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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, but has it's own continuity.

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Arrow: Stuffed Canary Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])


"No." Thea replied quickly and unconvincingly, then when all her Mistresses gave her a look she admitted, "Okay, maybe a little. But mostly I'm excited, I swear."

"It's just that, erm, after last time..." Felicity stammered.

"Some of us were wondering if we were being a bit too mean. Mostly Felicity." Sara chimed in, giving her girlfriend a bit of side eye, before admitting, "But me too."

Thea blushed a little as she admitted, "I'm good. Seriously."

"Do you feel you deserve it?" Sara asked after a pause, "You know, given what we do. Because I totally get that."

"Why do you think she lets me spank her sometimes." Nyssa grinned.

Ignoring the assassin Felicity pushed, "Well do you?"

"I don't know." Thea lied with a shrug, and then when she got another look added, "Okay, yeah. A little. But I trust you guys not to go too far."

"Just remember, red, and we stop. Mercy, and we ease off. No exceptions. Okay?" Sara said softly, and then when Thea nodded she smiled and added, "Good, now strip and get on your knees slut."

"Yes Mistress." Thea replied with a smile.

Sara Lance tried not to smirk too widely at that response, and the way that Thea Queen immediately started slowly stripping for her and her girlfriends Felicity Smoak and Nyssa al Ghul. She wasn't sure how successful she was, but a smirk definitely crossed her face when Thea finished removing her 'superhero' outfit and got on her knees in front of Sara. The younger girl even remembered to lower her head like a good little submissive should, which was why Sara was confident they were taking the right approach with this girl. Which just made it more important to make sure Thea knew this was a safe space to explore her submissive side, and her friends would take care of her. Friends who could give her what she needed. What she craved.

With that thought in mind Sara closed the distance between them until her crotch was directly in front of Thea's face, and then she asked, "Do you want to get fucked?"

Looking up at the blonde Thea said softly, "Yes Mistress."

"Yes what?" Sara pushed.

Thea briefly frowned in confusion, then realisation hit and she quickly replied, "Yes Mistress, I want to get fucked."

Sara paused for dramatic effect, and then stripped off her own outfit. Her girlfriends followed suit, only Felicity didn't really have a 'superhero' outfit, and Nyssa certainly wouldn't call her assassin's uniform that. Not that Sara was particularly fond of the term 'superhero' outfit, but it seemed so much more appropriate term for what Thea chose to wear, as it was bold and made a statement, much like the girl herself. The girl who despite everything was still so full of hope, and because of it seemed so much younger than the rest of them, despite only about five years separating them. It made would happen next even more wicked.

When they were all fully naked Sara slowly began circling her pray, partly to build tension, but also to give Thea a good view of her other two now fully nude Mistresses so she would be even more in the mood for fun. Which was probably unnecessary, as like Nyssa and herself Thea found going out and kicking the asses of the violent criminals of Starling City, many whom were their twice the size, to be highly arousing. However, has just pointed out, while Nyssa and Sara normally used it to further channel they're feeling of power Thea wanted to be punished for taking the law into her own hands. And perhaps rewarded, Sara was determined that Thea would get both tonight.

Stopping in front of the other girl again, this time with her wet and exposed pussy in her friend's face, Sara asked, "By?"

Because of the pause in the conversation, and what was now on display, it was understandable that it took a few long seconds for Thea to blink awake, realise what Sara meant and reply, Sara impressed that when she did Thea looked up and boldly said, "By you Mistress Sara. I want to get fucked by you. I want to get fucked by you, and Mistress Felicity, and Mistress Nyssa. I want all three of you to fuck me. Please, fuck me."

"Stand up and walk over to that wall!" Sara ordered firmly, then when Thea did as she was told Sara added, "Bend over! Mmmmm yeah, hands against the wall and stick that ass out. Good girl."

Another wicked grin crossed Sara's face as Thea arched her back to perfectly display her gorgeous little rump to the hungry eyes of her Mistresses. It was a sight Sara could never get tired of, and it was a struggle to even tear her eyes away from it so things could continue, but for better or for worse Felicity let out a little forced cough to let Sara know she was worried that they were pushing Thea too hard again, and making sure Felicity, and everybody, was comfortable was always the priority over even this. So Sara turned to Felicity, mouthed 'trust me' and then advanced on Thea, coming to stand behind her and almost casually beginning to grope her cute little butt.

After a few long seconds of that Sara further tested her slave by almost whispering, "How?"

Having expected something like that Thea almost immediately replied, "By all of you, at the same time. Please Mistress Sara, I want you, Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Felicity to fuck me. I want you to fuck my pussy, my mouth and my ass all at the same time. Please Mistress Sara, make me your airtight slut."

"An airtight slut huh?" Sara smirked, "Like me last night?"

