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Author's note: This story takes place during Season 2.

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Arrow: Irresistibly Cute Part 6
by MTL ([email protected])

It was official, they were using the L word. Sara had said it twice without really meaning too, and had made sure to give Felicity the option of taking it back both times, however even though it still felt early the morning after the second time Felicity insisted that it would be silly to keep taking it back as regardless of how quickly it happened they were officially in love, and falling deeper everyday. Which scared them both, especially Sara, but for the most part she was too busy being ridiculously happy to worry that much about it.

Of course now it was clear they both very much wanted this to be a permanent thing and had settled into being together nicely it became increasingly ridiculous that Sara hadn't told her family about them. In Sara's defence they got a little busy after Felicity's Mom visited dealing with Arrow business, so for a few weeks it seemed like a good idea to put it off, but then when things didn't seem to be calming down Sara relented to telling at least the members of her family that were in town, namely her Dad and Laurel. Which was why they were having them both over for a family meal, plus one, and unsurprisingly Felicity was freaking out about it. Which was understandable, yet adorable. Or to put it another way...

"Have I ever told you that you're cute when you're nervous?" Sara asked softly as she cautiously approached her twitchy girlfriend as she stirred something which admittedly smelt pretty good.

"Only like 1000 times." Felicity grumbled.

"Want me to stop?" Sara offered, really not wanting to, and not even sure that she could, but she would do just about anything to make Felicity feel better in that moment.

"No." Felicity said softly, "It's just... I, erm, maybe, it's just that... that... oh."

Doing the only thing she could think of to come her girl down Sara wrapped her arms around Felicity from behind and rested her head on her shoulder, which was a bit awkward considering they were about the same height, but they'd had plenty of practice at this by now and Sarah had just about found a way to make it work. Then Sara softly said, "Everything is going to be fine."

"You can't know that." Felicity pointed out.

"Sure I can. Dad and Laurel love you.." Sara softly insisted, then when Felicity scoffed quickly added, "Well, Dad thinks you're pretty great, and too good for Oliver, and Laurel... well, I'm pretty sure she doesn't hate you any more after I convinced her you weren't sleeping with Oliver."

"Gee, thanks." Felicity grumbled.

Deciding not to point out that was probably because Laurel was now convinced Felicity was sleeping with Sara the Canary softly offered after a long pause, "If you're really worried about telling them we could always just stay like this all night. Or start fucking. Either way I'm pretty sure they'd get the message."

"Not funny!" Felicity chuckled unconvincingly, then at the sound of the doorbell she pushed Sara away and ordered, "Go answer that. I'm busy."

"Bossy." Sara grumbled softly, but fondly as she headed to the front door of their apartment. Given their line of work, and her own personal past, Sara briefly checked through the peephole, then smiled to see Quentin Lance standing awkwardly on the other side of it and then quickly unlocked and opened the door, "Hi Daddy!"

"Hey sweetie." Quentin lent in and kissed his daughter's cheek before taking a few steps towards the other blonde and calling out, "Hey Felicity. Something sure smells good."

Felicity looked up like a startled rabbit and stammered, "Hey Detective Lance. I mean Officer Lance, I mean.. erm, I... thanks. I'm working hard on dinner."

"I can see that." Quentin smiled, before turning to his daughter and softly murmuring, "Is she alright?"

"That's just Felicity being Felicity." Sara said dismissively, unable to stop herself from smiling and adding, "She's always that cute."

"Right." Quentin murmured suspiciously, looking around just in case there was anyone else here and then added, "Is there something you wanted to tell me? You know, about the vigilante? Your text was cryptic."

Sara forced herself to remain neutral after the first question, and to relax after she heard the second, "No, no, it's nothing like that."

"Oh good." Quentin said, genuinely relieved. Then because he couldn't help it softly added, "So this dinner is just about you and Felicity coming out as a couple."

There was a moment of silence as Sara studied his face carefully to see if that was just a joke, then when she decided it wasn't she leaned in closer and whispered, "Can you at least act surprised?"

"I don't see why I should. I am a detective after all. Or at least used to be." Quentin said smugly.

"That doesn't stop you from being oblivious to other things." Sara muttered softly as she pulled back, still unable to believe that her father hadn't figured out Oliver Queen was the Arrow.

"What was that sweetie?" Quentin frowned.

"Nothing." Sara smiled sweetly, and deliberately unconvincingly to screw with him, before quickly changing the subject.

