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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, but has it's own continuity.

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Arrow: Stuffed Canary Part 8
by MTL ([email protected])

Laurel Lance's life had become really weird over the last few years. Fed up with seeing the guilty go free she had taken inspiration from her sister and become The Black Canary, and started patrolling the streets at night with her ex-boyfriend, her sister, his sister and her sister's ex-girlfriend. She'd met people with superpowers and magic, saved the city from total destruction, and after walking in on her baby sister butt fucking a mutual friend Laurel had somehow allowed Sara to talk her into a lesbian orgy. So yeah, really weird, but Laurel was afraid it was about to get a lot more weird given Sara's actions during that lesbian orgy, and the worrying promise she had made her at it's conclusion.

She was unable to think of anything else for the next 24 hours, and it kept her up during the night, to the point that she had to get herself off at the memory of those obscene things she had been a part of, while desperately trying to ignore a question which haunted her mind that entire time. It should have been enough for Laurel to firmly tell Sara no to ever doing it again. After all, sisters shouldn't be involved in the same orgy under any circumstances, and fucking her sister's lovers had been just too weird, even for her. But Laurel wanted to do it again. She didn't think she'd have the strength to say no if she was asked, and Sara had always been very persuasive, so Laurel wasn't sure she could, even if her fear was confirmed.

Confirming that fear wasn't easy. Laurel knew she wouldn't get anything out of Nyssa, Thea surprisingly didn't budge, and she just couldn't get Felicity alone to spill the beans. She tried calling her, only for Sara to answer the phone. She tried text and email, only for again Sara to answer for her girl. She tried approaching her at work, only for Sara to be there. Finally she showed up early to the apartment of Felicity and Sara, and apparently Nyssa, for her second lesbian orgy, only for Sara to answer the door with a grin and wordlessly invite her in. Laurel rolled her eyes, and just about avoided freaking out until she was safely inside the apartment where at least no one could hear. Or at least, no one she didn't no.

"Can I talk to you?" Laurel turned to her sibling, before then glancing back at Nyssa and Felicity who were sitting on the couch, "Alone."

Sara smirked, "Anything you have to say to me can be said in front of my girls. There are no secrets between us."

Laurel gulped softly, and then after a brief hesitation stammered, "When... when you said I'd be going in the middle this time... you meant in the middle of Nyssa, Felicity and Thea. Right?"

There was a long pause, then Sara smiled wickedly, "And why should I let them have all the fun?"

For a few long seconds Laurel just stared at her sibling with disbelief, then breathlessly reminded her, "But, we're sisters."

"Yeah." Sara grinned teasingly, "I haven't forgotten."

"But, but...WE'RE SISTERS!" Laurel exclaimed. "It's wrong."

Sara shrugged nonchalantly, "That's what some people say about orgies. And polyamorous relationships. And lesbianism."

"But..." Laurel repeated in disbelief, "We're sisters."

"You keep saying that." Sara quipped.

"That's because apparently you need reminding." Laurel grumbled.

"Why? Because I want to follow Nyssa's example?" Sara questioned.

Which of course caused Laurel to look at Nyssa with disbelief, the assassin then smirking and revealing, "My sister and I had a... difficult relationship before I made her mine. Now things between us are much better, and there has never been anything more satisfying than robbing my big sister of her anal cherry by shoving a nice big cock up her ass."

"Oh God." Laurel croaked in disbelief, before nervously looking back at Sara, "And, and that's what you want to do to me?"

"Fuck yeah." Sara admitted, closing in on her pray, "It did wonders for the al Ghul sisters, so why not us?"

"Because, because..." Laurel stammered, "It's wrong!"

"And yet, you're here." Sara pointed out, "I pretty clearly implied what I wanted last time, and yet you still came."

"Yeah, to tell you it's not going to happen." Laurel snapped, and then when Sara gave her a disbelieving look the older sibling quickly added, "Don't look at me like that. Or try to turn this around on me. I know what you are doing, and it's not going to work. You don't think I haven't picked up on your tricks by now? Well I have, and they're not working."

"Aren't they?" Sara pushed, stepping into her sister's personal space. Then when Laurel didn't react badly Sara pushed, "You came here because you were curious, just like last time, when you let a girl who might as well be our little sister eat your pussy until you came all over her pretty little face. You knew it was wrong, that you crossed a line, but you didn't care. It felt good, and given our lives we deserve every ounce of joy we can get from it. So why not forget the pseudo-incest and go for the real thing? From what I hear, it's really, really hot... and there is just no way I could ever let someone else take your ass cherry. Mmmmmm yeahhhhh, it's got to be me big sis."

For a few long seconds Laurel just stared with disbelief at her sister, then she turned to Felicity and practically whimpered, "Felicity... I, I can't believe you're okay with this."

Felicity blushed, but admitted, "There isn't anything I wouldn't do for Sara. And honestly, I think it's fucking hot."

"Me too." Thea quickly clarified.

"Don't look at them, look at me." Sara demanded softly, as she slowly turned Laurel's face back to hers, "I wanted to fuck you before, but I didn't know how to handle it, so I screwed Oliver instead. It took me a long time to admit that to myself, and you're way too uptight to ever admit you're hot for me without a little push. Luckily for us both I'm ready to do what needs to be done to finally get you out of that shell of yours and turn you into the hot little slut you really are."

"Sara, please..." Laurel whimpered.

"Shhhhh!" Sara cooed as she continued holding her sister's face in place while she glanced down to her lips.

They stayed like that for what felt like an eternity, and then Sara slowly close the short distance between them and pressed her lips against hers. Oh God, Laurel was kissing her sister! Or more accurately, her sister was kissing her. Except while Laurel wasn't kissing back neither was she pushing Sara away. Mostly that was because Laurel was just too stunned to move, but the terrible truth was part of her didn't want too. What was even worse was that her own body betrayed her, listening to that wicked desire deep inside of her and treacherously beginning to kiss Sara back, and the only thing Laurel seemed to do about it was whimper pathetically.

Sara was expecting Laurel to pull away, or at least not to kiss her back so soon. After all she more than anyone else knew just how stubborn and argumentative her big sister could be, it was what made her such a good lawyer, so it was only natural to assume that she'd have to break out her A - material to get this done. To Sara's surprise it seemed that despite Laurel's protests she was just as susceptible to Sara's blunt charm as the average straight girl that The White Canary hit on. Which was both delightful, and disappointing, as Sara had been looking forward to a long drawn-out fight before ultimately getting what she wanted. Oh well, she wasn't going to complain if Laurel instead chose to make it easy for her.

