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Author's note: This story takes place during The Avengers.

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Avengers: Maria's Rule Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

After showing Mr Banner to the lab Natasha stuck around for a while, just out of sight. She hadn't been ordered to do so, but she figured it was wise under the circumstances. It was bad enough she knew what the monster inside of him was capable of, but the man wasn't at all what she had been expecting. He had... surprised her, to say the least, and that was extremely rare.

If the circumstances were different Natasha might have gathered further Intel on the scientist, looked back over her notes or just spent time with him, because he truly was fascinating. But he wasn't the only... unique individual aboard SHIELD's biggest/most expensive toy, Natasha equally fascinated by the super soldier who had somehow survived being frozen for over a half-century, and to a lesser extent the spoilt, annoyingly clever man-child who like to dress up in a suit of armour and call himself a superhero.

Yes, these men were fascinating, or at least entertaining, but the usually calm and collected Black Widow was struggling to keep her facade of nonchalance when one of the only people in this world she'd be willing to admit to caring about was being mind controlled by some deranged Viking God. Fucking Hawkeye. There was a thin line between confidence and arrogance, and more often than not that stupid fool was more often the latter than the former, which was probably why this happened to him. Of course the fact that it had happened to him at all was a sign of just how dangerous Loki was, and how much trouble they were all in.

Nearly overwhelmed by her own emotions Natasha found herself wandering the halls of the Helicarrier, silently weighing her options. As if she was going to do anything other than end up in Maria's office, leaning back on the big comfy chair Fury had initially forced on the uptight brunette, Natasha knowing that despite what she may say Maria had ended up loving it. During lighter times Natasha had thoroughly enjoyed it too, especially as waiting in it had earned her some wonderfully brutal spankings, the redhead's body tingling as those enjoyable memories briefly distracted her from the turmoil she was in.

What felt like a lifetime later Maria finally entered her office, briefly looking surprised to see Natasha before murmuring, "Shouldn't you be babysitting Banner?"

"Shouldn't you be finding Barton." Natasha said almost nonchalantly, although her bitterness shone through.

Her heart filling with sympathy, perhaps too much, Maria instinctively closed and locked her door and then cautiously approached her desk. Natasha looked just about as relaxed as could be, slouching in that big chair without a weapon in sight, the redhead not even turning towards her but instead staring at the blank wall like it was the most fascinating thing in the world. Of course Maria knew better than anyone that appearances can be deceiving, and you should never underestimate The Black Widow, so she took her time walking around the desk until she was standing directly in front of the deadly Natasha Romanoff.

"Barton is one of our best, and whenever someone is captured itís for a purpose. This time it seems pretty clear that purpose is to be used as a weapon against us, so Loki will keep him alive until he chooses to attack, which will give us a chance to save him." Maria said, leaning against her desk as she attempted to comfort her lover. The problem was she was so very, very bad at this, "Until then we're doing everything in our power to find him, and if there's one thing I can promise you Natasha, is that we will find him."

"I wouldn't be here if I doubted that for a second." Natasha admitted calmly.

Maria smiled softly at the admission, and then after a pause added, "We've all heard it a million times, so if you want to tell me to fuck off you can, but this is the job. We risk our lives every second of every day and no matter how good we are all it takes is one little mistake in the wrong place at the wrong time and that's it. And the odds aren't exactly in Barton's favour, but I've seen you both get out of worse and no matter what happens you have to believe everything is going to be ok."

There was another pause and then Natasha softly murmured, "Fuck off."

Another second of silence, then both women laughed, albeit one more freely, that fact and the look on Natasha's face causing Maria to feel things she shouldn't, but she let it slide for now in favour of taking another crack at this whole comforting thing, "Look... Natasha, I-"

"Take off your clothes." Natasha suddenly interrupted in an ice cold tone she rarely had to use.

In an instant Maria's sympathy for the redhead was gone, the brunette barely able to control her anger as she calmly replied, "Natasha, we do not have time for a booty call. Everyone is on high alert, the entire world is in danger and Tony freaking Stark is here. There's no way I'm fucking you if there's a chance he might break his way in here."

The final comment was supposed to lighten the mood somewhat, but Natasha barely seem to register it, The Black Widow slowly getting up, turning to Maria and reminding her lover exactly how intimidating she could be as she stared into her eyes and calmly said, "I wasn't asking."

Maria had to admit, that sultry tone of voice, the look on Natasha's cover model face, that dominatrix like outfit posed so very menacingly, no wonder so many men and women had fallen to their knees over the years and submitted to The Black Widow, even though many of them knew just how dangerous Natasha Romanoff really was. Part of Maria definitely wanted to do that right now, finally submit to the woman who had almost always felt in control of their 'relationship', yet if this really was it, the likely inevitable moment Natasha took control of her, Maria wouldn't so easily surrender. No, she would fight.

