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Summary: Barry comes to town to visit his ex-schoolmate Felicity. He brings his girlfriend Patty Spivet and they have dinner together with Oliver inviting himself after seeing Patty. Spikes their drinks with Molly and have a foursome.

Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Patty Spivet/Oliver Queen/Barry Allen

Codes: MMFF, FF, MF, Anal, Oral, Rim

Arrow: Alternate Timeline Part 5 - Flash Crossover
by The Chemist

" when exactly are you coming to Starling," Felicity asked as she sat at her desk.

Oliver had just exited his office and joined his personal assistant in the main foray. Felicity mimed the action of hanging up her personal call but he waved away her inquiry. He looked at the corner of her glass desk and noted the documents in the tray meant for his signature so he busied himself with that task, signing them without reading.

"Tonight? Like in 6 hours from now, tonight? Doesn't really give me much time to change my whole calendar around to make dinner now does it," Felicity spoke into her phone. After a pause in which she listened to her friend's next statement she replied. "I'll see what I can do but I can't make any promises. Couldn't we just do dinner tomorrow? Oh you are at the forensics conference for the rest of the visit."

"Say you have to go," Oliver silently worded.

"I'll have to call you back. Have a safe train ride and I'll see what I can rig up" the MIT grad explained before hanging up on him.

"Who was that," he asked, out of things to sign.

"Just one of my closest friends from school. He and his girlfriend are coming to Starling for a forensics conference and wanted to do dinner tonight. So..."

"Hmm. You want to know if I need you tonight? I do have a meeting with one of the board members tonight but it's more of an informal a strip club. Your services won't be required," Oliver explained.

Rather than the girl in glasses being super excited, which was easy to tell given that she wore her emotions on her sleeve, she looked only somewhat pleased. Oliver watched her go into a slight pout before she got to her feet, her high heels clinking on the tiled floor as she walked around her desk.

"Are you sure I don't need to earn my time off," she asked.

Though he had most of the floor to himself, there were still random visitors to the area so Felicity couldn't exactly get naked to flaunt her point. However, she did reach for something on the opposite side of the table, thus bending over completely. Given the sheer size of her amazing ass, her short skirt rode rather high, enough for the bottom of her cheeks to poke out.

"God damn I never tire of that sight," Oliver grunted while biting his lip. "But I can't now. Helena is coming for lunch and I swear she's starting to recognize the smell of your asshole on me."

"But what if I make sure to clean you off good," she replied, taking his finger and sucking it deeply.

"I think I've created a monster," Oli laughed. "Now show me these friends of yours. I assume he's nerdy as all hell but what's his girl like?"

The pair went back to Felicity's side of the desk so that the MIT grad could get up some pictures from his profile. Sure enough, the man was the same age as Felicity in his early to middle 20s with brown hair and slim build. He had a goofy smile but was handsome enough, even if he was just as geeky as Oliver thought.

"That's Barry and this is must be Patty...Spivet," Felicity said, her cursor hovering over the blonde in the same image to reveal her full name.

Felicity kept clicking few a bunch more images, trying to find the pair from different angles. Oliver noted that the blonde was clearly gorgeous with a flawless face, big blue eyes and a perfect smile. However, she was always wearing professional clothing which more often than not meant dress pants and a long jacket. He was giving up hope of seeing the body underneath when Felicity stumbled upon an image of the couple at Central City waterfront.

Oliver figured she'd be the intellectual type since she was also going to the biochemistry summit with Barry, but if she was then she didn't look it. A few inches smaller than her date, Oli guessed Patty was 5'8 with stunning long legs, as Felicity had gotten up a picture of the pair at the beach. She didn't have a huge rack by any means but they perky with small pokey nipples. However the real surprise came when she stood on a side angle from the camera, which clearly showed that conservative Ms. Spivet was rocking a very tight, rather large backside.

"Wow. Nice ass," Felicity complimented, her eyes drawn to the prominent asset as well.

"Indeed," Oli agreed with his bisexual assistant. "New plan...can you push the dinner until 8?"

"Probably. Barry left the timings open so that I could try to fit it in," she replied.

"Excellent. I'll be attending as your date and we'll have the meal catered at my condo," the bearded man dictated.

