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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 4.

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Arrow: My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Part 5
by MTL ([email protected])

"Oliver, I told you, I'm fine." Felicity said softly, turning around to find someone else entirely. Her eyes then went wide and she squeaked, "Nyssa."

Briefly looking the other woman up and down Nyssa softly said, "You're a vision."

"Thank you." Felicity mumbled, the two women then fell into a long silence as clearly neither was sure what to say.

"I, I don't think I have given you my blessing. Not truly." Nyssa said softly, "And I am not implying that you need it, and I'm not sure you'd even want it, but I'm here to say you have it. Honestly and truly."

Felicity smiled nervously, and then said as firmly as she could, "Nyssa, of course I want it. You're part of the team. I, I even liked to think we're friends. Which I know is super awkward considering... everything, but-"

"I'd like that." Nyssa said softly, "If we could be friends."

"Me too." Felicity smiled softly.

Nyssa took a step forward and then said breathlessly, "I, I never thought I'd be happy to be at Sara's wedding without being the other bride, or to see her marrying someone else, but you're perfect for her. I see that now."

Another pause, and then Felicity mumbled, "I'm sorry to come between you two."

"No, you're not." Nyssa said with a soft smile, "And you shouldn't be. Laurel is my soulmate. Just as you are Sara's, and Sara is yours."

"Maybe." Felicity murmured, lowering her head. Then she rushed to explain, "I mean, I love Sara. With every ounce of my being. And I want to be with her more than anything. But... she has a habit of running away."

"And you fear she may leave you at the altar?" Nyssa nodded knowingly, before stepping directly in front of Felicity and ordering, "Felicity, look at me. Sara only runs when something is not right. And this, this is right. She knows it. We all do. You're her light in the darkness, just as Laurel is mine. How could she ever run from that?"

There was yet another pause, then Felicity timidly went in for a hug and Nyssa pulled her into her arms and held her tight, causing Felicity to whimper, "Thank you."

Nyssa gulped, tears forming in her eyes, "Just, just promise me you'll take care of her. Okay? We were never meant to be, but I loved her. Part of me will always love her."

"I know." Felicity said softly into Nyssa's shoulder, "And I will. I promise."

Smiling softly Nyssa just closed her eyes and just enjoyed the hug for as long as it lasted, then when Felicity finally pulled back asked, "So, are you ready to be Mrs Felicity Lance?"

Felicity smiled warmly, "More than anything."

* * *

"Sara!" Laurel exclaimed, becoming angry, "Don't you dare jump out of that window!"

Sara had been so lost in her own thoughts that she hadn't even been aware that Laurel had slipped into her room, which was a testament to Laurel's improvement at stealth, and just how much she had been lost in her own thoughts. She wasn't even able to hide her surprise, softly murmuring, "I was just..."

"Just what? Ruining your life?" Laurel snapped, rushing past Sara and quickly closing the window, before turning back to her sister, "What the hell is wrong with you? I've been... I mean, Felicity has been planning this day forever. Everyone's here, waiting for you and your bride, and you're just going to leave? Really?"

"I can leave if I want too." Sara growled, "You can't stop me."

"Maybe not." Laurel sighed, reluctantly acknowledging Sara had more training, "But why would you ever want too?"

"I don't!" Sara snapped, "That's the last thing I want to do, which is why I've just been standing here staring at that window, thinking about how quickly I could get out of here. But I don't, because I'm selfish. I want to marry Felicity Smoak, even though I don't deserve her. Even though she deserves better. Even though she be better off with Oliver. Or anyone else. And even though in the end, I'm just going to hurt her."

"Sara, Sara, Sara!" Laurel quickly repeated her sister's name until she finally got her attention, then she stepped forward, grabbed her and firmly told her, "If you leave her now, at the altar, that will be worse than anything else you could possibly do to her."

"You don't know that." Sara murmured.

"Yes I do." Laurel said firmly, "Just, just the thought of Nyssa doing that to me... I love her, but I don't think I could ever forgive her for that. And Felicity wouldn't, and shouldn't forgive you for something like that. And you shouldn't put her in that position. I know part of you wants to push her away, because you're scared, but you need to fight that instinct. She's the one who gets to decide who makes her happy, and she choose you. Not Oliver, or anyone else, you. And you, you deserve to be happy. Because I know you've done some things you're not proud of, but when it matters you do the right thing. You choose good. You are good. You deserve to be happy, so for God sakes just let yourself be happy."

There was long pause, then Sara closed her eyes, took a deep breath, then softly asked, "Can we never tell Felicity about this?"

Laurel smiled, and reassured her sister, "It will be our little secret."

"Thanks sis." Sara smiled, embracing her sibling, "I love you."

"I love you too." Laurel smiled, and then when Sara pulled back she told her, "Now, go out there and get the girl like a good little superhero."

Normally Sara didn't like that term, but today she smiled and said, "I've already got her. Today is about marrying her."

"So it's a happy superhero ending." Laurel grinned, "My favourite kind. Now go out there and enjoy the happiest day of your life, then your happy ever after."

"I'll try." Sara rolled her eyes, although the effect was ruined by the wide grin on her face.

* * *

Nyssa had worried that her smile wouldn't be genuine, but when the time came and she watched her first love Sara Lance marry the love of her life Felicity Smoak and get their happy ever after she was beaming proudly. Although that probably wouldn't have been the case if it wasn't for the maid of honour Laurel Lance. Or more accurately, that she got to call that wonderful woman hers. And the fact that Laurel was standing by her side the entire time, even subtly taking her hand in hers when it came time for Sara and Felicity to recite their vows, each taking a turn to tell the other how much they loved each other, before saying their I dos and kissing softly.

Just like that the moment Nyssa had been dreading was over. More or less. There was still the reception, but with the exception of the first dance of Mrs and Mrs Lance there was nothing that upsetting, as evidenced by the fact that Laurel seemed to become more relaxed. Which disappointed Nyssa, but didn't surprise her. She was sure that Laurel wasn't the only one half expecting her to make a scene, proven by the half a dozen glances she got when the Minister asked if anyone objected to the union, but she had hoped that Laurel was more confident in their relationship by now. Clearly she was in need of some reassurance, and it just so happened that reassuring Laurel was one of Nyssa's favourite things to do.

"Dance with me." Nyssa said softly.

Laurel smiled shyly, "I thought you'd never ask."

