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Author's note: This story takes place during The Avengers.

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Avengers: Maria's Rule Part 7
by MTL ([email protected])

Maria Hill wasn't sure what was worse, having New York City being invaded by aliens or that she had seen it coming. That she somehow lived in a world now where a man like Nick Fury could prepare for aliens to invade and he wasn't just crazy, it actually happened. Thor, Loki and other individuals were one thing, but an entire army? An army which descended out of the heavens like something out of religious text, only to be defeated by a demigod, a green monster, a war hero from World War II, a man-child in a metal suit, an archer and her now maybe girlfriend/deadly assassin. It was like nothing she could originally foreseen back when she first signed up with SHIELD, every moment of it and the aftermath so beyond surreal Maria felt like she was dreaming through most of it.

Stuck on the Helicarrier she could do little more but watch Fury's precious Avengers Initiative succeed beyond anyone with any reasonable expectations, in the process creating perhaps the most potentially dangerous group the world had ever seen. But for today they were heroes, and Maria would not deny any of them a moment to celebrate their victory, especially as that was what she was hoping to do herself soon after.

While Maria could do little to help The Avengers or anyone else during what was being dubbed The Battle of New York she spent hours on organising clean-up, checking in with each team she sent out far more than usual as she searched for confirmation that The Black Widow had survived. In the process she saved many lives that day, pushing aside the frustrating urge to go and look for The Avengers/survivors herself meaning Maria could do what she did best, maximising her effectiveness. Even though there were only a few brief sightings of Natasha it was more than enough to put Maria at ease to do her job, and while she was somewhat disappointed the redhead didn't just pop up behind her like she had done so many other times after a dangerous mission/when Maria was busy the brunette had no doubt she be seeing The Black Widow soon.

So confident was Maria that Natasha would eventually show up when she returned to her apartment to find no one there she casually locked the door behind her and then stuck two ready-meals in the microwave ready for the inevitable appearance of her lover. She then spent the next few minutes debating on presentation, ultimately exchanging artificial light for a tiny candle which had been given to her as a gift.

For a few moments she became lost at just staring at the tiny flame, then a familiar voice made her smile softly, "The candle is a nice touch."

Turning around Maria came face to face with Natasha Romanoff. It was a trick which Natasha used so much it had lost its shock value, although Maria like to think she never really gave the cocky redhead the satisfaction of looking very surprised, this time being no exception as she nonchalantly said, "I'm glad you approve."

There was another long awkward silence, only ending when a faint peeping sound prompted Maria to break eye contact and to retrieve the cheap microwave food. When she returned she found Natasha waiting patiently in the chair she usually choose and then they ate together in silence, mush like they had done in between sessions of rough sex so many times. But this was different, and not just because of the tiny gesture of the candle, but because things between them were more awkward than they've ever been. Hell, they barely looked at each other until they had completely finished, and even then it was a while before somebody said something. And ultimately that was only because Maria couldn't stand the silence anymore.

"Soooooo... what happens now?" Maria asked.

"I don't know." Natasha said truthfully, "I honestly wasn't expecting to survive."

"For a second there, I didn't think any of us would." Maria chuckled in a tone which was completely devoid of humour, and then after a few seconds added, "But you saved us. You, and the rest of Fury's group of misfits-"

"The Avengers." Natasha interrupted, "We're The Avengers now. I, I didn't pick the name, but... I don't know, if we can beat Loki, maybe we can do some good, you know?"

"I wouldn't have said this before today, and I'm not so sure I'd say it to anyone else, especially not Nick Fury, but yeah... I know." Maria agreed, adding after another few seconds pause, "And thanks to a lot of grateful New Yorkers, and a few well-placed satellites, the whole world is talking about you and your new friends. But don't worry, Fury made sure the rest of the world only caught glimpses of the mighty Black Widow. Certainly nothing of your face, so we're fairly certain you're not completely compromised, although you might want to be careful the next time you and the super friends save the world."

The two women exchange a smile, and then slowly taking Maria's hand in hers Natasha said, "Well, you did save me from a nuclear missile, so-"

"No, I failed." Maria said flatly, "I tried Natasha, I really did, and I even took out one of the helicopters, but-"

"If things had been different, and there had been two of them, New York would be a crater, this world would be overrun by aliens and I'd be ashes. So thank you." Natasha said firmly.

"Fury told me where to go." Maria grumbled.

"Someone told me how to stop Loki's machine." Natasha shrugged, "There were about a million different things which could've gone wrong, or ever so slightly not right, but for once can't we just enjoy the fact we both made it?"

Maria mocked playfully, "Natasha Romanoff, the optimist."

"I, I didn't think I'd see you again." Natasha admitted, squeezing Maria's hand, "And like I said before, I am compromised. Completely."

"Me too." Maria smiled softly, then after a long second or two standing up and pulling Natasha upwards into her arms, "You know, traditionally, first dates are strangers engaging awkward small talk before maybe ending in a good night kiss. We on the other hand know each other too well, we don't really do small talk, and neither one of us is going to get satisfied with a good night kiss. But we're both tired, so if you want to crash in front of the TV like a normal couple I can live with that."

