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Summary: Thea Queen is kidnapped by a rogue group of survivors of the Quake. They seek justice against her for the crimes of her mother. She's tied to a chair in the old church as the 5 men circle her.

Character: Thea Queen

Codes: MMMMMF, Anal, Force, Non-cons, Oral

Arrow: City Of Heroes Re-Imagined - Thea's Kidnapping
by The Chemist

"So, what do you want to do with her," one of the masked men asked another.

"We could knock her out," another men replied. This wasn't the one the first man asked the original question to. "Dump her somewhere."

"Come on, why don't we just buy her a new pair of Prada's while we're at it," another man piped in.

This one Thea could see was a white male, roughly 30 years old who had a thin beard. The odor radiating from him let her know that the church these men were holed up in didn't have running water. That or he went out of his way to avoid showering. She couldn't help but note that while he was insulting her, she was checking him out, noting that he wasn't that bad looking of a guy.

"She's seen our faces," the second man spoke again.

That comment same from a man almost directly behind her and it sent a shiver up her spine. She knew what that meant and the gravity his words carried. He wanted to kill her, murder her so that they wouldn't be identified as the gunmen.

"Wait. Killing Oliver Queen is one thing, but his 18-year-old sister is a whole different matter," the first guy spoke again. "My sister was almost the same age when she died in the Quake."

Thea kept her posture as still as a statute but let her eyes wander in the direction of her would-be savior. He was still one of the assholes that kidnapped her, but at least he didn't want to murder her. He was a little taller, maybe 5'11" with compassionate blue eyes, some scruff on his face and altogether pleasing to look at.

"Your sister wasn't killed, she was her mother," bearded man said. "Someone has to pay and why not her. We must have justice.

Thea had been silent until that time but now she had to speak, which was odd. All this time she blamed her mother for the Quake that ravaged the Glades, but now something in her brain had switched.

"She didn't murder anyone," Thea spoke with rage in her eyes, staring at the bearded man. "Malcolm Merlin destroyed the Glades."

The bearded man stepped out from behind the leader of the pack, who was still quiet up to this point. As the angry guy approached, Thea wiggled slightly in her chair, becoming more aware of the situation. Her hands were zip-tied behind her back while she sat in the middle of the abandoned church in a ultra-tight, super short orange dress.

"She and Merlin made the machine that made my house collapse...on top of my wife," he screamed in her face, withdrawing his gun.

Thea saw the angry man pull his gun from his holster and knew her time was almost up. There hadn't been a Hood sighting since the night of the Quake so she held no hope for him, who was really her only hope. The Starling City Police Department were borderline inept so she realized she only had seconds left to live.

"William wait. I would have to side with Oscar on this. We aren't going to murder Thea Queen...not when we can have so much more fun with her instead," the older black man stated.

Thea went from feeling relief to having her stomach drop through the floor. She was happy that they weren't going to off her, but was being their sexually play toy much of a better fate?

"What did you have in mind boss," the 5th member of the gunmen asked.

Right after Frank's words that condemned her fate, the other member of the gang became very excited. Though they were fueled in their action by rage, their eyes started to change, looking more like hunger. Thea wasn't stupid, she had been gorgeous from the time she hit puberty and she knew what exactly they planned on doing with her.

"Don't be stupid William, we all know what he meant," bearded man answered, holstering his gun again.

With his hands now free, William stood right in front of Thea and placed his hands on the sides of her head. Tilting her face up to his, he remarked on how beautiful it was, seeing her for the hot young lady that she was. She had the face and body of a supermodel, easily able to pass as a runaway model if she so chose.

William ran his hands down her wavy, light brown hair that ended at her slender shoulders. Her hands were still tied behind her back but that didn't stop him from running his calloused hands over her smooth upper arms, left bare by her sleeveless dress. He purposely let his palms contact her breasts, a healthy B-cup by his estimation.

Thea couldn't help but wince as the man traced out the lines of her body. He had now placed his hands on her taut stomach, smiling at how in shape she was. The super tight fit of her orange dress allowed him to easily glide along her form, down over her covered upper thigh until shifting back onto bare skin, this time her slender yet meaty thigh. He kept his descent over her smaller and smooth calves until finally breaking contact with her, now with a bulge developed in his pants.

