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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2.

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Arrow: Irresistibly Cute Part 10
by MTL ([email protected])

Sara Lance did not spend a long time dreaming about her wedding day. No, that was her sister's thing. Laurel wanted the big white wedding, while Sara wasn't even sure she wanted to get married. Then she became an assassin, then a vigilante, making the idea of the so-called happy ending more and more absurd. Hell, it didn't even seem likely after she got like the best girlfriend ever, and yet, here she was, walking down the aisle of the big white wedding of Laurel's dreams, surrounded by her smiling friends and family. The only thing absent was the perfect groom, which was more than fine with Sara, because she had the perfect bride.

Of course during that long walk down the aisle, and especially leading up to it, Sara was almost overwhelmed by the need to run away. Run away from this commitment. From this normality. From this happiness. Her happiness, and more importantly Felicity's. Because sure, one of the voices in her head told her she was being selfish with going through with this, and the right thing to do was to leave and save Felicity from the inevitable pain of being with her, but deep down she knew Felicity Smoak was just as deep into the vigilante life as she was, and the only way Sara could protect her now was to stay and not fuck this up. So she forced herself to stay, and when she was actually up there, standing in waiting for the woman she loved, a weird sense of contentment fell over her.

That was quickly replaced by overwhelming happiness as 'Here Comes The Bride' began playing and all eyes turned from her to Felicity Smoak in her wedding dress. Like her bride Felicity was escorted down the aisle by her father, the only difference being that Felicity had recently reconnected with hers while Sara had always been close with her father. Of course Sara barely gave him a second glance, or anyone else for that matter, as she only had eyes for her beautiful bride. She didn't even care the grin crossing her face was big and goofy, because Sara just couldn't contain her happiness in this wonderful moment, which continued to be the case as Felicity close the distance between them with an equally happy smile on her face, albeit softer and more becoming.

Honestly Sara kept waiting to be interrupted by some big bad, as things had just been going too well lately, but everything went off without a hitch and the next thing she knew they were being officially pronounced wife and wife. Mrs and Mrs Lance. Mrs Sara Lance and Mrs Felicity Lance! And then she was kissing her bride, everyone was clapping and God, it was just perfect. The reception, less so. The speeches were a bit too long, and embarrassing, and everybody clearly drunk too much considering how embarrassing some of the dancing was, especially from her father, and her ex-girlfriend was all over her sister. Of course, the last thing was only a problem because Sara felt a little weird being so jealous of Nyssa and Laurel for getting some action with each other. But Sara was determined to be the perfect gentlewoman, and wait until after the ceremony to pounce on her bride. Although the second it was over, all bets were off.

* * *

"Sara, cut it out." Felicity giggled unconvincingly as Sara pushed her up against the wall next to their honeymoon suite, "We're almost there, just save it for when we're inside."

"Then hurry up, or I'll start fingering you right here." Sara growled into Felicity's ear in between kisses to her neck.

Knowing for a fact that was a promise, not a threat, Felicity did her best, but Sara just wouldn't leave her alone, pressing up against her back when she was finally able to pull away and lock the door, which was a little annoying, so Felicity huffed, "There, was that so bad, Ms Patients?"

"That's Mrs Patients." Sara murmured against the soft flesh of Felicity's neck.

"Oh, excuse me. I stand corrected." Felicity said mockingly.

"No you don't." Sara grinned with delight, picking Felicity up.

"Hey! Put me down!" Felicity protested automatically, before realising she was in the bridal style, and... well, she was now a bride, so, "Oh, you wanna do the 'carry the bride across the threshold' thing?"

"No, I need too." Sara announced proudly, before quipping, "Unless you're going to do it."

"Hey, I could." Felicity whined unconvincingly, "I've been getting stronger, you know? I even have abs now, and everything."

"I know." Sara grinned proudly, "But to me, you're as light as a feather. And besides, I don't trust you not to drop me on my head."

Even though she knew full well she'd probably do that Felicity placed her hand to her chest, and huffed, "Huh, I have never been so insulted in my whole entire life. I should demand a divorce."

Knowing full well her bride was teasing her Sara snorted, "Oh shut up and suck it up, Mrs Lance."

Felicity childishly crossed her arms and continued huffing while she was carried over the threshold, which wasn't exactly how she wanted to remember this moment going. Then again, maybe it was perfect for them. Playfully teasing each other even over the most trivial things, even at important times like this, making each other laugh and smile in the process. Just, making each other happy. Wasn't that what married people were supposed to do? Married, Felicity thought with a smile. That's what they were now, a thought which made her blissfully happy. So much so she daydreamed about it as Sara kicked the door behind them closed and then carried her through the honeymoon suite, which was ironically Oliver's gift to them, and over to the bed.

Once she was being laid down upon it Felicity snapped out of her haze and quipped, "Seriously, how are you this strong? We're the same tiny size, and you're like an Amazon."

"You love it." Sara grinned playfully as she continued to slowly lower Felicity down.

"I do." Felicity admitted softly as Sara placed her down on the bed, "And I love you."

There was a brief pause as Sara just stared at her for a few long seconds, then she smiled, cupped her cheek and whispered, "I love you too."

Those were words that Felicity could have spent all night exchanging, and she even opened her mouth slightly to redundantly return those words, but she stopped in her tracks as Sara slowly started leaning down towards her. Briefly Felicity lowered her gaze down to Sara's lips before closing her eyes and waiting to feel those lips pressed against her own. Unsurprisingly she wasn't waiting for long. What was perhaps a little surprising was that the kiss was slow, gentle and sweet, just like the one they had exchanged during their wedding, and the reception, and nothing like the kisses Sara had been giving her on the way to their suite. And not the type of kisses she had been expecting to receive once they got there.

It was a welcome surprise though, Felicity reaching up to cupped the back of Sara's head and gently pull her in deeper as for a few long minutes they made love with their lips. Well, they continued doing that throughout the night, as every little part of the day was about the affection they had for each other, but their mutual need for more soon took over, the kissing not only becoming more heated and needy but their hands began to wander around each other's bodies. Actually it was Felicity who started that, reaching down to the perfect ass of The Canary. Sara grinned into the kiss because of that, and then returned the favour by cupping Felicity's right breast with her right hand before pressing herself more firmly against her.

Even though they were both still wearing their big wedding dresses Felicity could just about feel wetness against her thigh as Sara pressed down on her. Sara always seem to be horny, and whatever the other girl might say with a cheeky smile which would make Felicity blush she didn't really believe it was only because of her. Although Felicity had to admit, Sara had that effect on her. And sometimes just thinking about her would do the trick. However Sara seemed particularly wet. She'd have to be to have soaked through that dress, and Felicity hated thinking of Sara discovering that so much that she tried to flip them over. Of course once she'd succeeded Sara flipped them right back again.

Breaking the kiss Felicity whined, "Sara! I-"

"Not a chance." Sara interrupted her.

Sara kissed Felicity again before she could protest any further, making it very clear that she was the one who was going to worship the other's body first tonight. After all, things became so heated between them they normally didn't get to a second round of foreplay, the person returning the favour immediately skipping to the 'good stuff'. Which was normally Sara's 'fault', but whatever. The point was Sara was going first, and as Felicity knew she couldn't turn the tables without The Canary's permission she had quickly relaxed and allowed the other blonde to have her way with her. Which included a nice long kissing session before Sara moved lower to Felicity's neck, covering it with kisses for a few long minutes before gently but firmly biting down.

