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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 4.

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Arrow: My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

"Is something wrong, beloved?"

Nyssa al Ghul smirked at her own term of endearment being used on her, "It is nothing my love."

Laurel gently pushed, "I thought you promised never to lie to me."

"It is not a lie. It is..." Nyssa protested, briefly searching for the right words before settling on, "An old discussion. One we should be long since passed."

"You and Sara?" Laurel said knowingly, and then when her girlfriend didn't deny it she sighed, "I know this must be tough for you-"

"My only concern are your feelings." Nyssa interrupted quickly, turning to Laurel and gently pulling her into her arms as she softly continued, "Sara is a sister to me now, nothing more."

"Yes, but-" Laurel lowered her head.

"But nothing." Nyssa cut her off and gently lifting her chin up, "You are my world Laurel Lance, and I'm so mad at Felicity for stealing my thunder."

"Wha, what do you mean?" Laurel asked, heart hammering in her chest as she dared to get her hopes up.

"I mean there was a question I was going to ask you just before Felicity announced her pregnancy, and although I was going to wait until sometime after her and your sister's child was born I just couldn't possibly wait another day to ask you for your hand." Nyssa explained, quickly adding as Laurel's face lit up, "This is not me asking. You deserve more than this when it comes to that question. I am merely asking whether you are ready to hear it. Or you wish to hear it at all."

"Yes. Yes, of course! Of course I want to hear it! God Nyssa, I've been waiting for the right person to asked me that my entire life." Laurel giddily confessed, grinning as she added, "I'll say yes, if that helps."

"It does." Nyssa grinned, "Fortunately I anticipated that reaction..."

Laurel was so overwhelmingly happy from that last little exchange it took a while to realise what Nyssa was implying, and sure enough when the elevator opened up to Arrow HQ Laurel realised she had been setup. That this was not a baby shower for her now heavily pregnant sister-in-law, but the proposal Nyssa had been alluding too. And a party celebrating it, given that all of Laurel's friends and family, or at least the ones she was closest too and knew about or were part of her nightlife, were waiting for them with smiles on their faces. Although Laurel barely notice them as directly in front of her was a giant banner with the words 'Laurel Lance Will You Marry Me' in big letters.

Completely overwhelmed by her happiness and the words in front of her Laurel stumbled into the room, both searching for what to say and especially anticipating what was waiting for her when she inevitably turned around. Sure enough when she did the usually terrifying Nyssa al Ghul was down on one knee and holding out a tiny ring box, which was open allowing Laurel to see the engagement ring inside. And Nyssa was just staring up at her with these eyes filled with love and devotion, and it was almost more than Laurel could take. Already she was beginning to cry, and Nyssa's next words completely wrecked her.

"Laurel Lance... I love you." Nyssa said softly, "I love you more than anyone or anything in this world. I, I once thought I found my light in the darkness, but I knew before we even got together I was wrong. That back then I knew nothing of light, and was simply dragging someone else into the darkness with me. But not you. Only you were strong enough to do what I couldn't, lift me up from out of the darkness and into the light. You saved me Laurel, from myself and my father's teachings. But that is not why I love you. It is perhaps one of the many reasons, but I also adore your smile, your laugh, and your kind heart. Perhaps most of all, I love the way you have introduced me to myself. Allowed me discover who I truly was, and accept me for all of my flaws. And if you're still willing, I swear to spend the rest of my life making you as happy as you have made me."

The second Nyssa paused for long enough Laurel squealed with joy, "Yes! Yes, of course, YES!"

Returning the beaming smile that Laurel was giving her Nyssa gently placed the ring on her new fianc‚'s finger and stood up to be greeted with a passionate kiss. Laurel was vaguely aware that that was accompanied by applause, but that was just background noise in this perfect moment. Fortunately, even though they forgot their audience, the kiss remains soft and gentle, the kind you see at the end of a cheesy romantic comedy, even though either of them could have so easily ruined it by becoming overwhelmed by the moment. Honestly Laurel was just glad that Nyssa pulled away when she did, because she wasn't sure she could have ended the kiss, or kept things PG-13 for much longer.

