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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 4.

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Arrow: My Sister's Ex-Girlfriend Part 4
by MTL ([email protected])

Laurel Lance used to worry about her little sister Sara. She possessed such a carefree spirit that Laurel wondered whether she would ever settle down, get a good job and start a family. She was still holding out hope for the last two, but at least finally her love life was sorted out. Laurel's too, because while Sara might have terrible taste in men she had great tasting women, and as a result both Lance sisters were now very happy. As tonight proved. Because finally something was happening that Laurel had fantasised about wistfully for years and half expected not to ever happen, she and her sister were on a double date. And not in some cheap bar or bowling alley, but in a high-class restaurant.

Honestly Laurel thought she was going to cry when she saw Sara properly dressed up for the occasion, and she definitely got a bit teary when she greeted her, "Oh my God Sara, you look beautiful. You two Felicity, but... how did you actually get her into that dress?"

"It wasn't easy, but I have my ways." Felicity smiled, before her eyes went wide, "Oh my God, that sounded dirty, didn't it? I didn't really mean it that way, it's just sometimes when I say things they come out wrong. I just meant I know how to make her do things. I mean-"

"I'm sure they get it sweetie." Sara said softly, wrapping her girlfriend's back soothingly before adding, "I'd do anything for Felicity, including dress all fancy."

"Well, it was worth it. You look amazing sweetie." Felicity smiled.

"You too." Nyssa chimed in awkwardly, quickly elaborating, "You look stunning Laurel."

"Thanks." Laurel beamed at her girlfriend, "You look breath-taking."

"Okay, okay, okay, we're all pretty." Sara sighed, and then when Felicity gave her a look quickly added, "Especially Felicity! Now can we sit down and order?"

This caused Laurel to smile widely. Typical Sara. Being all uncomfortable when people are just trying to be nice. But it was truly wonderful to see how nauseatingly in love she was with Felicity, the two of them being so cute together without even trying. It was especially wonderful now that Laurel and Nyssa were officially together, meaning that Laurel could be truly happy for her sister without looking at the rightful Heir to the Demon and wishing she had the same thing with Nyssa. But now she did, and the comparison was almost eerie, both Felicity and Nyssa pulling out chairs for the Lance sisters and then sitting closely to them with their arms wrapped around them, both Sara and Laurel relaxing into the arms of their lovers as for the next few minutes they made casual small talk and ordered their food and drinks.

Once the drinks arrived Felicity raised hers and announced, "A toast, to a fun night with friends and family with absolutely no talk of work."

"Yeah, cause that's not passive-aggressive at all." Sara said dryly, smiling as Felicity hit her playfully.

"To your wedding?" Laurel counter offered.

Nyssa quickly agreed, thankfully without seemingly any pain, "To your wedding."

Sara and Felicity quickly echoed the toast and all four women clinked glasses and went back to small talk for a little while before Sara asked with an evil grin, "So Laurel, how are you and Nyssa doing."

"We're doing great." Laurel beamed at her girlfriend, "I've never been happier."

"Me too." Nyssa smiled.

"That's great." Sara teased, "So, just how often do you leave the love nest?"

"Sara!" Felicity scolded,

"It's okay Felicity." Nyssa reassured the hacker, before glaring at her former lover, "Laurel and I have been enjoying something of a honeymoon period, but yes, we frequently leave our 'love nest', and not just for food or... work."

"Nyssa has taken me to the best restaurants in town." Laurel chimed in, "And she didn't even have to bribe me not to go in jeans and a T-shirt."

"Don't forget my jacket." Sara pointed out.

"How could I forget." Laurel replied dryly.

"Seriously though, if you want any more sex tips, just ask." Sara teased her sister shamelessly, "After all, I am an expert on the subject."

"Oh my God, please stop reminding me that you used to have sex with my girlfriend!" Laurel snapped way too loudly for a crowded restaurant. She then cringed in embarrassment, but continued, "You're an expert on Nyssa. I get it. But my relationship with Nyssa is different to your relationship with her."