To be fair this wasn't quite a done deal yet. Laurel was super stiff when Sara gently kissed her, and even when she started kissing back it was clear that she was still hesitant to do so, the war inside The Black Canary only just beginning. Oh well, Sara would just have to make sure that the side fighting for Lancest won. And seeing as her tricks were working better than Laurel claimed, or initially wanted, Sara was only too happy to use them on her. That included plenty of caressing while kissing, at first ignoring the fun parts of her big sister's body before ultimately grabbing her boobs and butt while shoving her tongue directly down Laurel's throat.

She also began strategically taking off Laurel's clothes, and her own, taking off each piece nice and slowly, except for those she couldn't avoid breaking the kiss for, but making sure to leave plenty of time in between each item so she could relax her sister with her tongue. There was of course a few times Laurel whimpered and stiffened up during this, but she never straight up pushed Sara away or asked her to stop, so Sara continued to work her magic until both Lance sisters were standing there completely naked. Only then did Sara move her lips lower to Laurel's neck and begin gently kissing that. Then down to her boobs more or less giving them the same treatment.

If she was alone in bed with just about any other woman Sara would have spent a long time on both those areas, kissing, licking and sucking the sensitive flesh. Maybe even a little biting. She couldn't resist that last part, Sara eagerly marking her big sister as hers. But that was making Laurel tense up and whimper extra loudly, making it very clear that the older sibling was very close to running away, which of course was the last thing Sara wanted right now. Besides, there was something she wanted even more than to tease Laurel, so she decided to do it, and just hoped that she overwhelmed her sister was so much pleasure that she would stay and let her have her wicked way with her.

Laurel was already feeling extremely overwhelmed by everything that was happening to her. The kissing was bad enough, although to be fair at least that was so distracting Laurel could barely think about how she was making out with her little sister, in front of an audience no less. When Sara's lips moved downwards Laurel suddenly became a lot more aware of that audience. In fact she couldn't take her eyes off them, especially as they were staring back at her with looks of pure lust on their faces, and in their eyes. Which she would have expected from someone like Nyssa al Ghul, but Felicity Smoak and Thea Queen? God, what had Sara done to them? And was she going to do it to her?

More importantly, what was Laurel still doing here? Why was she letting Sara do this to her? Why had she kissed Sara, her own sister, back? Oh God, Laurel had actually kissed her own sister, and liked it. And was loving the feeling of Sara's lips on her body, especially the lower she got. What the hell was wrong with her? What was wrong with Sara? What was wrong with this entire thing? Were they under the influence of something? Was someone messing with them? Or was Laurel just a twisted freak who actually wanted to fuck her sister? No, it was Sara! It had to be Sara, didn't it? This had to be her fault, because the alternative was just too horrifying.

For who knows how long those questions and more echoed in Laurel's mind, leaving her just to stand there like an idiot as she was slowly pushed further into the unthinkable. Then just as she concluded that it wasn't her fault, and she got angry enough to push Sara away, she once again became too overwhelmed to think coherently as Sara dropped down to her knees and buried her face in between her legs. Her own sister pressed her face in between her thighs and licked her. Licked her pussy! Sara was licking her pussy, which should have been the final straw to help Laurel push the other girl away. But it wasn't. Instead she let out a loud moan of pleasure, and then to her shame reached down, grabbed the back of Sara's head and pushed her deeper into her cunt.

There could be no doubt whatsoever that Laurel should have grabbed tightly onto the blonde hair and pulled her away, and she wanted to tell herself that that was what she was trying to do, and her body had betrayed her. But the problem was, Laurel didn't really believe that. No, the truth was that she was weak. That it felt too good, and she couldn't resist. Maybe even that she wanted this. Wanted her sister to lick her pussy. Which luckily Laurel didn't have to dwell on very long, because it quickly became impossible to think coherently, and even when the ability to think returned the only thing on her mind was just how good this felt, and how she desperately wanted more of it.

Sara always knew that the forbidden fruit that was her big sister's pussy juices would be something extra special, but even her imagination hadn't done justice to just how amazing Laurel would taste. Maybe it was the fact that they were sisters which was making her biased, but Laurel just might have the tastiest pussy ever, and that was really saying something considering the calibre of cunt Sara ate on a daily basis. In fact the second that heavenly flavour hit her taste-buds it was a struggle for Sara not to go into overdrive and make Laurel cum as quickly as possible. Especially because of this was how her regular cream tasted Sara couldn't wait to taste her big sister's cum.

It was maybe the hardest thing she'd ever had to do, but Sara resisted that temptation. It would have been wrong. Far more wrong than society clearly was about incest, at least between sisters. Yes, sister-sister love was beautiful, and Sara promised that the Lance sisters would never deny themselves from that pleasure again. But she was also going to make sure they did it right, especially during this, their first time together. This was special. It always would be, no matter what happened, but to do it right Sara needed to go slow. It was what she had to do to give Laurel what she deserved, and would guarantee that Laurel would cum hard. So hard that her stuck up big sister wouldn't be able to resist the temptation of doing this again.

Which was why Sara continued to dish out long, slow licks, working her way from the bottom of Laurel's pussy all the way up to the top, brushing against her sister's clit with every other lick. Sometimes, like with the first and extra slow lick, Sara even lingered on Laurel's clit, and flicked it gently with her tongue, causing Laurel to let out an extra loud cry of pleasure. Cries which Sara slowly became more and more aware of as the pussy licking continued and she became less overwhelmed about just how good her sister tasted, and instead concentrated on her big sister's reactions. All of which were, very, very encouraging. Wonderfully so, each of them causing Sara to grin, and even chuckle in delight.

The first thing she was aware of was of course the cries, whimpers, gasps and moans of pleasure that Laurel was constantly, and shamelessly, letting out, which naturally pushed Sara to continue her licking. She was also dully aware of something touching the back of her head, but Sara been fairly certain it had been one of her girlfriends, most likely Nyssa, stepping closer for a better view, and to give her some unnecessary encouragement. Laurel would have been the more likely candidate, but Sara hadn't thought she was ready for that. Something which Sara was delighted to be proved wrong about. But it wasn't good enough. Not if Laurel wanted to cum. No, she was going to have to give her a more direct encouragement for that, and Sara was more than prepared to wait for as long as it took. After all, she was perfectly happy where she was.

Laurel didn't just want to cum, she needed to cum. It was shameful beyond words, but Laurel Lance felt a desperate need to cum. More than ever before. And cum in her little sister's mouth. God forgive her but she needed to cum in Sara's incredibly talented mouth and all over that pretty face of hers, the very thought of it pushing her closer to climax instead of disgusting her like it should have, but it just wasn't enough. She needed something to push her over the edge, and Laurel desperately hoped she could do it without actually having to say it, which was why she started off with simply whimpering more pathetically and with disparate need.

