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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, but has it's own continuity.

Keywords: Anal, BDSM, DP, FF+, Rim, Toys

Arrow: Stuffed Canary Part 9
by MTL ([email protected])

"Laurel, is everything okay?"

Laurel blushed bright red, but thankfully her back was to her ex-boyfriend, and she was just about able to get herself under control by the time she turned around and as convincingly as she could told him, "I'm fine."

"Really?" Oliver frowned, obviously not believing her, "Because you've been distracted lately, but it's never been this bad. Is that injury still bothering you?"

This time Laurel didn't have the luxury of hiding her blush, which was totally Mistress Sara's fault as she was standing behind Oliver and smirking, but Laurel pushed through it and answered, "Yeah, it is."

"Oh?" Oliver frowned, feeling awkward, "Maybe you should, you know, see a doctor or something. You've been walking funny all week."

"NO!" Laurel protested, quickly adding, "I mean, that sweet, but I just think I need a few nights off to rest. I'll be fine. Seriously, don't worry about me."

"Okay." He shrugged, heading deeper into their headquarters to change his clothes, "Let me know if you need anything."

"Will do." Laurel blushed, waiting until he was out of earshot before turning to her sister and whining, "Quit it!"

"What? It's hilarious." Sara chuckled, before moving closer and lowering her voice, "He was never that observant, or that smart, but you think he would realise you're acting the same way Felicity was when I took her anal cherry. Not that he knew why that was."

"Sara!" Laurel whined.

"But still, you need to do a better job of hiding how sore your ass is." Sara scolded, "Hell, Thea has done a better job than you."

"Thea was trained by Malcolm." Laurel protested.

"And you were trained by me and Nyssa, which means you should be better." Sara pointed out, moving even closer, "And is that how you address me?"

Laurel gulped, looked around, and then hissed, "We're in public!"

"We're alone. Trust me." Sara grinned.

With one last look around Laurel's shoulders drooped and she quickly apologised, "I do trust you. And I'm so sorry... Mistress. I'll do better. I promise."

"I don't know..." Sara became stern as she teased, "Maybe we should call tonight off as a punishment."

"No, no, no please Mistress Sara, anything but that." Laurel begged as quietly as she could as she dropped to her knees and pleaded, "Spank me in front of everybody, just please, don't deny me your sweet honey for another night. Please? I'll be good, I swear."

"I suppose." Sara smirked, stroking her sister's hair.

"Oh thank you Mistress Sara." Laurel beamed, and then after quickly checking the coast was clear lent down to press a couple of kisses to her sister's feet while murmuring, "Thank you."

* * *

Laurel couldn't believe she did that in the middle of Team Arrow headquarters, with her ex-boyfriend The Green Arrow and John Diggle changing only a few feet away. Then again, there were a lot of things she had done in those headquarters, and elsewhere, that she couldn't believe she had done. In her weaker moment she tried to blame it all on Mistress Sara, but while her baby sister had seduced her Laurel could have stopped it at any time. She still could, despite how it may seem sometimes, as there was no doubt in her mind Mistress Sara would stop if she asked her too, but Laurel didn't. Honestly it felt like she couldn't. That she physically needed everything her Mistresses eagerly gave her, and so much more. And tonight finally she would get more. Including one thing most of all.

So when they first got back to the apartment that her Mistresses shared and Mistress Sara pushed her up against the nearest wall to press her lips to hers Laurel didn't hesitate to kiss back. In fact she eagerly made out with her own sister for what felt like an eternity as the other female members of Team Arrow slowly arrived. Even when they did they just enjoyed the show for a while, before inevitably they grew impatient. Well, Mistress Nyssa grew impatient. Thea and Mistress Felicity seemed perfectly content to watch the Lance sisters kiss all night long, and part of Laurel wanted that too. Although not as much as she wanted more, so she was extremely grateful to her English sounding Mistress.

"Sara, it's been a week. Haven't you hogged your sister enough?" Nyssa quipped.

"No." Sara admitted with a wicked grin after she reluctantly broke the kiss, "And to prove it, I'm going to put on a show before we get started with the Black Canary Stuffing."

"Well, get on with it then." Nyssa grumbled, "And stop being unfair to the rest of us."

Briefly Sara considered arguing the point, then she shrugged it off in favour of asking her sister, "So sis, do you want to be a Fully Stuffed Black Canary? Huh? To have a cock in every single one of your fuck holes, at the same time, like a total whore? Is that what my prim and proper big sister want? Huh? Does she want me, her own sister, and my girlfriends to make her air tight? Is she that big of a slut? Huh?"

"Yes, yes, yes!" Laurel eagerly agreed, "Yes Mistress Sara, I want you and Mistress Nyssa, and Mistress Felicity, and even your bitch Thea, to make me a Fully Stuffed Black Canary. I wanna be your whore. Your fully stuffed whore."

"And you know what that means, right?" Sara teased, turning Laurel around so her back was to their audience and bending her over slightly before smacking her ass roughly, "It means all of us get a piece of this ass tonight. Even Thea Queen. Mmmmm, fuck yeah, we're going to destroy my sister's ass. Oh fuck, if Oli thought you were walking funny before, he should see you tomorrow. Because I swear sis, you're not going to walk. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, you're just going to lie flat on your stomach and whimper pathetically because of the pain in your butt, and you won't even care, because you'll still be getting after-shocks from the giant orgasms we give you."