* * *

The next two hours were mostly uneventful. Laurel arrived shortly after their father and the three of them exchange small talk until the food was ready. Then Sara quickly excused herself to help Felicity dish up, whispering soft words of encouragement to her and giving her the occasional soothing touch whenever she could, which she was sure her girl appreciated even if she looked nervously in the direction of their guests who were thankfully busy talking to each other. Then they all sat down to dinner and while they exchanged some small talk mostly they stayed in a comfortable silence. Then with the main course dealt with Felicity gave Sara a not so subtle look, reminding her that this was the time they had agreed they would do it. Not that Sara needed it.

Taking a calming breath Sara announced, "Laurel, Dad, there's a reason we asked you guys here tonight."

"What is it sweetie?" Quentin asked, trying to play it cool.

Whether for Felicity's benefit, or her own, Sara reached under the table and gently took her girlfriend's hand in her own and then finally told her family, "Me and Felicity are dating."

Quentin waited a few seconds, then smiled, "That's great sweetie."

Felicity frowned at him, "You knew, didn't you?"

"Why is that so surprising?" Quentin frowned.

Ignoring them both Sara stared at Laurel who was just staring blankly with a hard to read expression on her face. Was she surprised? Disappointed? Disgusted? Because sure, Laurel knew about Nyssa, but Sara hadn't exactly gone into details with her. Mostly because most of those details were wrapped up in things that Sara just wasn't ready to talk about with her sister, or anyone really with the exception of Felicity who she felt she could say anything too. But this wasn't something in the past, this was something in the present, and from the looks of it unlike just about everybody else she knew Laurel was genuinely shocked by this revelation.

"Laurel?" Sara softly uttered her sister's name, drawing the attention of her Dad and Felicity.

"Are you okay honey?" Quentin asked cautiously after a few long seconds.

Laurel took a deep breath and asked, "Sara, can I talk to you in private?"

Sara bit her lip, glanced at Felicity who looked absolutely heartbroken, and then for better or worse insisted, "I'd rather we talk here."

"But-" Laurel began.

"Anything you say I'll repeat word for word to Felicity. There are no secrets between us." Sara said, gently squeezing Felicity's hand, "So you might as well just say what you're going to say."

Laurel sighed, and then after a pause asked, "You've seen the way she and Oliver look at each other, right?"

"GOD, why does everyone keep thinking I'm in love with Oliver Queen?" Felicity exclaimed.

Ignoring her girlfriend Sara answer the question, "Yes, but she chose me."

There was a brief silence and then Laurel asked, "What if she changes her mind?"

"Then I'll move aside." Sara said softly, hoping she'd actually have the strength to do it if necessary, "It would fucking destroy me, but just another second of being with her is worth it. I love her. She makes me happy."

There was a long silence and then Laurel turned to Felicity, "If you break her heart I'll kill you."

"Noted." Felicity smiled nervously.

"And you better treat her right." Laurel said firmly.

"I will." Felicity said firmly, squeezing Sara's hand under the table.

"She does." Sara smiled.

"Glad to hear it." Quentin piped up, "Miss Smoak, as an officer of the law I couldn't possibly threaten your life. As a father I'm tempted, but I'm fairly confident that you would not intentionally hurt Sara, so for whatever it's worth you have my blessing."

"Thanks Dad." Sara smiled.

About the same time Felicity said, "Thank you Officer Lance."

"Quentin, please." Quentin insisted, before turning to his daughter, "And I fully expect you to treat Miss Smoak right too sweetie."

Sara frowned, "What?"

"Don't look at me like that young lady, I'm serious." Quentin said sternly, "You may be a Master Assassin, but I am your father and I have years worth of parenting to make up for. And I happened to highly regard Miss Smoak, despite the company she keeps. So I'll be deeply disappointed in her if she hurts you, but I'll be even more disappointed in you if you hurt her."

"She wouldn't." Felicity insisted, squeezing Sara's hand.

Bringing their linked hands out from under the table and onto it in a sign of solidarity Sara said firmly, "Me and Felicity look after each other."

"I'm glad. And I'm so happy that you told me." Quentin smiled, standing up and holding out his arms. Sara was quick to get up and hug him tightly, allowing him to softly tell her, "I just want you to be happy baby."

"Me too." Laurel chimed in, taking her turn for a hug.

"Thanks guys." Sara smiled, "And I am. So, so much."