As Sara marked her territory she slid her hands all over the other woman, playing close attention to her breasts which she cupped with both hands first over the dress and then under it before finally pulling it down. Sara would remove both their wedding dresses eventually, but to make love to Felicity Smoak... Felicity Lance, while they were dressed like this, was easily the stuff of her favourite dreams, so she was in no hurry to remove Felicity's clothing. Besides, she was used to working around clothing whenever they were in a hurry, and Felicity had been so thoughtful to pick out a dress without any sleeves to get in the way. It was almost like she had guessed Sara would want this, which was probably true, but if anyone knew her it was her new wife.

Grinning happily at that thought Sara slowly started kissing her way down to Felicity's boobs, making her way up one and concentrating on the soft flesh around her lover's nipple before taking it into her mouth and gently sucking on it. Then after a few long seconds of that she kissed her way down that boob and up the other to do the same thing. Sara then went back and forth between Felicity's tits, soon beginning to swirl her tongue around each nipple and even gently nipping it. She also used one hand to push the nipple she was working more firmly into her mouth, and used her free hand to play with the other boob. All of which Felicity very much approved of, considering the constant moans, gasps, and whimpers of pleasure coming from her.

Of course it was not long before Felicity whimpered, "Please Sara, lower. Mmmmm, go lower and lick my pussy. I need more baby. You know I do. So please, don't tease me. Just give it to me. Oh Sara, ooooooooh Gooooodddddddd, you're such a tease. But Sara, it's our wedding, so please, ohhhhhhh fuck! Oh God! Oh God Sara, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!"

It was really, really tempting just to ignore Felicity, as she had done that so many times before, in the name of teasing. And to be fair, making sure her eventual climaxes would be that much more powerful. But at that point Sara would be teasing herself just as much, and it sounded like Felicity wanted this almost as much as she did, which was a lot. So Sara reluctantly removed her mouth from Felicity's tits, grinned up at her bride, and then lowered her head down and slipped it underneath Felicity's big white dress. Okay, she may have pause to press some kisses along Felicity's long legs, but she soon reached her destination, much to her wife's clear delight.

Felicity was very much delighted, something she made very clear first with her words, then with high-pitched cries of pleasure. How could she not be? The person she loved was going down on her. While she was still in her wedding dress no less. And while that person was in hers. Her Wife! Oh God, her wife was licking her pussy while they were both still in their wedding dresses! Felicity was pretty sure she'd seen this in a porno, and it was definitely a fantasy she'd had numerous times, making this a dream come true. Especially as it was her precious Sara Lance doing it. Her wife, Sara Lance! Oh God, Felicity wasn't sure she'd ever get over those words being a reality.

They certainly made the sex between them that much more intense, even though Sara continued insisting on teasing her, at least in the beginning, as she licked her through her panties. Although maybe that was for the best, because it felt like that was all Felicity could handle right now without literally exploding. Besides, those panties had been pretty wet from Sara's first long slow licks, and after a few minutes it was like they weren't even there, they were so fucking ruined. Only then did Sara pushed them aside, and yeah, they were making a difference. A big difference! God, her wife was so good at eating pussy, a fact Felicity suddenly had the urge to verbalise.

"Oh my God Sara! Yessssssss, ohhhhhhhh, lick me just like that, ohhhhhhh Gooooodddddd!" Felicity moaned loudly, "You're so good at that. Mmmmm yessssssss, my wife is such a great little pussy licker. Oooooooh yeahhhhhhhh, you lick pussy soooooo gooooooddddddd, mmmmm, oh my God Sara, I love you! I love you so much, ohhhhhhhh yessssssss, oh my God, oh Sara, oh fuck!"

Ever since they first met Sara Lance had been effortlessly leaving her a rambling mess. This goddess didn't even need to do anything, just the sight of her was often enough, but whenever she smiled at her, or gave her a knowing look, or even just giggled, turned Felicity to jelly. It was only 'worse' when Sara was whispering naughty things to her or especially touching her, and at times like this, when this gorgeous female superhero was licking her pussy, it was a miracle that Felicity was able to get out a single coherent word, let alone sentence. And certainly in the beginning, and at certain points, she was rendered completely incoherent.

Those times were her favourites, not only because she wasn't embarrassing herself anymore with her rambling, but because they were during special moments, like when Sara's tongue first touched her twat, or clit, or entered her cunt. Best of all was when that talented tongue was pounding in and out of her, almost instantly making her cum over and over again. And during those orgasms Felicity wouldn't be able to think coherently, let alone speak. But she tried to be coherent as possible for as long as possible, because she knew how much Sara loved it. And honestly, she loved it too. Especially as she had something extra special to say.

"Yessssss, fuck me! Fuck me my wife, oooooooh God!" Felicity cried out, gently reaching down to stroke Sara's head through her dress, "Oh God, we're married! We're actually, finally married, mmmmm, oh God Sara, I'm so happy. I'm so happy you're my wife. Ohhhhhh fuck, that I got to marry such an amazing woman. Mmmmm, an amazing woman, oh shit, who's so, so good at eating pussy. Ooooooohhhhhhh yessssssss Sara, eat me, eat my pussy, mmmmm, that feel so good. Eat my fucking pussy my beautiful wife! Ohhhhhhh, fuck me Mrs Lance, fucking fuck me just like that, aaaaaaahhhhhh fuck!"

Sara's heart skipped a beat, and/or fluttered, every time Felicity referenced the fact they were married. It was everything she wanted with this woman for a ridiculously long time now, which was hilarious considering how Sara had been at best sceptical she'd ever get married when she was younger. But now here she was, on her wedding night in her wedding dress and making love to the person she loved, who just happened to be in their wedding dress too. Oh yes, ever the rebel, Sara had married a woman, the most amazing woman she'd ever met, and she couldn't possibly be happier about it. Like so happy it was almost painful.

Of course what also made her ridiculously happy, to the point where her heart was skipping a beat and/or fluttering, was the whimpers, cries and moans Felicity was constantly letting out. And the frequent praise at her abilities to eat pussy, which felt like they had improved since getting together with Felicity. Sara wouldn't have thought that was possible during her last time with Nyssa, as it was a skill she had worked harder and more frequently to master than any other while being trained by the League of Assassins, but she spent even longer between Felicity's legs, and she just seemed to be able to make her new bride cum that much harder. Maybe she was trying harder, or it was just true love, but whatever the case Sara loved it.

She also loved the sweet taste of Felicity's pussy, and now more than ever Sara wanted to savour that flavour, and of course this wonderful act itself. Which was why she perhaps spent longer than ever teasing Felicity with slow and gentle licks designed to draw this out while coaxing the most amount of pussy cream onto her tongue, and eventually directly into her mouth and down her throat when Sara could no longer resist wrapping her lips around Felicity's entrance. Of course it was only a matter of time before one of them broke from the need for more, and all Sara could really do now was make sure it wasn't her who broke first. And sure enough, like almost always, Sara held out long enough for Felicity to succumb to her need.

"More!" Felicity whimpered after what felt like an eternity of resisting the urge, "I need more. Please Sara, give me more. Ohhhhhhhh, seriously, no more teasing, I need it! I need toooooo oooooooh yesssssssss, lick me, lick my clit, ooooooooohhhhhhhhhh yeeeeeeeeessssssssssss!"

