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Author's note: This story takes place after Season 2, but has it's own continuity.

Keywords: Anal, BDSM, DP, FF+, Rim, Toys

Arrow/Flash: Stuffed Canary Part 10
by MTL ([email protected])

Sara Lance was only too happy to visit Central City. After all, it wasn't often that Team Arrow were the ones to help Team Flash. In fact, it was normally the other way around. So it was only right that they return the favour. Besides, she was really fond of Barry, Joe and of course Cisco. Hell, even Harry had warmed up to them, and although she wouldn't admit it, she liked him too. But not as quite as much as she liked the female members of Team Flash, namely Iris West and Caitlin Snow. Oh yes, those two lovely ladies were the real reason Sara had insisted that she, and her secret harem, join Oliver in Central City to help out their friends.

Ever since they arrived Sara had been doing a good job of downplaying it, but inside she was like a kid in a candy store, gleefully eyeing the tasty treats and struggling to decide what to try first. The decision was made for her, as despite plenty of encouragement Caitlin insisted on staying behind in Star Labs to work late, which was apparently a regular occurrence for her. Meanwhile Iris had not only happily accepted the offer of having a girls night, but had even asked if she could bring her friend Linda Park, who was another beauty Sara couldn't wait to get her hands on. Although that wasn't the only reason why this seduction would be easy...

"So..." Sara said almost conversationally, "How long have you two been together?"

While she had strategically waited until Iris took a sip of her beer Sara hadn't actually thought she would get a spit take out of it, but she did. Not a big one, but it was more than enough to be telling, Sara grinning triumphantly at the proof of her assessment. Although the spit take wasn't quite as telling as the long pause, and especially the looks on Iris's and Linda's faces, which was kind of adorable really. Not as adorable as Felicity, but pretty close. Then Iris made a transparent attempt to brush it off, much to the clear displeasure of Linda, who tried to hide it, and her inner pain, by downing her latest drink, kind of impressing Sara in the process.

"What? No, no. We're not together." Iris laughed unconvincingly, "What would make you think that?"

Surprisingly it was Felicity who piped up, "Well, there's your body language, the way you look at each other, talk about each other, and of course, the fact that Linda flinches every time you call her a friend."

Iris gave Linda a telling look, and ironically it was Nyssa who tried to comfort them, "It's nothing to be ashamed of, you know?"

"I'm not ashamed." Iris said defensively.

"Aren't you?" Linda grumbled.

"No, it's just..." Iris hesitated, clearly taken off-guard, before continuing, "New."

"And it's not like were exclusive." Linda said softly, trying and failing to keep the disappointment out of her voice.

"Right." Iris started, before further explaining, "And really, we're just friends with benefits. But nobody knows, so if you could avoid telling anyone, that would be great."

There was a brief pause as Sara debated her next move. Really, this was better than she could have hoped for, giving her intentions, but there was one thing that might ruin it. Namely, the fact that Linda obviously wanted an exclusive relationship with Iris. Sara had suspected that before, but now she had confirmation she didn't want to ruin someone's chance for the love she had found. She also didn't want those feelings to interfere with her plans. Luckily for everyone involved, Sara was confident that she could get what she wanted, with the added side mission of making Linda and Iris officially a thing. It was the least she could do, after they had made themselves such easy targets for her.

"No problem..." Sara smiled flirtatiously, "Although I am tempted to use this information to blackmail you into bed."

There was a brief pause, and then Iris laughed, "Good one."

"You are joking, aren't you?" Linda asked, unsure what she wanted the answer to be.

"Sara..." Felicity warned.

"Relax babe." Sara said softly, taking Felicity's hand and kissing it, "You know I don't need to blackmail anyone into sex when I have you and Nyssa."

"You and Nyssa?" Iris parroted, her journalistic curiosity getting the better of her.

"Sara, Felicity and I are in a polyamorous relationship." Nyssa explained casually, like she was commenting on the weather, even while adding, "And Thea and Laurel are our fuck pets."

There was a brief pause, then Linda said dryly, "Wow, interesting friends you've got Iris."

"I'm only just learning how interesting." Iris grumbled, and after briefly staring at Felicity she asked her, "So, you're gay?"

"No." Felicity shook her head, "I'm bi. All of us are, except Nyssa."

"I just don't see the appeal of men." Nyssa admitted dryly.

There was another brief pause, and then Linda asked, "So, how does it work?"

Sara smiled flirtatiously, "The sex?"

"No." Linda blushed, "Well, no... I... I meant the relationship part."

"Like any other relationship." Sara shrugged.

"Well, it takes a little more work." Felicity admitted, before smiling, "But there's more opportunity for snuggles."

"And sex." Sara smirked.

"I bet." Iris said with a slight blush but with a smile too.

"Would you like to find out?" Nyssa offered.

Yet another pause, in which Iris and Linda looked at each other, before Linda questioned, "Seriously?"

"Why not?" Sara asked, "We're all young, and attracted to each other, and in our line of work you could die at any moment. Trust me, I know. So why not make the most of our lives?"

"By having crazy sex?" Iris question softly.

"If you didn't, wouldn't you regret it?" Nyssa pointed out.

"You could just watch, if you weren't comfortable with participating." Sara offered, avoiding the temptation to add yet.

There was a long pause, and then Iris asked the friend she'd known for the longest, "Are you okay with this?"

"Absolutely." Felicity said without hesitation, and then while blushing a little added, "It might not seem like it, but I'm just as twisted as these other two. Or, you know, four."

One final brief pause, then Iris turned to Linda and asked, "What do you think?"

"Honestly? I am so down." Linda admitted, before quickly adding, "But only if you are."

Turning back to the other woman Iris blushed slightly, and admitted, "I am."

Sara just smiled evilly.

