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Summary: On the day of Helena's wedding to Oliver Queen, Felicity gifts her a front row seat to a mother-daughter sex show

Pairings: Felicity Smoak/Donna Smoak

Codes: FF, Anal, Oral, Toys, Voyeur

Arrow: Alternate Timeline Part 22 - The Big Day Part 1
by The Chemist

Helena Bertinelli woke up in her bedroom within her parent's house. Of course she had her own place, a gorgeous 3 bedroom condo overlooking the Starling City harbor, but it was something of a family tradition to spend the night before your wedding in the same dwelling as your parents.

The raven-haired vigilante didn't spend the entire time in the bedroom though, in fact she made several stops around town last night, but no one but she needed to know about those. After all, she wanted her identity as Huntress to be kept as quiet as possible. That knowledge was currently limited to her partner-in-crime Laurel Lance, and now to Felicity Smoak, who gave their team help when Helena needed it the most.

"Good morning Helena," her mother greeted as her daughter entered the kitchen.

"How'd you sleep, baby," her father asked, kissing her on the cheek.

"Great actually," Helena admitted. "And late, apparently."

"Don't worry. You still have an hour to get to your hair appointment," Mrs Bertinelli informed her. "The car will be up front in 15 minutes so go get dressed."

She ate breakfast with her parents, albeit briefly before the two Bertinelli women headed down to get into their private car. They, along with her two bridesmaids and a few friends, were all to meet to get their hair done before the big day. And since the combined power and wealth of the Queens and Bertinelli's was rather vast, the top stylist and their team were meeting at the Queen Manor to have it all done.

It was a short ride between the two family houses and soon the two women were greeting the rest of the party already assembled. Helena wanted to get her's done last, less chance to mess it up in truth. As the two mothers went into the room to get worked over, Thea Queen came over to give the woman who was to marry her brother a big hug.

"Well you look rested," Thea Queen said to her soon-to-be sister-in-law.

"Yup. I had a great day," Helena replied with a wide smile. "Plus I get to marry a great guy today."

"I was kinda hoping that my gift to you last night helped etch that smile onto your face," the youngest Queen child commented.

"Oh, that it did Speedy," Huntress agreed before pulling the slimmer girl in her a lengthy kiss. "Damn, I'm going to love being part of this family."

At that moment the door to the room was rapped with knuckles a few times, causing the two attractive women to back away from each other. Helena called out for them to enter, whipping her mouth from the kiss her husband's little sister gave her and was surprised to see Felicity Smoak standing in the doorway. She was early for the wedding but was donning her dress for the occasion, an impressively tight one that highlighted her fantastically large ass and did a good job showcasing her small cleavage.

"Hi Helena...and Thea. Sorry to interrupt but I was hoping to steal you for a little while...if you had time," Oliver's former personal assistant requested of the bride.

"Sure Felicity," the vigilante agreed. "It's not like they can start today without me or anything. I'll come find you after, Thea."

Helena motioned for the other girl to lead the way and like that they were off. Helena didn't exactly know where Felicity was taking her, but she was certainly going to enjoy the miraculous view the entire time. It turned out that the big-booty blonde was bringing her to Oliver's secluded bedroom for some reason, and when Felicity opened the door, there was another woman inside.

"Hey baby, this is quite the room," an older looking blonde said before realizing that Helena was present as well. "Oh! You must be the bride! I'm Donna, Donna Smoak."

"Smoak? this your mother," Helena asked with a raised eyebrow.

"I am," the bubbly blonde answered before her daughter could get a word in. "And she figured that since Olli already had his chance with the two of us, then that my daughter's gift to you would be us as well."

"Mother! I was going to word that a little less shockingly, you know, from an incestious standpoint," Felicity scolded the attractive older woman.

"So prim and proper, this one," Donna said to Helena.

"Wait, slow down," the vigilante ordered, mind spinning but not unhappy with the situation. In fact, already her pussy was starting to dampen.

"I tried and I tried and I tried to come up with a wedding gift idea for you and Olli. Now obviously, I give Olli a lot so I wanted it to be more centered around you. And then it clicked...a threesome with a woman who is fairly lesbian-leaning," Felicity recapped.

"Don't get me wrong Felicity, I would love nothing more than to eat and fuck you and your MILF all day long..."

"But," Felicity said, visibly deflated and feeling stupid.

"But my hair and makeup are already done. It would dry too much attention of the bride needed to be completely re-made," Helena explained. "However, for two regular wedding guests to borrow the bridal party's hair team after we were all done, now that would go largely unnoticed."

