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Summary - Sara visits Oliver at an event. Takes her home but fucked her first in limo with Felicity present. Afterwards he recruits Sara to help him unlock the girls inner sex freak

Pairings: Sara Lance/Oliver, Felicity/Sara/Oliver

Codes: MF, MFF, Anal, Oral, Toys

Arrow: Alternate Timeline Part 3 - Return Of The Canary
by The Chemist

"Unless my eyes do deceive me, I believe that is Oliver Queen in the flesh," a familiar voice spoke to the billionaire.

"Sara Lance," Oliver said while turning, a large smile plastered on his face. The blonde in the low-cut expensive dress sauntered closer and the old friends embraced in a hug. "I thought you were somewhere in Asia."

"I am but needed to take care of some business here and heard of this gala. Figured I'd drop in and see you," Sara answered with her trademark smirk of a smile.

"I'm honored," the handsome man said with a dip of his head.

"Where's your date," the younger Lance sister enquired.

"Having a little chat with daddy dearest," the bearded man answered.

"So the Queen family wants a merger with the Bertinelli clan and what better way then to have their heirs engaged. How very Victorian," Sara mused. "Can you get ride of her for the evening so two old friends can...spend time like they use to?"

"Consider it done," he answered with a wolfish grin on his face.

Oliver leaned in and gave his friend a kiss on the cheek, innocent enough for a big gala of the wealthy. Looking around he beaconed his personal assistant over to him while in the next instance took a champagne flute from a waiter walking by. By the time Felicity was standing in front of him he had added a powder to the drink and swirled it around to hide any evidence.

"What do you need Mr. Queen," the submissive girl asked her boss.

"Please take this drink to my fiance," Oliver told her.

Normally when Oliver requested something of her it normally required her dropping to her knees and sucking him off or getting fucked by the handsome man. Therefore this command was not something she was expecting and felt foolish as her panties had already dampened in anticipation of him entering her in short order.

"Of course."

Oliver watched his personal assistant as she sought off across the dance floor to Helena Bertinelli. He watched her shapely ass sway from side to side the whole time she walked in her high heels, feeling his cock stiffen in his dress pants. Felicity handed off the drink to his fiance, who then found him across the floor and the two shared a raising of the glass before swallowing the champagne.

The lovely pair danced for the next few songs before Helena started to complain about stomach discomfort. Oliver tried to plead with her to see if it improved but the striking dark-haired girl doubted it greatly. 5 minutes later Oliver had her in the back of his driver's car with John escorting his fiance back to her family's mansion.

"Well that didn't take long," Sara Lance said as the billionaire came back into the venue. "By the way, who's the hot blonde with the gorgeous ass following you around like a little puppy?"

"That is my personal assistant, Felicity Smoak," Oliver answered as the pair started to dance.

Sara gave him a knowing look before adding, "And I imagine she sees to you very personally."

Oliver laughed. "We have an understanding."

"Any chance I can get in on said understanding. Like with the limo I have and in my hotel room?"

The billionaire looked down at the blonde in the little black dress and smiled, remembering the old times the pair shared. Sara and he were always a bad influence on each other, so much so that they were hooking up when he was dating Sara's sister Laurel. For her part in the ordeal Sara was very liberal minded and tried convincing Oliver to let her into their bed while Laurel was in it with him but he never had the stones to bring that up to the elder Lance sister.

When the song ended Sara went to the foyer of the venue to contact her own driver while Oliver tracked down Felicity, who was never far from him. He informed her that they were going home with a former friend and added nothing else, leaving the gorgeous girl in the dark about any potential role though she figured she'd be heavily involved like usual.

"You must be Sara. Hi I'm Felicity," the MIT grad introduced herself as the threesome waited for the limo.

"Nice to meet you," Sara replied, her eyes soaking in the beautiful assistant before her.

The girl in front of her was a real vision at that. Probably a year or two younger than herself, Sara drank in the blonde in her striking pink dress with plunging neckline. Though not a social climber like her boss, Felicity was dressed well for the gala with a good amount of cleavage on display despite not being the largest in the chest department. However the flowing gown did well to hug her perfect ass beautifully, snug to allow every man and woman to have a good gaze of the backside.

"Here we are," Oliver said as Sara's limo pulled up to the front. "After you ladies."

Felicity turned to the left to sit facing backwards in the spacious car while Sara took the seat opposite her. Oliver climbed in lastly and took the spot right beside his long time friend, cozing right up to her side. The door closed and they could feel the car accelerate away from the gala and towards Sara's luxury hotel.

