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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, but has it's own continuity.

Keywords: Anal, BDSM, DP, FF+, Rim, Toys

Arrow: Stuffed Canary Part 12
by MTL ([email protected])

"Who's that?" Sara grinned happily.

"Oh, that's Jesse." Iris said dismissively, before she noticed the gleam in Sara's eye, and she said warningly, "Sara..."

"Introduce me." Sara grinned.

"No." Iris protested.

"Now." Sara said firmly.

"She's just a kid." Iris pleaded, before Sara gave her a look and then she stomped over to her friend while sighing, "Fine... Sara, Jesse... Jesse, this is Sara Lance."

"Hi." Jesse beamed.

"Hi." Sara grinned wickedly.

* * *

A short time later...

Jesse Wells, a.k.a. Jesse Quick, knew this was weird and wrong, and knew she should probably run away at her top speed, which thanks to her training was the speed of sound, but then again she should have done that when multiple women started hitting on her. Instead she had laughed and flirted back, thinking they were joking, only to find out they really, really weren't, and even though that initially totally stunned her into silence she couldn't deny it was intriguing. Especially when flirting turned to caresses, whispered promises and then finally kisses. Oh God, especially when it turned to kisses, as the second the lips of Nyssa al Ghul were pressed against her own Jesse just melted.

That kiss had lasted several long minutes, which felt like several long hours, and then the deadly assassin had moved away from her and only be replaced by another, Sara Lance, who had been flirting with her almost as much as Nyssa. The two of them then took it in turns for quite a while, before Felicity Smoak joined in the fun, eventually followed by Laurel Lance and Thea Queen, although it was still the two former assassins which kissed her the majority of the time. They were also the ones to start sliding their hands over her body, barely wasting any time in squeezing her boobs and butt. Then all of a sudden it seemed to be over, and Jesse was left feeling disappointed.

Even though it seemed highly improbable that all these women wanted to do was make out a little and then kick her out of their hotel room after they went to all the trouble of coaxing her there Jesse didn't want to take any chances and opened her mouth to complain. However before she could even get a syllable out Nyssa started to remove her jacket, causing Jesse to stop in her tracks and wait. Which was agonising for a Speedster, but it turned out to be worth it as agonisingly slowly Nyssa al Ghul stripped herself naked in front of her, revealing her flawless body. Then the other women followed suit, and suddenly Jesse was surrounded by naked women she was just itching to be able to touch.

"Wow..." Jesse mumbled, lost for words.

"If you would like to leave, now would be the time." Nyssa purred, quickly adding, "But I promise, if you stay, we'll make you feel things you could have never imagined."

For a few long seconds Jesse just stood there staring at them, then she groaned and removed all her clothes in a flash, prompting Sara to grin, "Good choice."

Before Jesse could ruin it by saying something dorky Sara grabbed her waist and pulled her in for another kiss, this time bare flesh touching bare flesh, and wow! Jesse had loved the feeling of their bodies pressed against each other when they were wearing clothes, but this was even more thrilling. So much so she almost forgot to kiss back, but luckily for them Sara Lance would not be denied, and she effortlessly coaxed Jesse's lips and tongue into action in a way no one else ever had. Then instead of moving away completely Sara moved down to her neck while Nyssa moved in for another kiss, giving Jesse her first experience of having two people worshipping her at once. Which would hopefully be the first of many tonight.

Sara was determined that it would be, and she knew her other lovers were just as determined, especially Nyssa. And why wouldn't she? She'd called dibs. That meant she got to be the first to sample Jesse in every way, and while Sara had been more than getting her fair share of that lately she couldn't help being a little jealous of the Heir to the Demon. She was even more jealous now they had Jesse out of her clothes and she could see she was not only cute as hell but a total knockout. Oh well, just because Sara wouldn't be first didn't mean she wouldn't get a chance with all of Jesse's tight little fuck holes, and she was determined to at least get a decent shot at her favourite one before the end of the night. And to pound all of them before leaving this city.

While it was difficult not to become lost in thoughts about all the wicked things they had planned for the younger girl, especially when just kissing her neck gently, Sara did refocus when Nyssa joined her on the other side of Jesse's neck, which was her cue to finally go lower. Which was exactly what they did, after exchanging a wicked smile with each other. Although they didn't go as low as Sara would have liked, which was probably for the best given how Jesse momentarily tensed up, proving that while this 19-year-old was really mature for her age she was ultimately still technically a teenager, and new to this. At least the group sex part.

They had managed to get Jesse to confess to a few previous lesbian experiences, which practically guaranteed Jesse would end the night getting at least double stuffed, if not triple stuffed, by big strap-on dicks. It also guaranteed that before that extreme Sara would be wrapping her mouth around one of Jesse's nipples while Nyssa did the same to the other, the Speedster letting out a loud cry as for the first time in her life two women sucked her tits. Then licked them, kissed the area surrounding them, and then sucked them again. Which went on for several long minutes, before Nyssa started going even lower, reigniting Sara's jealousy.

On the bright side Sara had both those perky little titties to herself for quite a while after that, and Felicity moved in to press her lips against Jesse's, which pretty much made the moment perfect. Later Felicity moved down to join her in worshipping Jesse's boobs, but by then Sara didn't really mind the company. Besides, it gave her the chance to move back up to kiss Jesse again, and briefly glance at Laurel and Thea, who were still obediently waiting for further instructions like good little sex slaves. Of course obviously Sara focused on what she was doing, and more importantly what Nyssa was doing. Especially once Nyssa's head was in between Jesse's legs.

Nyssa definitely preferred to be the one receiving head, as giving felt much more like a bottom thing, making her want to grab hold of the back of Jesse's head and shove the younger girl's pretty face in between her legs and not allow that pretty face to leave her cunt until she was covering it with her cum. But no, that would have risked scaring Jesse off, and the last thing Nyssa wanted to do was that. Especially because as a Speedster Jesse could disappear to who knows where in an instant. Besides, even if she couldn't do that, it would be unfair on Jesse, so instead Nyssa gently eased her into the night's activities with a pussy licking.

To be fair it wasn't like Nyssa was out of practice doing this, as she often did it to Sara and Felicity. It just wasn't as often as she received head from them, or Laurel and Thea, so there was a brief moment after Nyssa got down on her knees that she was worried that she would be out of practice. Those words were quickly proven unfounded as she slowly slid her tongue over Jesse's pussy lips, causing the other girl to cry out in pure pleasure. That cry was quickly followed by another, and another, and another as Nyssa repeated the process, becoming more comfortable with her current position with every lick. Especially as Jesse started whimpering encouragement to her.

