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Summary: Sara tells her long-time girlfriend Nyssa to get to Starling City immediately to meet a very special woman, Felicity.

Pairings: Felicity Smoak, Sara Lance, Nyssa Al Ghul

Codes: FFF, Oral, Rim

Arrow: Alternate Timeline Part 4 - Daughter of the Demon
by The Chemist

"Mhmmm...that smells so good."

Felicity had one of the most restorative sleeps of her entire life, so much in fact she didn't know where she was when she woke up. All she knew was that there was sunlight peeking in from the window and the smell of something amazing wafting in from the other room.

"Good morning sleepy head," a gorgeous blonde said as she poked her head inside the French doors. Breakfast is ready when you're up."

And then the memories from the previous night came flooding back for the nerdy girl. Getting dressed in a fancy gown to go to the gala with her boss Oliver Queen and his fiance Helena Bertinelli. Meeting Sara Lance, Oli's old flame at the venue. Riding in a limo with them as they fucked in front of her. Ultimately ending up in this very bed where Felicity showed her inner sex demon and fucked Sara.

"I didn't mean to fall asleep last night," Felicity said, emerging in a robe after not finding her dress in the bedroom.

"It's cool, no sweat," Sara responded.

The fit blonde had ordered room service, consisting of what Felicity could tell was a vegan or at least vegetarian breakfast. Scramble made with tofu and chickpeas, ancient grain toast, French Pressed coffee and a fruit parfait waited for her on the table that Sara was already seated at.

"This looks and smells amazing," Felicity complimented as she took a seat and started to eat, not realizing how hungry she was.

"Good, eat then," she retorted. "Didn't know what you liked so I ordered a little of this, a little of that."

The two women enjoyed a good meal as they chatted casually. Felicity learned that Sara had been traveling the world when she met Nyssa, her girlfriend for more than 4 years. Her lover did quite a bit of moving around for her work but they called Nanda Parbat home. The MIT had never heard of the city and for good reason, it was a hidden underground city beneath the Hindu Kush mountains.

"Listen Felicity, I want you again. Can you come tomorrow night. Trust me, you won't be disappointed," Sara asked.

Felicity thought over the question and her own answer before finally speaking. "Sara...I'm's not that I don't find you gorgeous and sexy and all...but I'm not that way, you know."

"Could have fooled me last night," Sara said with a wink.

"Plus Oliver controls most of my evenings. I think I've only had two nights to myself since we...came to an arrangement," Felicity added.

"You mean since he bought and paid for your ass to act as his very own prostitute on retainer," Sara spelled it out neatly. "But let's say I talk to Oli and come to an understanding with him to borrow you, would you be okay with that?"

Again, the robed girl was quiet for another spell as she mauled over her feelings. She had always found women attractive, and Sara Lance was no exception to that. She was so physically fit with gorgeous legs, a juicy ass, bouncy tits and a pretty face framed by golden hair. However until last night with Oliver's help she never would have thought on acting on those urges.

"Earth to Felicity," Sara laughed.


Sara thought the other girl's comment was a question. She was mistaken. "Did you zone out through my question?"

"No I heard it. Yes was my answer," the girl in glasses answered again.

Sara beamed elation as she got the answer she was hoping for. She had conversed with Nyssa last night after slipping out of bed while Felicity was passed out beside her. The striking dark-haired girl would be leaving the mysterious city today but Sara wanted the trained assassin to have time to adjust to the new time zone in order to fully enjoy their encounter.

"I can talk to Oliver today. It's Sunday so he should be playing golf with his friend Tommy," Felicity spoke as she spotted her dress from last night.

"How about I take care of Oliver. I know him, he'll want to discuss this with the interested party, not a middle man," Sara replied, bringing a nod from the other girl.

"Works for me. It's already 1pm and I have groceries, laundry and a dinner date with my mom in store for the rest of the day."

The women finished their delicious meal before Felicity got dressed into her gown and left the very nice hotel. She didn't want to abuse her relationship with Oliver so rather than asking to use his driver she called a taxi and got a lift home. Meanwhile, Sara got dressed in her going out clothes, consisting today of a tight pair of jeans, green tanktop and a form-fitting leather jacket overtop.

