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Category: Action

Summary: Kara missed Felicity at the party but somehow tracks her down just in time to stop a hitman from killing Felicity. Felicity puts two and two together, figuring out Kara is Supergirl (sees her stop a bullet or blur or something). End up having sex, maybe from the adrenalin and because someone Kara feels like she can trust has learned her secret (other than her sister). Kara hasn't been with a girl before so Felicity has to teach her like Sara had done to her earlier.

Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Kara Danvers (Supergirl)

Codes: FF, Oral

Arrow/Supergirl: Alternate Timeline Part 14 - Comfort
by The Chemist

"Man I needed that," Sara Lance said with a stretch.

No more than a few minutes earlier, both she and her lesbian lover Nyassi Al Ghul had been in an orgy with Slade Wilson and 2 of his associates while a party raged on in the next room. What made it unique was the two ladies had no contact during, as Sara entertained the 2 Russians while the one-eyed man took Nyassi anal virginity.

"Indeed, that was very enjoyable," the rather proper English-accented woman agreed. "However, where is your friend?"

Sara suddenly remembered that the whole reason she and Nyassi left their League of Assassins home base of Nanda Parbat and travelled to Russia was as a favor to her old friend Oliver Queen. The billionaire playboy had hired their services to act as bodyguards for Felicity Smoak, who he was using to lure his nemesis Maxwell Lord into a bad business deal that would cost the National City tycoon billions.

"Shit! She must have left while we were getting busy in the back," the blonde shouted. "And I have a message from Oliver. Apparently Maxwell Lord took the bait hook, line and sinker. And he's pissed since the authorities have already started their probe into the deal."

"And will likely look for swift retribution of Oliver," Nyassi added.

"Bingo. And attacking his little girlfriend would be a dagger in his heart. We need to find that nerd ASAP."

* * *

"Where the heck is she," Kara wondered out loud as she scoped the crowd of the party.

Kara may not have received an invitation for the private party, but that didn't stop the wannabe reporter from gaining entry. Rather than use her superpowers of speeding past the entrance or flying up to the penthouse, Supergirl fucked the bouncers who then let her in. However, that turned out to be for not as her mark wasn't even here.

When Oliver called her up to give her the scoop on an illegal deal going down between Maxwell Lord and Isabel Rochev, Kara was more than happy to be on the end of the call. It would give her a growing reputation within Catco plus she could help protect Felicity, the smokescreen in all this.

"How the hell can I protect someone who isn't even here," Kara thought.

Of course Oliver hadn't known she was a Kryptonian with superpowers, that was just an added bonus. For Felicity's protection he had apparently hired the two attractive women that Kara just watched duck into another room with Slade Wilson and two other men who worked for him. With her bodyguards obviously pre-occupied, Kara was determined to track down the blonde, starting with her hotel room which seemed the most logical.

But what was the best way? When there was danger Kara's instinct was to revert to her alter ego Supergirl and save the day that way. This was Russia and not National City so she could still use her superpowers but in a more covert way. After all, her cover could be blown if sightings of Supergirl were seen in Russia at the exact same time Kara Danvers, a National City citizen and the same place Supergirl patrolled regularly, was known to be there.

"Excuse me, washroom?"

The waiter pointed Kara to the back left corner of the party and the leggy blonde sought off in that direction at a trot. After checking to be sure no one was in the room with her, she looked the door behind her and opened the window. It would have been awkward for a human to fit out of, but Kara simply hovered parallel with the ground before flying out and into the darkened night.

Within seconds she was soaring high into the sky and out of eyesight so she could orientate herself. Felicity's apartment had been on the south side of the hotel overlooking the lake, which was roughly 100 degrees to Kara's left. She projected herself like a missile, aiming for the corner room on the third-highest floor then sucked tight against the brick wall. She was confident no one saw her and when she looked through the window she saw her target...and a man with a pistol pointed at her.

* * *

Felicity was happy that Oliver's plan was successful since Maxwell Lord was an awful person and Isabel's company was dirty. However, she didn't feel like celebrating, especially since the American billionaire had broken her heart. She wanted to go back to her luxurious hotel room and do the clique thing by mourn over a tub of ice cream.