"So how is the daughter of a detective and civil servant offer that dress, a limo and a room at the best hotel in Starling City," Oliver asked her as his arm slide effortlessly around the top of her shoulders and pulled her tight against him.

"My lover has a rather wealthy and prominent daddy," Sara answered, staring up into his big blue eyes.

"Seems to be your type," Oli replied.

"True...except she is much prettier than you. But don't worry, you're still the biggest I've ever been with," Sara added as her hand reached into his pants and started stroking his member.

"Amen to that," Felicity found herself agreeing to the size comment before realizing where Sara's hand went to. " you want the driver to let me off here? I can cab it home."

"Oh no," Sara said, leaning forward without her hand every leaving his pants. Gripping the blonde around the back of her head she pulled Felicity in for a soft but passionate kiss that left the personal assistant speechless. "I'm looking forward to learning more about you."

"Awwhh...okay," Felicity replied after the minute long kiss, eyes still closed as if in a hypnotic state.

When Sara sat back against her leather seat Oliver was all over her, sliding the straps of her dress from her shoulders. Instantly her medium-sized tits were free, standing proudly out from her chest saglessly, each capped with a cute, pink nipple. As his mouth closed around one, making it wet and erect his hand was under her skirt.

"No panties. Not very lady like," Oli teased as he swapped one nipple for the other.

Not much of a lady," she moaned as his finger pierced her twat. "Mhmmm...forgot how good you feel in me."

Sara gripped his head and forced him away from her perky tits so that she could kiss him once more. It was something that she hadn't done in many years so she yearned for it. All while their tongues tangled in the space created between their hungry lips, his fingers as there was now two plunging into her wet sex.

Felicity watched the action from across the narrow way, unsure if she should look away and ignore them, or take in the show. Ultimately she decided on the second option, watching as their kissing became more urgent and hearing the wet slapping noise as Oliver's hand flew relentlessly into Sara's pussy.

"Get this jacket off," the horny blonde demanded.

For the first time in a matter of minutes Oliver pulled his two slippery digits away from her shaven snatch and undid the buttons on the front of his suit jacket. As he pulled the tailor coat from his broad shoulders, Sara pounced towards his groin, doing likewise to his pants before yanking them down around his knees.

The blonde was bent over at the waist as she inhaled half his meat pole in one go, all while Oliver tossed his head back in appreciation of her skills. Felicity watched and felt herself get wet once more as her boss reached down with a hand to finger her pussy again, a cry of pleasure from Sara muffled by his manhood.

"Fuck. Forgot how good you were with your mouth," he complimented his former lover.

Without thinking about it, Felicity found herself parting her juicy legs and running her hand up under her dress. It was a very new experience for her to watch as people engaged in sex and it was extremely captivating. She never really watched porn so the intimacy of watching such attractive and clearly passionate people hooking up was exciting and quite arousing.

Felicity couldn't help but note how talented of a cocksucker Sara was as she watched her glide her lips up and down Oli's pole. The blonde was a natural as she had her head tilted up so that she could maintain unbroken eye contact with her ex-boyfriend, who was doing the same to her. It was so very hot, making the glasses-wearing girl rub fingers through her own mound before dipping two fingers into herself.

"Mhmmm....owwwhhh," Felicity moaned while keeping her eyes on the action.

"I think your little girlfriend over there likes what she sees," Sara commented, his cock free of her mouth for the first time in awhile. "Wonder how much she'll like when you fuck me."

"Only one way to find out," the bearded man replied.

With effortless ease Sara got to an upright position before swinging a leg over Oli's lap, his cock now resting right on her slit. Though the confines were cramped it didn't affect the couple as the blonde lifted her curvy ass high enough to shove the billionaire's dick into her gushing pussy. Now with her eyes fixed on Felicity's, Sara let her know the pleasure she got when she took her former lover inside her. The Canary of a different Earth let out a loud, gratifying scream as Oliver split through her pink lips as she further descended on his lap.

"Awwh...yes," Sara screamed in delight.

Letting her inhibitions go completely, Felicity pulled down the straps of her dress and bra down to expose her medium-sized tits. Her small pink nipples were already erect before they even hit the cool air given how horny she was so, maybe even harder as she started pulling on them. With two fingers pistoning into her twat and her other hand tweaking her nipples, she was moaning just as much as Sara was, who continued to crash down onto the whole length of Oliver's cock no more than 2 feet away.