Before Felicity could ask her to make her cum Sara slid her tongue up to her wife's clit and lingered it there. She'd touched it on the first lick, but after that she avoid it entirely, so this sudden attention caused Felicity to be wonderfully incoherent for quite a while. Especially as every time she was close to recovering, a.k.a. when Sara went back to the gentle pussy licking, the Canary would just go right back to lingering on Felicity's clit. She even took it into her mouth and sucked on it, just enough to push Felicity to the edge of climax, but not over it. No, that would happen soon enough. As soon as Felicity begged for it, which Sara could tell would be very, very soon now.

Felicity always loved this part. Sure, the need to cum inevitably became overwhelming, and almost painful, but this was Sara Lance worshipping her body. Licking her pussy not out of obligation, or returning the favour, but treating it like a privilege. Perhaps even making love to it. Except tonight it was unquestionably love-making. This goddess of a woman was making love to her, on their wedding night, while in their wedding dresses, with their honeymoon filled with more of this love-making to come. How could Felicity not absolutely love this? Anyone in her position would, so even as the need to cum became overwhelming Felicity felt nothing but blissful happiness.

Because of that Felicity was able to hold out for a record amount of time. Well, that and the fact that while it was incredibly kinky be lying here in her wedding dress, and to be able to look down and clearly see a head shape in her dress, she couldn't see Sara, which towards the end reduced her enjoyment. So much so Felicity found herself pulling up the dress just so she could see exactly who was doing this to her. Of course she did that when she was moments away from begging to cum, because as soon as she saw that pretty blonde head between her legs, and watching blue eyes looking up at her, Felicity just couldn't take it any more.

"Make me cum, oh please Sara, make me cum." Felicity whimpered pathetically, "I need to cum, please make me cum, oooooooh Gooooooodddddddd, oh Sara! Sara! Make me cum in your mouth Sara, mmmmm, I wanna cum in your hot little mouth and all over your beautiful face. Please? Oh please, fuck me! Ohhhhhhh yesssssssss, fuck me with your tongue, yessssss, tongue fuck your wife Sara, fuck her while she's in her wedding dress, mmmmm, and you're in yours, ohhhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, mmmmmm, fuck me my bride, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHH YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSSS!"

As soon as Sara shoved her tongue inside her Felicity dug her fingernails into the palms of her hand as hard as she could, probably leaving a mark in the process. Why? Because she was desperate not to cum right away. No, she wanted to feel the sensation of Sara's tongue literally fucking her before the pleasure became too overwhelming for her to really know what was going on. Of course Sara didn't make it easy for her by slamming her tongue straight into her, although once it was buried inside her she did briefly pause, giving them both a chance to savour that sensation. But then the tongue fucking officially began, and Sara didn't start out gentle, meaning it felt like only a few seconds before Felicity found herself over the edge of a powerful climax, the type of which she had only received from Sara Lance.

Her wife! Oh yes, no one had ever made Felicity Smoak, now Felicity Lance, cum harder and/or more frequently than Sara Lance, the woman she had just married because she wanted to spend the rest of her life with her. Which was the last truly coherent thought which went through Felicity's head for quite some time as she was bombarded with climax after climax, which melted her brilliant brain and left her nothing but a happy puddle of goo writhing, trembling and screaming in her wedding bed as her wife made love to her. Which might have been scary, if Felicity hadn't known she was figuratively and literally in the best hands possible.

Sara was currently using those hands to hold Felicity firmly in place while her girl writhed underneath her. Of course she had done this thousands of times before, and knew she needed one hand to do it while the other could do a lot more fun things, but for now Sara was more than content with just using her mouth and tongue to get her girl off. Correction, her wife, Sara thought with a wicked grin. Or maybe she was grinning from making Felicity Smoak, now Felicity Lance, cum over and over again. Or of course, from the sweet taste that she craved above all others. Most likely it was a combination of the three, but right now Sara didn't really care. No, all she cared about was making Felicity cum. Or at least, that was the most important thing.

It was always hard to concentrate on that when Sara was selfishly receiving pleasure at the same time, in this case her taste-buds being set on fire from Felicity's cum sliding over them as they travelled to her mouth and throat down to her stomach where they belonged. Certainly through those first couple of climaxes Sara was absolutely consumed with getting every drop of that precious liquid, and to her credit she mostly succeeded thanks to a combination of her own skill and the fact that this night was special pushed her more than ever before. Of course inevitably she wouldn't be able to keep up, but even then her face was covered in Felicity's cum, which as always was almost just as good, because she was being marked as Felicity's. God, how Sara loved that.

As it was Felicity's pleasure which was what really important right now though Sara eventually replaced her tongue with her fingers when her tongue got a little tired, and she gave it the slight demotion of licking Felicity's clit while she pumped first one and then two fingers in and out of her bride's cunt. Then after a brief 'rest' for her tongue Sara started switching back and forth so she could continue swallowing as much girl cum as she could while maximising the pleasure Felicity felt, and given the sounds of her wife's screams of pleasure Sara was confident that she succeeded. Only then she felt a gentle tug on the back of her head, telling her that Felicity needed a break. The only question was, should she give her one?

Under normal circumstances Sara wouldn't even hesitate to do so, but the idea of fucking Felicity into unconsciousness in this way on their wedding night without her receiving anything in return was almost too good to pass up. Besides, there was every chance that after maybe a few minutes, or a few hours, of gently holding her wife Felicity would wake up to return the favour. But no, as much as Sara wanted that her own body was aching for attention, and surely it would be more romantic if they both got equal pleasure tonight? Or at least close to it? Deciding that was the case Sara slowly crawled up Felicity's body and gently kissed her bride, allowing the other girl to taste her own cum in her mouth and on her lips and tongue.

That kiss lasted for several long minutes, even after the cum was swallowed, then Sara pulled back, gently stroked Felicity's face and softly murmured, "I love you."

Smiling softly Felicity happily return the sentiment, "I love you too."

Sara bit her lip, then grinned wickedly, "Enough to fuck my ass?"

"Always." Felicity grinned happily, "Mmmmm Sara, you know how much I love your butt, and whenever you want it fucked, all you have to do is ask. It's my wifely duty."

"Yeah?" Sara grinned wickedly.

"Fuck yeah." Felicity giggled, already getting up to retrieve a strap-on.

"I hope you know that goes both ways." Sara chuckled, "I'm very serious about my wifely duties."

"Please, like you could leave this ass alone long enough for me to actually ask." Felicity scoffed, pausing in picking out a dildo to slap her own ass to emphasise the words 'this ass' which made Sara giggle.

"True." Sara conceded, "But it's not my fault you have the most fuck-able ass in all the multi-verse."

"Second only to your made for fucking butt." Felicity grinned before holding up a dildo.

"No, bigger." Sara whined, waiting until Felicity picked out their biggest before encouraging her, "That's better. Mmmmm yeah, that will do nicely. Now get over here. I want to prepare you."

Felicity wanted to tease Sara about being a Size Queen, and more to the point a total anal whore, but she was too lost in the moment. Besides, this didn't seem the right time for mockery. So instead she slowly walked forwards, allowing Sara to take the harness from her and then hold it out so she could step into it. Then Sara quickly pulled it up her legs, fastened it around her waist and then took it firmly in hand looking up at Felicity with pure lust on her face. She then wrapped her lips around the head of that cock and started bobbing up and down on it, at first just concentrating on the first few inches, before inevitably going lower.