"Indeed. My plan, cut her loose. The church is well blocked on this main floor but I always like more of a challenge," Frank spoke. When murmurs of agreement echoed around the large room, he started to speak again. "Good then Ed, if you could be so kind."

A blonde man that Thea had only seen in passing walked from beside her to directly behind her seated form. Thea felt the bonds of her wrist tight and she had to suppress a whimper before hearing a ripping noise. Instantly her hands were free, followed swiftly by her feet, leaving her able to get up from the chair.

Thea was terrified, as she got to her shaky feet. She swiveled her head and did an internal count. Still 5 men, a boarded up front door but a staircase to her left, where there were no guards. Before acting, her attention focused back on the leader of the men, Frank, a strong looking black man with an unchanging neutral face.

"Mmm...mmm...mmm. She certainly looks more delicious then when we first picked her up," one of the unfamiliar faces said.

Thea looked over her shoulder at the blonde man who had finished making the comment about her, which inspired pure terror in her. His eyes had been roaming her body, mentally undressing her undoubtedly. Currently, his eyes were lingering over her tight ass and she kicked herself for wearing such a revealing dress. It allowed for every curvature of her body to be seen, leaving little to the imagination. Though her ass wasn't her best feature, that honor going to her long gorgeous legs, she possessed a fine backside that would be classified as a small but thick bubble butt.

"Run," Frank the leader uttered.

Fear swelled up inside Thea so badly that her brain shut down after hearing the words spoken by the bulky gunman. A sense of doom cast through her as she realized her fate was surely sealed. Motionless, she watched as all the men adopted menacing smiles as the rest of their eyes scanned her body up and down just like she caught the man behind her doing so.

That acted as the switch in Thea's mind and the flight defense mechanism kicked in. Fueled on pure adrenaline she took off threw the gap she identified earlier and entered the stairwell. She hurtled downward then jumped down the last few stairs and took the closest hallway to her to run down.

"I love a good chase," Ed commented before the 5 men took off after their prey.

All Thea knew was that she needed to escape and keep running as fast as she could. She hoped that there was an old tunnel that led out into the alleyway but so far the only thing her hallway did was twist to the right. The new hallway was 20 feet long, but the only problem was that all that was down it was an open door to a small bathroom and a set of stairs that went down. Seeing the former as the only viable option Thea did a hard left turn and took the steps two at a time until she rushed past an iron gate and into a large chamber.

She came to a stop in the middle of the room, allowing Thea to take a quick scan of her surroundings and couldn't believe that the only door was the one she came through. Doing a 180-degree turn she ran back the way she entered the cemented-wall room then stopped dead in her tracks. Her hunting party had already caught up to her and was blocking her escape route.

"Looks like our kitten ran out of places to run," Oscar taunted.

The men had already all filled inside the chamber and were now making a perimeter around the frightened girl. Thea watched on as they circled around her with Frank Algrin blocking the only exit with his large frame. She spun around and took a look at all the faces in the room, noting all of her kidnappers and soon-to-be attackers.

"AAWWHHH," Thea yelped when the man behind her grabbed her in a big bear hug.

Michael, a big lanky man who would be described as tall, dark and handsome if he wasn't going to violate her soon, held her in place. The others seized the chance and descended on her as well.

Thea was unable to move held in Michael's grasp while Oscar wormed his hands between her back and the other man's chest. He found the object he sought, her zipper, and proceeded to pull it down the length of the dress. Once undone, he laced his fingers into the hem of her dress around her neck, slipped the thick straps over her sexy shoulders and pulled the tight-fitting garment down her long body.

With the dress removed, it left Thea exposed in only her matching black bra and underwear, however soon Oscar grabbed the cups of her bra and pulled his arms apart, ripping it off her chest. Ed was on her left, and he did likewise with her thong, pulling the panties down her long legs and off her body altogether.

Thea was now standing stark naked in front of all 5 men in the cold and dirty dungeon. Even though they clearly had her outmuscled, Thea never stopped fighting despite no way of being able to fend them off.

"Sweet damn that is one hell of a body," William commented after careful examination.