"I can't wait Mistress Sara." Laurel admitted with a whimper.

"Well I can, because I know what we're doing first." Sara grinned, smacking that ass again and ordering, "Mmmmm, and so do you, so get down on your knees and beg me for it."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel whimpered pathetically as she fell to her knees in front of her sister and started begging, "Please, please let me eat your pussy! Please Mistress Sara, allow me the privilege of eating your pussy! Please? It's all I thought about last week, mmmmm, and the thing I want most in this world, so please, let me eat your pretty little pussy."

"Kiss my feet, and keep going." Sara pushed.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel eagerly obeyed, pressing her lips to Sara's feet and beginning to kiss her sister's boots while she whimpered, "Please, please let me taste your pussy Mistress Sara! I wanna taste your pussy. I love pussy Mistress Sara, and I've eaten everyone else's, even Thea's, can't it be your turn now? Can't I finally have you? Please? Mmmmm, I want to taste my sister's pussy. Oh my God, I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to taste my little sister's pussy. No! I don't want to just taste you Mistress Sara, I want to devour you! I want to stick my tongue in my baby sister's cunt and fuck her until she cums in my mouth and all over my face! I want my kid sister to use my face as a fuck pad and officially turn me into her rug munching dyke slut! I want it so bad. Please Mistress Sara?"

Sara smirked wickedly, her eyes fixed on Laurel kissing her feet every time she paused, before finally telling her, "I suppose that will do. You may pull down my pants and receive your reward."

Without hesitation Laurel straightened up and went straight for those pants, only stopping when she got to her goal because she guessed that her Mistresses would want her to do this part slowly. Well, that and her hands were shaking from nervousness and excitement given the line she was about to cross. Because sure, they had been having sex all week, and Mistress Sara had even gone down on her, but this would be the first time Laurel would actually be touching her own sister's pussy, and what little was left of her decency was telling her to stop. But she ignored that voice in favour of slowly undoing those pants and pulling them down to reveal that typically the dominant blonde wasn't wearing any underwear.

There was a long pause, mostly because Laurel was savouring the moment, then she leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and slowly slid it over Mistress Sara's pussy. Instantly she fell in love with her little sister's flavour as it set her taste-buds on fire. Because sure, her other Mistresses were beyond yummy, but this forbidden fruit was truly out of this world, and Laurel instantly needed more of it. Luckily for her getting more was easy, as all she had to do was repeat the process, sliding her tongue slowly up and down Sara's pussy lips over and over again coaxing more of that precious liquid into her mouth, down her throat and into her belly were it belonged.

Thea had been extremely jealous of Laurel monopolising Mistress Sara's attention. Luckily Mistress Felicity, and especially Mistress Nyssa had made sure she didn't go without some yummy pussy to eat, or God forbid, allow her ass to go unfucked. However she felt the strongest connection to Mistress Sara, and missed having the honour of worshipping her yummy cunt. On the bright side Thea had unofficially become the groups butt muncher, constantly finding her face buried in the ass of one of her Mistresses while Laurel ate them out, meaning that Thea couldn't resist looking hopefully at Mistress Sara until she finally got the dominant woman's attention.

"You want something Thea?" Sara teased.

"Just to please you Mistress Sara." Thea said submissively, and then when Mistress Sara gave her a look Thea cautiously added, "And maybe to lick your butt."

Sara made a show of rolling her eyes, and then chuckled, "Go on then, mmmmm, but only because you've been so good."

"Thank you Mistress Sara." Thea beamed, crawling over to her.

"God Sara, you really are pushing your luck." Felicity grumbled while Nyssa just stayed quiet.

"Ooooooh, I love stroppy Felicity." Sara teased, "Mmmmm, don't worry, I'm sure between you and Nyssa you'll find the appropriate punishment for me."

"As if there's any perversion you wouldn't enjoy." Nyssa grumbled, although she was unable to keep the fondness out of her voice.

While her Mistresses bickered Thea slowly positioned herself behind Mistress Sara and then took a few long seconds just to enjoy staring at her glorious ass. No wonder Mistress Felicity and especially Mistress Nyssa took such pleasure in pounding such a perfect posterior. If Thea were a top, or even a switch, she would probably want to do the same. But no, either because she had been broken or she had always been this way Thea was a happy little bottom, who only wanted to please her bettors, and she could think of no better way to start than to literally lean forward and press a kiss to the other woman's right butt cheek.

She then did the same with the left, then the right again, and so on, Thea going back and forth between those cheeks and covering them in kisses like the literal ass kisser she was in that moment. And in general when it came to her Mistresses. Then after maybe mentor that she pushed her face in between those cheeks, just literally smothering herself in them for a few long seconds, before sliding her tongue up Mistress Sara's ass crack. Then finally she spread those cheeks gently apart, and then when they were as wide as she could get them Thea spat onto her Mistress's ass hole and then started rubbing in that saliva with her tongue.

It was a process she repeated a few times before settling into a long drawn-out ass licking, Thea becoming blissfully lost in the gentle treatment for who knows how long. Partly because she just enjoyed the humiliation and submission of it, especially when Mistress Sara started taunting her about it. But mostly because she just enjoyed pleasing the dominant woman. Of course later when Mistress Sara called for it Thea was only too happy to literally pushed her tongue into the other girl's ass hole and fuck her with it. Thea even got her tongue pretty far up that butt considering Mistress Sara hadn't bottomed in over a week because she had been too busy topping Laurel, the lucky bitch. Hell, she was even the first to receive Mistress Sara's encouragement.

