Aussie Idol: Australian Idol Lovefest (mff,mm-mast,voy)
by Jeff_Paw2001 ([email protected])

The 16 year old Amali Ward was in the suite near the bedroom she was sharing
with two other idol finalists. Amali looked at herself in the mirror. The
night before she had worn the dress that had caused so much controversy.
Everyone including the judges had commented on showing off her cleavage and
she lifted off her t-shirt and closely looked at her body. Unclipping her
bra and dropping to the floor she looked back up her body. Even though most
people would of said her body was perfection, Amali saw the flaws and was
embarrassed by her body. She liked how her skin was a golden brown, that was
because of her parents' Sri Laken heritage. Her breasts had developed at an
early age and had grown to a nice 14c (Australian size) or 34c (American
Size) and her nipples were a nice dark cherry red.

Amali cupped her breasts and pulled on her now erect nipples. Amali thought
about her boyfriend back in Tasmania, she hadn't seen him for the last 6
weeks, they had recently celebrated their 8 month relationship. Amali's
boyfriend wasn't the first guy to have sex with her but he was certainly the
best she had. She missed the sex badly and because she was in room with two
other competitors she hadn't been able to help herself relax. Amali moved
her hand down past her stomach and inside her pink g-string, she could feel
how wet she had become.

Even though she knew she was only one in the house at the moment she looked
around to make sure and headed back into the bedroom and laid on the bed.
Amali lifted her legs up and she pulled her g-string off and threw them on
the ground and then spread her legs. Amali teased her wet pussy and she
started to rub her clit. Amali closed her eyes and started to quicken her
pace and started to insert firstly one finger followed quickly by two. Amali
started to think of her boyfriend and what he would be doing to her if he was
here right now, she needed a cock bad and sometimes wished she was voted off
so she could go back to her boyfriend.

* * *

Ricky-Lee entered the idol mansion and walked down to her bedroom when she
heard something. She remembered that Amali had stayed back at the mansion
this morning because of sore throat and that was why Ricky-Lee had also
returned. The closer she got to the bedroom door she then started to realise
what the sound was. Ricky-Lee looked around the corner and she saw Amali
with her eyes closed laying on her bed masturbating and moaning heavily.
Ricky-lee had found some alone time over the last 6 weeks and had been able
to get herself off using a toy she had packed. Even though Ricky-Lee had
never thought about a girl in a sexual way, she couldn't take her eyes off
Amali's body. All the other girls were jealous of the tight sexy and
voluptuous breasts Amali had but Ricky knew that she had a more voluptuous
figure. Ricky moved her hand down into her tracksuit shorts and started to
rub her clit in the same rhythm as Amali. Ricky-Lee became more adventurous
and walked into the room and was at the side of her bed with her hand in her
panties when Amali opened her eyes.

Amali opened her eyes and immediately noticed Ricky-Lee but it took a couple
more seconds before she tried to cover herself with her hands, only having
two hands it wasn't possible to cover all her parts. Amali then looked down
at Ricky-Lee who still had her hand down her pants and was still rubbing
herself. This actually eased some of the embarrassment that Amali was
feeling. Ricky-Lee pulled her pants and panties down and sat on her bed
facing towards Amali. Amali sat up and turned towards Ricky-Lee and said,
"I'm so sorry, I thought I was alone and it's been so long since I have been
with my boyfriend"

"That's ok, We all need some relief some time, and I know what it's like, I
miss my boyfriend as well" replied Ricky-Lee.

"How have you not done this before now" enquired Amali.

"Who says I haven't" replied Ricky-Lee while reaching into the side table
drawer and pulled out of her toy.

Amali looked at the long silver vibrator and smiled, "when, how often" asked

"Whenever I can, I don't know what it is but I seem to be hornier here then I
am normally" replied Ricky-Lee. Ricky-Lee moved over onto the same bed as
Amali and their legs touched up against each other. Ricky asked "Have you
ever used one of these?"

"No only the real things" replied Amali.

Ricky-Lee pushed Amali until she was laying on her back and brought the
vibrator up against Amali's slit. Amali moved her legs up and spread them to
the side and immediately Ricky started to move the head of the vibrator into
Amali's saturated pussy. Ricky-Lee started to tease Amali's pussy with the
silver vibrator and Amali started to push her pelvis forward trying to get
as much of this toy in her. Then Ricky-Lee thrust the vibrator to the base
and Amali gasped in pleasure and begged for more. Ricky-Lee moved until she
was laying side by side to Amali as she moved the vibrator in and out of
Amali tight wet pussy. Ricky-Lee moved her mouth to Amali breasts and started
to kiss and lick them, Amali's breasts immediately responded by her cherry
red nipples growing. Ricky-Lee soon had the nipple in her mouth and was using
her tongue on it to pleasure Amali, Ricky-Lee was doing things to Amali's
body that she knew that she liked herself.