"You're coming? And you have a condo? Since when," Felicity buzzed with questions.

"It's an off the books condo that only I and a few very select people know about. I don't want word of it circulating," Oliver answered. "And yes, I am coming and you'll be helping me seduce the lovely Patty," he added, watching as Felicity's mouth gaped open in astonishment.

* * *

"Damn Felicity, you've done well for yourself," Barry Allen gawked.

The blonde-haired girl was giving Barry and his date Patty Spivet a tour of the spacious condo that she herself had only explored in the last hour. After finishing up work with Oliver, he had her leave to go scope out the place while being there to allow the chef entrance and access to the kitchen for their dinner. Oliver would meet the threesome later that evening once done with his meeting.

"I wish this place was mine but..."

Felicity's words were interrupted by the chirping of the security system as a door was opened. The trio all turned back to the main door and found none other than Oliver closing the door behind himself. He had undone his tie slightly so it hung with some slack around his neck, his blonde hair in perfect position even after a long day of work.

"Sorry I'm late honey," Oliver said as he walked over to Felicity to kiss her on the cheek.

"Holy crap, you're Oliver Queen," Patty gasped. "You're dating Oliver Queen," she directed the question at Felicity.

"Yes I am and yes she is," the handsome man answered, oozing charm. "And you are?"

"Oh I'm not like you. I'm just a regular person. Patty Spivet, newly minted detective for the Central City Police Department," she said, extending her arm for a handshake but instead having Oliver bring it up and kissing the back of it.

"And I'm Barry Allen, Patty's boyfriend," the much slimmer man jumped in, acting naturally jealous.

"I've heard a lot about you Barry," Oli said as they shook hands. "Felicity speaks very kindly about you."

"Oh...well...thank you," the flustered man replied, the tension between the two men dissolved.

"Now why don't I go check on dinner. Chef Leonardo is usually punctual so why don't you show them to the dining room Felicity," the billionaire asked of his date.

The personal assistant did just that, hoping she remembered which doorway before her would bring her to that room. She guessed correctly, thus not seeming silly to her friends and had the threesome browsing through the newest room on their tour. Oliver joined them seconds later with the good news that the first course would be out very shortly.

Patty couldn't help but be drawn to Oliver given his natural charisma not to mention his only subtle flirting that got across to the detective that he found her attractive but not so strong as to irk Barry. Meanwhile Felicity helped greatly by helping to distract her old college friend with engrossing talk while also showing off her own sexual flirtation to get him thinking of her and that ass she possessed.

"Master Queen and his lovely guests, the entree is served," the Italian chef announced as his waitress bustled out of the kitchen elegantly and served them.

With the first part of his master plan being to get the two guests hooked sexually, Oliver moved on to the next phase. He and Felicity found reason to end their conversation with the opposite sex and instead focused on conversing with their own gender.

For Oliver with Barry, it was about portraying a non-threatening vibe so he didn't think that the billionaire was trying to take Patty from him. Rather, he pumped up Felicity, always finding a reason to compliment her physical attributes from her juicy legs to perfect ass or gorgeous face. Felicity was doing likewise with Patty, describing how awesome Oliver was and how much of a sexual dynamo he truly was, which really perked her attention.

"Okay, just gossip between us girls but he's huge, isn't he," Patty whispered while giggling. "I really hope that's not too forward or weird. I get noisy when I've been drinking."

"Not at all, I don't mind bragging. Let's just say that not only do I need to ice my vagina for hours but I also can't sit right for a few days," Felicity replied with a wink.

"You mean you take him...back there," Patty gasped. Even though it was the biggest yet firmest ass she'd ever seen she still didn't know how she took someone so well hung inside.

"He's rather persuasive. at first it stung a bit but now I find myself longing for him to fill me...anywhere and everywhere," the MIT grad explained truthfully.

"Felicity, can I have you assistance in filling up drinks for our guests," Oliver politely asked her as he rose from his seat.

Felicity did likewise and the adulterous couple collected the glasses and walked to the back of the dining room to Oliver's fully stocked wet bar. The men had been drinking whiskey while Felicity and Patty had been partaking in a fair bit of red wine, the best vintage either of the ladies had ever drank.