"I know that." Sara grumbled after a brief silence, "And it's not because I'm an expert on Nyssa, it's because I'm an expert on lesbian sex. Or at least I know more than you, and I like that. Being able to give you advice for a change. Our whole lives when you've known more stuff than I have you've given me your advice, whether I wanted it or not. Which I actually kind of missed, because it was normally more helpful than I let on."

There was a brief silence and then Laurel admitted, "I miss that too."

"Thanks." Sara admitted ultimately, "You know, for all the advice."

"You too." Laurel smiled, then after another brief pause added, "You know what, what the hell, do you have any more advice?"

There was a long silence and then Nyssa warningly said, "Sara."

Sara looked over at her ex-girlfriend, "You haven't told her, have you?"

"Told me what?" Laurel asked, becoming concerned.

Nyssa just blushed, prompting Felicity to butt in, "Sara, honey... maybe you shouldn't."

"Shouldn't what! Someone tell me?" Laurel demanded, and then when everybody was silence snapped at her sister, "Sara!"

"Nyssa likes anal." Sara blurted out, then deciding to finish what she started ramblied like her fiancee, "It's her favourite. When we were together she was constantly fucking my ass. She couldn't get enough, and neither could I. You should let her do that to you Laurel. She's so, so good at it."

"SARA!" Nyssa yelled.

"Sorry." Sara pouted, then after a pause added softly, "I really am. I just... I just wanna help."

There was a long silence and then Laurel firmly told her girlfriend while glaring at her sister, "Nyssa, can I speak to you a minute in the bathroom? Alone!"

Clearly understanding it wasn't a question Nyssa got up and dejectedly followed her girlfriend as she quickly stomped off to the bathroom, prompting Felicity to hit Sara as she could in the arm and scold her, "Look what you've done!"

"I'm sorry, I just-" Sara began.

"Wanted to sort out your sister's sex life?" Felicity finished for her indignantly.

"Well when you say it like that it sounds weird." Sara protested, earning her a sigh from the hacker.

* * *

"Is it true?" Laurel asked as soon as they were both inside the bathroom, and she had checked they were alone, then when Nyssa didn't immediately answer pushed, "Nyssa!"

There was a long pause and then Nyssa sighed, "Yes, but I'm more than happy to do without it if it disgusts you."

Laurel laughed softly and then slowly approached, biting her lip before asking, "After everything we've done, you really still think I'm a prude?"

Raising an eyebrow Nyssa enquired, "You've done it before?"

"God no." Laurel laughed, "But you should know by now there isn't anything I wouldn't do for you."

Nyssa gulped, closed her eyes, and then forced herself to tell the woman she loved, "I, I don't want to force you do anything you don't want to do."

Again smiling softly Laurel completely close the distance between them and then admitted, "I've had a lot of men ask for it, even beg me to do it, but I never thought I'd do it. I thought it was gross and disgusting, and I couldn't imagine why any woman would subject herself to that. But that's when I WAS a prude, and completely miserable. Now I've done things with you I could have never imagined doing, and loved every second of it. And what Sara said, it was hardly a surprise. I've seen the way you stare at my ass. The way you smack it when you fuck me from behind with your big strap-on cock. Or spanked me. Even the way you just touch my ass, squeeze it, it made me think..."

While she was talking Laurel gently took Nyssa's right hand and guided it to her butt, Nyssa more than happy to squeeze it on command. Then after a long pause Nyssa asked huskily, "What, what did I make you think about?"

"What it would be like..." Laurel whispered in Nyssa's ear, "If you fucked me in the ass."

Nyssa shivered, "Really?"

"Uh-huh." Laurel purred softly, "I couldn't stop thinking about how intimate it would be, to give you something I wouldn't give anyone else. How wonderfully submissive it would make me feel to surrender that hole to you. And most of all, how happy it would make you. And it would make you happy, wouldn't it Nyssa?"

"God yes." Nyssa moaned.

"Good." Laurel said softly, pulling back slightly so she could look in her girlfriend's eyes, "Then it we can do it if you really want too."

With a brief hesitation Nyssa asked, "Are you sure?"