Sara wasn't happy with the roof being so low, making her only ride up half his length before she came thudded down into his lap. Oliver was helping as best he could by pushing his hips upwards to meet the blonde as she rode down his shaft. Still, Sara couldn't help but moan loudly every time he plowed deep into her pussy, her noises making Felicity even wetter while she pulled and played with her sensitive nipples.

"This should be better," Oliver commented before rolling the pair over onto their sides then propping Sara up so she rested on hands and knees, blonde head pressed against the window.

His cock never left Sara so he was instantly fucking her with all 8 inches of his manhood finally. He was unrestricted now as he stroked completely into her gushing pussy, however he was unable to tell which of the two women was moaning louder.

"Keep going deep like that. I'm so close," Sara told him as she used her arms to push back harder onto his stiff cock.

Oli doubled the grip he had on her hips and started thrusting into Sara with renewed force. Felicity had never seen her boss with another woman, but watching him manhandle his former girlfriend was a real turn-on for her. She suddenly became aware that Sara wasn't the only one on the verge of an orgasm, unconsciously blurting out that fact as well.

"Uh, yes! Yes! I'm cumming," Sara screamed before Oli felt her pussy clamped down on his dick, making it extremely tough to push in and out of her.

Oliver felt satisfied that she had cum, but he still couldn't let up with his continuous pumping into her. Motivated to get his ever-developing personal whore to cum just by watching him have sex with another woman. His efforts almost immediately paid off when Felicity's body started thrashing about wildly and she stopped moaning.

"UHHHHHHHH," Felicity belted out as her orgasm rocked her body.

The timing couldn't have worked out better as Oliver was cumming at almost the same instance that his personal assistant had climaxed. His load burst from his tip in spurts, 6 in all as Sara felt each one painting the walls of her pussy. The man grunted as he slowly thrusted into her, using her velvety folds to massage his cock until every last trickle of cum had been drained.

"Go get your reward for being a good audience member," Oliver addressed Felicity as he fell back onto the seat.

Sara had a big smile on her face which helped Felicity get over any awkwardness of drinking the cum from her pussy. Still not comfortable around another woman sexually, Felicity closed her eyes, stuck her tongue out and drove it right into the centre of her used hole. Sara felt the slippery muscle pierce into her and pushed at the same, spitting Oli's cum out onto Felicity's tongue before the nerdy girl swallowed it down in one gulp.

"Ms Lance, we are pulling up to the hotel now," the driver's voice spoke over the intercom.

"Thank you. The door around back will be perfect," she spoke back before addressing Oliver, still basking in her post-orgasm bliss. "Fuck Oli. That hit the spot."

"Whadda say Sara, up for some rough sex," Oliver asked as he whispered directly into her ear so Felicity was none the wiser.

"When have I ever turned that offer down," she answered with her own trademark grin. "How rough?"

"I'd rearrange your flight to fly out a few days later. After what I plan on doing with you, you won't be able to sit right for a while," the handsome man answered. "And I assume you still travel with a collection of toys."

"I think I know where you're going with this," Sara answered as the pair looked at the blonde across from them like wolves due to a wounded sheep.

"She still a bit timid so need to break her of that," he added.

"Are you talking about me," Felicity said, shocked. "Timid? I let two hung black dudes fuck me at the same each hole...same time," she went one, pointing down at her crotch and speaking in more fragmented sentences as she spoke.

"That's right. They fucked you. Maybe it's time that you learned to be the one fucking," Sara answered, hair and dressed presentable once again.

The trio exited the limousine and made their way through the back of the hotel to the secluded elevator reserved for those guests wanting to avoid detection. Whoever Sara was dating, her father was definitely wealthy, given that the lift didn't let them off until reaching the top floor. Felicity couldn't help but remember her time here last week, the meat in a Diggle brother's sandwich.

"Sara why don't you get into something...sluttier," Oli told the blonde. "Have a seat Felicity and I'll get everyone some drinks."

The billionaire went to the refrigerator in the room where Sara had a bottle of premium vodka chilling in the freezer. Finding three glasses was easy enough and he poured them each a double before handing one to Felicity before Sara re-emerged in the doorway to the bedroom.

"Holy damn," Felicity gaped at the fit woman in front of her.

While she and Oliver fucked right in front of her in the back seat of the limo, Felicity wasn't able to get a very good view of the blonde's body. Now she was making up for lost time. Having shed all of her clothing, the blonde stood in front of her guests completely naked, minus her expensive black high heels. Just for good measure, the girl spun in a slow, seductive circle to show off her best asset, her perfectly formed ass.