"Ohhhhhhh yessssss, mmmmmm God! Oh Nyssa! Oh yes! Oooooooh fuckkkkkkkkk!" Jesse started repeating in various different orders, before whimpering, "Yessssssss, lick me! Lick me just like that, mmmmm, oh Nyssa! Nyssa! Fuck me, mmmmmm fuck, lick my pussy, ooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssss!"

Ideally there would be more graphic words of encouragement to come, but that was a fine start, and Jesse was making it very clear just how much she was loving this. And so was Nyssa, if she was being honest with herself. Oh yes, Jesse had a yummy little twat, and Nyssa loved to lick it. In fact, Nyssa loved it so much that she closed her eyes and focused on only that for a few long minutes, the rest of the world, including her girlfriends, fading into the background as she just concentrated on licking pussy. And of course the delightful taste of this particular pussy. And okay, the whimpers, cries and moans of the young woman it belonged too.

Of course Nyssa couldn't forget about her other lovers for very long. Partly because she just adored them so much, but mostly because they just wouldn't allow her too. Especially not Sara Lance. No, that little attention whore reached down to stroke Nyssa's hair, and then later took a break from licking and sucking Jesse's neck and tits in favour of dropping down to kiss Nyssa's back and neck. Somewhere along the way Nyssa became aware of a presence behind Jesse, and although she wasn't entirely sure who it was she welcomed the help. Okay, it might have been fun making Jesse cum all by herself, but there would be time for that later. For now Nyssa was more than happy to team up with one of her lovers to send Jesse over the edge of her first of many orgasms.

Thea hated to be left on the side-lines. Well, maybe hate was too strong a word, it definitely wasn't her favourite. Especially given that she wasn't allowed to touch herself while doing it. If she could just rub her wet little pussy it might have been a different story, but even then she would be left out of the fun. Besides, touching herself paled in comparison to the pleasure she received from her Mistresses, so wasn't something she did any more. Especially even how frequently she was fucked. Although what gave her pleasure was being able to worship one of the goddesses which owned her, which was why she was so jealous of Jesse in that moment. So jealous she almost didn't hear Mistress Sara's command.

"Hey Thea, get over here and eat Jesse's cute little butt." Sara ordered, barely taking her attention away from her latest conquest.

Even though no one was paying attention to her at the time Thea replied, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Part of the reason no one was paying attention to her was that she'd been given her orders several seconds ago, which was way too long to go without obeying an order, but Thea just couldn't help it. She had just been so lost in the show, and not expecting the invitation to join any time soon. But once that order truly registered Thea eagerly replied and then rush to get down behind Jesse and bury her face in that cute little butt of hers. Which wasn't as cute or tasty as the butts that belonged to her owners, but as long as this was a way to please them Thea would put her all into it. It was also a sexy little butt, so that wasn't asking a lot of her.

As soon as she pushed her face between those cheeks and began eagerly lapping at Jesse's butt hole the Speedster let out an extra loud cry of pleasure, which caused a wicked grin to cross Thea's face. After that it was extremely hard to tell which cries were because of her and because of Mistress Nyssa, but it warmed Thea's heart that it was probably a combination of both. That, and whatever Mistress Sara was doing. Honestly Thea really, really wanted to know, but it wasn't worth pulling away from Jesse's yummy little ass hole to find out. Especially as it would be disobeying a direct order from one of her Mistresses, and God forbid Thea should ever do that.

With that in mind Thea desperately fought the urge to get lost in the rim job and listen out for permission to pick up her game, which she had no doubt would be soon, right after Jesse begged for it, just like everyone before her. Oh yes, her Mistresses were women seducing machines, especially Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa, and poor little Jesse had been hardly a challenge. In fact she and Jesse shared a lot of similarities. They were both fairly new to the superhero, and submissive lesbian, life style but were very eager to learn, with experienced teachers helping them out along the way. The difference was while both were thrilling the whole submissive lesbian thing was a lot more pleasurable, and they just happened to be getting their education in lesbian sex from the same women.

Jesse wanted to beg for more, but honestly she had problems saying anything at all at this point. She was just so overwhelmed by everything that was happening to her. Although even if she could speak she might have held back simply because it felt like all of this would be 'on the test', and Jesse was used to working hard to study for a test. Of course this wasn't simply about putting the time and effort into studying. No, this was somehow trying to concentrate exactly what was happening to her while she was being bombarded with pleasure, pleasure which eventually became torturous as it felt like it was coming from her everywhere it could. Even places she hadn't known could feel that much pleasure.

Like her ass. Who new having it licked felt so good? Jesse thought that was just a myth, but after this she was definitely going to have to do more research. Of course she was worried about what she might find, and what this could lead to, but for now she was just enjoying the feeling of that tongue sliding against her most private hole. A girl tongue that, just like the one that was lapping away at her pussy, and the other one which was taking it in turns to toy with her nipples. Oh God, three tongues! Three women! Three women were all using their mouths and tongues on her pussy, tits and ass all at the same time, making Jesse feel like she was going to literally explode from the pure ecstasy she was feeling.

When it all became too much Jesse whimpered, "Please..."

Abruptly pulling away from Jesse's tits Sara pushed, "Please what?"

Thankfully Nyssa and Thea slowed down what they were doing, allowing Jesse to respond, "Please... please make me cum. I need to cum. Please, Sara-"

"That's Mistress Sara." Sara corrected firmly, "And you shouldn't be telling me. You should be telling the beautiful women eating your little pussy and ass. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, beg them for what you want, and make sure to do it properly, otherwise they won't give you what you obviously so desperately need."

Jesse played that back in her head a few times just so she could be sure she was doing exactly what she was told to do, then finally she started shamelessly begging, "Please Mistress Nyssa, make me cum. Ooooooh, make me cum like a little dyke slut, and I'll be a good little bitch for you and Mistress Sara and Mistress Felicity. A good little lesbian bitch. Oh God yes, make me a lesbian Mistress Nyssa! Make me crave the taste of pussy. Please? Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, I wanna please you so bad Mistress Nyssa. I want to taste your cunt. No, I don't just want to taste it, mmmmm, I want to bury my face in it and lick it until you drench me in your girl cum. Please Mistress Nyssa, I swear I'll eat your pussy if you just make me cum. I'll eat Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity, Laurel and Thea out, do anything you want, mmmmm, just please, make me cum. Oh, and Thea, mmmmm, oooooooh God, shove your tongue up my butt! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I want both your tongues, aaaaaahhhhh fuck, both of them inside me, OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDDD YESSSSSSSSS, OH FUCK ME, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!"