She arrived at Queen manor before Oliver had returned from his golf game. She was still on friendly terms with the family, including Oliver's sister Thea who had grown up into a full hottie in her own right while Sara was away. The two girls chatted and caught up before the door swung open and Oliver walked into the family house.

"Oli, we need to talk," Sara said to her ex.

"How about we go into my sitting room upstairs," Oliver offered before escorting his ex-flame through the house. "And to what do I owe the pleasure or your company."

"I want Felicity, tomorrow night...all night."


"I know that you as a businessman aren't the sort to give out a service without some form of return. I'm willing and able to make this deal happen," Sara added without hesitation.

"Felicity is that good isn't she. So amazing that you're willing to offer up yourself for any challenge I give you just for another taste," Oliver told her. "Fine. I'll need her here until 4 then she's all yours."

"And what do you want in exchange," the blonde inquired, cozing up in front of him and rubbing his cock through his pants

"Nothing...yet. However, just know that you owe me one and I will collect at some point," the bearded man explained.

"Helena is coming, isn't she," Sara said, taking her hand from his crotch.

"Sadly too soon to even get in a quickie," Oliver agreed. "If only you could have told me you were dropping by and then I could have delayed her."

Sara and Oliver were both disappointed by this turn of events but it was out of both of their hands. Oliver couldn't risk losing Helena by her catching him in bed with another woman, after all she was his fiance. However, it left them both unsatisfied, but for Sara that would soon be remedied by sharing her's and Nyssa's bed with the foxy young assistant.

* * *

Felicity had been thinking about her new arrangement with Sara Lance for the better part every spare moment she could. Luckily for her, Oliver kept her busy with work as being the son of the owner's of a billion dollar company actually required you to do things in order to keep your job. Oliver himself did little of that while workers like Felicity and Curtis worked their tails off.

Dinner that night before she met with Sara was shaping up to be a dreaded affair for Felicity since she would go back to her apartment and get to focus on the issue at hand. Specifically partaking in her first true lesbian sex and if that wasn't enough it would be with two very experienced lovers. However, her phone rang and her mom's image popped up.

"Hi mother. What's up?"

"I'm in Starling City and would love to do dinner. How's Big Belly Burger in 20 minutes," Donna Smoak offered.

"Actually...that's perfect."

The plans could not have been timed better. Donna had just broken up with her latest in a long line of exes and was looking to get away for a few days. Felicity was use to letting her mom hole up with her, in this time it worked out great. They ate their meal and chatted like a mother and daughter could only do before they each ordered a milkshake to round out supper.

"So tell me Felicity, are you seeing anyone?"

"Well...kinda but it's super casual. Not official or anything but..."

"Is he a married man then? I know my daughter, you don't do open relationships unless for a reason," Donna remarked.

"Not married but may as well be," Felicity admitted. "It started out of nowhere and before long I couldn't stop myself. Now it just feels like I'm addicted, like even if I wanted to stop, which I don't, I couldn't anyway."

"My little girl has finally become a sexually liberated woman," she gushed with admiration. "He's not married which means he's still available. Besides, that's on him to not cheat so you're off the hook. You do you and have fun. You're 23 years-old, you should be having these experiences."

"Thanks mom," Felicity said, beaming with a smile as her mother helped to calm all her fears about what she had been doing.

"Well I have to head out to a date shortly," Felicity's mom told her. "And with any luck, well I'll get lucky!"

"Gross. You're my mother," Felicity commented with a disgusted look on her face.

"Oh like you're one to voice displeasure. I've been sitting with you all dinner reading all over your face and body language how much sex you've been having lately," Donna explained. "And here I thought my daughter was a prude when in reality she's been...rather loose."


"Hey I'm not insulting. I'm proud that you've been liberated and get to live like a modern woman now," she add. "Now give your mother a hug and tell me to have a nice time."

"Have a good date," Felicity said somewhat reluctantly as she stood to hug her mom.