Thea briefly hesitated, then cautiously said, "Yes Mistress Sara, like you last night."

Teasing her slut Sara roughly grabbed Thea's shoulder length hair and pretended to be angry for a second or two, before smiling, "Really? You want to be that big of a lesbian slut?"

"Sara." Felicity mumbled, but she was mostly ignored.

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea whimpered, "I want to be a total lesbian slut for you, and Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa. I want to be the biggest slut ever."

"Good." Sara purred into Thea's ear as she let go of her hair, "Only the biggest, nastiest, dirtiest lesbo sluts would actually want three women to fuck them in each and every one of their holes. But you know what that means, don't you Thea?"

Guessing from the way Mistress Sara's hands moved back to her ass cheeks, and previous experience, Thea offered, "You're all going to fuck my ass?"

"Yes, that's right Thea." Sara smirked, lowering her face a little to get closer to that cute little butt, "We're all going to fuck this tight little ass of yours. One after the other. Mmmmm yeah, three women, all up your ass, one by one, until this poor little hole is gaping wide open. Is that what you want you little anal whore?"

"Yes." Thea squeaked lustfully, "Please Mistress Sara, ruin my little butt hole!"

"Oh I will. In fact, because I'm the one who fucks it the most, I'm graciously letting your Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa go first. Oh yeah, I'm going to watch my girlfriends take their turns with your little ass hole, and then if there's anything left of you I'm going to slam your little shit hole until you're unconscious!" Sara growled lustfully into Thea's ear, before spreading the younger girl's cheeks, "But if we are going to do that, I think we need a bigger butt-plug in your bitch hole than this little thing. Don't you agree Nyssa?"

"Oh yes." Nyssa grinned, before adding, "Why don't you hold her cheeks open for me while I get a bigger plug?"

"Gladly." Sara grinned, doing as she was told.

Nyssa stayed where she was for a few moments just so she could watch Sara displaying her target for her, her beloved Canary turning her body to the side so she wasn't obstructing the view and kneeled down even further so she could get the best view of the butt-plug exchange before she finally spread those cheeks, exposing Thea's cute little bitch hole being stretched open by that sex toy. But not stretched enough. On that Nyssa definitely agreed, which was why even there it was a little tough to tear her eyes away from that pretty sight Nyssa did it, if only for a few long seconds, then she retrieved a bigger plug and then return to make the trade.

Grabbing the handle of the plug which was still in Thea's butt Nyssa spent a few seconds pulling it almost all the way out, then back in again, making the younger brunette's back hole stretch around the lower part of the toy, making her pet whimper and moan in the process, then she suddenly pulled it out of the way and pressed it against Thea's lips. Without hesitation Thea opened her mouth expectantly, allowing Nyssa to push the butt-plug fresh from Thea's ass into her mouth. Thea then wrapped her lips around it and moaned like the well-trained ass to mouth slut she was, causing herself and Sara to grin wickedly. Nyssa also leaned in to offer up a little encouragement.

"That's it, suck it clean like a good girl." Nyssa whispered in Thea's ear, "Suck that butt-plug while I shove this bigger one up your tight little ass so we can all fuck it hard."

This encouragement was no doubt unnecessary as Thea would have sucked the plug clean anyway, but it did prompt the younger girl to suck loudly and greedily, which made her moan even more. It also made Nyssa grin once again, before she kneeled down behind Thea, briefly admired the little baby gape in front of her and then spat on the other brunette's loosened butt hole before pressing the large plug in her hand firmly against it. Luckily she had the presence of mind to have already coated it in lubricant before she returned, meaning Nyssa didn't have to wait another moment before once again stretching the tight little ass hole of Thea Queen.

Even Felicity moved so close to get a better view of this, meaning that all three of Thea's Mistresses watching her back door slowly open as Nyssa gently but firmly pushed forward, Thea groaning around the sex toy in her mouth as she was technically plug from both ends. Yes, Nyssa greatly liked that thought, and it was ever present in her mind as she pushed that plug almost all the way into Thea's butt hole, only stopping when the widest part of the plug was stretching her bitch's ass hole. She then left it there for a few seconds, before pulling back and repeating the process. Which might have seemed cruel, but Thea would thank her later. Or now, given the way she was moaning.

Not that Nyssa teased her for that long, partly because she received a not so subtle cough from Felicity, and partly because she wanted to receive some attention herself, which she made pretty clear after finally pushing the plug all the way in and turning to Sara, "There, nice and stretched. But as it would be better to leave it for a few minutes, how about in the meantime we have a little fun with this slut's mouth?"

"Good idea." Sara agreed, letting go of Thea's cheeks and straightening up, "But as we'll be mostly using her ass, how about we make her kiss our asses to prove how much she wants it?"