So puffing up her chest and becoming as menacing as she could be Maria replied, "As I recall, I'm still the top in this arrangement, and you're still my-"

In the blink of an eye Natasha was on her, and while Maria had sort of been expecting it even she, with all her knowledge of The Black Widow, was caught by surprise at the suddenness and brutality of Natasha's movements. She tried to fight back but she was soon face down on her own desk with her body firmly pinned down with her arm pushed up against her back in a rather ordinary hold for such a dangerous woman. But then perhaps that was the point, Maria failing to get out of this simple hold half a dozen times before Natasha put a stop to that by almost breaking her arm.

"YOU THINK YOU CAN CONTROL ME?" Natasha screamed in Maria's ear before adding with a growl, "You've only been topping me because I have allowed it. I allowed you to think that you were the top because it amused me. It was a fun game."

"We don't have time for games." Maria said, just about able to keep the fear out of her voice.

"Oh Maria, there's always time for games." Natasha chuckled cruelly, "And I've enjoyed our little game of cat and mouse, really I have, but make no mistake, you were always the mouse, and I'm tired of playing with you."

"Are you sure about that?" Maria asked.

As intended this knocked Natasha off her game, the brief pause letting Maria know she had a chance to escape without getting her ass fucked. Because as always if it was her only option Maria wanted to go down fighting, but she'd much prefer to win, and seeing as Natasha had the advantage in hand-to-hand by far The Deputy Director's best option was to outsmart The Black Widow. Not an easy feat by any means, but she had done it before.

Shaking off her confusion Natasha frowned, "Do you truly doubt you are the prey in this little game of ours?"

"No, but that doesn't mean I'm going to end up just another one of your trophies." Maria snapped, before quickly adding, "But this isn't about you and me, this is about you. I saw you, out there on the bridge with the others, the mighty Black Widow, her best friend captured and brainwashed by a supernatural maniac and she's still as cool as a cucumber. I watched you bring Banner in, longer than I should have, and despite travelling with perhaps the most dangerous man alive you looked like you didn't have a care in the world. So why end the charade now? Is it because you know this is one of the only places on the ship without surveillance? No, it wouldn't just be that, you... you feel safe here, don't you? With me? You feel like you can show just how upset you really are, because... you actually trust me? Oh my God, is that why you wanted me to take off my clothes? Not because you wanted to fuck me, but you heard I was nearly buried alive yesterday, and you wanted to make sure I wasn't lying about being fine, because you love me..."

Throughout that little speech Maria felt Natasha's grip loosening, her lies doing a surprisingly good job of knocking the infamous Black Widow off her game. However just as she was about to use her free arm to deliver a devastating back elbow which would knock Natasha off of her, and hopefully off her feet, the other spy actually let go of her arm voluntarily and stood back. Maria waited a few seconds and then cautiously turned around and straightened up to look at the frazzled redhead who looked less like a deadly assassin and more like a scared child.

It was then, to her horror, Maria realised that maybe, just maybe, instead of coming up with an easy way to distract the deadly Black Widow she'd actually hit the nail on the head and Natasha Romanoff actually did had feelings for her.

"I don't." Natasha said softly, Maria genuinely unsure whether to believe it or not, "Despite what Clint and Fury may think I don't love you, or like-like you or anything absurd like that. But I have... grown attached to you, and you cannot understand how much that bothers me."

Maria gulped, and then against her better judgement said, "I think I have a rough idea."

There was a long pause, both women eyeing each other, and then Natasha ordered, "Take off your clothes."

"You first." Maria countered.

Another long pause, then Natasha complied slowly, removing her clothing with her usual grace. Maria followed her example slightly more awkwardly, but Natasha found it endearing, that thought and her unwanted feelings which came with it being the core of her problem. It was a problem she had been ignoring for a while, and now Natasha feared she could no longer ignore it.

Eventually Natasha mumbled, "You don't look damaged."

"I don't lie about such things. And you look fine too by the way... in more ways than one." Maria said, immediately hating herself for the last comment which was meant to lighten the mood and only made her sound like a huge dorck.

Luckily Natasha barely seemed to acknowledge it, the Russian woman eventually taking a step forward as she explained, "My attachment to you is purely physical, no doubt a result of you proving to be a surprisingly competent Dom. So the easiest way to solve my problem is to take away what I like most about you by breaking you and turning you into a sub. But I have to admit, I'm hesitant to do so. Submissive women are a dime a dozen, but you... you are a rare breed. Do you know how many people tremble just from watching me walk past them in the hall?"