Felicity did a quick check of her watch, which cost almost a month's wages therefore was a gift from her boss Oliver Queen. Already quarter to 8, Felicity went to her car, another gift from her boss for her exceptional work on her back, and headed back to the same hotel she visited last night.

"Hi, I'm here to see Ms. Lance in room..."

"She's expecting you," the hotel concierge greeted. "Here's a room key as specified by Ms. Lance."

"O...kay. Thank you," Felicity replied confused before heading to the elevator and lifted to the top floor once more.

Sara clearly wanted her to just enter so she used the card in her hand to swipe the lock mechanism. The light turned green so the nicely dressed personal assistant swung the door in and stepped inside the lavish room. It was just like she remember...except for last time Sara wasn't making out with a beautiful dark-haired woman.

"Holy crap. You are so gorgeous," Felicity couldn't stop herself from blurting that out.

It was no exaggeration from the nerdy girl either. As Nyssa Al Ghul stepped away from her lover, her whole body came better into view. Only wearing a satin black nightgown at this point, her legs that went on forever poked out the bottom of the short dress. Her tits were medium sized, much like her own while her body was sculpted by the Gods themselves.

"This is the creature you told me so much about," Nyssa commented, scanning her eyes all over Felicity.

Felicity couldn't help but feel self-conscious in the presence of the beautiful assassin, for multiple reasons. Looks alone, the dark-haired girl was a stunning specimen of natural beauty and an insanely fit body. However, it was the other woman's confidence that she emitted through every pore of her being, not to mention the intense stare she was giving Felicity, which had been unbroken since she entered the room.

"Oh Beloved! You were not exaggerating about this one," Nyssa said in her accent that was very similar to an English one. Suddenly the anxiety in Felicity's face instantly dropped and she found her shoulders relaxing as well. "This creature is extraordinary."

"Extraordinary? Wow! Thank you. Especially from one as gorgeous as yourself," Felicity stammered. "I hope that doesn't make you jealous Sara. Because I mean I find you super attractive too. But I would never come between you. I ain't no homewrecker," she added in an exaggerated sassy tone.

"The same one who made it so that I still can't sit down," Sara said, ignoring Felicity's nervous rant while placing her hand on her girlfriend's perky ass.

"Wait. So you know that I did...that with Sara and you're okay with it," Felicity gasped.

"Not okay however my beloved knows that she can have other partners though it comes with a punishment," Nyssa explained, a smirk crossing her face as she thought ahead to the abuse she would give Sara. "But if said experiences lead to a discovery as fine as you, then it makes the pill easier to swallow, so to speak."

"We understand that opportunities for such soul-fulfilling sex doesn't present itself every day and that it's sometimes required to break faithfulness to have it. After all, there is nothing worse then looking back and saying 'what if'," Sara explained further.

Felicity was weighing the importance of that line when her hands were grasped tenderly by both Sara and the new woman. She allowed them to lead her into the bedroom, which was dark except for a few dozen candles scattered across the dresser and end-tables. It was equally a blur as Nyssa pulled her shirt overhead and unclasped her bra while Sara crouched to take off her skirt and panties, leaving the MIT grad naked.

"Time for a good taste," Nyssa said to the naked women.

Sara hopped to the command and instantly got down onto her hands and knees with her backend just hanging over the edge. With the quickness of the action Felicity could tell this was something that the lovers did regularly. Setting up right behind her, Nyssa extended her tongue and proceeded to lick her from clit, through her folds, over her asshole and continue up the rest of her crack.

"God I missed you," Sara cooed.

"Hmmm...well you've certainly been busy. A man and a few toys in both holes. Well at least they were BPA-free dildos, beloved," Nyssa commented to her girlfriend.

"What the hell was that," Felicity gasped in shock at the accented woman's super taste buds.

"Felicity just get that beautiful ass up in the air and let her have a taste," Sara instructed her new friend.

"She certainly does speak a lot," Nyssa commented as she moved over to situate herself behind the large-bottomed girl.

"It's kinda her thing," Canary replied.