"Ohh," both Smoak women cooed at the same time, in the same excited tone.

Her meaning wasn't exactly veiled and both mother and daughter understood her completely. With eyes never leaving the two blondes, who were offering up an incestious lesbian threesome with the bride, Helena reached behind her and found the large leather chair, resting her fine rump in it.

"So how did we want to..."

Felicity was interrupted by her mother's tongue, which was none to subtly shoved into her mouth as she was mid sentence. Having her own mom kiss her would have been a shock for 99.9% of people, but this was not the first time that Felicity and Donna Smoak had hooked up. In fact, they had fucked not long ago, mere months ago in fact, although it was an Oliver Queen sandwich at that point.

"I had no idea watching a mother and daughter kiss would be so...erotic," Huntress cooed, rubbing her thighs together.

"No offence baby but you think wayyy too much," Donna said to her daughter.

"Well you talk too much," Felicity replied before she turned instigated and crammed her tongue down her mom's throat.

As the two Smoak women made out in front of the bride in her fiance's bedroom, Helena felt her pussy dampening considerably. It had only been a few weeks ago that Helena finally fucked the brainy Felicity so she was all too aware of the amazing assets the younger Smoak girl possessed. From the looks of things, it was rather obvious that she got her good looks from her mother.

Donna may have been a teen mom, but it meant that while she had a 23 year old daughter, she was still in her prime and less than 40. She took great care of herself, as Helena could tell even with her dress on, mainly because she chose a style similar to Felicity's in terms of it was super form fitting. However, where Felicity contained an amazingly huge ass, Donna's main feature was her large tits, which she was more than happy to display with the low-cut nature of the dress.

"God, you're a good kisser," Donna complimented her intellectually superior daughter.

"I'm properly motivated," Felicity replied, running her hands over her mother's much larger breasts.

"Bed, baby," the older woman stated, already in the process of backing her only child up.

It didn't take long until the MIT grad felt the edge of the bed against her calves then she was falling backwards, her black heels swinging upwards on either side of her mom's slim frame. Before she could lock her ankles around the women's tapered waist, Donna pulled away, but not before hooking her fingers into her waistband of the younger women's panties and sliding them off Felicity's insanely meaty legs.

"Give those here," Helena instructed.

While Donna was tossing the bride her daughter's damp panties, Felicity had pulled her tight dress up over her very thick ass, exposing her bare pussy. Her mom must of used her peripheral vision to notice this because before she spun around she was already lowering herself prone on the bed, her blonde head between Felicity's thighs.

"I haven't done this in awhile," Donna commented, her positioning allowing the seated bride a perfect view of the action.

"Just do the best you...oh...ahhh...yes," Felicity immediately started moaning.

It had been a few years since the older Smoak girl had been with another woman, the night she spent with Oliver and Felicity notwithstanding, but she picked up right where she left off. While Helena Bertinelli watched one, sucking on Felicity's panties, Donna went to work on her daughter. Rather than be hypnotized by her pretty cunt, Donna leaned in and did a long lick down from her clit to her already wet hole.

Felicity had her head tossed back with back arching, her hands going under her dress to her small tits and pulling at her nipples. Donna was finding her stride with ease, using her fingers to pry apart the other girl's lips and expose the bright pink slit it contained. Sticking out her tongue, the woman approaching 40 years of age wagged her tongue over and over, collecting Felicity's juices all while her daughter continued to flail about.

"God I missed this," Donna said between licks, the fingers of her free hand rubbing Felicity's puffy mound.

Helena didn't know if that comment was in reference to Donna missing eating pussy, or eating her daughter's cunt, though in truth it didn't matter. While sex between a mother and daughter was considered extremely taboo, Helena couldn't help but think how hot it was to watch. In fact, her fingers were now pumping inside her own snatch, first only one, but now two.

Looking up to watch the effect she had on her offspring, Donna followed suit with Helena by stuffed first one then a second finger into her sex in short order. Felicity moaned louder as her twat was stretched and probed by her mother's nimble and experienced fingertips reaching inside her and finding all the little crevices that unlocked more pleasure.

"Yes mom," Felicity cooed. "Fuck my pussy!"

However, Donna wasn't just content with fingering her beautiful and intelligent daughter. Leaning her head back down between her juicy thighs, the cocktail waitress extended out her tongue and began lashing the younger girl's clit with it. This brought even more groans of delight from Felicity, magnified even greater as her mother formed a tight seal around the engorged nub and added suction to her licking.

