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Summary: It's the night before the wedding between Oliver Queen and Helena Bertinelli and Laurel wants to make sure Olli doesn't have any nerves for the big day. Luckily, Sara Lance is there to help out as well.

Pairings: Sara Lance/Laurel Lance/Oliver Queen

Codes: MFF, MF, FF, Anal, Incest, Oral, Rim

Arrow: Alternative Timeline Part 20 - Wedding Gift Part 2
by The Chemist

"How much...ugh...luggage did you bring," Laurel Lance complained as she pulled a massive bag from the trunk of the cab. "Did you think you were moving in?"

Sara Lance emerged from the inside of the car, having settled up with the driver and took a look at the large condo building her sister lived in. Being a lawyer was good for money, and even though she worked for a firm more interested in helping than turning a big profit, Laurel still did alright.

"Usually you're always complaining how I don't visit enough and now you complain I might stay for awhile longer," the smiling blonde replied. "Make up your mind, sis."

The timing was perfect because as Laurel placed the bag down on the sidewalk she opened her arms right as Sara practically jumped into them. The Lance girls didn't get to see each other as often as they wished, so the hug convened how much they missed each other and how happy they were to be together. It didn't help that most of the time Sara came to Starling, she had to keep her appearances hidden from all but a few due to League business.

"I miss you," Laurel cooed into her ear.

"I miss you too," Sara replied, hugging her sister with just as much gusto.

They didn't know how long they stood there in the street embracing one another, nor did they care. After what could have been a few seconds or a minute or even longer, they broke apart and Laurel led the way up into the building and finally showed Sara into her apartment. It was a nice space with a good sized living room, modern kitchen but only one bedroom with a queen-sized bed.

"Nice digs," Sara said, putting her massive bag down. "I'm hoping the sofa pulls out."

"It doesn't, but regardless you'll be staying in my room...with me. Like old times," Laurel explained, wheeling the luggage into her room. "Now I hope that bag has a dress for the rehearsal dinner in it."

"Of course," Sara said, unzipping and pulling out a little black dress for the occasion. "Thanks for scoring me an invite."

Sara wasn't sure if the invitation for the biggest wedding of the Starling City calendar was from Laurel or Olli. She'd known Oliver Queen for a long-time, but her history as one of his mistress' usually meant you didn't get to come to the big wedding. Laurel, who to the public was close friends with Helena Bertinelli but in reality shared her bed more than Olli did, was more likely the cause.

"Sorry your girlfriend couldn't make it," Laurel said with a chagrined look.

"She business that needed tending to for her father," Sara explained. "Now, I'm gonna have a nice, long, hot shower then we are gonna go to Queen Manor and drink them dry."


* * *

"I'm not sure he's coming," Laurel said with a worried grin as she walked arm-in-arm with Sara.

The sisters had arrived at the mansion 5 minutes ago, and after doing a lap of the main room and hadn't spied Olli, Laurel grew concerned. Though he had cleaned up his act greatly from his playboy days, Laurel still couldn't forget the irresponsible boy from their youth. However, if Helena was worried she wasn't showing it, chatting and laughing with some of her Italian relatives.

"Don't worry, he'll be here," Sara tried to console as they walked up to the bar. "You know Olli hasn't been on time for anything in his whole entire life."

Both girls had decided on dark colored dresses for the evening, with Laurel's a dark blue, tight-fitting dress that went traditionally down to her knees. Sara, on the other hand, was a little more brazen in her choice, with the length of the dress barely descending down further than her bubbly, large ass so that it showcased her wonderfully toned legs.

"You didn't see him earlier. He looked nervous."

"I'm sure every guy has that look the night before his wedding," Sara said, collecting two champagne flutes and handing one to Laurel.

"You know, there was a time once when I thought the two of you would hook up," the older sibling, who spent her nights known as the Black Canary, admitted.

"You know I prefer girls," Sara retorted before adding. "Besides...who's to say I haven't?"

"What? When," Laurel started to question when suddenly the broad-shouldered groom-to-be entered the party right in front of them. "Well...speak of the devil."

"And a good evening to you too, Laurel," Oliver Queen replied, giving his best crowd-pleasing grin. "And you too, Sara."