Once the kiss was over the happy couple just held each other for a few long seconds, before finally turning to their grinning audience. The widest grins were of course from Felicity and Sara, who were the first to congratulate them and hug them, even if it was a bit awkward with Felicity's swollen belly. Laurel's parents quickly followed, then Thea and the rest of Team Arrow, ironically ending with Oliver. Laurel's first love? It was hard to say now she knew she was a lesbian, but he still meant so much to her and she was thrilled to have his blessing. At the same time Laurel hoped that this party would be short, as she was eager to get back home and reward her new fianc‚ with a night of passionate love making.

* * *

Nyssa knew it was cruel of her given the look in the eyes of her beloved, and new fianc‚, but she dismissed all of Laurel's attempts to leave the party early, partly because she knew Laurel would forgive her later, and partly just because she enjoyed teasing her lover. Perhaps she had gone too far on insisting on a brief patrol, but that totally backfired on her as Laurel Lance was truly irresistible at the best of times, but in her Black Canary outfit Nyssa just couldn't control herself. Honestly it had been a miracle that she ever could. So it was only a few blocks before Nyssa shoved Laurel up against the wall of a dingy alley and almost literally shoved her tongue down her throat.

That kiss was significantly more rough and needy than the one they'd had right after Laurel had accepted her proposal, and when they finally parted there was no gentle hug before pulling away. No, Nyssa's lips immediately travelled down to Laurel's neck where she practically attacked the vulnerable flesh which she so loved marking as her own, while Laurel let out a soft but blissful cry. Nyssa was determined to make her let out loud cries tonight, but not here. This was too public. Also dirty, and now she was analysing it more closely it had a faint odour which was detestable. Besides, unsurprisingly Laurel made it clear she wasn't fond of the idea.

"Here?" Laurel whimpered softly, and then when there was no immediate reply pushed herself to add, "Baby, no. Our, ohhhhhh, our apartment's not far. We can make it."

"We can't." Nyssa insisted softly, "I have to have you now."

"But-" Laurel began to protest.

"Not here? I agree. Luckily, there is an alternative." Nyssa smiled wickedly, craning her head upwards.

Laurel followed her gaze, then cautiously murmured, "The roof?"

"The roof." Nyssa confirmed with a wicked grin.

There was a brief pause and then Laurel nodded, "Okay."

What seemed like seconds later, and in reality was only a matter of minutes thanks to a nearby fire escape, Nyssa was blocking the door to the roof and then pressing Laurel up against it for another long, passionate kissing session. The main difference to this kissing session than the others, at least tonight, being that Nyssa's hand wandered Laurel's body and vice versa. Well, mostly Nyssa did it, as she made it very clear just with that kiss that she was in no mood for any rebellion tonight, and as always Laurel was happy to play the role of submissive little bottom to Nyssa's dominant top, a fact which she showed by allowing the Heir to the Demon to control the kiss and she only caressed Nyssa's arms and back, while Nyssa's hands were a lot less coy.

Perhaps in the beginning they were a little coy, but it wasn't long before she was sliding her hand to Laurel's ass, then up to her tits, and then finally down to between the other woman's legs. Each time she went further Nyssa grinned into the kiss because of the reaction she got from Laurel, which at first were just moans and gasps. Then Nyssa slid a hand between Laurel's legs, and even through her fianc‚'s jet black pants she could feel heat and wetness which told her that her girl was more than ready for her. And it was very tempting to slide her hand into those pants and take her, the same way Nyssa had done so many times before when they were in public bathrooms and couldn't wait until they got home. But no, she had something more ambitious in mind, especially considering where they were.

So Nyssa broke the kiss, rested her forehead against Laurel's and whispered, "I love you."

Beaming happily Laurel replied, "I love you too."

Having counted on that response Nyssa grinned wickedly, grabbed the back of Laurel's head and started gently pushing it downwards while challenging her to, "Prove it."

"Gladly." Laurel grinned wickedly as she allowed herself to be pushed downwards.

Laurel considered teasing her woman, and maybe if they were safely back at their apartment she would have done. However while they had chosen nice tall building there were still tall ones around, so it wasn't impossible that they would be seen. Or that someone would hear a noise, and check the roof. Besides, she was overwhelmed with gratitude towards Nyssa for finally proposing. So not only did Laurel allow herself to be pushed down to her knees but as soon as she was there she went right for Nyssa's pants, undoing them quickly and pulling them and her lover's underwear down in one quick motion. God, she'd loved Nyssa's original outfit, but she loved this one even better, as it provided easy access to do this whenever she wanted. Or more accurately, whenever Nyssa wanted it.