Felicity was an extremely smart woman, after all she graduated at the top of her class from MIT, so she understood that incest was wrong. However, every instance she had had with it was gloriously erotic and just felt right. Whether it was a threesome with her favorite guy and her mom, or watching Olli and his gorgeous little sister getting it on, Felicity now severely doubted that there was anything wrong with it.

"Oh my God...just like that," Felicity encouraged, bucking her hips in rhythm with Donna pushing her fingers inside her.

Her energy and licking seemed never ending. Donna was normally a considerate lover, a fact that Felicity's father would attest to if he wasn't currently in hiding from the police, but now it was Felicity getting to benefit from this fact. Over and over Donna sawed her digits deep inside the MIT grad's cunt and dragged them out just as fast but being sure to rub over her daughter's sensitive G spot along the way.

With the combination of her surprisingly experienced mother stimulating her cunt and clit while she pulled at her own nipples, Felicity stood no chance of lasting very long. And the hunger in which Donna sought to pleasure her only child only added to the sudden onslaught of her orgasm, which was hurling to its climax at record speeds.

"You're trembling baby girl. Mommy thinks you're going to cum for her soon, aren't you," Donna asked with a knowing smirk on her beautiful face.

"I think that is all but apparent," Helena replied, now rubbing her own clit with a feverish pace.

"Yes...keep going," Felicity pleaded, so close to reaching her climax.

Steady streams of moans were being released from the thrashing blonde as she edged nearer to her sweet release. Knowing she could accomplish that whenever she wanted to give it to her daughter, Donna decided to bring Felicity to her orgasm sooner rather than later. After all, the onlooking bride had a big day ahead of her so the Smoak girls couldn't occupy her for too long.

Not delaying the inevitable, Donna drove her two digits as deep inside her new lover as physically possible. This time, instead of withdrawing them she left them buried in Felicity and began pulling upwards. The Vegas waitress felt the familiar ache in her forearm as usual while her fingertips relentlessly assaulted her baby girl's G-spot, a move that was always successful back in her day when she ate out other women regularly.

"Oohhhh....yesssss....ugghhhhhh," Felicity screamed at the top of her lungs as she orgasmed in the most satisfactory of manners.

Once sure that Felicity was done cumming, Donna pulled her fingers and mouth away from her tingling cunt and began kissing her way up her daughter's extremely flat stomach. After a swirl of her tongue around Felicity's belly button, Donna hooked an arm around the curve of Felicity's low back and helped lift her into a seated position so they could kiss once more.

However, Donna peeked an eye open after only a few seconds of making out with her only daughter as she felt lips close around the two fingers she had used to pump Felicity to an orgasm. The soon-to-be Mrs. Oliver Queen had risen from her seat and joined the two Smoak girls, moaning as she sucked hard at the two digits in her mouth.

"We still have a little time if you two are up for another gift to me," Helena asked with a dangerous glint in her eyes, her hands instantly reaching out to coral both Smoak women's thick asses.

* * *

Several Hours Later

The music that was now iconic for weddings started up and the first bridesmaid came into view. Thea looked beautiful in the tan-colored dress that hugged her petite yet very feminine body perfectly. It simultaneously pushed up her modest chest to give her cleavage while ended mid-thigh to showcase her tremendously long and toned legs.

Next came Laurel Lance into view, the maid of honor. Oliver couldn't help but blush a little bit as he thought of the naughty things he did to the lawyer last night, including having her fuck her own sister and get off on it. Her chest was larger than Thea's and made to look even more impressive in the flattering dress as well.

"All raise please," the pastor addressed the crowd as Laurel finished her entrance.

As everyone rose from their chairs, Helena made the turn around the hedges and came into view of the entire crowd, including Oliver. The raven-haired vigilante looked an absolute vision in her lace white dress, which made her ivory white skin and beautiful facial feature look even more enticing.

The took the same route as the two women that came before her until she was standing in front of Oliver, her groom. Her future husband came to her, shook her father's hand and the two men exchanged a few words before the Italian took a seat in the front row and Olli escorted his bride the last few strides.

"You look beautiful," Oliver told his soon-to-be wife.

"Thanks handsome," the raven-haired beauty replied. "You don't look so bad yourself."

"You may be seated," the holy man said to the mass.

As the pastor started going on and on about the sanctity of marriage and the hardships that must be overcome, Helena's mind was elsewhere. She took time to make sure it wasn't her time to go over the vows, but her eyes swept the crowd just as often, seeing both familiar faces and more than a few handfuls of those that were foreign to her. Of course, as her gaze fell upon the gorgeous mother-daughter tandem who were seated rather awkwardly as if unable to get comfortable, Helena's thoughts wandered to the events that transpired roughly 200 yards away earlier that day, which would bring a smile to her lips.