His opinion was shared by his four other kidnappers. Thea Queen was quite the vision standing in front of them in only her birthday suit. Her long slender legs led up to her sex, which was waxed bare, allowing the men to see the top of her bright pink pussy. Her breasts were modestly sized as revealed through her dress earlier, but didn't need the support of the bra as they were extremely perky and capped with the cutest little nipples.

"Such a skank, walking around with a bald cunt," Ed commented.

"For her boyfriend I bet. Guess he likes to think he's fucking a pre-pubescent girl," Frank commented, drawing laughs from his team.

"Fuck you," she spat at them.

"Pretty and a fighter" Oscar commented while taking her chin in his chubby hand. "I bet she's a real dynamo in the sack then."

"Get off of me you bastards," Thea screamed while jerking her face free of his grubby hand.

"Trust me, that ain't gonna happen any time soon sweetheart," William said from beside her, taking her left breast into his hand and giving it a hearty squeeze.

The amount of force that the old Glade's resident used to clutch her tit was almost nauseating. Sure that there would be bruising on her milky white skin in the shape of 4 fingers and a thumb, Thea couldn't prevent her face from wrenching in pain. She would have preferred to live up to her family name and show bravery in the face of such adversity but his vice-like grip was too much. The only thing that snapped her brain out of focusing on the pain synapsing in her sensory cortex was the sound of belt buckles being fumbled with.

"Let me go you bunch of filthy assholes," Thea squirmed.

One of the men tried to flex her forward but she resisted their intention. Frustrated that she was still fighting in the face of certain defeat, Frank balled up his hand and drove it right into Thea's flat stomach. The blow made her gasp as all the air in her lungs was exhaled and she doubled over.

"God it felt good to do that," he whispered in her ear. "Get her tied up again. I liked her better like that."

William stepped behind the lovely student and produced more zip-ties from the inner pocket of his vest before removing the clothing. Michael allowed him access to the frightened girl's arms, which he pressed behind her back, at which point he cinched the restraint around her wrists and pulled them tight. Thea yelped in pain as the tough plastic material bit into her sensitive skin of her wrist, binding them together.

"That's better," Oscar commented.

With his arms now free since they were no longer required to hold Thea in place, tallest man in the group now got a chance to let his hands roam the flawless curves of the hot girl in front of him. Without hesitation Michael's grabby hands shot out and gave her ass a firm slap, which was followed up by a few more. They weren't designed to inflict pain or damage but merely to appreciate the fantastic backside that Thea had to offer.

"This will be revenge for your mother helping to murder our friends and family," Frank told her.

The sturdy black man was already hard from stalking and capturing his prey so when he dropped his pants his lengthy cock was already ready. Trading places with Michael behind the doubled-over teenage girl, Frank gripped himself tightly around the base of his tool and proceeded to shove his dick straight into her dry pussy.

"GGRRRAAAHHHHH," Thea screamed in pain as she was penetrated. "You dick!"

"You mean the dick pounding your slutty twat," Ed laughed from right in front of her face.

Frank savored the fact that he was finally getting some measure of revenge against one of the conspirators that ruined his life, with the added bonus that it meant getting to fuck this beautiful girl. He was ashamed to admit he held such lust for the daughter of his family's killer, but that had nothing to do with how hot the heiress was.

Frank didn't care or bother to wait for her body to respond and get wet, as he stroked his bare cock into her pussy over and over again. The fact that she was bone dry hurt him slightly due to the friction, but he took solace in the fact it was hurting her a lot more so he bit his bottom lip and fucked on.

Frank was certainly right that fucking her without any type of lubrication, natural or otherwise, was hard on her. Thea Queen was yelling in pain in the entire time that the large black man was behind her with his hands clutching her bound arms to force her back harder on his cock. However, her screams were soon muffled out when William jetted his arm forward and gripped her throat in his hand. Clenching his fingers, he began cutting off her air supply and loved watching every second of the act.

"Want me to stop choking you bitch," William asked her.

Thea tried to say yes but found that she was unable to pronounce the required words. All that came out was a gurgled cry that was barely audible. Knowing that wouldn't be enough for the villainous man and running short on air, the rich teenager used her neck muscles to flex her head forward in an answer to his question.

"Then open up wide and swallow this hog," he demanded.