In the process Sara returned the wicked grinned that Felicity had just given her, which made the hacker bite her lip nervously. She knew her assassin girlfriend, or make that assassin wife, could handle pain, and enjoyed it too an unhealthy degree, but she certainly didn't enjoy causing it, especially to Sara. But it very much seemed like this would be a night that Sara would insist on it, and all Felicity could do now was make sure there was plenty of liquid on it involved. After all, Sara would at least give her the chance to provide some herself, and in the meantime the other blonde provided a lot, effortlessly sliding her mouth down to the base of the dildo, deep throating the entire length of the strap-on, and then bobbing her head up and down that like it was nothing.

After a few long minutes of that passionate blow job Sara abruptly pulled away and practically growled, "There, that should be more than enough for my slutty little ass."

"Really baby?" Felicity teased, "You're just going to deny me the pleasure of eating your ass?"

"Not at all." Sara giggled, flipping around so that she was on all fours in the centre of the bed with her perfect ass pointed at Felicity, even giving it a little wiggle as she added, "Eat away."

Happily taking Sara up on that offer Felicity buried her face in between her wife's butt cheeks. Deciding the best course of action was not wasting time Felicity went straight into eagerly lapping away at Sara's ass hole, causing the other blonde to cry out happily and start eagerly encouraging her. Unlike usual Felicity did her best to ignore those words, and just concentrate on what she was doing, namely immediately starting to slide her tongue around that butt hole instead of just gentle licks back and forth. Then about a minute later she started to push her tongue into that booty, Felicity eventually able to get most of it inside because of just how slutty Sara's ass was, and just how frequently she fucked it. Which was a fact Sara of course brought up.

"Ooooooooh yeahhhhhhhhh baby, mmmmm, eat my ass! Oh fuck!" Sara moaned happily at Felicity's eagerness, "Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, someone really is an eager little butt muncher today, huh? Ooooooooh yesssssss Felicity, eat my ass just like that! Oh God, no one eats my ass like you do baby. Why do you think I married you? Oh yessssss, I married the best ass eating, pussy licking slut in the whole entire world, mmmmm, making me the luckiest little dyke whore on the planet. Yessssssss, ooooooooh Gooooooddddd, fuck me! Shove your tongue deep in my ass just like that, ohhhhhh baby, you know what I like. Yes, you know what my slutty ass likes, and you're so good giving it to me. Soooooooo gooooooooddddddd, ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, fuck my ass! Fuck it with your tongue the way you fuck it with your cock! Oh yes, nice and loose for you because you're constantly fucking me up the ass Felicity. And you love it, don't you? Fucking your big bad girlfriend up the butt? Well do it some more. Oh baby, you know what I need."

"Yeah, I do." Felicity grinned, reluctantly pulling her mouth away from Sara's butt.

With those words Felicity briefly popped a couple of fingers into her mouth, thoroughly sucked them, and then pushed one of those fingers into Sara's butt hole. That finger slid in like a knife through butter, Sara letting out a loud cry of pleasure, followed by more verbal encouragement. Which again Felicity ignored in favour of concentrating on preparing Sara's butt, which consisted a minute or so of anal fingering before swapping her finger for her tongue. She then went back and forth for a while, this time burying her tongue all the way inside Sara's ass, and soon adding another finger into it. Not that it was enough for her total anal whore of a wife, of course.

"More baby! Mmmmm, give me more!" Sara moaned, "Oh yeah, give my slutty little ass more. Mmmmm, give me your cock! I want my wife's big cock in my ass, ooooooh fuck! Please Felicity, ohhhhhh, your fingers feel so good in my ass, but I want more! I need more, mmmmm, please give it to me! Ass fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck me in the ass, just fucking do it!"

"You want it bad, huh?" Felicity teased.

"Didn't you hear me? I don't just want it, I need it!" Sara insisted, "Mmmmm, I need it in the ass baby, please give it to me. I need it sooooo bad."

"Prove it." Felicity challenged, pulling her fingers out of Sara's butt and then lying down, "Come stick that slutty little ass on my cock and ride it real good, and then maybe I'll give my little anal whore of a wife the butt pounding she needs. Mmmmm, and make sure you spread your cheeks with your sexy little butt pointing at me. I want the best view possible of your bitch hole taking my big dick."

Loving the sound of that Sara whimpered, "God, I love you."

Which made Felicity smiled softly, "I love you too."

Sara grinned wickedly as she quickly pulled her fingers out of her ass, straddled Felicity and then lined up her ass hole with her wife's dick. With that grin still on her face Sara pushed herself downwards, letting out a long moan and then briefly closing her eyes as she savoured the feeling of her slutty back door stretching for that dildo. Whore hole that it was Sara's butt hole opened for the head of Felicity's cock fairly quickly, and while she avoided the temptation to just drop down like she wanted to and actually receive a decent amount of pain from this Sara chose to slowly lower herself down, staring into Felicity's beautiful eyes while stuffing her own backside full of strap-on. And of course moaning softly the entire time.

Despite going slowly it felt like only a few seconds before Sara found herself sitting on Felicity's lap with every inch of that cock in her ass, announcing the completion of the anal penetration. It was sadly also the end to what little pain Sara was feeling, as it quickly went away after a few long seconds of sitting in her wife's lap, although the fact that they shared a long and deep loving kiss had a lot to do with that. Then after a few long minutes of savouring that Sara broke the kiss, grinned down at her lover, and then started bouncing up and down, causing her slutty little butt hole to slide up and down Felicity's dick and thus officially beginning their first round of anal sex as a married couple.

It would be the first of many. Sara had no doubt of that, the thought making her almost as giddily happy as the fact that they were indeed married now. This was her wife. She was having butt sex with her wife, the beautiful, and amazing, and most of all irresistibly cute Felicity Smoak... Felicity Lance, who love fucking Sara's ass almost as much as Sara loved having it fucked. Or as much as Sara loved ass fucking Felicity. Actually fucking Felicity's big beautiful booty was Sara's favourite thing in the entire world. Yes, even better than this. Not by much, but still. And she would definitely take that ass tonight, but as she didn't think Felicity would be up for returning the favour afterwards Sara had decided she would go first.

That was a decision Sara was definitely glad she had made, because on the rare occasions they truly switched like this was her own personal heaven. The only reason they didn't do it more often was that Sara tended to get carried away with her dominance or submission, as she loved how Felicity really got into each role, it seemed a shame to ever stop, especially at the risk of completely stopping their fun. However maybe Sara should give Felicity a little more credit. After all her wonderful wife had a habit of surprising her, and she'd done a wonderful job so far tonight. She was certainly doing a wonderful job now, even that just meant giving Sara her full attention and staring at her lovingly.

Felicity wanted to do more. So much more. But she was exhausted, and as slutty as Sara's ass was it was probably better she gave it some time to adjust before thrusting up into it. Besides, there was something truly magical to watching this amazing former assassin who could effortlessly kick her ass bounce her own ass up and down Felicity's strap-on like a shameless anal whore. Which was exactly what Sara was. Her anal whore. Oh yes, Sara Lance was her shameless anal whore. Better yet, Sara Lance was Felicity Lance's shameless anal loving whore, a fact Sara was gleefully proving right now with that wicked smile on her face.