"Yes." Laurel said, and because she didn't quite convince herself quickly added, "I mean, we can try it. I'm not sure I'll actually like it, but if anyone could make butt sex pleasurable it would be you."

"Oh Laurel." Nyssa smiled, kissing the side of the other girl's head before leaning in and whispering, "I'm going to make you cum so hard you're going to beg me to fuck your ass every night."

"That's what I'm afraid of." Laurel blushed, "I just wish you had bought it up, not my sister."

"Yes... me too..." Nyssa agreed bashfully, "I'll kick her ass the next time we spar together. I swear it."

"Don't bother." Laurel said firmly, "I'll do it myself."

* * *

Sara carefully studied the faces of her sister and her ex-girlfriend as they slowly returned and sat down, her guilt quickly fading and a wide smile crossing her face as she softly exclaimed, "Oh my God, you just agreed to it, didn't you?"

"Sara!" Laurel hissed.

"Oh God, my sisters gonna take it up the butt." Sara smiled wickedly, "Because of me."

"Sara!" Laurel growled louder in warning, "I am so going to kick your ass for this. Don't make me kill you while doing it."

For a couple of long seconds Sara kept her mouth shut, then because she just couldn't resist added cheekily, "You better do it before Nyssa pops your butt cherry, cause you ain't kicking anyone's ass straight after she fucks yours."

"Sara!" Nyssa warned coldly.

"What, I'm just saying I was sore for like a week after you took my ass for the first time." Sara gleefully reminded her ex, almost conversationally adding, "And it was definitely a week before I actually wanted to sit down again."

"Sara!" Felicity scolded, quickly adding, "Do you actually want to have sex again before the wedding? Or possibly ever?"

Horrified at the thought of not having sex for an entire month Sara quickly changed the subject, "Soooooo, you're both coming to the wedding, right?"

* * *

Thankfully the rest of the night was a little less embarrassing after that. But only a little, because whenever Felicity wasn't watching Sara couldn't seem to stop herself from shooting Laurel a knowing glance. Laurel was kind of hoping someone would call her out on it and then scold her, and she consider doing so herself numerous times, but she just couldn't bear the thought of bringing further attention to their table, especially when she was convinced that everybody in their restaurant, or at least the tables nearest to them, knew she was planning to have anal sex with her girlfriend tonight. Which of course made her blush fiercely, along with the glances Sara was giving her.

Honestly Laurel felt like she spent the whole night blushing as she obsessed over what she had agreed to, thinking of little else throughout the night, but especially during the journey home. Normally when she was obviously nervous Nyssa asked her what was wrong, but she didn't this time. Maybe it was because she knew full well why Laurel was so nervous and didn't want to make it worse by bringing it up, or maybe Nyssa was afraid if she did it would push Laurel into chickening out. Either way Laurel felt horribly alone for the first time since their relationship had begun. That was until they finally got back home, and once they reached the bedroom Nyssa gently wrapped her arms around her from behind, instantly comforting The Black Canary.

"We don't have too, you know?" Nyssa pointed out softly, making Laurel fall in love with her all over again.

"I want too." Laurel said softly, biting her lip before adding, "Can, can we just do it now? Before I lose my nerve?"

"Absolutely." Nyssa said, kissing the side of Laurel's head, "But if it becomes too much for you, just tell me and we'll stop."

"Okay." Laurel nodded softly.

Unconvinced by that word alone Nyssa gently turned Laurel around in her arms, cupped her face and firmly told her, "I mean it. I don't care what you said before, you can change your mind if you want. Because nothing is worse than losing you. Nothing. Not even such a precious gift as your beautiful bottom. Which I admit, I want to fuck more than almost anything, but not if it means losing you or making you feel uncomfortable. I could not bear that."

There was a brief silence and then Laurel whimpered, "God I love you."

Nyssa smiled softly, "And I you."

They then both leaned in for a long, slow passionate kiss, both women clearly trying to prove that their words were true. Then Laurel pulled back ever so slightly and whispered, "My ass is yours."