Thea gasped as air was able to be sucked back into her body at long last. She took several long breathes and almost forgot about Frank and his enormous cock trying to saw through her body until a very forceful thrust immediately reminded her of his presence inside her. Realizing that William had now pulled out his hard cock and was dangling it out in front of her face, Thea opened her mouth wide. Seizing the chance William jabbed his cock forward just as the heiress to the Queen fortune finished covering her teeth with her plump lips.

Thea was now getting pumped at both ends of her body by two savage men bent on solely using her tight body to get off as quickly and roughly as possible. She wanted them to just finish with her as soon as they could so that they would stop abuse her and leave her alone.

The billionaire's daughter couldn't do anything to help Frank behind her other than let him control her body so he get off how he wanted. As for William, she swallowed his cock exactly how he had asked and was now deep-throating his cock. Years of sucking cock of many different suitors in high school had allowed her to develop the ability to suppress her gag reflex and take an entire cock into her mouth and into her throat.

William used her oral gift to thrust into her mouth with harsh blows that made his ball sack swing up and smack her on the chin. Thea couldn't do anything about this fact so she simply blocked that out and tried using her tongue to massage the vein on the bottom of his tool.

It seemed that with each passing minute Frank was pounding into her twat with more and more venom. But after only 5 or so minutes, the broad leader of the gunmen was grunting louder as his dick became more sensitive to her warm, soft pussy.

"Oh fuck!"

Frank cussed loudly as his body began to stiffen. Each thrust into the helpless girl was tenser than the last as his muscles contracted due to his orgasm. The tip of his cock opened up as he unloaded inside her bare pussy, spraying his semen all over her inner walls. He was exhausts from the intense humping so laid his sweaty chest down onto her back but never stopped pumping his hips against hers, being sure to milk every last drop of cum into her.

"Well the positives are that I'm on the pill and probably the cruelest man here has already finished with me," Thea thought to herself while continuing to be face-fucked by William.

Even with her loud gurgling noises filling the cement church basement Thea could still hear the group of men taunting her. They were saying horrible things but all the abused girl could do was pray that they didn't do half the things they were describing to her.

Frank finally pulled his softening cock from her cum-filled pussy that was now sore due to the lack of lubrication. Walking around to wear her mouth was currently being occupied by his fellow gunman William, the leader of the team used the girl's wavy hair to wipe his cock off of any of his cum that had transferred onto him.

William was losing his willpower by the thrust, just like Frank had done a few moments earlier at the girl's other end. He still had his wiry fingers laced into her thick hair, which he used to pull her face towards him to get more of his dick inside her. Thea was powerless to prevent her kidnapper from choking her with his erection with her hands tied securely behind her back.

"Better hope she doesn't puke on you," Ed laughed.

"Actually the girl is quite talented. Really a source of pride for her I'd imagine," Frank corrected his fellow abuser.

"Fuck it feels so good," William grunted while not ceasing his thrusting. "Her throat is so tight!"

As if to prove his point, William contracted his arm and made the defenseless Thea Queen take his throbbing organ completely down her throat. The widower tossed his head back and did a primal grunt of satisfaction as her muscles in her esophagus massaged his erection better than anything he'd ever experienced. She looked up to his face with eyes beginning to tear up and turning redder by the second. Just when she thought she'd pass out from lack of oxygen, William pulled her head back and off his tool.

"Bloody hell! Mouth like a damn hoover vacuum," he complimented.

Gripping onto the sides of her face, William went back to driving his cock into her mouth but with his focus back on speed over depth. Thea wasn't sure which one she liked better as she was preoccupied thinking how good it felt to have her raw pussy get a break from being fucked brutally.

"Shit! I'm gonna cum," William cursed.

Slowing down his thrusts, the former Glade's resident came to rest with his head resting right on Thea's tongue. The heiress had heard William's warning and knew she was only moments away from being on the receiving end of his cum. Right on cue he began spitting his salty load onto her taste buds, making sure she tasted every ounce of fluid he gave her. William didn't take the rest of his shaft from her mouth until she clued in and swallowed his semen down.