Usually they could just about wait until they return to their apartment before having sex, but especially during the beginning of their relationship it wasn't uncommon for Nyssa to talk her into a bathroom or an abandoned building for a quick fingering. Whether it happened before or after she got fingered Laurel would find herself on her knees and eating Nyssa's pussy just like she was about to do, hence the reason for the slight adjustment of Nyssa's outfit. She still looked hot as hell in it, and God, did Laurel love being on her knees while Nyssa was wearing it. Also just being on her knees in front of Nyssa under any circumstances. It was after all, where she belonged, kneeling before the superior woman and pleasing her in any way she wanted.

Right now that included one of their favourite ways, Laurel eagerly burying her face in between Nyssa's thighs both to hide her fianc‚'s nakedness from the waist down in this public place, and more importantly so she could slide her tongue over Nyssa's pussy. As always she started with a nice slow lick starting from the bottom of Nyssa's cunt and working her way up to the top. This time around Laurel even lingered on Nyssa's clit for a few extra seconds, which even got the mighty Nyssa al Ghul to let out a sharp cry. Then she would repeat the process, albeit without touching Nyssa's clit, which seemed just fine for her dominant lover. At least for now.

Nyssa even started providing some gentle, delightfully wicked, encouragement, "Yessssss, lick me Laurel. Lick me just like that. Ohhhhhh yes, oh Laurel, that's a good girl. That's a good fianc‚. Oooooooh yes, you're my fianc‚ Laurel. My future wife. I'm going to marry you, mmmmm, and feel your hot little tongue against my cunt for years to come. Oh yes, oooooohhhhhhh Goooooodddddd!"

Encouragement from Nyssa was always welcome, but Laurel especially loved it as Nyssa was referencing their engagement and referring to her as her future wife. Oh God, Laurel had no idea how badly she wanted to hear that until now. She thought she knew she was falling in love with Nyssa al Ghul, but really, she had no idea. Because hearing it just now made her overwhelmingly happy. Just as pleasing this goddess made her happy, Laurel reminded them that she would do anything to please this woman. Even if that meant The Black Canary had to spend hours kneeling on top of a roof with her face buried in her teammate's cunt. Or maybe especially when it meant that.

Nyssa knew that they should not linger in a semi-public place. That she should have practised the same restraint she had with everything else in her life, and simply waited until they got back to their home to have Laurel spoil her like this. Or at the very least they should be making this quick, and if Laurel wasn't doing it of her own accord she should be ordering her to hurry it up, and punishing her if she didn't comply. But Nyssa just loved having Laurel eat her out, and the danger of doing this out in the open was only making it more enjoyable, seemingly for the both of them given how eagerly Laurel was licking her cunt. So despite her training Nyssa just gently stroked Laurel's hair and continued to offer her words of encouragement.

"Oooooh, that's it, lick my cunt you beautiful woman. Prove what a little lesbian slut you are." Nyssa moaned happily, "Prove exactly what I've turned you into, mmmmm, and how much you love pussy, ohhhhhh Laurel, OH FUCK! Yesssssss, prove just how much you love me and my twat, oh God yes, oooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

That encouragement worked a little too well, Laurel beginning to hit her clit with every stroke of her tongue instead of every other stroke, and then eventually lingering on it. Obviously Laurel was either anticipating that from the encouragement Nyssa wanted to end this early given they were in public, or Laurel wanted this to end this quickly to save herself from the embarrassment of being caught. Either way Nyssa was left with a choice, do nothing and let Laurel make her cum, or tell her to slow down. Well, she could also tell the other woman to make her cum, which was extremely tempting in that moment, but no. If Nyssa needed to make a choice, then she would choose the one that she truly wanted.