After giving each of the Lance sisters a kiss on the cheek, the ice surrounding Laurel seemed to melt a bit more. However, the tension knotted in her shoulders were clearly diminished as the thought of Olli not showing at his own engagement dinner was extinguished. Laurel finally gave him a warm smile before leaving to go track down Helena, her secret lesbian lover and crime-fighting partner, and tell her that her groom was present.

"Well she seems uptight," Olli said as the waiter believed him a glass of his favorite whiskey.

"Oh you know, my sister was pretty worried you might been having cold feet," Sara said in a relaxed tone to the groom-to-be.

"How very...typical of her," Olli said as the old friends shared a smile. "No Nyassi? I was hoping to receive your wedding present tonight, this on the eve of my big day for which I need to be at my most relaxed."

"Well, I think I can manage that," Sara grinned before adding a wink. However, before he could say anything else, the petite yet deadly blonde was struck with a wicked little idea, one that would be difficult to pull but worth it.

"What? You just got a look on your face like you're trying to work out the plot of Inception again," Olli teased.

"Firstly, fuck you, I totally understood that masterpiece. Secondly, I have to finish getting your gift ready," the blonde fired back. "All you have to remember is that you'll be coming home with me, understand?"

"Mhmm, I love when you get all fiery, little Lance," the bearded man cooed. "Alright, just make sure..."

"Shut up, I got work to do."

* * *

"You sure you don't want me to stay with you tonight," Laurel offered her best friend and lover.

"No, I'll be completely fine. My mom and sister want me to spend the night with them in a quasi-sleepover. It's something of a family tradition," Helena explained. "Besides, you have Sara. Have some time with her, enjoy her while she's home."

"Yeah, you're right," the lawyer replied.

"Where is your hot sister anyway," Huntress asked of her partner in crime.

"Back off lady, you get one Lance girl. Period. And she left already, about 10 minutes ago," Black Canary answered.

"Then you head out as well. This is dying down and everyone is going to want their rest for the day tomorrow. I can already see my parents getting a little antsy to leave so I'll be departing soon anyway," Helena explained.

"Alright, fine," Laurel agreed before leaning in to whisper into her lover's ear. "While you're home alone, just picture me and my hot sister in bed together."

"Oh, you are so naughty...but ultimately a big tease. Like you'd ever cross that taboo. But if you do, I want all the juicy details," Huntress explained.

"God you're gross," Laurel smiled before giving her one last hug.

Helena was right in saying the party was winding down as Laurel only had a few good-byes to make before she was seeing herself out of the massive Queen Manor. Olli's parents had spared no expense and had a ride service set-up for all guests, so Laurel was able to get into a black car and be driven to her home by a nice but quiet man named John Diggle.

The ride was only 15 minutes until a buzzed Laurel Lance was deposited right out front of her nice condo. John gave her a farewell before driving away once she had made her way into the building. Laurel lived up on one of the uppermost floors but at this hour of the morning there wasn't a wait for the elevator.

Her front door to her apartment was unlocked, Sara seemingly forgotten to turn the deadbolt once she got home. However, Laurel soon realized that her baby sister had brought a man home with her, judging by the deep grunts and wet slurping noises resonating around her apartment.She centered the noise coming from her bedroom, how typical of Sara to fuck on her bed after all, so she crept to the ajar door and peered in.

"Holy crap. She's mid-blowjob on...Olli?!," Laurel thought.

It took her a moment to get her thoughts organized. Olli was suppose to be marrying her best friend and lover Helena tomorrow, and yet he was here. The day before his wedding, fucking another girl. Her sister no less...her oddly beautiful sister, who was laying flat on her stomach, her head in Olli's lap as she had his cock in her mouth as his meaty hand rested on her head encouragingly.

"Sara! What the fuck are you doing! With Olli no less," Laurel practically screamed after breaking out of her initial daze.

The blonde had pulled her head off Oliver's cock with a face that was of pure shock, which was of course manufactured. She'd organized this whole bit to have Laurel catch them in the act, with her sucking Olli off in her lingerie, making the scene as sexy and organic as possible. Sara pushed herself off her stomach and made to get off the bed, acting upset that her sister caught her in the act.

"Get out and leave us al..."

"Shh...come on baby," Oliver silenced her, his hand lightly touching her face in a soothing gesture before kissing her forehead. "Let me handle this."