Taking her lovers hand gently Nyssa guided them to the dance floor, wrapped her arms around her lover and began gently guiding her through the room. Of course Nyssa was the one to lead, just like everything else in their relationship. Likewise about how natural this felt, and it must have showed because the other people on the dancefloor initially looked nervous until it became clear that once again Nyssa only had eyes for Laurel. Although everyone else quickly faded away, and for a while Nyssa forgot her original intent in favour of continuing the slow dance. But soon this proper dancing would give way to the noise Sara called her 'booty shaking' music, and as the Heir to the Demon did not shake her booty she eventually forced herself back to reality.

"I know what everyone thinks." Nyssa began, whispering it into Laurel's ear so hopefully she would be the only one to hear it, "That everyone here thinks that I'm still in love with Sara, and I'm going to cause a scene. But I'm not. They also think this is hard for me. It isn't. Not with you by my side. Because despite what everyone else thinks, I choose you. I love you. Please tell me you know that."

There was a brief pause as Laurel debated her answer, ultimately deciding to tease her lover, "Not everyone here believes those things."

Momentarily pulling back Nyssa frowned in confusion, then when Laurel pointed out her sister and her new wife, prompting Nyssa to sigh, "They don't count."

"Why not?" Laurel grinned as Felicity and Sara waved at her like dorks, although impressively they kept dancing while doing it.

"One is the smartest person in here. The other, knows me too well." Nyssa grumbled, "But more to the point, while their opinions matter to me, the only true opinion that matters is yours. And I want to make sure you're aware of it."

Laurel smiled softly, "I am."

"Are you sure?" Nyssa pushed gently.

"Well..." Laurel trailed off briefly and teasingly, before finishing, "I don't hate being reminded."

Nyssa initially looked worried, and then just annoyed, at this response, before leaning in and whispering in Laurel's ear, "I loved Sara. You loved Oliver. Just because we loved other people doesn't mean we can't fall in love again, and that love to be deeper and stronger than the first. Be the one that lasts. I truly feel I found that with you, Laurel Lance. Which is why something that would have devastated me a year or two ago is now nothing but a happy occasion to me, as I am watching my girlfriend's sister marry the love of her life, while I dance with mine."

"Wow." Laurel murmured softly after a few moments of silence, unsure what else to say.

"And you know what else?" Nyssa continued.

"What?" Laurel asked.

"I'm ready for you to go down on me." Nyssa whispered right up against Laurel's ear.

"Really?" Laurel beamed happily.

"Yes..." Nyssa murmured hesitantly, before admitting, "Although I do admit, I have been hesitant to bring it up recently in case you might think it has something to do with your sister's wedding. That I was trying to prove something to you, or myself, instead of just doing it because I truly wanted too allow myself to be that vulnerable with you."

There was a long pause and then Laurel asked, "Do you truly think it matters?"

Another long pause, and then Nyssa firmly stated, "It only matters to me, if it matters to you."

Yet another long pause, then Laurel pulled back slightly so she could look into her lover's eyes, "If you are bothered about taking this step with me because of your ex-girlfriend's wedding, it matters. It matters even more if you're hiding that feeling, even subconsciously, because of concern of what I might think. Honestly, I'd eat you out in the bathroom right now if you let me."

The vivid image that conjured caused a brief pause, then Nyssa growled, "Don't tempt me."

Leaning into whisper into Nyssa's ear Laurel practically purred, "Say the word, and I'll take you by the hand into the nearest bathroom, push you into one of the stalls, fall to my knees and stick my head underneath your dress. Then I'll lick you through your panties. You know, tease you a little. And I'll keep teasing you until you grab the back of my head and start telling me what to do, and then I'll do it. I'll obey all your commands until you're cumming all over my face. And I won't even wash it all off. I'll walk around my sister's wedding with my face stained with your cum, just to make her jealous. Because she's not your bitch any more, I am! I'm your hot little bottom Nyssa, and I can't wait to worship my sexy top's cunt."

This was far from the first time one of them whispered inappropriate things into the other's ear while they were with other people, but Nyssa did not recall Laurel being this bold before without serious prompting. She certainly wasn't expecting it from her in the middle of her sister's wedding. Honestly it probably should have been horrifying, but it just made Nyssa fall even more in love with her. Especially as Nyssa had to call upon every ounce of restraint she possessed not to tear off both their clothes, or at least Laurel's, and then force the bride's sister to her knees and demand that she eat her out in front of the entire wedding reception.

Instead Nyssa took a calming breath, then growled into Laurel's ear, "Tempting. Very tempting. But as it will be a first time for us, I insist we wait until we get home so we can do it in a bed. And as I am the top of this relationship, it's what I say that really matters. So do not bring it up again, unless you want a spanking as soon as we get home. Either way I will then fuck that pretty face of yours and make it mine. Just like I should have done in the beginning. Then I will destroy your ass hole. Not fuck it, destroy it. I will stretch it like I have never stretched it before and leave it a gaping crater which you will not be able to use as anything but a fuck hole for a week, and you will not sit properly for a month. I shall ram my favourite fuck hole over, and over, and over again until you beg me to stop, and then I will brutalise it some more. Not because I have to prove anything, but because I want too. Because you're mine. Because I can. Because I love you, and I know what you truly want."

Laurel groaned, gasped and whimpered at those words, especially at the end. Honestly she loved all of these words, but as delightful as Nyssa's promise was, even if it did sound like a threat, they could never be quite so overwhelming as her final words of love and devotion. The only problem was that she was struggling to keep those sounds soft enough so that nobody else in the room would hear it, although Nyssa didn't exactly make that easy, as not only did her soft words sound as deafening but she punctuated those words by gently biting down her earlobe and then sucking it, forcing an extra loud sound out of Laurel which did turn a few heads.

Blushing furiously Laurel whispered into Nyssa's ear, "You'll pay for that."

"No, I won't." Nyssa replied boldly.

* * *

She was both right and wrong about that, as on the one hand it seemed almost impossible to embarrass Nyssa, as she was just as shameless as Sara. On the other hand Laurel totally got her revenge in another way, namely teasing Nyssa whenever she got the opportunity, without so much as a passing mention of offering her any relief. All it took was the right body language, a little flirting, bending over a few times unnecessarily and of course grinding herself gently against Nyssa's body as the dancing got dirtier and the Heir to the Demon was obviously itching to fuck her. Honestly it was embarrassing, and very flattering, just how easy it was for Laurel to turn Nyssa on.

As a result of all the shameless flirting as soon as they got in the door Nyssa slammed her up against the nearest wall and passionately kissed her. Not that Laurel was complaining, as the teasing had backfired a little and left her just as eager for this. Not to mention that Nyssa had been quick to remind Laurel of everything she wanted to do to her it pretty much every opportunity, especially after one of her teasing moves. So by the time they were home both women were desperate for the other's touch, Laurel kissing Nyssa just as passionately. Their tongues even battled for dominance. It was a short battle that Nyssa won with ease, but the point was it pushed Nyssa to give her what she wanted even more.