When that didn't work Laurel tried simply whimpering, "Please... Sara, mmmmmm, more! I need more! Please Sara... ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, give me more."

She repeated these words over and over again for quite a while with absolutely no luck, which made Laurel more and more frustrated. Especially when she tried to use the hand that she had unconsciously placed on Sara's head for encouragement to push her kid sister's face deeper into her cunt, and Sara just had the audacity to slow down her licking. Honestly, how could Sara be this cruel to her? It was bad enough she had forced her sinful desires upon her, and now she was denying her release? Or more accurately, denied her until Laurel completely humiliated herself. In front of their friends no less. God, this was so unfair. Unfortunately eventually her desperate need to cum became so great that Laurel didn't have a choice but to comply.

"Please Sara, make me cum." Laurel finally whimpered, and when even that wasn't good enough she groaned with frustration, "Ohhhhhhh Gooooooddddddd, oh Sara, fuck me! Please... Sara, oooooooh Sara, fuck me and make me cum! Please just fuck me! Fuck me harder, ah fuck, I need it! I need to cum! Mmmmmm fuckkkkkkk, please Sara, show some fucking mercy. It's bad enough you dragged me into this, the least you can do is let me, oh yesssss, let me, ohhhhhhh yesssssssss, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK! OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS! OH SARA! SARA! OH GOD! OHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSS!"

It seemed to take forever before Sara even pressed her tongue against her entrance, and even then she left it there for minutes which felt like hours before finally shoving her tongue as deep as it would go into her cunt, immediately rendering Laurel completely incoherent. After that Laurel continued showing her approval, although that wasn't by choice. No, Laurel lost complete control of what she was saying or doing as she went over the edge of the most powerful climax of her life, her cum squirting out of her cunt and directly down Sara's throat. And all over her face. Oh God, she was cumming in her little sister's mouth and all over her face, the thought just making Laurel cum harder.

Then to her overwhelming shame Laurel found herself cumming over, over, and over again until it felt like one big orgasm. God, and she thought Thea had been amazing eating pussy. Obviously Thea had learned everything she knew from Sara, and now Sara was showing Laurel the difference between student and teacher. Between an amateur pussy licker and a professional muff diver. Between having her surrogate little sister going down on her and having her real kid sister going down on her. Which was mind, and possibly soul, destroying us very soon the only thing that was left of her was an orgasming wreck. Although at least then she didn't have to feel guilty any more.

Sara became almost just as mindless as she frantically tried to make Laurel cum over and over again. As she predicted her big sister's cum was somehow even more delicious than her pussy cream, Sara becoming instantly addicted and desperate for more the second it touched her taste-buds. Which was why she quickly removed her tongue, sealed her mouth around Laurel's entrance and swallowed every drop of that precious liquid before ramming her tongue back inside to fuck more out of it. That of course was the easy part, but soon even with all her skills Sara struggled to even swallow the majority of that liquid heaven, and was forced to settle for it covering her face instead. Which wasn't a bad consolation prize, but it wasn't what she really wanted.

Of course what Sara wanted more than anything, even more than the privilege of swallowing Laurel's cum, was to make her big sister her sex slave. To do that Sara had to keep an eye on the prize, give Laurel so much pleasure that she would never be able to deny her again. Yet at the same time she would have to walk a fine line not to fuck Laurel into unconsciousness so she could give her the full treatment, and perhaps more importantly fuck Laurel's sweet little holes with her strap-on cock. After all, this might be her one and only chance with Laurel if when her sister sobered up from her overwhelming lust she would run away instead of falling into Sara's arms.

With that in mind Sara reluctantly replaced her mouth and tongue with her fingers, shoving first one and then a second into Laurel's pussy and beginning to thrust them in and out of her big sister's pussy while wrapping her mouth around the other girl's clit and beginning to suck it. She easily made Laurel cum a few more times than that, then in a preview for later Sara collected some escaped juices onto the index finger of her other hand and then slowly pushed it into her big sister's butt hole. As she did this Sara whimpered and moaned with overwhelming delight, anticipation, and the satisfaction of knowing she was right. Laurel's ass was definitely virgin. Although not for much longer. No, Laurel was not leaving this room until Sara had taken her anal cherry.

Needing Laurel to be conscious for that Sara reluctantly bought Laurel down from her high, and then slowly stood up and shoved the two fingers which had been in her sibling's cunt into that sibling's mouth. Laurel's eyes went wide, but Sara gave her a look which made it clear there would be no argument, so the poor little Black Canary whimpered, opened her mouth and allowed the other Canary to push those fingers inside. Laurel's reluctance was quickly forgotten as she sucked those fingers clean, almost not noticing when Sara replaced those fingers with one that had been in her butt. Almost. Laurel did briefly whimper pathetically, but another stern look had her sucking that finger clean too, and Sara grinning wickedly. Then Sara kissed her sister, allowing Laurel to taste herself even more.

After a few long minutes of kissing Sara kicked Laurel's weakened legs out from under her and then quickly spun her around to grab onto her from behind and lower her until her sister was kneeling on the floor, before growling in her ear, "Now do what I just did to you, to her."

Laurel was disoriented enough from all those monster orgasms she'd just received, especially as she had received them from her little sister. Then all of a sudden she found herself on her knees and looking up at a goddess. For a few long seconds it didn't even register that this was Nyssa al Ghul, as the only thing Laurel could see was an incredibly beautiful woman, and that woman's very wet cunt which was inches away from her face. After the whirlwind which was the past few days it only felt natural to lean forward and lick that cunt. Or maybe she was pushed by Sara? Honestly Laurel wasn't really sure, and it didn't really matter. No, all that mattered was that she was finally going to taste her first pussy.

Instantly loving the flavour Laurel moaned as it hit her taste-buds, and then she continued whimpering as she repeated the process, sliding her tongue from the bottom of the yummy treat the way up to the top, which even got some moans out of the stubborn Nyssa al Ghul. Oh God, that's who she was doing this too. The incredibly sexy assassin Nyssa al Ghul. Sara's first girlfriend and one of her trainers. Someone who had helped train both of the Canaries, herself and Sara, and now Laurel was licking her pussy and absolutely loving every single second of it. And she wanted more of everything she was experiencing, especially the yummy liquid that was the other woman's pussy cream and those far too infrequent moans.