"Yessssss, lick me Laurel! Lick me! Lick your little sister's cunt you little whore! Oh fuck!" Sara moaned pretty much when her big sister started licking her pussy, repeating some version of those words until Thea got involved, at which point she really ramped up the verbal encouragement, "Oooooooh yessssssss Thea, lick my ass! Lick my fucking ass hole while my sister licks my pussy! Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk, I love having two women licking me, mmmmmm, make my fuck holes feel so good, soooooo goooooooodddddddd, oh fuck! Yes, eat me you bitches! Eat me! Oooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssss, stick your tongue up my ass Thea! No, don't do the same Laurel. Not yet. Oh yeah, don't worry big sis, I'll let you know when you can make me cum."

Sara mostly kept up that running commentary throughout the double oral assault she was currently enjoying. For better, or for sometimes worse, Sara was normally very talkative during sex, but this was the first time her big sister was going down on her, which had been one of her naughtiest fantasies ever since puberty, so she was having a problem controlling herself. Especially as Thea's eager little tongue was going to town on her ass hole, and her loving girlfriends Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul were watching her commit this social taboo with pure desire in their eyes, more or less making Sara's patients worth it. Because sure, she could have had Laurel eat her pussy before now, but Sara just couldn't pass up having every first with her sister in front of an audience.

Besides, the past week had been about making sure Laurel was beyond a shadow of a doubt completely broken, which involved Sara squeezing as many orgasms as possible out of her beloved sister. Mostly that involved relentlessly fucking Laurel's ass, as nothing was a better display of who was truly in charge, and Sara certainly knew nothing that would make Laurel more submissive to her. But there had been also a lot of Sara eating Laurel's yummy little pussy, and fucking her with toys and her fingers, all of which both Lance sisters had thoroughly enjoyed. In fact it might just have been the best week of Sara's life, which was really saying something considering how great life had become while dating both Felicity and Nyssa. But this, this was graduation, and Sara was determined that her sister would 'graduate' in style.

More importantly Sara would make sure they would all enjoy it, but especially Laurel. Laurel was who really mattered here, which was why she gave her a long time to get used to the taste of her pussy, and hopefully get addicted to it like Felicity, Nyssa and Thea were. Unfortunately it also meant that she couldn't invite Felicity and Nyssa over to kiss her, and maybe suck on her tits, like she had originally planned. It would just be too much. Hell, it was a risk getting Thea involved, and there would have definitely been something to be said for just having Laurel worship her alone, but Sara just couldn't resist having a tongue playing with her butt, even if it meant her sister got less time to worship her cunt.

Sure enough Sara eventually ordered a little ahead of schedule, "Now! Shove your tongue in my cunt now! Come on Laurel, mmmmm, you know what to do. I've been tongue fucking you all week, ohhhhhh, and now it's time for you to return the favour. Ohhhhhh yessssssss, oh God, OH GOD, ooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, mmmmmm, yes tongue fuck me! Tongue fuck me good! Yessssssss, you two Thea, mmmmmm, fuck me, fuck me with your tongue, oh fuckkkkkkk! Fuck my pussy! Oh shit Laurel! My ass, oh God Thea, fuck my ass! Yeeeeeeeesssssss! Fuck my fucking fuck holes! Fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk!"

Obediently Laurel slowly slid her tongue into Sara's cunt without much encouragement, which was very promising indeed. Especially as without needing to be asked she push that tongue slowly into her and then started fucking Sara with it equally, but gradually picking up speed. Just like Sara had done to her. Which of course left Sara incoherently babbling, and then just screaming and swearing in pure pleasure as she came in her big sister's mouth for the first time. It would be the first of many, Sara had promised herself that before now, and the amazing pleasure she felt only solidified her determination to make her formally stuck up big sister her pussy loving bitch.

Laurel was born to be Mistress Sara's bitch. It didn't matter that Laurel had been born first, God or the universe or whatever had meant for her to be her little sister's fuck toy. Or maybe Mistress Sara had been designed to top her. Whatever the case Laurel had no doubt that she was meant to devote her life to eating Mistress Sara's pussy, and that was before she had tasted it. Tasting it alone had seal the deal, while Mistress Sara cumming in her mouth solidified Laurel becoming completely obsessed with her own sister's honey pot. Because Laurel hadn't thought anything could be better than Mistress Sara's pussy cream, but she was so glad to be wrong, and desperately tried to swallow every drop of the precious liquid which was her sister's cum.

Thanks to being allowed to secretly practice her pussy eating skills on Thea over the last week Laurel was able to swallow at least the majority of Mistress Sara's cum. She wasn't as lucky with the following orgasms, but as long as she was pleasing her Mistress/sister it didn't really matter. All that mattered was Mistress Sara's pleasure, and Laurel was proud of the fact that she was able to squeeze plenty of that out of her sibling by driving her tongue back into Mistress Sara's pussy and slamming it in and out until she made the other girl cum again. Then Laurel quickly pulled her tongue out of Mistress Sara's pussy, wrapped her lips tightly around her entrance and swallowed as much as she could, just like before.