Perhaps it even did too good a job, as Nyssa literally tore Laurel's clothing off her body without touching her own, and then after only a few minutes of groping and kissing both her lips and her neck Nyssa started making her way downwards. Laurel wanted to let Nyssa just do whatever she wanted to her, but that wasn't right. It was supposed to be her turn. Finally it was supposed to be her turn to go down on Nyssa, and while Laurel did briefly entertain the idea of leaving herself to do that after Nyssa had gone down on her she wanted to save her energy for licking Nyssa's pussy. Which she may need considering it would be the first time she would have done anything like this.

So just as Nyssa reached her boobs Laurel protested, "Wait! It's, it's my turn. Please? Please Nyssa, let me..."

Nyssa had honestly been lost in her lust for her girl, but now the memory came rushing back, along with all her fear and doubt. But Laurel was begging for it, just like she had ever since they had got together, and Nyssa had promised her that they could finally take this big step in their relationship. The timing could be better, and Nyssa still worried that this could be seen as trying to prove something to herself or to Laurel, but in that moment she didn't care. She just wanted to fuck Laurel in some way, and the promise of receiving pleasure was far from displeasing. Exactly the opposite in fact. So reluctantly Nyssa pulled back and stripped off her clothes.

When she was naked she quickly returned to the bed to give Laurel another long drawn-out kiss, flipping their positions during it so that it was Laurel on top. Laurel then wasted no time in moving her lips down to Nyssa's neck and then to her breasts, in both cases kissing and sucking the sensitive flesh. The difference was that Laurel spent a lot longer on her breasts. Too long, if she bother to ask Nyssa. But she had promised to allow Laurel, or at least as much as Nyssa would ever allow another woman, or anyone for that matter, to take control of her, and it was important that she lived up to her promise, if only to finally get it over with.

It wasn't long before Nyssa regretted that promise, as Laurel spent an agonising amount of time going back and forth between her nipples. At least while she had only just gently kissed and sucked her neck a little Laurel was far rougher with Nyssa's tits, swirling her tongue around each nipple, and flicked it. This did admittedly make Nyssa moan with delight, and she cupped the back of Laurel's head to push her more firmly against her chest, and more importantly to encourage her to suck harder and lick quicker, but in a surprising move Laurel continued not to give her what she wanted. Then of course Nyssa tried asking for what she wanted, but even that didn't work.

"More! Give me more! Mmmmmm, come on Laurel, I know you can do better than that. Ohhhhhh God, use that tongue of yours. And suck my nipples harder! Ooooooh fuck!" Nyssa ordered, and when she grew tired of not receiving the result she wanted Nyssa instead pushed, "Lower! Oh yes, go lower. Mmmmm, you want to eat my pussy so bad then do it. Eat me! Eat my pussy! AH fuck, mmmmm yesssss, fuck me! Oh Laurel! Oh fuck! Laurel?"

Again Nyssa didn't have much luck, and it was only when she started pushing Laurel's head downwards did she start to get some luck. Even then Laurel insisted on lingering on her stomach for a few seconds too long, and even when she was finally at her destination in between Nyssa's legs Laurel seemed to stop to savour the moment, further frustrating the assassin. However just as Nyssa was opening her mouth to complain again she found herself letting out a long loud cry as she finally got what she wanted. It was then followed by soft moans and whimpers that Laurel forced out of Nyssa's lips, Nyssa in turn forcing Laurel to earn each and every one of those sounds. And oh God, did she earn them.

Laurel hadn't felt nervous about this all day, or technically for weeks as she had been waiting a very long time for this, however as soon as Nyssa flipped them over suddenly her nervousness returned. Although that was a distant second reason she had lingered on the foreplay, the first being that Nyssa's beautiful body deserved to be properly worshipped, and for all she knew this could be her only chance to give it the attention it deserved. Why? Because Laurel might not do a good enough job to make Nyssa want to do this again. Or Nyssa might just not be comfortable to do this again no matter what she did. But no, Laurel kept telling herself. She would do a good enough job to make Nyssa allow her this privilege again, because Nyssa deserve to be worshipped, and Laurel desperately wanted to be the one worshipping her.

Pausing when her head was in between Nyssa's legs was partly about reminding herself of that fact, but Laurel also just wanted to savour the sight and the smell that she normally didn't get a chance to take in before her girlfriend smothered her face with her cunt. But not now. Now Laurel was in control of this action, and while it felt a little unnatural it was so thrilling. And besides, Nyssa's hand in her hair alone was enough to remind Laurel that she wasn't really the top here, and this role reversal was just temporary. Soon the status quo would be back to normal, but in the meantime she was determined to make Nyssa feel good.

With that in mind Laurel closed her eyes, leaned forward, stuck out her tongue and slid it slowly across Nyssa's pussy, starting from the bottom and then slowly making her way to the top where she lingered on her lover's clit. It was enough to get a very satisfying moan out of Nyssa. Or at least Laurel found it satisfying. Mutually satisfying? Given her previous experience Laurel found it hard to believe it wouldn't be, even though for the next few long minutes Nyssa did a very good job of hiding her positive reactions, which was kind of heart-breaking for Laurel. She understood that her woman was hesitant to show weakness, but Laurel couldn't possibly see this as a weakness. She just saw it as something wonderful, and hoped one day Nyssa would too.

In the meantime Laurel concentrated on forcing more of those wonderful sounds of enjoyment out of her lover. That meant upping her game, which at first she was reluctant to do, as again Nyssa deserve to be worshipped like the goddess that she was, not be hurried along to an orgasm because of her own selfish desire. But Laurel allowed herself to linger on Nyssa's clit every so often or give a quicker lick than her girlfriend was clearly expecting, which caused Nyssa to cry out, moan and even whimper which made the deadly assassin seem so adorable. Which was enough to make Laurel smile against Nyssa's cunt, and Nyssa to glare down at her.

Nyssa was genuinely undecided whether to be infuriated by the sneaky tactics or impressed. She was constantly reminding the Black Canary that her regular quarry was the lowest of the low, rapists and murderers who would not hesitate to take a shot if they got half the chance. Or worse, do something unspeakable to her. So Nyssa had been encouraging her to be sneaky, which she had known would probably come back to bite her. She just wasn't expecting it in this way. Although she would not give Laurel the satisfaction of hearing her complaining. More importantly, a slow gentle build-up would ensure that her eventual climax would be that much more powerful, so it was beneficial to stay silent. Which was just another reason Nyssa had been hesitant to do this.