It wasn't exactly what Nyssa had been thinking of, but she liked the sound of it, so she nodded, "I could go for a rim job."

Sara first grinned at Nyssa, then at Felicity, "How about it babe?"

"Sure." Felicity said, believing she knew the answer to that question, but wanting to ask it anyway, "As long as you'd like that Thea?"

"Oh yes, I'd love to Mistress Felicity." Thea quickly replied, cautiously moving back slightly "Mmmmm, I love eating sexy girl ass. Please let me eat yours. Let me stick my tongue up your sexy asses to prove how much I want you to fuck mine."

"Well, since you asked so nicely." Sara grinned, assuming a similar position that Thea was just in, "Here, you can start with mine."

Thea quickly dropped to her knees behind Mistress Sara and pressed a soft kiss to her right ass cheek, then her left, before going back and forth. She would have liked to just bury her face in that meaty butt, however she had been thoroughly trained to begin every rim job by literally kissing ass, and that's exactly what Thea did. First to Mistress Sara's amazing butt, and then with a little prompting she did the same thing to the equally amazing butts of Mistress Nyssa and Mistress Felicity, both of whom helpfully lined up next to Mistress Sara to make it easier for Thea to go up and down the line, making sure each of those ass cheeks were covered in kisses before the real fun could begin.

As she started with Mistress Sara it seemed fitting she was the first one Thea spread the cheeks of so she could worship the most forbidden hole of her Mistresses, starting with tender kisses before swiftly moving on to long, slow licks. Thea of course kept that up for a long time, the only difference being that she occasionally switched butt holes, mostly when prompted, but after a while she did increase the force of her licks and even began pushing her tongue into those asses. Not that she got very far with Mistress Nyssa's incredibly tight back hole, but she was able to shove her tongue through the regularly well pounded ass holes of Mistress Felicity and Mistress Sara.

Again this was prompted by orders from her Mistresses, but that was only when they could get a word in edgeways from Thea's near constant begging in between kisses, and later licks, "Please Mistress Sara, fuck me. Mmmmm, fuck all my slutty little fuck holes with your big hard girl cock! Please? I want to be fucked. I need to be fucked! Please Mistress Nyssa, pound my ass hole! Slam fuck it harder then when you and Mistress Sara took my anal cherry and made me yours forever. Please? I need it. Please Mistress Felicity, stuff my holes and make me your fully stuffed Queen. I want all of you to fuck me at the same time. I want my Mistresses to fuck my pussy, ass and mouth hard and deep and make me their little airtight whore. Please? Please Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, Mistress Felicity, use me for your pleasure."

"I guess that will do." Sara said nonchalantly, before ordering firmly, "Go get us some nice big dildos and strap them to us so we can stuff you full of girl cock."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea eagerly nodded in reply as she rushed to do as she was told.

"And give all of us a nice long blow job so our cocks are wet and ready for your slutty fuck holes." Nyssa chimed in.

Thea thought that one went without saying, but she still agreed, "Yes Mistress Nyssa."

With well-practised ease Thea retrieved three strap-ons and scurried back to where her Mistresses were standing expectantly. She then held out each harness, allowing each one of her Mistresses to step into one, and each time they did she pull them up their thighs and tighten them around their waists. Once all three were tooled up they gathered around her so she could not only easily switch between each dick, but use her hands to stroke which ever ones weren't in her mouth. Thea had done this a few times, and as she sensed the other two drawing close she brought up her hands and instinctively started stroking. But as Mistress Nyssa had been the last of her owners she had given a cock Thea just couldn't resist wrapping her lips around it the second it was in place.

As she closed her mouth around Mistress Nyssa's strap-on Thea heard a soft moaned, although she honestly wasn't sure if it came out of her mouth, or one of her Mistresses. Not that she could concentrate on that when Mistress Nyssa's cock was in her mouth. Oh no, that was a good way to get a spanking, and while Thea would in fact enjoy that it just was not worth displeasing her owners. Luckily her body had already gone into autopilot, meaning that when she refocused Thea found she was already obediently bobbing her head up and down Mistress Nyssa's strap-on, while her hands were stroking the strap-ons of Mistress Felicity and Mistress Sara.

Sara greatly enjoyed watching little Thea Queen sucking the cocks of her girlfriends, but it wasn't long before she was left feeling jealous. After all, Thea not only switched to Felicity's cock but then after a few minutes of bobbing her head up and down on that she switched back to Nyssa's again. It wasn't intentional of course, Thea knew better than to play favourites. Or at least Sara hoped she did. But there was still no fun being left out, even if it was only for a little while. It wasn't like Sara could even feel it like a guy could, but it was the principle of the thing. Sara almost said something about it, which would have made her seem really bratty, so she was really grateful she was saved from that by Thea finally stuffing her cock into her pretty little mouth.