Instead of returning it with one of her own Felicity just stared in disbelief up at the gorgeous creature in front of her. Sara anally riding her was one of the few things on earth that could render Felicity completely speechless, and it was so worth it to savour this precious moment of the first time they had butt sex as a married couple, the thought of it filling Felicity with glee. The only way it could be better was if Felicity was the one getting her ass stuffed, because as much as she adored fucking Sara's juicy butt her own back hole was currently quivering with jealousy around the plug inside of it. Although she was happy to ignore it in favour of giving her personal anal whore what she needed so badly.

At first that just included laying back and enjoying the show, which was easy to do when she was getting such an up close look at it. It being her wife's boobs bouncing up and down in time with her thrusting and the wide grin on Sara's face, both of which Felicity loved. But it wasn't long before Sara cheekily increase the pace just a little too much without permission, clearly daring Felicity to stop her. Normally that would include Felicity scolding her lover, maybe while smacking her ass, but this time Felicity decided to take Sara by surprise by suddenly grabbing her and flipping their positions. Which for a moment Felicity thought might be a mistake as Sara instinctively tensed up and almost countered this move, which she could have done easily.

Luckily for them both Sara just went with it, then grinned up with an impressed look on her face at Felicity, before the deadly assassin pouted and whined like a child, "Felicity!"

"What? You were getting a little too close to cumming for my liking." Felicity explained.

"I wasn't." Sara protested half-heartedly.

"Oh you were too." Felicity responded childishly back, before quickly adding, "Besides, this way, I can do this..."

With that Felicity pressed her lips to Sara's. Which truthfully she could have done before, but this way was definitely easier, and unsurprisingly Sara forgot all about her complaining once Felicity's lips touched hers and the newlyweds became lost in making out. Felicity even initially stayed still so they could just concentrate on kissing each other, although admittedly it wasn't that long before she started moving her hips back and forth, officially taking over the ass fucking. Which naturally had Sara moaning with delight into her mouth, then crying out whenever Felicity would move her lips to her neck, and sometime after that the vigilante gave the hacker what she truly wanted, a.k.a. the mighty Canary begging for the privilege of cumming.

Sara did her best to hold back on doing that for as long as she possibly could, but it had never been harder. This was her wife Felicity Smoak, now Felicity Lance, fucking her up the ass on their wedding day, which wasn't just one dream come true, it was several. For better or for worse though Felicity started out her thrusting slow and steady, which on the one hand was torturous given just how close Sara had been to the edge of orgasm just before switching their positions, but on the other hand it was really good as it meant even with an overwhelming mental stimulation Sara was in no danger of begging for more. At least not at first. But then Felicity ever so slightly started increasing her pace, which to her shame was all it took to overwhelm the Canary.

"More." Sara found herself whimpering deliriously, "Give me more, mmmmm, fuck me harder! Oooooooh yesssssss, harder! Fuck me, fuck my ass, oh fuck! Ohhhhhhh fuck Felicity, oh God!"

On occasion that was all it took for one to give the other a powerful orgasm, normally followed by several more. However normally the gentle fucking continued until the other was desperately pleading for relief, and Sara was so grateful and impressed with Felicity that she was able to ignore her initial out burst and just keep fucking her ass. If she was honest with herself that was what Sara truly wanted, and she rewarded Felicity for it by wrapping her arms and legs around her and stroking her body while staring up lovingly at her. Well, truth be told she would have done that anyway, but it was nice to have an excuse to do it. And of course Felicity stared back just as lovingly, the two women becoming lost in that love and the butt sex they were having for quite a while.

Then the need to cum just became too great and Sara started frantically pleading, "Fuck me! Fuck me harder! Please Felicity, baby, I need it. I need to cum! Mmmmm yessssss, I need you to make me cum! I need you to make me cum by pounding my slutty little bitch hole! Ooooooh fuck, please Felicity, fuck my ass hard and deep and make me cum! I need to cum, mmmmm, please make me cum!"

"You wanna cum?" Felicity questioned, before suddenly switching their positions again, "You do it! Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that's it Sara, bounce that booty. Bounce that hot little booty of yours! Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh, destroy your little bitch hole and make yourself cum. Then I'll make you cum. Oh fuck Sara, cum! Cum on my fucking stomach you twisted little bitch! Oh fuck!"

It took Sara a few long seconds to regain her bearings, then she focused on what Felicity was saying and grinned wickedly. God, she could listen to her girl talk dirty like that all night, especially when there was a big dildo stretching her slutty little ass hole. But for better or for worse she quickly remembered just how badly she needed to cum, and inevitably the Canary started bouncing her meaty ass up and down on her wife's cock, slowly at first, but once she established a steady rhythm Sara started rapidly increasing the pace until she was hammering her whore butt up and down with every ounce of her strength. Of course she came long before that.

Over and over again Sara Lance came like a little bitch with a dick in her ass, this special night and her training allowing her to cum harder and more frequently than ever before. Although perhaps most of all that was because of Felicity Lance, her wonderful wife, staring lovingly at her the entire time. Fuck, she even started thrusting upwards and talking dirty again, proving Sara had truly married the perfect woman. At least for her. Or maybe Felicity was just, for her. Oh yes, Sara loved that idea, and thankfully it was her last coherent thought, one which echoed through her mind, as she became truly overwhelmed by the ecstasy she was feeling until she was aware of nothing else but that.

Felicity loved watching Sara cum like this. Sometimes she was afraid she wasn't enough for this goddess, that while she could be a good little bottom for her she couldn't give Sara everything she needed and properly top her. Moments like this suggested otherwise, because while she might not have the strength or the speed of a muscle bound guy like Oliver Queen, or even the deadly assassin Nyssa al Ghul, what Felicity had was brains, and right now she was using them to keep Sara right where she wanted her, a.k.a. on her lap and cumming like her life depended on it. And in the meantime, she was biding her time, just waiting for her opportunity to make Sara cum even harder, and eventually take over.

At first that involved just staring into Sara's eyes, which encourage Sara to keep eye contact as much as possible, as Felicity knew from experience it was something which got them both off as they could stare into each other's souls and see the love they felt reflected back at them. Also, in moments like this, the pure desire they had for each other, and in this case, this extra twisted act. Then Felicity started thrusting upwards into her wife's slutty little ass, which sent Sara berserk, especially when she started bombarding her with the filthiest and most possessive words she could think of. Which in a way were all true of course, especially the possessive ones.

"Cum for me Sara! Yesssssss, cum! Cum for me while I fuck your anal loving ass!" Felicity gleefully encouraged as the sodomy reached a crescendo, "Ooooooh yessssss, cum for me. Cum from getting your made for fucking butt fucked you fucking anal whore! Oh God Sara, mmmmm, I love you so much. And you're mine! All mine! Mmmmm, especially this sexy little ass hole of yours. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh, that's mine to fuck whenever, however and wherever I want, because you're my personal ass whore! Yessssssss, that's all you are right now. Mmmmm, my little butt sex loving whore with the ass that needs daily fuckings. And don't worry wifey, I'm going to give them to you. Oh yes, I promise you Sara, I'm gonna butt fuck you every single day of our marriage, because I know that's what my beautiful, wonderful, amazing wife needs. Now cum for me, my wife. Cum like the butt slut you are!"