"Sounds fun." Natasha admitted, slowly moving closer, "But be warned Commander Hill, no matter how tired we are, I'm always going to want sex from you."

"I was hoping you'd say that." Maria smiled, her face now inches away from Natasha's, "And I want you to know I haven't forgotten the promises I made, so if you want to top me tonight, or forever, I'm ok with that."

There was a long silence in which Maria was actually a little taken aback by the look on Natasha's face, and then she was completely shocked by what the dangerous Black Widow did next, "Actually, I... I had something else in mind."

With that Natasha Romanoff, who Maria had seen effortlessly dominate countless men and women, fell to her knees in front of her. The Black Widow was kneeling in front of her, her hands loosely resting on her thighs and her head lowered as if she was waiting for a command, Maria recognising the position as one Natasha like to teach her submissive sluts to wait for her in. To be fair she had forced Natasha to assume this pose many times when the redhead was being the bottom in their arrangement, but for Natasha to voluntarily take this position now caused incredible excitement to fill Maria's mind.

"Over the past few days, I had a lot of time to think about what I really want." Natasha began explaining, "Firstly, I realised I wanted to be with you. You're smart, beautiful, and you complement me in ways I barely understand and cannot begin to explain. But perhaps most of all, I'm incredibly attracted to the way you have taken charge of our relationship. I now realise the day you forced me into the role of the bottom was the greatest day of my life, because it actually fulfilled me beyond my wildest dreams and finally gave me what I really wanted. I didn't understand it at first, but now I know I am nothing but smoke and mirrors, a pure bottom who desperately craves a top tough enough to put me in my place. I, I have been looking for you my entire life, Maria Hill. Please, do whatever you want to me. I'm yours to command. I'm your bitch."

Maria was shocked by this confession. She realised a long time ago Natasha Romanoff had a submissive side, but she had never believed the mighty Black Widow would allow herself to fully embrace it like this, always believed that at the end of the day the stubborn redhead would cling to her dominant side because it was what was expected of her. Because it would save her reputation. Instead it seemed the infamous Black Widow had surrendered to her completely, officially making Maria the winner of their long-standing battle of wills, something Maria had hoped but never seriously believed would happen. And now, all that was left for her to do was enjoy her prize.

Reaching down to stroke Natasha's recently cut to shoulder length hair Maria asked softly, "Is this what you truly want?"

"Yes, Mis-" Natasha cut herself off, but the damage was done.

Maria smiled, "You want to call me Mistress, don't you?"

Natasha nodded her head gently.

"When I made you agree to be a bottom the first time, you said it jokingly because you weren't ready to admit it was what you truly wanted?" Maria guessed, and then when Natasha confirmed her theory with another nod the brunette pushed, "I'm sorry, I can't hear you."

"Yes Mistress." Natasha cautiously whispered.

"Good girl." Maria said, ruffling Natasha's hair in front of her gently, and a little condescendingly, "From now on when we're alone together that's how I expect you to address me. Not Mistress Maria or Mistress Hill or any other deviation. You simply call me Mistress, or you will be punished. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Maria." Natasha grinned.

"Really?" Maria questioned, yanking back on Natasha's hair so that the redhead would be looking up into her eyes, "After everything that happened today, you want to be punished?"

"God yes, please Mistress, spank me, punish me, hurt me." Natasha begged, pure vulnerability shining in her eyes.

It was then that Maria truly understood that this was who Natasha Romanoff was. Underneath all the deadly skill which had been beaten into her was a scared little girl who desperately wanted to be punished for her crimes. 'Normal people' might not understand it but Natasha craved subjugation, and since Maria loved this beautiful redhead with all her heart she would give it to her. Be the dominant top Natasha always secretly wanted and fulfil all the submissive needs of The Black Widow.

So with the deep calming breath to steady her nerves Maria tightened her grip in Natasha's hair and slowly pulled the redhead up to her feet, the far more deadly assassin crying out at this act. Then in a brief moment of tenderness Maria pulled Natasha into a passionate kiss, although even that The Widow quickly turned violent. Knowing she had to maintain control if she was going to give Natasha what she truly wanted Maria bit down on her lover's bottom lip hard enough to break the skin, shoved Natasha face down onto the table and then started smacking that amazing ass, still covered as it was in the sexy skin-tight costume.

Natasha had momentarily cried out to encourage Maria, but it wasn't necessary, the tired Commander somehow found the strength to spank her so hard with just her bare hand it was enough to make the likes of even Natasha cry out in pain. Although Natasha actually cried out in a mixture of pleasure and pain, and this was exactly the type of sensation which she had grown to crave. Or perhaps the sensation she had never realised she needed. Something painful enough she felt like she was being punished for her past crimes, and yet not enough to cause her serious injury which would prevent her from doing the work which would truly allow her to repent for her crimes. Or at least give her the best possible shot at it.