* * *

The next hour or so seemed to fly by, although that was most likely because a huge weight was off Felicity's shoulders and she finally felt like she could relax. It helped that after they finished dinner she got to sit next to Sara on the couch, although Felicity was a little nervous about PDA Sara didn't hesitate to throw an arm around her and the other members of the Lance family didn't seem to mind the way Felicity melted into her girlfriend's arms. Not that she could have stopped it. Sara's strong arms were always a great comfort, but never more than at that moment, Felicity letting go of all her stress and finally getting comfortable. Perhaps even for the first time in days.

It wasn't that Felicity had seriously thought Sara's family would reject her, it was just Sara's last girlfriend was a crazy Assassin who kidnapped her Mom and tried to exchange her for Sara, which could have possibly put them off the idea of Sara being with a woman. Which was something Felicity had pointed out to Sara so much it annoyed herself. Just as much as Sara dismissing her fears and reminding her that Sara's most notable relationship with a man was Oliver, and not the superhero version, the Playboy who was dating her sister at the time version, so if anything Sara's past relationships would prove to the Lance family that Felicity was like a unicorn in comparison, a.k.a. something truly special and wonderful. Which was nice to hear, but still Felicity had remained nervous.

At least part of her remained that way until first Officer Lance and then Laurel said their goodbyes and left, allowing Felicity to sigh, "Thank God it's over. Not that it wasn't great! So great. Like way better than I expected. It's just that-"

Charmed as always by Felicity's rambling Sara just smiled at her for a few seconds, then closed the distance between them, softly kissed her and then agreed, "Yeah, it was great. Not easy, but as long as I have you I know everything will be okay."

"Awww..." Felicity blushed, genuinely bashful for a few seconds before teasing, "You're such a sap."

"Only because you make me one babe." Sara agreed, happy tears threatening to fall from her eyes.

Felicity felt the same way, giving Sara a soft smile before murmuring, "I can't believe we're out. Well, I'm out. You were out before, so it's probably no big deal for you, but..."

"Of course it's a big deal. We just came out as a couple." Sara said softly, before smiling, "I got to tell the world you're mine."

Initially Felicity returned that smile softly, although it did become a little wicked as she asked, "Wanna celebrate?"

"Sure, what you have in mind." Sara grinned, trying and failing to sound innocent.

Instead of replying verbally Felicity kissed her grinning girlfriend, which was easy considering ever since the Canary had closed the distance between them she had been in her favourite place in the world, wrapped in Sara's strong arms. Of course Sara eagerly returned the kiss and almost immediately started gently manoeuvring them in the direction of their bedroom. As she had wanted to savour the moment Felicity was briefly disappointed by this, but it was hard to stay that way when you were getting kissed so passionately by the one you love, especially when they pushed thier tongue into your mouth, Felicity just doing her best to keep up at this point as Sara Lance had her way with her.

Next thing Felicity knew she was on their bed with Sara grinding on top of her and briefly leaving her lips to kiss her neck, giving the poor hacker a chance to realise she could once again could become lost in kissing her girlfriend. It was an experience which repeated itself a few times as Sara slowly stripped herself and Felicity of all their clothes, eventually leaving them both completely naked. At which point Sara started concentrating on her neck, leaving Felicity with the choice. She could remain silent and let Sara go to town on her, which was very, very tempting. Or she could try to push Sara to reveal something else she'd like to try and do. It was a tough decision given that she was nervous but she really wanted to thank Sara for being so great today.

"Sara..." Felicity croaked, so horny it was a struggle for her to talk, which of course Sara misinterpreted by the look on her face when she pulled back.

"What?" Sara asked, genuinely nervous.

"Would, would you..." Felicity blushed, forcing the words out, "Would you like to try something new?"

Sara smiled, first with relief then with giddy joy as she teased, "What did you have in mind?"

"I don't know." Felicity huffed, annoyed at the teasing, "You were the one who said take it slow, and we have, and it's been great. But... I don't need it quite this slow, you know? I'm a big girl. I'm okay with being a little kinky. I'd hoped I would have proved that by now. And I really, really want to please you, so just go for it. Give me your worst."

Sara bit her lip and stared at her girl for a few long seconds. Felicity was literally asking for it, and Sara was so tempted to just give it to her. But Nyssa had been very, very kinky, and it had rubbed off on Sara more than she would have thought possible. She definitely wanted to do all those things Felicity, but she didn't want to push the girl too fast, too soon. Especially as she didn't think Felicity, or any girl, would put up with everything she wanted. At the same time Felicity was giving her an opportunity to push the boundaries of what they had been doing, and despite herself Sara couldn't help take it. The only real question was, what was she going to try and add to their repertoire?

After a few long seconds of thinking about it Sara enquired, "You've used dildos before, right?"

