Babylon 5: Morality War (FF)
by PJ ([email protected])

warning. adult content.

Chapter 6

The woman descended the boarding stairs of the transport Spinoza,
then walked down the dark length of the landing bay, the chamber's only
illumination a series of narrow light shafts. The striking brunette was
stopped at the entrance of the Customs area by a burly male guard who took
her identicard and ran it through a hand scanner.

"This card is out of date. You must have been out there a long
time," remarked the security guard as he downloaded new data into the

"Yes, I've been out exploring the Rim," smiled the woman smoothly.

"Did you find anything interesting?" asked the guard as he handed
the identicard back.

"Yes," grinned the woman darkly while she tucked her card back
into her suit jacket, then repositioned her travel bag on her shoulder
before proceeding deeper into the station.

The woman passed Captain Sinclair, Mr. Bester, and Ms. Kelsey as
they entered the Customs area. Bester and Kelsey frowned as the woman
walked by, then re-focused their attention on Sinclair. Bester's right
arm hung limply by his side, the hand clenched into a tight fist.

"Well, my first visit to Babylon 5 was certainly memorable,"
smiled Bester ruefully.
"Hopefully I won't have to come back anytime soon."

"Have a safe trip back to Earth," replied Sinclair diplomatically.
"Oh, I'll be dropping by Mars first. Business there," corrected
Bester as he raised his left hand to his forehead in salute. "Be seeing
you, Captain Sinclair."

Sinclair watched the two Psi-Cops clear the guard and walk into
the landing bay, then he spun around to return to his office.

Susan Ivanova combed her long, brown hair with her hand, then
walked to the nearby bar to fix a glass of vodka. Sipping delicately,
Ivanova plopped onto her sofa and asked the monitor for ISN.

"President Santiago and Vice-President Clark have boarded Earth
Force One and begun their tour of the Solar System. The President will
visit the Moon Colony first, followed by a much anticipated visit to Mars,
where Santiago hopes to quell the growing unrest of Mars' citizens. The
first leg of the trip will end when Earth Force One reaches the Jumpgate
near Io, where the President will begin a tour of the outer colonies of
the Earth Alliance. ISN will bring you full coverage of this monumental
good will tour as events unfold."

Susan muted the monitor when the door chime ringed for attention.

"Enter!" said Susan before she took a long sip from her glass.

Talia Winters peeked inside, then walked tentatively into the
dimly-lit room.

Susan blinked in surprise, then rose to face her unexpected guest.

"Can I help you with something? I am off-duty, you know," said
Ivanova as she stared at Talia intently.

Talia glanced down at the floor, then ran a gloved hand through
her short, blonde hair nervously.

", I have two tickets for a Centauri opera, was
wondering if you to go?" asked Talia before she bit her lip.

"Centauri opera? I've never heard one. Sure, why the hell not?"
shrugged Susan before she gulped down the rest of her drink, made a face
as the vodka hit her, then smiled cheerfully at the observing young woman.
"Let's go!"

Talia grinned in mild surprise and pleasure as Susan draped an arm
around her shoulders, allowing the blonde to lead the way to the Theater

The woman pressed the door chime to Ambassador G'Kar's quarters,
then straightened her posture, smoothing out her knee-length grey skirt
with her hands. The hatch slid open, allowing warm, dry air to escape and
blow over the brunette's face and body. Allowing her grey eyes to adjust
to the red, dim light, the woman entered the room and moved to stand in
front of G'Kar's desk, where he sat reading a report.

"Yes? What is it?" asked G'Kar tersely.

"Hello. My name is Morgana, and I scheduled a brief meeting with
you at this time," nodded the woman politely.

"Then continue with your brief presentation," replied G'Kar as he
raised his red eyes to meet Morgana's.

"It's very simple. I have a question, what do you want?" smiled

"What do I want? What do I want for supper? What do I want to do
this evening?
What do you mean?" frowned G'Kar.

"What do you want?" repeated Morgana.

"You're wasting my time, Ms. Morgana. Please leave," said G'Kar
with a wave.