So after half a dozen gentle licks Laurel started increasing the speed and the force of the cunt lapping. Perhaps more importantly she lingered on Nyssa's clit with every swipe of her tongue, instead of just accidentally brushing against it every so often. She also wrapped her lips around that sensitive bundle of nerves and eagerly sucked it, which succeeded in getting a sharp cry of pleasure out of the mighty warrior. Sadly Laurel's wide grin of pride was short lived as she was scolded for these actions, and then even worse told to move away from this yummy treat, and all she could do was hope the next 'treat' would be just as good.

"Aaaaaaahhhhhhh God, slow down!" Nyssa moaned, gently but firmly yanking Laurel's head to make sure she had her attention. Then when the other woman slowed down her pace Nyssa grinned, "Yeahhhhh, that's it, mmmmm, lick me just like that. Ohhhhh yessssss, I'm not ready to cum yet. Oh yeah, I'm just getting started with you."

"Hey, if you need a break, I'm sure Felicity will be happy to oblige." Sara grinned.

"No, that's okay. Laurel was just licking my clit a little too fast, too soon." Nyssa explained.

"Now Nyssa, don't be greedy. We promise to share." Sara gently scolded, reminding her lover, "After all, I'm letting you be the first to test out her mouth, and she is my sister. You of all of us should know what a big deal that is."

"You don't need to remind me." Nyssa huffed, "Nor do you need reminding of the firsts you're getting, and the ones you have already taken."

"Let's not argue." Felicity interrupted, "It's okay Nyssa, you can have Laurel for as long as you want. I can wait."

"That's sweet dear, but Sara's right. It's time we shared." Nyssa smiled softly before pulling Laurel out of her cunt by the hair, much to Laurel's displeasure.

"Okay." Felicity gulped, not able to stop herself from adding, "As, as long as that's okay with you, Laurel?"

Rather than a verbal response Laurel dived face first into Felicity's pussy. Okay, she definitely got a little push from Nyssa, but that was even more unnecessary than when Sara had done it as in her current state of mind she certainly wasn't going to do anything else. Only instead of being exhausted into submission now Laurel was starving for pussy, and eager to see if Felicity tasted half as good as Nyssa did. Laurel fully expecting that to be the case, but when she was proven right she let out a little whimper of delight and started licking hard and fast, and as she wasn't immediately scolded for it she continued like that for a few blissful minutes in which she earned herself a lot of yummy juices.

Felicity had been feeling incredibly guilty about her part in the downfall of The Black Canary for quite some time now, but just before the moments of her getting physically involved that feeling of guilt became overwhelming. After all, they might not have always been the best of friends, as before Laurel found out the truth about Oliver, and what Felicity really did for him, they didn't really have any relationship other than some passing awkwardness. But ever since Laurel found out the truth, and particularly after deciding to follow in Sara's footsteps, they had grown closer, and Felicity couldn't help but think she should have warn Laurel of Sara's wicked intentions.

Of course if she had this moment wouldn't be a reality, and not doing right by her friend seemed a small price to pay for that beautiful friend ending up licking her pussy. At least in this moment Laurel didn't seem to have any complaints, and whatever lack of experience she had she was easily making up for with her eager licks. Although it actually took awhile for Felicity to realise that they were perhaps a little too eager, and she too should order Laurel to slow down before she came prematurely. Which was hard, because those licks felt oh so good, especially the ones directly to her clit, but ultimately Felicity did what she had to do, before one of her girlfriends beat her to it.

"Ohhhhhhh Gooooodddddddd Laurel, that feel so good." Felicity moaned happily as she stroked the other woman's hair, "Mmmmm yesssssss, sooooo gooooodddddd, ooooooh fuck, but you need to stop. I mean slow down! Yes, slow down Laurel, because the last thing I want you to do is stop. Ohhhhhh yessssssss, the last thing I want is for my girlfriend's sister to stop licking my pussy, while my girlfriend watches! Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, lick me Laurel! Ohhhhhh yessssssss, that's it, lick me just like that, oooooooh fuck, mmmmmm, lick the pussies your sister loves so much. Yeahhhhh, go back and forth between me and Nyssa and lick our pussies nice and slow so we can enjoy this."

"Does that make it my turn?" Nyssa quipped.

Even though she wanted to say no Felicity simply smiled and said, "Sure... Laurel, what are you waiting for? Go eat Nyssa's pussy."

"Yes Felicity." Laurel whimpered softly, quickly doing as she was told.

Instantly Felicity missed Laurel's tongue against her twat, but it was almost worth the loss to see the satisfaction on Nyssa's face as Laurel crawled in between her legs and began licking her. Laurel seemed happy with this development too, moaning softly at tasting Nyssa's pussy, and Felicity couldn't blame her, as she knew from experience it was delicious. Plus just the view of Laurel kneeling between Nyssa's legs was amazing. That said Felicity was grateful that only a few minutes later Nyssa was nice enough to send Laurel back to her, she and Nyssa then trading The Black Canary back and forth like the little fuck toy she was tonight.

Speaking of toys, or more accurately thinking of them, Sara had made Thea retrieve a strap-on and hold it out for her, Sara stepping into the harness and then grinning wickedly as Thea pulled it up her thighs and then tightened it around her waist. Sara was always impatient, but Felicity thought she would at least have given them a little longer with Laurel before she joined the fun again. Which turned out to be the case, Felicity watching with delight as Sara made Thea suck her newly acquired cock, the visual advantages making this whole thing more pleasurable for Sara's watching girlfriends. Although Felicity suspected that was merely coincidence.

Sara certainly intended to provide a show for her girlfriends, but that wasn't her main goal. No, that was to make sure that her big dick would be nice and wet for her big sister's cunt, and using the pretty little mouth of the girl who was practically her little sister seemed just the perfect way to do that. Besides, Thea looked so incredibly cute with a cock in her mouth, especially when she was on her knees in front of her. Oh yes, Sara loved seeing Thea like this. So wonderfully submissive and willing to do anything to please her, even if it meant sucking a strap-on as if it was a real cock. And thanks to Sara, Thea was really, really good at giving blow jobs.

The former heiress started out slow, just bobbing her head up and down the first few inches and sliding her tongue over the tip of the dick. Then she slowly began pushing it into her throat, inch after inch disappearing in between those pretty little lips until she had the full length stuffing her windpipe. That was when Thea started bobbing up and down the full length and looking up at Sara for approval, although this time round she didn't get much of it. Normally Sara couldn't take her eyes off such a wonderful wicked sight, but now she was watching her sister going down on her girlfriends. And perhaps more importantly, watching her sister's pretty little ass begging her for some attention.

