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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, but has it's own continuity.

Keywords: Anal, BDSM, FF+, Rim, Spank, Toys

Arrow: Stuffed Canary Part 11
by MTL ([email protected])

"You sure you're up for this?" Felicity asked nervously, "I mean, I know it can be difficult, moving from friends to lovers. Not that it was for me and Sara, or us and Nyssa. God no, it was amazing. But it was scary, and what you guys are doing is crazier than us, and I didn't think that was possible, and-"

"Felicity, remember to breathe sweetie." Sara half teased, half soothed while squeezing her lover's hand in the way which always calmed Felicity down when she got caught up in her rambling.

Nyssa squeezed Felicity's other hand and added while turning to their guests, "Besides, we need to give them a chance to answer."

"Are you kidding?" Linda scoffed.

"We've been talking about this all week." Iris revealed with a grin, "No way are we passing this up."

"Alright then." Sara smirked, turning to her sex slaves, "Thea, Laurel, meet your Mistresses for the night. We expect you to give them the same respect you give us, do you understand?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel quickly said.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea parroted at virtually the same time.

"Good, you can start by spanking their asses." Nyssa recommended, making sure they knew from her tone it was a command, and not a suggestion.

"Mmmmm yesssss, put on a show for us." Sara eagerly agreed.

Iris was unable to stop herself glaring at their friends, but she quickly stopped when she got a warning look from Nyssa. Of the thruple Nyssa was by far the scariest, and probably the most deadly, which was why Iris stopped glaring, but she felt she had a right to glare considering she and Linda had been promised total control of Laurel and Thea, not to become simple dancing monkeys for the amusement of Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Felicity. Although she had to admit there was a certain thrill to it, especially with an audience. She just hoped that the three tops would keep their promise to just watch, and allow Iris and Linda to be the primary tops, at least for a little while.

Which was why Iris tried to re-establish her dominance by ordering, "What are you waiting for? Get naked and bend over our knees!"

"Yes Mistress Iris." Laurel replied, notably not as quickly as before.

"Yes Mistress Iris." Thea also answered not as quickly.

Even though this was annoying it was hard to stay annoyed when two women were stripping in front of them, especially as without needing to be told they were doing it slowly, teasing Iris and Linda with their beautiful bodies which Iris definitely couldn't wait to play with, and from the looks of it Linda felt the same. Besides, their brief moment of indecision just gave more of an excuse to spank them, Iris taking full advantage of that as soon as Laurel was close enough to her, the small reporter grabbing the vigilante and forcing her over her knee. Linda did the same to Thea, meaning that all of a sudden Speedy and the Black Canary were bent over the knees of physically weaker women, just ready to be spanked.

For a few long seconds Iris savoured that fact, but apparently Linda wasn't in a patient mood and almost immediately started smacking Thea's cute little ass, getting the most wonderful sounds out of Thea process. Mostly Thea's sharp cry, but there was also something to be said for the sound of flesh smacking off flesh. Which was something Iris received soon after she began spanking the Black Canary's butt, making Laurel cry out just as wonderfully as Thea was. And Sara, Laurel's own sister, just sat on the hotel room bed with her girlfriends smirking with satisfaction, who in turn were also smirking as Thea and Laurel got their asses whooped by two women who had been submissive last time they saw each other.

It was so sick and twisted, and hot, that a big part of Iris wanted to just forget about the spanking and just get to the 'good stuff', especially as that included strap-on ass fucking another woman for the first time in her life, and Iris couldn't think of anything more dominant than that. However seeing what Sara, Nyssa and Felicity had with each other and their slaves had made her want a Harem of her own, and to do that she needed practising in all aspects of dominating another woman. Besides, it was incredibly thrilling to have a superhero bent over her knee, her ass cheeks jiggling oh so invitingly with every blow. Especially as this was someone she knew, and had even considered a friend before all this craziness began.