"It's embarrassing." Maria nodded.

Ignoring the interruption Natasha continued, "But you, you are a challenge. Or at least the closest thing to it I've had in years. So for that I will give you the choice, either surrender to me completely and be my bitch, or beat this attachment to you out of me."

Maria smirked, "You know we could just stop having sex, right?"

"Oh please." Natasha scoffed, "Don't pretend like you didn't know this ends one of three ways. Either I conquer you, you conquer me, or one or both of us dies."

Raising an eyebrow Maria questioned, "That's it, huh?"

"Well..." Natasha smirked, "When all this started I arrogantly believed it could only end with you kneeling at my feet. But that was before a Mad God with mind control powers and who knows what else up his sleeve entered the equation, giving us a powerful enemy none of us have been trained to deal with... and, on a lighter note, it was before you gave me the best ass fucking of my life and made me agree to be your bitch. Which I only agreed to because it amused me to surrender to someone weaker than myself, and because I wanted to see what you would do, and honestly, I was disappointed."

"Hey!" Maria protested, "I don't recall you complaining all those times you were cumming hard for me. Especially when I was fucking your ass."

"Oh Maria, don't you get it by now?" Natasha chuckled humourlessly, "Yes, you are highly competent at fucking a woman... the best I have ever encountered, besides myself of course. But there is more than owning someone than spoiling them with undeserved pleasure. A true Dom has to be willing to cause real pain, regardless whether it is warranted or not. To torture the object of your affection and show them how truly little they matter to you. That they are just a thing, an object to be used for your pleasure regardless if they get anything even resembling pleasure in return. You proved you can do that, really, truly hurt me... and maybe I won't have too ass fuck you into submission."

Maybe it was fucked up logic, Maria had been hanging around The Black Widow so long she wasn't sure she could tell anymore, but that didn't matter right now. What mattered was saving her own ass, and if that meant destroying Natasha's ass in the less fun way so be it, Maria softly ordering after a long moment of silence, "Well then, what are you waiting for? Bend over like the bitch you are."

Natasha smirked as she did as she was told, making sure to stick out her ass as far as possible as she chuckled, "Oh Maria, I'm going to miss your fighting spirit once I've broken you."

The smirk on Natasha's face widened as Maria gritted her teeth. She knew that her lover could hide her emotions better than that, but it was understandable their conversation had knocked Maria off her game. God knows Natasha was off of hers, which was unacceptable under these very dangerous circumstances, so the redheaded spy wasn't going to leave this room until the complication was resolved. One way or another.

Up until a few moments ago Natasha thought there was only one option to get her back on her game, but for once she had hesitated. She had searched so long for a worthy opponent to spar with physically and mentally, and now she finally found the closest thing to it Natasha wasn't about to eliminate it if she had any other choice. She just hoped that Maria was up to the challenge of beating these feelings out of her so she could go back to her normal confident self, or at the very least pretend long enough to save Clint.

It wasn't looking promising at first, Maria merely retrieving the cane she used far too infrequently before walking around slowly to rest it against Natasha's buttocks before the brunette softly asked, "Is this really what you want?"

That court Natasha off guard, mostly because she honestly wasn't sure what she truly wanted, and that scared the shit out of her, but instead of admitting that she merely grumbled, "Stop wasting time Hill. If you want to save your ass I suggest you get on with it, and don't even dare think about holding back this time round."

For a few seconds nothing happened, then Maria pulled her arm back and then brought the cane crashing down on Natasha's butt nice and hard. It couldn't compare to some of the injuries Natasha had sustained over the years, but it was a good start and thankfully Maria didn't lighten up the speed and force of her blows. No, if anything she increased them, caning Natasha's ass harder than ever before and making the assassin cry out in a mixture of pain and pleasure. And yet, it wasn't enough.

Natasha could still sense the feelings inside of her, and if anything they were growing like an infection with every brutal blow. After maybe five to ten minutes of non-stop strikes Natasha's ass was on fire with glorious pain, Natasha knowing that her butt had to be covered in so many criss-crossing red lines that her backside must be literally nothing but a red mess right now. However her body was obscenely aroused by the agony she was in and each additional strike, so it didn't fix the problem, and if Maria couldn't think of something better soon Natasha would have no choice but to break her favourite toy.

Maria's arm was aching from keeping up this level of intensity for so long, and the sight of the mighty Black Widow's butt looking so utterly destroyed... well, there was so much Maria could do before she became too tired or too horny to continue. Of course she knew from the soft cries and grunts escaping Natasha's lips that this wasn't enough to literally save her ass. Luckily she did have an idea she had been toying with over the past few weeks, although she had intended to do it playfully with her hand. To use the idea now might give Natasha what she wanted, but at what cost?

