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Summary: In order to get access to a party Felicity is at, Kara does whatever it takes (threesome with bouncers in hotel lobby). She chooses that option rather than flying up to the top floor of the party because she too knows of Alex's affair with Oliver and feels hurt, betrayed and self-destructive

Pairings: Kara Danvers (Supergirl)/2 Men

Codes: MMF, Anal, DP, Oral

Arrow/Supergirl: Alternate Timeline Part 12 - Reckless
by The Chemist

Felicity didn't know why she stayed watching the majority of the live action romp between Oliver and Alex Danvers. It was almost as if she needed to see their tryst to its conclusion in order to believe it. Oliver made her feel special and told her that she was the one...then less than 24 hours later he was getting his dick wet in some random slut.


So lost in her own thought Felicity headed straight to the door and opened it without even looking through the eyehole. She had forgotten completely that she was on a fairly dangerous mission where people may want to to hurt her to get the information she knew. However, Oliver fucking the National City woman was etched in her brain so she wasn't thinking right.

However, when she opened the door no one was there. "Hello," Felicity said, looking one way then the next.

If she hadn't thought about her perilous position before opening the door she was aware of it now. That two-timing asshole Oliver had set her up with top of the line protection...which hadn't shown up yet. Now she was worried that when these bodyguards did finally arrive they would find her mutilated corpse.

"Hi gorgeous," a female said behind Felicity as they tapped her shoulder.

"AWWHHH! Oh my God! Sara," Felicity screamed, first in fear then in excitement. "And Nyssa! You two almost gave me a heart attack."

"You were right lover, that was fun," the stern-faced brunette said to her lesbian partner.

"Not that I'm not totally happy to see you, but what are you doing here," the nerdy blonde asked.

"Ugh, a perfect example of this infamous Western world public school system I see," Nysaa said while rolling her eyes.

"Be nice baby," Sara lightly scolded before addressing Felicity. "Oliver contacted us and asked to protect you while here. Nanda Parbat wasn't too far and he knows no one could do a better job then two League of...well, that you would be safest with us."

Felicity didn't know quite what to make of all that information. Sara and Nyssa were the safest pair of hands she could be in? She supposed that the brunette's attitude alone would but off all but the most serious threats and Felicity also recognized that they were both in phenomenal shape. But what was this League she spoke of? And Nanda Parbat?

"I'm in MIT grad," she finally replied, insulted.

"Is MIT been keeping you up all evening? Because you look tired beyond belief," Nyssa commented.

"She's right Felicity. I was hoping to fuck your brains like old times sake, but you look exhausted. I'll mix you up some Californian poppy to help you sleep a few hours while we stand guard," Sara said, playing peacekeeper.

"That would be great," Felicity replied, feeling as tired as she was sure she looked.

* * *

Kara flew around the skies of the Eastern Hemisphere high enough to not be detected by radar. Which essentially meant she left the stratosphere and cruised around in a 0 oxygen environment. It helped her clear her head but she was still unable to come to terms with what she saw.

"How could Alex do that to me? I told her all about Oliver," Kara thought.

Supergirl did suppose it was probably only a one-time thing with the Starling City billionaire, but it was the point that she had him first. She staked her claim on him and Alex knew there was an unspoken code. The were sisters after all, sisters didn't fuck each other over like that.

"Ugh," Kara screamed. "Well I should go check in my job assignment.

* * *

The trio consisting of Kara Danvers, Sara Lance & Nyssa Al Ghul were nearly bored to tears over the next 8 hours. They followed Felicity around all day, Supergirl from more of a distance, but it was as uneventful as it could get. Felicity was given a walkthrough of several warehouses and plants then was shut up in an office for the rest of the time reading through paperwork and inventory checklists.

"I want to pluck my eyes out," Sara groaned as they waited inside the room with Felicity.

"And...done ladies," Felicity said after reading through the last of the pages.

"Ms Smoak, you rang," Slade Wilson asked as he entered the room.

"Yes," Felicity agreed after hitting the intercom. "We are all done here. I'll send a message off to our lawyers to expect your offer for Oliver to sign first thing tomorrow morning. Russian time of course."