* * *

"One more thing, aren't you two sisters?" Iris asked once they were through the door of the hotel room the visiting women were staying at.

"Yes." Sara grinned proudly as Laurel blushed.

"So, you don't have sex?" Iris questioned.

Looking over at her blushing sister Sara grinned proudly, "Who do you think made her like this?"

"Oh." Iris blushed, before truthfully admitting, "I'm not sure how I feel about that."

"Relax, she's not exactly my focus tonight." Sara pointed out while slowly walking forward.

Iris opened her mouth to say more, although she had no idea what. Thankfully before she could ruin the mood Sara closed the distance between them, gently cupped her face and pulled her into a soft kiss. As she still wasn't sure what to think about the previous revelation, and honestly she was really nervous, Iris didn't kiss back for a few long seconds and just stayed painfully still, but Sara effortlessly coaxed her into relaxing and returning the kiss. Before Iris knew it she was completely lost in that kiss, which slowly but surely grew more heated while Sara's hands began travelling over her body, further relaxing and arousing her.

When Sara eventually pulled back Iris got a brief glimpse of Linda and Nyssa kissing passionately before Thea replaced Sara and eagerly repeated the process. Then Laurel kissed her, then Nyssa, and then finally Felicity. It was probably good Felicity went last, as it was a little weird kissing the woman she had known for the longest and was easily her closest friend on Team Arrow, and within this little Harem, however it was not long before Iris got into it and from then on as the other women continued taking turns with her lips. In between kisses Iris could see that Linda continued to get the same treatment, which to Iris's delight didn't only include kissing. No, the other women slowly but surely began to strip them, and themselves, making the view even more erotic.

Once all of them were completely naked Laurel gave Iris one final and extra long kiss and then dropped her lips down to first her neck and then soon after her tits, causing Iris to cry out joyfully. For a few seconds she closed her eyes and just savoured that feeling, then she opened them again when she heard Linda moan and looked over to her best friend to find out she was receiving the same treatment from Thea. Which was a surprise, to be honest. Iris had been expecting Sara and Nyssa to be the aggressors. Maybe even Felicity. Not that she was complaining, in fact she was very clearly not complaining given how she was moaning, but she still couldn't help give Sara a quizzical look.

Instantly getting it Sara answered Iris's silent question, "We promised our subs the first taste of your pussies."

Iris blushed slightly, and then moaned, "I'm good with that."

Although she didn't reply with words it very much sounded like Linda agreed, moaning extra loudly as the 'subs' swirled their tongues around their nipples before sucking on them. They then went back and forth for a few unnecessary minutes, Iris struggling not to push them lower, and she even considered asking for it. Thankfully just as she was opening her mouth to do so Laurel began kissing her way down her stomach, Thea doing the same to Linda so that the Arrow girls simultaneously dropped to their knees in front of the Flash girls. Or should that be the Canary girls dropped to their knees in front of the Flash girls? Either way Iris got what she now so desperately wanted.

Laurel definitely got what she wanted, namely a chance to taste Iris West's pussy. She'd had a crush on the other girl since she'd met her, and thanks to her beloved Mistress Sara and her friends Laurel was truly embracing that side of herself. Of course Thea had wanted her too, and everyone else wanted a piece of her, and who could blame them, but Laurel had known her for the longest so her Mistresses had allowed her to call dibs. Or more accurately, Laurel had known Iris for the second longest amount of time, as Mistress Felicity had known her longer, but Mistress Felicity was a Dom so she got something else while as a sub Laurel got to be the first one amongst them to lick Iris's pussy.

She had been hoping that she would be the first woman to lick it, but learning that Iris had been hooking up with Linda Park was incredibly hot, and just made her easier to seduce. And it meant that Laurel knew Iris would know everything that she was about to do to her, and welcome it. That was partly the reason why she insisted on a little foreplay, because she knew she had this in the bag. Of course at the same time she didn't want to be seen as disobedient, or get beaten to the punch by Thea, so Laurel didn't spend nearly as much time as she would have liked on Iris's full tits before dropping to her knees and going for her big prize.

That prize was well worth the wait, and worth fighting for, Laurel moaning happily as the flavour of Iris West's cunt hit her taste-buds. More importantly Iris cried out and then moaned in pleasure as Laurel slid her tongue over her pussy lips and then repeated the process over and over again, the only difference being that the first time The Black Canary lingered on the other girl's clit while she tried to avoid it for the next half a dozen licks. Well, mostly. Laurel couldn't resist gently brushing against it every so often, or doing the same to Iris's entrance, but that was way too much of a tease to bring Iris any real satisfaction. No, that would come later. Perhaps much later, depending how generous her Mistresses were. Or eager to get involved.

From previous experience Laurel knew that Mistress Sara could often be impatient, but really at any time any of them could have ordered her away without giving her the privilege of making Iris cum, so Laurel did her best to enjoy this while it lasted. Besides, while she could feel the desire of her Mistresses she could hear how much satisfaction Linda was receiving from Thea, and Laurel refused to be outdone by her fellow sub. So yeah, Laurel might have started more than just brushing against Iris's clit. Although admittedly that was half about not being outdone by Thea, and also just to make sure there would be plenty more yummy pussy juice for her to swallow. And of course, to make the Flash girls feel good.

Linda definitely felt good right now. Maybe never better. Only, no. Iris going down on her when they were alone, that was better. Then she could close her eyes and imagine what they had was more than a friends with benefits arrangement. But this, this was pretty amazing. This was an all girl orgy, something that Linda never thought that she'd be a part of. In fact the first few minutes of that wonderful pussy licking it was just a little too much to bear, so Linda just closed her eyes and concentrated on the feeling of a soft tongue massaging her pussy. Of course that just made the physical pleasure that more intense, and soon Linda was opening her eyes again to prevent herself from begging for more too soon.