The only downside of those words was that while they might make Sara cum extra hard they did the same to Felicity. Well, that and the constant bashing against her clit from the other end of the dildo, and the sheer joy of having anal sex with her wife on their wedding night. Also ass fucking this vigilante who could defeat gangs of muscle bound men by herself. That was incredibly thrilling too. And it would be so easy for that to be it, but on this extra special night Felicity was more determined than ever to push them even further, so when Sara began running out of steam Felicity increased her thrusts, and then finally when Sara looked like she was about to collapse Felicity flip their positions again and started using every ounce of her strength to literally destroy her wife's ass. Just like her bride begged her to do.

Even after years of ass fucking each other they had never actually done serious damage to each other, which was terrifying proof that both their butts were made to be fucked. But that didn't stop Felicity from trying, and for it she got a blissfully happy look from Sara, and more climaxes for them both, Sara's being particularly hard as her cum squirted against Felicity's stomach. Which it had been doing throughout the butt fuck, but somehow it was even more intense now. Of course this last ditch effort didn't last long, and ultimately Felicity collapsed on top of Sara, but not before she made herself, and hopefully her wife, proud.

Sara spent a few long seconds for Felicity just to relax, then she gently rolled them so they were both on their sides. A position Sara was almost tempted to stay in, but no, there were far too many things she wanted to do first, like get a good look at Felicity's handiwork, which was exactly what she did next. That involved gently pushing Felicity back while pulling herself forward, causing the dildo to be yanked out of Sara's butt. Then as Felicity groaned tiredly and rolled onto her back Sara got up, strolled over to the nearby full-length mirror, turned her back to it and then spread her cheeks while looking back to see just how widely gaped her butt hole was. And oh, it was wonderfully gaped, something she was only too happy to tell her new wife.

"Nice work babe. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, that's one gape, and butt fucking, worthy of a wedding night." Sara proudly announced, turning her butt towards Felicity and allowing her a few long seconds to admire her handiwork, before she turned back and grinned wickedly as she teased, "For you, at least. But now it's my turn, and I'm going to gape your hot little ass twice as wide."

"Hey, my turn is not over yet." Felicity protested, pointing out with a smirk, "You need to clean my dick first."

"Oh don't worry baby, I haven't forgotten." Sara promised with a wicked grin as she happily crawled onto the bed and in between Felicity's legs.

As she did this Sara made sure that her butt was facing the mirror so that Felicity could still get a pretty good look at her handiwork, something that the hacker always did like the little bitch Sara had trained her to be, even if she wasn't always aware of it. Besides, Sara got off on exposing herself like that. Of course Sara's main focus at the moment was cleaning that strap-on cock, and just as importantly for that moment, put on a show for her wife. Which was why she was just about able to resist the urge to shove the entire length of the dildo down her throat so they could get to Felicity's ass fucking sooner, and so Sara could get all of her ass cream quicker.

Instead Sara gave Felicity a nice long blow job, even starting by licking the full length of the shaft a few times before taking the head into her mouth and then savouring the taste of her own ass. After a few long seconds of that Sara started bobbing her head up and down, at first just the upper half of the dildo, but it wasn't long after that she started pushing the strap-on into her throat so she could truly give it a thorough cleaning. Which Felicity gently encouraged by reaching down to stroke her hair and smiled down at her. Sadly she didn't offer up any verbal encouragement, but it wasn't like Sara needed it, and they did exchange a loving stare once Sara's lips reached the base, announcing that every inch of that dick was in her mouth and throat.

Even when the dick was thoroughly clean Sara still spent a few moments sucking it before finally ordering, "Flip over baby. Mmmmm, I wanna see that beautiful little butt of yours."

Wordlessly Felicity did as she was told, and while Sara's ultimate prize was still covered up with that harness she took a few long seconds to admire the contrast of her lover tooled up with the weapon she'd just used to violate her, and yet vulnerable offering her up her backside. Sara then slowly undid that harness to reveal her prize, practically drooling at it while attaching the harness around her own waist. Then she gave that cute little butt a playful double smack, causing Felicity to cry out softly, then moan in anticipation as Sara of those hands on her cheeks, and then gently groped them. Sara even bent her head down to slide her tongue over Felicity's cunt, collecting some of the escaped cum, and then sliding that tongue even further up to Felicity's butt-plug stretched back hole.

Only then did Sara order, "Spread your cheeks for me, wifey. Mmmmm yeah, it's my turn Felicity, so reach back and spread your cheeks so you can give me your sweet little bitch hole! Oh yes, that's it, good girl."

Felicity did as she was told, slowly reaching back to pull apart her ass cheeks to expose her plug filled back hole. This was normally the part where Sara would tease her by pulling the butt-plug just out enough to stretch her anal ring as wide as possible, and then put it back in. Or maybe pull it out entirely, and then push it back in. Quite often it was one then the other. But obviously getting her ass fucked had taken a lot out of Sara, perhaps more than she was letting on, and instead of teasing she went straight to pulling the butt-plug out of Felicity's ass hole and then just as quickly replacing it with her strap-on. Well, she may have slid the head up and down her ass crack a bit, but nowhere near as much as usual, and after that she when straight to the penetration.

It was also faster than usual, Felicity soon crying out as her most private hole stretched wide enough for the head of Sara's cock to slide through it and into her ass. That was when Sara slowed down. She didn't stop entirely, just kept up the slow and steady thrusts until every inch of her dick was buried in Felicity's butt. Which initially disappointed the hacker. She had been rather enjoying the rougher treatment, and years of getting her ass skilfully pounded by Sara Lance had turned Felicity into a total anal whore who could have easily taken whatever abuse was given to her. Although this way she did get to savour the feeling of having her rectum stretched, which was a feeling Felicity had practically become addicted too.

She was also addicted to the feeling of Sara's dick completely buried inside her. Because sure, it wasn't made of flesh, but in precious moments like this it might as well be, because to Felicity it felt like 12 inches of pure Sara Lance invading the most intimate places inside her, in this case the place which was never meant to be invaded, making the whole situation that much more twisted and intense. And then there was the feeling of being fucked by that dick. To have pure Sara Lance pumping in and out of her. Pumping in and out of her butt. Butt fucking her! Her Wife! Felicity's new wife was butt fucking her, that big dick sliding in and out of her butt hole, making her feel pleasure like the slut she was. Or at least had been turned into by her precious wife.

Which led to Felicity moaning happily, "Oh Sara yes, mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my ass, ohhhhhh, pound my slutty little ass hole, pound it good, oh fuck! Oh fuck yeah, pound my butt, use it like the fuck hole it is! Fuck me, mmmmm, fuck me up the ass, fuck me in the butt, oh fuck! Butt fuck me like an anal whore! Oh Sara! I love you. Mmmmm, I love you sooooo fucking much, ooooooh Goooooddddddd Sara, oh fuck!"

As was often the case Felicity became lost in babbling, only this time it wasn't because she was nervous. No, she was just blissfully lost in pleasure, which thankfully had become the main reason for her babbling ever since she got together with Sara. Well, maybe it was 50-50. Or 60-40 in favour of nervousness, but that was only because Sara delighted in trying to embarrass her, which was somehow succeeding after years of 'torturing' Felicity with this kind of thing. Luckily it was impossible to worry about it when her ass was being stretched and fucked, Felicity throwing her head back and letting out hearty moans in between her words of encouragement.