Oliver left his girlfriend for the evening to fill the four glasses with more of the same as he fiddled with something out of sight. Felicity had just finished pouring the last of the drinks when she saw Oliver dumping some white powder into a glass of wine and whiskey, each belonging to their guests.

"Oliver! What the hell are you doing," Felicity shrieked, just low enough so her guests couldn't hear.

"Spiking their drinks," he answered like it was the most casual thing in the world. "Oh it's not anything bad, just Molly."

"Why are you drugging one of my best friends and his girlfriend," she questioned, still boiling.

"Well I think Patty is extremely sexy in a jittery and nerdy way, which is shockingly becoming my type," Oliver explained, flashing his eyes at the similar girl in front of him. "I don't see a way of seducing her without a little help given the current circumstances and Molly will loosen them both up."


"I see the way you and Barry rapport with one another. There are unresolved feelings shared there going both ways. The drugs will allow him to nut up and follow through," he continued. "No one's getting hurt with this. Barry gets to fuck an extremely gorgeous woman who he has wanted to screw for a long time while Patty clearly is smitten with me and deserves her own compensation for Barry diddling you."

"It's actually scary how easy it's getting for you to talk me into stuff like this," Felicity commented, pouring herself a shot of tequila before quickly downing the clear liquor.

"We have more alcohol," Felicity announced, her and Oli both carrying two glasses.

"Yay," Patty cheered.

After handing out their drink order, Oliver made a small and corny speech that only he could pull off without seeming like a big douche. The foursome rose glasses and clinked before bringing the rims to their lips.

"Ummm," Felicity spoke, interrupting the toast as everyone stared at her, Oliver hardest of all as he assumed she was having second thoughts. "Cheers."

Oliver smiled wide and took a big gulp as the rest of the party did likewise, tipping back a sip. Felicity eyed their guest as they drank their tainted beverage, but it was for the greater good. When no one had any type of negative reaction she relaxed her shoulders and had another drink. Within a few minutes when Felicity looked around everyone was finished their glasses, including herself.

"Let the games begin I suppose," she thought to herself.

Felicity didn't know what to expect so she simply followed Oliver's lead. He was in no rush to change what they were doing, instead he topped off their drinks one more time then ushered them into one of the sitting rooms. This one had a large sofa and loveseat in the center while two full walls were dedicated to a nice library of books ranging from geography to business.

"Wow. Either my eyes suddenly got worse or I'm pretty buzzed," Patty remarked as she peered in closer to read the spine of a book. "Is this a first edition of Descharet?"

"Let me have a look," Felicity offered, Oliver right behind her as well.

"I think it is," Barry answered, looking over his date's shoulder.

Felicity felt a little poke on her ass so she turned back to see Oliver glaring at her. The pair had been intimate for long enough so that the MIT could tell what he was thinking. For good measure she saw him mouth for her and Patty to give them a show, or something to that effect. Wanting her to seize the opportunity now, Felicity thought for a moment then acted.

"Here, let me see," Felicity told the blonde girl.

Patty thought she meant the book so was a bit surprised to feel the other girl's finger lightly touch her chin and angled her face at her own. The girls stared into each other's eyes for several long moments. Felicity was hoping that she found it sexy and was immediately rewarded when the cop licked her lips seductively.

"You have, like, beautiful eyes," the Central City detective remarked.

"Thanks. So do you," Felicity added, their noses practically touching at this point. "I'm going to kiss you now."

"Oh, okay," she replied with barely a second's hesitation.

Barry and Oliver watched on as their two dates tilted their heads in opposite directions and planted their lips together. The billionaire knew it was coming but the Speedster of a different Earth was blindsided to see the attractive women kiss.

Felicity naturally took the lead since it was her plan and she was the aggressor. Starting slow and letting the tension and sexual arousal build, the pair pressed their pillowy lips against each other. Tempting the next step, Felicity opened her mouth and felt the detective respond in kind. Seconds later they were caressing their tongues with their hands each in the other's hair.

"You are such a good kisser," Patty eventually said when Felicity allowed her to come up for air.

Felicity instantly felt lips on her neck, but this time they belonged to Oliver rather than Patty. He was pressed tightly against her back and already she could feel his hardening cock pressing against her bountiful booty.