Felicity tried not to blush or roll her eyes, but she was pretty sure she ended up doing both at the same time, "Yes! Me and every other girl with access to the Internet and credit card information."

"So you'll have seen a strap-on before? Even just in passing?" Sara pushed.

"What, you mean like the one you keep in our bedroom and think I don't know about?" Felicity quipped.

Sara frowned, "Snoop."

"Yeah, in my defence it's not like you did a good job of hiding it." Felicity pointed out, before gently threatening, "And you better do a better job at hiding gifts for me in the future."

"Oh, it's not just a gift for you." Sara smirked, before adding, "So, are you up for me fucking you with that gift?"

Trying and failing again not to blush Felicity offered as boldly as she could, "Can we 69 first? You know, as a warm-up?"

For a few long seconds Sara stared at Felicity, then smiled lovingly, "Just when I don't think I can possibly love you more..."

With that Sara leaned down and gently pressed her lips to Felicity's, the other blonde kissing her back just as eagerly as before if not more so given this time she was a lot more handsy, almost immediately squeezing Sara's butt. This of course delighted the Canary who bit down on Felicity's lip for a few seconds before doing the same to her neck, Sara determined to leave a mark which the rest of Team Arrow would see tomorrow and try not to think about her ravaging Felicity. Then she went even lower to give Felicity the foreplay she deserved, which unsurprisingly her girlfriend didn't complain about one bit.

Kissing her way up one of Felicity's tits Sara began sucking on it, getting the most delightful moans ever out of the other blonde. Then Sara began switching back-and-forth between those nipples, at first pressing soft kisses along the way, but eventually just latching onto one and then the other pretty much directly. Around the same time she got her tongue involved, swallowing at around those nipples and flicking them. At the same time she bought her hands up to push the nipple she was currently working on deeper into her mouth while playing with the other. Which of course got more moans of pleasure out of Felicity, along with whimpers of frustration.

Occasionally Sara would linger on Felicity's boobs until her girlfriend just couldn't take it anymore and literally begged her to go lower, or something more graphic, although that was normally prompted by Sara. However she preferred that kind of teasing when she was actually eating pussy, and given the things they were about to do Sara really didn't want to waste time teasing too much. So after only a few minutes of foreplay Sara quickly kissed her way down Felicity's flat stomach and then almost immediately started licking her pussy with long slow strokes of her tongue, which at first got some very positive moans out of her girl.

Then, much sooner than Sara was expecting, Felicity piped up, "I thought we were going to 69?"

"We are." Sara smiled after she lifted her head up from Felicity's cunt, "I'm just getting warmed up first."

"Trust me, I don't need it." Felicity promised, then as boldly as she could added, "Give me your pussy Sara. I'm ready for it. Mmmmmm, you did such a good job of getting me ready baby, but I don't need any more warming up. I want you now. I wanna 69."

Sara studied her girlfriend's face for a second, and then smirked, "Well, how could I resist?"

Felicity tried her best to keep the nervousness off her face as Sara slowly turned her body around so they were in the position that Felicity had requested. Mostly because it was ridiculous for her to be nervous, because while this was technically new at the same time it wasn't. She'd 69'ed with a guy a few times, and admittedly that had been mostly with both of them on their sides, but she recently talked Sara into riding her face, and had rode Sara's face plenty of times now, so this was no big deal. Only it was, but this was the first time they were doing it together, and Felicity really wanted it to go well. More importantly she wanted to do a good job.

That was why as soon as Sara was in range Felicity reached up, grabbed the other blonde's butt and tried to pull the vigilante down onto her face. However even though they were both short Sara was deceptively strong thanks to her years of training and the League of Assassins and was easily able to stop Felicity. She didn't even budge, which suggested that Sara had guessed that Felicity would try something like that. But instead of taking that as a sign that she should let Sara slowly lowered herself down Felicity lifted her head upwards, stuck out her tongue and slid it across the other girl's pussy lips. Only then did Felicity wonder if she should have waited, but as Sara didn't complain she just kept licking.

She also kept licking because when she started it was hard to stop. Sara just tasted so good. Like wow, I keep forgetting how amazing this is good, Felicity always feeling like her memory never did this justice when the flavour once again hit her taste-buds and turned her into a shameless pussy licking slut who was obsessed with getting more of what she craved. Luckily Sara was always happy to oblige, in this case slowly lowering herself down all the way so Felicity didn't have too strain her neck trying to do what they both wanted, the hacker then rewarding the Canary for this by wrapping her lips around Sara's entrance so that yummy liquid could slid directly into her mouth and down her throat.