Laurel also liked that touch. Okay, she and Iris weren't close or anything, and had been more friendly acquaintances or friends of friends, but they had spent enough time together for Laurel to develop this little crush on her, and she was overjoyed to find out the feeling seemed to be mutual, given that Iris had informed her that night she was hers, just as Thea would belong to Linda. There would probably be some crossover, or at lease Laurel hoped so, as she already sampled Iris's pussy and was hoping for a taste of Linda's. And of course Laurel lived to be double stuffed, so when toys were inevitably introduced she hoped she would be at the very least spit roasted. Although she would take anything, as long as it allowed her to prove her devotion to her Mistresses.

What was going to make all of this truly perfect was the fact that her Mistresses were going to watch this entire time. Although Laurel suspected it was only a matter of time before they got involved, especially given Mistress Sara's track record of impatience. Then it was all but guaranteed she would be double stuffed, and better yet triple stuffed. Although ironically Laurel found herself hoping that Mistress Sara could control herself, at least for a little while. Partly because it would rile them up to just watch, especially if they could avoid touching themselves or each other, meaning that when her Mistresses got involved Laurel would be in for some serious fun. But also she wanted to see just what Mistress Iris and Mistress Linda could do given the chance.

It was of course hard to compete with a couple of Master Assassins, or even a woman who had been more or less keeping up with them for over a year, but Mistress Iris and Mistress Linda did very well considering the odds against them. Mistress Linda started out a little aggressively, but when she saw the more gentle, teasing techniques that Mistress Iris was using she slowed down, and then together they gradually picked up the pace until they were giving Laurel and Thea everything they had. Which was pretty much the same treatment they were receiving from their other Mistresses, albeit with a little less groping and pausing between the initial strikes, and of course the spanking was never quite as brutal. But it was still wonderfully satisfying.

While she wasn't quite the pain slut that Thea was, instead preferring the mutually pleasurable parts of sex, Laurel did have to admit there were times she enjoyed it a great deal. Especially when it was Mistress Sara, as not only was she the best, or at least the second best butt beater, the added thrill of being spanked like a naughty child by her kid sister was extra thrilling. However there was just something about this which had Laurel painfully wet, even as tears started sliding down her cheeks and she literally started begging for mercy. Which fell on deaf ears, either because her temporary Mistresses were too lost in what they were doing, or more likely her words were just completely incoherent.

Linda was beginning to wonder if they should stop, not because of the sounds Thea and Laurel were making, but because of just how red those asses were becoming under the relentless blows. Also her hand stung something fierce. But she was just so lost in the spanking, the sounds the other girls were making, and most of all those jiggling cheeks in front of her. Also she was desperate to impress Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa and even Mistress Felicity, and she couldn't do that if she chickened out before Iris. And yeah, she wanted to please her new girlfriend, so she figured she'd keep an eye on Iris, and stop whenever she did. Or at least, that was the plan initially, but then the pain in her hand became just too much.

Right after she stopped Iris did too, the two girlfriends exchanging a bashful look before they went back to admiring their handiwork. Which was both impressive, and horrifying, given just how bright red those butts now were. In places they were even a darker colour, and maybe even bruised. This made Linda feel bad, but not as much as it turned her on. Which was probably a good sign, considering she was supposed to be a top. Which was just enough to stop Linda from reaching out and rubbing some of the pain away, at least not while they had an audience. Speaking, or more accurately thinking of which, Linda looked over at them and tried to decipher what they were thinking, although at least one of them was an open book.

"That was great you guys!" Felicity said enthusiastically, giving them a dorky thumbs up.

"I suppose it was all right, for beginners." Nyssa said dryly.

"Are you kidding? Look at those butts!" Felicity indicated to the butts in question, "They look like a Russian flag."

"Maybe we could get a better look at them?" Sara suggested hopefully, as if it was just occurring to her, gleefully ordering, "Thea, Laurel, come stand over here with your backs to us."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel quickly said.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea parroted at virtually the same time.