It wasn't just the fact that there seemed to be more of it, or it came faster, but the fact that Mistress Sara grabbed Laurel firmly by the head and started grinding her cunt into her pussy. Laurel was dully aware of Mistress Sara doing the same to Thea, although The Black Canary was definitely getting the better part of the deal, because while both subs were struggling to breathe at least Laurel was being rewarded with a face full of cum. Sure, that meant most of it didn't end up in her belly were it belonged, but a decent amount automatically squirted down her throat, and whatever didn't was marking her as a pussy addicted slut. More importantly it was marking her as what she was always meant to be, Mistress Sara's pussy addicted slut.

Another benefit was that Laurel, or someone else, could collect some of that precious liquid later and either keep it for themselves or give it to her. Sure enough this happened, although not the way Laurel was expecting it, as when Mistress Sara pulled her away from her cunt it wasn't so that the two sisters could kiss. No, the younger sister pulled her older sister's face away from her cunt, at the same time she pulled Thea's face from out of her ass, then Mistress Sara stepped out of the way and smashed the sub's faces together, Laurel essentially kissing the girl who was practically an honorary Lance sister. Oh yes, Laurel went from getting her face covered in her little sister's cum to sharing that liquid with the girl who was practically their sister, tasting Mistress Sara's ass on Thea's lips and tongue in the process.

"Yessss, that's it girls, share my juices." Sara gleefully encouraged while still gently but firmly pushing the heads of Laurel and Thea together, which was completely unnecessary given just how passionately they were kissing, "Share the taste of my pussy and ass you little sluts. Fuck yes, that's so hot. Mmmmm, there really is nothing like watching a pair of bottoms kiss after you've made them share your holes."

"Oh, I can think of a few things." Nyssa quipped, as she suddenly pressed herself up against Sara from behind, allowing the strap-on she was now wearing to slide in between Sara's butt cheeks, "Like butt fucking a Lance sister. Yeah, nothing beats that. And while I had my heart set on the older one, the younger one is practically begging to get her perfect little ass pounded. Mmmmm yeahhhh, then her big sister can be my desert."

"Tempting..." Sara almost considered it as she grinned wickedly and wiggled her butt against Nyssa's strap-on, "But I really had my heart set on making a Fully Stuffed Black Canary tonight, so... Laurel, go get me a strap-on. Thea, prepare Nyssa's for her."

As soon as Mistress Sara let go of Thea and Laurel they reluctantly pulled away from each other, and then as soon as the blonde was done speaking Thea eagerly replied, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Laurel opened her mouth to say the same thing, but she got distracted with the enchanting sight of little Thea Queen diving forward and wrapping her lips around Nyssa's strap-on and beginning to bob her head up and down it, only the fact that Mistress Sara cleared her throat getting her attention again, causing Laurel to blush and apologetically mumble, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Sara felt that Laurel owed her an apology for her hesitance, but it was difficult to maintain her annoyance when her submissive sister did as she was told. Especially as that gave Sara a chance to look around, and become fully aware that both Felicity and Nyssa were now fully naked except for a couple of strap-on cocks, Nyssa generously sharing Thea's whore mouth with their girlfriend while shooting Sara a few teasing looks. They made Nyssa's last words to her echo in Sara's mind, and she really liked the idea of bending over next to Laurel so Felicity and Nyssa could take turns ass fucking the Lance sisters. Or maybe Sara riding Felicity, and Laurel riding Thea, while Nyssa took turns in making one of them double stuffed.

Those were some truly wonderful scenarios, but again, Sara was determined to spend the night making sure Laurel was broken beyond repair. Or maybe just give Laurel the gang bang she so richly deserved for submitting completely, as pretty much the entire week Laurel had been looking at her with nothing but love and total devotion, and it was even more the case now, acting the perfect bitch as she not only retrieved a nice big cock, but strapped it around her waist and then took it into her mouth without needing to be told. Thanks to plenty of practice in the last week Laurel even shoved the dildo into her throat on the first bob of her head, and would have no doubt given her sister a thorough blow job if Sara would let her. But Sara had other ideas.

"Stop!" Sara ordered loudly after only a few bobs of Laurel's head, "Did I tell you to suck my cock? Did I? Huh? No, I didn't. So knock it off. Mmmmm, we both know a slutty little pussy like yours doesn't need nearly that much lube, especially when it's dripping wet from the pleasure of pleasing me. So let's just skip to the part where my stuck up big sister sits on my dick and starts riding me, shall we? Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, that's it, take off every little bit of clothing you've got! Yeahhhhh, let's see that hot little body of yours sis. Oh fuck yeah, my sister is so hot. Now get on my dick you slutty little bitch, ooooooh yeahhhhh!"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel whimpered apologetically, before eagerly doing as she was told.

Pretty much the moment Sara sat down Laurel got on top of her, causing the original Canary to chuckle with delight. Then both Canaries let out a joyful moan as Laurel quickly lined her pussy up with the tip of Sara's strap-on and pushed herself downwards. Sara was gracious enough to quickly grab a firm hold of the fake dick to keep it in place, meaning both sisters were working together to make sure Laurel was penetrated. Something they succeeded in doing quickly and easily. Just the way that Laurel was able to push her cunt all the way down, and then eagerly start bouncing herself up and down. And for the same reason, namely Laurel being so wet from licking her sister's pussy, just like Sara had guessed.