Felicity could feel her cheeks blush as she set up in the same fashion that Sara was currently in. With her large booty hanging up in the air right at the edge of the mattress, she felt hands grip her ass before a tongue touched her sex. She had shivers run up her spine as Nyssa's wet muscle glided along her pussy and asshole in the same way she had done to her girlfriend.

"And here I thought you were, what's the word this side of the world uses, vanilla. You are not the innocent creature you seem. Multiple partners in a short period of time," Nyssa commented before licking her again. "Several times a day a majority of the time. And with big black cocks as well."

"How," Felicity squeaked, both embarrassed and amazed.

Her speech was quickly silenced by Sara, who leaned towards the nerdy girl and treated her to a tongue-filled kiss. Felicity liked this kind of interruption and was soon replying in kind with the lovely blonde. Nyssa watched on from her knees, a natural expression etched on her face, conflicted between scorn for seeing her beloved with another and lust at the sexy display.

"This big beautiful ass looks perfectly suited to anal," the English woman noted as her hands rubbed over Felicity's large surface.

"She's been bought and paid for with a legitimate transaction. We can gladly tear that butthole open," Sara added, kneeling beside her love and admiring the younger woman's ass just as much.

Sara took charge feeling that it was only right since she had the only previous relationship with the thick-bottomed girl. Soaking her own digit in spit, the Canary of a different Earth placed the tip against Felicity's backdoor. She smeared some saliva around her entrance as the nerdy girl involuntarily clenched, but the second her ass winked back loose she struck, burying the finger inside with a smooth motion.

"Mhmm," Felicity moaned, surprised at how accustomed she was becoming to having her bowels filled...and how much she was beginning to enjoy it.

Nyssa watched as her love dragged her finger in and out of the American's large ass and felt her pussy getting wetter by the stroke. Unable to simply sit and observe, Nyssa brought Sara in for a passionate kiss while her left hand continued to roam Felicity's flesh. Settled into her ass crack, the assassin ran it down before inserting her own finger inside Felicity's ass, sandwiched tight to Sara's.

"That looks so sexy to see two fingers in your ass," Sara practically screamed in excitement.

Felicity had been fingered in her backdoor before so that wasn't a new sensation, but having the digits belonging to two different people certainly was. Not to mention it felt much different as each finger was moving independent of the other, simultaneously rubbing her rectum in different directions and at varying speeds and pressure.

"Soo...mhmmm...aahhh...good," Felicity moaned.

"My beloved, would you allow me to taste her bountiful ass," Nyssa asked, always the picture of formality.

Both girls pulled their fingers from the girl's ass, Nyssa placing her hands on Felicity's meaty cheeks and giving them a hard squeeze, feeling them squish slightly between her fingers. While maintaining a firm grip, the dark haired girl pulled the cheeks apart to expose the objective of her affection. Moving in closer, Nyssa slowly brought her face closer to her conquest's ass until her lips were hovering just beside the girl's hole then went for it.

"Oh my God yes," Felicity shrieked in pleasure.

Nyssa was lost in the moment, letting her many years of rimming other women kick in. Lip smacking over the exposed rosebud got her hole primed and wet, allowing her determined tongue to slice between her large buns. Felicity squealed in delight every time the foreign woman's tongue buried deep in her asshole, a thought she never would have imagined she'd be having. However having her butt filled with a skilled tongue was one of the great joys in her life now.

Sara just sat and watched as her girlfriend ate the asshole of her new crush, her own hand between her thighs. Her pussy was understandably wet from the display in front of her as Nyssa's face was buried in Felicity's huge ass, allowing her fingers to pump into her cunt with a fast pumping motion.

"This is so fucking sexy," Sara commented before kissing her girlfriend.

Sara could taste Felicity's ass on her girlfriend's tongue which made her even hornier. She sucked her partner's tongue before letting her head go, which was instantly back behind Felicity and rimming her asshole again. Hopping onto the bed, Sara exchanged tongue-filled kisses with the lovely girl who was still wearing her adorable naughty-librarian glasses.

Kissing Felicity was one thing, but she wanted more, needed more. Roaming the younger girl's body, she helped pull the assistant's ass open to give Nyssa easier access, somehow finding a way to get even more of her tongue deep into Felicity. It caused the nerdy girl to moan into Sara's mouth, but what really got the girl humming was when Sara trailed a hand underneath her and flicked her clit.