Again, Oliver was also coached up on what Sara had planned, a way to entrap her sister into a threesome. It would be a fantastic wedding gift for the stud, who had slept with both Lance girls separately, but now would get a chance with both if played right. Thus, she allowed the slightly older Olli to handle the situation so she rolled back onto her side as he stood, pulling his pants back up to around his waist as he sauntered over to Laurel with confidence.

Laurel had no idea what was happening. The handsome billionaire was stalking towards her, not surprised or startled in the least to have been walked in on. In fact, his swagger was intimidating, not in a physical violence way at all but one that oozed sexuality and Laurel suddenly found herself confused and flustered...and somehow longing for a dick, something she hadn't had in awhile.

"Come on Laurel," Olli said, standing before her.

He sensed her confusion and she jerked her head away as his fingers hooked under her chin, trying to make her look into his hypnotic eyes. They had dated as recently as 5 years ago and shared a lot of good memories together, but right now she was angry, which was cooling, and mainly confused. However, she could have moved away from him as she wasn't trapped, but she'd barely even voiced any protest despite the fact his cock stood erect out in front of him and was poking against her stomach.

Finally after another moment she stopped tossing her beautiful head around and let him hold her chin gently, tilting her face up to look at him. They stood, their mouths no more than 6 inches apart as it seemed that all the fight went out of the blonde. Olli could tell that their was a sexual tempest just waiting to be released inside Laurel, but it would need the right handling, however, he believed he was up to the task.

"You don't have to rat on us. Listen, Sara said you've been worried about me and my stress levels before the wedding. Maybe you've been right to, but your sister has offered to let me blow off as much steam as I need...which is considerable. But this, this could work better...come here," he said in a soothing, sexual voice.

He moved his hand from her gorgeous, model-esque face and grabbed her hand. He stepped back towards the bed and though she fought him at first, like seconds earlier she eventually caved and allowed him to move her further into her own bedroom. She wanted to stop but her legs wouldn't and her mind wasn't working either and soon she was standing in front of her bed with her little sister kneeling atop it.

"I...I don't know...this is so're marrying my Helena," Laurel babbled as he turned to face her again. She didn't even knew she let that last comment slip, but she was so confused and frazzled at that time.

As his hands came up to hold the sides of Laurel's face, Sara perched herself up on her knees only a foot away. "You are going to do exactly what I tell you. Understand?"

"Wh...umm...yes sir," Laurel found herself agreeing before she knew what was happening.

It was as if Olli had unlocked all these raging hormones inside of her which were now flooding Laurel's brain. She hadn't realized how pent-up she had been, how much she needed to relax and have a good time. She'd been working so hard at night as Black Canary and then now had the added stress of her secret lesbian lover about to be married to a man. And not just any guy, but Oliver Queen, her ex-boyfriend. And it took the strapping male to teach her that in the matter of seconds.

"Now you are going to be my good little slut," Olli continued, watching as Laurel had closed her eyes and bent completely and utterly to his will. "Just like old times."

"'re gonna fuck her good, aren't you baby," Sara cooed, standing beside her sister and the groom-to-be now. "She needs it so badly."

Laurel didn't know what was happening but when Oliver's lips pressed against her's she returned the kiss with ernst. In fact, she was the first one to part her lips and slide her tongue out into his mouth while her hand reached out and gripped his lengthy cock. She felt his hands on her face still while another set of hands pulled up her dress all the way to reveal her bra underneath. Had that been Sara working on undressing her own sister?

"She's so wound up she needs to get fucked really good," Sara continued.

Laurel wasn't the only one wrapped up in the groom-to-be's charms. Sara found that her hands continued to roam her sister's body, first gliding over Laurel's flat stomach then continued up to grope her large chest. She didn't know what overcame her but for some reason it just felt right, all while her own bra-clad breasts were pressed against Laurel's back, the lawyer's slender ass pressing against Sara's equally chiseled stomach.

"Get on your knees and suck my cock," Oliver demanded.

Laurel was 29 years old and had given many blowjobs in the past, but it had been a little while and it was likely Olli that she blew last. As she listened to the controlling figure and got on the ground, she noticed Sara had descended to her knees as well, which was oddly comforting to have her half-naked sister there. Going with her instincts, the older girl opened her mouth and devoured the first 4 inches of his cock before settling into an fairly fast bobbing repetition.