The fact that Natasha's body ached from going to war with a crazy God and his alien army no doubt made it easier for her new mistress to inflict the type of pain on her she craved/felt she so desperately needed, the redhead remembering several painful landings on her back and even her behind as she received blow after blow to her butt. Of course the entire time she couldn't stop thinking about how easily Maria could make this even more painful, and perhaps more importantly humiliating, and to Natasha's delight it quickly became clear her girlfriend was thinking the same thing.

After a couple dozen or so vicious strikes to Natasha's backside Maria gave her a more playful/insulting spank to emphasise her latest order, "Take off your pretty little suit."

"Yes Mistress." Natasha replied as humbly as she possibly could, an act which wasn't too difficult to pull off semi-convincingly in her current state.

However Natasha found it impossible not to allow a tiny smirk as she felt Maria's eyes on her as she unzipped her uniform and slipped out of it with practised ease, perhaps just for that receiving a number of insulting smacks to her ass when she pulled her uniform down over it. Or perhaps Maria just did it for fun. But Maria was normally guessing when she was smirking, and it was rare she was appeased by something as trivial as Natasha slowly pulling down her uniform over her ass so her commanding officer could enjoy watching every juicy inch slowly being revealed, which was something Natasha did even when they were in a hurry because she knew how much Maria loved her big bubble butt.

Natasha was so lost in the act that she almost missed Maria ordering her, "Wait! I like it when your uniform is around your knees, so leave it there while I go get some of the toys that your pain slut ass loves so much."

"Yes Mistress." Natasha replied again, trying not to grin with anticipation as obediently she spread her legs ever so slightly to ensure the uniform would remain in place.

She then listen to the sound of Maria casually strolling into her bedroom and then returning a minute later with two items. One a riding crop which she placed right next to Natasha's face, and the other some rope which she first attached to the end of the table and then to Natasha's hands. Maria then bound Natasha's feet to the table legs, leaving her spread-eagled and vulnerable. Or at least she would be vulnerable if she was any other woman, but Natasha was The Black Widow, so instead she was just trembling in delighted anticipation.

Picking up the riding crop Maria slid it down her lover's back and then over the well rounded ass she had become so obsessed with, then told the mighty Natasha Romanoff, "I know you can break free if you want to, but no matter what I do to you, you won't."

"Yes Mistress." Natasha agreed, The Black Widow unable and unwilling to keep the smirk off her face as Maria raised the crop and brought it down hard on her ass.

Honestly Maria preferred spanking Natasha with her bare hand. It felt more intimate, and insulting, and it gave her more of a twisted sense of achievement. However her hand was getting tired and sore, and she knew such a simple butt beating wouldn't be quite enough for Natasha Romanoff, and while she had no intention of doing this every time it was clear that her lover had earned herself a treat. So Maria gave her one, bringing the riding crop down upon the redhead's big round bottom with every ounce of her strength. Ok, there may have been a little build-up at first, but once she got going Maria put everything she had into it.

From the cries of pain and twisted pleasure that Natasha let out it was clear that The Black Widow was ready for this treatment. Her big butt had already been turned bright pink under the force of the hand to butt spanking, and saving the world from aliens, and it wasn't long before they turned a rosy red, Maria once again finding the sight oddly erotic. Which in a way was a sign that she and Natasha Romanoff were perfect for each other, the thought actually warming Maria's heart as she continued brutally beating her girlfriend's butt.

Her girlfriend? Was that what Natasha was now? Her girlfriend? Again the thought warmed Maria's heart, but the idea of doing the usual romantic things with The Black Widow seemed comical. Then again maybe she could use it to her advantage. After all her arm, which had already been tired from the initial spanking, was now aching and Natasha's big ass couldn't get much more red so the only thing she could do, apart from increasing the pain into an unenjoyable amount, was to double down on the humiliation. Choosing to do just that Maria briefly gave up on the spanking in favour of grabbing Natasha by her now shoulder length red hair and pulled back on it, forcing The Black Widow's head up as far as she could go with her hands keeping most of her upper half against the table.

Maria then pressed her front into Natasha's back and practically growled in her lover's ear, "You know, as I understand it normal couples go on quite a few dates before having the talk, but we're not exactly normal, are we Natasha?"

"No Mistress." Natasha croaked, thoroughly enjoying this treatment.

"So, since you've made it clear what you want from me, let me be clear what I expect from you." Maria said calmly, before stepping back and whacking Natasha's big butt, then repeating the blow when she wanted to emphasise something, "You will be discreet as you possibly can be while on the clock. We will not deny being in a relationship with each other, because everybody knows by now, but we will NOT flaunt it. You will NOT try to embarrass me in any way while I'm trying to do my job. You will NOT discuss the intimate details of our relationship, like how much you like it when I SPANK you. You WILL be polite and respectful to me and my fellow officers. You WILL obey every command from now on without question. When we are off the clock you WILL hold my hand, and let me kiss you, regardless of who is watching. You WILL let me pay for dinner, open doors for you, pull out your chair and you WILL sit in my lap and be the little spoon WHEN we snuggle. You WILL clean my apartment, cook our meals, become completely subservient to me, because that is what you want, isn't it Natasha? To embrace the submissive role? To become a pure bottom? To become nothing but my bitch?"