Rewarding Sara for her patients Thea took Sara's dick deeper into her mouth and the other two. Well, she started off with the same gentle bobbing as with the other two, but eventually taking it into the back of her mouth, then Thea relaxed her throat muscles and stuffed that dildo into her windpipe, causing Sara to grin wickedly, first at Thea, then at Felicity and Nyssa. Her girlfriends were too busy watching their cock sucking slut to notice Sara smirking at them, not that Sara cared as her gaze quickly returned to her sex slave, even as she moved back to Nyssa and then Felicity to give them the same deep throating treatment, making sure those dildos would be truly ready for her slutty little fuck holes.

Along the way Sara chose to reward Thea for her fine work, first by reaching down to stroke her hair when she went back to sucking her cock, then with verbal encouragement, "Mmmmm, that's it Thea, take it deep down your pretty little throat. Yeahhhhh, good girl. Good little cock sucker. Ooooooooh, that's so hot. I love it when a pretty little thing like you sucks my strap-on cock and gets it nice and ready for me to fuck her with it. Mmmmmm, especially when she is getting ready for me to fuck her pretty little butt hole with it. Ohhhhhhh, you like the sound of that, don't you? Oh yeah, grin up at me while you're sucking my cock! Mmmmmm, show me just how much you love it."

Nyssa of course had beaten Sara to it, starting her verbal encouragement much sooner, and she was only too happy to continue it after she allowed Sara to get in on the fun, "Yes Thea, make it wet. Make my cock nice and wet so it slides easily into your slutty little butt hole! Mmmmm, take it, take it down your throat! Take it all the way down your throat bitch! I want every inch dripping with your saliva when I shove it up your tight little ass. Not that it will be tight when we are finished with it. No, mmmmm, it's going to be a gaping crater! You hear that Thea? The most private hole on your body is going to be gaped wide open after we are through with you, because all three of us are going to slam fuck your little shit hole like the anal whore you are!"

Even Felicity got in on the action, "Oh yes Thea, suck those cocks! Suck our big cocks! Suck the big strap-on cocks of your Mistresses you little dyke slut! Ohhhhhhh yeah, get them nice and wet for your pretty little fuck holes. But especially for that butt. Mmmmmm yeahhhhhhh, get our cocks ready for your slutty little butt hole, cause we're all going to be pounding that little hole hard and deep tonight. Oh yeah, we're gonna take turns slamming your little bitch hole until you cum like the little ass whore you are! Oooooooh fuck, but not before you cum like a total slut with our big dicks inside you at the same time! Oh God yes Thea, you're gonna be our three hole whore, every little hole on your body mine to use. And Nyssa's, and Sara's, of course."

"Yeah she is." Sara grinned at Felicity's quick correction, then added as she made her way to the bed, "And speaking of which, I think it's about time we got this show on the road. Thea, come sit on my cock."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea gasped breathlessly, scrambling to do as she was told.

Shortly after Sara had laid down in the centre of the bed Thea got on top of her, positioned her entrance directly over Sara's cock and began slowly pushing her way down it. The head of the dildo easily entered Thea's pussy, causing Thea to let out a long loud moan of pleasure. That moan continued as Thea slowly but surely impaled herself on Sara's strap-on, not stopping until she had every inch buried inside her. There was then a pause for a few long seconds, Thea obviously waiting for permission to start moving. Sara gave her pet's pussy a chance to recover from the invasion, then she showed her approval with a wicked grin.

While Sara was more than ready to give more explicit instructions that was more than enough for Thea, who started slowly bouncing up and down, causing her little titties to jiggle delightfully and her face become a wash of pleasure. For a little while Sara just enjoyed that view, combined with the almost equally as delightful sight of Felicity and Nyssa watching Thea's cute little ass bounce up and down in front of them. Then Sara made the view even better for her girlfriends by reaching down and starting to play with Thea's butt-plug, slowly pulling it in and out of her friend's back hole to further prepare her for what was to come, and spreading one of the cheeks with her other hand so her girls could get the best possible view of it.

"It's the moment of truth Felicity." Sara mumbled a few minutes later, "Are you ready to take this hot little ass and make it yours?"

As she said that second part Sara pulled the butt-plug out entirely, quickly shoved it into Thea's mouth for cleaning, and then spread both of the other girl's cheeks with her hands, causing Felicity to stammer, "Y, yes?"

"What was that beloved?" Nyssa gently pushed/teased.

"Yes." Felicity said more firmly, "I'm ready to butt fuck Thea."

"Then go for it." Sara grinned, "Butt fuck our bitch! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, butt fuck little Thea Queen! Butt fuck Oli's kid sis so we can make her our airtight slut! Ooooooh, our fully stuffed slut."