Amali was breathing heavily and could feel her body tingling all over, she
knew she was close to orgasm. Ricky-Lee moved up from Amali's breasts and
soon was kissing her neck, around her face and then found her lips. Their
lips met and soon their mouths were open and their tongues met, all the pent
up sexual frustration they had both been experienced soon was lost in the
sexual explosion of tongue work. Amali then felt her pussy explode in orgasm,
Amali arched her back and moaned "oh yes, oh my, yes, I'm Cumming".

Ricky-Lee continued to fuck Amali with the vibrator until the orgasm subsided
and then they just laid next to each other. Both girls just let there hands
explore each others body, Amali continued to say thank-you to Ricky.

Amali moved herself on top of Ricky-Lee and started to kiss her body, moving
slowly down her body. Amali paid special attention to Ricky-Lee's breasts
remembering what Ricky-Lee had down with her breasts and nipples helped and
it sort of felt ok to do this. Amali continued down Ricky's body kissing down
as she went, until she came face to face with Ricky's pussy, except for her
own she had never seen one this close. Amali looked up and said "Your pussy
is so beautiful."

Amali then buried her face into Ricky's pussy and started to lick up and
down the slit and then opened it with her tongue and started to lick inside.
Ricky-Lee had her pussy eaten before by her boyfriends but Amali seemed to
know how to lick her properly, where and with the right amount of pressure.
Ricky-Lee moved her hands behind Amali's head and pushed her face into her
pussy more.

* * *

Daniel the only single guy in the competition arrived back first, it was his
term to practise first and so he had decided to come back and practise while
the others were back in the studio. When Daniel got down to the living
quarters he smelt something, if he didn't know any better he would of thought
he could smell sex but that was impossible. He then heard Amali moan out,
Daniel who had been jacking off to a couple of the girls sneaked up to the
girls' bedroom. Daniel was shocked when he got to the door and saw Ricky-Lee
and Amali naked and Amali between Ricky's legs eating her pussy. Daniel
couldn't wait and just walked in and got to the side of the bed before even
Ricky-Lee saw him. Daniel pulled down his pants and his underwear and his
cock flopped out. The sight in front of him had already caused his cock to
start to harden.

Ricky-Lee looked at Daniel's cock and then put her hand on it. Daniel smiled
down at Ricky and then looked down at Amali who hadn't noticed him because
she was to busy eating out Ricky-Lee. Ricky-Lee started rubbing Daniel's cock
up and down until it was any bigger, she smiled at how big her friend was and
moved her head until she had her lips around the head of his cock. Soon
Ricky-Lee had more then half of his cock down her throat and she cold taste
the pre-cum. Ricky-Lee couldn't believe how hot she was feeling she had
already several small orgasm but could feel the building up of a big one.

Daniel kept looking down at Amali and knew he needed to sink his cock in her.
Daniel took his cock out of Ricky's mouth and walked behind Amali who still
didn't know they weren't alone. Amali who had her face buried deep in Ricky's
twat, Amali was on her knees with her ass sticking out. Daniel moved up and
put his fingers on Amali's pussy lips and opened them up as he entered her

Amali at first didn't realise that it wasn't Ricky-Lee doing this and
realised from the position she was being fucked that it couldn't be
Ricky-Lee. Amali lifted her face from Ricky's pussy and turned around
and saw Daniel, shocked at first she didn't know what to do but Daniel
did he moved down and stuck his tongue into Amali's mouth as he started
to thrust his cock deep into Amali's pussy.

"God Ricky you taste so sweet" said Daniel as he broke off the kiss and
moved his hands to Amali's waist and started thrusting hard into her, Amali
moved back to eating out Ricky-Lee. Daniel moved her hands all over Amali's
body caressing her breasts, squeezing her nipples and fucking her hard. He
could hear her moan and he could also hear Ricky-Lee moaning heavily and
new he wouldn't last much longer and so he grabbed her hair and fucked her
rougher but this time his cum exploded into her pussy. Just as Daniel was
cumin so was Ricky-lee and she squirted out her pussy juices into Amali's

Daniel moved up the bed and laid down between the two girls, "So how long
has this been going on" said Daniel.

"Just today " replied the girls.

Amali looked down at Daniel's cock and admired how big he was, he was not
hard and he still was big, she moved her hand down and started to rub it
until it started to grow again.

"This time it's mine I need something in me this time" called out Ricky-Lee.
Ricky moved and sat astride Daniel's body and moved her hand down and on to
Daniel's cock and moved it to her pussy and then lowered herself until their
groins met. Ricky-Lee didn't move just let her pussy get used tot his cock.

Amali moved her head so she could kiss Daniel, "I love your cock, it felt so
good in me," Amali said.

"There's more for you later," replied Daniel.

