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Summary: Set halfway through season 1 of Arrow, though no spoilers are found in the story. Moira Queen is pressuring her daughter into going to university so Thea gets her off her back by going for a campus visit.

Pairing: Thea Queen/OC

Codes: MF, Oral

Arrow: Thea's Recruitment Pitch
by The Chemist

"Oh good Thea, I was hoping I'd find you here," Moira Queen said to her daughter.

"It's morning so at the breakfast table was a good guess," the teenage Thea responded to her mother.

"Yes well, we need to talk," the older Queen said as she sat at the table.

"This can't be good," the younger girl replied.

"I'll get right to the point my angst-ridden daughter. I want you to attend a good school next year, more specifically my own alumni mater, or the school whether your father or Walter went to."

" apply in a month and we wait and see. My grades are okay but I have a bit of a spotted past," Thea said.

"Yes your well documented past means that a simple application won't do," Moira told her. "You have to go on a recruitment visit."

"Well I don't really want to so an application will have to do. Just buy them a library or something," Thea said as she began to stand up.

"You will go Thea," Miora screamed, slamming a fist onto the glass table top.

"Geez mom fine, I'll set one up," Thea practically screamed.

"Actually I've taken the liberty of arranging a campus visit for you at Starling University for this afternoon," the elder Queen told her daughter.

" knew you'd get your way," Thea said, almost hurt.

"Thea it's been a tough go for you lately but with Oliver's return there is hope. You've had your drug issues but it seems you are turning a corner and I want to get you re-focused even more. Starling is a top school where you would be surrounded by healthy minds that are good influences," Miora explained.

"And let me guess, if I refuse to go then my trust fund goes up in smoke," Thea said bitterly.

"Go for the visit. If you hate it, we'll talk about the future afterwards," she told her daughter. "Mr. Diggle has already been borrowed from Oliver to drive you."


"You have an hour to go shower and get dressed before you leave. Do well Thea," Moira said before leaving her daughter.

* * *

"Olivia, the President would like to see you," the secretary's voice said through the intercom.

"Okay, thank you," Olivia replied as she saved her computer document and headed out of her office.

Olivia was head of the student recruitment for the Starling University and had several recruiters who worked under her that searched the nation and secured the best and most well revered high school students to their school. However, after several poor classes, recruits were starting to reject Starling in favor of other appealing programs in Coast City and Bludhaven.

"Mr. Bridges, you asked to see me," Olivia said as the school president's secretary ushered her into his large office.

"Indeed Ms. Jeffreys. I've gotten a call today from Moira Queen, CEO of Queen Consolidation. Her daughter Thea is interested in our school, or rather her mother is interested for her. Regardless, she has a campus visit this afternoon and it is your job to secure her for enrollment. With her checkered history her mother will give generously to the university," the president explained.

"Of course sir, I'll get my best on this," Olivia replied, her mind working a million miles an hour.

"Good. Don't disappoint me Ms. Jeffreys. You wouldn't like it when I'm angry," Mr. Bridges told her.

"My God did he just quote a comic book character," Olivia thought to herself as she left his large office.

* * *

"Ms. Jeffreys? You asked to see me," Carlos da Silva asked as he entered the head recruiter's office.

Carlos was tall, dark and handsome and frequently asked if he was Antonio Banderos's younger, more attractive brother. He had started working for the school 5 years ago and quickly rose up the ranks, and was now the recruitment office's best asset, being used exclusively to secure their top targets. Either it was for academic, athletic or monetary purposes, Carlos more often than not got his man...or woman.

"I'll cut right to the chase since there isn't a lot of time. Thea Queen, yes that Thea Queen is scheduled for a tour this afternoon. Get her to sign a letter of intent by the time she leaves today and an awfully big bonus comes your way," Olivia informed him.

"By any means," Carlos asked with a smile.

"Yes, use that South American charm of yours to enchant the naive teenager. Other than that I really don't care. Get her signature. That is all, go study up," she dismissed him.

* * *

"And this here is the residence's weight room. Beats having to go outside in the cold if you just want a quick workout," Carlos said in his smooth South American accent that he played up as much as he could.

"What are you saying, that I need to work out? That I'm fat or something," Thea replied harshly.

"No miss, not at all. I was just..."