"Harder! Hit me harder bitch! Harder! Spank my ass harder or I swear to God I'll fucking rape your ass with no lube!" Natasha threatened angrily.

Initially Maria was taken aback, though she realised Natasha was just trying to manipulate her into beating her butt even harder, in the process unknowingly making up Maria's mind about something, "I've got a better idea, turn around!"

Natasha did so in about half a second, glaring at Maria with a look which would probably make a level one agent become a quivering wreck, but as The Deputy Director Maria refused to show weakness. Instead she just placed her cane on Natasha's huge tits, causing the menacing look on the redhead's face to turn gleeful and maybe even a little hopeful, somehow making this whole situation even more depraved. Which, to her shame, Maria found she loved.

"Oh yes, please Maria, do it. I want you to AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!" Natasha cried out, caught off guard for once at the suddenness of the blow.

From the look in her eyes Natasha was probably uncertain whether Maria would really do it, the brunette swiftly giving the redhead exactly the answer she had clearly been hoping for, Maria bringing that cane down again and again onto Natasha's big boobs. Like her ass cheeks before them those big tits jiggled hypnotically with every blow given. They also quickly changed colour under the assault, first pink and then quickly a light red and then a dark angry red to match the assassin's ass.

It seemed sacrilegious to assault such a work of art, but the same could be said for Natasha's ass and Maria had been happily doing unspeakable things to that perfect behind for quite some time now. And now she was actually inflicting pain in this new and twisted way Maria had to admit to finding perverted enjoyment out of this, especially as she could watch Natasha's gorgeous face as it first struggled to hide her agony/enjoyment before with a sadistic grin the superspy seemed to give in to what she was feeling and become very, very expressive.

Given the size of her boobs Natasha's lovers/targets could barely pull their attention away from her chest to do anything else, but it was very rare she would receive a punishing treatment like this. She could only think of one or two times she specifically received this, and Maria was by far hitting her faster and harder. Perhaps even faster and harder than the few occasions Natasha had dished this out, which wasn't often given her fascination with female bottoms. However, again it wasn't enough.

Actually it was no different from getting her ass spanked, at least once she got used to it. It hurt just about the same amount, her body still tingled with joy and most troublingly it only endeared her further to Maria. When Maria suddenly stopped and slipped the cane lower to her pussy Natasha also felt the same troubling further endearment, but the pain she was anticipating would surely be enough to arrays whatever was going on underneath the skin.

Then, predictably, Maria hesitated, "I, I don't want to hurt you."

Becoming angry Natasha threatened, "You'd better, because if you don't I, AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

Again Natasha was caught off guard by a brutal blow to her body, this time Maria's cane actually connecting with her womanhood itself. Maria then caned her cunt for a few long minutes, giving Natasha a kind of agony she had never experienced before. Another first for her and Maria, and this time the sensation was so strong she could feel nothing but pain, and it was blissful.

For some reason torturers mostly seem to only occasionally focus their attention on their victim's genitalia when the victim in question was male, which always seemed odd to Natasha. True, it wasn't the most effective way of torturing someone, and those who did do it often did it because of some psychological issue of their own, but Natasha supposed she should be grateful she had never experienced this before as it was so nice to be experiencing a first right now. Better still as it was focusing on an emotion which wasn't dangerously close to happiness for a change.

On some really twisted level Maria continue to enjoy this, mostly because she could clearly see just how much the perverted redhead was enjoying herself, her face and body subtly twisting and twitching in a captivating mixture of pain and pleasure. That the usually stone-faced Black Widow could no longer hide her feelings about the agony she was being subjected too was incredibly erotic to the woman who probably knew more about Natasha Romanoff than any other living person other than Natasha herself, and even then it was debatable.

It also felt like, at least momentarily, Maria finally had the upper hand on the more dangerous spy. True, it was only because Natasha had backed herself into a corner, but that almost made it sweeter. Knowing that the shorter yet more deadly woman could easily turn the tables on her and yet she was choosing to live up to her word and surrender her body completely to the weaker woman, allowing the brunette to do this unspeakable thing, oh this was something Maria would remember for the rest of her days.

However while part of her was literally getting off on this another part of her was hating every minute of it. Partly because she was ashamed of herself for finding such abuse erotic, Maria feeling like she was a disgrace to her gender as she brutalised another female's womanhood. More importantly she was hurting Natasha. Yes, she hurt Natasha all the time. Had punched her, slapped her, kicked her, yelled at her and more recently spanked her, but this was more agonising than any of that. This was a constant series of blows to Natasha's cunt, the mighty Black Widow just standing there and taking it until tears literally started sliding down her cheeks, the near invincibly tough woman being reduced to tears under the assault.