His cum tasted disgusting, not that it came as a surprised to the overwhelmed girl. She was thankful when William finally took his saliva-covered dick from between her lips, allowing Thea to breath properly for the first time in nearly a quarter of an hour. However her break from being their personal sex slave didn't last very long. Ed and Oscar had a turn with her pussy and mouth, eventually blowing their loads into her without recourse.

"Hey there sweetie...remember me? Michael, in case you forgot," the tallest man replied. Thea couldn't help but feel a shiver run up her spine based on the sinister smile on his face as he crouched down right in front of her. "Just thought you might like to learn the name of the man about to sodomize you. But first I want you to tell me to fuck your ass."

Thea had been sexually and physically abused for well over an hour at the hands of the four men and couldn't take too much more of it while staying so defiant. She would have loved told them to fuck off again and leave her alone but the bastards had worn her down. They had slapped her around, made her bleed and brutally fucked her already. They would have ass raped her far worse too if she didn't tell them what they wanted to hear so she just gave in to the man's request.

"Fine. Fuck my...ass," Thea choked out of her battered throat.

Thea wasn't a backdoor virgin at least, as she had first tried anal sex when she was 16, for her boyfriend at the time's big birthday present. She had prepared herself by using her finger to stretch out her hole each of the few days before the main event but had accidentally grabbed Vaseline instead of good lube. The result was a painful experience but she felt like that would feel like a vacation in the Bahamas compared to what was about to happen.

"What a slut! Asking to get a dick up her asshole. Fine by me though," he gloated from behind her.

Michael slid his cock between her reddened ass cheeks and felt around until he found his target. Without using any lube of any type, the man pushed forward until his crown was enveloped inside her muscular sphincter. Unlike most people who would have given her a minute to adjust to her bumhole being expanded, the crazed gunman could hardly be considered compassionate anymore so immediately bucked his hips forward.

"AAWWHHHKK," Thea screamed in pain due to being anally violated.

Taking advantage of her yelping, which caused her mouth and throat to open up wide, the man directly in front of her drove his cock inside her. This time it happened to be the short and chubby Oscar, whose cock was the exact opposite with the rest of him as it was long and slim.

Just as Frank and William had done not long ago, Oscar and Michael continued the tradition of occupying both ends of her body for their pleasure only. The only difference was which hole Michael was using, but it was only marginally more painful than the fucking she experienced by the broad leader of the team.

Thea would have liked to have blacked out but there was no way that this group of men would allow her to be so lucky. Over and over again her ass was thrust into with brutal force and speed as he fucked her silly. She had no choice but to scream and cry but the cock of Oscar muffled her sounds as he slammed it repeatedly past her vocal cords.

As if being raped in the ass wasn't bad enough, Michael was physically trying to make it hurt her as much as he could. Rather then letting his dick stay immersed in her rump, he would pull it all the way out of her and let it hang in the cool air for a second. In that time, her teenage sphincter would tighten up again so it felt more painful when he thrust past her anal verge.

"Fuck her harder. She looks the sort who likes it deep in her tiny ass," Ed encouraged as he watched on with his two other teammates.

"Holy crap look at the gap of that thing," Michael shouted as he looked down at his handiwork. "We're really fucking this bitch up good."

"Doing some permanent damage is nothing less than the daughter of the Glade's killer deserves," William added.

Thea didn't know which one of the two men doing wicked things to her tight body was going to climax first. Already they had outlasted the last two men who orally and vaginally raped her but at the relentless pace they were both working at, surely it would only be a matter of time before one bowed out.

She got her answer after another couple of minutes of using her like a sex doll. She felt the grip of her hair tighten worse then ever and then Oscar's thrusting pattern changed. No longer stroking his length into her at blinding speed, the kidnapper slowed it down but somehow drove into her harder and lingered in her throat for a time. Finally he plowed into her gullet one last time then nearly crushed her skull as his muscles tensed.

"FUCCKK YYEEAAHH," he screamed as he explored right down her throat and deposited his sperm right into her stomach for the second time that evening.

Thea wasn't given the choice of swallowing down his load but at least none of his warm load splattered onto her taste buds. Counting herself lucky, ironically of course, she felt Oscar withdraw his cock just as she began feeling light-headed from having her trachea restricted.

"Here babe, suck on this straight from your ass," Michael said as he now stood in front of her.