She felt Sara gather her long, dyed blonde hair behind her as Oliver rested a hand on the back of her head, just like he had done to her sister when she caught Sara blowing him. Laurel lengthened her stride, thinking that was what they wanted and was correct. His tip poked against the back of her throat but didn't cause her to gag, only to make Oliver grunt his approval.

"Just like that," Sara said with a smile. "You like Oliver's big cock now, don't you?"

Laurel didn't respond as her mouth was needed urgently somewhere else. Over and over she took him as deep against her throat as possible. She felt spit accumulating in her mouth as the blowjob became wetter and the sloshing noises became louder. The pair gave her more instructions, telling her to use her hand or stick her tongue out, which she did without thought.

As one sister blew him, Oliver bent down and brought the younger Lance girl in for a kiss. She was more confident in her sexual actions than Laurel, though the lawyer was quickly wearing off the rust when it came to sucking cock, just like he remembered from years back..

After breaking the kiss, Sara waited for Laurel to pull back for air. "Let me show you how to suck this dick."

Laurel felt her shorter sister lean over her shoulder as her hand was already clutching Olli's cock. Her fist moved easily over his manhood from all the spit her older sister left on his shaft. Laurel moved to the side enough so her sister had easier access, never taking her eyes from the blonde as she bobbed her lips effortlessly on his thick cock.

"Now your turn," Oliver decreed, at which point Sara pulled her lips from his dick and steered it back to Laurel's waiting mouth.

"Suck that cock Laurel. Make it nice and wet and sloppy," Sara cooed into her ear, already having noticed spit spilling from Laurel's mouth and populating her chin.

As Laurel pulled off and caught her breath, more spit than she would have thought was decorating his lengthy pole. Reaching down he hoisted it up and presented his balls to her, which Laurel instinctively leaned forward and took one into her mouth. As her cheeks hollowed from the suction, she felt the slobbery cock placed onto her face, right on her nose in fact, smearing her spit onto her flawless skin.

Seeing that his cock was free while Laurel sucked on his nuts, a favorite of Oliver's, Sara went for it. Laurel's forehead pressed against her throat as Sara opened her mouth and blew just his purple-colored tip, drawing an extra groan from the man as the two sisters worked together.

" that," Oliver grunted as he felt Laurel start to lick the underside of his cock now.

Sensing her older sister wanted to suck on Oliver's manhood again, Sara had no problem turning it back over to her. Resting behind Laurel once more, the blonde with the thick ass unhooked her sister's bra and pulled it away. Instantly Sara's hands reached around and massaged the freed globes, feeling how big and weighty they were as they easily filled her hands plus more spilled out.

"That's it, play with her big tits," Oliver called out, his hand back against Laurel's head.

Of course the sister's natural competition with each other was coming out but in the best way possible. Sara never let Laurel suck on the groom-to-be's cock for too long before stepping in and taking it back. Laurel was proving to be the perfect compliment in the threesome, waiting eagerly but would whimper when it was too long, at which point Oliver deposited his cock back into her mouth.

But than an unexpected and amazing thing happened. As Oliver bounced from one sister's mouth to the next, sharing with each of them, his manhood slipped prematurely from Laurel's mouth back in the direction of Sara's. As the younger sister extended her tongue to greet him, Laurel went back and tried corralling him with her mouth. The result was the sister's tongues touching in an organic way, which soon turned into a full-fledge makeout session between the already close sisters.

"Yes, kiss," Oliver encouraged, a hand on the back of each of their heads.

Laurel and Sara forgot about being sisters with the taboo and negative opinions surrounding it so they could just became absorbed in the kissing. Their tongues danced in the interspace their lips created, constantly spilling out and licking the skin around their mouths as Laurel proved to be as sloppy a kisser as she was at giving a blowjob.

"I suddenly think she's on board with getting you ready for your nuptials," Sara said up to Oliver as Laurel returned to sucking his cock.

"Lose the clothes Laurel and both join me on the bed," Oliver instructed after nodding his agreeance to Sara.

Laying on his back with his cock standing straight up in the air, Sara on his right in her bra and panties and now Laurel on his left in only a thong and black stocking that proved too slow to get off. Oliver's think worked perfectly as the added space on the bed allowed the sister more opportunity to work in tandem on him.

