out.

"Uh..shouldn't you take a shower first?" hedged Talia as she
backed into the counter of her small kitchen.

"No way, I want to fuck you now!" declared Susan as she grabbed
Talia's shoulders and kissed her again, then began licking down the
blonde's creamy neck.

"," moaned Talia while Susan tore off her blouse, then
ripped off her lace bra. Ivanova devoured Talia's tits, sucking
desperately on the warm mounds of flesh, biting the sensitive nipples

"Stop it!" begged Talia as she leaned back against the counter,
her mind flooded with the force of Susan's lust.

"I know you want it, bitch!" snarled Susan before she turned Talia
around, then pulled down the girl's skirt and panties. Before Talia could
protest further, Susan crushed her face into the girl's ass, sucking
ravenously on her trembling cunt. Talia gasped for breath, pressing her
arms against the counter's surface for support as Susan grasped her bare
hips and thrust an urgent mouth into her moistening slit. Ivanova slapped
Talia's ass hard, then did it again and again until Talia was crying with
agony and her rump was burning red.

Susan stood up and pushed Talia onto the floor, then uncorked the
wine and poured it down onto Talia's naked body. The blonde girl squirmed
as the cold liquor sprayed over her breasts, stomach, and slim legs.
Susan held the bottle over Talia's face, letting the stream of wine splash
against her beautiful mouth, nose and chin. When the bottle was empty,
Susan tossed it aside, then straddled atop Talia's stained, dripping body.
Ivanova leaned down, licking the sweet, red wine from Talia's shoulders
and panting tits. Talia moaned weakly until Susan shut her up with a
kiss, dry lips sucking the liquor from Talia's trembling, seductive mouth.
Susan drank the wine from Talia's neck, breasts, and stomach, then forced
the girl's legs apart, licking the wine from her firm, creamy thighs and
musky crotch. Talia panted loudly as Susan licked wine from her burning
pussy, the liquor mixing with the honey dripping from her aroused vagina.
Ivanova slid her lips across Talia's throbbing cunt, her tongue teasing as
it caressed the girl's labia and flicked over her engorged clit. Talia
lay limply on the carpeted floor, her arms outspread as she laid her head
back and closed her eyes in helpless ecstasy. Susan's licks became more
forceful, more demanding as she entered Talia's dripping vagina and began
sucking like a vacuum. Talia groaned with pleasure, her breasts pumping
like a bellows as her climax grew closer. Sliding across Talia's naked
body, Susan rammed her mouth against her lover's as Talia's mind screamed
with an orgasm, the sensual spike impaling into Susan's brain as she
melded her thoughts with the blonde girl beneath her.

*More,* begged Talia as she looked up into Susan's bright eyes.
Ivanova smiled, then moved her crotch to press against Talia's eager


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