Nyssa could feel her eyes darken as she struggled not to literally tear off Laurel's clothes, shove the other woman face down on the bed and start violating her with whatever she could get her hands on. Or just her hands. But somehow she managed to resist her darker urges and just watch as Laurel pulled away from her with a little smile, kicked off her shoes, turned around and then slowly began pulling her short dress up to reveal what she had offered to Nyssa. The unveiling practically made Nyssa drool, especially as it was followed up with Laurel turning back around once the dress was completely off and coyly removing her bra before turning back and slowly bending over as she removed her panties.

Again it was a struggle for Nyssa not to just jump her girlfriend, especially as when Laurel was removing her dress and then panties she made sure to tease the rightful Heir to the Demon by wiggling her beautiful butt more than necessary. Which was something she repeated again as she walked to their bed and got into the centre of it on her hands and knees, just waiting for Nyssa to join her. Somehow Nyssa managed to control herself and concentrate on taking off her own clothes and retrieving her strap-on and a bottle of lubricant. She then calmly stepped into the harness, pulled it up her thighs and then tightened it around her waist before covering the shaft in lube. Although truth be told she may have hurried these actions.

Throughout that preparation and slowly getting on the bed Nyssa stared at Laurel's ass, and she continued staring as she slid a hand over that beautiful ass and softly murmured, "Such a wonderful gift..."

Laurel blushed, unsure what to say in reply, "Erm, thanks."

Ignoring that response Nyssa continued to caress Laurel's ass for almost a full minute, quickly adding her other hand into the mix, before finally completing her sentence, "Mmmmmm, and such a beautiful one."

As she said that Nyssa pulled Laurel's ass cheeks wide apart, exposing her most private area which made Laurel blush slightly despite everything they had done before, and what she had agreed to do. Then Laurel stammered, "I'm, I'm glad you like it."

"I do." Nyssa smiled, "More than anything."

"More than-" Laurel began, but she stopped herself before she could say her sister's name.

"More than any gift I've ever received. Including anal cherries." Nyssa confirmed firmly, before smirking as she boasted, "And I have taken many."

"I don't doubt it." Laurel said.

"Nor should you." Nyssa smirked, "But since yours is truly special I shall grant you a special gift I have granted no one before. Not even your sister."

With that Nyssa leaned down and pressed her tongue to just below Laurel's pussy and slid it all the way up, only because of her girlfriend's current position that meant she wasn't licking pussy, she was licking her way slowly up Laurel's ass crack. She then repeated that lick a few times before concentrating on Laurel's ass hole, which really was a first for Nyssa. Sara used to laugh at her for her reluctance to do it, but Nyssa couldn't help think of it as a submissive act, and therefore beneath a top of her calibre. Besides, no matter how slutty Sara's ass was no amount of ass licking could adequately prepare someone for anal in Nyssa's experience, so there seemed no point into subjecting herself to it. But for Laurel she would do anything, something which Nyssa hoped this would prove.

Although with Laurel it was more enjoyable than she ever imagined. Mostly because Laurel was clearly enjoying it, particularly the sounds her girlfriend was making pushing Nyssa to continue methodically licking that tight little puckered flesh which she was seconds away from violating. Nyssa then tried violating it with her tongue, but it was just too tight and her tongue just couldn't go in, which only made the anticipation greater for pushing first her fingers and then her strap-on cock deep into this incredibly tight little hole and truly make Laurel Lance's ass hers, Nyssa unable to wait much longer to take what she had been promised.

Laurel gasped Nyssa's name mostly in surprise from that first lick, then she continued gasping Nyssa's name mostly in pleasure. There was definitely some embarrassment throughout, but most of that was because of her own enjoyment of this unspeakable act. Laurel couldn't help it, it just felt so naughty and wrong, and somehow that was a turn on. Which had been the case ever since they got together and Laurel started seriously thinking what it would be like, and once again Nyssa al Ghul was exceeding her expectations. Which after weeks of nearly non-stop mind-blowing pleasure shouldn't have been a surprise, but it was.