It was hardly a difficult guess, given that Laurel was clearly aroused, and they had a week of nearly non-stop sex to tell Sara just how easy it was to turn her big sister on. At least if you were her little sister. And now they were working with the added bonus of what Felicity and Nyssa were going to do to her as there was no way Laurel wouldn't be ready for this. Still, Sara very much enjoyed the confirmation, and the two sisters once again became so lost in each other they completely forgot about anyone else. Sara even sat up so she could pull Laurel into a passionate kiss while firmly grabbing her waist to push her sister up and down her lap like she was using the other girl's cunt to masturbate her cock. Then Nyssa was again reminding them of her presence.

"Are you sluts forgetting about the rest of us, again?" Nyssa gently scolded.

"Sorry babe, we just can't help it." Sara grinned, not sounding the least bit sorry, "Ohhhhhh yeah, the Lance sisters just love fucking each other so much we just got lost in it. Mmmmm, but I'm betting you can do something to keep our attention."

"Damn right I can, but I'm in a generous mood, so I'm going to let you help me fuck your sister." Nyssa graciously offered, or more accurately ordered, "Oh yes, and you know how? Mmmmm, by spreading your sister's cheeks! Oh yes, that's it Sara, pull your big sister's butt cheeks apart and present to me that pretty little bitch hole. Help me turn your big sister into the filling of a sandwich. Into a total slut, a broken bitch... a Stuffed Black Canary. Ohhhhhh yessssss, let's stuff this pretty little Canary, like me and Felicity stuff our favourite Canary, and then we'll make her our little airtight whore. Oh fuck yeah!"

Nyssa smirked as she watched Sara slowly spreading her sister's butt cheeks, offering up her sibling's most private hole for Nyssa to fuck. She also revealed a butt-plug buried firmly in between those cheeks, proving that Sara just hadn't been able to keep her hands off of Laurel, or from relentlessly strap-on fucking her big sister's ass, or perhaps keeping her bossy sibling's bottom nice and stretched. Probably a combination of all three, but whatever the case Nyssa decided to have some fun with it, grabbing hold of that plug and sliding it in and out of Laurel's backdoor for a few long seconds. Which of course just made the Black Canary whimpered pathetically, and beg enthusiastically to get her ass fucked.

"Please fuck me, I need to be fucked!" Laurel whimpered, before quickly remembering her training, "Please Mistress Nyssa, fuck me. Fuck my slutty little ass hole. It's my sister's to use however she wants, mmmmm, it's Sara Lance's personal fuck hole, and she's giving it to you to fuck, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk, so you can make me a Stuffed Black Canary. Yessssss, make me the meat in an all girl sandwich! Stuff me full of strap-on cock and use me like a lesbian whore! Ooooooh Goooooodddddd, I'm my sister's bitch Mistress Nyssa, and I want to be your bitch. Yours and Mistress Felicity's! I wanna be owned by Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, and Mistress Felicity, all three of them using me however they want, whenever they want, whenever they want. Please just use me! I need to be used! I need to be used like the total dyke slut I am!"

Suddenly Nyssa yanked out the butt-plug, pressed it to Laurel's lips and softly ordered, "Suck it."

Without hesitation Laurel wrapped her lips around the head of that toy and really began sucking it clean, moaning happily at the taste of her own butt, proving once again that Sara had of course done a great job of training her sister to be the perfect little submissive slut. Which was a fact that Nyssa would now capitalise on, by DP'ing Laurel with her own sister, Nyssa licking her lips as she grabbed hold of her dildo, briefly slid it up and down the other brunette's butt crack before finally pushing it into that already opened back hole. Which again made the little anal whore moan happily, while her sister/owner giggled with delight, and happily offered up encouragement. Not that Nyssa needed it.

"Yeahhhhh Nyssa." Sara giggled with delight, "Fuck my sister's butt! Fuck it good and deep! Oooooooh fuck yeah!"

It was more than likely Sara said a lot more than that, but it was the only thing that Nyssa really registered as she was too busy with delighting in the view of her dick sliding through Laurel's anal ring and then deep into her ass. The butt-plug had been wide but short, making it one of the most easiest anal penetrations Nyssa had ever been involved with. After that she encountered a little more resistance as the rest of Laurel's rectum was tighter, but there was barely a hint of pain from the sounds the other brunette was making. So Nyssa continued with a slow but steady pace, and soon enough her thighs were coming to rest against Laurel's ass cheeks, announcing that she was 'balls deep' in The Black Canary's butt. Which of course really caused Nyssa to get some encouragement, and not just from Sara.

"Balls deep! Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, we're both balls deep inside my sister! Oh fuck!" Sara gleefully moaned, "Mmmmm yes, fuck her! Fuck my sister! Fuck her ass! Fuck her slutty little ass! Come on Nyssa, oh baby, let's DP my big sister good."

"Real good." Felicity mumbled, lost for words as she moved closer to get the best look possible of Laurel taking those two dicks.

Thea did the same thing, then cautiously added, "Yes, fuck her. Fuck her ass."

Before Laurel interrupted them all with a loud cry of, "Ohhhhh Goooooodddddd, it feels so good. Mmmmm, I love it. I love having a cock in my ass, and one in my cunt. Please Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Sara, fuck me! Fuck me together. DP me like a whore! Please? Oh please, ooooooohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yeeeeeeeessssssss, ooooooh fuck!"