They weren't the only couple coming together, as Barry had craned Patty's neck to the side so that he could reach over and kiss his girlfriend. There was more passion and energy with their kiss, bred from being so familiar with one another, but Felicity knew that the kiss between herself and Patty had hooked her.

"Kiss Barry," Oliver instructed before sucking on her earlobe.

Felicity didn't react right away but Oliver knew it wasn't from her weighing up his order, but rather her picking the right time. When he felt her neck crane forward he backed off and allowed Felicity to press against Patty's small but perky chest. The contact was enough to get Patty to break her lip lock with Barry.

The MIT grad gave her new friend a soft kiss before angling a series of smaller kisses along her jawline. With Barry within striking distance she pulled her long-time college friend in for their first kiss. Oliver could see a foreign look cross her face, but he held her eye contact with his best smouldering look and could see some tension ease on her brow,

"This is moving kinda fast," Patty observed between kisses.

"Here, have another drink and just relax, right Barry," Oliver offered, trying to use her boyfriend to help settle the strong willed cop.

"Umm, yeah. Right," Barry agreed.

Felicity felt Oliver tug her hair hard enough to get her attention but not hard enough to cause the others to know. Listening to him she backed off her kiss with Felicity and retreated back into her own space. Oliver's hand caressed Patty's cheek before turning her to the side so that she could find the comforting kiss of Barry to further help get her worries smothered.

"Come here Patty, I think we need a little breathing room from those panting neanderthals," Felicity commented.

Felicity gripped her tenderly in her hand and led her over to the plush sofa no more than 10 feet away. The nerdy girl could tell that Patty was still a little apprehensive about the whole thing but their was also a conflicting emotion on her face as well. She was no great reader of the human neurology but she could see a longing in her eyes, and some downright horniness.

It would have been easier if the Central City woman was in a dress like herself but Felicity could adapt. Turning Patty so her tight ass was facing the sofa, Felicity kissed her once more but her hands rapidly worked on undoing her pants. By the time they were loosened, the MIT grad had lowered Patty down so that she was sitting on the cushion with Felicity straddling her.

"I'm going to eat you out now," Felicity warned her while sliding off her body to the ground below.

Felicity didn't wait for an answer. Instead she hooked fingers normally reserved for typing on a keyboard into the waistline and pulled her black pants and panties down her amazingly toned legs and left them crumpled at her ankles. Well versed in what to do next thanks to Sara Lance, the MIT grad used her tongue to glide all through Patty's puffy slit which was already gushing wet.

"Oh God! Yes," Patty practically screamed.

Felicity smiled but didn't let the compliment go to her head. Still a relative newbie, the girl in glasses didn't have muscle memory for eating pussy developed so she concentrated hard at the task she performed. Over and over she licked the gorgeous woman's pussy, which was perfectly shaven.

The two men hadn't moved, and though they couldn't see the main action because of Felicity's head blocking them, it didn't stop them from getting hard. Then again, their eyes simply drifted to the horny girl's ass, which was wiggling as she bent down low to work over Patty's slit. It was thrust up even more into the air as Felicity crouched to get her tongue buried in the cop's pussy, her tight dress pulled over the edge to give the men a great view of her perfect booty in a forest green thong.

"So hot," Barry breathed as he rubbed himself through his pants.

"I can't take it anymore either," Oliver added before walking over to the action.

With Barry hot on his heels, Oliver patiently stalked the scene in front of him. His movement caught Felicity's eye who surfaced from having her face buried in the tastiest pussy she'd ever sampled. Smiling up at him with her lips smeared in Patty's juices, Oliver helped her to her feet before walking over to the loveseat and laying her down.

"I need some time being on the giving end," Patty countered, seeing as Barry was about to take the place of Felicity.

It worked well for Barry who took up the spot on the plush couch once Patty rolled to her feet. She took the chance to get rid of her pants at her ankles, leaving herself nude from the waist down and only a colored blouse on her upper body. She dropped to her knees and hovered her face above his already erect 7 inch cock which was surprisingly fat even his slender build.