Knowing that she didn't have a choice in the matter, Thea opened up and took the bastard into her mouth. It would have been nice for her throat have had break since it had been crammed with cock for nearly an hour straight, but it wasn't in the cards for her. Rather than face-fucking her like the other men in the room had done previously, Michael wanted her to soak up the flavor of her own ass. Slowly he moved his hips so that his tongue maintained contact with Thea and allowed her to taste the entire length of his dick, which seconds prior was crammed in her brown eye.

For a girl who had been sexually active since she was 15 and regularly tried new things, it wasn't often that Thea found a sexual act she hadn't performed. However, taking a cock straight from her ass into her mouth to taste test was a completely new level she hadn't even thought of, nor would she have ever done. The sheer idea of the action disgusted her, and now tasting her own rectum was exactly what she feared.

"Time for someone else to get their dick back in her tight ass," Oscar voiced, still trying to catch his breath.

"Gladly," Ed said, appearing behind the sexy teen.

* * *

"I'm approaching the church Felicity," Oliver said into the tiny radio in his ear.

"I know, I can see you," the slender blonde responded, watching his progress on her screen.

"You're sure she's in there," he asked, fueled with rage from his sister abduction.

"Yes. Certain. I can see 6 heat signatures and they have her surrounded," she updated him.

* * *

As Ed went to her back and began working his member into her tight butthole, Michael was still stroking his cock in between her lips. He was still taking the tactic of driving slowly into her mouth with his entire length gliding along her smooth tongue in order be sure every last trace of her anal juices was taken in by the abused girl. Looking down and seeing a repulsed look on the young girl's face was his tipping point and caused him to released yet another load of semen into Thea's mouth.

No sooner had Michael popped his load into her mouth, forced her to swallow it down then pulled his cock from her talented mouth. At that moment Frank Algrin appeared in her line of vision and her fright heighten. She was able to close her eyes in time as the crazed man spat in her face, an action that caught her by complete surprise. Frank didn't wait for the younger girl to open her eyes back up before letting his hand fly and smacking her across the face, the impact at which caused a loud whack and for Thea to snap her head to the side. He didn't even taunt or insult her as he spat in her face again then placed the palm of his hand on her and smeared the phlegmy fluid around.

Thea wanted to cry so badly from all the pain and degradation she was being subjected to at the hands of these vile and repugnant people. Frank was the worst of her attackers but not by a large margin. They all seemed to relish in tormenting her whether by physical means or just verbal. But even though she wanted to break down and sob uncontrollably until they tired of using her body for their unrelenting passion, she wouldn't give the bastards that victory of her. She was willing to let them fuck her until she was raw but she refused to let them see a Queen that weak.

"Oh fuck you have a tight hole," Ed grunted while savoring the feeling of her muscular sphincter on his entire shaft. "Wonder how long that lasts."

For the next hour, the five men took turns brutally fucking the beautiful teenager. With her naked body pressed firmly up against the moldy concrete wall in the basement, they each drilled either her pussy or asshole for a minute of energetic and forceful thrusting. It allowed them to each have a turn but not wear themselves out. They would stroke inside her until they felt their orgasm approach then simply withdrew from her and went to the back of the line.

When they had finally had enough of sodomizing the demoralized girl, her asshole no longer was tight. She didn't know if it would stay this loose forever or if it would ever return to how it was, but that seemed the least of her problems. All the men still had erections and she knew that they had something left to do before they were done abusing her.

"On your knees...NOW!"

* * *

"I don't see them Felicity, you said they were in this spot," Oliver hissed into the earpiece.

Oliver, dressed in his hooded vigilante form, was standing in the balcony of the abandoned church. From his perched position he could see the entire layout of the first floor and there were no bodies, let alone the 6 figures Felicity had claimed.

"They should be, you should be right on top of them," she replied, clearly distraught. "Wait! The image doesn't take into account depth. They are either above or below you."

"There is two sub-basements if I remember correctly," Oliver spoke, already in motion.

* * *

Thea didn't know what was about to come but she was quite happy when she felt Frank leave her asshole and no one replace him. She'd been standing pressed up against the cold wall for what felt like days so when they demanded she get onto her knees she wasn't going to fight them on that.