For a few long minutes Nyssa just savoured the moment, the encouragement, and of course the sight in front of her. Then with a firm grip on Laurel's hips she began pumping her own hips back and forth, driving the dildo in and out of the other woman's most forbidden hole and thus officially starting to butt fuck The Black Canary. Better yet, Nyssa was officially starting to DP The Black Canary with her sister, every thrust into Laurel's ass pushing Laurel's cunt down onto Sara's cock, which again got a very positive response out of the Lance sisters. Something Nyssa became so lost in she completely forgot that she was supposed to be sharing this ass.

Felicity didn't really mind being forgotten about given that she got one hell of a show, and unlike the three performing it she had the freedom to move around and enjoy multiple things about it. Just looking at the way their three bodies were pressed against each other was a treat, as was being able to see those dildos pumping in and out of Laurel's pussy and most notably at the moment her ass. But her favourite was the expressions on the faces of particularly her girlfriends, but also her friend, as the pure joy they were experiencing was indescribable, even as Laurel was being anally penetrated. Which was either a testament to just how much Sara had been pounding her big sister's butt, or the fact that Laurel was just a natural butt slut.

Either way Felicity was really, really looking forward to her turn, the only thing stopping her from demanding that turn sooner being just how much she loved that show, and of course love for Nyssa. Although her needs to fuck some ass was becoming so great that Felicity found her eyes drifting towards where Thea was waiting for further instructions. Which was an unusual feeling, because normally Felicity was the most patient of their little group, and she wasn't nearly as obsessed with fucking asses as Sara and Nyssa. No, she preferred to top in other ways. And when she did want to fuck some ass, it was nearly always Sara's perfect booty. But now she really wanted to fuck Laurel's butt, which was why Felicity decided to save her energy for it. Besides, it wasn't that long before she reminded Nyssa of her presence.

"What is it about sexy Assassins and hogging The Black Canary's ass?" Felicity questioned with a soft chuckle, before gently pushing, "Come on Nyssa, we're supposed to be making Laurel airtight, and I know this little ATM slut once to taste her own ass, isn't that right Laurel?"

"Oh yes, please Mistress Nyssa, let me taste my own ass!" Laurel cried out joyfully, "Mmmmm, I love tasting my own ass on Mistress Sara's dick, and I want to taste it on yours while I'm riding Mistress Sara's dick and Mistress Felicity is fucking my slutty little ass so I can be made airtight. A three hole slut! A Fully Stuffed Black Canary, ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, fuck all my holes and make me fully stuffed!"

"Well, since you've both asked so nicely." Nyssa relented, yanking her cock out of Laurel's butt and offering, "Go ahead Felicity, fuck this bitch! Mmmmm, teach her a lesson for being mean to you."

"Oh fuck yes, teach me a lesson Mistress Felicity! Teach me a lesson! Teach me ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!" Laurel pleaded, before crying out as she got what she wanted.

Getting a little overexcited Felicity shoved almost the entire length of her cock up Laurel's ass as soon as Nyssa had pulled her dick out and moved aside so Felicity could replace her. This actually resulted in her girlfriend's sister letting out a sharp cry of pain. Well, pain mixed with pleasure, and there was no formal complaint after that, but Felicity still felt incredibly guilty for it. So she paused to give Laurel a few long seconds to relax and then slowly push the rest of the dildo inside of her when she sensed one of the Lance sisters was about to complain about her stalling. She then repeated the process in between completing the anal penetration and officially beginning the ass fucking.

To Felicity's surprise, and to the disappointment of the Lance sisters, Nyssa didn't re-join the fun right away, instead taking Felicity's role of simply admiring the little show that was now two blondes sandwiching a brunette. Felicity wasn't sure whether this was as a weird way to make it up to her, or a way to tease Laurel, or just because Nyssa enjoyed the view, or a combination of all three, but Felicity definitely appreciated it as it meant she would have more time having Laurel's ass all to herself. And after Laurel had been more than a little bitchy to her Felicity was looking forward to having an excuse to really pound her butt. Although giving the way Laurel was whimpering perhaps this slow sodomy was more of an effective revenge?

Laurel had actually liked the sudden and brutal anal violation she received from Mistress Felicity. It wasn't something she would have thought the geeky woman would be capable of giving her, and she was so glad to be proven wrong, as thanks to Mistress Sara relentlessly pounding her butt over the past week Laurel had actually grown to enjoy the feeling of her rectum being roughly stretched, even when it was painful. She wanted more of that treatment, and more importantly a harder butt fucking, and yet at the same time at least part of her was content to be teased. Besides, it was what Mistress Sara wanted, and that's what really mattered here.

Throughout the DP so far Laurel had the opportunity to stare lovingly down at Mistress Sara, kiss and occasionally even whisper words of gratitude for turning her into her sex slave. Mistress Sara was an Alpha female who could have anyone she wanted, and rightfully had two loving girlfriends already, and a bitch. She hadn't needed to turn Laurel into her fuck toy, but out of the kindness of her heart she had, and introduced Laurel to amazing pleasure along the way. Although perhaps surprisingly this was even better than what came before, and yet it still was topped by Mistress Nyssa shoving her strap-on into Laurel's face, finally giving her the chance to taste her own ass while getting double fucked! Oh God, Laurel was getting triple stuffed, a cock in her pussy, mouth and ass all at the same time, the thought overwhelming her.