It took longer than Jesse would have liked, much longer, and it became harder to keep speaking as Nyssa lingered more on her clit. But eventually that talented little tongue slid downwards to tease her entrance once again, but this time not just teasing as it actually slid inside. Somehow Nyssa did this slowly enough not to send Jesse over the edge of orgasm, at least not right away. No, there were a few long torturous seconds where first that tongue was sliding into her, then she stayed where it was, fully embedded inside her. But then, oh then It's started gently pumping in and out of her, gradually picking up until Jesse went hurtling over the edge.

As if she could sense exactly what her Mistress was doing Thea pushed her own tongue into Jesse's butt shortly after Nyssa had pushed hers into Jesse's pussy. She didn't get far, but it was definitely far enough to make a difference, especially as it coincided with the moment Nyssa literally started to fuck Jesse with her tongue, making that first climax that much more intense. It was then quickly followed by another, and another, and another, as the two women worked tirelessly to get her off. Three, if you included Sara biting roughly on Jesse's nipples. And someone else, most likely Felicity, joined Sara, so both nipples would be affected at once. Although Jesse was barely aware of it, or anything else at that stage, except the ecstasy she was feeling.

Nyssa might not eat pussy as often as her sluts Laurel and Thea, or even her beloved girlfriends Felicity and Sara, but she still knew when exactly to remove her tongue and wrap her lips tightly around Jesse's entrance so she could swallow the majority of girl cum. Sure enough all these years of making other women go down on her hadn't made Nyssa rusty, and she got every drop of that first orgasm. She wasn't quite so lucky with the following climaxes, but that had been the case when she had done this before, and again it didn't come quite as naturally to her as her girls. But still, she continued trying her best, and even truly loved the taste of Jesse's cum. She just didn't lose herself in it, as her girls did.

That wasn't entirely true of course. When she was going down on Felicity and especially Sara, and truth be told even sometimes Laurel and Thea, Nyssa could become obsessed with swallowing as much girl cum as she could, but while Jesse was a sweet girl she wasn't someone Nyssa truly cared about. No, she was just a cute little fuck toy for Nyssa and her girls to simply play with, and oh, did Nyssa fully intended to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this new plaything. She was looking forward to other things more, more dominant things, but there was definitely something to be said for tongue fucking another woman to orgasm. Especially as there were some things Nyssa could do which were very dominant right now, at least in her opinion.

Namely replace her tongue with a few fingers, Nyssa starting out with one and then gradually working her way up to three while beginning to suck on Jesse's clit. That really sent the poor girl off like a rocket, especially as that was Thea's cue to redouble her efforts in tongue fucking Jesse's bottom. Then Nyssa started switching back and forth between those techniques so she could swallow some of the cum which had started to collect there as a result of the fingering. At one point she even started rubbing Jesse's clit with the fingers on her other hand so she could suck her fingers clean, and collect some of the cum on her face, while keeping Jesse on her high.

Of course throughout all this Nyssa made sure to keep a close eye on how Jesse was doing, and when it was clear the younger girl was starting to lose consciousness Nyssa slowly brought her back down from her high and then pulled her down into her arms for a deep, passionate kiss, feeding Jesse her own cum. Then as an extra perverted bonus she feed Jesse some of her own butt cream via pushing her into a kiss with Thea, the two other brunettes not even needing to be told, just automatically kissing as soon as they were close. Nyssa then just watch the little show they put on for her, before standing up and silently taking the offered toy Sara offered her.

Then when it was securely in place Nyssa called out, "Jesse, just how adventurous are you feeling?"

Breaking the kiss with Thea and turning to find the other women wearing strap-on dildos Jesse blushed, "Wow."

"Is that a good wow, or a bad wow?" Felicity asked nervously.

"Oh, it's a good wow. I think." Jesse said, fighting her own nervousness, "So, how would we do this? One at a time, or-"

"Three on one, at the same time." Sara grinned wickedly.

"But only if you're up for it." Felicity quickly clarified, then admitting, "And we really, really hope you are."

"Especially me." Nyssa confessed, kneeling down in front of Jesse and stroking her face gently, "Oh Jesse, I know this must be terrifying for you, but please give this a chance. I promise if you do we shall redefine your understanding of pleasure. More than we already have."

Jesse blushed, lowered her head and hesitantly admitted, "I've never... you know..."

"Taken anything in your bottom?" Nyssa offered softly, trying to keep the wicked grin off her face as she admitted, "Why do you think I'm so eager for this. Mmmmm, I love Sara with all my heart, but she has a tendency to hog the anal cherries. Now finally it's my turn, and I promise you Jesse, if you give me yours it will be more pleasant than you can possibly imagine. I'm not some clueless but perhaps well-meaning man. I'm an expert at taking women anally. Just asked my girlfriends. Or my bitches. And asked them how much easier it is giving up your ass the first time with a cock in your cunt. Although, they're not the only ones who know how preferable that is, as thanks to them I have experienced such a thing directly. So trust me, you couldn't be in better hands."

There was a brief pause, then Felicity piped up, "It's true."

"Yeah, Nyssa is the best. Well, maybe second only to me." Sara quipped, and when she realised that last comment wasn't helping she quickly amended, "But not by much. And Nyssa is great at everything she does. Which is why we let her fuck our asses like, every single day. Isn't that right Thea?"

"Oh yes." Thea chimed in from her place on the ground, right next to Jesse, "I love it when Mistress Nyssa butt fucks me. Mmmmm, all my Mistresses are awesome at fucking ass, and easily turned me into a total anal whore after just one butt fucking. Now I just can't get enough. Especially when I'm double, or triple stuffed."

"Sis?" Sara interrupted Thea to stop her from going on all night.

"Yes, we all love it." Laurel blushed momentarily, but obediently continued to confirm, "I love it up the ass thanks to my Mistresses, and Mistress Nyssa just might be the best. It's very, very close, but Mistress Nyssa is truly amazing with a strap-on. And the feeling of my Mistresses stuffing all of my holes is the greatest experience of my life. Please Jesse, don't deny yourself this joy."