Maybe she would end up doing that anyway, given that she was surrounded by beautiful naked women. More accurately there were three naked women staring at her lustfully, while the fourth was being eaten out by a fifth, and the sixth was on her knees in front of Linda and licking her pussy. And the girl on her knees in front of her look to be barely out of her teens, which to be fair was only a few years younger than the rest of them, but everyone seemed so much more experienced than Linda, even this girl, given just how skilfully she was eating her pussy. God, it was overwhelming. And amazingly hot, and Linda just couldn't stop herself from pointing that out.

"Ooooooh Goooooddddddd yessssssss, lick me! Lick my pussy! Oh fuck yeahhhhhhhh, lick me! That feels so good, sooooooo goooooooodddddd, oh fuck!" Linda moaned deliriously, "Ohhhhhh yeah, keep licking it. It feels so good when you lick it. Oh God, fuck me! Mmmmm, fuck me with your tongue!"

"Lick my clit!" Iris interrupted, "Mmmmm yeahhhhhhh Laurel, lick my clit just like that, oooooooh, but not too much. Don't make us cum yet. Ohhhhhh fuckkkkkk yessssss, we're just getting started with your talented little tongues. Oh fuck! Oh yeah, tongue us you little sluts! Mmmmm yeah, make us feel good. Sooooooo goooooodddddd, mmmmm, oh fuck yeah!"

That encouragement had the subs licking Linda and Iris even more enthusiastically than before, paying extra attention to their clits which they started to linger on, making Linda and Iris become incoherent for a few long seconds. When they regain the ability to speak it was the same kind of thing, mostly encouragement with occasionally telling them to slow down just so that they could enjoy this pure heaven for longer, which just caused the process to repeat itself, this time with Thea and Laurel taking their clits into their mouths and sucking on them gently. From then on they mostly concentrated on their clits, occasionally sliding their tongues down to tease their entrances, obviously trying to encourage them to beg for more. But they weren't ready. Not yet.

More accurately Iris wasn't ready to cum, and even as the need to cum became overwhelming Linda held herself back because she wanted to make sure her best friend got the most out of this. Besides, no matter how badly she wanted to cum she really wanted to stretch out this moment and enjoy being in her first, and probably only, orgy. The main thing she wished at this point was that Sara, Felicity and Nyssa would join in somehow instead of just watching them. The intense stares were a little creepy, especially from Nyssa who was kind of scary, and Linda couldn't help like the idea of one of them coming closer to kiss her and/or Iris. Or maybe play with their tits and asses. Maybe even push a finger up their butts. Just something to make this extra special, and maybe push Iris into begging for more.

Thea was more or less thinking the same things, as she adored eating pussy and would happily do it all night of her Mistresses wanted her too. However at the same time she was eager to taste Linda's cum, and wanted someone to push Linda and Iris over the edge so she could get it. Whether that meant one of the Flash girls begging for more, or her Mistresses ordering her and Laurel to finish the job, or better yet her Mistresses finishing the job themselves, it didn't matter, not as long as Thea got to taste some girl cum. Although she couldn't help wish her Mistresses would touch her, as it felt like it would only take one of them rubbing her clit a little to make her cum as she was just so horny. Sadly that didn't happen, but Thea was eventually given another privilege.

"Make me cum!" Iris finally whimpered, "I need to cum, oh please, mmmmmm, ohhhhhhh fuck, please Laurel, make me cum! Tongue fuck me and make me cum in front of your Mistresses. Oooooooh yeah, that's it, mmmmm, more, more, more, ohhhhhh Gooooooddddd! Oh fuck! Oh God yes, tongue fuck me! Fuck me good, ohhhhhh fuck my cunt, oh shit! Oh Laurel! Laurel! Oh fuck yes! Mmmmm yesssssss, fuck me, OH FUCK, OOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEESSSSSSS, FUCK ME JUST LIKE THAT, FUCK ME WITH YOUR FUCKING TONGUE, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH GOOOOOOOOODDDDDDDDD!"

Quickly following suit Linda cried out, "Fuck me Thea, fuck me and make me cum! Oooooooh yesssssss, make me cum, make me cum, fuck me with your tongue and make me cum, oh yes, mmmmm fuckkkkkkk, fuck me! Please Thea, fuck my pussy and make me cum, oh God! Yes, fuck me, fuck me and make me cum, make me AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKKK, FUCKING TONGUE FUCK ME, TONGUE FUCK ME HARD OOOOOOOHHHHHHH GOOOOOOODDDDDDD YEEEEEEESSSSSSSS! AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKKK, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK, AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK!"

Poor Iris didn't get much of a chance to talk before getting what she wanted, which seemed a bit risky on Laurel's part. Thea briefly debated whether she should do the same, before deciding to go for it. After all, Laurel could know something she didn't, and if that wasn't the case Thea didn't want to be left out of receiving a little spanking. But most of all Thea just couldn't resist using any excuse to taste girl cum sooner rather than later. So she shoved her tongue as deep into Linda's cunt as it would go and after a few brief seconds of thrusting it in and out Thea got her wish. Oh yes, she got her wish, meaning her mouth was flooded with girl cum, Thea quickly removing her tongue so she could swallow it all.

She was less lucky for the following climaxes, mostly because Linda started grinding against her face, but also because there seemed to be more liquid to swallow. Not that it stopped Thea from trying, and she was still able to get a decent amount of it into her belly. Besides, it wasn't so bad having her face completely drenched in girl cum, as it was a perfect reminder of what a little lesbian slut she had been turned into by her Mistresses. Oh yes, Thea loved having a face covered in girl cum. Okay, she would have preferred it to be one of her Mistresses, but it was still pretty hot. Also what was about to happen next wasn't her preference, as Thea's obviously wanted some attention, but she was still very much looking forward to being part of 'stuffing' these reporters.