"I've gone to a lot of trouble through your government on Narn to
arrange this, surely you can answer one simple question?" retorted

G'Kar stared at the cheerful young woman, then bared his teeth

"What do I want? The Centauri invaded my world, I want justice.
I want to blacken their skies, tear down their cities and poison their
ground with salt! I want to grind their bones to powder, to completely
and utterly erase them!" spat the Narn passionately.

"And then what?" probed Morgana eagerly.

"I..I don't know. As long as my world's safety is insured,
nothing else matters," admitted G'Kar.

"I see. Thank you for seeing me. Good day," bowed Morgana before
she spun on her heels and left the red-hued room.

"You have the Eye?" asked Lindra eagerly as she examined a square
box before the man in front of her.

"I do. Have you transferred my payment into my account?" retorted
the balding human coldly.

"Yes. Quite a sum. Enough to buy a small planet," grimaced

"But worth it," smiled the man as he gently pushed the box towards
the Centauri Ambassador.

Lindra grasped the box greedily, then slid the top open, bathing
her beautiful face in warm, ruby radiance.

"The Eye," murmured Lindra in awe.

"I believe our business in concluded, Ambassador. Good-bye," said
the man as he rose from his chair and left the open cafe.

Lindra closed the box, then swiftly left the Zocalo, taking a
series of lifts that led to her quarters in the diplomatic sector.

"Did you get it?" asked Adira while she polished a golden statue
of Li, the Centauri goddess of Passion.

"By the gods I did!" declared Lindra triumphantly as she held the
plain box over her head. Adira squealed with joy, then rushed to embrace
her mistress. The two women kissed hotly, then Lindra broke away

"We can celebrate later. I have to contact Centauri Prime and
relay the good news," grinned Lindra before she moved to her terminal and
began establishing a link to homeworld.

Lyta and Kosh entered the hanger bay where Kosh's ship sat
patiently. A probe extended from the skin of the vessel, emitting a green
ray that scanned both beings until it recognized Kosh's essence. The
probe retracted back into the hull, then a hatchway melted open.

*I hope that I can come back soon,* thought Lyta as she looked up
worshipfully at Kosh.

*I do as well,* nodded the Vorlon as his eye port expanded open
with sincerity. *But this must be done. You must undergo this change to
better serve our cause.*

*I know. But..I'm scared,* admitted Lyta as she looked down, her
mouth trembling.

*I will always be with you..Lyta,* soothed Kosh.
Lyta smiled, raising her face to bathe in the light pouring from
Kosh's eye port. Pressing her red lips together in determination, Lyta
stood stiffly, then moved intimately close to Kosh, pressing her small
hands against his bulky encounter suit.

*I love you,* said Lyta as she rubbed her cheek against the
imposing Vorlon's frame.

*,* replied Kosh gently.

Lyta backed away, then shouldered her bag as she moved to the
Vorlon ship and entered its dark interior. The hatch sealed shut, then
the fluid-curved vessel rose silently from its moorings and turned slowly
to face the grinding doors of the launch bay.
Kosh floated backwards out of the hanger, then stared out of an
observation window as his ship left the bay and slid gracefully into the
corridor that would lead to space. Kosh's eye port closed to a pinprick,
then the massive Vorlon left the window, returning to his cold, empty

Talia staggered as she supported Susan's body. Ivanova giggled to
herself as she slid her identicard into her door slot, allowing the hatch
to rise open. Talia steered Susan through the door towards her bedroom
while the drunk woman sang off-key and laughed obnoxiously loud.

"I knew you drank, but not this much," said Talia before she
dropped Susan on top of the messy sheets.

"My father drank. He would drink one large glass of vodka every
night to keep the wolf away, then he would drink two more small glasses in
case she had any cubs," giggled Susan as she lay limply on the bed, her
arms and legs spread out wide. "I guess I picked up his bad habits."

"He died, didn't he?" asked Talia softly.

"You scanned me?" glared Susan.

"No, but it was in your surface thoughts. You're broadcasting
very loudly," replied Talia with a grin.

"Oops," said Susan as she covered her mouth with her hand. "I
better stop while I'm thinking this."