True, it couldn't compare to getting her pussy licked by the far more experienced woman, but it was still more than Laurel was expecting. Which made her hopeful that getting her ass fucked would actually feel this good, or at least for the pleasure to outweigh the perhaps inevitable pain and weirdness. That was definitely the case when without warning Nyssa suddenly pulled her mouth away from Laurel's ass hole and replaced it with a lube covered finger, Laurel crying out softly as she was anally invaded for the first time. As she lost her anal virginity? Well no. Maybe. It was a bit of a grey area, and all that really mattered was that it mostly felt good. Which was very much a relief given that Nyssa obviously wanted this really badly.

"Mmmmm truly, there is nothing better than a virgin ass hole." Nyssa practically whimpered as she finished burying her finger into Laurel's ass.

This of course made Laurel blush, except for a soft gasp which escaped her lips as Nyssa then pulled her finger almost all the way out before then pushing it all the way back in and then repeating the process, slowly but surely loosening Laurel's back door up for what was to come next. More importantly it made her moan in pleasure, which again was good, except for the fact that it slowly became much louder than Laurel was comfortable with. Especially as she could practically taste the smug look on Nyssa's face, Laurel trying and failing not to look behind her because when she did and saw that smug expression she blushed furiously, which inevitably made Nyssa look even more smug.

It also prompted Nyssa to start twisting her finger around inside Laurel's ass, and moving it side to side and up and down as well as in and out, and eventually add a second finger, all in an attempt to stretch the most private hole on Laurel's body. It definitely felt like it was working, but even though Nyssa had just confessed to doing this many, many times before a small part of Laurel couldn't help but be a little bit afraid. But she wouldn't be much of a superhero if she let a little fear stop her, so even though this was Laurel's last chance to back out she never even really considered it. No, she would take it up the butt, and probably become Nyssa's little anal slut given this woman's previous track record.

That was very much what Nyssa was hoping when she finally pulled her fingers out of Laurel's butt and ordered, "Spread your cheeks for me my love. Present me with the precious gift you're giving to me."

Nyssa was then unable to stop herself from letting out a soft gasp of lust as Laurel did as she was told, reaching back and spreading her cheeks to reveal her virgin ass hole. She did it slowly, and Nyssa didn't know whether it was out of nervousness or Laurel correctly guessed that Nyssa would want to savour it. Honestly she didn't really care at that moment as she was too busy committing this heavenly sight to memory before inevitably she guided the head of her strap-on dildo to that begging to be violated butt hole. She then paused one last time before slowly beginning to stretch Laurel's cherry back door.

This caused Laurel to let out a cute little cry and tense for a second, but then her sweet Canary went right back to relaxing and giving Nyssa her virgin butt, which in turn caused the rightful Heir to the Demon to smile softly before applying more pressure on her girlfriend's tightest of holes. Nyssa went slowly as possible, mostly for her own selfish benefit, but to also tried to make it easy on Laurel as while she didn't know from personal experience many of her previous lovers said that the first time was always the worst and inevitably lead to pain. Which had always been pretty clear from the cry they let out when she popped their anal cherries, and Laurel was no different, although particularly this time Nyssa almost didn't notice.

She was too consumed by Laurel's virgin butt hole stretching and stretching until finally the head of her cock slid through her girlfriend's tight little anal ring and into the virgin ass of The Black Canary, announcing that Nyssa had once again successfully taken another woman's anal virginity. Laurel's anal virginity. Oh yes, Nyssa had taken Laurel's anal virginity, popped her butt cherry, been the first to enter that previously untouched bottom and forever make Laurel's ass hers. Ensuring that for the rest of her days whenever Laurel sat down she would think of Nyssa, and this moment of total submission to a superior woman. That her most private of holes would now forever be the property of Nyssa al Ghul.

For a while those thoughts consumed Nyssa's mind, then she began to slowly push forwards again, watching lustfully as she slowly pushed inch after inch of her big dick into Laurel's virgin bottom. As much as she would have wanted to be it was not one long continuous thrust, Nyssa stopping many times whenever she sensed that it was becoming too much for Laurel. In fact she was more cautious than with any other lover, even showing her the kindness of gently cooing and using the hand which wasn't on her dildo to gently stroke Laurel's back, although Nyssa did not insult her intelligence by reminding her to relax. Through it all Laurel continued to spread her cheeks, further proving herself as the perfect little submissive bottom.