"Okay bitches, that's enough. I said that's enough!" Sara ordered, a little angry at having to repeat herself, but it was quickly forgotten as Thea and Laurel reluctantly pulled their faces from those cunts and looked back at her, "Mmmmm yesssss, save some for us, sluts. For now, crawl over to each other and kiss. Oh yes, kiss each other and share the flavour of those yummy little pussies! Oh fuck yeah, that's so hot!"

"Yes Mistress Sara." Laurel murmured softly while her sister was still speaking, before practically diving at Thea.

Initially Thea opened her mouth to mumble those same words, but before she had the chance Laurel was pulling her into her arms and kissing her. Even though this stunned her Thea's body switched to autopilot and she wrapped her arms around Laurel while kissing her back, and of course moaning and getting to taste Iris's cum on Laurel's lips and tongue. Laurel likewise moaned from getting to taste Linda on her lips and tongue, and while neither of the subs got nearly as much cum as they would have liked this was one hell of a consolation prize. Their Mistresses even joined the fun by wordlessly seeking up to them and pulling them into some kisses which allow them to taste the combination of the cum of Linda and Iris. Mistress Sara and Mistress Nyssa were of course first, but to her credit Mistress Felicity joined in shortly after.

Iris watch this show with great interest, barely noticing that Linda was doing the same. If her friend was as exhausted as she was from those orgasms she must've been equally grateful for this little show, which Iris imagined had the same effect on Linda as it did on her, meaning it recharged her batteries and got her ready for more. Which was good, because it certainly seemed that Team Arrow were ready for more, given that Sara and Nyssa had a couple of strap-on dildos in their hands. However to Iris's surprise they didn't strap those toys to themselves, but to their bitches. Which of course Sara was only too happy to explain with a wicked smile on her face.

"Have you girls ever been DP'ed?" Sara asked almost casually, if not for the look on her face.

Which of course stunned the other two into silence for a few long seconds, and then Linda grumbled, "I've... I've never even been ass fucked."

"Me neither." Iris admitted.

"Excellent. We loved popping cherries." Sara confessed with another wicked grin, before ordering, "Although I suggest you give those cocks a little sucking before you stuff them into your pussies. And don't worry, the rest of us will use plenty of lube."

There was a long pause as Iris and Linda looked at each other cautiously, both opening and closing their mouths as they tried to think of a response. Part of Iris wanted to be offended at Sara for being so presumptuous, and maybe she would have been if it had been a guy acting as if it was given that she was just going to give up her virgin ass, but she couldn't deny Sara's confidence was a turn on. Or that she had previously fantasised about what it would be like to have two cocks inside her at once. So for better or for worse she decided to go for it, wordlessly kneeling down where Laurel was lying on the centre of the bed, Linda doing the same with Thea almost simultaneously.

Perhaps if she hadn't been so understandably distracted Iris would have questioned her about this, but instead she just wrapped her lips around Laurel's cock and began bobbing her head up and down on it. Iris was dully aware of Linda doing the same with Thea's strap-on, but for the most part during those long few minutes the whole world fell away and there was only Laurel's dick and how much she could take it into her mouth, and eventually down her throat. This cock was a lot bigger than the ones she was used too, but Iris thought she did herself proud, eventually taking most of it and allowing her saliva to slide down the shaft to the bace. Which of course was unnecessary given just how wet she was, but it seemed natural to obey Sara's orders.

Still, the second Iris was sure she'd put on a good enough show she straddled Laurel, lined up the entrance of her pussy with the dildo, which Laurel was nice enough to hold for her, and then push herself downwards. Iris then let out a loud cry of mostly pleasure as she was penetrated, and continued letting out mostly positive sounds as she slowly lowered herself the rest of the way down. Along the way Iris looked over to first watched Linda sucking cock and then sliding her pussy down onto it, the two reporters exchanging a smile once they were sitting on every inch of those dicks. Then they started to ride them, again letting out positive sounds as they did so. Positive sounds which only increased, until they were made to stop.

"Okay, that's enough of that. Iris and Linda stay nice and still so me and Nyssa can really get this party started." Sara ordered, quickly adding, "I mean don't get me wrong, I love watching a couple of hot girls bouncing on strap-ons, but it's just not as much fun as being part of the equation. Mmmmm, and those sexy little asses of yours are just begging to be fucked."

"Unless you don't want too." Felicity quickly added, ignoring Sara glaring at her as she explained, "Believe me, I know from experience that it's scary, but one of the best decisions I have made was to let Sara have my ass cherry. Mmmmm, she's such an amazing butt fucker, and so is Nyssa, oooooh, and the dildos in your pussies will help a ton. Ohhhhh yeah, and again, I know from experience it's amazing to be DP'ed by a couple of studs like Sara and Nyssa who know what they're doing."

"Just ask the sluts beneath you." Nyssa quipped.

Not needing any more encouragement Thea quickly agreed, "Oh yes, it's amazing. Mmmmm, me and Laurel love being double stuffed by our wonderful Mistresses, who are so good at fucking all our slutty little fuck holes. Isn't that right Laurel?"

"Oh God yes, we love it." Laurel eagerly agreed, briefly glancing over at Thea with gratitude before refocusing on her words, "We love getting strap-on fucked, especially in our slutty asses! Oh God, I love my little sister's cock in my ass. Mmmmm, but it's even better when it's you being double stuffed. Or triple stuffed. So trust us, you're in for a real treat."

"I believe you. And I'm willing to try." Iris said boldly, before looking over at her friend, "What do you think?"