"Excellent. I'll forward along this information for Ms. Rochev. However, with your role in all this finished, I would like to invite you to the party we are throwing in your honor," the Australian shared. "And keep in mind it would be rude to say no since it is for you after all."

"Oh well yes. I'd be...yes I'll come," the blonde stammered.

"Great. I'll send you the information but it'll be at 10. Your limo is waiting to send you dress shopping if required," Slade said before turning to face the two other women. "And of course you fine creatures are invited."

"We'll see you there stud," Sara answered for them, giving the muscular man a wink.

"Guys, I really don't feel like partying tonight," Felicity told her two friends once they were on their way to get ready for the party.

"You have to go Felicity so it'd be best if you enjoyed it. Oli messaged us and said that Max took the bait and has liquidated a large sum of his money to hijack the deal. So you have to pretend like everything is kosher so neither Isabel or Max get suspicious," Sara explained.

"Ugh...fine. Let's go get ready then," Felicity begrudgingly agreed.

* * *

Kara waited until the party was started for an hour before she walked into the hotel and took the elevator to the penthouse floor. Getting off, she turned right and walked down the hall into a larger waiting space, which was luckily empty except for two big men blocking the staircase. The staircase that led to the party that had a sign saying private function and invitation only.

"Stop. Invitation only," one of the burly men said, stepping into Kara's way.

"I need into that party," the dorky-turned-gorgeous Katco employee replied shortly.

"Net," the other massive guy guy said no in Russian.

Kara had several ways she could play this. She could simply go outside the hotel, fly to the top floor and enter the party as if nothing happened but she found flaws with this. For one, that would be security up there that could see her use her powers or check for an invitation up there and she'd be in the same boat.

Or she could simply knock these men unconscious. God knew she was angry enough to do it, however her own morality prevented this. These men hadn't done anything wrong and were simply doing their jobs. They didn't deserve to take a beating. Which left her with a third option. Under normal circumstances she wouldn't have entertained the very idea, but she was hurt, wanting some type of revenge and wanting to prove herself to Kat Grant and if she didn't have to use her Kryptonian powers to do so then she'd feel more legitimate.

"I have an invitation," Kara stated. "If I didn't, would I know that this party is for Felicity Smoak?"

"Let us see it then," the one named Boris grunted.

"Come and get my invitation," the blonde replied.

The two men watched as the girl in the little black dress complete with black stockings walked to the wall nearest to them and turned so they had a view of her ass. Her legs went for days and ended at a fit ass that wasn't huge but was tight, round and firm. Grabbing the bottom of her hem, Kara slid the dress up onto her lower back to give the bouncers a view of her tight tush in her matching black thong.

The Russians were beside her in a heartbeat, their greedy hands rubbing the smooth skin of her ass. She felt them dig their fingers into her meaty flesh of her bottom and loved how they were so enthralled by her body. Roughly one grabbed her shoulder and spun her around so her back was against the wall and hungrily found her lips with his.

"Mmm," Kara moaned into the kiss.

While she and Boris kissed, Timo was busy lifting her dress up over her head to expose her extremely perky tits to the empty waiting room. Not wasting another second, the bald Russian bouncer lowered his head and took turns sucking on one nipple before swapping it with the next. That got Kara moaning, and she moaned even louder when her kissing partner slipped his hand in her panties and began rubbing her snatch.

"She's so fucking wet," Boris said to his friend as he began sliding a finger into her gushing mound.

"And these tits are so perfect," Timo added before his lips sealed around her left nipple and suckled at it.

"How about you two drop your pants and let me have some fun," Supergirl demanded.

"You wanna suck this fat dick," the bald bouncer asked with her hand already rubbing over his groin.

"Mhmm yes...that's what I'm here for," Kara retorted. "You too."

Both men regrettably pulled their mouths away from the nerdy yet hot blonde, who was showing none of the internal dilemma she struggled with much of the day. They watched the very attractive girl lower herself to the carpeted ground to get onto her knees in between them as they both sought undoing their pants. By the time she had gotten into position between the two men they had undid their pants and slid them down their legs, standing naked from the waist down.