"Relax Carlos I'm just playing with you," the tall brunette said, stopping him mid-babble.

"Oh. Ha ha. Very funny," Carlos added as he tried to slow his heart rate back to its normal beats per minute. "So Thea, I've looked at your recent transcript, which are...good, combined with your recent charity work, which is very good."

"I know right. I was hoping that would catch some eyes. I'm gonna level with you though, I'm only here today because of my mom," Thea said as they continued their walk through the residence building.

Carlos was a little taken aback by her change in attitude. Thea had went from such a bubbly and flirty personality to now of one slightly colder. They had been laughing and frequently giving each other sexually innuendos but now the tall brunette's mood had change.

"Well if I may be 100% honest, I figured as much. You haven't seemed that interested in your academic future until very recently and I lied about your grades, which are barely good enough for university," Carlos informed her.

"Hmm, honesty. Cold and hard, I like that," Thea replied as a few different thoughts went through her head.

"However I can imagine you are the type of person who is head strong, which bodes extremely well as it typically means you won't stop until you get what you want" Carlos stated. "Now I have to ask, way marketing as a major?"

"It's what my father started out as and it's what really made me connect with him. We would sit and watch commercials or talk about billboards and what made them effective...or a complete waste of money," Thea replied.

"That's really sweet," Carlos said, which drew a big smile from the 18-year-old. "Now why don't I give you a viewing of one of the dorm rooms?"

"Perfect. Is a viewing all we'll be doing in the dorm room," Thea said, her flirty and seductive voice returning.

"Of course not Ms. Queen. We can also plan out if you want a 2 roommates or 4 roommates, if you'd rather be on a quiet floor and look over some meal plan options," Carlos said as the stepped into the elevator and went up to the 5th floor.

"Oh, okay. Sure," Thea said weakly as she felt embarrassed by being turned down after such a sexual offer.

"Ladies first," Carlos offered.

The tall, dark and handsome man used his key to unlock the door and let Thea in. The room was a classic dormitory with a large square room with a bed in each of the front corners, a couch in the back corner and a joining hallway at the back of the room that connected it to another 2-person room.

"Gives off that cozy feel," Thea said as Carlos gave her a quick once over of the dorm.

"You have floor co-ed bathrooms and showers located in the middle of the floor, a kitchen shared by the floor and laundry facilities in the basement of the complex." Carlos said as she noticed her attention dropping off. "Anyway that's the end of the tour. Any questions?"

"Now even though I'll likely stay living at home while attending school I would like to know one thing. How sturdy are the beds. I mean sometimes a girl likes to have company at night so are the mattresses able to handle two bodies?" Thea asked with an innocent look.

"I would assume so, yes," Carlos answered, smiling to himself. The whole afternoon the girl had been throwing herself at him mercilessly but he wanted to get her to the point of begging for it.

"Well that's good. It's not like I'm a slut or anything, but you know, I have needs like everyone else. Just like you have needs," Thea said as she gave him her sexiest look.

"Maybe something is getting lost in translation Thea. Are you hinting at something sexual?" Carlos asked, playing dumb. It was a huge turn on to him when the girl had to state her desire.

"I'm more than hinting Carlos. You're so hot and I want to ride the hell out of you," Thea said bluntly.

"Listen Thea. You're a gorgeous girl and under normal circumstances I would give my left nut to get with you but I'm employed by the school and if I get caught with a potential student then I'm fired." Carlos said to her.

"No one will ever know," Thea replied as the rubbed her bare leg along Carlos's khaki pants. She chose to where a short grey skirt today to show off her incredibly long legs and the Argentine ladies man was thankful for the view.

"It's too much of a risk. Then again I'm fired if you don't commit to Starling University," Carlos said, hoping to get her to commit to the school based on her raging sexual desire.

"How about this. You fuck me right here, right now and I'll fill out the paperwork to come here. That way even if anyone finds out you can wave the fact you got the heiress to a billion dollar company to come here so they can't fire you. What do you say," Thea asked with hunger in her eyes.

Tilting her face up to his, Carlos remarked on how beautiful it was, seeing her for the hot young lady that she was. She had the face and body of a supermodel, easily able to pass as a runaway model if she so chose.