Of course this entire time Sara had been gently licking, and moaning into, her pussy while pressing her own face into it, so now they were comfortably in a 69 they could return every ounce of pleasure they were getting. In that wonderful moment they were both equals. More than before with other times she had been in a 69, at least for Felicity, because she could literally copy Sara and vice versa, although because of her eagerness to give her girlfriend pleasure and impress Sara it seemed to be mostly Felicity taking the lead. Although that might be because Felicity wasn't a evil tease, unlike some people, and right now she was trying to push them both to orgasm.

Sara tried to gently convince her girl to slow her role so they could both savour this moment, but when Felicity made up her mind about something it was easier to stop the tide, so it wasn't long before she just went along with it and decided to show the cute blonde what she could do. At first that involved working on Felicity's clit and teasing her entrance, but when Felicity pushed her tongue inside her Sara was forced to take some direct action. Namely sucking so hard on Felicity's clit that she actually got the other girl to stop momentarily so she could cry out, only to let out an even louder cry when Sara buried her tongue inside her welcoming pussy.

Usually Sara liked to leave her tongue there for a few long seconds and just enjoy the sensations of Felicity quivering around her, but since the hacker had made it clear that she wasn't in a teasing mood the Canary immediately started hammering her tongue in and out of Felicity's fuck hole, again forcing a loud cry out of the other blonde and leaving her incapacitated for a few seconds. But that didn't last, Felicity soon repaying the favour with the only difference being that Sara was way too experienced to allow a thing like being penetrated stop her from tongue fucking another girl. If anything she fucked Felicity harder, Sara really impressed when Felicity again returned the favour so soon the two women were tongue fucking each other at the same hard pace.

This continued for who knows how long, both women totally focused on making the other cum, which wasn't easy when it was clear that the other was holding back. Of course given she had more experience it was inevitable that Sara would win, which made her consider pulling her mouth away from Felicity's cunt just long enough to taunt her a little. After all, she did so love dirty talk during sex, and it seemed a shame to miss out on it. Then again it also seemed inappropriate, given that Felicity had insisted on rushing this experience. Not that Sara minded, as it would just mean she would get to strap-on fuck Felicity sooner.

For a moment it looked like Felicity would actually win, but she telegraphed it by rubbing her fingers over Sara's entrance instead of just shoving them right in. Sara didn't make the same mistake. She also didn't try and push her finger into Felicity's cunt, partly for a reason which would become clear later, but mostly because that would involved removing her mouth from the source of all that yummy liquid. No, she shoved her finger straight up Felicity's ass, which immediately triggered Felicity's first orgasm. Sara pretty much came about a second later from the joy of tasting Felicity's cum and then the floodgates were open, both blondes ravenously swallowing everything the other had to give. At least at first, then they just had to be content with the majority as they continued fucking the cum out of each other.

Felicity had no idea how long they fucked each other like that. Honestly she would have been happy if they spent all night in that position. Or at least as long as it took to knock her unconscious, which admittedly didn't feel like it would take much longer. So maybe it was for the best that Sara did eventually roll off her and let them both catch their breath, as that way they could continue fucking later. Better yet after a few minutes Sara turned around and got on top of her so their cum coated faces were inches away from each other, Felicity almost felt like she could cum again just from seeing her juices glistening on her girlfriend's face, and knowing Sara was seeing a mirror image of that.

Then after a few very long seconds of that Sara closed the distance between them and press their lips together, allowing them to share the taste of their cum with each other. Which became even easier as Sara gently coaxed Felicity's lips apart and pushed her tongue into her mouth, the hacker moaning into the Canary's mouth as the two of them started lazily making out. Then Sara started grinding herself down against Felicity's body, particularly their pussies rubbing together so wonderfully that the kiss seen to grow more intense and Felicity's energy quickly returned. Or at least adrenaline which made her forget how tired she was.

"So babe..." Sara grinned when she eventually broke the kiss, "Are you ready to get fucked?"

To emphasise her point Sara thrusted her hips into Felicity in a way that made her moan, but didn't stop her from snarkily replying, "What do you think we've just been doing?"

"I mean with my cock." Sara pushed.

There was a brief pause and then as boldly as she could Felicity replied, "I'm ready for anything you can throw at me."

Sara grinned, "Be careful baby, that kind of sounded like a challenge."

"Maybe it was." Felicity replied, refusing to back down.

"Well..." Sara said softly, leaning down to press a quick kiss to Felicity's lips before getting off of her, "You should know better."