Another brief pause and then Nyssa cautiously offered, "Or, we can teach you how to eat pussy, if you prefer? Or we could do one, then the other. We were all just hoping for a piece of your amazing ass, and wanted to save plenty of energy to do it. You can see it as payback for what we just did, if you like. Or like I said, we could do other things. Your choice."

Jesse thought it was cute how nervous this deadly assassin was. More accurately, how nervous these deadly assassins and their hacker girlfriend was, given that up until now they had been the definition of confident and seductive. Well, the seductive part was still working, as their words and the obligation to return the favour had Jesse considering something she couldn't have possibly imagined herself participating in before. Being the centre of a lesbian gang bang was extreme enough, but now they wanted to fuck her virgin ass. And she wanted to let them. Which was insane, but their words made sense, and were just so enticing, that despite her embarrassment over the whole thing Jesse just couldn't say no.

So after yet another pause, this one painfully long, Jesse nodded, "Okay."

"Good girl." Nyssa purred, her confidence quickly returning, "Now, go and suck Laurel's cock. Mmmmm yesssssss, get it nice and wet for your little cunt, then sit on it for us."

Taking the hint Laurel went to sit in the centre of the bed and then go to Jesse expectantly, who bashfully made her way onto the bed and crawled onto it until she was in between the legs of The Black Canary. Jesse was kind of surprised that Laurel was permitted to wear a dildo, but presumably that was down to Nyssa, Sara and even Felicity wanting a piece of her ass, the idea making Jesse blush furiously. It also somehow turned her on, despite what it meant for her previously untouched ass hole. Briefly Jesse wished she could go back to just tasting herself on the lips of Nyssa and even Thea. Perhaps just offer to eat pussy, which certainly didn't seem half as scary as this.

Despite these thoughts Jesse found herself barely hesitating wrap her lips around Laurel's cock and start bobbing her head up and down it the first chance she got. Which earned her encouragement from the other women, although surprisingly Laurel stayed silent. Not that Jesse was really paying attention to what they said. No, she was too busy sucking that cock. Or at least as much of it as she could take. Which wasn't much, as it was big. Like, really big. Like she could barely fit it in her mouth, let alone push it into her throat. In fact she didn't even try, instead just spitting on the lower half and licking it, which she could tell the other women didn't approve of, but they didn't outright say anything.

As she continued to suck that cock Jesse started fingering herself, slipping one and then two fingers into her extremely welcoming pussy. God, Jesse wasn't sure she'd ever been this wet, and she soon found herself moaning around the cock, which unsurprisingly pleased the dominant women around her. Also Laurel, who grinned down at her. Which made her wonder what Laurel thought of all this? She'd said Mistresses, right? As in Nyssa and Felicity, almost definitely, but did that include Laurel's sister Sara? Were they really that perverted? Because it certainly seemed like it, and while that should have put Jesse off like the threaten of being made air tight it only turned her on even more.

Laurel had of course meant Mistresses, and she was so happy they had a fresh piece of meat to play with, and more importantly she was helping them do it. Of course she was extremely jealous of Jesse right now, she loved to be the centre of attention during the frequent lesbian gang bangs she had been involved in. But her fuck holes were still a little sore from the last time she had gleefully fill that role, and if she was lucky one of her Mistresses would use her mouth to clean their cocks and/or one of her fuck holes as a sort of desert. And of course, the stimulator on her clit made sure she would cum later when Jesse was riding her, and she actually got pretty close just from Jesse blowing her. Although part of that was the frequent encouragement Jesse was receiving from the others.

"Yesssssss, suck it bitch! Suck that cock!" Nyssa commanded, her slight nervousness a distant memory, "Suck it good. Get it nice and ready for your cunt, then I shall slide into your virgin ass hole and introduce you to the joy of being DP'ed. Then we shall introduce you to the joy of being air tight, a cock in each one of your fuck holes, giving you pleasure like you couldn't possibly imagine."

"You'll love it. We all did." Felicity revealed, earning her a glare from her girlfriends, causing her to quickly add, "And so did our bitches. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, we double and triple stuffed them all the time, and they love it. Can't get enough of it. So suck that cock. Take it deep down your little throat so you can earn the right to be made air tight."

"Or just suck it for the sheer joy of it. And you are enjoying it, aren't you Jesse?" Sara chimed in gleefully, trying to turn their attention back to the present, "Ooooooh yessssss, you're quite the little cock sucker, aren't you Jesse? Yes you are, mmmmm, I think that's so hot. Go ahead Jesse, show us just how much you love cock, because by the end of the night, you're going to be addicted to our strap-on cocks. Oh yeah, you're going to be addicted to dicks which never go soft, meaning that you will need dominant women like us to fuck you all the God damn time. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, and luckily for you, we have a few women in mind. But first, you've got to suck that cock good."

"All our cocks." Nyssa suddenly revealed, "Oh yes, Laurel's cock is wet enough, hop on it and you can start sucking our cocks, you nasty little cock slut."

Pulling her mouth away from that dildo Jesse replied bashfully, "Yes, Mistress Nyssa."

If Laurel had sounded so ensure while replying to one of her Mistresses she would probably be punished for it, although Jesse obviously got off lightly as she was still new to all of this. Still, Laurel hoped that she would see this little slut receive a nice hard spanking soon, as she always liked watching Thea getting her little butt beaten. Almost as much as she loved receiving an ass beating herself. Although it was hard to think of such things when another submissive girl was mounting her, crying out and then moaning as she penetrated her own pussy on Laurel's strap-on and then slowly slid all the way down it. Jesse then obediently paused, waiting for a cock to be pushed into her mouth, but when none came she cautiously started bouncing up and down.

The dominant women seemed intent just to watch for a few long minutes, making Laurel even more jealous of Jesse. Then Mistress Nyssa gleefully pressed her strap-on against Jesse's lips, clearly not expecting to have too repeat herself. Sure enough Jesse didn't hesitate to wrap her lips around that man-made meat and started greedily sucking on it, moaning as she got her first taste of being double stuffed. It certainly wouldn't be her last, Mistress Sara and Mistress Felicity encouraging her to give them a turn with her hot mouth. Even little Thea got a turn with that mouth, although unlike the others she didn't provide commentary for it.

Not that Laurel really paid much attention to what her Mistresses were saying, as she was just a little too lost in memories of being in Jesse's position. She just couldn't help it, as it was one of her favourite parts. In a way it was even better than being fully stuffed, or DP'ed, because she had the joy of anticipating the pure heaven, and the incredible orgasms which would follow. Not just for her, but for her precious owners. Although Laurel certainly didn't have the courage to start bouncing up and down the cock in her pussy, like Jesse was doing now. Even if it was a gamble which had paid off, again mostly because she was new, although also because she was still giving each of the dominant women a thorough blow job.