Sara had warned her that she and Nyassi would be on break for only 20 or 30 minutes and stay where there were lots of people. The problem with that was Felicity didn't feel like she was in danger, and she didn't think she could stay another moment at this party. Besides, what could be safer than a room where she and her bodyguards had the only key.

"Leaving so soon Ms. Smoak," one of the bouncers at the end of the staircase asked.

"Yeah...bad sushi," Felicity lied as she rushed passed him and his partner.

The two men, who had a threesome with another American not so long ago, watched as the blonde with the big booty practically ran down the hallway before turning out of view towards the elevators.

"Tell the boss that his bitch is headed his way," the bouncer spoke into his walkie-talkie.

It was a short elevator down the two floors to her hotel room, and within 10 seconds Felicity had her cardkey swiped through the lock. The man who was watching her from the staircase waited for the door to be pushed open and Felicity to get halfway inside before he acted. Springing like a panther, the Russian closed the 15 yards in under 2 seconds in a soundless sprint.

As Felicity entered her room and threw her handbag onto the table, she had no idea that a man had stopped her hotel door from latching closed. As she walked further into the suite, the man known solely by his codename KGBeast silently closed the door behind. He stalked the gorgeous blonde around the corner into the living room, removing his pistol which already had his silencer attached.

"Felicity! Duck," a woman's voice cried.

Everything happened so very fast. KGBeast had the gun leveled with the back of the American's head, ready to pull trigger when he heard the warning. Milliseconds later the window to his right burst into thousands of pieces of shards by a woman in a party dress. As his finger pulled back the trigger, the mystery woman closed the distance in a heartbeat so she was now in front of the startled Felicity and literally caught his bullet in mid-flight.

"What the..."

KGBeast didn't have a chance to finish his cry before the gorgeous woman sped at him and fling him into the wall behind. He hit his head with enough force to be instantly knocked unconscious but not hard enough to kill him. However, with the headache he'd have in an hour, he would have preferred death.

"You...from the window...the bullet...I should be died," Felicity stammered, trying to make sense of the scene.

"You are in shock, sit down," Kara volunteered, trying to avoid the questions.

Felicity allowed her guardian angel to steer her towards the sofa and have a seat , which she sat next to her. The leggy woman introduced herself as a reporter from National City named Kara Danvers. Felicity was no idiot, in fact she was one of the smart people of her generation. Piecing things together in seconds despite the shock, the blonde's face change then she spoke excitedly.

"You are Supergirl! That explains everything," she blurted out.

"I think you are definitely shaken up," the girl replied as she straightened up her glasses.

"There's no ledge outside, and the balcony is on the west side of the room. You had to fly up here. That is an impacted bullet in perfect line where she sheltered me. That assassin didn't throw himself 10 feet in reverse to knock himself out. And Supergirl is from National City and you look like a nerdy version of her, a perfect, hiding-in-plain-sight disguise," Felicity explained in seconds.


"Don't worry, you're secret is totally safe with me...Kara," Felicity added and meant it. "What I don't understand is why you are here?"

"Following a story. Right now I'm only Kat Grant's assistant but I want to be a reporter. I got a tip that Queen Consolidated had a secret deal going down here and I figured this could be my big break," Kara explained, moving on as quickly as possible from her Supergirl discovery.

"Let me guess...Oliver Queen," Felicity stated, a wave of anger flashing across her cute yet beautiful face.

"Yup," Kara answered, a similar emotion striking her at the sound of the billionaire's name.

"You and Oli had a thing," the perceptive MIT grad asked.

"Yup...until he...with my sister," the wannabe reporter shared.

"What an ass," Felicity insulted.

Her last words made the other girl giggle, which was an adorable enough sound to break Felicity from her dark mood. She was suddenly aware of just how beautiful Supergirl truly was. Even with the thick-rimmed glasses to try and hide her identity, Kara had a model-esque face. Crime fighting was also good cardio apparently as the reporter had a fit body but the true highlight was her legs which went on forever, with her short dress luckily exposing a great amount of them.

"You just saved my life and I haven't even offered you a drink," Felicity offered, placing her hand on Kara's closest knee.