"So now what?" Linda asked cautiously after Thea and Laurel had the chance to show off their butts to their owners.

"Pussy eating?" Sara suggested with a wicked grin, "I bet Thea and especially Laurel would love that, the little pussy sluts."

"Oh yes Mistress Sara." Laurel gleefully confirmed.

"Yes please Mistress Sara." Thea nodded her approval, before turning to Team Flash, "Please, let us eat your pussies."

"We promised to eat them good." Laurel quickly chimed in.

Iris hummed thoughtfully, then pointed out, "We did that last time."

"You could swap pussy lickers." Felicity pointed out helpfully.

"Na." Iris grinned, coming up with the perfect solution, "How about we make them kiss our asses? Oh yes, Team Arrow can kiss our asses, and beg us for the privilege of getting their asses fucked."

Nyssa didn't really appreciate how Iris chose to phrase that, and told her so through a long warning stare, but it wasn't that long before she was grinning, "I think that's a splendid idea. Don't you agree, girls?"

When they were sure as they could be that this was referring to them Laurel replied, "Yes Mistress Nyssa."

Quickly followed by Thea, "Yes Mistress Sara."

"Linda?" Iris briefly checked.

"Hey, I'm down." Linda grinned, "I told you, whatever you want."

"Thanks." Iris beamed at her girlfriend, before turning back to her pet, "Because what I want, is for this Canary to eat my ass."

"Yes Mistress Iris." Laurel again replied and obeyed without hesitation, although she briefly looked over to Mistress Sara to see what she thought about the obvious jab, to find her sister mostly amused.

"That means you're eating this ass cutie." Linda grinned at Thea.

"Yes Mistress Linda, thank you Mistress Linda." Thea nodded.

Linda and Iris then undid their pants, turned around, pushed them down along with their underwear and waited for Laurel and Thea to obey. They were not waiting long, soon their subs for the night were pressing their lips against the Dom's bottoms, and then repeating the process, covering those backsides in kisses. Which caused Iris to flash Linda a beautiful smile, one which Linda happily returned before moaning as her cheeks were parted and Thea started licking her ass hole, and from the sounds of it, Iris was receiving the same treatment from Laurel. Something which didn't take much to confirm, and when she did it put a smile on Linda's face, before she became lost in moaning again. Which was satisfied with, but apparently Iris wasn't.

"More!" Iris eventually moaned, "Mmmmm yessssss, eat that ass! Eat it good, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, more! Shove your fucking tongue up my ass! Do it! Oooooooh yesssssss, just like that, oh fuck, more!"

"Yeah, give us more!" Linda chimed in, mostly not wanting to be left out, "Give us everything you've got, ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Not long after they started requesting more they got it in the form of Thea and Laurel literally shoving their tongues up the butts of Linda and Iris. Or at least Linda assumed they were getting the same treatment given Iris's reaction. Although it didn't really matter, as she was overwhelmed with embarrassment about just how easily and just how far Thea's tongue pushed it's way inside her ass, which was a clear testament to just how thoroughly it had been violated before. Violated by the women who were watching, which made Linda even more embarrassed, as much as it seemed to make Iris more determined to prove that she could be a top, and there was no way simply receiving a rim job would cut it.

"Alright, that's enough, bring us some strap-ons and some lube." Iris ordered.

"Yes Mistress Iris, thank you Mistress Iris." Laurel replied the second she pulled her face out of Iris's butt.

"Yes Mistress Iris , thank you Mistress Iris." Thea said after that, the two of them scrambling to obey.

"Oh, is it time to repay the favour." Sara grinned wickedly.

"Na, I just want to get down to butt fucking a superhero." Iris teased while looking directly at Sara, before quickly adding, "Besides, you pound their asses so much, why bother?"

"She has a point." Felicity said helpfully, quickly adding, "And they are wearing butt-plugs."

"Yes, I too am eager to see what they've got." Nyssa chimed in, "And to see our sluts get sodomised."