"Jesse, are you ready to be butt fucked?" Nyssa asked with a wicked grin as she and her girlfriends moved back to give Jesse some space.

There was a brief pause as Jesse blushed, but eventually she replied, "Ye, yes. I mean, yes Mistress Nyssa."

"Good girl." Nyssa grinned, moving behind her pray, "Then spread your ass cheeks and give me your virgin butt hole."

Nyssa smiled wickedly at her target for a few long seconds, enjoying this sight of Jesse's cheeks being spread, the younger girl's most intimate hole being offered to her as a sacrifice for their mutual pleasure. Then she teasingly slid the tip of her cock up and down Jesse's ass crack, before slowly beginning to stretch that cute little butt hole, not stopping until the head of the dildo slid through the anal ring and into Jesse's virgin bottom, meaning Nyssa had done it. She had popped Jesse's anal cherry, making this ass hers. Or at the very least it was the first step. Not that it mattered, because right now, this ass was hers to fuck, and Nyssa took full advantage of that fact.

Obviously she paused to give Jesse some time to relax, especially considering the other girl cried out in understandable pain from getting her virgin ass violated, and then when Nyssa did finally start pushing forwards she went nice and slowly, not giving Jesse more than she could handle. But truthfully, that was as much for Nyssa's benefit as it was for Jesse's. Oh yes, Nyssa adored the chance to savour what it was she was doing, and oh, she was only too happy to take her time and savour every moment of stuffing Jesse's now formally virgin bottom with her cock. Especially with having those cheeks spread like that, meaning that she could have the perfect view of Jesse's ass hole slowly stretching for the big strap-on that was slowly sliding inside it.

That sight alone would have been sheer perfection, but Nyssa got so much more. Which included one of her regular lovers spreading those cheeks, and even grinning as she anally abuse the younger girl. Jessie whimpering, gasping and crying out from trying to get used to having her butt invaded and yet she didn't offer up any true complaint and just let Nyssa have her way with her. Although perhaps best of all was the sheer mental high of having seduced this 19-year-old girl and within mere hours of meeting her to be introducing Jesse's ass to it's first cock, with two more ready and willing to take over. Yet they would have to wait until Nyssa was finished having her fun with this virgin bottom.

Despite knowing it wouldn't be long before Sara would impatiently demand a turn with this hot little piece of ass Nyssa took her time giving Jesse a long slow anal penetration. Even when it was over and her thighs came to rest against the other girl's cheeks, announcing the full length of her dick was inside Jesse's rectum, she further showed the Speedster mercy by pausing to let Jesse get used to the sensation of having a butt full of cock. And yes, also so Nyssa could savour this delicious moment of conquest. But mostly it was mercy. The same mercy she showed when she began gently pushing back and forth, causing the dildo to move slowly through Jesse's back passage, Jesse Quick crying out as her first ass fucking officially got underway.

Sara loved watching a pretty girl getting her ass cherry taken almost as much as she loved taking it, and certainly throughout the anal penetration she couldn't take her eyes away from Jesse's butt hole slowly stretching and then accepting the full length of Nyssa's cock. But after that she found her eyes wandering to Nyssa. Nyssa was always ridiculously sexy, but never more so than when she was anally dominating another woman. She was just totally in her element, and ironically Sara found herself more jealous of Jesse than Nyssa for a few long moments. She even felt the urge to bend over next to Jesse, spread her cheeks, and see how long it took for Nyssa to start switching between their butt holes. Maybe even beg Nyssa to concentrate on her greedy little ass hole.

As amazing as that would be Sara couldn't possibly miss out on the fun of breaking in Jesse, and sure, she wouldn't be first, but second was nothing to be ashamed of. She just needed to get back into a dominant mood first, which wasn't difficult given the heavenly sight of that big dick pumping in and out of Jesse's butt hole. Oh yes, all Sara had to do was concentrate on that and imagine it was her in Nyssa's place, not Jesse's. Which okay, was a little more difficult than it normally was, but Sara got there, and as soon as she did she asked as nicely as possible for her turn, with disappointing but not surprising results, given how much fun Nyssa was clearly having.

"My turn now?" Sara questioned hopefully.

"Five more minutes." Nyssa said dismissively.

"Now Nyssa, you promised you wouldn't hog that butt." Felicity softly reminded her lover.

"And I won't." Nyssa swore, finally turning her gaze to Sara, "Five more minutes, and she is yours. I promise. Mmmmm, I just want a little more time breaking her in first."

There was a brief pause, then Sara sighed, "Fine, but then you better be willing to share this sweet piece of ass."

"Don't worry beloved." Nyssa grinned wickedly, "We're all getting a piece of this ass tonight."

The next five minutes were agonisingly long for Sara as she watched Nyssa savouring every additional second she got with Jesse's ass hole, before finally pulling out and taking over spreading Jesse's cheeks with a wicked smile. Not needing any further encouragement Sara wordlessly got into position and shoved her cock into Jesse's already gaping butt hole, causing the poor girl to cry out loudly in mostly pleasure. Which continue to be the case as Sara completed the anal penetration with one more long thrust, slowing it down to make it easier on their latest conquest, and just to savour the moment. Even so, it only seemed to be a matter of seconds before her thighs came to rest against Jesse's cheeks, announcing every inch of that dick was buried in the Speedster's butt.

After savouring that fact Sara began pumping her ass back and forth, officially starting to sodomise the other girl, much to Jesse's clear delight. Oh yes, this girl was a natural butt slut, and by the time they were through with her they would make sure Jesse Quick was completely addicted to anal sex. They would also make her addicted to ass to mouth, Nyssa gleefully being the first to introduce her to it. Well, Nyssa did continue to provide Sara, Nyssa and Thea the perfect view of Jesse's ass hole stretching wide around the dildo pumping in and out of it for a few long minutes, but inevitably she walked around to introduce Jesse to yet another form of debauchery.