Just how long she was potentially not in total control made Nyssa twitchy just to think of it, and now here she was, in a nightmare she had inflicted upon so many other women, most recently Laurel Lance. To tease one's lover relentlessly until they were begging to be given satisfaction. Then, most often, teasing them some more. Perhaps even teasing them to the point of tears. And oh, did Laurel look adorable when she literally cried with need. She sounded adorable like that too, which was why Nyssa had done it so frequently when the roles were reversed. And again, a reason why she had been hesitant to give Laurel a chance to return the favour, because she was clearly taking full advantage now, just as Nyssa had feared she would.

As it was unlikely that Laurel would become impatient and simply make her cum without Nyssa asking for it the best that Nyssa could hope for was holding back for as long as she could. Maybe even longer than she'd ever resisted before. Certainly longer than Laurel ever had. Of course, outlasting Laurel proved to be easy, but herself was another matter. After all, it was a lot easier holding back when you suspected that your lover was falling out of love with you, which had been the case the last few times Nyssa had allowed Sara to do this to her. But at least for right now Nyssa had no doubt of Laurel's love for her. In fact, her sweet Black Canary was proving her love in the most wonderful way possible.

She felt it in every lick of Laurel's tongue against her cunt, every gentle caress of her beloved's hands against her thighs and every time the other woman looked up at her from in between her legs, all of which was seriously intoxicating. All combine together? God, it was like torture. Wonderful, wonderful torture, which Nyssa never wanted to end, and yet at the same time she was aching for some sweet relief. Especially when Laurel started lingering more on her clit, giving her just enough additional stimulation that it wouldn't allow her to cum but was simply driving Nyssa crazy. Oh yes, Nyssa was particularly proud of Laurel for that. Even if it did make resisting that much harder.

In a rather desperate attempt to delay the inevitable Nyssa thought back to earlier in the day when she had seen Sara Lance in a wedding dress, surrounded by her friends and family in the traditional movie wedding, and Nyssa wasn't the one she was marrying. It was a dream turned nightmare that she had feared for so long, and remembering it now should have the same effect as it once did. Only it didn't. That nightmare had been forever ruined, because when she was actually living it she was alongside someone she loved just as much as she had loved Sara, if not more so. At the very least it was a sign that she could fall in love again, even if another Lance sister broke her heart. Although hopefully, that nightmare had been banished by her true love. The one who would never leave her. Her beloved Black Canary.

All of a sudden she was imagining Laurel in her sister's place, and herself in Felicity's, as if it was they who were getting married. Those same family and friends were now gathered around them, just as happy for them, and Felicity and Sara, her first love and the woman who had stolen that first love, were their maids of honour, and so, so happy for them. And then there was Laurel Lance, breath-takingly stunning in a dress which would have no doubt taking weeks, if not months, to pick out, standing in front of her and just waiting to become Laurel al Ghul. And yeah, Nyssa's plan to put herself off totally backfired, and suddenly she found she couldn't wait another second to beg like a little bitch for what she so desperately wanted.

"Fuck me! Please fuck me!" Nyssa cried out pathetically, then when that wasn't enough added in an even more pathetic whimper, "Please? Please Laurel, mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Ooooooh yesssss, tongue fuck me you hot little bitch! Please, ohhhhhhhh, please just do it! Fuck me! Oh God! Laurel! Laurel? Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuck, ooooohhhhhh Laurel!"

Annoyingly instead of immediately giving her what she wanted Laurel just slid her tongue down to Nyssa's entrance and lingered there for a few agonisingly long seconds, before moving back up to take her clit into her mouth again and sucking on it. Which would have been all right with just a little more pressure, and it didn't feel like it would take much, but Laurel was deliberately keeping her from climax, which enraged Nyssa. It also admittedly impressed her, but at that moment she was mostly angry, because she knew full well what Laurel wanted and she wasn't going to give it to her. She wouldn't. She couldn't. Only she did. Yes, much to her shame Nyssa not only kept begging, but became more graphic and shameless.

"Please Laurel, beloved, make me cum. I need to cum. Mmmmmm yesssssss, I need you to make me cum!" Nyssa begged, and hated herself for it, "Please? Please Laurel, I need you to make me cum. Oooooooh Goooooodddddddd yessssssss, fuck me and make me cum! Tongue fuck me! Fuck me with your tongue! Oh please, please, mmmmm, please just do it. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, make me cum in your hot little mouth and all over your beautiful face. Ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk, just fuck me! Fuck me! Please? Oh Laurel! Oh God! Ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeessssssssss, ah fuck me! Aaaaaahhhhhhh fuck!"

It seemed to take forever, but finally Laurel pushed her tongue inside, causing Nyssa to let out an embarrassing high pitched scream. Although at least she could take comfort in the fact that she didn't cum immediately like she feared, and even survived that first long, slow thrust, and Laurel leaving her tongue inside for a few long seconds, and then finally the first few tongue thrusts following that. But that was it, because her body was just too wound up and The Black Canary clearly was not prepared to be denied. Yes, Laurel suddenly became incredibly confident with her actions, making it that much more intoxicating, and pushing Nyssa over the edge of one of the strongest orgasms of her life. It was quickly followed by another, and another, and another until she could no longer think coherently and she became nothing but a screaming, writhing mess.

Laurel was very familiar with this state, as she had been constantly been put in this state of euphoria countless times now by this beautiful woman, and it was so intoxicating to finally be able to return the favour like this. After all, Nyssa was very fixated on being a top, and therefore always in control. Always being the one to fuck her bottom into an orgasming mess. But not now. No, for this brief shining moment the mighty Nyssa al Ghul was completely out of control and helpless beneath her, and it was beautiful. And so, so freaking hot. God, Laurel wished she could savour this wonderful moment, and truly appreciate the sight before her. But she couldn't. No, she was too busy making sure Nyssa continued feeling this way, and swallowing cum.

She'd swallowed plenty of cum over the years, and most recently Laurel had practically been on a diet of almost nothing but Nyssa al Ghul cum, as her dominant top was constantly sitting on her face and riding her until Laurel was practically drowning in girl cum. But this was special. This was the opportunity to swallow Nyssa cum straight from the source, when it was Laurel who was actually in control, and Laurel just couldn't pass that up, even if it meant briefly sacrificing the pleasure that Nyssa was receiving. So she quickly pulled her tongue out of her, wrapped her mouth tightly around that entrance and at least tried swallowing everything Nyssa had to give her.