Sitting up slightly Felicity then watched as Sara strolled over to her draw, retrieved the harness and strapped it around her waist. It was... kind of hot actually. Felicity thought it would look silly, but it almost suited Sara. And the idea of being fucked by another woman, by Sara, with that thing was far from unappealing, which was why Felicity hadn't made a fuss when she found it while admittedly snooping. In fact she had kind of grown to like the idea of doing a number of things with that toy, which was why she was disappointed when Sara also retrieved the bottle of lube that was also in the draw, opened it up and tried to pour some onto her hand.

"Wait!" Felicity protested, then blushed when Sara looked at her, "Don't, don't you want a blow job?"

Sara grinned widely, "You wanna? Cause you don't have too, you know?"

"I know." Felicity confirmed nervously, before taking a deep breath and then getting off the bed, "I want too."

With that Felicity strolled over to Sara as confidently as she could, got down on her knees, wrapped her hand around the base of the cock and then took it into her mouth. Which really should have been no big deal, as she had sucked cock plenty of times, so Felicity shut her eyes, ignored her unjustified nervousness and just concentrated on bobbing her head up and down that cock. And sucking it, of course. Sucking Sara's cock. She was on her knees, sucking Sara's strap-on and getting it nice and ready for her little pussy, and fuck was this hot. If she wasn't wet already from the 69 this would have definitely done the trick. But still, no harm in a little extra preparation, especially when it was so much fun.

Sara bit her lip. She wanted so badly to talk dirty right now, and call Felicity a naughty little cock sucker, etc, but she really didn't want to push her luck so she forced herself to stay quiet. At least for now. She did however reach down and begin gently stroking Felicity's hair, which of course prompted the computer genius to open her beautiful eyes and look up at her with a mixture of love and lust which would have captured Sara's heart if it wasn't already the property of Felicity Smoak. The two lovers then kept eye contact for a few long minutes as Felicity continued lovingly sucking and then licking Sara's strap-on cock.

Honestly Sara was a little disappointed that Felicity didn't even try to deep throat her cock, but she did appreciate the way she took the dildo out of her mouth and licked whatever she couldn't easily reach with her mouth. It was a simple way to make sure the cock was thoroughly coated in saliva, and it was more than enough for Sara. At least for this first time. So she simply waited for Felicity to thoroughly coat the cock in saliva and then pulled her up to her feet for a quick kiss before gently pushing her back onto the bed and then getting on top of her. Then, as much as she wanted to just shove her cock inside her, instead slid a hand down to Felicity's cunt and begin gently rubbing it.

"Sara..." Felicity moaned softly, closing her eyes.

Smiling softly Sara lay down on her side, pushed a stray strand of hair out of Felicity's face and then whispered, "You're so beautiful."

Opening her eyes again Felicity smiled and opened her mouth to reply, although the only thing that came out was a long moan as Sara slowly slipped a finger inside her. It was quickly joined by another and then Sara just gently pumped Felicity for a few long minutes while staring lovingly at her beautiful face as her girl just enjoyed the sensations. More accurately they both did, maybe especially Sara because there was nothing she loved more than giving Felicity pleasure, and there was plenty of evidence that she was succeeding in doing that. And that Felicity was more than ready for her cock. So after several long minutes of fingering Sara removed those fingers, grabbed the base of her strap-on and then pressed it's head against Felicity's entrance.

She looked down to make sure she was lining up properly, then Sara looked back up into Felicity's eyes to make sure she was ready for this. Sara received a nervous nod in response, which made her smile before she gently pushed forward, gradually pushing her cock into Felicity. Her cock. Sara liked the sound of that. She was pushing her cock into Felicity's pussy, causing her girlfriend to cry out in pure pleasure, something she would hopefully do throughout the penetration and the fucking. Sara was fairly confident she would given her initial reaction, and how ready she had seemed, but the Canary couldn't help being a little nervous considering this was actually her first time wearing a strap-on.

Felicity was blissfully unaware of that fact, and if Sara had told her the truth she probably wouldn't have believed it. In fact at the moment she was jealous of all the other sluts Sara had used this on, given how confidently Sara was pushing the strap-on inside her. Which was very unfair of her, she shouldn't call Sara's previous conquests' sluts. She didn't know them, and besides, she couldn't imagine anyone resisting the force of nature which was Sara Lance. Especially not when she was quick to prove her sexual prowess, like she was effortlessly doing right now with her big cock. Her cock. Felicity liked the sound of that. Sara was pushing her cock inside her pussy, filling her with pure Sara Lance. It didn't matter the cock wasn't flesh and blood, in that moment it was enough.