"That's good Laurel, mmmmm, too good." Nyssa warned through a moan, "Slow down. I'm not ready to cum in your hot little mouth. Not yet. Ohhhhhh yessssss, that's it, lick me nice and slow. Lick my pussy nice and slow like a good girl. Ooooooh yeahhhhhhh, oh fuck, but don't completely abandon my clit. Yessssss, oh yes, lick it like that, oh yessssss, ah fuck!"

In many ways it was tough to give those orders, and heart-breaking for the pleasure to diminish, but if it meant Nyssa had longer to look down in between her legs to find Laurel Lance eating her pussy it would totally be worth it. Even if they were discovered in the process. Actually, part of Nyssa wouldn't have minded that. In fact, Nyssa liked it. After all, most of the general public she could just scare away with a look, and the humiliation of being discovered will probably turn the super submissive Laurel on, and just make it easier for her to make her girl cum. And if they were discovered by the police, well, Nyssa pitted the poor officers who tried to interrupt them.

Of course those thoughts pushed Nyssa closer to climax, so she quickly had to try and think of something less pleasant. Like being discovered by Oliver Queen. Oh yes, while showing him what had become of his first girlfriend would have once brought her great joy, now that particular interruption would be nothing but annoying. As would being discovered by just about any other member of the team. Except one. Except Sara. Because while Sara and Laurel would find it unpleasant, part of Nyssa would have liked it. To show her former lover that she was over her. That she preferred her sister. And on an extremely petty level, remind Sara what she had given up by falling for the hacker.

For a little while those thoughts kept her desire to cum at bay, but inevitably they just weren't enough and Nyssa was almost overwhelmed by a desire for more. At that point the pleasure became torturous, and instead of distracting herself from it with negative thoughts Nyssa tried a different approach. Namely imagining Laurel on their wedding day, dressed in white and promising to be hers forever in front of a filled room of their family and friends, just like Felicity and Sara had done so recently. Then she imagined Laurel's belly swollen with child, as Felicity's was now, preparing for the day she would give Nyssa an heir. And she imagined them living the boring American family life which she never thought she'd have, or could have ever wanted until Laurel Lance.

Those thoughts made her overwhelmingly happy, particularly the thought of having children and growing old together with painfully ordinary lives helped at least somewhat hold her desire at bay, at least for a few more precious minutes. And to her credit Laurel resisted the urge to push her. Oh yes, Laurel once again proved herself the perfect bottom, as she continued gently licking Nyssa's pussy, mostly avoiding her entrance and her clit so the pleasure didn't become overwhelming. Waiting for permission to do more, just like a good girl. And inevitably Nyssa gave her that permission, and soon after that she told her to make her cum, because even the Heir to the Demon had her limits.

"More, mmmmmm, lick my clit more! Ooooooh yessssssss, oh Laurel, just like that, lick my clit just like that. Yesssssss, tease my entrance, ohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd! Oh Laurel, you exquisite little tart. Yes lick me, lick my pussy! Show me just what kind of pussy licker you are! Ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, you're so good. So good at licking my pussy! Mmmmmm, you might even be better than Sara. Oh yes, mmmmmm, or even better at eating pussy than your sister, ohhhhhhhh, who was practically a professional rug muncher by the time I was through with her! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, suck my clit, take it deep into your mouth you wonderful woman, ah fuck!" Nyssa cried out, before giving up almost entirely, "Fuck me! Tongue fuck me my beloved, oooooooh, fuck me with your tongue, oooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeessssssssss, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkk!"

Like the well-trained muff muncher Laurel Lance now was she gently built Nyssa up until she couldn't be closer to the edge of orgasm, simply by increasing attention to her clit and teasing her entrance. Truth be told it was mostly the former, as Laurel began wrapping her lips around that sensitive bundle of nerves and sucking on it as well as licking it, but she didn't allow Nyssa's entrance or any other part of that pussy to go unloved for long, inevitably making it impossible for Nyssa to hold back. Then as soon as she gave Laurel permission her perfect little pussy pleaser pushed her tongue inside her and fucked her with it until both women got what they wanted.

It was extremely hard not to instantly cum, and admittedly Nyssa had not been able to avoid 'suffering' that fate when it came to having one of Lance sisters going down on her. However this was a special occasion, the night of their engagement, and thus Nyssa wanted to make it special. Although even she was impressed by her restraint, and she wasn't sure she had ever suffered anything more painful than not immediately cumming when she felt that talented tongue invading her. Especially as when Nyssa did allow herself to cum it was quickly followed by another, and another, and another, Laurel working tirelessly to give her the maximum amount of pleasure possible, just like the perfect little sub she was.