The bigger-breasted lawyer and her younger sister seemed to be sharing thought with him. As Sara held his cock straight up, they each leaned in and used their tongues to glide up their own side of his manhood. They shared a quick tongue touch at his tip, no longer put off by the thought of their anatomy touching, before running back down his length while working in perfect rhythm.

"Look at you girls getting along so well," Oliver pointed out, between grunts.

His comment made the girls lock eyes with one another as they continued licking his cock together, sharing a smile between them. "This is nice, isn't it," Sara added.

"I really like sharing a cock with my sister," Laurel agreed, realizing it didn't seem so weird to speak aloud.

Sara let her older sister take over with the blowjob as she moved up Oliver's body in order to kiss him. She kept her hand down on his sack, massaging the sensitive balls just the way he liked. All the while Laurel bobbed on his length, back to spreading her saliva on his spear as her pillowy tits bounced beneath her with every motion.

"My sister's sucking your cock again," Sara commented with a disbelieving smile

"She's improved...and so very good," Oliver added, thinking back to almost 5 years ago when she performed her last one on him. "Just like her little sister. But I think it's time to fuck her."

"Yes," Sara agreed, Laurel joining them higher up the bed.

"Are you sure," Laurel asked as she allowed Oliver to lay her down. "I'm not sure I should be doing this," she added, as Sara ripped her panties down her toned legs.

"Please," Olli scoffed ather her half-hearted rebuke. "Only fair to sleep with me after being my future wife's lover for months."

Oliver was right behind her, the pair lying on their sides with his strong chest pressed against her back. She felt his thick cock line up against her slit, running through her folds to gather her juices. She was soaking wet as she had never been hornier in her life. She was tight as he pushed the first half of his member into her pussy, but he was also as slippery as an eel from the Lance's girls combined blowjob.

"Oh...mhmmm...yes," Laurel cooed, pushing her meaty ass further back onto his rod.

"Now you get why I always have a spell with cock every now and then," Sara commented, shedding her bra in the process to reveal her smaller but perky chest.

Laurel could only laugh as she now understood Sara's sexual reasoning more than ever, especially while she was participating in a threeway with her and her ex-boyfriend. As Oliver kissed Sara over his shoulder he never stopped thrusting his cock forward, impaling Laurel fully with his 8 inch sword much to the brunette's pleasure.

"More...want more," Laurel demanded, thrusting her ass back at him in a bid to take him deeper and harder.

"What do you think Sara, can she handle more," Oliver taunted.

Sara made him pull out of his sister so should could suck on his cock, spreading more spit to make the rougher sex smoother for Laurel. In the process she realized she was tasting her sister's pussy as she juices were smeared all over Olli's cock. She had to admit that the uptight lawyer tasted amazing, savoring her flavor before lining his cock back up with her pink hole.

"Oh fuck...yes, yes, yes," Laurel cooed as Oliver rammed in much stronger this time around.

Oliver didn't go easy on the vigilante any longer. She wanted it hard and he would live up to that challenge. Thumping into her with reckless abandon, Laurel screamed out in pleasure, her tits jiggling with each mighty thrust. Sara was making herself useful as well, having crawled between Oliver's legs and using her tongue to lick and occasionally suck on his balls.

"Look down and watch your sister's pretty face suck my nuts," Oliver demanded from Laurel, who did so with a smile of pride for her baby sister.

"It's hot, isn't it. Your high school sweetheart's big cock stretching out your tight pussy," Sara said to her sister, who moaned in agreeance.

Sara demanded him take a break from fucking her sister every few minutes so that she could suck on his cock, though it was tasting Laurel's juices that she was after. It was so hot doing something so taboo, so naughty, so pleasing. She felt Oliver pulling her back up the bed, bringing her in for a kiss before leaning her further over his chest.

"Come and kiss your sister," Oliver urged, pulling Laurel's face towards Sara.

Apparently the Lance girls weren't the only ones who found kissing each other to be so sexy. Oliver had also been a big fan of the incestious display, watching with his eyes glued as their tongues pressed against each other. Laurel moaned into the kiss, right down her sister's throat as Oliver started back up with his deep penetration, his head rubbing the deepest recesses where her G spot was aching for him.

Over and over Oliver pumped into her, the whole encounter just feeling right. Sometimes Sara stayed down licking the billionaire's nuts, other times she roamed Laurel's tits with her hands. The brunette loved when she did that, especially when she used her fingers to pull erotically at her pokey nipples.