Jesse couldn't believe how good it felt, not just because of the cock in her pussy. Yes, the cock in her pussy initially distracted her from the pain of losing her anal cherry and getting her ass stuffed full of a giant dildo, but once that strap-on was fully embedded in her butt and pumping in and out of it Jesse started to feel pleasure. Then she felt nothing but pleasure as Nyssa literally fucked her ass into submission. Which sounded brutal, but in reality it meant gentle strokes of her cock, causing Jesse's rectum to relax and places inside her which she never knew could feel good being stimulated until she just couldn't fight back the urge to moan in pleasure. Maybe it was foolish to even try, it was just so embarrassing and humiliating to be enjoying getting her ass abused, especially so soon after the butt sex had begun.

It would have been bad enough if she allowed her boyfriend to talk her into this, and it would be just the two of them in an intimate setting. Or better yet, she was doing this as part of a drunken one night stand, and they both probably wouldn't remember it in the morning, and even if they did she really wouldn't have to deal with the consequences. But no, she had allowed her friends to talk her into this. Well, friends of friends and occasional Allies, but it was still a large group of women gleefully watching the most humiliating moment of her life. And were participating in it. Oh God, Nyssa was right, they were all going to get a piece of Jesse's ass, and that's all Jesse was right now. A piece of ass for these dominant women to use for their pleasure.

Then just when Jesse didn't think it could get any more humiliating Nyssa walked around, pressed the tip of her cock against her lips, and ordered, "Suck it slut, mmmmm yeah, suck your ass off of my cock! Yes, suck it, and know the joy of being fully stuffed! Ohhhhh yes, know the joy of a cock in your mouth, ass and pussy all at the same time! Do it whore! Suck my cock!"

Which caused Jesse to blush furiously and whimper pathetically. God, was there any limit to this debauchery? Did these women have no shame? Did they truly expect her to suck a dildo which had just pummelled the deepest parts of her bowels? Clearly given the look on Nyssa's face the answer to those questions was no, no and yes. In fact yes maybe putting it mildly. Nyssa was clearly demanding she did this, and Jesse knew she couldn't deny her. Not because she was a scary assassin, but because Jesse needed her and the rest of these women to fuck her and make her cum. Besides, she suspected there would be consequences to even hesitating, and sure enough Sara stopped fucking her ass and threatened to stop entirely, which was an unbearable thought for Jesse at that moment.

"Do as she says!" Sara ordered, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, go ass to mouth for us, otherwise we won't let you cum. That's right, we'll leave you to finish yourself off, and just have more fun with each other and our bitches, and you don't want that, do you? No, you don't, so suck it! Fucking suck it you nasty little Speedster! Ohhhhhhh yessssssss, suck it just like that, oh fuck, good girl. Good little ATM slut!! Mmmmm, good slut Speedster! Good little fully stuffed Speedster! Oh fuck!"

"Do as they say Jesse." Felicity encouraged, albeit a little more gentle than the others, like the rest becoming gleeful as Jesse did as she was told, "Oh yes, suck it! Suck it good, mmmmm yessssss, oh fuck! Take it deep into your throat so you know the joy of having a cock in every single one of your holes! Oh yes, it feels good doesn't it? Doesn't it? Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, you love having a nice big cock in all of your sexy little fuck holes at the same time, mmmmm, my girlfriends and my bitch working together to fuck you? Oh God, I'm so jealous of you right now Jesse. I'm jealous, because I know just how good it feels. Mmmmm, but I'm also jealous of every single one of them, and I can't wait to get a piece of those sweet little fuck holes of yours."

As it seemed like she had no other choice Jesse had wrapped her lips around that cock, her face scrunched up as she expected to taste something truly vile. Which initially might be preferable to her Instantly liking it, and moaning in pleasure. Of course this caused the other women to laugh, and humiliate her even more, each taking it in turn to layer verbal beat down on her. Thankfully Jesse barely heard a word, as she was too caught up in tasting her own butt. Also the fact that Sara was right, and she was now fully stuffed. A fully stuffed Speedster. A cock stuffed into all of her holes, her mouth, pussy and ass hole all being used by dominant women, making her feel like a total slut. Which again was humiliating, embarrassing and degrading, but Jesse couldn't help but love it.

Thea could vividly remember being in that position, and it made her ass hole quiver around the large plug in it, both from desire and jealousy. The last time her Mistresses had anally taken a female member of Team Flash, namely both Iris and Linda, they had treated Thea and Laurel as their deserts. It happened the first time they all had sex, and every time after that, and Thea very much hoped that it would happen again tonight. And that when they were through with her Jesse would turn around and fuck her, like Iris and Linda had done. Although it was unlikely given that Jesse definitely seemed like a pure bottom. Which meant she would have a new friend, but also more competition. Which she wouldn't mind as long as she was still regularly used, and her Mistresses could be trusted to make sure that happened. In fact, it was going to happen again sooner than she would have thought.

"Thea, up for trying something new?" Nyssa asked once her cock had been cleaned enough.

"Of course Mistress Nyssa." Thea said submissively.

"Good, then bend over." Nyssa ordered, taking great delight in the happy grin which crossed Thea's face. Then she scolded Thea as she reached for the harness, "No, leave it on."

"Yes Mistress Nyssa, sorry Mistress Nyssa." Thea apologised, before finally bending over.

It felt extremely weird to Thea whenever she wore a strap-on as she identified as a pure bottom, but she was happy to do it to assist her Mistresses with whatever they had planned. She had simply assumed that Jesse was to be passed back and forth between her and Laurel, or perhaps Jesse would have to anally ride them to show just how much of an ass whore she was. But this she just didn't get. Not that she could care when suddenly her butt-plug was removed and replaced by Mistress Nyssa's dick, her Mistress slowly stuffing her ass despite the fact that she could have probably rammed it all in with just one thrust considering how slutty that hole was, and how it was constantly used. Of course Thea welcomed the slow thrust, as it meant that she and her Mistress got to savour the moment.

"There, now you get to be my human dildo." Nyssa chuckled wickedly, as she started moving them over to Jesse.

"Yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea whimpered in response.

But clearly Thea was truly just a human dildo to Mistress Nyssa now, as she completely ignored her and simply moved her into position, expertly lining up Thea's strap-on with Jesse's butt hole once it was free and then pushing forwards. The force of that thrust caused Mistress Nyssa's strap-on to pound deeper into Thea's butt, meaning that both she and Jesse cried out in pure pleasure as their most private holes were violated by the superior woman. But also, Jesse was being violated by Thea, the thought amusing Thea, and certainly not going unnoticed by her other Mistresses who taunted Jesse for this fact. Albeit after Thea's dildo was buried in Jesse's ass and Mistress Nyssa had worked up a steady rhythm to fuck them both.