It was a sign which literally had Sara salivating and licking her lips in anticipation of what she was about to do. Hell, it was hard for her not to just skip straight to the main event and truly make her big sister hers. But no, she would save that for when she had Laurel's full attention. For when it was just them, putting on a show for everyone else. In the meantime, she fully intended to do something almost just as good, namely gently push Thea away from her and then sneak up behind Laurel, kneeled down behind her and then slide her now very wet cock up and down the extremely wet pussy lips of her big sister, that older sibling letting out some wonderfully pathetic whimpers, but not offering up any real protest.

Deciding that was her cue to really get involved again Sara slowly but surely pushed the head of her cock into her big sister's pussy, causing Laurel to moan loudly into Nyssa's pussy. Nyssa almost certainly offered up Sara some words of encouragement, but they fell on deaf ears. At least for Sara, because she was far too preoccupied with the soft moans coming from Nyssa's twat. Because it could only mean one thing, her big sister was moaning into her girlfriend's pussy because Sara had just pushed a dildo into Laurel's cunt, proving that Laurel was enjoying this. Something Sara made sure she continued doing as she continued pushing forwards.

Laurel felt so ashamed. She still couldn't believe any of this was happening to her, or the fact that she couldn't seem to stop it. Hell, she wouldn't be able to physically beat the combined forces of Sara and Nyssa, but surely if she asked them to stop they would, right? And yet, she didn't. Fuck, she even moaned into Nyssa's pussy as her baby sister violated her. Because sure, it could have been Thea, but deep down Laurel knew exactly who it was, and her body didn't seem to care. No, all that mattered to her treacherous body right now was the pleasure she was receiving, and getting every single inch of that dildo inside her.

Her body soon got what it wanted, Sara burying every inch of her strap-on inside her pussy in what felt like a matter of minutes. Maybe less, honestly it was so hard for Laurel to tell when she had her face buried in pussy. And not just Nyssa's pussy. No, Nyssa and Felicity continued to feed Laurel their cunts, except it wasn't Laurel switching positions any more. It was Felicity and Nyssa switching positions so that Laurel could remain in place while her kid sister impaled her on a strap-on, and then began fucking her. Oh God, Sara began fucking her with a strap-on, making this far too much for Laurel to handle, her mind short-circuiting and leaving her nothing but a fuck toy to be used.

The problem was that after cumming already, and licking the pussies of Felicity and Nyssa, Laurel's treacherous body was raring to go, so not only did her cunt welcome that strap-on into it and allow Sara to easily pump in and out of it but it wasn't that long before Laurel wanted more. Before she even really knew it her treacherous body was thrusting back at Sara, causing her wicked sister to laugh with delight. Laurel cut it out quickly, but the damage was done. Everybody knew how much she was loving this, a fact which Sara was of course only too happy to use to her advantage. And Laurel couldn't even deny it, because she couldn't pull her face away from the yummy treats in front of her.

"Yeahhhhhh, you like that, huh?" Sara teased, giving her big sister an extra hard thrust to squeeze an extra loud cry of pleasure out of her, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, you love having your big sister's cock inside you? Yeah you do, mmmmm, my stuck up big sister Laurel loves having my cock inside her tight little pussy! Mmmmm, and she wants more. Oh yes, that's why she's thrusting her ass back at me. Well, if she wants a harder fucking, she's going to need to make my girlfriends cum first. You hear me Laurel? You want more, you make Felicity and Nyssa cum. Yeahhhhh, shove your little tongue inside my girlfriends and make them cum all over your pretty little face!"

"You heard your sister, make us cum!" Nyssa chimed in with a wicked chuckle, "Oh yes, make me, then Felicity, cum nice and hard and then maybe your little sister will make you cum. And you want that, don't you Laurel? To cum on your kid sister's cock? Huh? Oh yes, you want to cum for Sara. Cum from knowing that she is the superior sister, mmmmm, the superior fighter, ohhhhhhh, the superior Canary. Oooooooh yessssss, you're nothing but a tribute act Laurel. Ohhhhhh, a knockoff of the original model. And now, mmmmm, you're the original Canary's slut. Your sister's slut! Ohhhhhh yessssss, you are your little sister's slut, and you're going to cum on her cock like I'm about to cum on your face! Oh yes, mmmmm fuck, OH GOD SARA, Laurel, oooooooohhhhhhhh yeeeeeesssssss, fuck me!"

Initially Laurel just ignored those words and continued to push her face into Nyssa's cunt as she continued frantically licking it. Then she did as she was told, not because she wanted to be fucked hard and allowed to cum again, but because all of the sinful behaviour had awoken a desperate need to find out what girl cum tasted like. Besides, it was a favour to her teammates. Allowing them to cum. And rewarding them for letting her lick their pussies. Or that's what Laurel tried to tell herself. That and any other excuse she could think of. Then her mouth was flooded with liquid heaven, which was somehow even better than regular pussy cream, and Laurel just went berserk.

Nyssa held herself back for quite a while just so she could continue taunting Laurel. However she didn't put her all into it, as she knew that Felicity was waiting for her turn, and she was just as eager to see Sara make Laurel cum. Besides, it was also hard to hold back when she saw the joy in Sara's face. Also just the sight of a beautiful woman thrusting into another while that woman frantically tongue fucked her. Hell, just the feeling of that tongue finally thrusting inside her after all that wanting was almost enough to send Nyssa over the edge on the spot, only really years of experience, and Laurel's inexperience, saving her in that moment.

Sooner rather than later though Nyssa allowed herself to go over that edge. Or simply everything caught up with her. Either way with a somewhat undignified cry of pleasure she found herself cumming in Laurel's pretty little mouth. To her credit she somewhat managed to silence herself while keeping a tight hold on the back of Laurel's head and pushing the other girl's face deeper into her cunt as she came. Perhaps more importantly she kept herself still while Laurel swallowed as much of her cum as she possibly could before going right back to the tongue fucking like a good little lesbian slut. She even made her cum again without Nyssa having to give her further encouragement, or grinding herself against Laurel's face.

It became increasingly tempting to do so, but to Nyssa's credit after a few orgasms she stepped aside to let Felicity take her place. Also to Felicity's credit the normally nervous IT girl didn't hesitate to step up and press her needy cunt against Laurel's face. Obviously Felicity was just as eager to cum as Nyssa had been, and possibly as Laurel was given she immediately got to work. Or maybe Laurel was just aching for their cum. Either way it wasn't long before she got it, Laurel obviously thrusting her tongue deep inside Felicity and fucking her with it until she achieved the desired effect and then immediately switch to swallowing cum.