"Jesus! Oh Lord," Laurel screamed louder, body starting to quake.

Sara had made enough women cum so she could identify someone gearing up to cum fairly easily. She could have been blind and dumb and still picked up that Laurel was fixing to orgasm in a big way.

"Rub your pussy," Sara instructed as her tongue wagged against his sack. "Cum all over his cock."

Laurel's hand worked faster and faster as it rubbed her clit, all while Oliver continued stroking into her cunt as deeply as he could. It was working but Sara felt like her older sister needed just that little extra boost to get over the finish line. Moving higher up between their spread legs, her tongue licked over his thrusting cock until she was pushing aside the lawyer's fingers and replaced the rubbing digit on her clit with Sara's tongue.

"I want to watch you cum Laurel," Sara urged, her mouth lapping at her exposed clit.

"OH GOD! YES! I'm...I'M CUMMING," Laurel screamed as her eyes rolled into the back of her head and she came harder than all her other previous orgasms combined.

Sara let her sister cum, watching as her whole body went rigid as her brain exploded in orgasmic bliss. After a few seconds she did the opposite, all Laurel's muscles loosing their tone at the same time, leaving her a limp ragdoll as she rolled face down onto her own bed that Olli and Sara had originally hijacked.

The blonde with the meaty ass pounced on Oliver's cock as it popped free of her sister's cunt, getting the thing halfway buried in her mouth before he could tell it had gone from one warm, wet orifice to another. She bobbed as far down as she could before pulling off and using her tongue to lick every available surface, only finally stopping when she was certain she'd collected every last sweet drop of Laurel's cum.

"So fucking tasty, sis." Sara cooed, which was met by a muffled mumble from the lawyer. "You made her cum baby. But it made me super jealous."

"How about we show your sister how we do it...all special like," Oliver said, already laying Sara down onto her back.

Neither Sara or Oliver expected anything to cause Black Canary to stir for awhile yet that sentence did the trick. As the lumbering man pulled Sara's sexy legs apart and began licking her pussy, Laurel had rallied and was at the blonde's head, kissing her deeply once more. The act had now become commonplace between the incestual pair and they were both all the happier for it.

This time was a little different. They kissed slower, more passionate as their tongue wagging never spilled out their lips. Sara would release periodic moans into her big sister's mouth as Oliver lapped deep in her cleanly shaven pussy before moving down to give the same treatment to her puckered hole.

"Put it in my ass," Sara demanded as Oliver yanked her thong from her body. "Let's show her how we do it."

Oliver took the news in stride considering anal sex was something that was fairly common between the pair when they hooked up. He pulled her back to the edge of the bed so he could stand since it was the perfect height to have them lined up. He spat down on his cock, though it was wet enough with Lance girls spit before easing his head onto her tight ass.

"Mmm...yes," Sara cooed as Oliver started slowly thrusting a few inches of his dick into her ass. "Rub my pussy."

Laurel may have started out liking guys but for the past few years girls were much more her speed. Licking her fingers, she brought them down to Sara's hairless pussy, which made it look pinker and even yummier. She she slowly started working her digits in her younger sister's folds, Sara started moaning louder, which allowed Oliver to cram over half his length into her.

Laurel found it easy to multitask, using her fingers to rub her sister's clit as she knelt tall on her knees to kiss Oliver. The small bedroom was filled with moaning and dirty talk, Sara saying how much she loved her asshole fucked, Laurel encouraging Oliver to fuck her sister's slutty asshole and Oliver acknowledging he was doing just that.

"Go lick her clit," Oliver said between kisses, knowing that strong stimulation would let him fuck Sara's backdoor balls deep.

"Lick my sister's pussy," Laurel said questioning but in truth was already moving that direction.

"Yes! Come on Laurel! Eat me out," Sara screamed, suddenly craving her to do so.

Having her baby sister demand it of her made her go right down, only stopping when her pretty face was resting against Sara's hairless groin close enough so her extended tongue could reach her clit. Sara moaned loudest yet the second the wet muscle licked her folds, which also allowed Oliver to do as he planned, worming almost his entire length into Sara's tight ass.

" your mouth. Open wide," Oliver said.