"God yes." Natasha whimpered, quickly clarifying, "Yes, that is what I want Mistress. I will do all that and more for the privilege of being your submissive bitch. To become the pure bottom I was always meant to be."

"Good." Maria said, briefly kissing Natasha's back before telling her, "If anyone asks we'll say you're my girlfriend. NOT I'm your girlfriend, although I am, AND NOT we're girlfriends, although as of this moment we are, but WE WILL say that you're my girlfriend as in a subtle way we will be saying that you are mine. Do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress." Natasha replied, then when Maria looked at her expectantly she clarified, "By saying I'm your girlfriend it puts the emphasis on me being yours. Which is appropriate because I'm your bitch, not the other way around. Thank you for thinking of a way I can proudly tell people I'm yours without raising any eyebrows."

Maria smiled wickedly, "I may choose too, at some point. I'd love to see the looks on the rest of The Avengers' faces if I ever gave you permission to admit what a twisted little bottom The Black Widow turned out to be, maybe have you show them your ass after I've spanked it red or gaped it open. But there would be no shock value in that if everybody already knew."

"I understand Mistress." Natasha blushed, "From now on you make the rules, and I will obey them."

"Damn right you will." Maria growled, raising her crop again.

Reinvigorated by making the untouchable temptress Natasha Romanoff blush like an inexperienced teenager Maria spent maybe five, maybe ten minutes beating that big beautiful butt hard enough to make the meaty cheeks jiggle with the force of each impact. She also made the sound of each blow echo throughout the room, the once flawless flesh becoming even more red and bruised under the abuse, and towards the end even the fearsome superspy who hadn't flinched in the face of various forms of torture began not only crying out loudly but actually weeping softly.

Worried that she had gone too far after what had to be a traumatic experience Maria put the crop down shortly after Natasha began to cry, gently stroked the beaten red flesh and softly asked, "Are you ok?"

Natasha smiled and softly whimpered, "I'm just so happy."

Maria smiled softly in return, and then smacked Natasha's bruised butt as hard as she could, "I'm just so happy Mistress!"

"Ah, I'm just so happy Mistress!" Natasha quickly parroted before apologetically adding, "I'm sorry Mistress, it's just that total surrender goes against my training, and after... everything that happened today, I'm just a little overwhelmed."

"I understand." Maria said softly, lingering on those luscious cheeks before giving them another smack and promising, "But you will be punished for this... at a later date. For now your Mistress requires your tongue."

Natasha felt an incredible anticipation from both the promise of further punishment and for the request of her tongue, the infamous spy almost slipping out of her restraints so she could drop to her knees and start worshipping her mistress's pussy. Or perhaps her entire body, starting with one set of lips and slowly making her way to the lips in between Maria's thighs, but while Natasha had done that before in the name of annoying her commanding officer/reminding Maria how easily she could turn the tables on her/earn herself a extra hard spanking now Natasha wanted to maintain the illusion of helplessness to show her willing submission to the woman who had stolen her heart.

It wasn't like she was forced to wait long for the chance to please her mistress, Maria already moving around the table as she said those final words so she could strip off her clothes with a sensuality she had learned from The Black Widow, Natasha feeling a touch of pride and at the same time disappointment as she missed the awkwardness this usually intimidating woman used to possess when it came to these things. Not that she dwelled on either feeling when her favourite ever lover was stripping for her, revealing the body she so adored.

Soon afterwards Natasha got an up close look at maybe her favourite part of that body, Maria wasting no time in climbing onto the table and shoving her wet cunt directly into the Russian's face. Of course complaining didn't even cross Natasha's mind. Oh no, she was far too busy sticking out her tongue and eagerly sliding it up and down the lips of Maria's pussy, the infamous spy smiling proudly to herself as she made her lover moan for her. Maria also reached down, grabbed a soft yet firm hold of Natasha's hair, and then pushed the other woman more firmly into her cunt, which in turn encouraged Natasha to lick even more enthusiastically.

Truthfully she didn't need the encouragement, but expert rug muncher that she was, especially when it came to Maria's rug, Natasha could tell that her lover wasn't in the mood for a long drawn-out cunt lapping. Which was a shame, because after the day she'd had Natasha could really go for a nice comforting night in between Maria's legs. Given their mutual love of spanking, butt sex, and other kinky things a night of nothing but pussy eating was rare, and Natasha was yet to spend the whole night pleasing Maria without anything in return, although it had been a fantasy of hers for quite some time now, Natasha promising herself that very soon she would beg her mistress for it. But for now, she knew what her mistress wanted from her, and the feared and respected Black Widow was eager to prove what a good sub she could be.