Felicity had to pause for a minute, first because she was so overwhelmed at the sight of Sara spreading Thea's ass cheeks, giving both Felicity and Nyssa an even better view than before of Thea's tight little twat stuffed with Sara's strap-on. Then her brain finally processed Sara's words and she was hit with an unfortunate reminder that this was Oliver's little sister, and although the damage was essentially done fucking her up the ass just seemed like a step too far. Or at least that's what Felicity had been telling herself for the past month or so, but now she had committed to do it, and Thea had beg her to do it, and despite how wrong it was she couldn't help but do it.

She couldn't help but kneel down behind Thea, strategically avoiding Sara's legs as she settled into that position and then pressed her lubed up strap-on against the younger girl's butt hole. Felicity then paused again, but this time not because she was hesitant, but because she was savouring the moment. Then Felicity pushed forwards slowly but firmly, Thea's most private hole quickly and easily spreading open and allowing her cock to slip inside like the well-trained and regularly used bitch hole it was. Thea even moaned like a slut, further eroding any lingering apprehension Felicity had and replacing it with pure lust.

Especially when Thea spat out the butt-plug and cried out, "Yes, fuck me! Fuck me Mistress Felicity! Fuck my ass, stuff it with your cock! Ah fuck, stuff me!"

That little outburst just made Felicity push a little harder and faster, which was clearly Thea's intent, but Felicity didn't care about being manipulated, she just wanted to fuck some ass. Thea ass. Oh yes, Felicity wanted to fuck Thea Queen's ass hole, but first she needed to stuff it full of cock, which is exactly what the crazed computer expert now did, not stopping her thrust until her thighs were resting against her friend's cheeks, announcing every single inch of that big dildo was buried in Thea's butt. And through it all Thea had moaned like the total anal whore she had been turned into by Nyssa and Sara, and once the penetration was complete Thea began the begging again, even more desperately than before.

"Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, every inch! Mmmmmm, every inch of your big cock is up my ass Mistress Felicity, ohhhhhhhh, and it feels so good." Thea moaned and whimpered, "Your big cock feels so good up my ass, but I want more. Oh yeah, Mistress Sara, Mistress Felicity, you're stuffing my holes so good, but I want my mouth stuffed too. I'm a greedy little whore who wants to be made airtight. Ohhhhhh, please make me airtight. And please fuck me. Mmmmm, please fuck my slutty little holes. Especially you Mistress Felicity. Please? I need you to fuck my tight little dyke ass so we can really get this party started. Come on Mistress Felicity, fuck me! Please just fuck me. Fuck my ass! Ass fuck me, fuck me in the ass, just, ohhhhhhhhh yeahhhhhh, mmmmm, that's sooooo gooooooddddd, yesssssss!"

For a brief time Felicity listened to that begging with a wicked smirk on her face, then she gave Thea what she wanted. Or more accurately what they all wanted, Felicity dully aware of Nyssa and Sara watching her impatiently as she listened to Thea, and then with glee as Felicity slowly moved her hips back and then forward, officially starting the butt fucking. Oh God, Felicity officially began fucking Thea Queen up her tight little butt, her big dick sliding in and out of Thea's slutty little ass hole with every thrust pushing her up and down Sara's cock. Of course Felicity went nice and slowly, as this was the beginning of the ass fucking, but of course it wasn't enough for a total butt slut like Thea Queen.

Proving what they all knew Thea whimpered, "Harder! Please fuck me harder! Oh Mistress Felicity, fuck my ass harder. Mistress Sara, fuck my pussy. Mistress Nyssa, fuck my mouth. Please just-"

"Patients you greedy little slut." Sara growled lustfully, "You'll get what you want eventually."

"But-" Thea whined.

"No buts!" Nyssa said firmly while moving closer to the action, "Felicity, don't hog that slut's ass. Remember, we all get a piece of it tonight."

"I remember, but can I have a little longer, please?" Felicity pleaded, "It is my first time with this hole after all."

"And who's fault is that?" Nyssa pointed out.

"She's right Nyssa." Sara chimed in, "It's her first time with Thea's ass. She should get a little longer."

Nyssa narrowed her eyes, thought about it for a few long seconds, and then grumbled, "Fine, but I'm only giving you five more minutes. Use them wisely."

"I will, I promise." Felicity reassured with a cute little smile before doing just that.

Nyssa couldn't help but return that smile, partly out of love for her girlfriend and partly out of the delight at seeing geeky little Felicity Smoak butt fucking little heiress Thea Queen. It was always thrilling to watch Felicity sodomising a woman who was physically superior to her, and while Thea might not be close to Sara's level she could have still easily kicked Felicity's ass, but instead Thea was getting her own ass fucked by their favourite computer nerd. Of course this was special. This was Felicity using their fuck pet's ass for the very first time. Something they were all enjoying, given the happy looks on their faces and the sounds they were making. Particularly Thea.