That first time she actually succeeded, which was a rarity, but the same couldn't be said for the following climaxes. Partly because Nyssa was once again grinding against her face, either because she wanted to reclaim control and her dominance, or she was just completely out of her mind. But mostly because it took a surprisingly long time to make Nyssa cum again, at least compared to when the roles were reversed, and Laurel had to remind herself that it was Nyssa's pleasure which truly mattered and this moment. And always, as far as she was concerned. So for the next few minutes she more or less kept her tongue inside Nyssa, no matter what the circumstances were. Although in the process a lot of cum just automatically shot down Laurel's throat and into her belly were it belonged. Just not as much as she would have liked.

Eventually she began rubbing her face directly into Nyssa's pussy, making sure she was thoroughly marked as the personal pussy licker of Nyssa al Ghul. Oh yes, Laurel loved being marked as Nyssa's, and it was a mark she would wear proudly as Nyssa inevitably returned the favour by fucking her, probably with her strap-on, and probably up the ass. Or at least, Laurel certainly hope so. Although maybe she could earn herself a spanking first if she did something she knew she was forbidden from. Namely slipping a couple of fingers inside Nyssa's cunt. Although when she wasn't immediately stopped Laurel wrapped her mouth around Nyssa's clit and pumped those fingers in and out of her as fast as she could, getting an extra hard orgasm out of her woman in the process. Sadly though, that was when it ended.

Nyssa's eyes went wide when she felt Laurel's fingers inside of her. It would be hard to deny that they made her cum harder, even to herself, and was very clear to Laurel who grinned against her cunt. But this was strictly against the rules for a very good reason, that being it felt like something strictly a top should do to a bottom and not vice versa. Sure, other women might feel differently, but it was how Nyssa felt dammit, and Laurel knew that and was being deliberately cheeky. It almost ruined this perfect first time. Almost. But while it was tempting just to ignore it and allow Laurel to fuck her into unconsciousness Nyssa's pride wouldn't allow it. Besides, she felt a desperate need to make Laurel cum nice and hard, and in the most dominant way possible.

So Nyssa somehow found the strength to reach down and pull Laurel up into a passionate kiss, before breaking it, smacking her girlfriend's ass and scolding her, "Hey, what did I tell you about fingers?"

"I forgot..." Laurel lied unconvincingly, and then when Nyssa gave her a look she admitted apologetically, "I thought it would add to the experience. Why, did it ruin it for you?"

"No." Nyssa admitted begrudgingly, before grinning, "But I am going to have to punish you."

"Oh no." Laurel said dryly, before asking hopefully, "With a butt fucking?"

"No, I'm not going to fuck your ass." Nyssa grinned evilly, flipping them over so that she was on top, where she belonged, "I'm going to destroy your little ass hole with my biggest dick, and then tomorrow I'm going to spank you until you beg me to stop. Then I'll spank you some more. And then I'll fuck that ass again!"

"Whatever it takes to make sure I've learned my lesson." Laurel cheeked.

"Damn right." Nyssa played along, smacking that ass as best she could in their current position before getting off of Laurel and ordering her, "Now give me that ass! Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh, turn over and stick that ass in the air. Present me with my favourite fuck hole."

To Nyssa's delight Laurel didn't hesitate to do what she was told, quickly flipping over and then slowly pushing her ass in the air. She even wiggled it, like a red flag in front of a bull, and God knows Nyssa wanted to charge it. Or more accurately, strap on her biggest dildo and ram it up that little tease's ass dry to teach her a lesson. But no, Nyssa would never hurt Laurel like that. Hell, she wouldn't be that rough with any woman, regardless of how amazing she looked when she was face down and ass up. No, first there needed to be preparation, lots of lovely preparation, all of which Nyssa did without taking her eyes off of the beautiful sight of Laurel Lance in her current position.

After she had retrieved a strap-on Nyssa was tempted to walk around so Laurel could get a good look at the big dildo which was going to be rammed up her butt, however she just couldn't take her eyes off that butt. So instead she quickly stepped into the harness, pulled it up her legs and tightened it firmly around her waist and then covered it with lubricant right where she was, before putting the lubricant away and then quickly returning to the bed. If she was in a hurry she might have bought the lube with her, but she wasn't. No, instead she was hungry for some of that beautiful butt, and Nyssa was determined to get it. So the second she got into the bed Nyssa kneeled behind Laurel and buried her face in her girlfriend's ass.

Initially Nyssa didn't even pull those cheeks apart, instead just choosing to press her face in between them and lap eagerly away at the ultimate prize, which was enough to make her little anal slut gasp and moan for her. After a few minutes of that Nyssa pulled back, spread those butt cheeks and then just stared lustfully at the hole she was intent on destroying, before spitting on it and then rubbing that saliva in with her tongue. She repeated the process a few times, then began swirling her tongue around the forbidden hole as well as up and down, and then ultimately pushed her tongue literally up Laurel's butt and began fucking her with it, much to Laurel's clear delight.

Laurel loved it when Nyssa played with her ass. Her girlfriend was just so good at it, introducing Laurel to all kinds of wicked things that she could never have imagined enjoying before, but now she was completely addicted to them. Rim jobs might not be her favourite, especially when receiving them, as Laurel had grown rather fond of literally kissing Nyssa's ass to show the proper respect to her top, but there was definitely something to be said for this exquisite pleasure. Especially as it was Nyssa showing Laurel just how much she loved her by making sure she was well-prepared to get her most private orifice destroyed by her dominant girlfriend's big hard strap-on cock.

Trying not to get distracted by thoughts of what was to come Laurel concentrated on what Nyssa was doing to her now. Or maybe the act itself didn't give her a chance. Either way she gasped extra loudly when she felt a tongue literally sliding into her ass hole and then beginning to thrust in and out. God, that hole used to be so tight it seemed to take forever just to get a finger in there, and now it was so loose from constant poundings a tongue slid up there? Fuck, Laurel had never felt like more of an anal whore. Well, maybe a few times, she thought with a wicked grin. But this definitely branded her as an anal whore, a.k.a. what it felt like she was always destined to be. And more importantly, Nyssa's anal whore, something Laurel wanted to remind her woman while happily encouraging what she was doing.

"Oooooooh yeahhhhhh, eat my ass baby! Eat it good! Mmmmm, fuck! Oh Nyssa! Eat my ass Nyssa, eat your little anal whore's slut butt!" Laurel moaned shamelessly as her girlfriend continued to ram her bitch hole with her tongue, "Oh yes, mmmmm, I'm your little anal whore Nyssa! Mmmmm, I'm yours! All yours! That means you own my slutty little butt hole, ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, so lick it good baby, make it nice and ready for your big hard cock! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhhh Nyssa, I want your cock in my ass! I need your cock in my ass! Please baby, give it to me? Ohhhhhhh fuck yeah, give me that cock! Tongue fuck my butt good so you can shove your big dick straight up my ass and fuck me like the anal whore I am!"