Carlos didn't need to reply as he crashed his lips against hers. Every since he first met her that morning, Carlos desperately wanted to get with the tall brunette. Apart from having the had the face of an angel, she possessed legs that went on forever and B-cup tits that exhibited a good amount of cleavage in her low cut shirt.

As they kissed each other passionately, getting to know the ebbs and flows of the other person, Carlos ran his hands down her wavy, light brown hair that ended at her slender shoulders. Her hands started unbuttoning his collared shirt, but that didn't stop him from running his large hands over her smooth upper arms, left bare by her sleeveless shirt. He purposely let his palms contact her breasts, which were somewhat smaller than what he normally liked but what they lacked in that department they more than made up for in youthful perkiness.

"Let's see what we're working with," Thea said as she moved onto her knees on the carpeted floor.

Thea had his shirt undone at this point and ran her dainty fingers over the ridges created by his 6-pack abdominals. The brunette had his pants off in no time and bundled in the corner as his 8-inch cock nearly slapped her in the face as it was freed from his boxer briefs. Her mouth fell open as she saw the thickness it had and was nearly drooling at how much his rod would stretch out her tiny pussy.

Though in the recent few months she had cleaned up her act, or at least stopped doing drugs and driving under the influence, but Thea had taken out her angst in different avenues. Those avenues all converged onto sex, and the teen couldn't seem to get enough. Every since she first laid eyes on the recruiting officer, she knew she would do anything to get his dick buried firmly in her.

"Let's see if your cock sucking skills match your volunteering skills," Carlos jested while gathering her shoulder-length wavy hair and held it above her head.

"They don't. I'm much better with my mouth," Thea winked before getting to work.

"Get on your knees and blow me," he commanded.

Thea didn't exactly need instructions as she was already fully accepting of blowing the muscular man. She was kneeling on the soft floor of the dormitory in no time, being sure to come to rest propped up high, right in front of him at a height that left her face level with his long, thick cock. She wasted no time in getting started, opening her mouth wide and taking him inside.

The brunette wasn't joking as she set to work on Carlos. He couldn't believe that at only 18 years old that she was already this talented with her mouth. The recruiter tossed his head back and savored being on the end of one of the Queen heiress' well practiced blowjobs. She was a real pro with her mouth, easily one of the better oral sex performers that the rugged man had ever been lucky enough to experience.

"So big and thick," Thea complimented.

She had been done on her knees for 5 minutes already, but would have been happy to be down there all night. Currently her hand was lightly grasping and stroking his erect 8 and a half-inch cock, savoring the feeling of his throbbing meat. Her hand was able to glide quickly over his entire length aided by her saliva coating his shaft. She gave him a couple more strokes before parting her lips and taking his head into her mouth again.

Carlos's favorite kind of blowjob was a very throaty sucking with lots of saliva and gagging. In that respect, he and Thea were destined to meet. It turned him on beyond reason as each time his head poked the back of her mouth, the brunette would make an adorable noise and more spit would be spewed onto his raging boner.

"I bet a talented cock sucker like yourself has another special skill," Carlos said, looking down into her eyes as she continued bobbing on his length.

"If you mean deep throating then I've been known to be linked to some rumors about that in the boys dressing room at high school," Thea smiled.

Thea gave his cock a long lick from his base all the way to the tip then planted a soft kiss to the pee slit. Opening her mouth as wide as she could, she moved her head forward. Though Carlos could feel his cock entering her warm mouth he still looked down to take in the action.

He watched and felt as his bulbous head touched the back of her throat. It was usually at this point most girls coughed a little bit then rapidly withdrew his dick from their mouth, but not Thea. The brunette kept moving forward until his tip slipped into the tight confines of her throat. She continued to drive more meat into her mouth until her cute nose was buried in his trimmed pubic hair and her lips were wrapped around the very end of his pole.

"Sweet Mother of God," was all Carlos could groan.

Over and over her throat constricted around his cock while the room became filled of gurgling noises as Thea was giving one hell of a blowjob to the man 12 years her senior. The talented leggy girl had gone from slowly and methodically taking his entire cock into her throat to ramping up the speed greatly.

"Fuck yes, take that cock," Carlos swore as he pushed his hips forward.

The oral sex had shifted from Thea having full control to being a 50-50 split to now being fully in Carlos's court. His monstrous fist was gripped tightly around her wavy brown hair, holding her firmly in his control. He was dictating how fast and how much of his pole she was taking into her throat, which was all of it at a crazy fast pace.