Laurel was bitterly disappointed when Nyssa didn't immediately cum when she pushed her tongue into her cunt. That alone almost always worked, and she hadn't thought after all that build-up Nyssa could possibly deny her. Then again this woman could have frightening self restraint, as she had seen her remain calm while being stitched up, something she had passed on to Sara, and Oliver and Diggle had learned elsewhere, leaving Laurel as the only member of the current team that would flinch and squirm while being attended too, which was also annoying. Not as annoying and disappointing as this was though, Laurel working tirelessly to tongue fuck her girlfriend and now fiance until she got what she wanted.

While Nyssa had been able to initially deny her unless they were discovered, which was sadly a possibility, Nyssa was mostly fighting the inevitable, and Laurel felt the great sense of pride when she finally made the other woman cum in her mouth. Not that she truly got a chance to savour it of course, as she was too busy removing her tongue and pressing her mouth firmly around that entrance so she could swallow everything Nyssa had to give her. Or at least the majority of it. Normally she got most of, if not all, of Nyssa's cum during the first orgasm, and Laurel was very proud of the fact that she was pretty sure she got most of it. And she was proud of the amount that she got there after, even if it wasn't quite as much.

At first this was because there just seemed to be more of it, given to her at a faster rate, but it wasn't long after that Nyssa's hands tightened around her head and started shoving her face deeper into her cunt, making it harder for Laurel to swallow girl cum. It was also hard for her to breathe, and it only got worse when Nyssa started to grind her pussy into Laurel's face. Although that didn't matter. All that mattered was giving this goddess pleasure, and Laurel was very proud of herself for continuing to do that, even if she wasn't the one in control. Besides, her entire world became Nyssa al Ghul, which was heaven as far as Laurel was concerned. Also, while she would love to be smothered into unconsciousness by Nyssa's cunt, she trusted the other woman to put an end to this before that.

So Laurel just stuck out her tongue, allowing Nyssa to bash herself against it as she used it, and Laurel's entire face, as a fuck toy. And because her mouth was open the entire time it meant at least a good amount of girl cum ended up sliding directly down her throat and into her belly. The majority of it didn't, but that ended up on her face, once again marking her as what she truly was, a.k.a. property of Nyssa al Ghul, and more importantly in this particular moment Nyssa al Ghul's pussy pleaser. Roles which Laurel revelled in for a few wonderful minutes, until she found herself being pulled up into a passionate kiss, Nyssa moaning into her mouth as she tasted herself on her lips and tongue. Which made Laurel moan too, and whimper, although mostly she just kissed back.

Nyssa mostly did this after Laurel went down on her as a way to show her just how much she appreciated the favour, and how much she loved her. Also, it was just hot and nasty to taste one's own juices in a lover's mouth. However it had always served another purpose for her, one which had nothing to do with affection or even her own taste. No, it was a pure distraction while she decided what to do next. Of course normally when they had sex there was something Nyssa preferred to do next, but she didn't exactly have the equipment with her. Which did make her briefly consider other things, very pleasurable things, like simply returning the favour outright and going down on Laurel, before ultimately deciding to go for something similar to normal.

Her first step was to in one effortless movement switch their positions, but instead of pushing Laurel's back against the wall, like her lover seemed to be anticipating, Nyssa abruptly broke the kiss, quickly pulled her own pants up, then turned Laurel around and pressed her front against the wall. In almost the same motion she pressed her front against Laurel's back, pinning her against the wall. Which of course made Laurel whimper with joy, almost as much as Nyssa starting to grind her hips against Laurel's full butt cheeks while her hands began to wander her body. Finally Nyssa pushed Laurel's hair aside and began kissing the soft flesh of her neck, and lingering on there for quite a while before making her way up to the other woman's ear.

Nyssa then simply growled into it, "I want you."

"I'm yours." Laurel whimpered softly, searching her lust filled mind for what Nyssa wanted to hear, but meaning every word of it, "I'm yours in anyway you want. Do whatever you want to me. Please?"