As such Nyssa knew she should be more patient and let Felicity have her fun, but as much as she enjoyed the sight in front of her nothing quite compared to ass fucking another woman herself. Besides, soon after Nyssa got her turn with that tight little butt hole Felicity would be free to stuff her cock into Thea's mouth, and she knew how much Thea love tasting her own ass. More importantly it would signify the first time they were truly making Thea airtight, something they'd all been looked forward too. Even Felicity. Of course Nyssa could make Thea airtight right now, but it seemed like for this special occasion the cock which entered her bitch's mouth really should be flavoured with bitch ass.

So Nyssa waited another long five minutes and asked, "May I have my turn now?"

There was a brief pause and then Felicity reluctantly replied, "I suppose."

To her credit Felicity then immediately pulled her cock out of Thea's ass and sidestepped out of the way, not only allowing Nyssa to take her place but giving her the best possible view of Thea's baby gape. Sara continuing to spread those cheeks for them was a big part of that too, but Nyssa was hardly concentrating on who was responsible for giving her this pretty sight right now. No, she was far too concentrated on how cute Thea's ass hole looked as it remained slightly open, and how much wider that hole would be once she was done with it, Nyssa practically licking her lips as she pressed her strap-on against Thea's butt hole and then pushed the head inside.

It was one of the easiest penetrations Nyssa had ever performed, Thea's loosened back hole quickly stretching to allow the first few inches access to her most private orifice, which of course made the little slut moan happily. And she kept moaning as Nyssa stuffed her ass full of cock, the assassin not stopping until her thighs were resting against her teammate's cute little cheeks. Even then Nyssa only stopped to savour the moment for a few seconds before gently starting to fuck her bitch up the butt, Sara making sure that she would have the perfect view of her cock sliding in and out of that forbidden hole. Then Felicity gave her a view to rival it.

"Hey Thea, ready to become airtight?" Felicity asked.

"Oh God yes, please Mistress Felicity, please make me airtight!" Thea pleaded.

"I don't know about you guys, but I'm not convinced." Sara grinned wickedly.

Before Mistress Felicity had a chance to agree or disagree Thea butted in, "Please! Please make me airtight Mistress Felicity! Please? I want it so bad. Mmmmm, I want you to stuff that big cock which has just been up my butt directly into my mouth so I can suck the yummy ass juice from it and officially start taking it in all three of my little fuck holes like a total whore! I want you to fuck my mouth Mistress Felicity, mmmmm, please fuck it. I want all three of you to fuck me all at the same time, making me your three hole whore. Your airtight slut. Your walking, talking fuck hole. Please Mistress Felicity, Mistress Sara, Mistress Nyssa, use me however you want. Ohhhhh yeahhhhhh, mmmmm, use my holes, fuck them hard, please just-"

Thea was then silenced by Mistress Felicity shoving her cock directly into her open mouth. She also might have directly ordered her to suck the cock, but if she did Thea didn't hear her. No, as soon as she had very clear permission she wrapped her lips around that dildo and began greedily sucking, moaning with delight at the taste of her own ass, and more importantly being finally made airtight. It took a few moments for it to truly sink in, as she had wanted this so long and the built up and teasing had seemed to last forever, but yes, Thea finally had a cock in her mouth, pussy and ass all at the same time, and it felt so beyond amazing she couldn't possibly put it into words.

For a short amount of time she tried, but that just caused her to slack off in her cock sucking duties, and she was rightfully punished for it as Mistress Nyssa pushed her hands away from her cheeks so she could roughly smacked her ass to wake her up. It worked, and Thea refocused on the most important thing in the world to her, pleasing her Mistresses. In this case by beginning to bob her head up and down Mistress Felicity's cock, the older woman softly pushing her hips forwards every so often so that Thea was able to stuff every single inch of that dick down her throat and thoroughly clean it of every drop of her yummy ass cream.

It wasn't long after that Mistress Felicity and Mistress Nyssa switch places so Thea was given a fresh batch of butt cream, Thea showing her gratitude for this by again forcing herself to concentrate on cleaning the cock in front of her while another one pounded her ass hole, and caused her pussy to gently bounce up and down on a third. Although it became increasingly difficult to concentrate on cock sucking, even when that cock was covering her yummy anal juices, when the overwhelming pleasure of being triple fucked soon had her desperate for an orgasm. No, actually she was desperate just from the double fucking. This, this was unbearable, and as much as she tried to hold off so she could enjoy this for as long as possible ultimately Thea had to beg to cum.