Linda briefly hesitated, and then boldly said, "Bring it."

"Excellent." Sara beamed, before ordering, "Thea, Laurel, spread those cheeks for us. Mmmmm yes, give us the best view possible of those pretty little butt holes. And Linda and Iris, be good girls and beg us for it. Come on, prove what good little butt sluts you can be."

Iris was extremely tempted to point out anal virgins probably couldn't be butt sluts, but instead she obediently called out, "Please Sara, fuck my ass. I want you to fuck my ass. My virgin ass! Oh God, fuck it! Fuck my virgin ass you bitch! Oh Sara, your bitches just made us cum so good, mmmmm, now I want you and Nyssa to do it. And Felicity. Ooooooh yesssssss, I want you and your girlfriends to make me and Linda cum from being double fucked. Come on, stuff all our little fuck holes like the sluts we are. Please? Oh God, oh fuck yes, give it to me, aaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuckkkkkkk! Oh yes, stretch my fucking ass, ohhhhhhhh fuck yeah!"

About the same time Linda chimed in with, "Yes, fuck us, mmmmm, please fuck us! We want to be fucked. I want to be fucked. Please give it to me. Fuck my butt! Fuck it at the same time there's a cock in my pussy. Oh fuck, butt fuck me, ohhhhhhh, fuck my butt, ooooooh, fuck me up the butt, oh God! Oh fuck! Fuck! Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhh fuck! Ooooooooohhhhhhh fuck yeah, oh fuck!"

Sara savoured the moment, and the sweet sound of Iris and Linda begging to be butt fucked, for a few long seconds before pushing forwards. In the end part of the reason for pushing forwards was that Nyssa had already started, and Sara really wanted to do this together as a couple. Luckily Nyssa was obviously savouring watching Linda's ass hole stretch for her, giving Sara plenty of time to catch up and make the anal penetrations as simultaneous as possible. Taking two ass cherries as simultaneously as possible. Just like the good old days where they would pick a couple of girls up in a bar. Iris and Linda certainly cried out in unison, causing a wide smile of satisfaction to cross the faces of Sara and Nyssa, the two assassins then exchanging a look before pushing forwards even more. Which of course got more cries out of their conquests.

While there was definitely some pain and discomfort from Iris and Linda for the most part those cries were of pleasure and excitement, proving these were natural anal sluts, the thought making Sara grin wickedly. Initially this was meant to be just a one night stand, especially as Linda and Iris had feelings for each other. However now Sara was very tempted to keep them both. Sure, that might be one too many bitches, Sara running the risk of letting someone feel left out, but that was a good problem to have, and she was confident in her skill to keep everyone happy. Especially with the likes of Felicity and particularly Nyssa to help her out. Oh well, Sara could officially decide later, now she wanted to concentrate on the amazing little fuck hole in front of her.

God, it was such a tragedy they weren't able to convince Caitlin Snow to join them. If they had then Caitlin could have been bent over right next to her friends, Felicity sliding her cock into her ass hole instead of just watching and waiting her turn. Oh yes, Team Arrow should have got all of Team Flash in one go. But it wasn't too late. No, once they seduced Caitlin they could still line up all three of these hot little sluts and ass fuck and/or DP them all at the same time, while take it in turns to make them air tight. Oh yes, Sara loved that idea. Almost as much as she loved the idea of taking Caitlin's anal cherry, because she seriously doubted that uptight scientist had taken it up the butt before. Although even then maybe she should let Felicity take that cherry? It would only be fair, considering just how many cherries Sara had taken already.

For the rest of this glorious fucking Sara's mind regularly wandered to that glorious image of her girlfriends totally dominating The Flash's friends. However each time she forced herself to refocus on what she was doing. In this case the heavenly sight of watching her dick slowly disappearing into Iris's widely stretched ass hole until her thighs came to rest against those meaty cheeks, announcing every single inch of her strap-on was buried in the other woman's bowels. At the same time Nyssa did the same to Linda, the two Doms then briefly savouring the moment before moving their hips back and forth, causing the dildos to slide in and out of those well stretched butt holes and arguably officially begin the sodomy of Iris West and Linda Park.

Linda had always prided herself on being an adventurous girl, but she had never tried anal sex. She had come close a few times, but she was saving that cherry for a truly special occasion. Which technically she had very much succeeded in, because what could possibly be more special than an all girl orgy? Of course it hurt at first, especially the initial anal penetration. However it heard about as much as she was expecting, and in a surprisingly short amount of time she found herself moaning in pleasure from being so obscenely violated, making her wish she had tried anal sooner. Although even then it was unlikely anyone else would have been as experienced and skilled as these girls were. Especially the incredibly scary one who had just popped her anal cherry.

It had been something she thought she might give to another woman, but every time Linda hooked up with a girl she ended up being the dominant one. Even Iris, which was kind of a surprise as she thought her friend might insist on being on top. Sometimes she even wished she'd try, which had ended up adding to the reason that Linda had allowed herself to be dominated by these women, which was definitely the bright side to it. Although after this she might have to actually ask Iris to top her, because this was amazing. If Iris could even try after so totally bottoming to these goddesses. Then again, would Linda be able to top her friend again after this?

That was a scary and off-putting thought. This whole thing was amazing, especially the anal sex now her ass was nice and relaxed and being properly fucked, but even this incredibly kinky feeling wasn't worth losing Iris West, and now Linda was genuinely afraid that after this she wouldn't be able to top her friend again. No! She promised herself she would top Iris again. She had too. No matter how good this felt nothing would take Iris away from her. In fact, after this she was going to tell Iris how she really felt, and they would start doing this to each other. Oh yes, they would become girlfriends who butt fucked each other on a daily basis, amongst many other things.