Felicity wasn't quite sure what was overcoming her but it felt right. She had never even kissed another girl until 6 months ago when Oliver brought her into his crazy world of sex. It happened in the back of a limo as he watched on as she and Sara Lance dyked it out. It was scary and she didn't know what she was doing...but it felt so right.

"Oh, actually I think I'm okay," Kara replied. "Actually I should probably be going. I'll take him with me until..."

The beautiful Kryptonian didn't have time to finish her explanation because Felicity had closed the small gap between them and put her lips on hers. The Starling City native puckered lips contacted with Kara's while she was mid-sentence. The kiss stunned Supergirl for the moment and that was all the personal assistant needed. Establishing control, Felicity opened her own mouth and lightly licked along Kara's pink lips in a move that made her shiver.

She didn't ease up just yet, instead Felicity pushed on. Well, rather she pushed her tongue past Kara's lips and slipped it into her mouth. The undercover reporter was still somewhat stunned by the aggressive nature so she offered no resistance, allowing the shorter blonde to trail a path along her tongue with her own wet muscle. Felicity continued to French kiss the woman until Kara snapped into the moment and slowly began wrestling her nimble tongue with her own. It was at this point that the MIT grad broke the kiss and sat back in her chair.

"Wow," Kara finally exhaled.

"Sorry. I hope that wasn't too forward of m..."

This time it was Felicity who was interrupted halfway through her sentence. Kara had apparently been tempted by the initial kiss and wanted more. The little blonde with the inhumanly thick ass was surprised her kissing had that much power, though she had been told by multiple lovers that she was good with her mouth.

"I haven't done this before," Kara said between kisses.

"I hadn't either until a few months ago," Felicity replied. "I'll teach you."

As the two newly minted lesbians continued their make-out session, Felicity couldn't help but think of the crazy girl-on-girl adventures she'd been on since first hooking up with Oliver Queen. There was her aforementioned first time with Sara Lance in the limo which continued upstairs in a threesome with Oli, followed by a threesome a few nights later with the gorgeous blonde and her soulmate Nyassi. Then there was a foursome with police officer Patty Spivet from Central City but the crowning jewel was actually having sex with her own mother, though she would take that to the grave with her before telling another soul.

"What does this mean," Kara suddenly asked, breaking the kiss but not moving very far.

Felicity couldn't help but kiss the sexually naive and confused girl, which she was finding a very effective way of silencing her. Running her hand through the other's long, dirty blonde hair, Felicity could feel the nerves and worry draining away from the Kryptonian.

"It doesn't need to mean anything more than two new friends helping each other over a mourning period about a boy," the blonde answered, which wasn't a lie at all. "I'm not normally into girls either, but with are too beautiful for me to not try and seduce."

Those words seemed to be exactly what Kara needed to hear in order to break the last of her will. Now that the cute and sexy superhero knew how Felicity felt about her plus that this was a way of getting over Oliver, she seemed a lot more settled than seconds before.

Ultimately Felicity's answer was what she needed to hear so Kara leaned back in and resumed making out with the girl she had just saved. She wasn't sure if it was just being with a girl for the first time but Kara felt a shiver run threw her when the small blonde's hands began roaming her perfect body.

"Mhmm," Kara moaned into the other girl's mouth.

Kissing the bisexual was exciting enough for the wannabe reporter but having Felicity slide her hand up her legs until it was under her dress was new and very exhilarating. With a new pep in her step, Kara felt her kissing change and become more desperate.

Felicity rid the signs as her partner started to press harder against her lips she rose higher up on her knees to keep the upper hand. She wanted to make sure that Kara knew she was in charge and from her higher position she caught the reporter's tongue between her lips and proceeded to suck on the wet muscle.

"Gotta keep pushing the pace," the Starling City girl thought as she bobbed on the first inch of Supergirl's tongue.

In one smooth motion Felicity moved both hands to Kara's neck and continued down until she pushed the straps of Supergirl's dress off her arms. With hands still on her shoulders, the MIT grad pushed her backwards until Kara got the hint and leaned backwards and by the time her head was resting on the arm of the sofa her dress was down around her waist with her tits exposed.