"I suppose." Sara relented, "But like I said before, you better put on a good show for us, otherwise we're gonna show you what topping is really all about."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Iris forced a smile, then addressed the returning bottoms, "Well don't just kneel there looking stupid, strap those cocks onto us and cover them with lube."

"Yes Mistress Iris, thank you Mistress Iris." Laurel replied as she immediately started helping Iris into a harness.

"Yes Mistress Iris, thank you Mistress Iris." Thea said as she did the same.

"Good girls." Linda replied after they were done, not wanting to be left out of giving orders, "Now bend over and begged to be butt fucked."

"Yes Mistress Linda, thank you Mistress Linda." Thea replied, acting first this time, as she bent over, wiggled her butt and then pleaded, "Please, please, please butt fuck me! I wanna be butt fucked so bad. I'm a total butt slut who needs big toys in her slutty little bitch hole! Please Mistress Linda, fuck my butt like my owners do. Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, use my slutty little bitch ass! Use it like the fuck hole it is! Ooooooh yessssss, play with my fucking butt, oh Mistress Linda use my ass! Ass fuck me, fuck me in the butt, mmmmm, use me like the nasty little anal whore I am! Mmmmm yessssssss, fuck me, please fuck me, oh Mistress Linda, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss!"

"Yes Mistress Linda, thank you Mistress Linda." Laurel said shortly after Thea said those words and then as her friend was shamelessly begging she did the same, once she was in position of course, and taking it a step further by spreading her cheeks, which Thea copied soon after, "Yes, please ass fuck me Mistress Iris! Please fuck my slutty little bitch ass! Please treat me like the anal whore I am and fuck me in the ass. My whore ass was built for fucking. Just asked my sister, mmmmm, and her girlfriends. My Mistresses. Oh please Mistress Iris, ask my Mistresses what a great fuck hole my butt hole makes. Or better yet, find out for yourself. Find out by taking my ass and making it yours. At least temporarily. Oooooh yesssss, mmmmm, my Mistresses are letting you borrow the fuck hole which is my ass hole, please use it for your pleasure. Oh yes, ohhhhhh yesssssss, fuck me Mistress Iris! Mmmmm fuckkkkkk!"

Iris and Linda shared a wicked smile, then simultaneously grabbed the butt-plugs sticking out of those cute little asses and began playing with them, mostly pulling them out of the way before pushing them back in again, but also pushing them side to side as well as up and down, making sure those slutty little holes were truly ready for them. Then without warning they pulled the plugs out and replace them with their cocks, causing Laurel and Thea to cry out softly and then loudly, both times in pure pleasure like the anal sluts they were. Iris didn't know about Linda, but she wanted to shove every inch of her big dick up Laurel's ass in one hard thrust. But no, she had to remember these were still their friends, and they didn't really want to hurt them.

As it turns out they really could have done that and these ass whores would have probably felt nothing but pure pleasure, given the way they whimpered, gasped and moaned as their butts were stuffed with strap-on. Still, it was better not to take the risk, and Iris had to admit there was an extra thrill to watching such a private hole being violated. Especially as Laurel and Thea were providing the perfect view of this obscene act, Iris even finding her gaze being a little distracted by Thea's ass hole slowly allowing Linda's cock to slide into it, although mostly she remained her focus on Laurel's back hole stretching for her dick. On the Black Canary taking it up the ass for her. Oh God, this was truly the hottest thing Iris had ever done.

Getting double stuffed, and even triple stuffed, had been amazing, but Iris definitely preferred this. True, she wasn't getting a lot of physical pleasure, but the sheer mental high of doing this to someone physically superior to her easily made up for it. Hell, both the women who were bent over right now could easily kick the asses of herself and her girlfriend, but instead Speedy and the Black Canary were getting their asses fucked. And they continued to emphasise their humiliation by shamelessly holding their ass cheeks open, exposing what the reporters were doing to them. Oh yes, Iris definitely preferred to be a top, and she was going to make sure she stayed that way. No matter what it took.