She jumped right into the action, her hand curling around his cock and getting the measure of it as she gently rubbed up and down his shaft several times. Just as the first dribble of pre-cum emerged, Patty engulfed his head, tasting the clear salty jizz on her tongue before dragging her lips further down.

"Shit Oliver. You are a magician with your tongue. It's like Harry Potter himself is between my legs," Felicity complimented between moans. "Well I guess more like Hermione Granger since she was obviously the better wizard..."

"Hey Felicity," Oliver interrupted, getting her attention, the first time in over a minute his tongue had left the warm confines of her pussy.

"Too much talking? Yeah I guess I do that from time to time," she blushed.

Meanwhile, Patty had worked up to a good pace as she was throwing her head up and down Barry's length, the downward force causing her to slam his tip against the back of her mouth. The technique would have been enough for anyone to gag except for an experienced cocksucker like herself. She absorbed the blow and dragged her lips quickly back up to his tip to apply greater suction then repeat the action again.

Oliver surfaced from between his girlfriend's juicy legs and used two fingers pressed deeply into her pussy instead. Felicity appreciated the change in tactics and with renewed moans gave him thanks. Looking to his left, Oliver noted how the pants-less Patty was blowing Barry and an idea struck him.

"Go give her a hand," Oliver instructed.

Felicity would have been happy spending the whole night on the sofa getting eaten out by the muscular billionaire but she didn't forget the purpose of the evening. Rolling off the loveseat she crawled her way over to where her old friend and his new lover were hooking up. Patty nor Barry knew she was even there until she was parked kneeling beside the Central City detective.

"Let's suck his cock together," Felicity volunteered though didn't wait for permission to start.

Patty was surprised by the other girl's sudden appearance that she pulled back off his cock altogether. Felicity didn't seem to mind and while Patty held his fat dick in her hand she bent down and took half his length in her mouth. Barry had fantasized about hooking up with Felicity for years and thus far it was worth the wait.

Barry, Patty and Oliver all watched the girl who was once shy and now a true cock whore operate on the Speedster of a different Earth. Over and over Felicity threw herself down his stiff pole, having his head poke the back of her mouth and making her spit up more saliva onto his dick.

"Glllkkkk....gllkkkk," Felicity spat as even more saliva decorated his cock now.

"That's so damn hot," Patty swore as her lust ran wild.

"Why don't we show Barry how much we find him sexy by blowing him together," Felicity suggested to the more reserved girl.

They gave each other another passionate kiss before seperating and getting to the matter at hand. Patty had first crack at him and wrapped her lips around the first half of his dick. Felicity didn't mind as she stuck out her tongue and licked the other portion to be sure nothing was left out from the warm embrace of their mouths.

"Mmmphm...ammmahhm," were the sounds being emitted by the detective's mouth as she noisily slobbered on his fleshy rod.

Inch by inch, as Patty pulled back while bobbing on the man, Felicity let her mouth push closer to her. Finally the blonde was left just sucking on his tip until it was just her tongue making little circles around his piss slit. The MIT grad gave the blonde a kiss then edged her out completely, pouncing to engulf half his length in one go, then held him in her mouth with his tip at the back of her throat for what seemed like an eternity. She was an enigma as the next moment she was feverishly bobbing her head up and down his cock with speeds that were sure to give her whiplash.

Barry was loving the dual attention of both thick rumped girls, yet it was only getting better. Patty may have initially been unsure what to do next but she had decided to sink lower on her knees and moved her head even closer. Opening wide before closing on his closest ball, she sucked on the sensitive sack before taking the other to roll around her mouth with her skilled tongue.

"So good," he complimented, a hand on the back of Bella's head as she swirled with every bob along his length.

For the next several minutes the girls continued to work in unison to bring great oral pleasure to the lucky man. They had shifted positions shortly after Barry's first audible groan so that they each had a nut in their mouth and sucking away while one of them stroked his manhood.

However, much to his pleasure, both girls now found themselves occupying half of his shaft with their lips at the same time. They craned their necks to the side so that they were looking into each other's eyes with their noses touching as they pressed their open mouths along his dick sideways. With noses and lips now touching as well, they moved as a well drilled team to slide up and down his lengthy shaft while massaging the underbelly of his manhood with their tongues.