"You want my cock?" Nyssa teased.

"You know I do." Laurel grinned.

"Convince me." Nyssa pushed.

Only too happy to oblige Laurel restarted her shameless pleading, "Please Nyssa, give me your cock! I want your cock! I want your cock in my ass. Mmmmm, stick it anywhere you want to Nyssa, but don't leave my ass hole unloved. No, I want you to slam fuck that little forbidden hole of mine and leave it a gaping mess! Please baby, butt fuck me and leave me aching for you. Please? Come on Nyssa, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Oh fuck, oooooooooh yesssssssss, mmmmmm, not what I had in mind, but that's good. Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, stretch me out. Stretch me out so you can really give it to me good with that big hard cock of yours."

As she spoke Laurel first wiggled her ass at Nyssa, and then slowly reached back and spread her cheeks wide apart while pressing her face to the bed sheets. Normally just one of those things combined with shameless begging was more than enough to get Laurel what she so desperately wanted, but Nyssa seemed surprisingly content just to enjoy the show. Which was eventually explained by Nyssa pushing a finger which was still covered in lube slowly into Laurel's ass, and while it wasn't exactly what Laurel wanted she still happily encouraged it. Especially when Nyssa added a second finger and really started to give it to her good.

Of course the anal fingering wasn't really necessary after the thorough rim job, and the fact that this would be Laurel's third butt fucking of the day and the relentless ass rammings she'd been taking ever since Nyssa took her anal cherry. At first it was welcome as it felt really good, and Laurel knew how much Nyssa loved it, but it quickly became rather frustrating. Soon Laurel's begging turned increasingly pathetic, and then even annoyed and angry. Both of which caused Nyssa to laugh wickedly, obviously taking perverted delighting Laurel's pain. Thankfully it was only a matter of time before Nyssa took pity on her, even if it took a lot longer than Laurel originally anticipated.

"I suppose that will do." Nyssa said, pulling her fingers out of Laurel's ass, "But I want you in a different position. Mmmmm yes, I want you to lie down on your side, and then I'll take your ass like that. Yesssss, that's it baby. Keep spreading those cheeks, ooooooh yeahhhhh, show me just how bad you want it in your bitch hole."

"I do." Laurel whimpered after switching positions and pulling her cheeks even wider apart than before, "I want it Nyssa. I want it so, so bad."

Nyssa would never get tired of seeing Laurel spreading her cheeks for her, especially when she was pleading for her cock up her butt. They were absolute perfection, something which Nyssa chose to enjoy for a few long seconds before placing the tip of her cock firmly against her girlfriend's forbidden hole and pushing forwards, causing Laurel to let out the cutest little gasp as she started to violate her ass. To Laurel's credit she continued begging for what they both so desperately wanted until her anal ring stretched wide enough to allow the head of Nyssa's cock to slide through it and into her bottom, causing her to let out an extra loud cry. Then Laurel stayed silent for a few long seconds, allowing both of them to savour the moment.

Then before Laurel had the chance to start begging again Nyssa restarted the anal invasion, The Black Canary's head shooting back as she let out another loud cry as her rectum began filling with dildo. The difference between that cry and the initial anal penetration was that there was barely a hint of pain in the cry that Laurel let out as Nyssa stuffed her ass full of dick. Oh yes, her little anal whore mostly just cried out in pleasure as her ass was used for it's intended purpose, taking Nyssa al Ghul's dick inside it. Although even that hint of pain made Nyssa feel guilty about not using lube. She had thought that with the relentless ass fuckings she had been giving Laurel a rim job would be enough. Obviously she needed to spend more time on preparation before every butt fuck. And sodomise Laurel even more frequently.

Of course it was hard for Nyssa to think about future butt fucking when she was busy stuffing Laurel's ass hole with her big dick, her anal slut continuing to give her the best view of that penetration throughout the back door penetration. Laurel further proved herself the perfect submissive bitch by continuing to spread her cheeks when the sodomy officially got underway, Nyssa starting to gently pump her hips back and forth shortly after her thighs came to rest against Laurel's ass cheeks. Which of course had Laurel moaning, gasping, whimpering and crying out in pure pleasure again. And inevitably, begging for more, this time looking over her shoulder and boldly looking Nyssa in the eye while doing it.

"Oh God yes, fuck me!" Laurel had moaned just before pulling her face out of the bed sheets and looking back, "Fuck me Nyssa! Fuck my ass! Ohhhhhhh Gooooodddddd, fuck me just like that! Oh Nyssa, I love it when you fuck my ass! I love it! Oooooooh yeahhhhhhh, take that ass baby. Take it and remind me why it's yours! Oh God Nyssa, my ass is yours! All yours! Fuck it! Oh God!"

As Laurel continued to ramble their eyes became locked for a few long seconds, Nyssa's heart fluttering as she saw such love and devotion in those eyes. Then she admire the rest of Laurel's beautiful body, briefly tilting her head around so she could see those perky little tits bouncing with every thrust, before inevitably her eyes drifted back down to where she was forcing Laurel's most private hole to be stretched open. That was where her gaze mostly stayed, but occasionally she would look Laurel in the eye again, or just at her beautiful face. And sometimes, sometimes she would lean forward and gently kiss her girlfriend while continuing to gently sodomise her.

Laurel loved those times the best, although staring into each other's eyes was also great because she saw such love and devotion in Nyssa's eyes it was enough to make her heart flutter. Although there was definitely something to be said from the happy look on Nyssa's face as she stared at Laurel's ass hole stretching for her cock, which was still enough to make Laurel blush and yet she still proudly spread her cheeks because she loved that look, and loved pleasing her top and would do it at any cost. Also just watching Nyssa admire her body was hot. Especially as Laurel got to do the same as that dildo continue pumping in and out of her butt hole, giving Laurel pleasure she could have never have imagined.

All of this was possible while Laurel was face down and ass up, but it was so much easier when she was in the spooning position. It was also a lot more comfortable, and she still totally felt like Nyssa's bitch. How could she not when Nyssa's dick was deep inside her ass, and Laurel was literally spreading her cheeks to give her dominant lover that forbidden hole. The only thing that was missing was literally bending over, which did heighten her feeling of submission, but it was a small price to pay for comfort and a better view of her beloved Nyssa, meaning that this was now Laurel's favourite position. Although she was guessing Nyssa still preferred it when Laurel was face down or on all fours, and Laurel had no doubt that she would be in one of those positions soon enough. And she was right, sort of.