"Don't stop! Don't ever stop," Felicity screamed her encouragement.

Neither woman knew who Felicity was referring to, in fact neither did Felicity herself. Both women assumed it was them and re-doubled their efforts, determined to get the nerdy girl off. Nyssa pressed her face even harder into Felicity's exquisite ass to drive her tongue in even deeper, the sensation of having her eye sockets filled with her ass equally arousing for Nyssa.

Sara didn't stop her role in the threesome either, her fingers a flesh-colored blur underneath Felicity to constantly be rubbing her clit. She knew from their previous time together how sensitive the personal assistant was to that motion so she went even quicker, feeling the burn in her forearm but it was worth it.

"Oh God," Felicity screamed as came, the quickest yet powerful climax she had ever had in her sexual life. "I'm cumming!"

"I do believe your little play toy reached orgasm," Nyssa stated before craning her neck underneath Felicity to lick her snatch. "Yes actually, I can confirm she did indeed."

"I want a taste too," Sara commented as she dipped her fingers inside Felicity's cunt then brought it right away to her mouth. "Mmm mmm mmmmmm!"

"Holy crap-balls," Felicity cooed, the high from her orgasm still causing her head to swirl.

"I'm not quite sure I understand what a 'crap-ball' is, but I can assure you that your asshole was clean and tasted as good if not better than most," Nyssa said straight-faced.

Sara was quite use to Nyssa's rather literal interpretation of sayings and found the whole business funny. With a grin plastered on her pretty face, the blonde reached down and pulled her lover up onto the bed to join her and Felicity. Nyssa allowed her to drag her up and settle her so her dark-haired head was nestled in the pillows.

After exchange another tongue-filled kiss with her, Sara began running her lips down her girlfriend's body. As the blonde started kissing her jawline down to her neck, Felicity joined in as well. Recovered from her massive orgasm, the nerdy girl licked her up from the other end with her tongue tracing a zagging line from ankle and up her slender calf.

"I love your tits...especially these big pink nipples," Sara commented as she lightly nibbled on the erect areola.

"I don't know what type of exercise program you're on but holy moly is it ever working," Felicity added, her head creeping closer to her sex via her perfectly toned thighs.

"Awwhh...yes, that would be the League of Assassins," Nyssa replied between groans.

Much like her beloved, Nyssa was also completely hairness, the bright pink lips of her snatch standing out even more from the milky flesh that surrounded it. The two women met there almost at the same time, giving one another a kiss before they both set upon Nyssa. Sara stretched out her tongue and flicked out at her exposed clit while Felicity calmed her nerves before licking her first pussy.

"It's...yummy! Tastes so good," Felicity thought.

Buoyed by the flavor, Felicity ran her tongue once more along the pink slit and tasted more of her fluids. Taking the next step in her sexuality, the nerdy girl placed her mouth over Nyssa's entrance and poked inside. This time her tongue didn't just have a hint but instead was bathed in the sweet yet musky juices of the trained assassin.

"Yes! Eat my cunt you American whore," Nyssa barked at the once shy girl.

The sudden outburst startled Felicity initially but Sara's hand clutching the back of her head and holding her locked in position helped to get her back to task. Growing more confident with each probe that got a moan from the dark-haired beauty, Felicity dug deeper inside and felt the smooth inner walls along her tongue.

Nyssa was disappointed when her clit was no longer getting played with, but it was an easier pill to swallow with the surprising good work being done by the first time lesbian. Sara had other ideas and she put them in motion but didn't want to disturb Felicity's flow. Timing everything perfectly, the blonde nudged her girlfriend so she twisted to laying on her side, Felicity's head still firmly between her thighs but with her tight booty facing Sara now.

"There's my favorite entrance," the blonde cooed before swiping her tongue at the puckered hole.

"You ladies certainly like your backdoor loving," Felicity mused before getting her very plump lips sealed around her pussy once more.

"You're one to talk, American," Nyssa replied, making Felicity remember that she too came from getting rimmed.