Then her thighs came to rest against Laurel's ass cheeks, causing Iris to giggle and taunt, "Wow, you sluts took that soooooo easy! Ohhhhhh, you love this, don't you?"

"Yes Mistress Iris." Laurel quickly moaned in agreement.

"We love it up the ass!" Thea quickly nodded in agreement.

"Yessssss you do, mmmmm, which is why your friends, and your own sister..." Iris paused to smack Laurel's ass to emphasise her words, "Fuck these whore holes of yours all the time! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, and now me and my girlfriend are going to use them like the fuck holes they are. Use you like the fuck holes you are!"

"You want that, don't you?" Linda joined in the teasing.

"Oh yes, we want it!" Thea quickly replied, beating Laurel to the punch this time, "We wanted so bad, please use us. Please use us like the fuck holes we are!"

"We're yours to fuck." Laurel quickly agreed, "Please Mistress Iris, Mistress Linda, use us however you want. Fuck our slutty little fuck holes, mmmmm, fuck them good! Ooooooh yessssss, OH GOD!"

With that Iris and Linda pulled their hips back until their dildos were about half way out of the butts of Laurel and Thea before pushing their way back in and then repeating the process, officially beginning the sodomy. Again Iris and Linda seemed too focused on their handiwork, this time their cocks pumping in and out of this forbidden holes while Laurel and Thea whimpered, gasped and moaned with even more obvious pleasure. Which was all just heaven as far as Iris was concerned, especially as she got to do it with Linda, the two girlfriends exchanging a gentle smile before they continued their anal domination of the two butt sluts bent over in front of them. God, Iris needed to get a butt slut of her own. Or maybe take these ones.

Thea loved being a butt slut. She loved everything her Mistresses did to her, but by far her favourite was whenever they fucked her up the ass. Or more accurately, if they were just doing one thing to her, as her favourite thing was technically being triple stuffed, with double stuffed a close second, but the constant in the middle of those was Thea getting her ass drilled. Oh yes, being spit roasted was so good, but she couldn't feel physical pleasure from being face fucked, no matter how hard or deep the cock went. And of course she liked being fucked in her pussy, but it wasn't quite as nasty, and if the last year or so had proven anything it was Thea Queen was a nasty little slut.

But from now on she wouldn't just be a slut. No, she was literally a whore. Her wonderful Mistresses had whored Thea and Laurel out to Linda and Iris, and Thea had never been happier. Which was crazy, even in her completely broken state she knew that, but it was just so wonderful to have a chance to further prove just how submissive she was to Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa. After everything those women had done to her Thea thought she had reached her limit, that there was no level of depravity left for her to show her devotion. But now she was giving up her ass to a woman she barely knew, just because it pleased her Mistresses, and Thea loved every minute of it. Especially because again, she was a shameless butt slut, or more accurately right now, an anal whore.

Just when Thea didn't think it could get any better Iris abruptly pulled her cock out of Laurel's ass, walked over to her, pressed her cock against her lips and ordered, "Suck it! Mmmmm yes, taste your friend's ass on my cock."

No doubt a lot more was said than that, but Thea wasn't aware of any of it because she was too busy wrapping her lips around the head of Iris's cock and moaning happily. She always moaned happily in these wonderful circumstances, both because she was getting to taste her fellow slut's ass, and it meant she was getting double stuffed, two thing she got to savour for a few long seconds. Truth be told Thea would have liked to spend longer, but she had been punished for that before with the dildo being taken away from her, and she couldn't let that happen now. So Thea quickly began bobbing her head up and down the dick and then greedily sucking the ass cream off of it, while Linda continued to lazily pump her butt.