For a few long minutes Linda became lost in that wonderful fantasy, then she cried out in dismay as without any warning Nyssa pulled her cock out of her ass. Fortunately she only went without for a few long seconds, although when she was filled again it wasn't with Nyssa's cock, but with Felicity's. Oh yes, Nyssa spread her cheeks wide and without a word Felicity slowly pushed her strap-on cock as deep as it would go into Linda's ass and started ass fucking her with the same kind of skill Nyssa had shown, meaning Linda was soon moaning with pleasure again. Her eyes then went wide with disbelief, and lust, as she watched Nyssa move over to Iris and make her air tight.

"Suck it." Nyssa ordered once she was standing in front of Iris, then happily elaborated, "Mmmmm, suck my cock and taste your little girlfriend's ass. Go ass to mouth and become our little air tight slut. Our little fully stuffed whore. Oh yes, suck it and become a little fully stuffed reporter. Then we'll do the same to your little girlfriend, and make you our fully stuffed journalists! Oh yes suck it you perverted bitch! Suck my cock, mmmmm, suck it good. Suck every drop of your girlfriend's ass off my cock! Take it deep. Take it deep down your throat while my girlfriend fucks you up the ass. Mmmmm yessssss, and my other girlfriend fucks your girlfriend while we make you air tight! Ohhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkk yeahhhhhhhhh, suck it!"

Nyssa was impressed that Iris barely hesitated to do as she was told, even though given the surprised sound she let out afterwards it seemed she had done this before, further proving these two had been anal virgins, and Nyssa had just added another butt cherry to her collection. The thought had Nyssa grinning wickedly, or at least added to it given she was currently receiving a blow job from a beautiful girl. One in which that girl was sucking her friend's ass cream from a toy cock, and clearly loving it, given that initial sound of surprise quickly turned to moans of pleasure and even more enthusiastic sucking, Iris happily showing off just what she could do with a cock. Which again, was impressive.

Perhaps proving her bisexuality Iris passionately sucked that cock as if it was real, taking it deep into her mouth and eventually down her throat like a well-trained cock sucker, which Nyssa was only too happy to point out as she continued encouraging the other girl to clean that cock. Of course as wickedly wonderful as that sight was Nyssa didn't love it quite as much as watching another woman's ass hole stretching for her, and even when she had been sodomising Linda her gaze had wandered to Sara as she treated Iris West to her first ever butt fucking, which admittedly had to be another reason for Iris's constant moaning.

Now Nyssa also found herself looking over at Felicity ass fucking Linda, but Sara was directly in front of her, her big beautiful boobs bouncing with every thrust into Iris's ass and such a captivating happy look on her face constantly distracting the Heir to the Demon. Then Sara looked up in their eyes met and they exchanged a loving look and a happy smile while Nyssa began gently but firmly thrusting into Iris's mouth so they could both be fucking her at the same time. Unfortunately while Iris had clearly deep throated before, and even managed to take all of Nyssa's cock, she obviously wasn't expecting this, and choked and gagged enough to get Nyssa's attention. Which was fine, because she was aching for another hole.

"Let's swap fuck holes." Nyssa suggested eagerly, "Mmmmm yeahhhhh, make this little slut taste her own ass, while I get a piece of her sweet black booty."

Sara looked thoughtful for a minute, then grinned, "I have a better idea."

With that little exchange Sara pulled her cock out of Iris's ass and walked over to where Felicity was butt fucking Linda, leaving that sweet black booty for Nyssa. Only too happy to take advantage of that Nyssa quickly pulled her cock out of Iris's mouth, walked around her body and shoved it up her butt, pausing only to admire the fine work Sara had done stretching it out already. Of course it was nothing compared to how gaped it would be when they were all finished fucking it, Nyssa thought with a wicked grin as she entered Iris's ass for the first time, more or less at the same time as Sara was feeding Linda her friend's ass. Which again Nyssa couldn't resist glancing over too, but her main focus remained Iris's ass, even when Sara started some wonderful commentary.

"Yesssssss, that's it Linda, mmmmm, suck your girlfriend's ass off of my cock. I mean, your friend's ass." Sara shamelessly teased, earning her a nervous glance from Linda, especially as she continued the teasing, "Yes, suck your friend Iris West's ass off of my strap-on cock. Mmmmm, I just popped your little friend's anal cherry, and it was so sweet. So tight. So, mmmmm, fuck-able. Just like yours, I bet. Ohhhhh yessssss, I'm going to get a peace of that tight little ass of yours in just a second, but first, clean my cock! Get every drop of Iris's ass off of it, and make it nice and wet for your butt hole. You know, wrapped around my girlfriend's cock, while our bitch's dildo is in your cunt, making you our air tight whore. Oh yes Linda, you've got a cock in each one of your holes right now, and you love it, don't you? Ooooooh yessssss, you love it. You love it almost as much as your little friend Iris West."

Iris hadn't thought anything could be better than being DP'ed, but almost immediately she was proven wrong by being made air tight. Oh yes, having two cocks inside her pussy and ass at the same time was amazing, especially when they rubbed against each other through the thin wall in between those holes, but to also have a cock in her mouth? God, that was just perfection. Okay, she couldn't feel physical pleasure from the cock in her mouth like she could from her pussy, and amazingly from her ass, but it enhanced the overwhelming feeling of being a nasty little submissive slut, which she was quickly growing to adore. Especially when tasting her friend's butt on a dildo.

So to go back to just being DP'ed was a little disappointing, and Iris almost begged Sara to come back so she could see if her own ass tasted as good. But she didn't want to be greedy and deny Linda that pleasure, so she watched her friend come to the same realisation that she had and eagerly suck that cock while getting her other hole stuffed. She was then rewarded for her patients as Felicity, Nyssa and Sara continued switching holes, completing their pattern until each of them had got a piece of both Iris's and Linda's asses. Then they changed it up so that Iris and Linda got to taste their own butts, which Iris loved just as much as Linda's, and from the sound of it Linda did too.