The five men all gathered tightly around her with their erections facing in towards her. Thea was a smart and logical girl so it didn't take her long to realize what exactly her abductors wanted. The brown-haired girl opened her mouth wide and tucked her teeth back under her lips as Algrin stepped up to be the first one engaging her mouth. She knew that was no accident since it had been straight up her bowels no more than 30 seconds ago. Much like the first time he orally invaded her, Frank was forceful and vicious with her. With his monstrous hands clenching the sides of her head, he battered into her mouth and throat.

"Bloody hell! I never get tired of face-fucking teenagers," Frank answered.

His comment received a loud cheer of acceptance from his fellow kidnappers who all felt the exact same way. Frank pulled the abused girl from his lengthy cock and loved the sight of long strings of drool still connecting her talented mouth with his tool. He also adored the sight of tears welling up in her eyes, but they weren't do to him finally breaking Thea, but rather due to his hard pelvic bone that was repeatedly hitting her on the nose and causing the tears as an involuntary response.

Thea was glad his turn with her was done but she knew she wasn't done yet, and she wouldn't be for another while longer. Much like when they took turns sodomizing her over and over again, they did likewise with their deep-throat blow bang. They used Thea's mouth like it was a fuck doll by constantly taking advantage of her lack of a gag reflex in order to go ball's deep in her mouth.

The leggy girl's movements were restricted to simply spinning in a tightly packed circle as someone new occupied her throat every minute while also stroking off two other meat poles with each hand, which were now available after they grudgingly unbound her. Sadly her pussy and ass didn't exactly get a break as usually the group of men behind her would take the opportunity to shove a couple of fingers into her.

"Please God let them be done soon," Thea pleaded inwardly as her sore holes were relentlessly finger-blasted.

Frank was fine to take his turn when the pretty girl's mouth came his way but he was also observing his teammates. After a few more minutes of passing Thea around to face fuck her, he caught one of his men edging his way to the front of the tight circle enclosing the Queen girl. Given Ed's urgency, his contorted face and the rapid stroking of his good-sized cock, Frank assumed he was going to be the one to christen Thea's face with his final load of spunk.

"Oh yeah, open your pretty mouth," Ed grunted.

His grunts were primal and coming in quick succession as he pumped his cock furiously with his fist. Finally the moment of release was upon him and he aimed his tip directly at the wide "O" Thea's lips had made. From only an inch away it was impossible for the kidnapper to miss, though some strands of cum still made it's way onto the brunette girl's forehead and model-esque high cheekbone.

Thea hated herself for so easily abiding by his request of taking the load in her mouth but she saw her night would soon be coming to an end and didn't want any more backlash. She quickly swallowed down the cum in her mouth since she knew a fresh cock would be aimed into her mouth any second.

"One down," she thought.

After having the cum slide down her throat and deposit it in her stomach, Thea Queen opened her mouth again and stuck out her tongue, Ready for the next man in line to suck on. It was Ed again who took advantage of the pose by gripping his cock around the base and smacking it down hard on her tongue, the contact making a wet slapping noise, much to his amusement.

Thea had him beat her tongue with his hog for another few second before feeling a hand tangle in her wavy, shoulder-length hair. She spun in the direction of the force and opened her mouth as she traveled. The teen spent the next 5 minutes bouncing between the smaller pack of four men, always servicing three of them while the other got to watch and stroke off.

"Fuck I'm close," the chubby Oscar announced.

"Cum on her face," Ed pleaded from the back of the circle.

"You finish me," he told Thea.

Thea didn't think twice about it knowing that the second of her 5 capturers was that close to being finished with her. She pulled her right hand off of the cock she was beating to her side and gripped it around Oscar's tool. She began pumping her tight but not too tight fist up and down his shaft as he continued to moan fairly audibly. Her forearm was now aching by this point but she put it to the back of her mind and just focused solely on making the next guy cum.

"Oh it comes," the chubby man announced.

The words flew out of his mouth at the same time his cock erupted and cum began rocketing out of his slit. Her tired arm was no longer beating his pole in a straight line so the cum flew everywhere, decorating her face with streaks of white to her nose, cheeks and even some landing in her wavy brown hair.