Shortly after Thea's lips reached the base of Iris's cock it was pulled away from her and returned to Laurel's ass, which made the admittedly spoiled former heiress whimper in disappointment. Which was quickly replaced by a moan as Linda slapped her ass and began fucking it a little more passionately, so much so that Thea actually wondered if she would be allowed to cum. Of course she should have known better, and like a seasoned pro Linda got her hopes up, only for her to take the cock away completely and leave Thea feeling horribly empty and unloved. But she trusted it wouldn't be for long, and it gave her the chance to watch a quite delightful little show.

Laurel had been in the same boat only a few minutes ago, and it had been horrible. In fact, she would rather get injured while out on patrol instead of have to endure the indignity of her Mistresses, even if it was in this case temporary Mistresses, abandoning her in favour of another bottom. Especially as in this case she didn't even have a strap-on stuffed up her cunt. No, she was left completely alone and untouched, with the only stimulation she could enjoy being watching her fellow sub get the treatment she so desperately wanted. Which was sadly an indignity she had to endure several more times that night, although what more than made up for it was being double stuffed.

Just like Thea before her Laurel didn't hesitate to wrap her lips around the dildo being presented to her and greedily sucking it clean while moaning with delight. And just like with Thea, as soon as that cock was clean it was returned to Thea's ass hole, her own ass being pounded ever so slightly harder only again for it then to be abandoned. Although instead of going to Thea it was pressed against her lips, Laurel excepting eagerly, vaguely aware that almost simultaneously Thea was also getting the honour of tasting her own ass. This process was repeated over and over again, Iris and Linda becoming gradually more verbal as they abused their sluts for the night, much to the delight of Laurel and Thea.

"Yessssss, suck it! Suck my cock! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, that's so hot!" Iris moaned, "Mmmmm, take those toy cocks deep down your throats you perverted little bitches! Oh fuck yeah, ohhhhh fuckkkkk! You're such ass to mouth whores! Mmmmm, fuck yeah, what do you think they like more Linda? The taste of each other's asses, mmmmm, or the taste of their own?"

"I don't know... maybe 50-50?" Linda guessed with a chuckle, "They certainly seem to suck cock just as passionately either way. Mmmmm, but what they really love, is getting ass fucked! Ohhhhh yeahhhhh, I watched a lot of porn while pining over you, but I've never seen more shameless anal sluts. Have you?"

"No, they're the biggest sluts I've ever seen." Iris agreed with a grin, pulling her cock out of Thea's mouth and pushing, "Aren't you?"

"Yes, we're total sluts! Your sluts." Thea agreed breathlessly, "We're your fuck holes tonight. Use us however you want."

"Oh yes, we're nothing but slutty fuck holes." Laurel happily agreed, causing the other women to giggle with delight, "We're yours to fuck! Mmmmm, please fuck us. Please? Fuck us hard like the sluts we are!"

"You heard them!" Sara called out, "Fuck them, mmmmm, fuck them hard."

"Show those sluts who's boss!" Felicity chimed in.

"Impress us, if you can." Nyssa grinned.

All of this was pure bliss initially, but inevitably the need to cum became overwhelming for Laurel and Thea. Being enslaved had increased their stamina no end, but Laurel and Thea had their moments, and it was now only a matter of time before they broke. As always they tried to outlast each other, knowing it was most likely they would break together, although part of Laurel kind of like that, as it made this whole thing that much more intimate. Either way Laurel hoped that this would not be a one time thing, and they were whored out to Iris and Linda again, because they did make great tops. Hell, Laurel would love to be whored out to just about any woman, as she was so broken at this point she was eager for the chance to prove her submission to her Mistresses, especially her sister.

When she could hold back no longer Thea pleaded, "Harder Mistress Linda, ohhhhhh, please fuck me harder! Fuck my ass harder! Oh please? Please Mistress Linda, mmmmm, ram my rectum as hard as you can! I need my bitch ass fucked hard and deep so I can cum for you. Oh please, please make me cum. Mmmmm, make me cum like a bitch with your cock up my ass! Ooooooh yesssss, give me everything you've got. Show Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa everything you've got by destroying my little bitch hole! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, just like that, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, oh fuck Mistress Linda mmmmm fuckkkkkkk, fuck me, ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssssss!"