That was when Maria stopped and pulled Natasha into her arms, the other spy clearly considering resistance for a moment before she collapsed into the embrace and wept openly. Maria had long suspected Natasha enjoyed being spanked so much because it was in some small way penance for previous sins, and in a weird way she could relate as the abuse she had received when Natasha was dishing out the beatings were oddly cathartic. However that was little comfort to Maria now, the fact that hurting Natasha in such a way affected her so much it actually scared Maria. Having romantic feelings for The Black Widow was in no shape or form a good idea.

Wanting to snap herself out of it Maria gently grabbed Natasha's chin and pulled her back so she could look her in the eye, "Still want me to dominate you."

"God yes. Spank me. Beat me. Hurt me." Natasha begged softly and pathetically.

"I've got a better idea." Maria said, before letting go of the other girl and dramatically pushed her things off her desk, "Lay back so I can ride your pretty face."

Not needing to be told twice Natasha lay down on the desk, only letting out a slight gasp of pain as her well spanked butt came to rest against the hardwood of Maria's desk. To Natasha's delight Maria took a second to admire her handiwork, the brunette taking a long look at the redhead's beaten body before mounting her, Natasha's mouth watering as Maria slowly lowered her cunt down onto her face.

As soon as it was close enough Natasha shot her head upwards and gave Maria one long slow lick from the bottom of her pussy all the way up to the top, lingering on her entrance and then her clit along the way and making her lover moan loudly in pleasure. Natasha then repeated this process over and over again, licking the full length of Maria's cunt with every stroke of her tongue while the other woman lowered herself further down on top of her, Maria soon seated comfortably on top of Natasha's face, tightly sandwiching The Black Widow's head between the desk and her lover's delicious pussy.

For all of Maria's resistance to do any real damage to her body Natasha had been pleased to find the superior officer's cunt had been dripping wet before she even placed it down onto her face. Of course Maria always got off on dishing out a spanking, but that hadn't been just bending Natasha over her knee and then giving her some mild discomfort. No, that had been true agonising/wonderful pain, Natasha was eager to reward Maria for both enjoying it and being able to dish it out.

Maria had other ideas though, "Not so fast. Mmmmmm, I want to enjoy this. Oooooooohhhhhhhh Goooooddddddd, that's it Natasha, mmmmmmmmm, lick me slowly, gently, mmmmmmmm ohhhhhhhhh fuck, you really are a world-class pussy pleaser, aren't you Romanoff?"

Natasha smirked against the yummy treat in front of her as she settled into a gentle licking rhythm after briefly trying to increase the pace. These days Maria only called her Romanoff when they were in public, or she was mad at her, or she was teasing her. It was obvious which one this was, although it wasn't really much of a tease because Natasha WAS a world-class pussy pleaser, a fact she proved to Maria pretty much on a daily basis, and she was only too happy to do it again, the more experienced spy effortlessly driving her commanding officer crazy with just a few gentle licks.

Maria enjoyed being reminded just how good Natasha was at eating pussy. It was really easy for her to get a reminder, as all it took was stroking Natasha's ego, or challenging the arrogance spy who should really know better, or sometimes by doing nothing but be in the redhead's presence. And ok, the bragging could be a little obnoxious sometimes, but it was also kind of charming in small doses, and again Maria really, really liked the way that Natasha backed up her words.

Even the straightest of women would probably enjoy receiving head from The Black Widow, and if the last eight months had proven anything Maria wasn't the straightest of women. Of course she had known that before, but damn, she felt sorry for any virgin Natasha seduced, because they had all probably been ruined for everybody else. And unfortunately Maria had probably witnessed a few of those people getting ruined as she watched Natasha effortlessly seduce people of all shapes, sizes and ages whilst studying her, the memory of that causing some very odd and dangerous sensations to rock Maria's body.

The most recognisable sensation was an absurd feeling of jealousy, as if her fuck buddy was retroactively cheating on her, the idea embarrassing Maria so much she forced herself out of her head and concentrated on the here and now. Unfortunately she couldn't live in the here and now very long without it becoming almost physically painful, Natasha knowing just how to turn the woman whose colleagues called her uptight and even an ice queen into a total lesbian slut having to grind her teeth to prevent herself from shamelessly begging another woman to make her cum.

Oh how Maria missed the days when she had been called an ice queen, had even been proud of it, had seen it as a sign she had succeeded in becoming the strong intimidating woman she had always wanted to be. Now even the level ones joked how the ice queen had been melted, and no matter how hard she tried Maria just couldn't be the same woman she had been before receiving constant mind-numbing sexual satisfaction courtesy of The Black Widow. And even though the trade-off was her personal business becoming the worst kept secret in the long history of SHIELD, in moments like this in which she was introduced to torture she could never have imagined, Maria couldn't deny it was all worth it.