Laurel certainly felt overwhelmingly submissive right now, which was by far the best part of the experience for her. No, it was the second best, because the best was knowing just how much she was pleasing Nyssa. By using both hands to spread her cheeks Laurel had been forced to press her own face into the bed sheets, which both caused her ass to be pushed up into the air for an extra bit of submission, and her face to be at such an angle that she could just about see the expression on Nyssa's face. Not that she needed it to tell how much Nyssa was enjoying it, as Laurel could practically feel that radiating off her lover, and perhaps even in the air itself.

Those two wonderful things would have made any amount of pain worth it, and honestly Laurel was surprised there wasn't more of it. Nyssa being so slow and gentle with her no doubt had a lot to do with it, which just made Laurel love her more, but it also made her wonder if her ass was just naturally slutty. Because while the initial penetration had brought her only pain Laurel felt more than a little pleasure from feeling her most private hole being invaded, pleasure which wasn't just because of the submission she felt or the desire to please Nyssa, but when combined it was a struggle for her not to cry out in pain or pleasure.

Inevitably some cries slipped through, but Laurel stubbornly refused to make it embarrassingly obvious how much she was enjoying this, even though she was almost certain that Nyssa knew given the look on her face. Then both women let out a little gasp as Laurel finally felt Nyssa's thighs come to rest against her butt cheeks, announcing that she had taken every single inch of her girlfriend's big dick up her ass. That fact made Laurel feel weirdly proud of herself, a feeling that she got to savour as Nyssa paused, no doubt to savour the moment. Then, predictably, Nyssa moaned some perhaps deliberately taunting words which made Laurel blush.

"Every inch. Every single inch of that big dick right up your tight little virgin ass." Nyssa moaned, gently rubbing Laurel's back in an attempt to relax her lover, "You have my entire length inside you now, and you know what that means? It means now, your perfect ass is truly mine."

With that Nyssa began slowly pulling her hips back, making Laurel think something was being amputated only to then be reattached when Nyssa pushed forwards again, making the dildo start to pump in and out of Laurel's no longer virgin ass hole and officially begin her first ever ass fucking. Ass fucked. Laurel was being ass fucked by Nyssa. Fucked in the ass by another girl. Her girlfriend! Her girlfriend was fucking her up the ass, a taboo on top of a taboo which overwhelmed Laurel's mind for the first few minutes of the sodomy, which ironically just helped her to relax. And make her most private hole turn into a fuck hole for Nyssa al Ghul that much faster.

It had felt inevitable, but Laurel was surprised about just how quickly this turned her shit hole into Nyssa's own personal fuck hole. She was also embarrassed and humiliated by that fact, but it was hard to care when she was first overwhelmed by the thought of exactly what was happening, then by the pleasure as whatever discomfort was left was faded away and all Laurel felt was the most perverted pleasure she had ever felt. Long before she thought she would Laurel was biting her lip to prevent herself from begging for more, partly because she wanted to prolong the pleasure she was feeling, and to partly to try and keep a shred of her dignity.

Then she realised no, her dignity was gone, at least around this woman, because when Nyssa al Ghul was in the room she was nothing but a depraved bottom, willing to do absolutely anything to please her top. Even her most forbidden hole, the hole she pooped from, was a willing orifice for the pleasure of this goddess, with the only comfort being that it was only this goddess. Yes, no one else would do, Laurel physically sick at the idea of someone else using her back hole for pleasure. That was the property of Nyssa al Ghul. Her personal fuck hole to use whenever she wanted. And it was the desire to let Nyssa know that more than even a need to cum which ultimately loosened Laurel's lips.