Shortly afterwards Laurel joined the chorus, "Please Mistress Iris, please make me cum! Mmmmm, fuck my ass harder and make me cum like a little bitch! Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, make me cum like the ass whore I am! Oh yes, and do it in front of my little sister. She'll loved that. Yesssssss, Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa love to watch me cum with a cock up my ass like a total butt slut. Mmmmm, but especially my sister. Please make her proud by ruining my whore ass! Oh yes, that's it, mmmmm, harder! Harder! Yes, slam fuck my little bitch hole! Oh fuck! Ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, oooooooohhhhhh yeeeeeessssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

It didn't come quite as quickly as Laurel would have liked, but eventually the pace was increased, Linda and Iris once again working simultaneously to make sure that Thea and Laurel came at the exact same time. Laurel wasn't sure about Thea, but that first orgasm couldn't compare to the ones that she was used to receiving from her Mistresses, especially whenever she was double or triple stuffed. It was the same for the ones which followed, however no one could hope to come close to that, and what she did receive was very satisfying. Especially as Laurel focused on the fact that she was being whored out by her Mistresses, pleasing them in this extra perverted way. And she was still getting her ass brutally fucked right next to Thea Queen, so it was hard for Laurel to complain.

Linda certainly felt satisfied. In fact she was maybe more satisfied than ever. Well, maybe butt fucking Iris was better, but even then it felt like Iris was doing her a favour, and neither of them were quite the shameless butt sluts that Laurel Lance and Thea Queen were. Which was obvious given how hard and frequently Thea came from Linda pounding her ass, making Linda feel wonderfully powerful and dominant. It was a feeling which she and Iris clearly shared, Linda more than a little distracted from looking over at the woman she loved seeing how happy she was. Which almost made Linda want to become a pure bottom, just so she could make Iris feel that way. But no, sharing bottoms like this seemed a much more preferable way for them to express this joy again.

To try and ensure that by impressing their audience, and perhaps just as importantly impressing Laurel and Thea, Linda did her best to hold back the urge to cum while still giving Thea's ass hole everything she had. Which turned out to be impossible in the long run of course, but Linda was still very impressed with herself just how long she managed to resist that overwhelming urge. More importantly when it all just became too much for her, that when the constant bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising another woman, a superhero at that, made her cum over and over again, she didn't let it stop her. Hell, she didn't even slow down. No, she just kept pounding away at Thea's butt hole, while right next to her Iris was doing the exact same thing with Laurel's back door.

What made this even more impressive was that shortly after they became too incoherent to talk anymore Laurel and Thea started throwing themselves back and forth like wild animals, impaling their ass holes on those toys. It should have been enough to knock Iris and Linda off of them, or at least off their game, but instead Team Flash recovered and together with Team Arrow, or arguably Team Canary, the four women worked together to make sure the most private holes of Laurel and Thea were well and truly brutally pounded. And yes, maybe they couldn't quite match the mighty assassins Sara Lance and Nyssa al Ghul, or even their girlfriend Felicity Smoak, but Linda was still very proud of what they accomplished.

They weren't even the first to run out of steam, and surprisingly first that was The Black Canary, followed by Speedy, and so for a few glorious seconds the superheroes truly became nothing but orifices for the pleasure of two reporters. Then ironically simultaneously again Linda and Iris collapsed down onto the bodies beneath them, all four women then lying there in an exhausted heap for a few long minutes while they try to get their breath back. No sooner than they had succeeded Linda became aware of Nyssa, Felicity and Sara standing over them, with particularly the assassins looking very intimidating, even if the hacker did give them a dorky thumbs up. Which wasn't much, but it clearly said despite how Nyssa and Sara were acting, or what they might say, Linda and Iris had done an excellent job topping Laurel and Thea.