With a Russian cock equipped in the palm of both hands, Kara stroked them both with the friction of her hand on their smooth shafts. They were both well hung with Timo on her right being longer at 9 inches but Boris possessing the thicker manhood. Either way, they would both be able to give her the sexual satisfaction she was craving.

Kara finished pumping their cocks a few more times before she leaned in closer to the man on her left and opened her mouth wide. She didn't need her super hearing to pick up the large man swear in Russian upon feeling her warm, wet mouth seal around the first third of his erect member.

"Fuck yeah," he groaned as Kara started to ride her lips along his shaft.

Kara had never participated in a threesome as she chose to have relations with men only ever one at a time. However, tonight she needed to feel wanted and two men would accomplish that better. Shifting her attention back to the task at hand, the Kryptonian sucked on his sensitive tip while using her skilled tongue to swirl over the bulbous surface, paying particular attention to his piss slit, which was already starting to leak pre-cum.

Wanting to show she wasn't a one-trick pony, the beautiful sandy blonde girl removed her mouth from his cock in order to run her tongue over the length of his shift all the way down to his ball sack. The millions of wispy hairs tickled the inside of her mouth as she took both nuts in her oral orifice and licked them gently with her tongue before lightly spitting them back out and continuing to glide up the other side of his cock and back to his tip.

"Don't forget about me too. I got a hard cock as well," Timo told her.

Kara bobbed her head a few more times up and down Boris's dick before looking over at Timo who was completely hard from her handjob alone. Simply turning her head the complete other direction, she captured his fleshy member in her fist before leaning in and enveloping half of his bulbous tool into her skilled mouth.

"Oh fuck yeah," he groaned in response.

Already with her plump lips wrapped around his cock, the gorgeous Katco employee went to work bobbing along his length. Timo merely grunted in response to her work, reaching down and holding the sides of her head as it glided towards his ripped abs then further away. Despite the fact it was his friend getting sucked off, Boris couldn't help but watch the talented American do her thing.

With Timo's dick now richly covered in her spit, she used her hand to stroke his entire length while turning her attention and mouth back to Boris. This time she nearly had to unhinge her jaw but she succeeded in getting her lips past the tip of his horse-sized cock and down a few inches of his lengthy shaft.

"I give this American credit. For what she lacks in technique she more than compensates for with hard work," Boris critiques about the kneeling girl's skills.

"Thanks...I think," Kara replied confused.

Her thought was broken when she felt Boris's massive paw of a hand clutch the back of her head and coil some of her long golden hair into his fingers. Forcibly, but not painfully, he encouraged Kara to turn her talented mouth back towards him and his eager erection. Knowing that resisting wouldn't be good for anyone, the horny Kryptonian shifted 180O in order to face the bouncer. With her mouth still held in a perfect O from her exploits on Timo's member, Boris pulled her face quickly towards him and slammed his entire length into her unexpected mouth.

"GGLLLAAHHH," Kara choked as she felt her eyes well up in tears.

Although Kara did have the ability to deep-throat, another gift from living on Earth in the presence of the yellow sun, the suddenness of the action caught her by surprise. Luckily she was able to react and stop herself from throwing up and only just gagged as the brute held his fat cock in her throat while also stopping any of the tears from spilling out of her shut eyes.

"Oh fuck that feels great," Boris groaned while continuing to press her so tight that her nose was buried deep in his thick bush of greasy pubes.

"Man let me have a turn with that," Timo chimed in.

"One minute," he replied.

Relaxing the pressure on the back of her head, Kara was able to pull free of his cock and take in a deep breath of fresh air. However, before she could regroup, Boris quickly pulled her towards him again, slamming his 8 inches of thick meat back down her throat in one swoop. Kara was better prepared for it this time so having her throat forced open hurt a lot less the second time around. Knowing he didn't have much longer with the gorgeous girl's mouth, Boris held her for only a second before taking her off his cock. He fucked her face a couple more time in quick succession before releasing her hair from his fingers and letting his friend take over.

Timo noticed that Kara's face was now quite red but that didn't stop him from wanting to fuck her throat. Stepping ever closer to the emotional hurt assistant-turned-reporter, Timo lined up the tip of his cock with her mouth and gripped her on either side of her face. Kara knew exactly what was coming so she swallowed down a couple last breathes, opened her mouth wide and tried to relax her throat as best she could. This time he held her face steady and pumped his hips forwards to bury his cock completely into her mouth and down her gullet, once again until the pretty girl's nose was enveloped in thick pubes.