The nerdy girl gave her a mental touche and continued to eat her out, getting more and more comfortable with the passing lap inside her cunt. Meanwhile, Sara had gotten right into her ass, using her tongue to wag at her entrance before using strong hands to separate her cheeks and cram inside.

If Nyssa was in bliss before then she was positively transcendent at this point with two girls working over each of her responsive holes. While Sara was more practice with her technique as she rimmed her girlfriend, Nyssa got equal pleasure from the newbie. What Felicity lacked in precision and experience she more than compensated with eagerness and willingness to improve.

"As much as I would gladly do this all evening, my turn is next and I'm desperate to get off," Sara told the threesome honestly.

The whole experience was amazing for Felicity, but she had to assume this wasn't a typical way to start sleeping with other women. Now her second time hooking up with women, the nerdy girl had been on the giving end of a strap-on dildo and now was munching her first pussy while another gorgeous blonde licked her asshole, their tongues occasionally touching.

"Make my cum beloved," Nyssa implored.

"Watch yourself for a moment Felicity," Sara told the personal assistant. "But don't go far, I want you to have a first row seat for this."

The blonde had a devilish thought and was going to follow through. Rolling Nyssa onto her back, Felicity stayed between the dark-haired woman's legs as Sara dug two fingers into her snatch. Felicity watched as Sara started to pump her hand at such a feverish pace that she didn't understand how the girl would be able to use that arm for the next couple days.

"YYEESSSSSS," Nyssa screamed loudly as Sara made her cum.

Thankfully for Sara it didn't take more than a minute or two until her girlfriend was screaming at the top of her lungs as an orgasm rocked her sculpted body. What Felicity didn't see coming was that Nyssa was a squirted and that she was well within the splash zone, a fact that Sara and Nyssa had planned for.

Felicity was completely caught off guard as a torrent of fluid smacked the horny 23-year-old flush in the face. Only her glasses prevented her blue eyes from taking a blast of the liquid but it didn't stop Nyssa's juices from flowing into her open mouth. The big-bottomed beauty swallowed her fluid down out of reflex as her face was drenched in the somewhat sweet tasting juices, getting her golden hair wet in the process.

"Holy crap! You cum like a fucking typhoon," Felicity gasped before laughing at the hilarity of the moment.

"Yes I do, or at least I have since I met Sara," Nyssa corrected. "Now I do believe that she is the only one who hasn't experienced a joyous release yet tonight."

"How right you are babe," the blonde grinned, knowing it was finally her turn to be sandwiched by the two extremely gorgeous and sexy creatures.

Felicity couldn't help but be aware of the look the two lovers gave each other. It was though they were having a telepathic conversation and after holding one another's gaze for several seconds they seemed to reach a conclusion. Sara grinned ear to ear as she moved up the bed to settle her head on the pillows, flat on her back as Nyssa took up the space between her wide spread legs.

"Felicity, be a darling and fetch my bottle of lube from nightstand," the English accented woman requested.

The naked assistant, her hair and face still covered in the clear fluid, got up and retrieved the bottle. Nyssa used a generous amount to spray on Sara's bald patch over her pussy before the blonde rubbed it through her folds. While that took place Nyssa drizzled the lubrication all over her fingers, back and front and even down to the knuckles.

However, Felicity was surprised as Nyssa locked eyes with her instead of her girlfriend. Her piercing eyes never left as she inserted one finger into Sara, followed swiftly by a second. Two became three and then became four, a feat that Felicity thought she'd be hard pressed to complete.

"Glad Oliver's not here to get any ideas," Felicity mused, making herself chuckle.

"Oh child, this is nothing," Nyssa talked down to her.

Felicity was about to ask what she meant when she was left silenced. Having felt that she loosened Sara up enough, Nyssa retreated from her cunt, gave another dollop of lube to further coat the thicker digits. Pressing all five fingertips tightly together, the dark-haired girl positioned them at the entrance to Sara's pussy and pushed.