Laurel didn't realize the command was for her as she kept licking Sara's very tasty pussy. However slowly Oliver pulled his cock from the blonde's asshole, leaving the backdoor gaping open as he did so and moved it right in front of Laurel's mouth. Without thinking, Helena's secret lover opened up right in time for Oliver to shove his dirty cock into her mouth.

Oliver could see the exact moment that Laurel realized what she was doing, that she was cleaning his cock off as it came straight from her baby sister's filthy asshole. She began sucking tentatively before she must have decided the taste wasn't disgusting and returned to her previous deep and energetic blowjob technique.

"How's my ass taste, Laurel," Sara asked with a wide grin, unbelieving that her prude of a sister was sucking his dick right from her poop chute.

"So good," Laurel moaned with his dick still in her slutty mouth.

"Good girl," Oliver applauded.

As the burly man went back to fucking Sara's asshole, Laurel resumed eating out her sister. It still felt extremely naughty but right all at the same time. After all, how could something that was so flavorful and felt so right be wrong?

Laurel was rewarded with Oliver's cock into her mouth again after another few minutes of sodomizing the younger of the two Lance girls. He'd let her taste Sara's asshole for a few bobs before going back and plunging balls deep into the secretly trained assassin. It felt great to be fucking her tight asshole deeper than ever while getting to stare down at a beautiful face he hadn't seen like this in years.

Oliver couldn't help himself. After thrusting deep inside Sara's asshole he would pull completely out and poke the back of Laurel's throat. Before her asshole stopped gaping open he would thrust balls deep into Sara again, collecting her ass juices then present it back to her older sister.

"Yes...taste your sister on my dick," the self-assured man grunted, still in disbelief that he was fucking two smoking hot sisters.

After Oliver went back to fucking Sara repeatedly, showing no signs of slowing down or sharing his cock with her, Laurel retreated back up Sara's toned body. She stopped at her small but perky tits, cupping the closer one in her hand before leaning in and sucking on her nipple. It was small and erect, the pink nipple become slick in her sister's saliva and making Sara grunt and groan louder by the second.

Sara had never felt such pleasure before. As Oliver fucked her asshole deeper than ever and Laurel lapped at her sensitive nipples, the groom-to-be upped the ante by sticking two fingers into her available twat. It felt so erotic to have the thin membrane being rubbed on both sides, feeling his fingers and cock grind against each other.

"Oh shit! Fuck...stuffing both my good," Sara babbled at an almost incoherent level.

"Holy're totally gonna cum with a dick in your ass," Laurel exclaimed, smiling with actual pride at her younger sister. "You really are something special."

"'s why I'm dad's favorite...ahh God," Sara screamed, climax almost peaked.

Sara was so close that the moment Laurel started kissing her with all the passion and desire they had at the beginning of their encounter, she nearly came on the spot. It helped that her own hand was back rubbing her snatch, but the rightness that having her older sister's tongue push into her mouth, invading her senses was the true closer.


"Yes! came...with my dick in your ass," Oliver cooed, somehow managing to stop himself from experiencing an orgasm despite the tightness her asshole squeezed on him. "Come take your sister's place now."

Laurel didn't argue, telling him she didn't like anal and had bad previous encounters, one of those encounters being with Olli's best friend no less. Instead, as her exhausted baby sister rolled out of the spot, Laurel moved into position, going onto her hands and knees before him. She trusted him and so relaxed fully despite normally wanting to tense up as his tip probed against her sphincter. It was the right thing to do and a moment later she was slowly entered, half his dick penetrating her rectum before slowly backing out.

"Oh my God! kinda good," Laurel found herself admitting.

"Such a small little butt," Oliver grunted, slowly thrusting into her ass.

"God you're doing so good," Sara cooed into her ear. "His dick feels really good in your tight ass, doesn't it?"

"It does...I like it," Laurel disclosed, actually starting to moan.

It helped that Oliver knew so well what he was doing. First slow and steady then quickening the pace with only the same amount of cock. Once she grew use to that it was back to slow but probing deeper. As soon as she grew used to a certain depth he fucked her faster, then slowed to go further. It was a tried and true method that took time but the payoff was worth it.

"That's it. Relax and let him finish going all the way," Sara encouraged, moving away from her head. "Being such a good whore. In fact, you're gonna be such an anal slut after this, just like me."