Which was wonderful, and yet torturous because the desire to cum quickly became increasingly overwhelming. Iris fought it for as long as she could so she could enjoy more of this unique heaven, but she was just fighting the inevitable at this point. Lucky for her so was Linda, meaning all she had to do was outlast her friend and maybe she would keep a shred of her dignity. Unlikely considering that she was acting like a totally submissive lesbian slut right now as she was getting gang banged by her female friends and fellow Crimefighters, but still, it would help. Although in the end Linda was just as stubborn as she was, meaning it took a long time for her to break, and when it finally happened it was simultaneous.

"Please..." Linda whimpered, "Harder! Harder! Ohhhhhh Goooooodddddddd, make me cum!"

"You wanna cum, huh?" Sara teased.

"How about you Iris?" Nyssa pushed.

As soon as her mouth was free Iris quickly agreed, "Yesssssss, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Mmmmm, make me cum!"

After waiting a few long seconds Felicity sing-songed, "I bet you can do better than that."

Linda and Iris exchanged a look, and then Linda did her best to remain coherent and think of what the other women wanted to hear as she pleaded, "Fuck me! Please? Please fuck me hard. I need it, ooooooh God, I need to be fucked. Mmmmm, I need to be fucked in the ass and pussy at the same time, ohhhhhh, pounded like the little DP whore I am, ooooooh, the DP whore you made me, oh God, please make me a total DP whore by making me cum on your dicks. Mmmmm yesssssss, two dicks at the same time. That's what I want. That's all I want. Yesssss, please give it to me. Ooooooh yessssss, fuck me hard, mmmmm, slam fuck my slutty little holes and make me your little lesbian bitch! Yesssssss, just like that, oh fuck, make me cum make me cum make me cum aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh fuckkkkkkkkkkkkk, AAAAAAAAHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKK YESSSSSSS!"

At more or less the same time Iris pleaded, "Please fuck me, mmmmm, fuck me hard. I need it, I need to be fucked, I need to be double stuffed. Oh please, double stuff me, ohhhhhh Gooooodddddd, stuff my slutty little fuck holes and make me cum like a total slut! Mmmmm yesssssss, your little lesbian DP slut. Oh God, make me yours! Slam fuck those holes of mine and make them yours, to use whenever you want. Oh fuck, ohhhhhhh fuck, Sara, Nyssa, ooooooh Goooooddddd Felicity, drill my butt hole so I cum nice and hard on Laurel's dick! Please? Please pound fuck my slut holes and make me cum! Oh please, fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum fuck me and make me cum ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk yessssss, oooooooohhhhhhh Goooooooddddddd! OOOOOOOOOHHHHHHHHHHH FUCKKKKKKKKK YEEEEEEEEESSSSSSSS, AH FUCK!"

Both Iris and Linda tried to keep up their begging when the pace finally increased, but it quickly became impossible when the other two women started giving them everything they had, thighs crashing against ass cheeks which was a sound which was almost as deafening as the screams of pure pleasure from the two reporters. Somewhere along the way Iris started cumming harder than ever before, and it was quickly followed by another before she even recovered from the first. Then another and another and another until there was nothing left but a screaming wreck, her last coherent thought being it sounded like Linda was receiving the same treatment. Which would hopefully make it easy for her to talk the other girl into doing this to her.

Felicity just so happened to be the one fucking Iris's ass at the time, and while her stamina and strength had increased no end since she first got together with Sara, and especially when Nyssa was added to the relationship, and they started collecting pets, she still wasn't a match for her two girlfriends. At least not in the long term. Although at least in the short term she was able to get close to matching Nyssa's speed and strength, causing Iris to cum enough times on Laurel's cock for Felicity to feel proud of herself. It was also more than enough to push her over the edge of orgasm, the stimulator bashing against her clit and the sheer joy of sodomising these beautiful women, and everything else around it, catching up with her so wonderfully.

Initially she had fought against that urge so she could make Iris cum as much as possible, which was the same reason that she continued pounding her butt through climax after climax, but inevitably Felicity pulled her cock out of Iris's bottom and stumbled back, gasping for breath. She barely got the chance to admire Iris's ass hole before Sara took her place behind the beautiful black girl and shoved her strap-on straight up her butt. Which caused Iris to let out a loud cry of mostly pleasure, then cries of pure pleasure as Sara quickly made her cum on the other Canary's cock again and again and again. Oh yes, Iris was the meat in a Canary sandwich, and Felicity honestly didn't know who she was more jealous of.

She'd just experience the joy of roughly pounding another girl's butt through climax after climax, and Iris West had a nice big meaty black girl booty which jiggled so wonderfully with every thrust, and was now like jelly in an earthquake. And oh God, her screams, and Linda's, were almost as loud as those butt cheeks being smacked into by the thighs of Felicity's girlfriends. Of course, then there was the psychological pleasure of totally dominating another woman in that way. Although it was almost just as fun being on the bottom and having that woman cum on her cock. Okay, it wasn't nearly as dominating, but having an up close look on her face, and the face of one of her girlfriends, was something truly special.

Perhaps if she was being honest with herself though Felicity was most jealous of Iris and Linda, because she knew from experience just how amazing it was to be DP'ed. Hell, she'd had it even better than them, because Felicity had been sandwiched between Nyssa al Ghul and Sara Lance, those two incredibly skilled women effortlessly fucking her through climax after climax. Although what Iris and Linda were experiencing was amazing too, as Nyssa and Sara were experts in the art of anal sex, and well and truly busted those butts. Which was proven both by how much everybody involved came, and just how widely gaping those butt holes were when the two assassins finally pulled their cocks out to admire their handiwork.