That and the sound of Felicity letting out a loud cry of pleasure which echoed throughout the room had Nyssa and Sara grinning with satisfaction, but perhaps more importantly it had Sara increasing her pace. Obviously not enough to make Laurel cum, but enough to bring her to the edge of it. Enough to make the next part of Sara's plan easy. Or at least more likely to succeed. Either way the combination of that and just watching Felicity cover Laurel's face with her cum was enough for Nyssa to beckon Thea over to her. Oh yes, Laurel was really good for a first timer, but if everything went well Nyssa was definitely going to need some more attention.

Barely a second after Felicity had stumbled back and away from her Laurel whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what?" Sara teased with a wicked grin.

There was a brief silence and then Laurel whined, "You promised!"

"I said I would give you more if you made my girlfriends cum, and guess what? I'm giving you more." Sara revealed with a wicked grin, "You wanna cum? You're going to need to beg for it?"

This time there was a long pause as Laurel desperately fought against the urge, before literally crying, "Please Sara, make me cum! I need you to make me cum! Oooooooh God damn you Sara, make me cum all over your cock! Please? Ohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd Sara, fuck me! Fuck me! Fuck me harder and make me cum!"

"Good girl... that was good... but not good enough." Sara grinned as her sister whimpered pathetically again, "No, if you want to cum, then you're going to have to give me something else..."

Laurel gasped and went pale as she felt something, which she quickly realised was a finger, sliding into her virgin ass hole, "No, you promised me!"

"I promised you nothing!" Sara said firmly pushing her finger slowly up to the knuckle inside that incredible tightness, and started pumping it in and out of her big sister's butt hole, "I gave you tasks to complete in order to cum. This is your final one. You do this, and you get to cum. And not just cum, but cum harder than you ever came before. And yes Laurel, that is a promise."

There was another pause, this one the longest yet, then Laurel lowered her head and whimpered in utter defeat, "Okay."

"Prove it! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, spread your cheeks to prove that you're giving me, your little sister, your virgin ass hole!" Sara growled lustfully while she continued to finger her sister's ass, "Mmmmm, and it is virgin, isn't it Laurel? Mmmmm, yeah it is! I've never had an ass tighter than this, and trust me, I've popped plenty of anal cherries, so I know a virgin ass when I see it. Or feel it on my finger! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, don't worry sis, you're in good hands. Trust me, when I'm done with you you'll be a total anal whore. My personal anal whore! Ooooooh yessssss Laurel, when I'm done with you you're going to be a little anal whore who's addicted to getting her ass fucked! And I'm gonna own that ass! Oh yeah, I'm about to take your anal cherry and make your little ass hole mine forever! Mine to use whenever I want, and to pimp out to whoever I want. Oh yeah, you're gonna be mine sis! Now spread those cheeks and show me how badly you want it!"

Laurel's pathetic whimpers were the only sound that could be heard for the next few long seconds, then she did as she was told, slowly reaching back and pulling her butt cheeks wide apart, exposing her virgin hole. Which caused Sara to chuckle wickedly, but thankfully not offer up any more upsetting words. But she didn't get on with giving Laurel what had to be the ultimate humiliation either. No, the bitch just kept fingering her ass hole for the next few long minutes, even adding a second finger along the way and swirling them inside her butt as well as pumping them in and out. Then just as Laurel was about to snap at Sara to get on with it the younger sister made the trade, almost making the older sister beg for mercy.

As those fingers were removed and her ass hole began to be stretched wide of than ever before Laurel opened her mouth to beg for mercy, but nothing came out. Partly because she was too dumbfounded to utter a word, but mostly because she still just needed to cum so badly she would do anything to get it, even this. Which she constantly second-guessed for the next few minutes, especially when the head of that huge strap-on cock stretched her anal ring wide enough for that head to slide through it and into her virgin ass hole. Her sister! Her baby sister had just shoved a strap-on into her butt hole, robbing Laurel of her back door cherry! Oh God, how was this happening to her?

Thankfully Sara pause to give her a few long seconds to relax, although that was probably so she could savour the moment, and it meant Laurel got to wallow in the humiliation of her little sister taking her anal cherry. Then Sara began very slowly moving forwards, causing inch after inch of strap-on dildo to slide into Laurel's rectum, causing The Black Canary to let out even more pathetic sounding whimpers, cries and gasps. Which was the only thing she could do at that moment, because she needed to cum just so badly, the pain and the humiliation of being anally violated somehow not off putting. In fact it was exactly the opposite, which was the most shameful thing of all.

It was one thing for Sara to be a total pervert who manipulated Laurel into a butt fucking in front of her female friends, a.k.a. Sara's lovers, the other Canary proudly announcing how she wanted to make her big sister her anal whore no less. But to actually find herself enjoying it was more shameful than Laurel could bear, which was really saying something considering the level of humiliation that Sara had subjected her too. But it was true. Laurel was loving everything about this unbearable humiliation, and all she could do now was try and hide that fact so she could keep a shred of her dignity. Or maybe just prevent herself from becoming her little sister's anal slave, which insanely seemed like it would be difficult enough.

Sara had no intention of letting Laurel deny her that, as the greedy Canary now wanted that more than anything else. Provided she got to keep Nyssa and Felicity, of course. They were still the most important people in her life, but now they had opened the door to allow her to go further it felt like she physically needed to make her big sister her sex slave. And most importantly of all in this moment, her anal slave. Her ass whore. Her butt slut. And whatever else she wanted to call her. The point was that Laurel would be hers, and Sara was using every trick she could to ensure that would happen, which at the moment mostly just meant going nice and slowly and listening out for a sign she should stop and take a break.

Luckily so far the sodomy couldn't have been going better. Laurel was taking it like a good little bitch, spreading her cheeks the entire time to make sure that Sara got the best view of the anal penetration, which the Canary loved, especially during that precious moment that Sara had slid her strap-on into Laurel's ass hole and officially taken her anal virginity. Oh yes, Sara would forever cherish the moment that she had popped Felicity's anal cherry, but as much as she loved Felicity this was even more special. This was her bossy big sister, who's ass hole was stretching for the very first time around an invading object, and it was her cock, Sara taking that ass and making it hers.

After today Sara would own her big sister's ass. No other outcome would be acceptable. Which was the thought which went through her head just before her thighs came to rest against Laurel's butt cheeks, announcing that the full length of her cock was buried deep within her big sister's bowels. Fuck, it was so hard for Sara not to taunt Laurel about that. However they were in a delicate state of the butt fucking, and she couldn't ruin things now. So Sara forced herself to stay silent throughout those next few long seconds that she gave Laurel a chance to get used to having a cock up her ass, and then even moments later when she officially started the butt fucking.