"Yessssss, you like that, don't you slut?" Nyssa chuckled with delight, "You love getting butt fucked by my human dildo?"

"It's more than that Nyssa. Mmmmm, she loves being butt fucked by a bottom." Sara grinned wickedly, "Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, Jesse Quick is the kind of shameless bottom who totally gets off on giving up her ass to another bottom. Oooooooh, and we all know what that means, don't we Felicity?"

"Right." Felicity nodded, blushing a little but not needing to be further pushed to add, "It means this Speedster is as big a bottom as your whore sister, and sweet little Thea. Which has to make her one of the biggest bottoms on Earth. Any Earth, for that matter. See, she's from Earth 2, not our Earth, and wow wasn't that something weird to say. But-"

"So she's the biggest anal loving lesbian bottom of another universe? Got it." Sara said dismissively, getting them back on track, "Which means she's perfect for the role of sex slave. Mmmmm yessssss, you hear that Jesse? You're gonna make the perfect little butt sex loving lesbian slave, just like my big sister, ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, and the girl who is practically my little sister. Speaking of which, how do you like it Thea? Huh? Do you like being Mistress Nyssa's human dildo? Huh? Literally a fuck toy she's using to further humiliate and break in another girl? Huh? Answer me! Do you like being used like this for the enjoyment of your betters?"

"Yes!" Thea cried out, struggling to form words, "I love it, oooooooh, I love it sooooo much! Mmmmm, I love it Mistress Sara! I love literally being a fuck toy for you and my other Mistresses. And ohhhhhhh, Mistress Nyssa! My wonderful, wonderful Mistress Nyssa! Ohhhhhhhh Gooooooodddddddd, thank you, thank you, thank you for turning me into nothing but a human dildo! That's, mmmmmm, that's all I want to be if it means more of your big fucking dick in my ass! Oooooooh yessssssss, I live for your dick in my ass! I live for it! Yessssssss, fuck my ass, mmmmmm, fucking use me! I love it when you use me! Oh please Mistress Nyssa, use me to butt fuck Jesse Quick and turn her into your personal anal whore! Just like me. Oooooooooh Gooooooddddd yesssssss, use me, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, use my slutty little butt, oh fuck! Ah shit! Oh Mistress Nyssa! Ooooooohhhhhh Gooooooooddddddddddd, fuck me!"

"As you wish, my little butt slut." Nyssa chuckled while beginning to fuck the asses of Thea and Jesse at a faster pace, picking it up until she was sodomising them as hard as she could without making them cum.

Normally Thea loved being anally violated and tortured by her Mistresses, but it was weird to express that and yet not be the focus of their attention. It was a little disappointing, but mostly it added to the humiliation Thea was experiencing, and that just pushed her closer to climax. Most of all, she was jealous of Jesse, who was not only being made air tight, but technically had the added humiliation of having a total bottom butt fuck her. Which unsurprisingly caught up with the Speedster, and soon she was begging for more, which the Doms were only too happy to give her. Then Thea forgot all about being jealous of her, because she got to cum too, even if it wasn't quite as hard and as frequently.

Jesse hadn't thought it was possible to be more degraded than having each one of her fuck holes stuffed with cock, but these incredibly dominant women somehow found a way by using one of their subs as a dildo. Which made her wander what it would be like to be in Thea's position. Would it be more humiliating than hers, or less? The same? Would it feel as good as this? It couldn't possibly feel better, could it? One thing was for sure, the women topping her weren't being penetrated at all, and whatever mental high they were receiving from doing this couldn't possibly compare to what she was receiving right now, making Jesse so grateful she was in her current position. But also hoping the tops were receiving even a fraction of the pleasure she was, because she wanted to do this again.

It was now obvious that Thea and Laurel were the sex slaves of... Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Sara and Mistress Felicity, so why couldn't Jesse join them? No, Jesse had to join them. She had to experience this pleasure again, and surely the only way she could do it was to devote herself completely to the strong and dominant women. All Jesse had to do was prove that there was no perverted thing she wouldn't let them do to her, and they could use her for as long as they wanted. Then there was the advantage she had over normal girls, her superhuman stamina, and Jesse used it to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of this as possible, and try and prove herself the perfect sex slave.

Then when Jesse could take it no more she shamelessly begged, "FUCK ME! FUCK ME HARDER, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK! Ohhhhhhhh, fuck me Mistress Sara, fuck my ass and make me your bitch! Make me your slutty little anal loving whore! Make me your sex slave. Ooooooh yessssss, mmmmm, make me your anal addicted lesbian sex slave! Ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, make me like Laurel and Thea! Do to me what you did to your own sisters, you perverted bitch! Ah fuck! Just please, fuck me hard and make me cum! Ooooooooh please, please, mmmmm, please, I'll do anything if you just make me cum! I need it! I need to cum, ohhhhhhh, please, please, please Mistress Sara, ooooooh Mistress Felicity, mmmmm, Mistress Nyssa, yesssssssss, that's it, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, make me cum make me cum MAKE ME CUM OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDDDDD, FUCK ME FUCK ME FUCK MEEEEEEEE, AH FUCKKKKKKK!"

Honestly Jesse was expecting more taunting and teasing, and she even just had enough stamina left to deal with it. However thankfully instead of that Mistress Sara, who was currently in her ass, gradually increase the pace until she could no longer at a coherent word, and then pushed her over the edge of the most amazing climax of her life. It was then followed by another, and another, and another as Mistress Sara effortlessly wrecked her ass. Which given everything that had come before Jesse had been expecting, but she was beginning to wonder whether at least Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara also had superhuman speed, strength and stamina, as first one and then the other gave her a truly epic ass fucking.

The only thing stopping it from being perfect was that after Mistress Felicity pulled her cock out of her mouth there was nothing which replaced it, and when it was her turn while Mistress Felicity was really impressive however it was more of a pleasant desert to the main course which had been the rectum wrecking Jesse had received from Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa. Not that she complained though. No, she was still too busy cumming, and daydreaming of her new life as a lesbian sex slave to these incredibly beautiful women. Or at least she was when she could think, as even with her superhuman abilities it became a struggle for her through most of the hard butt pounding.