Maria had considered releasing Natasha from her restraints so it would be easier for her bitch to pleasure her. Of course Natasha had already proven she could get Maria off just fine while being tied up, and there was something to be said for seeing The Black Widow all helpless and at her mercy, even if it was an illusion. Normally Maria would never allow herself to forget that Natasha could break free at any time, but she truly believed the legendary spy wanted to be a pure bottom and Maria just couldn't help but get lost in that idea, in the illusion that Natasha was helpless and the wonderful pleasure the redhead was giving her.

The initial cunt lapping was more than enough to achieve that, at least on top of all the mental stimulation Maria was enjoying, but then Natasha started lingering on her clit. She lingered on her entrance too, teasing pushing inside it, but Natasha spent more time on Maria's clit, eventually taking it into her mouth and switching between licking and sucking on it. Then Natasha gave up on licking Maria's pussy in favour of totally concentrating on the superior officer's clit, Maria whimpering and whining as she found herself hurtling towards the edge of orgasm.

Again Maria considered releasing Natasha, or at least one of her hands, so that her lover could stuff a finger or two into her cunt to help push her over that edge. She also considered just grinding herself so hard against Natasha's face that she would be using the mighty Black Widow as a fuck pad. For a moment she even considered telling Natasha to slow down and give her a nice long drawn out cunt licking. However this wasn't the most comfortable position and after the day they'd both had, and after spanking The Black Widow, Maria just wanted to get off quick and dirty.

Maria just wanted one more thing first, "Stick your tongue inside me! Oooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, stick your tongue inside my pussy and fuck me you bitch! Mmmmmmmm, I wanna cum in your mouth, ooooooooooh yeahhhhhhh, fuck me, fuck my pussy with your tongue, ohhhhhhhhhhhh, tongue fuck me like the dyke bitch you are, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk!"

Normally Maria said a lot more than that. Thanks to Natasha she had become very fond of dirty talk, the respected brunette saying all kinds of nasty things to her lover in the name of their mutual pleasure. However as soon as Natasha obeyed her latest order Maria came and came hard, the respected Assistant Director of SHIELD losing her mind for a few long moments as The Black Widow switched between greedily swallowing her cum and tongue fucking her to another climax. Then Maria became dangerously close to passing out from pleasure, and as tempting as it was after such a wonderful plea to be turned completely into her bitch Maria just couldn't let this day slip by without fucking Natasha Romanoff's perfect ass.

So after who knows how many amazing orgasms Maria reluctantly pulled herself away from Natasha's wonderful little mouth, took a few seconds to regain her breath, and her strength, then she slid off the table and on shaky legs quickly retrieved a strap-on from the other room. She attached the harness back in the main room of her tiny apartment just so she could stare lustfully at Natasha's ass, Maria feeling like a total pervert for not just silently staring but actually enjoying how that once flawless flesh was still bruised and red from the beating Maria had given it. That's what she gets for hanging out with The Black Widow, Maria thought to herself with a smile as she covered her dildo in lubricant and approached her prize.

Normally Maria would spend a long time preparing Natasha's ass to be penetrated. Even when they were screwing in a public toilet, or janitor's closet, or just some empty room, Maria would spend a long time rimming and/or anally fingering this beautiful woman, make sure she was loose, relaxed and ready to be butt fucked like a common whore. But they were both tired, mentally more than ever before, and Maria had an overwhelming urge to re-establish her dominance and put the explanation point on the mighty Black Widow's submission to her.

So without even pausing to make Natasha beg for her fat ass to be fucked Maria pushed one of the deadly assassin's ass cheeks to the side, grabbed hold of her dick with the other hand and rammed it into Natasha's ass hole. After a year of non-stop ass fucking not only did Natasha's back hole easily open to accept the large invasion but Maria was able to force over half of the dildo into the redhead's bowels on one hard thrust, achieving full anal penetration on the next and then after pausing for a few seconds to enjoy stuffing Natasha's back passage full of cock Maria began gently butt fucking The Black Widow.

Perhaps most importantly of all Natasha cried out in seemingly pure pleasure during that first initial hard thrust and the one that followed it, then as Maria began to fuck her big booty the deadly superspy who could easily turn the tables on the other woman moaned, "Ooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkkk, it hurts so good, mmmmmmmmm, oh Mistress wreck my ass! I want you to wreck it! Please, we both know what an anal whore I am. We both know I can take whatever you have to give, mmmmmmmmmm, so please do it. Fuck my ass! Fuck it as hard as you can. Please? Please, please, please, please, please my Mistress, take my ass hard and rough and show me who's boss. Show me who's in charge by destroying my ass hole. Please Maria, my Mistress, wreck my ass so good, make it hurt soooooooo gooooooodddddddd, until the pain fades away and my slutty ass cums. Mmmmmmmmm, make my slutty ass cum for you Mistress, fuck my big fat slutty dyke ass nice and hard and make me cum like the anal whore I am!"