Just to feel that talented tongue tracing her pussy lips, teasing her entrance and clit, and then finally that sinfully wonderful mouth wrapping around her centre and ever so gently sucking, oh Maria would take a thousand SHIELD Agents gossiping over her and a few knowing smirks from Colson, Fury and the archer if it meant she could still feel this pretty much every day. Yes, even at their most torturous Maria wouldn't trade Natasha's mouth and tongue worshipping her cunt for the world.

Right now the hardest part was not grinding herself down against Natasha's talented mouth, Maria wishing desperately she had something to grip onto as time after time again The Black Widow forced her to moan, groan, whimper and even literally crying as she was effortlessly brought to the edge of orgasm and kept there for what felt like an eternity. Over and over again Natasha gleefully pushed her so close she could taste it, Maria holding on for as long as she could until she couldn't remember why she wasn't simply begging for mercy.

Even then her pride would only allow Maria to practically growl, "Fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue you dyke bitch! Do it! Make me cum in your slut mouth, and AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKK! OHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEESSSSSS! FUCK ME! FUCK MEEEEEEEE!"

Any further words from Maria were just a collection of mostly swear words strung together without rhyme or reason thanks to Natasha slamming her tongue as deep into her cunt as it could go. Naturally this triggered a powerful orgasm in Maria, one which originated deep inside her core and then figuratively and literally exploded from her.

In response Maria reached down, grabbed a handful of red hair and shoved Natasha's face as deep inside her cunt as possible. After a few moments of that she pressed her hips downwards as hard as possible, once again sandwiching Natasha's head between the table and her centre, this time using almost enough force to do some damage. She could have done this before but she'd been worried about triggering an orgasm herself, but now Maria very much wanted to have multiple climaxes which Natasha Romanoff could so easily give her.

Natasha was only too happy to provide those climaxes, smirking in self-satisfaction as she oh so easily turned the mighty Maria Hill who all the little level ones used to be so afraid of into a writhing mess constantly filling The Black Widow's mouth with Natasha's personal favourite beverage. Oh how Natasha loved cum. Especially girl cum, now Maria giving her almost more than she could handle. Or technically giving her more than she could handle, depending how you chose to see it.

Technically speaking even Natasha Romanoff couldn't possibly swallow every delicious drop that Maria was giving her, but at least a majority of the precious liquid which was now covering her face would end up in her belly, Natasha would make sure of that. Also it was quite a thrill to have another woman literally cumming in her face, that woman so lost in sex that she grinded her own cunt into Natasha's face, her current position ensuring that the redheaded spy would barely be able to breathe because she would be so consumed with another woman's orgasming pussy.

Of course Natasha had a lot of pussy eating experience so she had no problem continue breathing while switching between tongue fucking Maria and swallowing the other woman's cum. Granted this wasn't a position she had been familiar with before temporarily becoming Maria's bitch, but even before the sexy brunette had made a habit out of sitting on her face Natasha sometimes put her conquests on top of her like this just so she could be completely lost in the sight, smell and taste of pure woman.

It was something Natasha could happily do all day. At the very least she was determined to outlast Maria, no matter how saw her mouth and tongue became, Natasha again smirking as she succeeded in her goal. That unfortunately meant Maria took her yummy pussy away from Natasha's mouth, but on the bright side she quickly replace it with her own lips, the two high ranking members of SHIELD passionately kissing and grinding against each other for a few minutes, sharing a little of Maria's cum in the process.

When she finally broke the kiss Maria panted, "Wait right here."

Unsurprisingly the redheaded spy did as she was told, Maria only glancing a few times at that incredibly sexy body as she retrieved a strap-on dildo from the bottom drawer of her desk. She has several toys hidden away in her offices, lockers, sleeping quarters and apartments scattered throughout SHIELD and nearby areas but much like a pistol this was her weapon of choice, the one she automatically reached for whenever the situation required it. However this time would be different.

Maria purposely glanced upwards as she slipped the harness over Natasha's legs and her thighs, meaning she quickly caught a raised eyebrow from The Black Widow, which led Maria to smirk and call out, "What? You should know better than anyone just because you've got a cock, doesn't mean youíre on top."

Natasha shrugged casually but didn't take her eyes off her, "Your funeral, Hill."