"Was that a new piece of jewelry I detected," Oli asked the naked woman.

"Good eye," Sara grinned before turning her back to them and bending over to touch her toes.

"Good God! Is that..."

"That's right Felicity, a butt plug with an opal set in the handle," Sara finished the surprised girl's sentence.

As Felicity closed her eyes to take in that new information, Sara had crossed the distance between them, now behind the girl in glasses. Felicity felt soft lips kissing her neck and let out a moan as Sara's hands pulled the straps of her dress off her shoulders. Without the tension her pink dress pooled around her waist, exposing the nerdy girl's small yet perky tits, Sara's hands already cupping to massage them.

"Mhmmm," the MIT grad moaned.

Oliver jumped into the fray as well, pulling the moaning girl to her feet so that the dress could descend the rest of her fit body and pool at her feet. Both he and Sara were treated to a great sight of Felicity naked save for a black thong and matching stocking that ran all the way up her juicy legs and ended at the bottom of her unparalleled ass.

"Jesus. What a fucking ass," Sara exclaimed, hands immediately going down to palm her cheeks as best she could.

As if they practiced it all the time, the trio moved as one while relocating from the main living quarters of the spacious room and into the equally expansive bedroom. All the while Sara was molesting Felicity's perfect booty and kissing her neck while the personal assistant and her boss engaged in a heated make-out session.

Seconds later Felicity was flat on her back atop the bed with Oli and Sara each suckling at their own breast. The MIT grad loved the dual attention especially as they sucked or lightly bit her rounded flesh and erect nipples. Oliver moved back up to kiss his assistant while the bisexual girl gravitated to Felicity's extremely wet pussy and started munching.

"Awwhh...yes," Felicity moaned, having her first real lesbian experience though that wasn't registering in her brain right then, only the sheer pleasure that a gifted tongue was bestowing on her.

"Get your play time in Sara because afterwards it's all about you getting absolutely used and abused," Oliver told her, his hand going down to press Sara's face further into his assistant's snatch.

Sara had heard the aggressive man but didn't think about that pending affair, instead her focus was solely on the tasty cunt in front of her. She got an extra perverse pleasure knowing that the nerdy looking girl was not gay in the least, well at least she got her hands on her.

Her tongue worked like a heat-seeking missle, driving in full force to Felicity's hole to lap at her inner walls. The girl in glasses thrashed and arched her back in response, which only spurred Sara on to go deeper. With pussy juice decorating her lips and skin around her mouth, Sara pressed harder into her sex, making Felicity moan louder with each lick.

"You like that sweetie," Sara asked knowingly, a hand stretching up to knead the other girl's tit.

" good," Felicity screamed her answer.

"Grind your hips against her pretty face babe," Oliver told her, which Felicity did without thought. "Excellent. Now cum for us."

Oliver decided to help out in the matter, crawling further down the bed to tease her sensitive nipples with his mouth. Sara had been multi-tasking, switching frequently from licking deep in her pussy and lapping at her clit, but when Oli's fingers roamed down to take over the duties at her clitoris, Sara could solely focus on her snatch.

"Mhmmm...not...awwhhhh...a...ohhh...problem," Felicity moaned.

Under the full attention of two so experienced sexual creatures, Felicity never stood a chance to hold out very long. Only minutes after Sara crawled between her legs and started eating her out, Felicity was already cumming. With a final cry into the vast hotel room, the nerdy girl gave her cream to Sara's tongue, allowing the other girl to drink down her orgasmic juices.

"This chick is the complete package Oli," Sara said, straightening back up and clearing the juices around her lips with a wipe of her hand. "Don't let her go."

"I've taken great steps to prevent that," Oli told the girl, tasting Felicity's cum as he kissed his former flame deeply.

Felicity had drifted off into a near unconscious state after the mind-blowing orgasm that Sara had delivered. Coming to after only a short time had eclipsed, the girl in glasses found that Oli had the blonde girl laying on her side with his cock pistoning into her twat. More than just that, her boss was also spinning the jewel-topped butt plug in a combination that had Sara purring like a kitten.

"Oh good, grab that red toy from the dresser and come join," Oliver instructed without missing a beat of savaging Sara's box.

Felicity rolled out of bed and walked on unsteady stocking-clad legs to retrieve the sex toy Oliver wished. It was cone shaped that started narrow with a rounded tip before uniformly expanding outward to almost 2 inches in diameter, the same thickness as Oliver's actual penis. Joining them back on the bed, Oliver pulled out of her pussy with his dick now shiny in her juice before doing likewise to the bulbous plug in her booty.