What a total whore, Maria thought with a wicked grin as she avoided the temptation to give Natasha the brutal butt pounding she was already begging for. After all, this was supposed to be about Natasha accepting her role as a pure bottom, and more importantly Maria's bitch, so it would be counter-productive to let The Black Widow top from the bottom as she had done so many times before, both on missions and with Maria herself. Oh Maria wanted to savagely slam Natasha's shitter, and she would, but she would do so on her own terms, proving that she was in charge here.

Just when Natasha didn't think she could love Maria Hill any more than she already did her commanding officer brutally slammed her strap-on up her ass and then slowly sodomised her despite her best efforts to earn herself a brutal butt fucking. Then again maybe she shouldn't be surprised. After all, Maria Hill just got her. Maria understood just what a sadistic slut, and anal whore, Natasha truly was, and rather than be disgusted or amused by it she accepted every twisted thing about her and was always going above and beyond to make her feel good. More importantly she went above and beyond to give Natasha what she needed, and right now what she needed more than a hard butt fucking was a dominant Alpha female to take full control of her.

Of course there was another upside to this slow ass stretching treatment. Despite all the strap-ons, butt-plugs and other toys which Maria had shoved up Natasha's ass, along with her fingers and tongue of course, and the frequency that the redhead's juicy backside was violated, there was pain during the initial anal penetration. That pain 'hurts so good', Natasha loving every second of it, but if Maria had gone straight from that to hammering her ass the only female Avenger had to admit that her rectum would probably be ruined in an unpleasant way as opposed to the way she liked. Which again, just showed how much Maria knew her, her commanding officer pushing Natasha to her limits but not pushing her over them.

So after taking a hard butt pounding for quite a while Natasha just allowed herself to become lost in joyful moaning as she was once again skilfully sodomised by the woman she loved, Maria gently stretching her ass out for what felt like an eternity, and with each thrust showing her dominance over the more experienced assassin. Through it all Natasha revelled in her submission, the overwhelming humiliation of being butt fucked by an inferior woman, a woman she could easily turn the tables on and yet here she was taking it in the ass like a common street whore, oh it was wonderful.

Inevitably it became torturous as the urge to cum slowly built up inside her until Natasha felt like a balloon about to burst, but that was just another kind of wonderful for the sadistic spy. Because while the urge to cum was now almost painful Natasha was so delirious that she truly believed she was helpless in these restraints, nothing but a fuck hole for another woman's pleasure. That this weaker woman was using her most private hole as a fuck hole and there was nothing Natasha could do about it, except beg like a shameless slut for some sweet relief, and oh did she beg for it.

"Fuck me! Oh please Mistress fuck my ass! Mmmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhhh fuck, pound my butt! Pound it as hard as you can!" Natasha pleaded, "Slam my ass hole! Slam it full of strap-on! Ooooooooooh God, I love your strap-on cock in my ass! Mmmmmmmmm, I love your cock in my ass! Ooooooooohhhhhhhh please Mistress, ass fuck me hard and make me cum! Make your bitch cum! Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkk, all I want to be from now on is your bitch, mmmmmmmmmm, a pure bottom pleasing her top with every available hole on her body. Ohhhhhhhhhh please Mistress, let my slutty ass hole please you. Take your pleasure from my big fat ass by pounding it with everything you've got. Mmmmmmm, slam every inch of that girl cock up my dyke ass and show me who's boss! Prove who's in charge here! Solidify the fact that you own my ass and I am nothing but a pure bottom, ooooooooh, that The Black Widow is nothing but your little bitch!"

Her initial reward was Maria bending down so that her naked breasts were pressed against Natasha's back, her nipples slipping along her flesh with every thrust. At the same time Maria reached around with both hands to cup her big boobs, squeezing and groping them with an expert touch, one hand eventually sliding down Natasha's body to her aching sex, at first just rubbing the wet lips of her pussy before concentrating on her clit. Through it all Maria kept her on the edge of orgasm, slowing down the butt fucking as need be so her hands could do whatever they wanted which left Natasha Romanoff a whimpering wreck.

Then suddenly Maria whispered in her ear, "So, is this what you really want, huh? To be a pure bottom? To be my bitch?"

"Oh yes Mistress, mmmmmmmmm, I wanna be your bitch." Natasha moaned softly, "I want to be Maria Hill's little bitch. Your personal sex slave who fulfils every single one of your desires. Ohhhhhhhhh, especially your desires for my big butt. Mmmmmmmm, I want to eat your pussy and tongue your ass hole night and day, ooooooooh but nothing gets me off like you shoving a big cock up my ass. I want to be your anal whore Maria, oh my wonderful Mistress, please let me be your personal anal whore who takes it up the ass for you whenever and wherever you want. Ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh, ass fuck me in front of my new friends and show The Avengers that The Black Widow is nothing but a pure bottom. An anal whore. An ass slut! Your little butt fuck bitch! Ooooooooooh, your bitch Mistress, I want more than anything to be your bitch."