"Fuck me! Fuck me harder!" Thea shamelessly begged during one of the switchovers, "Please Mistress Felicity, Mistress Nyssa, fuck my slutty ass hole harder! Fucking gape that bitch hole of mine wide open! Please? Oh please, I want all three of you to fuck my butt hard and deep and make me cum like the little ass whore I am! Mmmmm, butt fuck me, butt fuck me hard! Please? I wanna be butt fucked until I cum like a bitch with a nice big dick up my fucking ass! Ohhhhhhh fuck, ruin my fucking shit hole! Make sure I can't sit for a week! Make Oli ask why I'm walking funny in training! Oh yeah, make my big brother and your boss more suspicious than he already is about what's really going on around here. Oh fuck, make The Green Arrow realise his baby sister might just be a butt slut, and its you three who are wrecking my fucking butt hole whenever you God damn want! AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSS, FUCK ME, FUCK ME, FUCK ME MMMMMMMFFFFFFF!"

Fortunately for Thea it was Mistress Felicity's turn to fuck her ass, and it didn't actually take that much begging to convince her to slam the entire length of her strap-on up Thea's slutty little ass and start giving her the butt pounding that she so desperately wanted. Okay, she might have started out slow again and built up her pace, but in Thea's current state of mind it felt like seconds between the hard anal penetration and the moment that Mistress Felicity had to be pounding her butt with every ounce of her strength. Either way Thea found herself crashing over the edge of countless orgasms which left her as a completely mindless slut she so loved being.

Sara grinned wickedly as Thea's cum started squirting on her cock and escaping out onto her stomach. There was nothing she loved moer than making a beautiful girl cum. Well, it might be better if it was one of her girlfriends in the middle, or herself, but she had still had a deep connection to Thea, and making her cum was always a treat. Especially as it was a real team effort this time. Oh yes, Felicity might have been doing most of the work, but still all three of them were making her cum in that moment, making this moment truly special, and one that at least Sara would treasure forever. And she knew Thea, Nyssa and even Felicity would too.

Wanting to make the moment even more perfect, and to make Thea cum even harder, Sara started thrusting upwards into Thea's cunt. This seemed to have the desired effect, and the added result of prompting Nyssa start fucking Thea's mouth like it was a cunt, or ass hole. Arguably more brutally than necessary, or was decent, but luckily it didn't last that long as either because she was too tired, or because she didn't want Thea to suffer, Felicity pulled her cock out of Thea's ass and stumbled back, giving Nyssa the opportunity to take her place. An opportunity which Nyssa unsurprisingly immediately capitalised on, slamming Thea's ass through a few more climaxes in the process.

For this part Sara let Nyssa do all the work so she could save her energy for when inevitably when her fellow assassin stopped. Which of course took awhile, Nyssa's ego not allowing her to be outdone by Felicity Smoak, but eventually Sara had her turn, and the second she got the chance she flipped Thea over, pushed her legs onto her shoulders and started giving her everything she had got. And considering she had been the one saving her strength while Nyssa and Felicity did the majority of the heavy lifting, everything she had was quite a lot, Sara at least having the presence of mind to enter the other girl slowly and build up the pace before really brutalising her butt.

It was very reminiscent of their first time together, and while Sara hadn't asked permission like Nyssa had the incoherent screams of pleasure and the fact that cum was squirting onto her stomach even more violently than before now her cock wasn't inside of Thea's cunt told Sara that her bitch was absolutely loving it. And so she, the stimulator on her clit combined with the sheer mental pleasure of anal dominating the younger girl causing her to have a lot of satisfying orgasms herself, much like she knew that Felicity and Nyssa had for her. Of course, there was only so much that poor little Thea could take, and when she looked like she was about to pass out Sara took pity on her, pulling her cock out of Thea's ass hole and rolling her over so she and her girlfriends could admire their handiwork.

Felicity blushed as, without being prompted, Thea slowly reached back and pulled apart her butt cheeks, exposing her battered back hole which was gaping wider then Felicity had ever seen. Which wasn't exactly surprising given the brutal poundings it had taken from three different strap-on cocks, but it was still quite a sight to see, and even though it made her blush it also made her weirdly proud of herself for being a part of it. Obviously her girlfriends Nyssa and especially Sara were to blame for that, as they were such a bad influence on her, and Felicity didn't need to look away from Thea's gaped ass hole to know that the two assassins were staring with shameless lust at their handiwork.

After maybe about a minute of enjoying that sight Nyssa asked, "Did you enjoy that Thea?"

"God yes Mistress Nyssa." Thea moaned happily, "I loved having all three of my Mistresses using my slutty little ass hole like the fuck hole it is. It felt so good, and I came so hard, mmmmm, and my bitch hole is now nice and loose, proving I am the property of three superior women who can butt fuck me whenever they want."

"We're glad you enjoyed it." Sara grinned, "Now come and get you're reward for being such a good little ass whore."