"We make a hell of a team," Patty finally commented with a wide grin before going back and bobbing her head on his cock.

"Yes Patty, swallow his cock," Felicity encouraged before sending a wink over at Oliver who had stirred from the sofa.

With her panties already long gone, Oliver grabbed one of Patty's butt cheeks in each hand and without warning pulled them apart so he could lean in and lick her pussy from behind. The detective moaned around the cock in her mouth while pushing backwards into Oliver's face, a jolt of pleasure racking through her body.

Oliver smiled, thinking she said something along the lines of how good it felt. He didn't plan to taste her very long but he agreed with Felicity's assessment that Patty did in fact taste as sweet as her personality. Straightening up after thrashing her pussy with his tongue for a while longer, he wasted no time in pushing his dress pants and boxers halfway down his legs. He slid up behind her with his cock gripped in his palm before pressing his cock against her opening and easing himself into her pink hole.

"Holy crap, you're cock is so big," Patty exclaimed, eyes wide and very pleased.

With Patty now preoccupied, Felicity took back the lead on blowing Barry once more. The slender man didn't mind only having the attention of only one woman, especially when they were as talented as Felicity. As the nerdy girl to whom he had crushed on for years bobbed her head energetically into his lap, he didn't even register that his girlfriend was taking it from behind by another man literally right in front of him.

Oliver had given Patty a moment or two to get used to having him inside her by pulling half his cock out before cramming it back in, slower and with more finesse than when he first stuck her. The gentlier approach suited the blonde just fine as she moaned before pushing back against the billionaire while going back to work on Barry by tonguing his sack once again.

"Ohh...damn that's good," Barry grunted as he was pleasured by both ladies.

With Patty both on the giving and taking end, Felicity used that to her advantage. Slipping out the side, she let Patty wrap her lips back around Barry's cock while Oliver lengthened his strides into her pussy. She watched her ass ripple from the contact as her boyfriend gave her his full length before she climbed on the sofa and straddled Barry.

Patty moved her head out of the way and was soon facing Felicity's own bald pussy as her massive ass rested on Barry's chest. He held himself upright as Felicity lowered herself down onto his cock, taking half his length before raising back up onto her knees. The next time she sank down she took Barry completely inside her twat, at the very same time Oliver stroked his own lengthy cock into Patty.

"Mhmm...ohh...yes," the ladies moaned, neither Barry nor Oliver knowing which one made which sound.

Looking from Patty's ass, which rippled every time he stroked completely into her, up her smooth back and over her blonde hair, Oliver watched his girlfriend for the evening riding her college friend. Her mouth hung in a perfect ring as she moaned and screamed as his cock drove upwards whenever she crashed her glorious ass down into his lap.

The female detective would reach back and rub Oli's perfect abs every so often, which coincided with her using her other arm to push back harder into his dick. Not wanting her to forget her duties to her boyfriend, Oliver ran his hand in her long golden hair and angled it down. Patty got the hint immediately, opening her mouth and popping one of Barry's nuts into her mouth again, working it with her tongue.

"Oh my God. This is amazing," Barry shouted in glee.

Oliver let the nerdy man have his moment in the sun as he slowed down fucking Patty so she could alternate which ball was in her mouth and have her full attention to do so. Eventually he pulled out and bent down, as too much time was spent staring at her incredible tight asshole to not do something about it. Sticking out his tongue he ran the wet muscle over her backdoor, which brought a moan from the detective.

"Naughty boy," Patty commented while biting her lip.

He thought that Patty wasn't the type of girl to have anal sex with no lubrication to a guy she met for just over an hour, even with drugs in her system. He wanted to ass fuck somebody and luckily for him two girls were here and the one currently bouncing on Barry's lap was as big an anal whore as they came.

"Mind if I borrow Felicity for a little bit," Oliver asked while getting to his feet. "I need to get in someone's ass this second."

"Lucky you," Patty said with a sarcastic smile while reaching up to stroke Oli's dick. "This thing would tear me in two."

"That's what I use to think too...until it became a daily thing and now it just feels good," Felicity responded.