She especially liked the moment when Sara slid the last inch into her and then just stayed perfectly still for a few seconds, before gently dropping her body down so they were tightly pressed together. Pretty much the entire time Sara had been staring at her lovingly, but their faces were barely an inch apart, Sara's gaze dropping from her eyes to her lips a few times before she closed the distance between them. Felicity of course instantly kissed back and for a few long minutes they gently made out as Sara's hands slid over her body, either to make sure she was extra ready for what came next or just to enjoy this precious moment.

Then Sara broke the kiss and softly ordered, "Wrap your legs around me."

It wasn't a request, but Felicity didn't care. In fact she liked that Sara wasn't asking. It just made it more hot, and it wasn't like it was anything bad. Especially because after she did Sara began thrusting her hips back-and-forth, officially beginning to fuck her with that strap-on dildo. Taking her in the traditional way a man takes a woman on their wedding night. Felicity blushed at that thought. Of course it didn't have to be a wedding night, but that thought momentarily prompted the image of Sara in a wedding dress, of them both in wedding dresses, promising to love each other forever in front of their friends and family. Then Sara taking her like this on their wedding night.

Despite herself Felicity couldn't help but get lost in that delightful fantasy for a few long minutes as Sara established a steady rhythm. Then as Sara continue to impress Felicity couldn't help getting increasingly jealous imagining how many women Sara had done this too. Which was ridiculous. Everyone had a past, at least past a certain age, and Felicity had absolutely no right to be jealous. In fact she should be grateful. If it wasn't for all those sluts, or whatever, Sara might not be fucking her this good right now. Still, as much as she tried just to enjoy the wonderful sensations that Sara was giving her Felicity couldn't help be a little jealous. Although luckily that irrational feeling was replaced by a very rational one soon enough, that being the need to cum.

Which led to Felicity whimpering, "More! Mmmmmm, more... harder... fuck me..."

Sometimes that was enough to get Felicity what she wanted, but not this time. This time Sara wanted more. This time she wanted to gently fuck Felicity until she was desperate to cum. And then she wanted to fuck her some more. Which was a technique Sara had believed had won her Felicity's hard in the first place, or been a very strong reason why she said yes to dating, and she wanted her to say yes again. Not to take the relationship to the next step, obviously. Well, in a way they were. But in a totally different way than before. Because despite what Felicity was thinking this was something completely new to Sara, but something she definitely wanted to do again and again and again.

It hadn't taken long for Nyssa to introduce a strap-on dildo into their fun. Partly because before their relationship Sara had identified as straight but mostly because Nyssa actually enjoyed it, and now Sara was definitely finding out why. To be fair she had tried to return the favour with Nyssa, but Nyssa was very determined to remain a top. Sara on the other hand was happy to go both ways, and was hoping to talk Felicity into fucking her with a strap-on sometime in the future, because she really loved having Nyssa fuck her like that. Granted Felicity wouldn't fuck her with the same power, but if she could learn even half the confidence would be amazing, as would simply riding her while wearing the dildo.

That could definitely wait though, because while Sara had love to 'bottom' for Nyssa there was just something about Felicity which awoke her inner top, and she had been dreaming about fucking her with a strap-on pretty much since the moment they met. So far it was better than she ever dreamt, which was often the case when it came to Felicity, Sara particularly liking the way her lover's arms and legs wrapped around her as she pumped in and out of her, taking her like a man would and making her feel like a woman. Her woman. Oh yes, Felicity Smoak was her woman in this wonderful moment, and Sara promised herself it wouldn't be the last.

So even though it broke her heart she ignored Felicity's initial cries for more, then covered her lips with her own so for a short time she couldn't beg for more. Of course it wasn't long before Felicity broke the kiss and went right back to begging, although Sara just switched to kissing her neck or smiling down at her wickedly. Perhaps cruelly. Which truth be told made Sara a bit wary. Was she pushing things too far? How much was too much when it came to teasing? Because she was sure Felicity would eventually forgive her after she came, but there was only so much torture that Sara could inflict on the woman she loved, even when that torture was so pleasurable.

"More, more, more, more, more! Oh God, please Sara, more." Felicity whimpered deliriously, "Give me more! Fuck me harder! Please? Please fuck me hard. Oooooooooh Sara. Sara! Oh God! Pound me, pound my little pussy, ohhhhhhhh yesssssss, mmmmmmm Godddddddd, fuck me Sara! Fuck me hard. Harder! Harder, harder, harder, harder, harder aaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk, ooooooooohhhhhhhh Gooooooooddddddd yeeeeeeeeessssss, fuck me! FUCK ME! Oh Sara, Gooooooooddddddd yeahhhhhhhhhhhhh!"