"My ass is yours!" Laurel whimpered, "Ooooooooh, you made my ass yours! It belongs to you now, and you can use it whenever you want. Oh God, it feels so good. I love it! I love your big dick in my ass. I knew I would. I was afraid, ohhhhhhh, so afraid, mmmmmm, but I'm not any more. I love it. I want to do this every single day from now on. I want you to fuck that little ass hole of mine every single day that you turned into a fuck hole. Mmmmm, your fuck hole. I want you to remind me that my ass hole as your personal fuck hole every single day, mmmmmm, and I swear, I'll bend over whenever you want, or let you take my ass in whatever position you want, just please make me cum. Make me cum so my ass can be yours forever. Ohhhhhhh, pound my bitch hole hard and deep, and make me cum so I can be yours forever. Oh Nyssa, oh God, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeesssssssssss, aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

As much as Laurel had wanted to totally devoted herself to Nyssa she welcomed the harder thrusts with a great amount of relief, especially as her words had only made the desire to cum greater. Nyssa had start out building up her pace slowly at first, which was almost painfully frustrating, but it wasn't that long before the sound of flesh smacking off flesh was almost as loud as her Canary cry, or her current screams, and Nyssa had to be using every ounce of her strength to pound Laurel's ass hole. Well, there were a few long seconds there where it looked like she would truly leave her on the edge for a while, but before Laurel could even think about begging again Nyssa gave her exactly what she wanted, namely a nice hard orgasm. If that was even the right word for it.

Ever since they had gotten together Laurel had been finding herself redefining her understanding of pleasure multiple times, especially when it came to orgasms, but this was almost otherworldly. It also sealed her fate as Nyssa's anal slave, but in that moment the thought wasn't scary. In fact Laurel wanted to tattoo it onto her forehead, or at least get it as a tramp stamp, so everyone could know exactly what she was, and who owned her ass hole. Which was her last coherent thought before multiple anally induced climaxes completely melted her mind and turned her into a completely incoherent wreck, and what she was always meant to be, an orifice for this Alpha female's pleasure.

Nyssa almost came at the same time Laurel did. She was just about able to hold back during that first time because she wanted to prolong was in her opinion a pure heaven, but Laurel didn't make it easy on her. It was hard enough considering this was the first time she was making Laurel cum anally, but The Black Canary also started slamming herself frantically back against Nyssa's thrusts and came so powerfully her cum literally squirted from her pussy, guaranteeing this wouldn't be a one time thing. Hell, it practically guaranteed all of Laurel's earlier words were true, and this perfect little bottom was truly hers forever.

In a way no matter what happened now, whether Laurel meant the words or not, she would always be hers forever. And most importantly for right now, her ass would always be hers. Because they'd had a lot of firsts together, meaning that Nyssa's imprint would be forever on Laurel's body, but the place she had wanted to mark most was Laurel's ass hole, and now Nyssa had finally stretched it open and used it for its intended purpose there was no doubt in her mind her girlfriend would forever feel her inside her ass. Remember how good she could make her feel by abusing that forbidden hole. And she would ache for Nyssa to stretch her butt hole again.

It was now Nyssa's job to make sure that whatever embarrassment and shame Laurel would feel when she came to her senses would be overwhelmed by the need to be ass fucked again. Not just a desire, a physical need, and not just to be ass fucked, but to be ass fucked by Nyssa al Ghul. Yes, it was vital in that moment that Laurel never gave anyone else this precious gift, that it would forever be the property of Nyssa al Ghul. That this perfect ass would be forever hers, and only hers. That she could use it like this whenever she wanted. Because Laurel Lance was now truly hers. Every single part of her. Nothing else was acceptable.

With those possessive thoughts echoing through her mind Nyssa ruthlessly pounded Laurel's butt through multiple orgasms, mostly for her girlfriend, but ultimately for herself as well. Because she just couldn't stop staring at that perfect ass. At the way the cheeks jiggled for her with every thrust. How red they were getting from the constant thrusting. And how tight Laurel's virgin ass hole was. Oh yes, the stimulator bashing against her clit was an afterthought to the mental pleasure Nyssa received throughout giving Laurel her first butt fucking, only ending when the assassin had used every ounce of her strength and collapse down onto her girlfriend.

They then lay there for several long minutes, desperately trying to get their breath back, until finally Nyssa growled into her lover's ear, "Mine!"

"Yours." Laurel agreed with a whimper.


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