"Oh man I wanna fuck you so bad right now," Timo said, releasing her face.

"Best idea you've had in months," Boris replied with a gleeful smile.

Kara was once again allowed to have the sweet taste of fresh air as both men stepped back from her and helped her to her feet. Luckily no one had yet to walk in on them fooling around in so public of a place and now they were gonna roll the dice once more. Using the sturdy table beside them, Timo used his strength to bend the superhero over and rest her perky tits on the wood surface.

"Such a firm little ass," the bald Russian said with a slap to her booty.

Pushing her legs a little wider apart, Timo was now at the perfect angle to fuck the gorgeous Kryptonian from behind. Taken his rock hard cock into his hand, he lined it up with her extremely wet pussy and pushed into her. The girl was very tight but the naturally lubrication helped his passage and he was soon pumping half his length into her in hardly any time.

"Mmmm," Kara moaned as jolts of pleasure shot through her thin body.

Boris allowed his friend to get a good rhythm established before joining back in on the threesome. Now standing at the opposite end of the table directly in front of Kara, he grabbed the back of her head once again with the other hand clutching his member. The horny girl needed no further instruction and gladly opened her mouth to take him inside her, now getting used for pleasure at both ends of her fantastic body. It was hard for her to focus on giving the bouncer head while she was getting so thoroughly fucked from behind like a dog, but she still was able to wrap her lips around his head and suck on him like a lollipop.

"My God you have an amazing ass under this dress," Timo complimented as his hands kneaded her thick, curvy butt.

"Well thank you," she said before getting her lips wrapped back around the thick cock dangling in her face. After another few pumps into her pussy with each time his cockhead rubbed her G-spot, Kara couldn't help but peel her mouth off the other's dick and compliment her competent lover. "Oh my gosh...this feels so good!"

As Timo settled into a thumping rhythm that caused her cute little ass cheeks to ripple due to the force, Kara was still very busy on her other end. The Kat Grant's personal assistant had her mouth formed in a perfect O around the older bouncer's massive cock as he placed his hands on the back of her head to help her take more into her mouth since her attention was naturally distracted.

Back behind her, the shorter of the two men gave her ass a hearty slap on both sides with his rough hands. The result was two handprints to form on her somewhat pale skin, not to mention the extra sensation of her tongue vibrating on the underbelly of Boris' meat pole. Hearing her moan as he spanked her filled him with even more lust, forcing him to grab her curvy hips and spike into her twat with even more urgency.

"Careful friend, at that rate you'll bust before long," the bouncer called out, at which point Kara grinned back at him as she looked over her shoulder.

Timo blocked their words from his mind and continued his relentless hammering into Supergirl's snug pussy. She was tight around his dick but loose enough to still take him at his top speed and for him to go as deep as he wanted, which was as much as possible. He loved the smacking noise of his skin on her ass and the way her booty clapped and bounced from the thudding.

"How about you share with your comrade," Kara said to the burly man.

Even though Timo would have preferred to not stop fucking her tight pussy until he came inside of her, he also know that Boris was only being nice by waiting this long without complaint. Playing ball and being a team player, the bald Russian pulled out of the pretty undercover reporter, noting how much his cock glistening in the lighting due to him being thoroughly coated in her juices.

The moment his cock exited Kara, Boris was on his feet and pulling her behind as he walked to the sofa in the waiting area. Throwing himself down, he wanked the tall blonde down onto his lap where she was instantly straddling his waist. Reaching between her long legs, the gorgeous but nerdy girl sank down until the second cock in as many minutes forced itself inside her tight cunt.

"Damn that's one wet pussy," the bigger of the two commented as his tool disappeared completely inside Kara.

Back on her knees, Kara used her leg strength from years of football over in England to rise and fall on Boris's cock, all while he pawed at her magnificent ass. Her seemingly near endless energy made her ideal for riding a dick and the bouncer was more than willing to sit back and let her do all the work.

"Ohh yea...fuck my pussy," she begged.