"Ahhh...why did you take all my fun away," Sara complained only half-heartedly. "I feel so empty."

"Wow! That is one open asshole," Felicity thought as she stared into the deep abyss that the butt plug had left.

"Well don't let her close back up. Stick that toy up Sara's ass," Oliver told the dazed assistant.

"Yes please," Sara cooed, even wiggling her great ass for added effect.

Felicity shut off her gifted brain and did as she was told, like she so often did when Oliver barked. With a firm grip on the handle she placed the cone-shaped dildo against her pink sphincter then pushed it in. To her amazement Sara moaned as her hole adapted, swallowing up nearly the entire length before it came to a snug resting place.

Now with her curiosity peaked, the horny girl pulled it back out until only an inch remained inside her new friend's anal passage. Oli wondered if he needed to give Felicity more instructions but to his delight she pushed the toy back into his old flame. His hand drifted to his cock as he stroke himself as his horny assistant began pumping the plastic toy into Sara with real eagerness.

"Mhmmm...feels so good in my ass," Canary of a different Earth groaned. "Oli...jump in."

The bearded man didn't hesitate, instantly taking up his place behind the sidelying girl and sticking his cock in her wet pussy. Sara howled in a pleasurable scream as she was filled in both her holes, while Oliver could feel the cone-shaped dildo rubbing his dick through her anal walls. He wasn't able to fuck her as fast as before, but after awhile he and Felicity found a good rhythm so when he pushed in she retreated from her ass and vice versa.

With Oliver pumping her pussy with hard strokes and Felicity doing likewise to her elastic asshole, Sara was unable to do anything but close her eyes shut and take the abuse. For a normal girl it would have felt like they were being sawed in half, but Sara was extraordinary. Her time with Nyssa had opened her up to extreme forms of sex, and she was happy to be treated as a fuck doll by the two gorgeous people.

"Leave that inside her and go get saddled up," Oliver demanded after awhile without ever slowing down his own thrusts.

It took Felicity a few moments to register the comment as she was truly lost in her own world of fucking the beautiful blonde girl in her lesbian experience. Oliver couldn't have loved her more in that instance, with the look of pure glee on her face as she repeatedly stabbed the massive toy into Sara. Succumbing to his wish, the stocking-clad girl drove the butt plug into Canary in a different timeline all the way to the hilt before disappearing from his eyesight.

Oliver didn't miss a beat, in fact with Felicity's adsense from right beside him he was able to fuck Sara much harder. Lengthening out his strokes, he drove his entire length into the side lying girl, colliding with her ass with so much force her booty and tits bounced from the blow. He retreated just as swiftly so that he could be cocked and unload as often as possible.

"Kay...I think I have this harness on properly," Felicity spoke, getting the attention of the couple fucking each other's brains out on the bed.

Oliver couldn't help but stop what he was doing and stare at his personal assistant. Her transformation was almost completed as she had gone from a girl who was used to being fucked to one who actually started to dole it out. Now she stood at the foot of the bed naked save for her stockings and a harness that supported a black dildo nearly a foot long and as impressively thick as his own girth.

Wanting to see the girl wearing glasses in action with her brutally large plastic cock, Oli pulled out of Sara and set her up just right for her. Scooping her up easily, Sara found herself resting on hands and knees as she looked back to see her former flame helping the once shy girl onto the bed right behind her.

"Try her pussy this time," Oliver instructed her.

Felicity stepped up behind her and didn't bother inquiring if Sara was ready or not as she gripped the plastic dick and eased it into her. Sara tossed her blonde mane back and roared in pleasure as her pussy was pierced by half the length before Felicity pulled it back so only the tip remained.

After a few thrusts, Oliver was watching as his personal assistant turned personal whore fucked Sara Lance with the entire length of the 12-inch dildo. It took Felicity another few pumps to fully get the hang of the device hanging in front of her, which allowed her pick up the speed, much to Sara's delight.

"Fuck me baby," the blonde cooed as she looked back over her shoulder at the other girl.

Felicity could feel the other girl pushing back against her as the thud between her own juicy thighs and Sara's curvy ass became harder and louder. It also made Felicity realize that her dildo was located right over top her clit and each time she went balls deep into Sara it would rub her sensitive nub and send an extra jolt of pleasure throughout her body.