"You like that? You like my big cock in your ass?" Nyssa purred into Laurel's ear with a wicked smile on her face.

With a wicked grin on her face Laurel happily replied, "No, I don't just like it. I love it. Mmmmm, I love feeling your big cock in my ass. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhhh, I love it! I love it so much. Mmmmm, I love you Nyssa, and I live for the feeling of your big cock up my ass! I need it like I need oxygen. Oooooooh yesssssss, mmmmm I fucking need your big cock in my bitch ass!"

"Prove it!" Nyssa demanded, interrupting Laurel's flow as she abruptly switched their positions, "Ride it! Ride me. Mmmmm, ride my big dick with your slutty little ass hole. Show me just how badly you need it. Ohhhhhh yesssssss, ride it! Ride it just like that, ooooooh Goooooooddddddd! Good girl! That's a good little anal whore, riding her top's dick like a good little bottom."

That sudden switch in positions startled Laurel, especially as she suddenly found herself laying on top of her dominant girlfriend with every inch of that big dildo buried in her butt. Of course she had ridden dick before, albeit in her pussy, but it was the same kind of thing so she knew exactly what to do, namely sit up and once she was confident perched in the reverse cowgirl position start bouncing herself up and down. Although she did briefly pause, as whenever she was riding a dick in the past Laurel had felt in control, and she briefly worried she would feel that way again. She of course should have known better, Nyssa effortlessly reminding Laurel of her place first with taunting words, then with an oh so familiar command.

"Spread your cheeks." Nyssa ordered, "Did I tell you to stop? No, so spread those cheeks! Mmmmm yessssss, give me the best possible view of your little butt hole stretching for my dick."

Quickly doing what she was told Laurel reached back and slowly pulled her cheeks apart, which was a little awkward but it was definitely worth it for the grin of satisfaction on Nyssa's face. And for the intense feeling of submission Laurel got from doing it. Fuck, how could she ever have thought she would be in control with Nyssa around? Nyssa al Ghul was an Alpha female, who was always in control regardless of what position she was in. And right now, Laurel was nothing but a puppet on a string. Just bouncing up and down for the amusement of her Mistress. To bring her joy and satisfaction by bouncing on her big dick with her most private of holes, Laurel exposing that fact the entire time as she continued holding herself open.

It was twisted enough when Nyssa had her face down, ass up and spreading her cheeks, but now Laurel was doing all the work to abuse her forbidden hole, making her feel like such a massive slut. An anal loving slut. Oh yes, Laurel had been the kind of bitchy girl in high school who would turn up their nose at anyone who would even consider letting that private hole be violated, or even worse, experiment with a girl, and now here she was bouncing her butt hole up and down her girlfriend's strap-on dildo like the anal loving lesbian bottom she had become. Oh God, Laurel lived for these moments of submission and slutiness, she truly did, but she sometimes forgot just how good they were.

For a long time Laurel became blissfully lost in those feelings which she truly felt she needed like oxygen, or at least food. Yes, that was perhaps a more accurate description, as Laurel felt incredible relief, like a starving woman being given a piece of bread. Only instead of bread it was a gourmet dish, a.k.a. the greatest feeling in the world, getting fucked up the ass by the super top that was Nyssa al Ghul. Then a greedy desire for more slowly and inevitably grew inside her, and while she ignored it for perhaps a record amount of time she couldn't resist for ever. No, she needed to cum with Nyssa's big cock in her ass, and eventually that need just became too overwhelming to ignore any more.

"Please let me cum! I need to cum!" Laurel whimpered pathetically, before becoming louder and more desperate, "Fuck my ass and make me cum! NO! Mmmmm, don't just fuck my ass, destroy it. Please? Oooooooh, please Nyssa, you promised. Promised to destroy my ass. So please, ohhhhhhh, please fucking wreck that butt! Ruin my whore hole and leave it a gaping mess. Make show I can't sit properly tomorrow as a testament to who owns that ass, mmmmm, and what it's true purpose is. Ohhhhhh yessssss, show me it's yours! Show me my little ass hole is yours by destroying it good. Ooooooh Please Nyssa, please, please, please, oooooooh, pound me, pound my little butt hole, oh God! Oh Nyssa! Nyssa! Fuck me please, mmmmmm, seriously, I can't take it any more. Just destroy my little bitch hole like you promised! Just fuck me! Just slam fuck me make me cum! Ohhhhhhh fuck, make me cum, make me cum, make me cum, ooooooohhhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, fuck me Nyssa!"

"You wanna cum, huh? You want your ass hole destroyed, huh? Proof that you're mine?" Nyssa taunted, "Well cum! Mmmmm yeahhhhhh, make yourself cum, and then I will destroy your little ass hole, just like I promised, proving that your all mine and making you cum like only I can! Yesssssss, that's it Laurel, ohhhhhhhh, ride it! Ride that cock, ooooooh shit."

As soon as she had the permission she was waiting for Laurel let go of her cheeks and started increasing the pace until she was hammering herself up and down. She didn't even need to use her full strength and speed to make herself cum, but to her credit Laurel was able to power through that amazing climax and onto another, and another, and another. Although that had a lot to do with the training that Nyssa had given her to improve her speed and stamina, both officially in the bedroom, and officially out of it. Also Nyssa just gifted her with so many climaxes that just one wouldn't be nearly enough for Laurel's greedy little ass.

She didn't even have to try, her body just switched to autopilot at this point, which was good because Laurel very quickly lost the ability to think coherently as she was bombarded with climaxes courtesy of Nyssa al Ghul. The fact that Nyssa had finally allowed her to go down on her seemed to make those climaxes that much stronger. Or maybe that was just Nyssa beginning to thrust upwards into her ass. Probably a combination of both, but Laurel didn't care. All she cared about was cumming as much as she could, and if that meant ruining her ass hole in the process so be it. At the very least she used every ounce of her strength to sodomise herself, before thankfully Nyssa took over, notably leading to more pleasure for them both.

Nyssa chuckled softly with delight as Laurel's cum started squirting out of her cunt to the bed sheets below them. God, how she loved to make Laurel Lance cum, especially from having a dick in her ass. True, she preferred being the one pounding into her butt, however there was definitely something to be said for this position. For having her prim and proper girlfriend acting like a total ass whore and brutalising her own butt hole just because Nyssa had introduced her to the joys of anal pleasure. Oh yes, Nyssa could never get enough of that, which was why she waited for quite a while before joining in the fun.