"Perfect. Now we can actually start fucking," Boris grinned.

Leaning down and arching her back Kara did just as he suggested and started to thud her amazing ass onto his lap with greater force. Boris lifted up to capture one of her pokey nipples that were dangling right in his face as he simultaneously drove his hips upwards, spearing into her as she crashed down.

Timo let the impressive girl get use to his fellow bouncer's cock before he rejoined the fray. Walking to the side of the couch nearest the bouncing girl, he bundled up her wavy blonde hair to let Kara know he was nearby and ready for her to start multitasking.

"Is that...mmm....for me," Supergirl asked as her lips were already prepared to wrap around his pussy-flavored cock.

Kara was now better able to please both her partners this time around and despite bouncing on Boris's fat cock, she was still able to suck on Timo's member, thriving especially on cleaning her own pussy juices from him. It wasn't the most elegant blowjob that she'd ever done due to all the riding, but it was more than pleasurable enough for the hulking bouncer.

"This American is a talented whore indeed," Timo commented to his comrade, who nodded in agreeance.

Remembering back to the sex video she watched starring her rich crush and her very own sister, Kara felt the jealousy boil inside her once again. She sought the companionship of men tonight, taking on two instead of one to better Alex, and now she was going to raise the ante on her once again.

During Oliver and Alex's fuck session, the billionaire heir of the Queen fortune had sodomized Kara's sister. And she loved every second of it. Although Kara had never done anal before, she was a super being and thus knew she could handle it. And not only had she decided she would take a cock up the ass, she'd do so with Boris leaving her.

"Come around and fuck me," Kara instructed the man she was blowing.

He was eager to comply and walked around behind her, ready for his friend to pull out. However, as Boris tried to push the younger woman off him, she resisted and stayed buried in his lap. Boris went from being upset for having to stop plowing her wet pussy to suddenly confused. Understanding finally dawned on him and he relaxed his arms.

"Same time," he asked to confirm her intentions.

"Same time," she agreed before licking her fingers before smearing the spit around her virgin hole.

In one fluid motion like they did it all the time, Timo pressed his hand into her back and caused Kara to rest her jiggling tits on his comrade's chest while Boris used his hands on her rump to pull her plump cheeks apart. With her asshole better revealed and even gaping under the strain, Timo moved closer then pressed his tip against the center until it gave way.

"Ughh...," Kara groaned as the first 3 inches of his healthy-sized cock was buried in her ass for the first time in her life.

"That's it. I'll take it easy on you since you seem so innocent," he instructed while Boris also slowed his hip thrusts to crawl.

Not wanting to be babied, especially since she was trying to best her adoptive sister as well, Kara threw caution to the wind. Wiggling for now, she swayed her ass side to side. It didn't make her take anymore of his manhood in her ass but it did make it move around inside her and test for discomfort. Sensing none, she began to rock back and forth and found that grinding on the cock in her pussy still felt really good.

"Mmmm...yeah," Kara moaned.

She expected sodomy to hurt more than this, but she didn't know if maybe her Kryptonian physiology stopped that or if it was the cock in her pussy that was pleasuring her enough to block out any discomfort. Whatever the reason, Kara was happy about that and used her arms to press against Boris to simultaneous ride up and down on his cock and push back against the dick pillaging her asshole.

"Yeah how's that ass feel babe," the fully dressed bouncer asked.

"Oh yeah come on! Fuck my tight ass," Kara replied, swearing in a rare instance.

Timo loved fucking a girl in the ass and Kara's was no exception. Her ring was very tight but still had enough give to it that allowed his condom-less dick to pass into it without much trouble. Her pussy juice and saliva from earlier was proving to be all the lubrication he needed as he now how almost his entire 9 inches pumping into her rump while he kept increasing the speed as much as he could.

"Let's see Alex try to take two penises at the same time," Kara muttered, thoroughly impressed with how slutty she could become with the proper motivation.

The two bouncers smiled as they worked in unison. Boris wasn't able to thrust up into her pussy with as much speed now but he was still able to push his entire length upwards. Timo timed it that every time his friend pulled his huge dick from her cunt, he would thrust his tool into her ass.