Now with every thrust Felicity was trying to cram the entire length into her first girl conquest, getting harder and faster each time. As good as it felt to have her clit pressed on, the whole situation of actually fucking another girl doggy-style was as arousing as anything else. Oliver found that both girls were moaning, almost in competition to see who was deriving more pleasure from their tryst.

"Mhmm...awhhhh...yesss," each girl screamed, their orgasms clearly coming closer with each smash of Felicity's legs against Sara's booty.

Oliver found himself rubbing his cock once more and inwardly chided himself for having to masturbate while in the presence of two horny and willing women. Watching the nerdy girl fuck another girl was very arousing, especially the way her garter-less stockings perfectly framed her massive ass. He had half a mind to go right over and fuck her as she fucked Sara, but then remembered that he could do that whenever he wanted while Sara was here for only the night.

"Can't watch any longer," Oliver said to no one in particular.

Sara and Felicity were so lost in their own realm of pleasure that they didn't register what Oli had said until he was in position. With her mouth and backdoor still available, the choice was easy for the billionaire. Though the blonde was talented with her mouth, he had been dreaming of fucking her asshole with reckless abandonment for ages.

Wedging into position by standing over Sara and squating down, Oliver thrust his cock into the blonde's booty as his own ass rested against Felicity's tits. It startled her for a moment but the pleasure of having her clit thudded against was too exciting to slow down for long. Seconds after becoming double penetrated by Queen and Ms. Smoak, Sara was on the receiving end of taking both their lengths completely inside her.

"Ughhh...getting...awwhhhh...close," Sara or Felicity moaned, he unable and uncaring which one it was.

It was an awkward position for all three of them to both fuck Sara on her hands and knees but they adapted. The blonde had sunk down lower so her perky chest and face rested on the soft bed while Felicity reclined back further, meaning she couldn't generate as much force with her thrusts but it allowed her to grind against Sara's cheeks, which felt even better.

Knowing that their tryst would soon end when the girls started cumming, Oliver worked on his second one of the night as well. Still in a deep squat, he reached down and held tightly onto Sara's narrow waist to help plunge his cock into her bowels with more force. His entire 10-inch cock was flying into her asshole with such speed that it looked like her booty was being attacked by a flesh-colored blur.

"UUUgghhhhhhhh....ffuucckkkkkk," Sara cried as she tossed her blonde head back while doing so.

Felicity couldn't feel the other girl's pussy spasming around her fake cock, nor the juices flowing to coat the dildo in her cum, but she knew an orgasm when she heard one. Knowing that she had just made another woman cum by dominating and fucking the hell out of her, combined with the relentless mashing of her clit was too much pleasure for her to handle any more.

"Ohhhhhh....mmhmmmm...AWWWHHHHH," Felicity came as she held the foot-long dildo pressed deep inside Sara and grinded their hips together.

"Gonna cum," Sara asked, knowing full well given the signs. When he nodded she added. "My face. Like old times."

As Felicity leaned back, pulling her dildo from Sara's wet pussy, Oliver did likewise with her asshole. With her holes both empty for the first time in nearly an hour, Sara felt emptier then ever but the thought was lost as the hulking man flipped her onto her back and sat on her chest.

Sara didn't have time to taste her own ass on his cock as she barely opened her mouth and stuck out her tongue before cum erupted from his tip. Though not as much as his first load in the limo, there was still enough sperm to easily coat the majority of her pretty face. She waited for him to stop beating off in front of her face, which was now decorated in four large globes of semen.


Oliver merely had to saw the exhausted girl's name for her to know what to do. Saying she was all over it, the second he rolled onto his back and away from Sara, Felicity took up the space. Her tongue was busy licking up the major strands of cum before resorting to slurping up the globes that formed around Sara's lips, which soon lead into a cum-sharing kiss between the new lovers.


"Fuck...that's Helena," Oliver spat after tracking down his phone. "Ladies I need to leave but Felicity fell free to stay."

His words fell on deaf ears, or passed out ears more specifically. Sara and Felicity had fallen asleep, both clearly exhausted from the night's festivities. Oliver gave them one last look after getting dressed then exited the suite as John Diggle pulled his car up around back.

* * *

The next morning Sara slept in to help recover from the previous night's adventure. As Oliver predicted, she was extremely sore, not that she minded at all given how fun the experience was. She wasn't able to sit or move quickly, but that was fine. All she needed to do was grab her cell phone and make a call.

"Hey Nyssa, it's me," Sara said into her phone. "Listen, you need to get on the first flight and get to Starling City ASAP. I have a gift for you."


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