While kissing Amali he moved his hands to her spectacular breasts and
started to caress them and squeeze on the nipples, Amali thought back to how
Ricky-Lee had touched her breasts before and now with Daniel. Daniel was
certainly rougher with her breasts than Ricky but she loved being touched
like this from a guy it made her feel more sexual. Amali moved around and sat
astride Daniel but over his face so he cook look straight at her pussy while
she could see and touch Ricky-Lee.

Ricky-lee had her eyes closed as she moved her body up and around Daniel's
large cock, varying the speed and depth she would take the cock. Daniel every
now and again would thrust his cock hard up into her and she loved that.
Daniel looked at the pussy in front of him and smiled, she had a beautiful
body and her pussy was also perfect. He opened up her already wet pussy and
moved his tongue into her pussy and started to lick her. Amali moved forward
so she could feel up Ricky-lee, Ricky-Lee smiled when she felt her breasts
being touched, she knew that it was Amali because of the touch, it was more
soft and more sensual then any guy could ever do.

Ricky-Lee opened her eyes and looked at Amali and down at Daniel who looked
like he was enjoying himself between Amali's legs. The girls moved closer
and started to kiss passionately as Ricky-Lee lowered herself up and down
Daniel's large cock. Daniel loved the sweet taste of Amali's pussy, he
started to feel his hands around her ass, so tight it was and he soon found
his hands near the opening of her ass.

Daniel's fingers was coated with Amali's juices and he started to push a
finger into Amali's virgin ass. Amali moved back as she felt the invasion of
her ass, she was just about to tell Daniel no but it started to feel good.
The different sensations she was feeling was new to her and she liked it.
Amali started to move her pelvis in a backward and forward motion with the
invasion of her ass. Daniel could feel something pushing into his back and
so moved his free hand down and onto the object that was pushing into him.
He brought it up and opened his eyes and noticed it was a vibrator. Daniel
thought for a second whilst still licking Amali's pussy and then realised
what he should do.

Daniel moved his fingers from Amali ass and put the head of the vibrator at
entrance and then pushed the head in. Amali initially thought it was Daniel's
finger again but then felt how big it was. Daniel pushed it further in until
t was about 5 inches in, Amali made a small protest by moaning out "no".

Daniel pushed the last inches in to Amali ass while he licked her clit
quickly. Even though protesting this invasion she started to relax and the
vibrator started to feel pleasurable in her ass.

At this point Ricky-Lee started to thrust herself quicker up and down as her
orgasm approached trying to get as much cock inside her, she started to moan
heavily screaming "yes" as the orgasm exploded like an atomic bomb as the
warmth radiated out of her body. Ricky-Lee looked down at Daniel and asked
him to cum in her, she wanted to feel his cum inside her pussy and she
started to move quicker and use her pussy muscles more. It didn't take long
for Ricky-Lee to get Daniel to the point of coming and he pumped up in a
final thrust and a stream of his cum unloaded into Ricky-Lee "Oh Yeah, give
me all your cum" Ricky screamed as she used her muscles to squeeze the rest
of the cum out of Daniel.

Ricky-Lee lifted herself up and moved off the bed and moved to the next
bed. Ricky-Lee laid down and moved her fingers around in her pussy and then
bringing her fingers to her mouth and tasting both her juices and his cum.

Amali was thrusting her pelvis backwards and forward with the thrusting of
the vibrator in her ass, Daniel was still licking her pussy and she was
having some small orgasms. Amali looked down and saw Daniel's, cock who was
not flaccid, Amali bent down and started to move her fingers around it.
Amali moved her mouth around it and started to use her tongue around the
head. The cock started to come to life and Amali started to lick more and
more of it. Amali was loving the flavour of cum and pussy juices left on
Daniel's cock and made her suck and lick Daniel's cock more hungrier.

Amali took the cock out of her mouth and looked at the prize cock in front
of her, she had never seen or felt a cock of this size before her. Amali
looked at it and new she needed it back inside her and jumped off Daniel's
face and was soon astride his groin and moved her hand between her legs and
onto Daniel's monster cock and brought the cock to her pussy lips and then
pushed it inside her.

The vibrator was still inside Amali ass and Ricky-Lee saw it as she watched
Amali moved up and down Daniels cock. Ricky-Lee got off the bed and moved
behind Amali ass and grabbed the end of the vibrator and started to thrust
it into her as the same thrusting Daniel was giving to Amali's pussy. Amali
was now super tight with both her pussy and ass full with a cock and vibrator
and she couldn't believe the sensations she was feeling and she started to
orgasm heavily. The more she screamed the more Daniel thrust up and when her
orgasm started to subside she took herself off Daniel's cock and Ricky-Lee
took the Vibrator out of her ass.

Both girls laid back onto the bed exhausted from the fucking they had
received but Daniel was still hard and he moved his hand to his cock and
quickly started to masturbate, knowing how his own body was like he got
himself close to orgasm and moved up the bed and then started to shoot his
cum over the girls body, cum shooting onto their breasts and their face
they both licked at the cum.

The End


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