For those first few minutes of pumping the dildo in and out of her big sister's butt hole, and definitely throughout the anal penetration, Sara kept her eyes on Laurel's extremely widely stretched ass hole, but once she had established a steady rhythm she glanced upwards and smirked. She had been worried that actually watching her sodomising her sister would be too much for Felicity, but the hacker was staring with shameless lust at what Sara was pretty sure was both herself and Laurel. As for Nyssa, well, she was a little distracted by Thea licking her pussy, but she seemed to be giving Sara most of her attention, and she unsurprisingly didn't seem to be grossed out by it. Then Sara heard a noise which brought her back to Laurel, and when she heard it again she could no longer remain silent.

"Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, that's it Laurel, moan for me! Mmmmm, moan while I fuck you up the ass!" Sara gleefully taunted with a huge grin on her face, "Oh yeah, you love that, don't you? Yeahhhhhhh, it feels so good to get fucked in the ass, doesn't it? Ooooooh yeahhhhhh, my big sister loves it up the butt. Oh Laurel, you're going to make such a good anal whore."

Laurel literally wept with shame, but she just couldn't stop moaning as her treacherous body succumbed to the pleasure she really, really shouldn't be feeling. All she could do was bury her face in the bed sheets, and it wasn't long before even that wasn't enough to muffle her sounds of pleasure, gasps, cries and whimpers soon joining those initial moans as she became truly overwhelmed by what she was feeling. And yet, not overwhelmed enough. It, it wasn't enough. Laurel wanted more. God help her, she wanted her baby sister to butt fuck her harder and make her cum, the only thing stopping her now being the fact that she wasn't sure she could live with the shame of it afterwards.

Ultimately though it just became too much, and Laurel whimpered, "Please..."

"Please what?" Sara pushed.

"Please..." Laurel gulped, thinking of what Sara would want to hear, "Fuck me. Oooooh God Sara, fuck me. Fuck me harder! Please Sara, ram my ass! Fuck it hard and make me cum! You promised! Oh God, you promised if I gave you my ass you would let me cum, so please, ohhhhhh fuck, live up to your promise. Just let me cum you fucking bitch! Ah God!"

"Oh Laurel, you're the one on your hands and knees getting fucked up your tight little ass by your own sister. That definitely makes you the bitch here." Sara chuckled in delight, before smacking the other girl's butt and growling, "What are you?"

"The bitch." Laurel whimpered, and then realising what Sara truly wanted reluctantly added, "Your bitch."

"Damn right you're my bitch." Sara chuckled with delight, "In fact, I'm going to fuck you like one. Oh yes, get up onto all fours Laurel. It's time for me to butt fuck you like a bitch. Mmmmm yesssss, now bounce back at me. Bounce that ass back at me while I fuck you! Bounce it, ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, help me to fuck you hard and make you cum."

There was another long pause and then Laurel did as she was told, finally taking her hands off her cheeks and lifting herself up to all fours. She then briefly glanced up at her teammates, women she had thought were her friends, and yet here they were gleefully watching her getting sodomised by her sister, the thought once again making her blush as she lowered her head and started to push her ass back against Sara and her life ruining dick. Because that's what this was doing to her, ruining her life in turning her into the most perverted whore imaginable, because Laurel's desire to cum was quickly turning from a want to a desperate need, until finally she just couldn't take it any more.

"Please Sara, make me cum! I need to cum! I need it soooooooo bad, please fuck me hard and make me cum! Oh fuck!" Laurel whimpered desperately, "Please, you promised. You promised to, mmmmm, to make me cum, so do it. Make me cum so hard I wanna be your bitch forever. Make my ass yours! That's what you want, right? To make me your bitch? Well do it you perverted slut, ooooooh yeahhhhhh, pound me! Pound my little ass hole and make it your fuck hole! Fuckkkkk yessssssss, fuck it! Fuck me! Oh God! Oh fuck yes, yesssss that's it, harder! Harder, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkk, ruin my fucking ass! Ohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, I want my baby sister to ruin my fucking butt hole and make me her bitch! Her anal loving bitch, ooooooooh yesssssss, make me cum Sara, OHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS, OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCK!

It took a surprisingly long time but finally Sara began increasing the pace, Laurel matching her every step of the way so that every time the blonde pushed forwards the brunette push back, meaning that the ass fucking was as deep and as hard as possible. In an extremely weird way it was nice, the two sisters finally finding something they could work together on. They had always been two very different people and had pretty much only found common ground when it came to crime-fighting, but now they had something else in common, a desperate need to make sure Laurel's ass was fucked as brutally hard and deep as possible. Then they thankfully found something else, namely making Laurel cum as hard and as frequently as possible.

Before Laurel had been just telling Sara what she wanted to hear in order to get what she wanted, but the second the first climax crashed through her body that was it. She was broken. She was her sister's bitch. Sara's bitch. And whatever else she wanted to call her. Because that orgasm redefined her understanding of ecstasy, and there was just no way Laurel could go through life without expressing that pure heaven again. Especially as it was followed by another and another and another as the two sisters went berserk, seemingly literally trying to wreck Laurel's rectum. Which would be a small price to pay for what Laurel was feeling right now. As would becoming her little sister's bitch.

Sara normally prided herself on her ability to hold back her own orgasm for as long as it took, especially while butt fucking another girl. But this time the mental stimulation was too much, even for her to bear. She just couldn't take seeing her sister bent over in front of her, squealing and screaming in orgasm, her cum literally squirting into the bed sheets beneath them, as she made her cum from fucking her virgin ass and forever turning her into her little bitch. Plus she had three women watching her do it. Well two, Thea was still busy eating pussy. But the two women that were watching were the most important in her life, her beautiful girlfriends Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul, both of whom were enjoying the show almost as much as she was.

It was actually kind of sweet and perfect, cumming at the same time as her big sister during the first of many times that Sara would wreck Laurel's ass. Especially because that wouldn't be up for debate, this ass was hers now. Laurel had said it herself, Sara was making this ass hers, and Sara fully intended to cement those words by using this ass for her pleasure every single day from now on. Although she'd definitely make Laurel cum like this along the way, because it was clear that her big sister had truly been built for butt fucking, a fact which should be crystal clear to her stuck up sister by now. And if it wasn't, Sara would only be too happy to drive the point home, both with actions, and with words.