"Ohhhhhhh yesssssss, mmmmm, fuck me! Fuck my ass Sara! Butt fuck your wife." Felicity moaned happily as Sara continued sodomising her, "Fuck my little hole just like that, just like that, ooooooooh Sara! Sara! Ooooooh Gooooooddddddd, I love you so fucking much, mmmmm, and I love the way you fuck my ass. You're soooooo good at it baby, oh God yes, mmmmm, you're so good at fucking my ass. My wife is so fucking good at fucking me in the ass and making me her anal loving bitch! Ohhhhhhh fuck, I mean reminding me. Reminding me that I'm her anal loving bitch. Yeahhhhhh Sara, ass fuck your wife. Let her know just how much you love her butt by ass fucking her like only you can! Oh yes baby, fuck my ass, oooooooh, pound my butt, oh fuck! Ooooooooh fuckkkkkkkk!"

Sara always listened out for those words, especially in moments like this when she could give her girl what she truly wanted. What they both wanted. Perhaps even needed. Definitely craved. Which was true of just about every little sex act they did together, but there was always something special about fucking Felicity's perfect ass. It was just so meaty and made to be fucked, and while Sara loved to switch, and loved that Felicity often did her best to top her, often succeeding very well, she preferred to be a top while Felicity clearly preferred to be a bottom. And this was the perfect thing to emphasise their preferred roles, and perhaps the way things should always be between them. And perhaps they would eventually be. But tonight Sara was avenging her gaped butt hole by giving Felicity one of her own.

While she thought she did a good job of hiding it the truth was Sara was exhausted from being anally taken, and perhaps rushed the anal penetration far more than she should have, which she regretted, but not for Felicity's sake. No, her girl was a lot tougher than she looked, and could easily take a little quick back door stuffing. Sara only truly regretted it because she was denying herself the pleasure of savouring it. Well, she was also denying Felicity the pleasure of savouring it, but given her enthusiastic moans, gasps and whimpers it didn't sound like Felicity minded very much. In fact she continued to encourage Sara with her patented adorable babbling.

"Yes, fuck me Sara, mmmmm, fuck my butt like I fucked yours." Felicity cried out happily as her back hole was taken by her wife, "But better! Mmmmm yesssssss, you're the better butt fucker in this marriage Sara, oooooooh, prove it again by turning that little back door of mine into your personal fuck hole. Ohhhhhh fuck, I mean, remind me that my back door is your personal fuck hole, ooooooh, yours to use whenever, however and wherever you want. Oh God Sara, fuck me! Mmmmm yesssssss, fuck my slutty little ass hole. Butt fuck me like the little anal whore I am! Oh God, oooooohhhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd, yesssssssss, oh Sara! Oh Sara, fuck me! Fuck me! Oh fuck!"

Only too happy to oblige Sara continued sodomising her wife with machine-like efficiency, although that was mostly an automatic responses she was just so lost in the beautiful sight before her of Felicity Lance bent over in front of her and taking it up the ass. Sara had been lost in that beautiful sight since the moment she pushed her cock into Felicity's bitch hole, especially as Felicity had continued to spread her cheeks throughout, giving her the perfect view of first the penetration, then the butt fucking itself. At least until Sara pushed those hands away so she could feel her thighs smacking against those meaty cheeks, making them jiggle for her. Which of course only made Felicity's sounds more enthusiastic, although it wasn't enough.

If Felicity wanted to cum she was going to need to beg for it, and maybe even then Sara wouldn't give it to her right away. They both knew that, and yet still Felicity didn't beg for more, which told her she was in the mood to be teased. Or maybe she just wanted this to last as long as possible, a feeling Sara could understand all too well. So she was grateful for Felicity's perhaps record breaking stamina, as it meant she got to gently sodomise the woman she loved for even longer during their wedding night, even if it did push Sara's endurance to it's limits, and passed the point where Sara's whole body ached from the thrusting, and not just her well-fucked butt.

Felicity wanted to beg for more. She wanted that more than anything. But this was their wedding night. And more to the point, probably the last part of it, because after this they would definitely need a break, one which might see one or both of them slipping to unconsciousness and wake up the next day. At which point they could start having sex again, but it wouldn't be on the precious day they got married, and Felicity wanted to squeeze every ounce of enjoyment out of it as she could. Of course as much as years of being with Sara had increased her endurance she had her limits, and ultimately Felicity just couldn't stop herself from beginning to beg.

"Harder!" Felicity whimpered as she succumbed to her need for a harder ass pounding, "Fuck my ass harder! Oh please Sara, mmmmm, my wonderful wife, ass fuck me hard! Ass fuck me like the dirty little anal slut I am! Please Sara, baby, butt fuck me! Fuck me in the butt hard and deep and make me cum! Mmmmm yessssss, make me cum like I made you cum. Oooooooh yessssssss, I made you cum like a bitch with a dick up your ass, and now it's your turn. I made you my bitch, mmmmm, now you make me yours! Ohhhhh, remind me, remind us both. Remind us that were each other's anal loving bitches, and we need each other to wreck our asses and make us cum like the butt sex addicted sluts we are! Please Sara, I need it! I need my butt fucked harder! Oh God, I need it so bad."

To Felicity's surprise, and honestly delight, Sara completely ignored her and continued to slowly and gently fuck her ass, continuing to provide the pleasure which had become torturous. Even as tears of frustration and need slid down her face she was grateful for Sara for knowing the difference between what she wanted, and what she needed, even better than Felicity did herself. Because apparently she could take a little more gentle sodomy before it became too much. Although it didn't take that long to get to that point, and when they did Felicity lifted herself up onto all fours and screamed at the top of her lungs for what she now so desperately needed.


"You want it bad, huh?" Sara grinned.

"I NEED IT!" Felicity wept.

"Then help me. Mmmmm yessssssss, that's it Felicity, good girl. Bounce that ass back at me just like that. Oh fuck!" Sara giggled with delight as Felicity quickly did as she was told, even anticipating the order before the Canary had clarified what she meant, making sure the sodomy was as intense as it could be, "Yessssss, slam that ass! Slam that big fat sexy ass back at me! Ohhhhhh fuck yeah, you look so good like this! Your meaty cheeks jiggling for me is you totally give up your bitch hole to me, mmmmm, excepting it's my personal fuck hole, ooooooh shit, that you're my anal bitch, ah fuck, that you're mine! My wife! My bitch! My girl! Mine, mine, mine, ooooooooohhhhhhhhh yeeeeeessssssss, you're mine, aaaaaahhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkk!"

As soon as she had that wonderful permission Felicity started hammering her ass back against her beautiful, amazing, wonderful wife, who quickly proved she was all those things by increasing the pace along with her, which couldn't have been easy considering how erratic Felicity now was. It even caused her a little pain at first, but just like during the initial anal penetration and ass fucking her slutty butt quickly remembered it was made to be fucked, relaxing until Felicity felt nothing but pure pleasure. In this case the purist pleasure Felicity had ever known. The kind that she had never received from anyone except Sara Lance. And now the kind she'd never received from anyone else, that thought as much as the hard anal pounding pushing her over the edge of incredibly powerful climax.

It was of course followed by another, and another, and another until Felicity seemed to be constantly cumming, the whole world faded away until there was only mind destroying pleasure and the ass destroying thrusts of that dildo slamming her bottom. Then she was only aware of the former, and then nothing at all as she truly became overwhelmed by ecstasy. Just before that happened she just had enough brain power left to think how lucky she was. How she had found someone who could not only give her this kind of ecstasy, but could make her feel truly loved and protected while doing it, Felicity then once again making promises to Sara, if only silently in her head, to be the best wife ever.