Although admittedly, Linda wanted to hear it, which was why she nervously asked, "So, how was that?"

"Awesome!" Felicity beamed, then when she got a look from her girlfriends she protested, "What? They were!"

"They weren't bad. For first timers." Nyssa provided a backhanded compliment.

"I'd say great, for first timers." Sara smirked, "But there's an easy way to end this debate... mmmmm yeahhhhhh, why don't you show us your handiwork?"

"Gladly." Iris beamed, briefly looking at Linda who gave her a nod of agreement.

Sara watched with glee as Iris and Linda slowly pulled out of the asses of Laurel and Thea, moved to one side and then spread those cheeks nice and wide, showing off their handiwork to their Mistresses. It wasn't quite perfect, as by pulling out slowly Linda and Iris were maximising their own enjoyment instead of the enjoyment of their Mistresses, but they were both still new to all of this, so Sara could forgive them. Besides, it was hard to be mad when being presented by two well fucked female butts, especially considering one of them belonged to her precious sister. Oh yes, Sara loved staring deep into those gaping back holes, she and her girlfriends moving closer for a better look, and then they moved onto the next stage of their wicked plan.

"Nice." Sara admitted when she finally pulled her gaze away from those gapes almost a full minute later, and then told Iris, "Now give me your strap-on."

"What?" Iris frowned.

"You heard." Sara said forcefully, becoming very stern.

"You too Linda. Hand me your cock." Nyssa ordered just as firmly, and then after a brief pause when Linda did as she was told she pushed her, "What do you say?"

Another brief pause and then Linda guessed, "Yes Mistress Nyssa?"

Nyssa nodded in approval, and then all eyes turned to Iris who reluctantly nodded, "Yes Mistress Nyssa."

"Who gave you an order?" Sara pushed.

Which earned her a glare from Iris, but again she did as she was told, "Yes Mistress Sara."

"Good girl." Sara said when she had the toy in hand, "Now clean it for me..."

As she spoke Sara carefully held the harness without touching the dildo and pressed it against Iris's lips, while besides her Nyssa did the same with Linda, making it clear what they wanted. Despite not being the one officially asked Linda was the first to open her mouth and wrap her lips around the toy. She didn't say 'yes Mistress Nyssa' or even 'yes Mistress Sara', but that was okay, as Linda and Iris seemed more comfortable being switches, and Sara was happy to leave them that way. But she wanted them to know who would be in charge when they played together, hence this display of power she had planned out with Nyssa. Which only partially worked, as Iris hesitated to do as she was told, even staring Sara down and proving that she had a little fight left in her.

Honestly Sara liked that as it only made what they were doing that much more fun. Case in point, although she started out being reluctant, Iris moaned when the taste of Laurel's ass hit her taste-buds and soon she was sucking her strap-on just as eagerly as her precious girlfriend Linda was sucking hers. Which caused Sara and Nyssa to exchange a smirk before they concentrated on pushing more of those dildos into the mouths of Iris and Linda. It was a bit of a struggle, but eventually every drop of butt cream was cleaned from those toys, at which point Sara and Nyssa strapped the harnesses around their waists and stroked them as if they were real.

"Bend over." Sara ordered, then when she got a look from Iris she smirked, "What? You don't really think we weren't going to fuck you, did you?"

"You're performance was admirable, but it highlighted that you need to be reminded of your place." Nyssa added, "And that's just what were going to do."

There was a brief pause and then first Linda and then Iris did as they were told, both grumbling and not even Linda had the sense to reply 'yes Mistress' like she should have. But that was okay, because it just gave Sara and Nyssa more of an excuse to brutalise those butts hard and deep and re-established their dominance. Which was exactly what they did, with a little help from their beloved Felicity of course, and even some from their regular sex slaves who they rewarded with an extra ass fucking afterwards, treating them as a desert to the main course of Iris and Linda. And even though Iris and Linda managed to get through it without breaking completely fun was had by all on that extremely kinky night.


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