Felicity felt exhausted just from watching first Sara and then Nyssa take their turns giving Jesse's ass everything they had. To be fair to her by the time Jesse had started begging for a harder butt fucking they had switched holes half a dozen times, and once again her girlfriends were total booty hogs who seem to take forever to finish with Jesse, allowing plenty of time for Felicity's adrenaline to wear off. Meanwhile Nyssa had been cheating, because whenever she wasn't in one of Jesse's fuck holes she was violating Thea. Or using Thea to violate Jesse. Except for the end there, where Nyssa pushed Thea away so she could concentrate on Jesse. Although it was very impressive the way that even when she finally just vacated Jesse's butt hole she went back to sodomising Thea, even if she made Thea do all the work.

It was hard for Felicity to not feel intimidated by what a great job her assassin girlfriends had just done, or by Thea rapidly bouncing her butt up and down Nyssa's cock until her cum squirted out of her cunt. But Felicity was determined to prove she was a worthy addition to this trio, something she felt she needed to do to avoid Sara and Nyssa relapsing into simply dating each other and seeing the hacker as just another fuck toy. So taking a calming breath Felicity shoved every inch of her cock up Jesse's ass with more force than Nyssa and Sara had shown and then started giving their latest conquest everything she had, pretty much starting off that way from the get go instead of bothering to build up, not that Jesse complained.

Thankfully Jesse somehow still had enough voice to continue crying out, whimpering and even screaming her approval as Felicity roughly stuffed her ass and then fucked it. More importantly the Speedster pounded herself back against Felicity's cock in her ass, and then down onto Laurel's cock stuffing her pussy. Which of course she had done for Sara and Nyssa, and even for them all just before the hard pounding began, but until then she hadn't used her superspeed. Now she was it was making all the difference. So much so that Felicity was struggling to hold on, only her experience with her girlfriends allowing her to last as long as she did. Which wasn't as long as Felicity would have liked, but it was still pretty impressive, and ensured Jesse came nice and hard.

Maybe if Jesse hadn't started using her superspeed Felicity could have lasted longer, but it was doubtful considering she had barely gotten started before she too started cumming. Sara and Nyssa clearly came when it had been their turn, Felicity knew them well enough for that. Hell, Nyssa was still cumming thanks to Thea anally riding her. But Felicity didn't quite have the stamina of Master Assassins, and certainly not of a Speedster and ultimately the constant bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman, of anally gang banging a female superhero with her girlfriends, just caught up with her and she came so wonderfully hard. And she was able to push herself through that, but it was the beginning of the end, and ultimately she had to pull out and stumble back to avoid collapsing in exhaustion, leaving her and her girlfriends to admire their handiwork.

After a few long seconds of that Sara ordered, "Spread your cheeks for us slut! Mmmm yeahhhhh, show us that pretty little gape."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Jesse whimpered and blushed.

Jesse then quickly pressed her face down, pushed her ass high into the air and reached back. She was going to use the same speed to pull apart her cheeks, which was bordering on superspeed, but luckily her mind recovered quickly enough for her to realise that her new Mistresses would want her to do this part slowly, which was exactly what she did, which seemed to please the other women given the look on their faces. Which made Jesse more grateful than ever that she was a Speedster, and therefore able to recover quickly even from something as draining as being the centre of an all girl gang bang. Which was obvious to the other women, which would hopefully convince them she would be the perfect sex slave for them, because in that moment Jesse had never wanted anything more.

"Good girl." Nyssa purred, "Now clean our cocks. Mmmmm yessssss, use that hot little mouth of yours to clean our cocks of your slut juices."

"And you can start with Laurel's cock." Felicity chimed in, "Oh yes, suck your cum off of that cock, mmmmm, that's hot."

"Yes Mistress Felicity." Jesse replied more eagerly this time, although she still blushed. Then for good measure she added, "Yes Mistress Nyssa."

Again Jesse reached her destination quickly, this time definitely using her superspeed to pull herself off of Laurel's cock and position her mouth over it before slowing down to wrap her lips around that cum coated dildo. It was yet another first for her, which seemed quite normal given the depravity she had just submitted too. Unsurprisingly she quickly found she liked it, moaning happily as the flavour hit her taste-buds, much to the clear delight of the dominant women. They continued offering her encouragement, especially Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Sara, but honestly Jesse couldn't really focus on anything they were saying when there was some yummy cream to clean.

It was the same story when she moved onto the other cocks, Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Sara gathering around so it would be easier for her to go back and forth between them. Mistress Nyssa was even gracious enough to gently hold Thea next to her, the poor girl exhausted from her anal pounding, giving Jesse another yummy strap-on to clean. Because of that she was not only tasting all of her ass cream available, but Thea's ass too, which was a wonderful addition to the liquid which was sending her taste-buds on fire. Which made it very hard to give each cock a long, drawn-out blow job, but she just about managed it, her abilities even allowing her to deep throat pretty easily, thoroughly cleaning each one and then continuing to suck cock while paying more attention to what was being said.

"Yessssss slut, get every drop. Every single drop of your own butt cream you perverted bitch! Oh fuck yeah!" Sara gleefully encouraged, "Take those dildos deep down your throat! Ohhhhhhh yessssss, such a good girl. Such a well-trained cock sucker. Oh wait, we didn't even train you to do that. Which means you must have been an amazing cock sucker before. Is that true Jesse? Have you just been sucking cock all over Earth 2? Huh? Well, that's good, because from now on you're going to be sucking strap-on. Trust me, it's not quite the same, but women want their dildos thoroughly cleaned after they're used, so don't short change us. Yesssss, give us everything you've got."

"Oh, we clearly don't have to worry. Look at her, she's a natural." Nyssa chuckled with delight, "Oh yes, sucking cock just comes naturally to this slut, just like ass to mouth, and everything else we've done to her tonight. Ooooooh yesssss, just look at the way she's sucking Thea's ass, and her own, off of my dick. Iris and Linda will be so pleased."

When Jesse frowned around Nyssa's dildo and looked up at them Sara happily explained, "We're going to give you to them as a gift, after we've done training you of course."

"Think of them as your caretakers, but make no mistake, we own you all." Nyssa clarified.

"But I'm sure they'll take good care of you." Felicity chimed in.

While it was a little disappointing that they weren't 'keeping her' in the traditional sense at least she would still be theirs, and that was enough for Jesse at that moment. In fact this arrangement might be even better, because instead of becoming the sex slaves of women she didn't know she was about to become the sex slave of her friends. More accurately women she didn't know, superheroes at that, were going to train her to be the perfect lesbian sex slave for her friends. Which from the look of it, just meant more fun like this with these beautiful women, before then having this kind of fun with her friends, which pretty much seemed like heaven at that moment for Jesse Quick.


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