"Are you sure?" Maria asked softly.

"Yes Mistress!" Natasha said firmly, "Please make me your bitch. I'll do anything if you let me be your personal little pure bottom, your personal little bitch, your personal little-."

"You ARE my bitch." Maria interrupted, "And now I'm going to prove it."

With those words Maria leaned forward so she could kiss Natasha on her cheek, and then buried two fingers inside her cunt. That alone would have been enough to send Natasha over the edge, but Maria also curled her fingers inside her and started rubbing her clit with her thumb. As a result the orgasm which flooded Natasha's body was wonderfully powerful, the redhead writhing in her restraints as she surrendered completely to the pleasure, safe in the knowledge that she was literally in good hands.

Normally Maria seemed to delight in making her cum with just the sheer force of the butt sex, so it was thrilling to be so thoroughly stimulated for a change, Maria's hands working overtime to make just about every part of Natasha feel on fire. Ironically that didn't include her ass, as Maria simply buried the dildo as deep as it would go into The Black Widow's butt and then just left it there, Natasha's back hole and back passage quivering around the massive piece of man-made meat as fingers were pumped forcefully in and out of her cunt, her clit was rubbed and her nipples were tweaked.

Then all of a sudden in one swift moment Maria released Natasha from her restraints, straightened up and then began giving The Black Widow the butt fucking she had been begging for. Thankfully she eased into it, starting off slow and steady again so she didn't literally tear Natasha's ass hole, but the increase in pace was surprisingly quick until the sound of flesh smacking off flesh echoed throughout the room, along with the redhead's squeals of pleasure. Almost immediately Natasha started slamming herself backwards against Maria's thrusts, the two women putting every ounce of strength they had left into the ass fucking to make sure it was as brutal as possible, and make sure that Natasha's next orgasm was just as powerful as her first few, if not more.

Maria had loved finger fucking Natasha in that way, and her fingers were aching to return to the other woman's honeypot. However she knew that The Black Widow needed this, needed to be pounded good and hard, and Maria was determined to give Natasha what she needed. Because they weren't just playing around anymore, Maria actually wanted every part of Natasha Romanoff. She wanted to make the other woman hers, and to do that she needed to give her a real rectum wrecking.

Her exhaustion had been a hindrance to that, something Maria had worked around by taking her time sodomising Natasha so that the other woman would be aching to cum, and then made sure to push her over the edge before the hard butt pounding even began. Her plan worked perfectly, thanks to her girlfriend being multi-orgasmic, her nicely worked up body now easy to push over the edge of orgasm after orgasm as Maria used every ounce of strength that she had left to brutalise The Black Widow's perfect bubble butt.

Given how emotionally and physically exhausted they both were it was by far not the hardest butt fucking Maria had ever given Natasha, but thanks to both women working together cum still squirted out of the redhead's cunt and the brunette had several climaxes herself, the stimulator on her clit and the mental stimulation of fucking the infamous Black Widow in the ass more than enough to make her cum over and over again. It was also enough for Maria to lose herself completely in the act of anal sex to the point that if her phone rang or there had been a break in or something like that she would have still kept butt fucking Natasha, because in that moment nothing else mattered than fucking Natasha Romanoff's perfect ass.

Determined to outlast Natasha no matter what it took Maria continued the ass fucking until every muscle she had in her body ached painfully. Then she ass fucked the other woman some more. In the end she got the impression that Natasha collapsed down onto the table as a way to show her mercy, although Maria was in no position to overthink it as she was so exhausted by then she collapsed down onto Natasha's back, her sweat soaked body sliding against the other SHIELD Agent's until she fell off of her. Luckily there was a chair to catch her falling body, leaving Maria in perfect position to admire her handiwork.

Unsurprisingly the already well beaten flesh was even more dark red and bruised, after a few seconds Natasha reaching back and grabbing onto that flesh so she could spread her cheeks and better present her gaping ass hole. Maria had a pretty good look before, but she enjoyed this extra level of submission, the Commander opening her mouth to reward her operative for taking some initiative that she actually approved of. However before she could Natasha looked round at her with this wicked smirk which seem to confirm that The Black Widow had more energy, and on this incredibly important night Maria refused to be beaten.

Reinvigorated by that infuriating smirk, the desire to beat Natasha Romanoff, and despite herself staring deep into the bowels of the infamous Black Widow via her gaping butt hole, all gave Maria the energy to scoot her chair forward and shove her fist up Natasha's ass. Which was something she done a few times, but previously she'd used lots of lube and only tried for the whole hand once she had four fingers and a thumb stretching Natasha's back hole, and before that there was plenty of fingering. Although apparently a nice hard strap-on ass fucking also did the trick, because Maria's fist slid into Natasha's butt hole like a key into a well-oiled lock.

It even had Natasha moaning in pleasure, "Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, ah fuck, fist me Mistress! Fist fuck my slutty little ass! OH FUCK!"