Sara was normally good at holding back her own climaxes when it came to this stage, however her body was just so tired that being able to butt fuck Felicity with the same brutal pace as normal was just taking everything she had, leaving her with not even the will power to hold back. Although even if she did it probably wouldn't be enough to hold back from the thrill of ass fucking the love of her life on their wedding day while they were still in there now thoroughly ruined wedding dresses. She might have even cum before Felicity did, but luckily Felicity was too preoccupied to notice. Still, Sara was ashamed of that fact, more determined than ever before to fuck Felicity's ass just as hard as she normally did at this stage.

Thankfully Felicity was helping out by using a surprising amount of speed and strength to wreck her own ass on the dildo, proving that all that rest had done her a world of good. For a while she even kept up with Sara, although that was partly because Sara was initially holding back just a little bit to make sure she eased Felicity into the hard butt pounding, although even then she might have got carried away. Not that Felicity complained. In fact she did the opposite, screaming in pleasure as her cum squirted out of her cunt and her body shuddered with ecstasy. Which delighted Sara so much she couldn't help but provide some commentary, which helped out with giving Felicity the pleasure she so richly deserved.

"Take it! Take it you hot little bitch! Mmmmmm, yeahhhhhhh, take it in your anal loving ass! Oh fuck!" Sara groaned almost to herself at first, before gradually getting louder as she got more and more lost in pounding her wife's bitch hole, "Take it in that big fat sexy ass of yours! Oooooooh fuck yeah, the big fat sexy ass I own! You hear me Felicity? I fucking own your ass! It's mine, mmmmm, all mine! It's my fucking property, and you know it. I made it mine before we even got married, ohhhhhh fuck yes, just like you made my ass yours! Your ass is mine, oooooooh fuckkkkkkk, and mine's yours, ohhhhhh Felicity, I love you, my sweet little ass whore. Mmmmmm, my dirty little butt slut with a sexy little bitch hole made for fucking! Yessssssss, you're my anal loving bitch Felicity! That's what you are, and that's what you're going to be forever, ohhhhhhh fuckkkkkk, because you were made to take it in the fucking ass for me! YESSSSSSS, THIS ASS IS MINE! YOU'RE MINE! OH FUCK! OOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH YESSSSSSSSSS, MINE MINE MINE, OH GOD, ALL MINE, AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK!"

It was hard to tell whether it had much effect on Felicity, but Sara got turned on by her own words, especially the possessive ones as they all seemed wonderfully true at that moment, allowing her to fuck the other girl's butt even harder to the point where the sound of her thighs smacking against those meaty cheeks were audible despite Felicity's screams. Unfortunately they were only suspending the inevitable, as it wasn't long after that Felicity collapsed face down upon the bed sheets, and even though that gave Sara the blissful opportunity to literally turn her wife into nothing but her fuck hole for a few glorious moments it wasn't long after that she collapsed too.

When she did there was a few long seconds pause, then Sara briefly restarted the sodomy, slowly at first, but eventually enough to make them both cum again. Sara was so lost in her desperate need to fuck that fat ass she completely missed Felicity whimpering in discomfort when she first started doing this, and although she was able to make Felicity cum again it was one orgasm too many, and the hacker literally lost consciousness. It took Sara longer than it should have to realise that, but to her credit when she did she quickly stopped, collapsing down onto the sweaty body beneath her and then rolling them into the spooning position as she gently kissed and caressed her lover's shoulders and neck until Felicity finally returned to consciousness. Which made Sara feel very guilty, at least at first.

Then Felicity croaked, "You're amazing."

"Not as amazing as you." Sara quickly corrected.

"So, we both think the other is amazing? Sounds like the start of a good marriage to me." Felicity beamed when she had some of her strength back.

"That, and some nice, hard butt sex." Sara teased, nuzzling Felicity's neck some more before grinning wickedly against it, "But it isn't over yet. Oh yeah baby, you know what I want. So do it! Ohhhh yeahhhh, show me that pretty little gape! Oh fuck."

Felicity would have been perfectly content with her wedding night ending with Sara's cock buried in her butt and the other blonde on top of her. It would have ensured that sitting down tomorrow would be even more painful, but in those few moments it felt like it was worth it. But of course Sara somehow found the strength to yank her cock out of Felicity's butt hole, sit up and admire her handiwork. In turn Felicity somehow found the strength to reach back to spread her cheeks, providing Sara with the best view possible of her gaping ass hole like a good little wife. Then, because of course Sara had to push things further, the Canary grabbed her phone and started snapping a few shots of Felicity's well opened back door.

"Hey." Felicity groaned, although it was a little half-hearted because she knew she couldn't talk Sara out of it, and the damage was already done.

"What? I'm just taking a few special wedding photos, just for us." Sara grinned, taking a shot of Felicity's cum covered face staring back at her, before getting another wicked idea, "And you're going to help me."

With another weak protest Felicity found herself being pulled to her feet, only able to keep them there because Sara wrapped an arm around her and took a few selfies of their dishevelled faces covered in mostly dried cum, then pulled the phone back to get as much of their flushed, well fucked bodies as possible. Sara then carefully positioned the phone and put it on a timer, before turning Felicity around and standing beside her and pulling the strap on down her thighs so that the phone was taking a shot of their gaped butts. Sara even talked Felicity into bending over and spreading Sara's cheeks, and then her own while Sara did the same, before finally they stood up straight again, pulled back their cheeks, and grinned at the phone as it took another pic.

"You're not seriously going to put this into an album, are you?" Felicity asked with a nervous chuckle.

"Maybe a virtual one." Sara admitted with a shrug, before picking up the phone, "But I think it just needs one more thing."

Before Felicity could ask she found the dildo which had just been deep up her butt being pressed against her lips. Well trained ass to mouth slut that she was Felicity didn't hesitate to wrap her lips around the toy and start sucking it, which of course prompted Sara to take a few more pictures, before Sara pulled the strap-on out of Felicity's mouth and inserted into her own while taking a few more shots. They went back and forth like that for a while, before just sharing the dildo together, Sara soon forgetting all about the pictures in favour of just making sure every drop of Felicity's butt cream was cleaned. Then both the phone and the dildo were forgotten, and they were just kissing each other.

Of all the things they did together this just might be Felicity's favourite, as within this simple act of intimacy it was clear just how much Sara loved her, and just how much Felicity loved her in turn. Felicity especially loved it when they had all the time in the world just to kiss. Or that it at least felt like it, as it did now. She was barely even aware of Sara picking her up bridal style, carrying her over to the bed and gently laying her down on top of it before getting on top of her, but when she realised it was happening she whimpered against Sara's mouth at the reminder of how strong her Amazon of a wife was. Then simultaneously the two blondes broke the kiss and smiled lovingly at each other, before Felicity thought of a truly perfect way to end the night.

"I love you, my irresistibly cute wife." Felicity smiled softly, and a little teasingly.

"You're the irresistibly cute one here, wifey." Sara giggled, gently pushing Felicity onto her side so she could get behind her.

Felicity didn't resist, and once they were in the spooning position she offered, "How about we agree we're both irresistibly cute?"

"Okay... but you're the cutest." Sara hummed petulantly, causing Felicity to roll her eyes and giggle softly as the two blondes slowly drifted off to sleep.

The End.


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