"Not bad..." Sara grinned thoughtfully, before calling out, "Laurel, Thea, spread those cheeks for us. Mmmmm yeahhhhh, show us those pretty little gapes."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Thea obeyed immediately, spreading Linda's cheeks wide apart.

"How's that Mistress Sara." Laurel asked hopefully shortly after she spread Iris's cheeks just as wide.

"Beautiful, sis." Sara encouraged gleefully, "Mmmmm, keep it up."

Sara, Felicity and Nyssa just stared at those gaped butts for a few long minutes, partly because they just enjoyed admiring their handiwork, but mostly to allow Iris and Linda some time to recover. Of course it wasn't necessary for Laurel and Thea to spread those cheeks, as it was obvious just how battered those back holes were without it, but it emphasised those gapes so beautifully. It also emphasised how submissive and well-trained Laurel and Thea had become. Possibly Iris and Linda too, although there were much more enjoyable ways to test that theory, one of which Sara and her girlfriends delighted in as soon as their new little playthings stirred.

"Back with us? Good, then crawl off of those cocks, and suck them clean." Nyssa ordered firmly.

"But only when you're ready." Felicity added softly.

There was a groan of acknowledgement, then a long pause in which Sara thought Nyssa would have to repeat herself, or she would have to jump in to provide a softer push, but sure enough Linda and Iris eventually did as they were told. Clearly they had taken Felicity up on her offer, and that offer had made Sara smile. Her little nerd was always a soft touch with her bitches. Although in this case it seemed to been the right call, as these girls were clearly exhausted, but when they had enough energy back they did as they were told, and did it with enthusiasm, wrapping their lips around those cocks and eagerly sucked their own cum and pussy cream off of them. They even deep throated without needing to be told, not that it stopped Sara from doing so.

"Oooooooh yesssssss, suck those cocks! Mmmmmm, suck 'em good. Yesssssss, clean those big dicks of your slut cream. Oh yes, take them down your throats. Take them down your throats and get every drop of that yummy cum and cunt juice. Ohhhhhhh yeahhhhhhh girls, get all those delicious juices. Yeah, that's it, mmmmm, get every drop. Every fucking drop, ohhhhhh fuckkkkkkkk!" Sara encouraged gleefully, "But don't forget about us. No, we've got plenty of slut cream for you girls clean. Butt cream! Oh yes, crawl over here and go ass to mouth! Become our little ATM bitches, ohhhhhhh yessssss, mmmmm, or you'll never know the joy of our big cocks inside you again."

That certainly got their attention, but not the response that Nyssa wanted, "What do you say?"

There was long pause and then Iris murmured, "Yes Mistress Sara."

"Yes Mistress Sara." Linda murmured a short time afterwards.

Even as they spoke Iris and Linda were obediently crawling over to where the Doms were standing, looking exhausted but eager to please. Of course once they reached their destination they paused because ultimately there would be one Dom left out, at least initially, and they were clearly worried about upsetting someone. Then they made the obvious choice, Iris wrapping her mouth around Sara's strap-on while Linda did the same for Nyssa's dildo, leaving poor Felicity out. Which made Sara chuckle, and Felicity pout. That's what Felicity gets for not being a deadly assassin, Sara thought with a smile. A smile she briefly shared with Nyssa, before they both turned their attention back to the reporters.

While Sara did eventually return to giving them encouragement for this she was barely aware of what she was saying, and it was simply unnecessary anyway, as at this point Linda and Iris didn't need much encouragement. No, they stuffed those ass flavoured cocks deep into their mouths, and eventually down their throats, and got every drop of their own butt cream. Even more impressively without needing to be asked they took it in turns to suck Felicity's cock, making sure no one was left out, and then continued to suck strap-on until told to stop. Which was quite a while, because Team Arrow was very much enjoying the show. However it had to stop eventually, and Sara had one more parting gift for them.

"Iris, stop sucking cock and look at me." Sara ordered, and then after a brief pause explained, "Nyssa and I were trained by the League of Assassins. Hell, Nyssa is their rightful heir. That means were not just experts in killing people, but infiltration and seduction, which involves a lot of analysing people. But you shouldn't need any of those skills to work out how Linda feels about you. And I think you know. Don't you?"

Another long pause in which Iris blushed, glanced over to Linda who was still obediently sucking cock even as she nervously looked at her friend, before the black girl admitted, "Yes."

"Meaning?" Sara pushed.

"Oh for God sakes, Linda, you can stop sucking cock." Felicity whispered, showing some mercy to the reporter who looked gratefully at her, before turning her full attention to Iris.

"Meaning... I've been waiting for her to say something." Iris admitted, turning her full attention to the other reporter, and smiling as she added, "If it helps, I feel the same way."

"You do?" Linda smiled hopefully.

"I think so." Iris said shyly, which was kind of funny considering what just happened, "But you need to say it first."

Briefly Linda thought about arguing this, but quickly decided it wasn't worth it and just took a deep breath and finally admitted, "I like you. As in, I like you like you. Like... I don't want to be friends with benefits, I want you to be my girlfriend."

"That's what I want too." Iris confirmed with another smile, "But one condition, we can still do things like this, as long as we're together. Not every day, I don't want to be a full-time member of this crazy Harem, just sometimes."

"Deal." Linda agreed quickly, before adding hopefully, "But maybe next time, we could be the tops?"

"Oh yeah." Iris happily agreed, before indicating to Thea and Laurel while telling Sara, "At the very least, you should let us top these sluts."

"I'll think about it." Sara grinned wickedly, then a warning cough made her quickly correct herself, "Erm, I mean we. We'll think about it."


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