Despite the oral sex taking up most of her brain's focusing ability, Thea knew she had to meet some other school officials so she couldn't afford to be messy. The hair would be a quick fix but she couldn't have drool all over her nice sleeveless top. She was still able to give the man a sloppy wet blowjob, but she had to spend a considerable amount of focus to continuously slurp back her own spit.

"My turn for some taste tasting," Carlos said as he hooked his hands under her arms and picked her up before walking her to the bed and throwing her down on it.

"Comfy beds. A girl could get use to getting fucked on it," Thea said as she felt her skirt flip up on her flat stomach and her panties removed from her crouch.

"You'll find that no other men can eat pussy like men from Argentina, especially nice teenage pussy like yours," Carlos said, his breath on her twat enough to get it even wetter.

Thea had lost the ability to anything but moan wildly once her South American lover started using his tongue on her snatch. She went from running her hands through her own hair then through his short black hair as he took her to new levels of pleasure. The way he used his tongue and fingers in unison was a perfect assault on her teen pussy, and in no time she was screaming his name.

Carlos always prided himself on his ability to get a girl off expertly with his mouth. Doing so was really the best way of getting referrals from the woman he had just bedded, and was great at building both repeat business and attracting more ladies since all females talked sex.

"Oh God that feels amazing," Thea moaned.

Carlos had alternated his tongue and finger once again so that now his wet muscle was buried deep in her pussy. Her juices were delicious, the 18-year-old tasting like a mix of honey and lavender, two flavors he couldn't get enough of. He repeated drove his tongue deep into her hole then would withdraw it so he could perform several long licks through her pink folds.

"You taste so fucking good," he grunted as he rubbed his hard-on.

Whatever she was going to say was drowned out by her own moan the second his tongue took a swipe at her clit. Seeing how successful it was the first time around, Carlos did the same thing except this time he dragged a finger through her folds, gathering juices. When lined up with her middle of her sex, he eased his thick digit into her twat and slowly began to fuck her with it.

"Oh...yes," Thea moaned, spreading her legs wider for him.

Knowing that she was lost in bliss of having her most sensitive body part repeated stimulated, he added a second finger into her loosening but still tight twat. It slide into her wet heat without issue, and after a few moments he had built up to a good pace of driving his index and middle finger in and out of Thea Queen's pussy. It's not like she was too loose, it was just that with her wetness he had no problems spreading her pie for his sensual purposes.

"Get up here and let me ride you," Thea demanded, as she was hornier then any other point in her life.

"Your wish is my command," Carlos replied as he flung himself down on his back onto the soft mattress.

Once his broad shoulders touched the bed, Thea had her leg swung over his thick torso. Using her hand to direct his monster cock into her delicate folds, she sat down once it budded against her opening.

"Man that feels good," Thea exclaimed.

It only took her a few moments to grow accustom to his width before she was easily gliding up and down his long rod. It helped that she was so wet as his thickness had her pussy stretched to the limit.

Using his strong hands, Carlos dictated how fast the younger girl rode him and even would hold her hips down and make the her grind his entire cock in her snatch. Over the past few years he had gotten use to the slightly looser pussies of women in the 20's but Carlos had always loved the tight feel of teenage snatch.

The didn't mind the older man taking control but she wasn't going to let him think that she was just some sex toy that didn't have her own plans and ideas. Wanting to switch things up while still being on top, the leggy brunette sat up taller and planted her feet on either side of his waist and lifting herself off his lap. Over and over she crashed down onto his shaft with more force and depth then ever before, much to the delight of the horny man, who was also getting off on the feel of her adorable bubble butt slamming down against his muscular thighs.

Since that time a steady stream of grunts and screams of pleasure were hurled out by both Carlos and the talented Thea. She was like no other girl Carlos had scored with, as her combination of long legs, youthful energy and surprising athleticism allowed her to pound herself with such force and speed, burying his cock in the heat of her pussy.

"Shit you're so ripped," Thea moaned, her fingers running along the grooves his ab muscles made.

Carlos was in constant war with his only brain, trying to figure out what to grope. For what to look at it was easy, his eyes were wide open staring at the bouncing girl's face, it was so angelic and had the sexiest look on it. Currently his right hand was reaching up to alternate squeezing her right and left boob, they were a good handful and he enjoyed tugging on her sensitive nipples, making them grow hard under his thumb and forefinger.