They were by no means large, but big tits on a girl as long and lean as Supergirl would have looked out of place. Instead they were a good handful with cute little nipples, already erect and looking a brilliant pink. Letting herself run off passion and instinct Felicity lowered her head and began sucking on one nipple while using her flat palm to press against Kara's pussy before rubbing it around in a big circle.

"Mhmm...OH My good," the superhero screamed.

Kara hadn't been with a man since her hook-up with Oliver nearly a month ago, so the feel of lips on her breasts and a hand on her pussy made her melt. Of course it helped greatly that Felicity clearly knew her way around a female's body, as a palm grinding against your pussy could be painful rather than pleasurable if it lacked a certain touch and tenderness.

The leggy first-time lesbian continued to moan as Felicity's tongue danced around one areola then the next. Meanwhile, Kara couldn't help but start to wonder why her more experienced partner wasn't progressing things, in fact she had gone backwards. She'd actually pulled her palm from rubbing over her sex and was using her fingertips to rub her flat stomach right where her dress was bunched.

Finally Felicity pulled her mouth away from her chest to say, "Tell me what you want."

The blonde's initial approach was to overpower her prey's mind, making so she was caught up in a tempest of desire. However, Felicity had called an audible and changed to a new tactic, in which she would push Kara close to the edge and hold her there until she begged for it. It was a move she'd have expected of Oliver or Sara, but she forgot about that for now.

After a pause Kara answered, "Awhh...fuck me. Please. Fuck me."

Once hearing that command, Felicity pounced like a starved panther on wounded prey. Her hands were no longer calm and calculated, but rather hasty, almost in frenzy. The blonde targeted the other woman's waist, more specifically her dress as she wanked it down Kara's legs that seemed to go on forever, taking her panties with them as well.

"What did you want me to do again," Felicity asked playfully while looking down at the other girl's nude body.

The blonde was just toying with the object of her affection now. After dragging her clothing down her sexy legs, Felicity traced her hands back up. Currently she was loitering on the woman's smooth calf muscle, and judging by the sheen coming from Kara's pussy she knew the light touching was having the desired effect.

"Please Felicity," Supergirl pleaded. "Just do it."

As Felicity slid her dainty hands further up her thighs, Kara responded by spreading her bare legs further apart. By the time the shorter girl had reached her groin, the Kryptonian was spread wide with her glistening pink slit opening up to greet her new lover.

The blonde lost her playfulness and got right to business now that her goal was in sight. HAving scooted her large ass back on the sofa, Felicity bent at the hips so she could lean her head between Kara's legs and took a good long lick of the superhero's length. Her taste was out of this world as Felicity had never tasted nectar so sweet so one lick was immediately followed by a flurry of more.

"Ohhh," Kara moaned in response.

Felicity surprised her partner when Kara felt small little kisses placed all over her sex. The blonde's lips started up at her clit, making her gyrate in her seat before traveling slowly downward until her mouth was directly over her opening. Felicity puckered again and kissed right above the opening, but this time she lingered and extended her tongue out until it had dipped inside Kara's snatch and lapped inside.

"Oh yes Felicity! Lick my pussy!"

The MIT grad had no trouble fulfilling this request as inside her cunt tasted even better than the juices in her folds. Felicity pressed her face as hard into the girl's groin as possible to drive her tongue even deeper, her nose squashed against Kara's finely cropped patch of fur.

Felicity took a quick second to swallow the juice her tongue had collected before pressing her lips back against Kara's pussy and sticking her tongue deep within her hole. The athletic girl took pride in how rapid she found her stride in pleasing another girl since she hadn't done it in a few months, which was like an eternity for the slutty bisexual.

"Damn you taste good," the shorter girl commented. "Like inhumanly so."

No sooner had the words left her mouth had Felicity dived right back in, drilling her tongue as deep as possible into Kara's sweet honey pot. The blonde was keeping her lover off guard by the constant change in her strategy. Now Felicity had switched from the slow and methodical approach to one of speed and power.

"Fuck," Kara screamed, a rare curse word from her.

When the superhero showed up in Russia a few days ago she had no idea that it would end like this. However Kara had no complaints, in fact at the present moment she had her head tossed back over the back of the sofa as her mound went from being teased to being crammed full of Felicity's tongue.