Oliver was already laying on the loveseat on his side so Felicity cuddled into him, her ass grinding into his lap. She licked her fingers and spread the saliva around her tight asshole while Oli did likewise to the head of his cock, both of them knowing that was all the lube they had to work with. Finding her rear entrance, the billionaire poked with steady pressure until his head and the next three inches easily breached her sphincter.

"Oww...that part always stings," the nerdy girl groaned. "But this next part is always good," she added as Oliver started slow, longer strokes into her bowels.

As Oli was getting re-acquainted with Felicity's asshole, Barry was on the receiving end of Patty's excellent blowjob once again. This time was a little different in the fact that as Patty took 6 inches of Barry's pole into her mouth, her tongue could taste another woman's juices all over his cock.

However, rather than Patty being weirded out by licking Felicity's essence from her boyfriend's pole, she was quite turned on by the sweet flavor. It was only once she was convinced she had sucked up any traces of the brainy girl's pussy did she finally straddle her forensic science boy and sit on his dick.

"Yes Patty," Barry moaned at the same time Patty screamed his name as well.

Oliver couldn't help but tilt his head in the direction of the loud couple as he watched as Patty started riding the skinny man as if her life depended on it. It was a welcome distraction as the feel of Felicity's asshole along his entire cock as he stroked it into her was starting to feel too good.

"New plan," the bearded man spoke. "You're gonna cum then help me with Patty."

"," Felicity moaned.

Knowing exactly how to manipulate the glasses wearing girl from over a month of practice, Oliver reached his hand around her wide hips and placed it overtop her pussy. Dipping two fingers into her cunt, they emerged lathered in her juices which allowed him to rub her clit even faster. He immediately felt her thighs clamp around his hand but it didn't deter him at all.

"Cum on Felicity. Cum for me," Oliver encouraged into her ear. "Show me how big an anal slut you've become and cum with a big dick tearing up your ass."

"Yes...yes I'm cumming," Felicity screamed at the top of her lungs, her face red with exertion. "GOD YESSSS!"

Oliver rode out the end of Felicity's orgasm, which lasted quite awhile. Once her screaming stopped and he felt the tone release from her knotted muscles he reared his hips back until his dirty cock emerged out of her ass. He allowed the girl to recuperate as he climbed out from behind her and stealthily walked up behind Patty who was grinding her hips against Barry's while his cock was buried in her to the hilt.

"Care for the full Oliver Queen experience," Oli cooed into her ear.

"He means sticking it up your ass. He's a big fan of doing that," Felicity added, having plopped down beside Barry.

"I think I do, yes," Patty answered, biting her lip, not wanting to disappoint him.

As the blonde went to push herself off her boyfriend's chest and have more one-on-one time with Oliver, she felt his strong hands grip her hips and hold her in place. Felicity was already bent down to inhale Oliver's cock, spitting up a good amount of saliva as she choked on his member. Turning her head, she gathered more spit before spreading it all over Patty's constricted asshole with her talented tongue.

As Patty felt Oliver's large head butt against her asshole, a wealth of feelings flooded through her swimsuit model-esque body. She didn't know it until that moment but having two men fuck her at the same time was such a turn on her her. She felt her pussy dampen more and her nipples get harder with the knowledge that two attractive and successful men wanted her so badly that they were willing to share her.

"This part is always tough, but this should help," Felicity coached her as Oliver finally succeeded in pushing into her anal passage.

"Oh Lord," Patty screamed as she bit down on her lip. "Just go super slow for now."

As much as the initial penetration hurt, having Barry's cock grinding against her G spot while Felicity and her nimble fingers rubbed her clit masked most of the pain. After a handful of seconds she was feeling pleasure once more tingle through her body so she braved the next step and pushed back towards Oli.

"That's a good girl," Oli encouraged as he pushed his hips forward.

It was by no means a quick process but eventually Oliver was able to stroke nearly half his length into Patty's anal passage with her whimpering in pain. It was a team effort but the gentle rocking she did helped keep Barry happy, while Felicity was busy pleasuring the gorgeous detective and making out with her old college buddy.

Luckily Patty wasn't an anal virgin, however after each time she took it in the ass her butt always sealed up just as tight as before. But the more times Oliver slowly stroked into her it loosened her up over time. Now she was able to lift up as she rode Oliver out towards her exit then crash down onto Barry as she once again took the billionaire halfway inside her butt.