"How wet does it make your pussy as I fuck your ass," Oliver looked down and asked.

"Soaked," Laurel admitted between moans. "Oh...oh shit!"

The most recent screams of pleasure was from Sara, having moved completely off the bed and snaked in between the fucking couple. With her head tilted up and mouth hovering over Laurel's pussy, she ran her tongue through her slit. True to her big sister's word, Laurel was dripping wet from getting sodomized, tasting all the more sweeter for it as Sara delved her tongue as deep into her pussy as possible.

Oliver continued fucking her deeper than ever, finding that Sara eating her snatch was making it easier to do so. His balls were whipping forward with every thrust now, slapping against the girl in the League of Assassin's chin as she stayed true to her task. Suddenly he realized he was being unfair to Sara and sought to correct that immediately.

"How about we get your sister to suck my dick straight from your asshole," Oliver offered.

"Yes! Give me that cock," Sara demanded, hand wrapping around his base before he had even left Laurel's brown eye.

"Ah God," Oliver moaned before looking at Laurel who was watching her sister pridefully. "See Sara sucking on your dirty asshole."

Sara seemed like she didn't want to give it back. She sucked deep and fast, bobbing her head routinely on his member, making her head a golden blur. It was a thing a beauty and felt good going from one wet, warm inferno to another for the horny man. New lube was being spread on his member, making it that much better when he resumed sodomizing Laurel Lance.

"Taste my ass! Taste it Sara! Oh shit! Fuck...ME!," Laurel screamed once he wrestled his cock away from Sara's mouth and back to the sister's backdoor.

"God it's insane how sexy it is watching Olli's dick slide into your ass," Sara cooed, one hand rubbing Laurel's clit and the other massaging his balls.

As much as Oliver hated to admit it, he had to face facts. He was going to cum soon. It had actually been a miracle he hadn't cum already in truth, surviving the sister's incestous tandem blowjob, Laurel's drenched pussy and then both of their extremely tight but accommodating assholes.

"Oh shit...oh...yes...fuck," Oliver spewed out, his thrusting becoming faster and more erratic.

"My sister's asshole gonna make you cum baby," Sara asked, reading the signs. "Cum for us."

"Give me that cum I worked so hard for," Laurel added, fully embracing her new self. "Cum in me!"

And Oliver did just that. He gave her a few more hard strokes before reaching the point of no return. He spikes his hips forward sharply, burying his entire length in Laurel's ass before feeling his load explode out, painting the lawyer's rectum. She could feel his jizz streaking deep inside her bowels, maybe 5 times in total before he slowly withdrew his already softening dick for the final time that night.

"Stay just like that," Sara told Black Canary.

With her mouth now hovering right over Laurel's backdoor, she need only wait and that wasn't a very long one. Soon the salty load started dripping out of Laurel's still gaped asshole and pooled right onto Sara's extended tongue. The League-trained killer didn't miss a drop, collecting it all in her mouth but Oliver stopped her before she swallow down his spunk.

"I think it would be perfect gesture to share that, don't you Sara?"

Sara was pissed at first, wanting to drink down his essence all by herself but she acknowledged the truth in his words, plus this was his wedding present after all. With Laurel having rolled onto her back she hovered her face above the natural brunette's and went in for yet another incestous kiss. Laurel was in for a surprise this time as the entire load of cum which had been originally blasted up her ass suddenly was pushed into her mouth.

Out of reflex Laurel had swallowed down half his jizz before opening her eyes and seeing Sara's frustrated face staring back at her. Realizing what the younger sister wanted, Laurel kissed her back, cramming the remaining spunk into Sara's mouth which she promptly swallowed. The pair continued making out though, tasting Oliver's semen in each other's mouth for quite awhile until they rolled back onto the bed.

"God I came really hard," Oliver breathed out, thoroughly spent and completely at ease.

"I can't believe how good you took it," the League of Assassin's member told her older sister.

"And I can't believe you guys made me join," Laurel cooed, already wanting more dick, wanting to make up for the years she didn't take advantage of having Olli right there.

"You mean turn you into a crazy anal slut," Sara retorted, looking at her older sister with pride.

"Same difference," Black Canary agreed. "So Olli, did this hot display warm up any coolness in those feet?"

"I'd say it was a hell of an early wedding present," Oliver said with a smirking grin.

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