"Maybe next time you invite this Alex and we see if she can," Boris asked from underneath the nerdy yet beautiful girl.

"Ew! Gross! Alex is my sister," the blonde huffed. "Plus I hate her right now."

With the personal assistant now able to handle both their full lengths, the friends ignored talking to her and decided to hold nothing back. With a near constant chorus of positive moans, the Kryptonian was rocked back and forth on the sofa as the man behind her plowed her ass while Boris poked up into her twat.

What made it all the better was the innocent-looking Kara's willingness for more. With a hand on the burly man's chest and the other on the back support in front of her, the Katco employee used her arms to push back against Timo while she rocked her hips to grind down on the bigger man's tool.

"Don't stop. You're gonna make me cum," Kara nearly screamed as the thudding of their body was drowned out by the music upstairs.

"Do it you American slut," Timo demanded.

With Timo on his back fucking up into her pussy and Boris kneeling above her slamming his entire length into her tight ass, Kara was in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn't express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

"Oh God it's so good...OHHH....MYYYY....GGAAWWWDDD," Kara screamed as she reached her climax.

The Kryptonian reaching orgasm was also the beginning of the end for her two Russian lovers as well. With Kara propped up on Boris and now shaking plus rocking her lithe body violently from cumming, it brought no sensations for them. It also didn't help their stamina when both her holes clamped around their cocks with the express purpose of having them shot their wads inside her.

"Fuck it. Need to cum now," Boris finally announced.

"Me too," Timo added.

Kara may have been on the high of her own orgasm, but she clearly heard both men declare their intentions. Having no idea if her alien body could get impregnated by humans, she was in no mood to find out that tonight. Not wanting to risk using more force by accident and send poor Timo flying across the room, she found her voice.

"Cum on me...just not in me," she added.

Timo gave one or two last thrusts deep into her anus before pulling out of her completely and standing on the floor. Out of reflex, Kara rolled off of the other bouncer and got on her knees right in front of the powerful Russian thug. After one or two pumps with his fist Timo took aim and shot his load towards her waiting mouth. With lips already parted and ready for his gooey reward Kara caught every last drop of his salt load and swallowed it down gleefully.

Realizing that he never got a chance with Kara's backdoor, Boris was going to remedy that even if only for a brief time. Once Timo had exhausted himself in coating the American's adorable face, Boris pushed her back to the ground so her ass was up while head and shoulders rested on the floor.

"Ugh," Kara yelped as her bowels were forced back open.

He knew that he was only going to last seconds but that was unimportant to him. What was important was the fact that he was sodomizing the innocent looking American whore who had marched up and practically demanded that they fuck her. Going with all his effort, Boris was a blur had he moved his massive body behind reasoning to relentless slam his cock into the indestructible girl's dirt road.

"Shit... need to cum," Boris warned. " it comes...ugh."

"Mhmm...yes...cum in my ass," Kara answered as their sweat covered bodies continued to slam into each other.

All Boris could do was tightly clench Kara's wide hips and quickly stroke his cock into her spit-lined asshole for the last few seconds. Tossing his head back, the Russian buried himself in the younger girl for the last time before blasting several streams of thick warm cum into her rectum. He held himself still in the depths of her bowels until his love gun had emptied at which point the exhausted man withdrew, leaving his sticky reward deep in her asshole.

Feeling the big man leave her rear, Kara took a few moments to catch her breath before standing back up. Seeing a mirror on one of the walls, the Kryptonian straightened out her dress before using her reflection to tidy up her hair. Luckily her make-up wasn't smudged and the cumshot she took to her mouth didn't get on her face.

"Told you I had an invitation," Kara said, leaving the two fuck-tired men below as she ascended the stairs.

However, her sexual exploits proved to be for no use other than to make her feel superior to her sister. By the time she reached the party above, Felicity Smoak was gone. All the remained behind was her two bodyguards, Sara and Nyssa if she heard correctly, who were dancing with some men including a massive man with an eyepatch.

"I should probably go check in on her. She seemed as upset with the sex tape as I did but she can't protect herself like I can," Kara thought, knowing that Maxwell Lord would love the chance to strike out against Oliver by attacking his sexy blonde plaything.


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