It was like a car wreck in the sense that Felicity couldn't bring herself to turn away from the scene in front of her. Sara's mouth hung wide open with eyes closed tightly as muscles in Nyssa's arm bulged with strain. In the battle that could have only one winner, the trained assassin won as Felicity observed her hand disappear deep inside Oliver's ex-girlfriend.

"AWWWHHHHHH...fuck! Jesus that feels good," Sara screamed at the top of her lungs.

"Oh. My. God," Felicity gasped. "You just shoveled your full fist inside her."

"And I fucking love it," Sara screamed.

Nyssa gave her beloved some time to get use to the extremely full sensation, basking in the feel of her velvety hole clenched around her wrist. She moved her hand, turning in slow circles to allow her probing fingers to glide along the smooth inner walls. This brought new moans from Sara, as well as cause Felicity to lean in further to not miss any of the action.

"Come here nerdy American," Nyssa demanded, reaching out with her free hand to deeply kiss the absorbed personal assistant. "One day, I will bring you to Nanda Parbat with us so that you too may be on the receiving end of my fist.

Felicity didn't know how to process that new information so she did something that she rarely found herself do: remain silent. Nyssa had followed up their tongue-filled kiss with a softer one before focusing solely on Sara, moving her arm in a pumping motion. She didn't break free of Sara's grip but more of her palm was seen with each time she pulled back.

"Can I try that," Felicity asked without thinking.

"You are asking permission to fist my beloved," Nyssa asked her with a straight face, finally removing her hand from within Sara.

"Stop intimidating her," Sara scolded before looking at Felicity. "Ignore her and get wrist deep in me."

Felicity greased herself up in the same fashion Nyssa had done earlier and got right to it. Sara's snatch was still rather loose so three fingers fit easily inside her, at which point she added a fourth. Felicity pumped the blonde with that for now before she gathered her courage, tucked her thumb into her palm and pushed forward. She felt the grip of Sara's velvety walls resist but only for a second before they relaxed and permitted her knuckles to pass inside her.

"Wowzers! My whole hand," Felicity gasped once more, even twirling her hand while within the blonde to make her point.

Much like how Nyssa how tested the boundaries earlier, Felicity did so now. She was surprised to find that she had some wiggle room inside, as she spread her fingers out to touch and rub Sara. The blonde responded favorably, more moans and screams filling the hotel room. When she did finally pull out she only removed her knuckles, loving the feeling of Sara's pussy stretch to it's limit then pushed back inside.

"God it's amazing how good this feels," the blonde cooed.

Sara couldn't decide who felt better fisting her between her long-time girlfriend and the blonde she met only 2 days prior. Luckily they gave her many chances to decide as they took turns using her, Felicity pulling her hand out of her cunt only to swiftly be replaced by Nyssa. In the end Sara could care less which one of the two it was, all that mattered was her orgasm was imminent.

It was Felicity who accomplished the goal for Sara, which also happened to be the MIT grads first time making another woman cum. As she found when men did it to her, the trick seemed to be a two pronged approached. With her hand still buried deep in Sara's twat, she pumped her fist lightly while twirling it as her mouth was suctioned over her slit with tongue darting at Sara's clit.

"Oh my God! Oh my God! Holy crap! UNGGHHHHHH," Sara loudly shouted as she suffered one of the strongest orgasms of her life.

It was an odd sensation for Felicity to feel Sara's pussy clamp down in response to her orgasm. It was her first time so she marveled at the new feeling of her hole squeezing tightly onto her wrist as Sara's cum oozed out onto her hand. She knew how sensitive her pussy was after cumming so she gently removed her fist from inside Sara before it was being licked by a very aggressive Nyssa.

"That was the first time in ages another woman besides myself has done that to Sara," Nyssa explained while sucking her fingers clean. "However, I will not sure her sweet reward with anyone else."

All three women laid in silence, catching their breath after the energetic exchange. Surprisingly it was Sara who stirred first, Felicity not understanding how the blonde was to her feet already considering she had received the most punishment and was the last to orgasm. However, there she was standing before moving to the adjoining room in the back corner of the spacious bedroom.

"Heading for shower...would love company," the nude girl said, the look on her face as she told them getting the other two out of bed and chasing after Sara.


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