"Oh fuck yeah, take it Laurel! Take it in all of your fucking fuck holes!" Sara cried out gleefully as Nyssa shoved her strap-on into Laurel's mouth, completing the chain, "Oh fuck, that's so hot! Sooooo fucking hot, mmmmm, oh Laurel, I feel like I've waited my whole life for this. Mmmmm, to have you as my bitch, showing just how devoted you are to me by taking it in all of your holes, three cocks inside you at the same time, me and my perfect girlfriends taking my own fucking sister and making her our slut, oh fuck! Just, FUCK! Fuck yes, suck that cock! Take it deep! Come on, all the way, all the way, just like we practised. Mmmmm yessssss, take that cock as deep into your mouth as you are taking mine into your cunt, and Felicity's into your ass, you fucking slut! Oh Nyssa, life doesn't get better than this, does it?"

"No, it doesn't." Nyssa happily agreed, "Mmmmm yes, nothing beats taking your sister and making her truly yours, but showing off just how broken she is comes pretty close. Especially when she takes it in all of her holes for the first time. Oh yes Sara, your sister look so good taking all of our girl cocks. Maybe even better than mine. Oooooooh yes Laurel, deep throat that cock you greedy little whore! Prove just how much of a slut your own sister has turned you into. Oh fuck yes Sara, you're so right, Laurel look so good taking it in all of her holes. Ohhhhh, she was born to be our Fully Stuffed Black Canary, don't you think so Felicity?"

"Yeahhhhhh, so hot!" Felicity moaned, barely paying attention to the conversation as she was lost in fucking Laurel's ass.

At first Laurel was so overwhelmed by what was happening to her she barely even heard Mistress Nyssa's commands, and shamefully took a slap to her ass from Mistress Sara to get her to spring into action. At least then she was able to impress, eventually shoving the entire length of the dildo down her throat and eagerly clean it of her anal cream. She then did the same for Mistress Felicity's dick as the two Doms switched places, which happened over and over again for the next few minutes, meaning Laurel constantly got to taste her own butt while being triple fucked. Which again became overwhelming, only for a very different reason, namely a desire to cum.

"Make me cum, make me cum, for the love of God someone please make me cum!" Laurel blurted out during one of the changeovers, "Yes Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity, ooooooh fuck, one of you make me cum! Pound my ass like the whore I am and show me who's boss. Show me I'm your Stuffed Black Canary! Show me you own me! Ohhhhhh yessssss, I'm yours! I know it, mmmmm, and you don't have to prove anything, ooooooh, but please do it anyway. Please make your bitch cum. Please? I need it so bad. I need, ohhhhhhh, need to cum, oh my God, oooooooh Goooooodddddd, fuck me, ohhhhhhhh yesssssssss, ooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssss aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

It took a surprisingly long time but eventually Mistress Nyssa granted her wish and began increasing her pace until the sound of her thighs crashing against Laurel's butt cheeks were almost as deafening as the sound of The Black Canary's screams of pleasure, which were almost as loud as the Canary Cry without a dildo muffling them. Laurel was actually disappointed that Mistress Felicity didn't muffle her cries with her dick, but that was a fleeting thought as soon Laurel was going over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life. Which was really saying something considering what she had been experiencing lately, but it was true. And she had her wonderful Mistress Sara to thank for it. Oh God, Laurel could never thank her sister enough for enslaving her.

Sara was really amused at the gratitude Laurel showed her, not just now but constantly. She'd fucked a lot of women into submission before, but she never truly believed that she'd broken one before. Even with Thea, as that seemed more like just exposing the girl's true nature. Or maybe it was just because she had been hogging Laurel all to herself for the past week, barely giving her sister a second away from her just to make sure she wouldn't second-guess her submission to her. And maybe that was unnecessary, but Sara fully intended to fuck her big sister just as relentlessly for at least the next few weeks just to make extra sure that Laurel wouldn't ever be able to fix herself, and would forever be her broken bitch.

With that in mind Sara made sure she was the one to make Laurel cum, at least that first precious time. Oh yes, with one strategic thrust, and maybe the fact that she grabbed Laurel's face and forced her to look at her, Sara sent her sister over the edge of an incredibly powerful climax which made her squirt all over her strap-on cock. Something which Laurel did over and over again as Sara continued pounding up into that cunt. And Nyssa, and then Felicity, pounded Laurel's ass hole with their cocks, but Sara liked to think she was the main reason. And just to drive the point home Sara yelled directly into her sister's face what she truly was now. What Laurel would always be. What she would forever be. Sara would make sure of that.


Of course Laurel was in no state to be able to really respond, other than to nod her head, and even that might have been a result of her orgasms. Meanwhile Nyssa put everything into absolutely wrecking Laurel's ass, just as Felicity did when Nyssa pulled out and moved away, giving her a chance to take over. Which had become pretty normal when ever they shared Thea, and would now become normal with Laurel. Sara was determined it would. And just like with Thea, Sara took her turn when her girlfriends had exhausted themselves, on this occasion immediately flipping over and switching to her favourite hole before butt pounding Laurel through several more climaxes for them both.