Felicity had no intention of letting her off the hook and recover from the sudden intrusion of a powerful tongue plunging the depth of her hole. The blonde used both hands to get in tight and hooked a finger from each into her opening.

Kara howled in pleasure again as her pussy was now filled with two digits rather than the tongue, but they were only used to hook right at the entrance and pull her apart as far as she could go. Felicity guessed the National City girl must not be very sexually active given how extremely tight she was, but that was only half of it, her Kryptonian heritage helped that as well.

"Oh my God...oh my God," Kara screamed.

The leggy dirty blonde was on cloud nine as the girl between her legs clearly knew her way around a pussy. Over and over Felicity made the superhero cry out in utter delight but Kara wasn't the only one enjoying themselves. The Starling City hottie was thriving working on her knees and licking out her twat, and Supergirl was more than happy to reap the benefit.

The blonde continued to dive her tongue deep into Kara and scoop out more of her essence all while her wet muscle found all the right spots inside Kara. The superhero was now a constant series of moans and screams, but they fell on deaf ears as no one else was in the room and the soundproofing in the villa ensured extra privacy.

"My God you are really good," Kara screamed.

Felicity could feel her partner's hands running through her hair as she aimed slightly higher and darted her skilled tongue against her clit. This released another torrent of inaudible appreciation from Kara, who had now used her free hand to run it through her own hair as well.

Kara had to remember not to pop the other girl's skull like a grape in her pleasure so instead she loved it off her head and just gripped her silky hair tightly instead. This was a good thing because Felicity used two fingers to drive deep into Supergirl's cunt at that moment while her trained tongue swirled at her clit, making her spike in arousal

"You like that," Felicity asked, coming out mumbled with lips pressed against velvety folds.

Felicity knew that the National City girl didn't need to reply as she continued to work from between her creamy white thighs. Kara was close and she knew it, but the blonde wanted to impart as much pleasure into the lesbian tryst as she could before allowing her the orgasm she was on a one-way path towards.

The MIT grad focused her attention to the task at hand like never before as she pulled her wet digits from her snatch. Felicity's tongue licked up and down the Kara's pretty pink pussy before she ultimately settled her lips on the clit. Screams followed but a whole louder and more urgent stream was released when she combined sucking and licking the sensitive nub with working her two fingers bank in and out of her tight twat.

"Fuck yes," Kara screamed again.

Felicity always beamed with pride hearing her lover's intense cries of pleasure. While still with Kara's clit locked between her lips with suction, she inserted a third finger into her extremely wet love canal without losing any of the speed or depth. The superhero's curvy body squirmed in response as the digits pumped into her super-sensitive pussy.

"Cum for me baby. Right on my little tongue so I can lick you all up," Felicity encouraged.

The phat ass blonde knew her new lesbian friend wasn't going to last much longer. Not wanting to miss a drop of her delicious flavor, Felicity switched up her mouth and hand so that her tongue was now buried deep in her opening while her fingers diddled her engorged clitoris. She couldn't take the risk in not sampling her cum if her ordinary juices tasted that good.

"I'm cumming," Kara shrieked. "Oh God YESSSSS!"

Felicity waited for her just rewards after hearing the scream and feeling the hands on her head tighten. Sure enough a tide of gooey honey came like a typhoon, coating the blonde's tongue. Felicity was right on hand to lap it up and devour the cum before going right back inside Kara for more of the treat.

"Well shit you're tasty," Felicity said, rocking back onto her heels.

"," Kara puffed from her reclined position on her couch. "My turn now."

"You don't have to reciprocate," Felicity told her.

"I know but I want to," she replied with lust in her eye.

"Good enough for me," the horny blonde said quietly.

Felicity would be lying to say that she expected the first time lesbian to go back down on her, but she supposed that Kara had enjoyed herself so much she wanted to return the favor. Though she doubted that Kara had much skill when it came to eating out another woman, she was definitely willing to put that hypothesis to the test.

Kara took another breath to recover before sitting upright and looking at the beautiful girl in glasses. This time it would be the superhero who initiated the kiss with a member of the same sex as she pulled in the full dressed blonde for a passionate kiss. Their tongues once again met in the space formed between their lips, all while Felicity felt fingers migrate down her back to her zipper.