* * *

"You just keep one of these in your boyfriend's bedroom...just in case the chance arises?" Felicity asked in utter amazement.

"This is a real good quality rubber cock," Donna cooed, holding the weighty, dildo in her hand.

Felicity's jaw nearly dropped out of her skull when Helena first retrieved the double-ended dildo from a hiding place within Oliver's closet. The former MIT student was familiar with a regular toy and vibrators, but this one was massive. Only an inch and a half thick, it had a cock-shaped tip on both ends and was fairly solid though seemed like it had a little wiggle to it.

Watching the two blonde family members the whole time, Helena beckoned them to join her on the massive king-sized bed belong to her fiance. Before Felicity started to move, her mother grabbed her hand and led her to their mistress, each step feeling odd for both women due to the matching butt plugs in each of their asses, nestled nicely between their bubbly cheeks. It had been Helena's idea, allowing their bowels and sphincter to stretch out in preparation for the main event.

Ever the coordinator, Helena got both Smoak girls onto the bed but facing away from one another so their beautiful but vastly different shaped booties were less than a foot away. Reaching to Felicity's impossibly large ass with her right hand, then to Donna's slimmer but still bubbly butt with her left, she gave closed her fingers around the butt plugs she had placed in them not long ago. Helena pulled both of them free, watching as they came out clean but dripping in the copious amounts of lube she used, leaving both Felicity's and her mom's assholes yawning gapes in its wake.

"Take a picture why don't you," Felicity smirked backwards, still wearing her naughty librarian glasses despite the rigorous lovemaking thus far.

Huntress replied with a firm yet playful swat to Felicity's phat ass, an action that made the blonde yelp in surprise, but also plastered a broad smile on her lovely face. Focusing back on the task at hand, Helena reached forward and feed the toy into the younger of the Smoak women's asshole first.

I was a credit to the amount of mileage Felicity's backdoor had gotten over the past year that the nerdy girl barely flinched as the first 4 inches of her end of the dildo was slid into her booty. Helena allowed herself another few seconds for her eyes to linger on Felicity's truly epic ass before inserting the other end of the toy into Donna's smaller but still firm ass.

"Great genetics," Helena murmured as she worshipped their twin amazing features.

Helena decided to stay close and dictate the action, at least to start with. Holding the center of the nearly 2 foot toy, Huntress took turns slowly stroking the dildo first into Felicity's younger hole, then back the opposite direction into her mom's hungry ass. She went slow as she thrust it into her 2 favorite wedding guests for over a minute, allowing them to get use to it before she passed the reins over to them.

"This is my type of wedding," Donna cooed as she was now connected to her only child by the same dildo.

"Mhmm...good," Helena encouraged, her fingers going back to her own pussy once more. "Now use your arms to rock back and forward."

"Like this...awwhh...yup. We got it now," Felicity agreed, feeling the usual pleasure of having a cock-shaped object glide into her rectum.

"Good girl baby...mhmmm...awww...back and forward," her mother added.

Helena didn't know if either of the Smoak's had used this type of toy before, though she was guessing not. However, both women were proving quick studies as soon Felicity and Donna were doing as Helena instructed, albeit slowly. But it was Felicity that was clearly using all of her patience to not just slam her thick ass backwards, forcing them both to swallow a good majority of the toy into both their booties.

"God it's big," Donna said, a little sheen building on her forward and along her spine. "Feels...funny too."

There was no doubt that Donna had the tighter asshole since her daughter had been getting assfucked very regular of late, not to mention sodomized by 5 of the meanest villains this Earth had to offer no more than a few months back. So with Felicity having better control and mastery of what they were doing, it still meant that for every thrust backwards it was her mother taking more of the toy inside her.

"That's it. Push against Felicity or you'll be eating this whole thing," Helena warned.

"And I would really like to have some fuck me," Felicity added.

"I'm...ahhh...trying," Donna wailed as she awkwardly lurched her curvy body backwards.

The gentle hand wasn't working so Felicity was going to have to try a different tactic with her mother. When the horse wouldn't be led by the carrot then you drove them with the whip. Tensing her arms, the former MIT student thrust herself back into Donna with new found power. She heard her mom yelp in surprise before she crashed backward again...and again and again.

"Come on mom," Felicity grunted, her arms aching as she forced them to thrust her body back into her mother. "Let go mom...release the beast."