That tone... it was almost like Natasha resented going back to formal names after they had become so used to calling each other by their first names. It was kind of cute, not that Maria could afford to analyse that. Not now, not ever. So instead she concentrated on strapping the dildo firmly around Natasha's waist and then taking the shaft in hand and lowering her head like she was going to give it a blow job. This got another raised eyebrow from Natasha, followed by a smirk as Maria merely spit on the head of the cock, and then while still holding it firmly positioned herself so that her cunt was pressing against the long hard object.

Once the toy was pressing directly against her front entrance Maria pushed herself forcefully downwards, letting out a loud moan as she penetrated herself with the dildo. For a second Maria savoured her pussy lips being forced to stretch open for the large toy, then she pushed herself all the way down the impressive length, crying out and then moving in pretty much pure pleasure. Sure there was a slight stretching sensation as her love passage was forced to, well, stretch but it was far from unpleasant.

That was partly thanks to just how many orgasms Natasha had just given her, her pussy relaxed as could be and, despite the other woman's best efforts, still filled with cream which lubricated the cock being inserted into her. Spanking The Black Widow earlier also helped, and the fact that despite the position they were in Maria was still very much the one in control. In control of Natasha Romanoff, something which would never get old for Maria, especially considering she made it her business to know the details of each and every one of the redhead's missions, including the latest one where she had taken out four men without breaking a sweat. And now that super tough spy was just waiting for her to start this fucking, Maria smirking as she was only too happy to oblige.

Natasha watched with interest as Maria started bouncing up and down on her lap, the pussy she had just eaten out taking every inch of the huge dildo now strapped around the redhead's waist with practised ease. The last time that she had seen pretty much this sight she'd had a strap-on attached to her head and she was getting a much closer look at Maria's pussy being fucked. Oh how Natasha missed having such a wonderful view, although this one was nothing to complain about.

Like this Natasha could see Maria's boobs bouncing up and down with every thrust, her sweaty female form in general looking so good on top of her like that, and perhaps more importantly of all she could see the look of pleasure on Maria's beautiful face. It was something Natasha had become way too attach to in recent months, and while with spanking and the face sitting her mind had been blissfully clear from that now those thoughts were coming back, especially when Maria looked directly at her with something in her eyes Natasha wasn't sure she could name. Or at least she didn't want too.

Perhaps Natasha was only postponing the inevitable. It was rather strange she had chosen to do so in the first place, as while bottoming for Maria had made a nice vacation from the norm Natasha was a top. She was the most dominant Dom in the world, maybe the universe, and there was no way Maria Hill could hope to match her for very long. No, compared to her this woman was second rate. Maria couldn't physically beat her, she couldn't mentally beat her, she couldn't beat her full stop. Natasha was superior in every way to this woman, so why was she so reluctant to make Maria her bitch?

Just as these confusing thoughts were going through Natasha's head she suddenly found herself being flipped over. She had been so lost in her thoughts she hadn't seen this coming at all, the mighty Black Widow totally taken off-guard for a few seconds. As a result her mask of perfect calm slipped and she couldn't help but look worried for a second. By the time she recovered it was too late and Maria was smirking at her, basking in the achievement of getting the drop on the notorious Natasha Romanoff. Which naturally made Natasha angry.

Then Maria challenged, "You want to top me again? Go ahead. Fuck my pussy, hell fuck my tight virgin ass for all I care. Because I don't care how good you are Natasha, I'll just shake it off and fuck you up the ass like the little bitch you really are!"

Silence fell over the room and for a moment Maria half expected Natasha to slap her as if they were on a date or something and she had just yelled that out. Then Natasha started pumping her hips back and fourth, originally starting to fuck Maria with an unsteady and awkward pace which was really unlike her. Of course that didn't last long, the deadly Black Widow's natural instincts kicking in which resulted in the type of pussy pounding that if she was honest with herself Maria had really missed. Sure, nothing could compare to topping Natasha Romanoff, but being topped by the legendary spy came pretty close.

Not that Natasha was strictly a top in this scenario, but it looks like the redhead was having trouble remembering that from the way those beautiful eyes of hers was staring into Maria's soul, demanding total submission. She wouldn't get it, although she did get Maria's arms and legs wrapped tightly around her, Natasha's stare causing the brunette's body to act of its own accord, but even then Maria pulled the redhead into her and pushed her away, making the thrusts in and out of her cunt even harder while maintaining an element of control.

Maintaining a little control and not begging to cum like a submissive little bitch became increasingly hard for Maria. Natasha was just fucking her so good, easily beating anyone else she'd ever been way, and those eyes... that mask of concentration and who knows what else, oh God, what had Maria been thinking? She knew right from the start that fucking Natasha Romanoff would be like playing with fire, but surely she had literally jumped into a inferno by offering this sex goddess a chance to not only fuck her pussy but take her virgin ass too.