Unsurprisingly Sara didn't get a wordy response out of Laurel, although she got more than she was expecting as while it could be just her sister trembling from the orgasms she was giving her she swore that Laurel lowered her head a few times. Although it didn't really matter, because Sara wasn't asking, she was telling, appoint she drove home by grabbing Laurel's hair, yanking it back and giving her a real ride. And of course she slapped her already jiggling butt cheeks a few times for good measure, even though her thighs were more than doing a good enough job of that, along with making the sound of flesh smacking against flesh echoing throughout the room.

While it had been a little embarrassing to cum Sara felt she more than made up for it by pushing herself through what felt like a record amount of climaxes for both herself and her partner, just to make sure Laurel knew who she now belonged too. Of course she didn't have unlimited stamina, and ultimately Sara had to stop, and while normally that would involve leaving herself just enough energy to maintain her dominance she just couldn't hold anything back this time. And not because she was worried about Laurel not being broken. Just because she physically needed to give this ass every ounce of energy she had. Because of it both sisters collapsed down to their stomachs at the same time, Sara obviously on top of Laurel, and even though The Canary was able to fuck The Black Canary's butt through another orgasm for them both after that she had to just lie still for a few long minutes to get her breath back.

Nyssa always came nice and hard whenever Thea ate her cunt, as the girl's mouth was a dream even before the training had turned her into a world-class rug muncher. Of course it was always better when she was provided with some entertainment, and watching Sara brutalise her big sister's butt hole was truly spectacular. Perhaps the greatest thing Nyssa had ever seen, or at least definitely one of them, especially when Laurel seemed to break completely. Then Nyssa came extra hard into Thea's mouth when Sara finally stopped and after a few long minutes rolled off her sibling, revealing that Laurel's ass was widely gaped. Oh yes, Laurel Lance's ass hole was gaping wide open as a result of her little sister taking her anal virginity, hopefully providing Nyssa, Sara and Felicity with a new sex slave.

"Spread your cheeks." Nyssa ordered firmly, perhaps pushing their luck, but it was a necessary evil to ensure Laurel's submission, and the results spoke for themselves, "Wider! Oh yes, mmmmm, show us that ruined hole. Show us what a good job Sara did at breaking you in. Mmmmm yessssss, there is nothing like watching a freshly broken in ass whore expose her gaping bottom to her bettors as a sign that she now knows her place as a walking anal fuck hole. Yes, that's so good. Now show Sara. Mmmmm, YES, show your little sister her handiwork. Show her you now understand your place. Show us all that you know you're nothing but your baby sister's bitch!"

After Nyssa's initial order there had been a long pause, then Laurel whimpered pathetically and did as she was told, slowly reaching back and pulling her ass cheeks apart so she could show off her gaping butt hole. Which of course was visible without it, but emphasised the gape, and more importantly was a humiliating act for Laurel to do. Laurel then showed the same hesitance to show her sister that gape, but that could have been partly out of exhaustion. Either way she eventually did it, getting up on her knees, turning around so that her ass was facing Sara, and then pulling apart her cheeks. Which unsurprisingly pleased the Canary, Sara grinning wickedly and admiring her handiwork for a few long minutes before speaking out.

"Oooooooh, so pretty. Mmmmm yes, your ass hole is so pretty when it's gaped wide open from me pounding it hard and deep been showing you who's boss." Sara taunted, and then after a pause, "Laurel, you're being rude. Your Mistress just gave you a compliment. Remember when you used to scold me for not responding properly?"

Laurel whimpered, and then hesitantly replied, "Thank you Mistress Sara."

"God damn right that's what you say." Sara grinned, "And that's what you call me whenever it's just us, got it?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel replied, this time without hesitation.

"Good girl." Sara said, quickly adding, "And it's also Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Felicity, because from now on they own you too. Oh yes, me and my girlfriends own you and will use your hot little fuck holes whenever we want. Mmmmm, all of them! Understand?"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel again replied without hesitation.

Sara smiled wickedly, "Good, now show me by sucking my cock clean. What? You got it dirty with your slutty ass. It's only right that you should be the one to clean it."

Before Laurel hadn't been able to even look at her sister, but now she looked back and frowned at her, then gave her a pleading look, before finally whimpering, "Yes Mistress Sara."

Throughout that last little hesitance Sara had remained stern faced, making it clear Laurel didn't have a choice in the matter. To be fair it shouldn't have been a surprise given that Sara had made her go ass to mouth as a preview of this night, but even Nyssa had to admit, willingly tasting your own ass on your sister's strap-on dick was an even bigger perversion than being forced to taste the ass of a friend. But unsurprisingly after what she'd just been through Laurel ultimately did as she was told, that being let go of her cheeks, turning around and crawling in between Sara's legs to wrap her lips around the cock that had taken her anal cherry. When she did Laurel instantly moaned with pleasure at the taste, delighting everyone in the room, but especially her dear sister.

"Yesssss, suck my cock! Mmmmm, suck my big cock sis! Suck it clean of your ass cream! Oh fuck! Suck it!" Sara moaned gleefully as she reached down to stroke that long brunette hair, "Ooooooh yeahhhhh, suck that cock sis! Suck my big cock! Oh Laurel, we're going to have such fun together. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, gonna fuck you up the ass every single day, and make you taste it just like this. Ohhhhhh fuck, you like the sound of that, don't you? Well listen to this, I made Nyssa and Felicity promise that your ass would be all mine tonight, and I promise you, mmmm, we've only just gotten started. Oh yeah, if you think your ass is gaping now just wait, because I'm going to completely ruin it by the end of the night. Yeahhhhhhh, I'm going to make sure my bossy big sister doesn't sit right for a week. Then, just when her ass is feeling better, we're going to gang bang your fucking ass! Oh yeah, we gave you a taste of being our little stuffed Black Canary tonight when you ate those pussies while I fucked you, but soon enough you're going to have a cock in every single one of your holes, and then you'll truly be a stuffed Black Canary. Oh yeah, suck it Laurel! Take it deep down your throat and get every drop, while you dream of being gang fucked!"

Those words only made Laurel suck more enthusiastically, the broken fuck toy even taking the dildo down her throat just as her sister ordered. God, Nyssa wished she still had Thea's mouth to make her cum again while she watched this. But to her credit she had been sharing Thea with Felicity throughout watching Sara sodomising her sister, and watching Felicity cum in Thea's mouth was almost just as satisfying as having a climax of her own. Almost. And it was almost as satisfying as thinking about the delightful future that Sara was telling Laurel about, Nyssa unable to avoid reaching down and beginning to gently rub herself. Especially as Laurel's ass was wiggling right in front of her, that gaped hole practically begging for her cock, a request Nyssa was very much looking forward to fulfilling.


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