"I am tasty, aren't I," Kara asked with wide eyes.

"The yummiest," Felicity replied to the still naked woman.

As Felicity was speaking she felt a familiar weight appear in the front of her body as her dress was undone and her tits became free. Much like Kara's her tits weren't the largest in the world but they were still impressive. A full B-cup that were perky, perfectly round and capped with a small nipple that was much like a cherry on top of a delicious sundae.

"It's a little cold in here apparently," Felicity mused as her nipples were rock hard.

Though she had no experience at this, Kara remembered what always felt good for her so she trailed a line of kisses along Felicity's jaw, down her neck, which made her coo loudly then finally arrived at the globes she sought. The dirty blonde didn't exactly have an affinity for sucking on someone's boobs but nonetheless she got her lips around one of Felicity's small nipples before she clasped on tightly and sucked while her free hand reached up and groped the other tit beside her face.

"You are so definitely sexy," Kara said while switching her mouth to the other breast.

"Mmhmm...duly noted...aawwhh," she moaned, presenting more of her tits to the boob-loving woman by arching her back even more.

Since her secret of being Supergirl was already out, Kara embraced the lesbian knowing and used her strength to lift Felicity out of her seat so she could pull the dress off her completely. Unlike her own pussy which was left with a trimmed bush, Felicity's was shaven bare and it was an extremely hot look on the nerdy yet beautiful girl.

While having her tits kneaded and licked felt good, Felicity was horny and wanted more. She also wanted to help the newbie out, however she knew exactly how to do that while maximizing her own pleasure. Rather than lay flat on her back, Felicity pulled away from the other girl and turned her back.

"That," Kara gasped as Felicity bent over and gave the full view of one of the best asses that was ever made.

"As much as I love some bum worship, didn't you want to try something," Felicity replied, hoisting her leg up onto the back of the sofa to give a view of her pussy.

Kara may not have known what she was doing but that was probably a good thing. Like a moth to the flame, the taller girl bent down while at the same time reaching her arms out. As she settled in position with her head kinked on an angle to get at Felicity's mound with her mouth, her hands rubbed then squeezed the blonde's massive ass in wonder and amazement.

It wasn't the most comfortable position as she was twisted like a rag but the moment her tongue touched Felicity's pussy, Kara's worry went away. It definitely tasted different than hers, less intense but her tongue was more sensitive so it had as much flavor as she could have imagined.

"Let's see what you...OH MY GOD," screamed the MIT grad as Kara reached her tongue out and flicked her clitoris.

The leggy girl was pleased with the huge reaction she got but she wanted to get a really good taste of the sexy blonde now. This time she craned her head further down in order to begin near her opening and licked all along her pink slit, finishing by flicking out at her clit again. She was greeted by another scream, much like when she did it again, however when she repeated the act to get another sample, much like she would do while tasting a wine to get an appreciation for Felicity.

Kara now had her taste and so she could really start going to work on her mouth-watering mound. She started by moving slightly outward from her tight pink hole so that she could lightly flick Felicity's pussy lips with his tongue. The superhero heard the blonde's muffled screams die down as this move didn't elicit a great deal of pleasure, but she was only just getting warmed up.

"Taste yummy...and this ass is so wonderful," Kara complimented between licks.

Using one of her hands, Kara pulled apart her pussy lips as the other hand ran up her torso to explore her naked body. Just as her small hand found Felicity's rounded tit and gave it a firm but sensual squeeze, Supergirl ran her tongue back along her inner slit. She felt the Starling City girl squirm and heard the familiar muffled moans as she experienced new pleasures once she clamped her lips around her exposed clitoris and repeatedly flicked it.

"Unnggghhhh," she screamed out against the arm of the sofa.

Kara returned to licking along her entire slit from bottom to top but this time deeper and faster. It was having the desired effect as now the blonde's body was thrashing with the pleasure that she was giving her. This move was really hitting its note but the superhero didn't want to become predictable and boring to the phat-bottomed girl.

Rather than staying with the status quo, the would-be reporter changed her tactic to something she was sure would drive her date even more wilder. Kara stopped swiping her tongue up Felicity's slit and instead sank down to the bottom of her wet track dipped her tongue into her hole.