Getting Natasha's attention with a few hard strikes to her bruised behind Maria then said, "Fuck Romanoff, you're such a whore. Do you have any idea how easily I got my hand up your ass? Didn't even have to use lube. Do you realise what this means?"

"I'm a massive anal whore?" Natasha grinned, before crying out loudly as she received another smack.

"I thought you promised to never forget to call me by my proper title?" Maria asked coldly.

"I'm sorry Mistress." Natasha quickly whimpered, "It's been a very long, very weird day, and I'm really tired, and mmmmmmm it's hard to think with your hand up my butt."

Maria thought for a moment and then offered, "I will not normally tolerate excuses from you, but I am willing to make an exception just for today. If you truly want it?"

Natasha smiled, then admitted, "No... I, I don't want it. There can be no excuse for forgetting your proper title Mistress."

"As you wish." Maria said, leaning forward to press a kiss to Natasha's back, "But as your Mistress it is my choice when to punish you, and I choose tomorrow. For now I want you to amuse me by riding my fist like the anal whore you are so proud to be."

"Yes Mistress." Natasha said as she did as she was told, quickly adding with a moan, "Thank you Mistress."

Maria barely heard the yes and the thank you as she was enraptured by the mighty Natasha Romanoff, who had anally destroyed countless women just like this and with a variety of dildos quickly began to bounce her slutty ass on Maria's unlubricated hand. Although, Maria supposed, that wasn't technically true. Her hand, just like the rest of her body, was slippery from her sweat, and it was her right so it was well coated in Natasha's cum and cunt cream from the earlier pussy fingering. Still, it was an extra level of extreme, and Maria thought herself and Natasha were finally out of those.

Part of Maria, a very small part, found it terrifying that she was indulging in such depravity and just when she thought things couldn't get any more sick and twisted she found another perverted thing which she found herself enjoying just as much as the slutty redhead. However for the most part she was impressed and turned on, both by that thought and just relaxing back and watching a woman who could easily kick her ass anally riding her fist, the normally terrifying Natasha Romanoff acting like a fetish porn star as she pulled herself up far enough that her ass hole was stretching around Maria's knuckles, and then slamming herself back down so her girlfriend's hand ended up back to the wrist inside her big bottom.

Once again Maria was surprising Natasha by giving her a new experience and in the process making the redhead love the brunette even more. Or at least, Natasha couldn't recall doing this before. Not exactly. Not without a lot of lube, and even then Natasha's ass had only been gently fisted, not brutally slammed like this. Which was kind of crazy considering the number of times her ass had been violated, especially lately, but Natasha had always preferred using dildos to emphasise her dominance over her playthings, especially of the strap-on variety, and all her lovers were the same. Except men of course, and they were just interested in getting their cocks inside any orifice she would allow them into.

Natasha recalled making a few women her hand puppets, which had been a unique experience, but it was something she saved for only the biggest anal whores. Now that was her. Now she was the biggest anal whore her mistress had ever been with, Maria proving just how loose and slutty Natasha's ass hole had become by shoving her entire hand inside it and making the feared Black Widow bounce her fat ass on that fist, Natasha acting like the completely shameless butt slut she had become as she rode her mistress's hand to climax.

After her first humiliating orgasm Natasha felt two fingers being shoved into her cunt, quickly followed by a third and then a fourth. With Maria's thumb then moving to rub her clit Natasha came a second time, and then a third when that thumb got pushed into her pussy to join the four digits already in there. Then Natasha's eyes went wide and she cried out as Maria slowly, oh so slowly, pushed her way past the knuckles, her commanding officer pushing a second hand inside her. Her girlfriend had both her hands inside her at the same time, one in her cunt and the other in her ass, Natasha felt those hands rub against each other through the thin wall separating her holes as she bounced like a mad woman on those fists.

Most women were most likely physically incapable of taking such abuse. Only professional whores, porn stars and the most depraved of sluts could have possibly taken it, and there was no doubt which category Natasha Romanoff fell into, that fact overwhelmingly humiliating and yet wonderful, tears of joy filling Natasha's eyes as shortly after Maria's hand fully invaded her cunt her commanding officer started thrusting her hands back and fourth, both women working together to make sure The Black Widow's fuck holes were literally abused like never before. Natasha wasn't even sure how many times she came, or what things were said, by the time it finally ended.

All she knew was one minute she was being double fisted, the next she was trembling in Maria's arms, Commander Hill cooing softly in her ear and stroking her hair, until finally Natasha had the strength to whimper, "Thank you Mistress."

"You're welcome." Maria whispered, wondering if she should tell her new girlfriend those three little words. She wanted to say them as despite the depravity of what just happened she couldn't love Natasha Romanoff more. Ultimately because of that love Maria knew there was something that the mighty Natasha Romanoff was even more eager to hear, "Do you still promised to be a good bitch for me?"

Grinning up at her superior Natasha whispered, "Yes Mistress."


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