Unfortunately at that point Sara had little left in the tank, as her clit had been constantly bashed and that combined with violating her sister in this way ultimately caught up with her, in the way it had with Nyssa and Felicity. Still, considering just how much she'd cum already Sara thought she did a pretty good job of pushing through it, using every ounce of her saved up energy to drill Laurel's ass hole like the fuck hole it now was. The fuck hole Sara had made for herself and her girlfriends to use whenever they wanted, but mostly herself. Then she collapsed down on top of Laurel and after both sisters just rested there for a few long seconds they fell into a passionate kiss with each other, savouring the sweet moment.

Then Sara broke the kiss and growled directly into her sibling's face, "What are you?"

"Your bitch!" Laurel whimpered without hesitation, quickly clarifying, "I'm your bitch Mistress Sara. Yours and Mistress Felicity's and Mistress Nyssa's. You all own me. Please use me however you want."

"Don't worry sis, I will." Sara grinned, before yanking her strap-on out of her big sister's butt hole, "Now prove your devotion by showing us that pretty little gape."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel whimpered, again obeying without hesitation.

Laurel was so exhausted it literally hurt to move, but that wouldn't stop her from obeying one of her owners, especially not Mistress Sara, as it was very clear Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa could use her however they wanted, and Laurel would only be too happy to obey them, but primarily her true owner was her own sister. Something which gave her great joy and happiness, regardless of how twisted it was. It was the same story for slowly reaching back and spreading her cheeks to expose how widely gaping her ass hole was. Hell, Laurel even pushed her ass into the air, even though it was completely unnecessary, as her ass felt like it was as wide as the Grand Canyon.

Then after a few long minutes of silence Laurel hesitantly asked, "Does my gape please you Mistress Sara?"

"It's a good start." Sara quipped with a wicked grin, "But we've got all night, and trust me sis, we're going to see just how widely we can stretch you."

"We can start with Thea." Nyssa chimed in with an equally wicked smile.

"Thea!" Felicity exclaimed, before frowning at Sara, "You forgot Thea?"

"Did I?" Sara grinned at her blonde girlfriend, before returning her attention to her bitch, "Oh ye of little faith. Thea, grab a strap-on and lie down on the floor. I wanna see my big sister riding my bitch's dick with her well used butt hole."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea quickly responded.

"Yes, yes Mistress Sara." Laurel gulped about a second later.

The two subs then did as they were told, Laurel very grateful for the fact that she at least got to wait until Thea had got a dildo strapped around her waist and covered it in lube before she even had to move. Then as Thea lay down on the floor Laurel was quick to mount her and line up her gaping ass hole with that cock. She then pushed herself down it, Laurel letting out a pathetic cry as first the head and then the entire length of that big dildo slid into her battered butt hole. Which hurt, but it also felt really good, Laurel's ass hole quickly remembering it was a fuck hole to be used, allowing her to start bouncing slowly up and down while moaning in pure pleasure.

"Ooooooh yes, look at this little slut go." Sara chuckled, "Bouncing her shit hole up and down the cock of a total bottom like Thea Queen... God Laurel, you don't have an ounce of shame left, do you?"

"No Mistress Sara, I don't." Laurel replied, despite the fact that her blush said otherwise, trying to make up for it by insisting, "I'm nothing but your whore. Oooooooh God Mistress Sara, mmmmm, thank you for making me yours. I love being your little anal loving bitch."

"And my ATM loving bitch?" Sara pushed gently, bringing her dildo almost right in front of Laurel's face.

"Oh yes Mistress Sara." Laurel's eyes lit up, "I'm your ass to mouth whore! Mmmmm, I love sucking my own ass off of your cock, ohhhhhhh yesssssss, especially when there's another cock in my ass. Oh yeah, mmmmm, get it nice and ready for me to clean for you. And your girlfriends, oooooooh, my other Mistresses, mmmmm, I wanna clean them too. Please Mistress Sara, let me clean them, and you. I want to suck my ass off those big cocks and become a Stuffed Black Canary again. Please Mistress Sara, mmmmm, sister, give me your cock. I want it in my mouth. I need it in my mouth. Please sis, mmmmm, oh fuck, mufffllfff!"

"Good girl." Sara said huskily after she closed the distance between them, "Mmmmm, suck it."

As soon as Mistress Sara stepped forward Laurel opened her mouth wide and allowed her sister to shove her strap-on pretty much directly down her throat. Which initially made Laurel gag, but she'd had enough training cleaning cock from Mistress Sara to be able to fight through it and begin greedily gobbling up her anal cream and worshipping the superior sister's dick. Sometimes Mistress Sara would literally fuck her mouth with her dick, but this time she allowed Laurel to go at her own pace, simply chuckling and stroking her hair, which of course did a wonderful job of encouraging Laurel to take it all. And she did, every last inch down her throat so she could get every drop of that precious butt cream.

"Hogging your sister again?" Felicity teased, as she and Nyssa came to stand either side of Sara.

"Not at all." Sara grinned, "There's plenty of her mouth for all of us."

With that Laurel was pulled off of Mistress Sara's dick and on to Mistress Felicity's, and then Mistress Nyssa's. Which of course she cleaned just as thoroughly before starting to go back and forth between those three dildos, while the whole time riding a fourth with her ass hole. Laurel even managed to sneak a few more orgasms like that, before Mistress Sara kneeled down and pushed her strap-on into her cunt, once again making her a Fully Stuffed Black Canary. A wonderful treat which Laurel received over and over again that night, and for the days, weeks, months and years to follow as she revelled in being her little sister's bitch.


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