At the time Maria had believed what she said with every fibre of her being. That she could be the first to take an ass fucking from The Black Widow and shake it off like it was nothing. But now she wasn't even 50% sure of that, and even as she crashed over the edge of an incredibly powerful orgasm she feared repercussions of this and more importantly finally surrendering her virgin butt hole to the dangerous Black Widow. Although ironically enough in that moment Maria couldn't denied that what she was most scared of was that when she finally gave Natasha what she really wanted the deadly redhead would finally discard her like a toy a child had become bored with, a.k.a. just like everybody else who'd had the privilege of fucking this goddess of a woman.

As Maria went from gritting her teeth to trying to keep herself quite to shooting her head back and shamelessly screaming pleasure from the force of her climax Natasha continued to stare at the woman who had captured her attention like no other. She actually wanted to look away, to look at anything else, maybe even to stop fucking the other woman because some of the thoughts which were going on inside her mind were terrifying for her. But she couldn't. She just couldn't. Her instincts had kicked in and all she could seem to do was fuck Maria with every ounce of skill she possessed.

After spending so long bottoming it felt so peculiar to be on top again. So weird. So unnatural? And yet it was just like riding a bike, Natasha feeling like she was in her element for the first time in about a year. And oh, she had almost forgotten how good she was at this. How easy it was to make another woman feel good with a strap-on. How much fun it was to thrust a dildo strapped around her waist in and out of another woman's pussy and make her cum. To make her tremble beneath her. To make another woman scream in ecstasy from her skills with HER cock.

The power, the control, the dominance, all these feelings she hadn't felt for so long now came back full force along with the unique sensation of having the wonderful little nub inside the harness crashing against her clit with every thrust soon had an orgasm of her own building up in Natasha's body. And to some extent she continued holding it back as usual so she could make Maria cum several times from pounding into her. However instead of pushing herself to her limits and possibly past them Natasha allowed herself to cum at the first moment it seemed vaguely respectable for her to do so.

Of course by then she had given Maria so many orgasms the other woman couldn't possibly complain, but Natasha knew this would be bugging her for a very long time. But she would just have to admit she couldn't take her thoughts were going on in her head, had to let the overwhelming pleasure rock her body so it could numb her mind and reduce her to a quivering mess of flesh and bone. And luckily for her pride even as she became totally lost in her pleasure Natasha continued pounding Maria's pussy, the redhead's body taking over completely so she didn't embarrass herself by only giving the brunette a few orgasms.

For a while both women seem completely lost and what they were doing, then Natasha pulled her cock out of Maria's pussy, leaving The Deputy Director of SHIELD whimpering pathetically with disappointment. Natasha ignored her and rolled onto her back, the two Agents of SHIELD gasping for breath and slowly recovering from their activities.

Maria thought to herself, this was it. She was moments away from getting ass fucked. How would it feel? Would it change her? Would it change things between her and Natasha? Was she about to be humiliated and then tossed aside by Natasha, just like all the other people she had seen The Black Widow seduce? Well, the answer to the last question was yes, but it didn't play out as Maria had always imagined it would.

Getting up with a disturbing amount of calm Natasha wordlessly took off the strap-on, tossed it aside and got dressed. She then just stood there for a few long seconds with her back to Maria, then without turning back Natasha said, "Whatever this is, it's over. If we talk again it will be official SHIELD business. Otherwise I do not wish to see you."

A little taken aback by this Maria set up, "Natasha-"

"I don't care about taking your anal cherry." Natasha quickly interrupted, again without looking at the other woman, "I don't care about you. You're not pretty enough to be my bitch. If you weren't The Deputy Director of SHIELD, I wouldn't have looked at you twice."

With that Natasha quickly left, leaving Maria to just sit there in dumbfounded silence for a few long moments. Then she remembered she was naked, and Maria quickly gathering up her things and then dressed, feeling just as ungraceful as when she had taken her clothes off. God damn Natasha Romanoff, making everything look easy, including getting dressed and undressed, and attacking someone's petty insecurities.

Maria kept telling herself over and over she didn't care how she looked, but she was more of a girl then she'd ever let on and she hated herself for it. She hated that she had constantly not felt good enough for Natasha, hated the fact that all it had taken was one little comment from the redhead to inflame that absurd part of herself. But luckily she had a distraction, that being why had The Black Widow acted so childishly and turn down the chance to ass fuck her? The easy answer to that was despite what she said Natasha did care about Maria, which meant that whatever this was between them wasn't over. And sure, they had far more important things to worry about, but Maria knew all she could do now was wait for either SHIELD to find Loki or Loki to make his next move.

In the meantime Maria should probably decide exactly what it was she wanted from Natasha Romanoff.


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