"Holy crap you are really good at this," Felicity commented before smothering her face with the pillow once again.

Though she wasn't an experience pussy-licker, Kara could tell that she delivered great pleasure to the other girl as she felt Felicity thrust her hips back in an attempt to get him deeper into her pussy. As she continued to probe her wet pink cave with her tongue, Kara hoped that she was as good as some of Felicity's other lovers, but given the screams she was sure she was on the right track.

As good as things were going, great even, Felicity wanted something more. It was a risky move to pull, especially with someone so new to girl-on-girl action, but Felicity had found her body craving it since Kara started to go down on her. Allowing the newbie a few more moments of her own autonomy, Felicity cleared her throat and spoke.

" lick my ass."

"You...what," Kara asked confused, straightening up.

"My're doing so good and I'm getting close," Felicity begged.

To back her words up, Felicity stretched back her arm searching her Kara and finding her neck with her hand. She begged a little more in her sweetest grovelling yet still sexy tone and pulled the Kryptonian towards her phat ass, which was looking more and more tempting for Kara.

"I've never done this before," Kara conceded, allowing the girl to pull her forward.

"Just rub your tongue on my asshole," Felicity instructed, eager with anticipation. "It's gonna make me cum so hard."

"You have such a seriously cute asshole," Kara said without thought or filter.

The lean girl clutched her meaty cheeks in both hands and separated them apart and with her target in sight, Kara gulped down the last of her nerves, extended her tongue and used her broad muscle to lick over the rosebud before her. She didn't know what to expect but she could feel the crinkled opening on the tip of her tongue, which excited her.

"Oh...that feels so good," Felicity moaned. "A really good start."

Kara kept licking in her broad strokes over and over. She figured she must be doing a good job based on the fact the Starling City girl continued to moan and squirm because of her oral skill. Finally between groans Felicity kept telling her to keep licking just like that, feedback Kara was happy with and did just that.

Starting to get the hang of performing her first rimjob, Kara narrowed her swiping long licks down so that rather than dancing all along the crack she was now just using her tongue on her actual asshole. After another few laps she decided to do something new, licking over the hole so slowly that once she was dead center she narrow her tongue and crammed the first portion into her new friend's asshole.

"Yes Kara," the blonde screamed.

She found that her tongue could make a good amount of headway into Felicity's booty before her sphincter got too tight. Wanting to keep the more experienced girl pleased, Kara pulled her tongue out of licking her anal walls and went back to broadly lapping at her crinkled entrance.

"This is so hot! I can't believe I'm doing this," Kara stated.

"Why don't you try using your fingers to play with my tight little ass," Felicity instructed. "Wet your tips then rub it like a clit."

As Kara's teachers could back her up on, she was pretty good at listening to instructions and fingering someone's asshole was no different. She did as she was told by releasing her grip on Felicity taut cheek in order to lick and transfer a good deal of spit onto her finger then brought it down to rub around her backdoor, which drew immediate moans with renewed vigor.

"Put your finger inside," Felicity urged, a smile still plastered on her pretty face.

"If you want me too," Kara answered.

Felicity practically begged her to do it and Kara wasn't about to deny her that wish. She rubbed the center for another moment before going to the dead center and applying an easy amount of pressure. Within a heartbeat it opened up for her and Kara felt the odd sensation of a muscular ring hugging her digit..

Kara was tentative at first with just the first portion of her finger going inside just to the knuckle. She hadn't done this before so she was unsure of how much and how fast to go but Felicity encouraged her to keep going and loosen up so she starts going quicker then finally deeper.

Kara found that if she used the moans escaping her lover's mouth as a good barometer then she couldn't go wrong. When the noises started to quiet down she would either go deeper or fast until she found that not only was her fist smacking her tight booty but it was doing so with enough force to cause her ass to jiggle.

"Oh yes Kara. Doing great," Felicity told her, now rubbing her own clit. "Now add another."

"Does Oliver turn all girls into anal whores or does he just attract them," Kara thought, remembering the video of him sodomizing his sister and Alex loving every second of it.