"Anything?" Nyssa purred with delight, "Good. Mmmmm, because I'm in the mood for some ass."

"Good." Laurel moaned, "You know how much I love it when you take my ass."

"Yes, I do." Nyssa chuckled.

"Did you bring a cock?" Laurel asked, beginning to grind her butt against Nyssa in a way which pretty much guaranteed a rectum wrecking, just the way they both liked it, "Did you bring a nice big cock to tear open my ass hole, pound it hard and deep, and remind it that it's true purpose is to be an orifice for your pleasure?"

"Oh my love, I do not need a cock to tear open your ass hole." Nyssa purred, bringing a few fingers up to Laurel's mouth so that there was no mystery what was about to happen, or what she wanted.

Like the perfect little bottom she was Laurel immediately started sucking those fingers, pausing a few seconds later as she realised what was probably going to happen to her, and in a few seconds after that just starting to suck again. Both times Laurel started sucking on her fingers Nyssa chuckled with delight as it was a sign of Laurel's submission to her, not to mention an enjoyable sensation, so she allowed it to go on for longer than necessary just for the fun of it. And to make sure those fingers were thoroughly lubricated. Then with her free hand she reached round to undo her lover's pants, while carefully not allowing them to slip down, allowing Nyssa to slid her hand into Laurel's tightfitting pants from behind.

Unable to resist Nyssa gave that perfect ass a brief squeeze before pushing her wet fingers into Laurel's ass crack and tease her favourite fuck hole. Which of course was enough to make Laurel gasp, whimper and even moan in anticipation. She got a similar reaction, albeit with a loud cry preceding it, as she pushed a finger roughly into Laurel's slutty little ass hole, Nyssa waiting until she was buried up to the knuckle before beginning to thrust in and out. At about the same time she reached around with her other hand to cover Laurel's mouth, which broke her heart, because Nyssa adored hearing a lover's sounds of enjoyment. But they were still in a public place, so this was a precaution, as was not stripping Laurel entirely and getting a proper look at this latest anal violation.

Laurel was very grateful for these precautions as she certainly never thought she'd be the kind of girl who had sex in public, now she was having anal sex in public, a taboo on top of a taboo, and as much as she was enjoying it, and oh how she was enjoying it, it was incredibly embarrassing. Of course the fact that it was embarrassing only added to her enjoyment, as the goddess known as Nyssa al Ghul had effortlessly proved that she was that kind of slut. Just as she had proven she was the kind of slut who adored back door action. So much so that one finger just wasn't nearly enough for her. And neither was two, so Laurel was so happy when Nyssa didn't just add a second finger, but a third.

Which could have still been preparation for a toy as Nyssa had a habit of pulling them out of hidden places on her costume, just like knives. It was also impressive just how many she could hide on her body, just like knives. However unlike knives the things Nyssa would produce in moments like this were very pleasurable. Although as she alluded too, she didn't need toys to fuck The Black Canary. No, there were other ways she could do it, and this was one of her favourite alternatives, namely her dominant lover shoving her whole hand inside her. Which once Laurel would have actually considered impossible, especially for her ass hole, but once again Nyssa proved that she was wrong about that.

Admittedly it wasn't exactly easy, as while pushing the last finger and the thumb inside her butt wasn't too much of a stretch the knuckles were almost unbearable agony, especially as they were using spit instead of lube, or better yet a combination of the two. However while their preference was a strap-on Nyssa had been gleefully violating Laurel's fuck holes in a variety of different ways for a while now, and just like all the other times Laurel's most private hole eventually stretched wide enough to allow the knuckles to slip inside, and seconds later she had Nyssa's whole hand inside her. A whole hand inside her ass! God, Laurel was such an anal whore, something her wonderful lover reminded her after allowing her a few long seconds to get use to the sensation.