Of course it was only a matter of time before she could resist thrusting upwards, but to her credit Nyssa started out random and most importantly infrequent so Laurel was still be doing most of the work of the sodomy. Then when Laurel started to run out of steam Nyssa increased the frequency of her thrusts, and perhaps even the speed and the force, even though they had been pretty quick and hard before. Shortly after that Laurel collapsed down on top of her, giving Nyssa the opening she had been waiting for. Oh yes, she grabbed firmly onto the body on top of her and started brutally pounding Laurel's butt with every ounce of her strength, once again making her girl scream in pure pleasure and cum for her.

While she didn't have the leverage in that position required to truly give Laurel the kind of ass wrecking she was capable of giving her Nyssa found it amusing to have Laurel physically on top of her while getting her ass so totally owned. Of course it was not long before she flipped them so Laurel was on her stomach and Nyssa on her back, the Heir to the Demon barely pausing to get her bearings and then barely taking the time to build up a rhythm before she started slamming Laurel's ass hole with every ounce of her strength, making Laurel cry out almost as loudly as her Canary cry in the process. Nyssa tried to muffle it by pressing Laurel's face into the bed sheets so she could enjoy the sweet sound of her body smacking against Laurel's, but it was no use, her girlfriend would not be silenced. But it was okay, it increased the feeling of dominance, and Laurel had previously confessed it increase the feeling of submission, thus making the pleasure they were receiving that much more powerful.


Honestly Nyssa had little idea of what she was saying, she was just so lost in the ecstasy she was feeling at that point, and she soon became incoherent as she was bombarded by orgasms. Despite the fact that she couldn't resist cumming when Laurel had been brutally riding her, the feeling of the other end of the dildo bashing against her clit especially as the mental stimulation of sodomising Laurel Lance proving to be too much for even her impressive stamina to take. Although it allowed her to butt fuck her girlfriend through many multiple orgasms before she was forced to stop and collapse down onto the body of her equally exhausted lover. Even then it wasn't long before Nyssa was kissing and then nibbling on the soft flesh of Laurel's back, doing whatever she could to mark what was hers.

"Mine." Nyssa sighed contentedly.

"Yours." Laurel whimpered in agreement.

"Then you must prove it." Nyssa grinned wickedly as she rolled over onto her back, "Spread your cheeks and show me my handiwork. Mmmmm yes, show me what I have done to your cute little bottom."

Laurel cried out and whimpered at the loss of the feeling of Nyssa on top of her, and Nyssa's dick deep within her ass. It was honestly hard to tell which loss hurt her the most, but as she slowly pushed herself up onto all fours, turned around, and exposed herself for Nyssa's pleasure Laurel suspected it was the latter. Her ass just suddenly felt so painfully empty, pulling apart her cheeks to emphasise what she imagined to be a wider gape only making that loss more vivid. Ironically at the same time her butt hurt so much from being abused, although Laurel had reached the point where she enjoy that feeling, because it reminded her of what an anal whore she was. Nyssa's anal whore, a fact which Nyssa was only too happy to emphasise.

"Oh yes, I do so love to see an ass hole gaping once I'm done with it." Nyssa chuckled wickedly, pausing just to savour the sight for a few long seconds before continuing, "It shows that the ass hole has been truly put in it's place as my fuck hole, a fact it won't forget any time soon. And the woman it is attached too won't forget the fact that she is my anal whore. Isn't that right Laurel?"

"Yes Nyssa." Laurel quickly agreed, doing her best to look behind her so she could look Nyssa in the eyes as she added, "I'm your anal whore. I can never forget that, and neither could my slutty little ass hole. Mmmmm, but I do love being reminded, and so does my whore butt."

"I bet it does." Nyssa grinned, "And I'm about to give my whore another reminder of her place. Oh yes, crawl over here Laurel, and show me you remember that you're not just my anal whore, you're my ATM whore as well."

"Oh yes, I'm your ATM whore too." Laurel promised as she began moving, "I'm your whore Nyssa! I love being your whore."

Those words and the opportunity to humiliate herself like that rejuvenated Laurel, so she was able to quickly move into position, speaking those last words when her mouth was practically against Nyssa's dick. Practically the next second that dick was in her mouth and Laurel was moaning shamelessly at the taste of her own butt, and the deepest part of it at that. It was a flavour she was now addicted to, of course thanks to Nyssa. Nyssa loved ass to mouth, and although she had been hesitant at first Laurel had quickly grown to love it after only a few blow jobs, and now was almost obsessed with it as Nyssa was. Especially as it pleased Nyssa so much, as evidenced by her gleeful encouragement throughout this BJ.

"Oooooooh yesssssss, suck my dick! Suck my fucking dick you perverted little whore!" Nyssa gleefully moaned as she reached down to stroke Laurel's hair, "Mmmmm, suck your own butt off of my dick and prove that you really are my whore in all things. Oh yes, there isn't anything you wouldn't do for me, is there Laurel? No, there isn't. Mmmmm, I'm so lucky to have found a girl like you. One willing to cater to all my twisted desires, and truly be mine in a way which no one else ever has. No one... ohhhhhh yessssss, take it deep! Deeper, deeper, deeper, mmmmm yeahhhhhhhh, take it all! Take it all down your throat you whore! Ooooooohhhhhhh yeeeeeeesssssssss!"

It was heart warming, if a little surprising, just how real Nyssa got there for a moment, but as Laurel wanted to finish the current twisted act before getting sidetracked she distracted her lover by pushing the cock deeper into her throat before she intended too. Which was ironic, because in the past it had been the men in her life distracting her from romantic moments, often with sex, and now the roles were reversed. But Laurel just couldn't help it. Nyssa had turned her into a total slut, and she was eager to indulge. Even if that meant a lot of choking and gagging, as despite Nyssa's training eventually allowing her to take the full length down her throat it caused Laurel a lot of pain and suffering in the process. Which was all worth it when she got every last drop of her butt cream.

Showing off her newly acquired skills Laurel then kept her lips around the base for a few long seconds, taking the full length of the dildo down her throat and completely preventing her from breathing. Then she bobbed up and down every inch of the man-made dick, making sure she got every single drop of her ass cream, and of course just to put on a show for Nyssa. Which Laurel would have done all night long if her top wanted her too, just to prove she was a good little bottom, but she was extremely grateful when Nyssa pulled her up into her arms and kissed her gently. Although she was even more grateful when Nyssa just held her as she rested her eyes, because she wasn't sure she could have done much of anything in that moment. But hopefully there would be more to come, both tonight, and in the days, weeks and years to follow.


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