Kara couldn't believe how wrapped up in the moment she was, never in a million years would she have thought she'd be fingering anyone's asshole yet here she was. She pulled her solo digit from Felicity's tight hole and bent down to lick her opening once more, getting it nice and slippery. Wanting the two fingers to go in just as easily as one, Kara pressed her middle and ring finger together before sucking on them both then pushing back into her ass.

"That's it, put two fingers in me baby," Felicity cooed with satisfaction.

Kara was a quick study especially when she had such a knowledged and well-versed teacher like she had with Felicity. With each passing finger plunge into the other singer's bum she felt more passion raising up in her like a phoenix from the flame. No longer needing the instructions, the leggy superhero was going on instinct now, dragging her slippery digits swiftly in and out, time after time.

"Can't believe I'm thinking this, but this is totally hot," Kara mused.

Supergirl was running on auto-pilot at this point, letting her subconscious brain take control of her actions. Truth be told it was doing a hell of a job in its role. With her fingers plunging into Felicity's anal depths, Kara had gotten into a better position behind the blonde so that her tongue could be used on her delightfully tasty pussy.

"Yes baby, lick my pussy," Felicity cooed.

Kara sure didn't need the prompting, in fact Felicity couldn't even offer the normally straight girl any suggestions as she was eating her twat like an experienced lesbian. She loved hearing the wet smacking noises coming from behind her as the Catco employee happily and greedily used her clumsy but eager tongue to please her. She didn't stop with her fingers in her ass either, which Felicity was happy about, but she demonstrated even more multi-tasking by looping her free arm around her leg so that she could rub her clit at the same time.

Though her technique could be refined, Felicity noted that the girl would only need another session in the bedroom going down on her to refine her skill. She was proving to be talented enough though, as the push to help finish the blonde off by rubbing her clit while still munching her cunt was exactly what the doctor ordered.

"OH God YESS," Felicity screamed out. "So...sooo...close."

Knowing she was now so close, Kara ramped up her efforts for the finishing stretch. The leggy hero took another chance and eased a third finger into her lover, which glided in without much trouble since she was so excited or else she doubted the three digits fingers would have fit together at the same time within her asshole. But now that they were inside, Supergirl pumped her arm to withdraw so only the tips were left inside the beautiful blonde before slamming them back into her swiftly.

Finally the combination of her ass getting plowed by three fingers that roughly equally the size of Oliver's erect cock, Kara's tongue in her snatch and her own digits diddling her clit became too much. She bit down hard on the arm of chair as the heat built inside her until it came crashing out, accented by a mighty bellow from her.

"OH YES," Felicity screamed loudly as she came hard.

As if the screaming wasn't a big enough sign that she had peaked, there was easily enough body signs to tell Kara. Immediately she felt Felicity's backdoor clamp down on her three pumping fingers, thereby restricting finger blasting her further. While being held in the vice grip by her asshole, the leggy hero felt a wave of fluid smack against her tongue as Felicity flooded her taste buds in her cum.

Kara allowed the blonde a moment of peace before withdrawing her dripping wet fingers. She was still surprised she was able to fit three digits into the curvy girl despite how meaty her ass was. That didn't matter as much since she was currently in heaven as Felicity's juices bathed her tongue in their sweet goodness.

"Fuck," Felicity swore once again before flipping over to sit down facing her new lover.

"Well I can see you're in good hands," Sara said from the doorway.

"Sara! Nyassi," Felicity shrieked in surprise as both she and Kara scrambled to cover their naked bodies. "How long have you been here?"

"Enough to know that you have learned much in the art of lesbian sex," Nyassi answered with a knowing smile.

"Your friends are kinda..." Kara started as she scrambled to cover herself.

"Forward, lacking barriers. Tell me about it," Felicity completed as she searched for her own clothing.

"Who is that man," Nyassi asked after scanning both naked women once more.

"An assassin that K...I totally took out myself," Felicity explained, trying to cover for Kara.

"Doubt it but I have a feeling you won't feel us the truth regardless," Sara retorted. "Get dressed, wheels up in 20 at the airport."

"Did you want a lift," Felicity asked her new lover.

"I have my own way back," Kara replied with a knowing grin and a wink.


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