"Such a tight pussy," he grunted, using his left hand to lightly swat her impressive ass.

It took all his willpower not to have both hands kneading her surprisingly thick ass considering she was so slender elsewhere, as she rode him, but he prided himself on his ability to multi-task. It was only their first time hooking up so he didn't try to slip a finger into her crinkled starfish, a move he commonly performed with his regular hook-ups. For tonight he would satisfy himself with simple squeezing her booty, which was so round, so fleshy and oh so grabbable.

"You me," she squalled.

"Let's switch things up," Carlos said, swinging his legs up to get momentum before throwing them downward so he could get to his feet without ever leaving her vice-like folds.

Carlos used his strong arms to wrap around the thin girl and held her up by her fleshy ass as he bounced her up and down. The change of position had opened her up to a new angle that rubbed her in a new and different way, eliciting loader moans from the teenage heiress to the Queen fortune.

"Do me harder, yes, yes, yes," Thea screamed into her Latin lover's ear.

"Great idea," Carlos replied in his exotic accent.

Walking forwards with her still in his arms, Carlos pushed her back against one of the walls to get more power into his thrusts. Bouncing her in his arms was doing a fantastic job of holding off his orgasm as the strain in his biceps and thighs kept the pleasure from getting over the edge.

The same could not be said for Thea who was moaning and screaming louder and more regular than ever. Carlos knew exactly how to hold her and how hard to push into her to get the most pleasure out of the position as possible. His technique was flawless as he was simultaneously able to hit her G-spot repeatedly while rubbing her swollen clit.

"Oh fuck Carlos, I'm cumming! Don't stop, don't stop! Fuck me harder! Yes!" Thea screamed as her body was rocked by the best orgasm of her life.

Carlos knew her orgasm had peaked and that she was on her way back down when the grip she had with her arms and legs had loosened from his neck and torso. It had been 10 minutes already from the start of their standing fuck and now that Thea was dead weight in his arms was getting too tiring for the strong Argentine.

Taking the initiative, Carlos unhooked Thea's long legs from around his waist and dropped them to the floor so she was on the balls of her feet with her heels against the wall. They were standing toe to toe when Carlos started to thrust back into the leggy brunette.

"Oh my God," she screamed as the new angle was more abrasive than most positions. It was until Carlos started dipping his hips when thrusting into her that it went from discomforting to feeling good.

The new position did wonders for Carlos's energy level as once the extra weight was lifted from his arms he was able to drill into the teenager with more power. What the South American didn't realize was how close his own orgasm was approaching but at this point he welcomed it.

"I'm gonna cum," Carlos said with urgency.

He pulled out of her and without his support holding her up, Thea started to slink to the ground. She decided not to resist and let gravity run its course as she transitioned to sitting on her knees in front of her powerful lover. As she sat and stared straight ahead at his throbbing penis, Thea couldn't help but feel finishing on her knees made sense considering that this was where she started.

Seeing the girl waiting for his cum, Carlos moved the head of his cock to between for supple lips just in time. Blast after blast of salty liquid erupted from his dick and pooled in the young girl's mouth. Once he was certain nothing was left to come out, Carlos pulled out of her mouth and staggered backwards until his knees were taken out by the edge of the bed. He felt like he could have had another orgasm as he watched the tall brunette start gargling his cum before swallowing down the thick white goo with a smile plastered on her face.

"Very sexy," Carlos said after her latest display.

"You taste great!" Thea exclaimed as she scooped the few strands that were on the edge of her mouth back onto her tongue.

"I eat very healthy and that has a significant effect on the taste of your cum. Eat greasy food, have greasy cum. Eat healthy food, well, you know how that tastes now," Carlos said.

"So should I sign the papers now?" Thea asked, holding up her end of the bargain.

* * *

"Home please Mr. Diggle," Thea ordered as she stepped into the back of the waiting car.

"Yes Ms. Queen," the large black man said from the front seat. "How did everything go."

"I got exactly what I needed," she beamed.


"I got the school that will set me up for my future of course. Signed the papers and everything. Mom will have to meet them next week to finalize everything," Thea replied as they left campus and headed back to the Queen mansion.


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