"Ugghh...Felicity...slow," Donna urged though she knew when her daughter got an idea in her head she wouldn't relent.

And then something snapped within the former Vegas waitress. The constant whack of flesh on flesh almost put Donna into a trance, allowing her to find her inner force. It was like everything suddenly clicked into place as adrenalin and endorphins flooded her curvy body.

Felicity immediately sensed something had changed from behind her. The first sign was her mother's groans of being dominated stopping, replaced with icy silence. Not calm, far from that actually. Her next clue was when she felt Donna's bubbly, small ass thud against her own with more intensity than ever. More power then Felicity was currently generating in fact.


"Yes Donna! Fuck her! Fuck her hard," Helena roared in excitement.

Felicity heard her mom bellow in carnal desire before ramming herself backwards...hard. Felicity would have been thrown from the bed if she wasn't prepared for it, but she steadied herself at the last instant. If the blonde thought about trying to fuck Donna back than it was quickly displaced from her mind as all Felicity could do was hold on for dear life.


In what was in stark contrast to minutes earlier, the double-ended dildo was now slamming deep into Felicity's bowels. With each collision between their large asses, the toy slid further into the younger Smoak girl while Donna held only a quarter of the nearly 2 foot dildo.

" much," Felicity groaned, feeling new sections of her bowels probed for the first time.

"Yes! Take it," Donna screamed with a heated intensity, as if possessed by some type of sex demon.

Felicity was powerless to do anything but take the extreme assfucking that her new lover was doling out to her. Time after time she absorbed the mighty pounding that Donna's skinner ass smashed against her own much wider and thicker booty. And each time the dildo went a little further inside her, Felicity feeling it deeper than anything had ever been inside her previously.

Though Felicity couldn't tell since her mother continued to rear her body forward before crashing it back into her, but her groans of discomfort had an effect. Through the passion and intensity, Donna heard her daughter's cries and remembered why they were doing this. Felicity was rewarding her friend Helena on her wedding day by giving the blushing bride a great show, not here to pound her baby girl into oblivion.

"Felicity, baby...I'm sorry," Donna said, stopping her momentum dead.

"It's fine mom. I'm good. Now use that and let's give Helena a good experience," Felicity replied with excitement, though with a note of exhaustion.

"Yes please," Helena commented, a wide smile plastered on her face.

Without thought, the older woman started rocking her body backwards and forwards. It didn't have near the same amount of force that she used moments before to ruthlessly fuck her daughter, but it was also with more power than Donna herself had done earlier than that. Now with a wide grin on her own face, Felicity used her aching arms to sway back into her mother as well, matching her intensity.

"Mhmm...that's it...," Helena instructed, fingering her snatch a little harder.

Instantly Donna matched her in stride, picking up her own pace by the same amount as Felicity. Rather than either Smoak girl dominating the other, instead they had found a balance. The double-ended dildo speared into both their asses in near equal length, the lovely mother-daughter tandem both using the toy to actually get off now.

" good baby girl," Donna celebrated, while simultaneously slipping a hand between her thighs.

" that...mhmmm...perfect," Felicity moaned, her own hand rubbing relentlessly through her wet slit.

Helena observed the other two women were in perfect rhythm with one another and it was bringing the best out of both of them. Donna had gained mastery over the new position, all while her fingers skittered back and forth on her clit. Meanwhile her daughter Felicity was more than happy to help her gain experience, especially when with every rocking motion it brought her closer to her own orgasm.

"Felicity...ahhh...I'm gonna," Donna started to shout.

"I'm cumming too....aawwwhhhh....mmhhmmmm....YYEESSSS," Felicity interrupted as she came with nearly 12 inches of rubbery cock gliding into her phat ass repeatedly.

"Shhiittttttt," Donna swore, eyes flashing red for an instant as she came just as hard.

"Yes! Cum! Both of you," Helena shrieked, extracting a climax from herself as well.

Both Smoak girls, as well as Helena Bertinelli, shuddered and jerked and moaned some more before crashing forward, allowing the double-ended dildo to spill from their asses for the first time in quite awhile. Felicity and Donna both panted and tried to regain their breath.

* * *

"What are you thinking about in that pretty head of yours," Oliver asked in hushed tones.

"You," Helena answered after a longer-than-normal pause.

After her replied, the boom of a thunder clap was heard, a lot closer than anyone cared for. Suddenly, the clear day grew overcast before thick clouds rolled in, which brought with it even more thunder. As the crowd grew concerned, an unnaturally fast moving fog started to envelope the ground they were sitting or standing on.

And then all hell broke loose.


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