"That's one tight ass," Oliver grunted as her rectum gave his cock a constant bear hug.

"I bet," Felicity agreed as she used her free hand to rub Oli's cock at the point it entered into her ass. "And you love it."

"He's not...the only one," Patty panted. "Ohhh....mmmm....oohhhhh," she moaned loudly.

With Barry sitting on the sofa fucking up into her slick pussy and Oliver standing behind her and slamming his entire length into her tight asshole, Patty found herself somehow in pure bliss. She felt so unbelievably tight that words couldn't express it. The whole encounter of being wanted so badly by two men really turned her on, and the friction their two cocks were causing on the thin membrane between her pussy and anal walls was almost driving her mad with pleasure.

"Oh God it's so good," she screamed again. "Come on fuck me, fuck me, fuck me! Oh yeah. Just like that!"

"You really found a sex freak this time," Felicity commented to Barry, who was now wildly thrusting upwards into her bowels.

If anyone had told the gorgeous blonde detective that she would go to a dinner date with Oliver Queen, be double penetrated by him and her boyfriend and cum from the act, she'd have laughed in their face. However, as the men continued to work in tandem with Felicity and her skilled finger being the perfect accomplice, that was indeed coming true.

"Oh shit oh shit oh shit! I'm gonna cum," Patty screamed as she gushed all over Barry's dick.

It was her most powerful orgasm that she could remember having for the bubbly blonde and after she screamed loud enough to puncture both men's eardrums her lithe body went limp. The result was that both her pussy and backdoor loosened significantly, allowing the horny men to pound into her even harder. It even meant that by timing it perfectly, Oliver found himself pushing his entire thick cock into her plush ass.

Time became an abstract concept for the gorgeous girl as she lost all sense of how long the two handsome men used her like their own personal sex doll. Patty proved able to handle their intense thrusting so they kept pounding as deep into her holes as their dicks allowed.

Of course, Patty wasn't the only one deriving great pleasure from the double fucking. Having their cock separated by only a thin barrier between the golden hair girl's pussy and rectum meant both men's tools were grinding against one another. This just added to the amazing sensation of the holes squeezing them tightly for the past while as they fucked her at the same time. In fact both men hadn't come since they started their tryst an hour ago and they were both well due.

"Need to fucking cum," Oliver panted from behind the sexy woman.

"You and me both," Barry added.

"Cum in her. Fill her up," Felicity dictated.

Neither Barry, Oliver or Patty had any problem with the big-bottom girl's request and so they did just that. With a series of grunts from the two men, they shot their respective loads into the well-used blonde. Patty could feel Oliver spasm in her ass before his sperm painted her bowels and likewise with Barry as he coated her pussy in his spunk.

Once Oliver pulled out, leaving a sizeable gap in Patty's backdoor, Felicity dropped to her back right underneath the blonde. Sensing what she was doing, Oliver pulled Patty back a little further so Barry's cock flung out of her twat and left her sitting on his lap but with her holes right overtop Felicity's face.

"Push honey," Felicity ordered the other woman before opening her mouth wide.

Only vaguely aware of what was happening after her mind-blowing orgasm, Patty did as the shorter girl wanted. Pushing out, she could feel the sticky load, now more liquidy because of the warmth of her holes, flow out of her and drip out of her pussy and ass. Felicity was under her and catching the semen as it shot out, more ending up coating her pretty face than actually making it into her mouth.

"Wow Felicity...super slut," her old college friend gasped. "I love it!"

"I made the mess so I guess I should clean it up," Patty remarked.

Felicity was utterly shocked with the whorish transformation that Patty had undergone as she dropped off Barry's lap and hovered her face above her own. Felicity closed her eyes as Patty licked her face, collecting most of the salty cum with her tongue though she did push a healthy amount between Felicity's plump lips.

Barry and Oliver couldn't tell which of their girlfriend's swallowed more cum since as soon as Patty had finished cleaning the other girl's face they started making out. In truth Patty and Felicity drank down their own good amount of their men's loads, though each wished there was more to go around.

"And here I thought tonight may be a little dull," Oliver laughed.


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