Talia turned her head quizzically, then blushed a deep red as she
picked up Susan's next thought.

"Well, you do have a nice ass," smiled Ivanova while she enjoyed
Talia's embarrassment.

"You're drunk, I should go," murmured Talia as she rose from the

"Not quite yet," replied Susan before she pounced on Talia's small
shoulders, then pulled the girl back onto the bed. Before the blonde
could protest, Susan smothered her mouth with moist lips, thrusting a
desperate tongue into Talia's throat. Talia moaned in protest, then grew
relaxed as Ivanova's mind caressed her own thoughts.

*You're a telepath too?* sent Talia.

*Only a latent one,* replied Susan as she tore open Talia's jacket
and blouse, then bent down to suck loudly on the girl's ripe breasts.

*That feels good,* commented Talia while Susan suckled on her pink
nipples, coaxing the knobs to hardness.

*I'm just getting started,* grinned Ivanova before she slid her
hand up Talia's skirt and began massaging the girl's pussy through her
soft, silk panties.

"Oh, god," moaned Talia as she closed her eyes, her breathing hot
as her pale, white skin flushed with pleasure. Susan flooded Talia's mind
with lust and longing as she slid her hand lewdly up and down the girl's
crotch, making her panties wet with arousal. Ivanova kissed Talia once
more on the mouth, then moved in-between the blonde girl's outspread legs,
pushing her skirt up onto her hips as skilled hands pulled off her
dripping white panties.

*Fuck me,* begged Talia as she thrust her cunt onto Susan's face.
Ivanova began licking Talia's labia enthusiastically, her tongue savoring
the girl's spicy pink flesh and sticky honey. Talia groaned loudly, her
forehead beading with sweat as she bit her lower lip and grasped the
sheets with her hands. Susan's hands rubbed up and down Talia's bare legs
as she sucked on the girl's slit, her tongue probing deep into Talia's
quivering vagina.

"Ugh..more," moaned Talia, her shapely hips gyrating sensually
while Susan's head moved up and down her crotch, Ivanova's mouth grasping
the folds of Talia's pussy, sucking the musky juices from the tender skin.

Susan turned Talia onto her stomach, then licked her tongue across
the girl's tight, round ass, savoring the flavor of the firm, warm flesh.

"Ummm, you taste delicious," moaned Susan before she slid her
tongue down Talia's crack, trickling saliva down into the girl's throbbing
pussy. Talia blushed at Susan's dirty language, then gasped as Ivanova
nuzzled inside her cunt, licking the insides of her vagina until it gushed
with hot jism. Talia's small ass bucked as Ivanova slurped inside her
womb, devouring the sweet honey flowing from her body. The blonde girl
stuffed a sheet into her mouth, muffling her cries as she orgasmed, her
crotch spasming with each overpowering jolt of pleasure. Ivanova's body
spasmed in sympathy, her mind sharing Talia's orgasms, experiencing them
as if they were her own.

Susan crawled up Talia's limp body, nuzzling her damp hair before
turning her onto her back and kissing her wantonly.

*This time we'll try it without clothes,* grinned Ivanova before
she began pulling off Talia's disheveled jacket and shirt.

Delenn answered the door chime to her quarters, allowing the
attractive human female inside.

"Hello, Ambassador. Thank you for agreeing to see me. I just
have a single question to ask you," smiled Morgana warmly.

"Ask," invited Delenn as she backed away a short distance.

"What do you want?" inquired Morgana.

Before Delenn replied, she frowned, her mind flaring with alarm.
Looking intently at Morgana, the Minbari gasped softly as the woman's face
and body became engulfed in darkness, waves of death wafting forward to
caress Delenn's face. A silver triangle appeared on Delenn's forehead as
she clutched her hands together in fear and backed away even more.

"Leave," ordered Delenn coldly.

"Ambassador?" asked Morgana curiously.

"Get out!" spat the Minbari.

Morgana bowed briefly, then left the candle-lit room. The silver
triangle disappeared from Delenn's face, but the fear remained within her
pumping heart.

"They're here," whispered Delenn, her voice taut with dread.


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