"God you're already covered," Frank observed. "And there is still so much more cum coming."

"You want my cum next bitch," William asked rhetorically.

"You know she want that spunk," Ed chimed in.

"How about mine too," Michael added.

Thea knew her role in all this so she shifted in her positioning so she was in the middle of the two large men. By this point in her hellish nightmare, the teenage Queen girl had drained a two of the men so there was enough room for each abductor to stand on either side of the leggy woman.

As the two men beat their own poles, Thea alternated between giving quick sucks to each of their tips as one of them had specified. She did this while she fondled each of their nuts expertly with her hands, rolling each testicle with her skilled fingers. The combination of the balls, shaft and tip being stimulated was easily enough to drive both men to blowing their loads.

"Fuck," the tallest man Michael grunted.

Thea didn't react in time as she guessed the other man would grant her his spunk first. Michael's cum came pouring out of his cock and splashed across the brunette's right cheek and upper lip. She turned to face him head on and took the second blast on her nose and eyelashes before he directed the rest onto her forehead.

"Oh yes," the other guy William groaned.

It was a similar situation where the words were immediately preceeded by the cum shot. Thea didn't have time to turn towards him either in time as the first few squirts landed on her opposite cheeks, ear and forehead. She turned to him in time for the last few smaller blasts, which were aimed in her mouth which she reluctantly swallowed again.

* * *

"First sub-basement clear," Oliver said, racing towards the staircase at the end of the hall.

"Hurry Oli," Felicity encouraged before thinking to herself, "Because I have a really bad idea what's happening to your baby sister."

* * *

"I have something for you now," Frank told the much younger girl. "Now take my cock and milk me."

The big man had finally gotten to Thea with no one else in line behind him and he certainly took advantage. He wished he could have face fucked her all night but his resistance was low and he knew he'd cum soon. Knowing that he was close, Thea used her hand to reach out and clutched the last few inches of his cock and used it in combination with her mouth to finish him that much quicker.

"Ughhhh...fuck," Frank screamed.

The big man was a bit strange in the opinion of his teammates. As they watched him prepare to cum onto the gorgeous girl, the rest of the men couldn't help but think how rare it was to hear a man yell that loudly and theatrically when he was having an orgasm. What struck Thea as different was the way he moved in closer to her so that his beating cock was aimed almost straight up in the air, directly above her face.

"Oh I get it now," one of the men murmured as they watched.

Frank's actions became clear to Thea when he started to cum. Unlike most of his other teammates, the big man's jizz didn't come firing out horizontally from his cock with a force behind it. Instead his was the opposite; his white goo came spewing out of his tip but simply dribbled off his head and dripped down in a large volume onto the brunette's face. The extra distance the goo had to travel made it splurt against her skin with loud slapping noise, causing the cum to spread out to cover her entire face.

"Holy moly that was a lot of cum," Thea thought to herself.

That was all five men who had drained their balls onto her for their third time each. Thea was thoroughly drenched in cum on her face at this point. The majority of the white sticky goo was emptied onto Thea's pretty face, though a good amount was clumped in her hair, dripping down her neck and some had even made it onto her perky, youthful tits.

"Get dressed slut," Frank said as he collected himself.

Thea found a rag in the corner near to her to whip her face and skin off of their vile fluids. Her bra and thong were ruined so she ignored them and found her dress, which she stepped into and did her best to zip up. It wasn't done all the way but it was close enough to stop it from falling off her abused body.

When Thea turned around it was a very different scene in front of her. The Hood was standing in the middle of the men, except they were flat on their backs. He had taken care of all of them as quickly and quietly as she could have ever thought.

"Oh God Thea," Oliver thought before addressing his kid sister. "Did they hurt you."

Oliver wished he killed the naked men instead of simply knocking them unconscious. Thea could sense the rage bubbling in the vigilante and decided to lie. The truth wouldn't help him and he wasn't the police, who she would tell the truth to in order to get them locked away for their crimes.

"No they...they were going to showed up," Thea lied to the hooded figure.

"These men won't be troubling you. The police will be here soon. I have to leave...unless you want me to wait with you," he asked his baby sister.

"No, go...and thank you," Thea said before watching him run off.


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