With that Sara finally started increasing the pace, much to Felicity's relief. She wasn't a Master Assassin, okay? There was only so much she could take, and being gently fucked by her beautiful girlfriend was just too much after a little while. Although there long drawn-out fucking had made sure she was nice and relaxed for what came next, which was no doubt Sara's intention, the Canary once again proving herself a wonderful girlfriend as after making sure Felicity was ready for it she gradually increased the pace, somehow never giving the physically weaker woman more than she could handle.

In what felt like no time at all Felicity was once again on the edge of orgasm, and unlike before she didn't receive it right away. No, Sara somehow kept her as close to the edge as possible without giving her what she truly wanted, although truth be told the harder fucking was an acceptable substitute. At first. Then just as Felicity was about to beg again Sara kissed her, long and deep, momentarily making Felicity forget what she was about to do. Then she didn't really care. Then she sort of did, but doubted she could coherently convey what it was she wanted given how much she was screaming, crying and whimpering into Sara's mouth.

Just as it seemed it was becoming unbearable Sara increased the pace ever so slightly and Felicity found herself experiencing kind of powerful orgasm only Sara Lance could give her. Or at least had given her, but then again no offence to everyone else in the world but Felicity extremely doubted that anyone could make her feel this good, the MIT graduate clutching tightly to her girlfriend as she effortlessly fucked her to orgasm after orgasm.

Somewhere along the way Sara broke the kiss and gave her one of those wicked smiles which Felicity thought might someday make her cum on it's own, especially if she continued to have experiences like this. In this case it was severely help by the strap-on pounding in and out of her, but it was that grin that she gave Felicity her latest climax. Well, maybe that and the way Sara looked at her, Felicity blushing again at the pure desire she saw in the other woman's eyes. Not that she was really embarrassed. Honestly she wasn't. It was just a bit overwhelmed that this goddess of a woman would be so taken with her.

Sara was shooting for sultry, but she felt like her grin was more goofy than anything in that moment. She just couldn't help it, she was so happy to be here in this moment, Felicity seemed to shared with her and not quietly dreaming about Oliver Queen and his amazing abs. No, Felicity's mind, body and soul were here with her in this moment, as Sara made love to her beautiful girlfriend in their bed, the whole experience feeling like one big orgasm to her. Or maybe that was because Sara was soon cumming too, but whatever. The point was she was embarrassingly happy, every previous hardship worth it for this moment.

Just when Sara didn't think it could get any better she felt her own orgasm quickly approaching, the stimulator inside the harness putting wonderful pressure against her clit and the sheer joy of taking Felicity Smoak in this way soon brought her to the edge of orgasm. She tried to hold back, but she couldn't look away or even close her eyes to prevent herself from seeing the cute little expressions on Felicity's face and the wonder in her eyes as Sara made her cum, that beautiful sight ultimately pushing the deadly vigilante over the edge of her own climax.

After that the floodgates were open and Sara found herself cumming several times. Almost as much as Felicity, and a few times with the other blonde, which of course made those climaxes just that much more powerful and special. Unfortunately it meant it was the beginning of the end, exhaustion flooding Sara's body as her adrenaline began running out and every muscle in her tired body began to ache painfully. Sara tried to push herself throughout, use all the endurance training she had learned in the League of Assassins, and in Nyssa's bed, to keep up her thrusting for as long as she could without hurting Felicity.

The last part proved most difficult, as Nyssa had definitely liked to be a bit rough during sex while Sara haven't really discussed with Felicity whether she liked that sort of thing. So she fucked Felicity as roughly as she dared, thankfully the other blonde not complaining even once. On the contrary, Felicity screamed herself hoarse and even at the end the weak sounds out of her mouth and perhaps more importantly the look in her eyes were nothing but encouraging. Unfortunately even Master Assassins have their limits and ultimately Sara collapsed on top of her lover in a panting and sweaty heap, although she did kiss Felicity's neck and whisper soft words of encouragement, gently bringing them both down from their highs.

After a few minutes Sara then whispered, "So, can I fuck you like this again?"

"You can fuck me however you want." Felicity sighed contentedly, her eyes currently closed as she was slowly recovering, meaning she didn't see the wicked smile crossing Sara's face.


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