"My entire hand! Mmmmm yes, that's my entire hand inside your ass. Oh Laurel, you're such a slut." Nyssa whispered in delight into Laurel's ear as she spent a few long seconds savouring the feeling of her entire hand buried in the other woman's butt, before she began to use that hand to sodomise her fianc‚ while continuing to talk dirty, "You're such a nasty little anal slut, and I love you for it. Oooooooh, it's why I'm marrying you. Oh yes, I always knew if I was to marry, it would have to be to a complete and total anal whore, mmmmm, and for all the many shameless butt sluts I have known none truly compare to you. Not even your sister. Yessssssss, I once thought no one could be as shameless an ass slut as Sara Lance, but truly you put her to shame with just how much you love back door. And just look at you now! The Black Canary, thrusting her little ass back against me as I hammer it with my fist, mmmmm, shamelessly moaning, whimpering and cumming for me already as I take her. As I take what is rightfully mine. Oh fuck Laurel, you're going to make the perfect little anal loving wife!"

The dirty talk alone would have been enough to make Laurel whimper with delight, but combined that with Nyssa beginning to gently move her hand around inside her bottom and she was not only whimpering, but gasping, moaning and crying out loud enough to be heard through Nyssa's other hand. Which continue to be the case as Nyssa slowly picked up the pace until she was pulling her hand out until the knuckles were stretching Laurel's ass hole before she thrust them in as deep as they would go, which seemed further and further with every thrust. That combined with the continuous dirty talk, the taste of Nyssa's cum still on her tongue and that liquid all over her face, that they were doing this publicly, and the fact that they were engaged made sure that Laurel came wonderfully hard, and frequently.

Nyssa had no desire to be a man, but when Laurel's ass clamped down on her hand during a passionate anal fisting such as this she wondered if she should try using a real cock on Laurel sometime. She knew where to find that kind of magic, but the risks involved, and the lack of desire, had always kept her away. Because as she said, she didn't need a toy cock, or a real one, to fuck her precious Black Canary hard an make her cum. But maybe, someday. For this wonderful moment she was more than satisfied with slamming her fist in and out of Laurel's butt hole and making her lover squirm in her arms, and no doubt let out sounds which could be heard regardless of her attempts to hide them.

Mostly that meant keeping her hand over Laurel's mouth, but eventually as it was clear there wasn't doing any good Nyssa forced her new fiance to turn her head while moving around just enough so that they could passionately kiss without switching positions. Oh yes, Nyssa truly adored that, even though it wasn't quite as dominant as covering Laurel's mouth as she fist fucked her butt. Especially as Laurel continued whimpering, moaning and crying out, even if it was just into Nyssa's mouth at that point. That added enjoyment along with everything else they were doing inspired the former assassin to start grinding herself against The Black Canary's perfect little ass, which was just enough in her current state to make her cum. Not as hard and as frequently as the other woman, but it was still pretty satisfying.

Sadly Nyssa couldn't run the risk of knocking Laurel into unconsciousness. Well, she could, and there was something very appealing about carrying the unconscious body of her fianc‚ back to their apartment, and more importantly their bed, where they could spend the rest of the night celebrating their engagement after Nyssa had gently awoken Laurel from her slumber. But she didn't want to be spotted carrying an unconscious body, in case someone got the wrong idea, and it would be certainly easier if Laurel was conscious for this next part. Besides, there was so many other things Nyssa still wanted to do to her little plaything before the night was over.

Which was why Nyssa slowly decreased her pace, bringing Laurel down from her high, before carefully pulling her fist out of the other woman's bottom, followed by just as carefully pulling that fist out of her lover's pants. Then with a wicked grin she broke the kiss, brought her fist up to Laurel's lips and stared at her expectantly. Not that it was necessary to stare, because as soon as that fist was against her lips the Black Canary eagerly opened her mouth and started to lick her butt cream off of that hand, even eventually taking each finger into her mouth and erotically sucking it like it was a cock. And of course, Laurel Lance moaned the entire time like the submissive little ass to mouth whore she was.

"God I love you." Nyssa growled huskily against Laurel's cheek, kissing it gently.

"I love you too." Laurel said softly after she was done cleaning that hand, the newly engaged couple then exchanging a gentle kiss.

Then Nyssa broke it, grinned wickedly and smacked Laurel on her well fucked behind, causing the submissive woman to cry out, before the dominant one told her, "Let us return to our apartment, so I can continue showing you how much."

"Yes Mistress." Laurel cheeked, quickly doing up her pants and following her new fiance.


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with the title heading "TSSA Story Submission"