"Yes Mistress Sara!" Thea grinned wickedly, rushing to do as she was told.

To her shame Felicity found herself disappointed when Thea took her hands off her cheeks and turned around, but it was totally worth it to have Thea kneeling down in front of them and with a look of utter devotion in her eyes take Sara's cock into her mouth. Felicity kind of wished that Thea had chosen hers first, but she certainly didn't complain as she enjoyed the sight of Thea sucking cock too much for that. Especially when it was fresh from her ass, and Sara's cock was the freshest having been the last to plunder Thea's bowels, the little ATM slut moaning happily as she tasted the deepest part of her own butt on the head of that dildo.

After a few long seconds of savouring the flavour Thea began bobbing her head up and down Sara's cock, pretty much moaning happily and staring up at them the entire time. Then she moved over to Nyssa and then finally Felicity to repeat the process, going back and forth for a little while taking those dildos ever deeper into her mouth. Clearly the little slut was trying to drag this out, but as soon as Nyssa and Sara began giving their usual verbal encouragement it wasn't long before Thea was stuffing every inch of each cock down her throat in turn, quickly getting every drop of her ass cream in the process. Not that it stopped her. No, well-trained cock sucking bitch that she was little Thea Queen worked tirelessly to please her Mistresses, even as they continued to taunt her.

"Mmmmmm, that's it Thea! You suck that dick. You suck that dick which was pounding your butt just a second ago you filthy little ass to mouth whore! Oh Fuck!" Sara moaned happily in encouragement pretty much the second Thea wrapped her lips around the head of her cock, "Oh yes, you're such a whore. Mmmmm, our greedy little ATM whore. Oh Thea, you look so pretty with a cock in your mouth. I always thought that, ever since we made you our submissive little bitch. Yeahhhhhh, you're such a good whore Thea. Taking all three big strap-on dicks inside you at the same time, your pussy, mouth and ass all stuffed like a good little airtight whore. Then taking all three big strap-on dicks up your butt like a prize winning anal whore. And then taking all three big strap-on dicks from your butt straight into your mouth like the total ATM whore you are! Oooooooh yesssssss, mmmmmm, take that cock deep down your throat, but remember you've got two other cocks to clean."

"Yessssss, that's it! Every inch down your throat bitch! Take every inch of Sara's big cock, which has just been deep inside your fucking ass, down your fucking throat! Fuck, that's hot." Nyssa practically growled with lust, and then when Thea switched over to her she happily encouraged, "Ohhhhhhhh yessssssssss, now my dick! It's been up your ass too. They all have! Which means there's plenty of yummy Thea Queen anal cream for Thea Queen to clean up! Ooooooooh yesssssss, come on you spoilt little princess, clean those cocks! Clean every single one of them until they're spotless! Get every drop of your ass off them. Yesssssssss, that definitely means you deep throat my fucking dick, but don't forget about Mistress Felicity's cock. And make extra sure Mistress Sara's strap-on is clean of your slutty ass, just in case she fucks one of us next. God forbid we should get some of your filth on us."

"That's it Thea, you're doing great!" Felicity encouraged once she finally got a word in edgeways, then when things got even better for her she eagerly added, "Oh yes, suck my dick! Suck your yummy little ass off my big dick! Oh fuck yeah, mmmmmm, suck it! Suck the cock which has just been up your butt you sexy little slut! Oh God Thea, I loved butt fucking you! I wasn't sure I would, I thought I would feel guilty, but it was awesome and I want to do it all the time! Mmmmmm yeahhhhhh, I wanna butt fuck you as much as Mistress Sara does! And I wanna triple stuff you! Oh yeah, most importantly I want to make sure you're our triple stuffed Queen, or should that be our fully stuffed Queen, every single fucking day! Would you like that Thea? Would you like us to fuck all your hot little fuck holes at the same time, every fucking day? Yessssss, I bet you would? Mmmmmm, who wouldn't?"

Which gave Sara a wicked idea, "Yeah, we should totally triple stuff you next. Please baby? Mmmmm, that would be so hot. I swear you'll love it. I did."

"Oh yes." Nyssa grinned, "Triple stuffed hacker, I do like the sound of that."

Even though she blushed at that suggestion Felicity liked that idea. She liked it a lot. After all, she loved being double stuffed, and surely that wouldn't be much different than being triple stuffed? Except it would make her feel even more slutty, and it may make her cum that much harder. Which was why she had been considering asking for it for a while, but hadn't because they'd been having so much fun topping Thea lately, and they'd triple stuffed Sara more than once and she just hadn't been ready to give up that dominance yet. Felicity could feel she was getting close, but there was no reason to give that away. After all she wasn't as slutty as Sara Lance, or Thea Queen.

So Felicity simply smiled and said, "Maybe."


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